i cant feel my face anymore

I feel SO betrayed right now


I’m so done


Okay, for the past years I’ve been peacefully having Hyungwon as my bias but then Yoo Kihyun decides to come in and tried to steal mah hart mah soul…. and he succeeded…. hELP

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deym look at how he moves his eyebrows <3 so much emotions and feels and yes <3 ;u;

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look at how cute he laughs huhuhuhu

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just look at him. LOOK AT HIM ;u;

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Even when he’s not lookig, he’s still freaking ughhh :(( hELP MAH HART MAH SOUL

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so cute ;u; (i cant find the gif of him riding the vikings with dem boys ;-;)

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isn’t he cute when he’s cringing at his own words or actions or embarrassed idk anymore ;u; 

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LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL SMILE (and the cutie changkyun and minhyuk)

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ohkay idk anymore

i feel so betrayed by my own hart own soul own huhuhuhuhu ;u;



A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

A/N: I am so happy to release the first chapter of this story to you, after sitting on it for quite a while. But im glad that you can finally have Jin’s story! :) (for regular readers, it will follow the kind of formatting used for Voices and Exposure- although this first chapter is slightly longer.)

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Part 1

‘I seriously don’t know how they expect me to get all of this done in two weeks.’

Exhaustion taints your words as you lean back in your chair, resting your head back on your shoulders as you look longingly out of the café window, the same view having greeted you for the past 4 hours that you’d been sat trying to work on your latest assignment for university, and each time having taunted you with the prospect of escape, before you’d ultimately turned back to your laptop to continue tapping nonsensically away.

‘Come on, Y/N, only 3 more weeks and then you’ll be free of this.’ You mutter to yourself, dragging in a deep breath once more before sitting back up and cracking your back as you refocus on what you were writing.

Although, its after around 5 minutes of staring dumb-foundedly at the paragraph of gibberish on the screen in front of you, that a loud hulking laugh penetrates through your concentration and you peer up at the counter of the café to see two tallish boys chuckling away together, their faces immediately catching your attention as you take in how stunningly beautiful they were.

‘Well, that’s a sight for sore eyes.’ You mumble, taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of them, but getting cut off when you suddenly see the most angelic boy turning to look in your direction, hurriedly looking back down at your computer and feeling your face heat up like a furnace. Of course, you couldn’t stop yourself from taking one last peak up at them when you hear them begin to mutter between one another once again, watching them receive their order of two hot drinks and a selection of cookies and biting your lip when you see the tempting sight of chocolate.

‘God, I could really do with a cookie right now.’ You murmur to yourself, sighing, and shaking yourself out of your thoughts as you try to reject the exhaustion pulling at your bones, instead leaning back to stretch in your chair and momentarily closing your eyes as you take a moment to escape the stoic pose you’d been sat in for the past few hours.

You draw in a deep breath as you sit up once more, feeling like weights were pulling at your eyes and having an odd sense of disorientation as the café blurs in your vision slightly, before you peer at the clock on the wall to see that rather than the 5 minutes you were expecting, 2 whole hours had passed.

‘Oh My God!’ you gasp, realizing you must have fallen asleep and awkwardly scrabbling into a more upright position, rubbing your eyes weakly and groaning as you think about how much time you’d lost that you could have spent working on your assignment.

‘Im so dead.’ You groan, instantly standing and walking over to the counter to order a coffee to go, and quickly packing up as you wait for your coffee to be ready.


You sigh as your order is called, hurrying to shove the rest of your stuff into your bag so that you could swing it onto your shoulder, before going to turn back to the counter, only to almost walk straight into a set of wide shoulders.

‘Oh, sorry.’ You mutter, about to move around them, before you realize the man was holding a cup out for you to take, your order of an Americano in his hand making you frown as you try to remember if you’d paid for it…

But that was before you looked up.

And you took in the same angel’s face with those warm chocolate brown eyes that you’d seen stood at the counter earlier.

Only this time, those eyes were staring down at you.

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 fancy date :D

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I liked his character, but I don't see why hes practically the poster child of the fandom? Especially when half the fandom don't even like him for his canon character, but instead because hes a pretty face the fandom can shove their own traits onto. Heck, I didn't even put him in my top 3 favourites upon first watching it. As for that ship, I WOULD have shipped it if the anti's didn't decide to be little shits about other pairings. Plus, I kinda was weak She1th the moment I saw the two, oops.

LMAO I FEEL i like la//nce’s canon character! he’s funny and i honestly can’t wait to see him grow but the fandom really pushed it to the limit where i cant enjoy him anymore……also, when i watched vol//tron for the first time i knew sh//eith was gonna be my main–i used to ship kl@nce but stuff happened so…..

Okay I can't handle this anymore...

I need glasses..

I cannot draw without them the paper or screen has to be atleast four inches from my face otherwise which means I have to curl up and hurt my back and stomach further.

I’m finally feeling well enough to get up and move around but because my glasses are broken and contacts are gone I am still stuck in one room unable to do anything! It’s driving me insane!

So I will be doing low priced commissions such as;

Redesigns - 20$
Eye-cons - 5$
Icons - 10$
Ych chibs - 5$
Ych anthro-chubs - 15$

To schedule an eye appointment will be 90$ who knows how much the actuall specs will cost, I know being fitted for contacts is 80$ and the contacts themselves will be 30-60$ but I’m just going for a pair of specs.

What I hope to get atleast is 60$ it lessens the blow since we’re already paying for other expenses and I’m currently unable to work a viable job.



In 1 month you would be turning 17, and i wonder everyday what would that be like, if you would be borrowing my clothes and make up, or if you would still play with dolls as you did when you left me here.

Would you still be funny and sweet as you were?, Never calling me “fat” or things that you know would hurt me.

I miss you, so much its unbereable, like a hole in the middle of my chest. You were my sister, my only sister and I dont have you by my side anymore. And its really unfair. I would give up my life if that would bring you back.

I’m so afraid noone will remember you but me. Thats one of my greatest fears. If people forget how lovely you were and how strong and brave and how willing to go through hell just to live.

I want all people to know about you.

Lucy (Lucia Florencia), was born in February 4th in 1998, when i was six years old, and she was my best friend ever.

She was really funny and loved to play dress up. She usually used Sailor Moon’s suit and put make up on and it was just hillarious.

She really liked when i took pictures of her, she was like my model, i really liked taking pictures of her. She is the cutest thing the world has ever had.

Her hair was long and waivy and dark brown, and her eyes where so bright and charming and obscure at the same time, really misterious.

She played the piano, the violin and had a really good ear and could play lots of songs only by ear, without even know how to read partitures.

She was bright as hell, but really talkative, and sometimes naughty. Once she came back from school (9 years old), and told my dad, “I have one bad new and one good”, my dad said “Tell me the bad first”, “the teacher put me a bad face on my notebook because i punched Anna on the face, she was being really rude”, and my dad said, “and whats the good one” “That Anna is okey, that we are fine, and it was nothing at all, just that”. He could not stop laughing after that.

She was my rock, and I was hers. We loved each other even more other sibbligs do. She was the true face of love.

Her favourite stuffed animal was the racoon you can see in the bed besides her. She was burried with him, his name was “Mapachin”, and he was her fav since she was like 3 years old, when she cut really deep her finger and had to have stitches and mum bought that to her for being so brave.

She got sick in 2008, she was 10, her back started hurting really bad, and after xrays and exams, mum came back crying like I had never seen her, and my world felt appart.

I had to go and tell Lucy she had to go to another city to get her back cured. and she asked me if she would have to take some medicine, and it broke my heart.

She had cancer, a new kind of cancer, in one tumor it had different fenotipes and there was no treatment that cured the whole tumor, so they removed it. It didnt work.

She thought she was cured, my parents never could tell her the truth after that, we were all a reck, really messed up people, we still are. We will always be. Life really took love away from us in such a hurtfull and horrible way its almost impossible to describe.

Whatever doctors said that she might have or experience, happened. Every single bad thing. She had to lie on a bed for 4 months without moving, cause her brain tumor wouldnt let her. Her lungs tumors filled her lungs with water, so she couldnt breath anymore.

After some months of unbeareable sadness and hoping for miracles and praying to every god ever existed. Doctors had to put her in medical coma, because she wouldnt get better. Ever.

And that was it. on June 8th on 2010, my sister died of cancer, in a hospital bed. Her last thing she “said” (she couldnt talk anymore, so she said I LOVE U blinking her eyes really hard), was I love you, to my mum, dad and me.

And I lost everything.

The day after that, was when i saw death itself. My sister, insanely pale and blue-ish in a coffin, and i had months and months of nightmares.

I miss her smell, i miss her voice, and i miss not remembering everything that happened before the illness, because i wasnt really thinking something as destroying as that would happen.

Im just writing my heart here, you cant see my fingers trembling, or the tears running down my face, but i know you can feel them, because i need to tell you all this.

Please think of her, even though you didnt know her. She was my baby sister, and my mate, and my love. And i dont have her anymore and I dont want her to be lost in time and noone knowing who she is.

She couldve been a remarkable piano player, or an actress, or a veterinary,for her love towards animals. But she hadnt the chance to do that.

She didnt have her first kiss

or her first period

or travel to disney world

or be trully in love with someone

and most of the things we enjoy as teens and young adults. She couldnt have them, so please, think of her when u do. Say her name before going to sleep, tell your kids about this amazing girl who lived in Mar del Plata, Argentina and told the kindergarten teacher she wanted to be a Ship captain just like her dad. And how she was not ashamed at all when she asked santa for a HotWeels Car wash instead of a barbie.

I love you, and I hope you think of her.

Eugenia Cecilia Arroyo.


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Gad! I need to vent this out. I dont know who to stan in bts anymore. i have joined the fandom last february and to be honest, im not much into kpop. im more of RM music taste. it's their personalities that have drawn me upon to them more. Whenever each of the members does something extraordinary,,,my heart cant help but to swerve into his lane. I feel so confused to the point it frustrates me. hahaha. the boys are just soooo adorable.




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its so hard to try and explain the heaviness sitting on my chest and the knotting in my stomach that never seems to go away and im at lost for words my mind has a million different things that want to be explained but i cant put them into the words people need to hear so i sit here by myself choking and wallowing in my self pity wondering why im not like my best friend who can smile at the sun and feel alive or breathe in without the feeling of someone standing on her lungs and then i’ll fall asleep with a wet face and tired fingers from trying to itch away the sadness- i dont know how to help myself anymore and im so fucking tired and i wish i could explain that, but it just doesnt seem like anyone will understand especially when i dont understand myself
—  sadness like this cant be explained because there’s so explanation

i wish my style wasnt still so hewlett esque but. ive been drawing gorillaz fan art for years and before that i drew tank girl fan art for the better part of a decade. regularly. and i still do. i think its just a style thats vaguely ingrained even tho i try so hard 2 break away from it. will i evr have a unique style? who knows. just draw what u like. also still not fully sunk in that im not a kid anymore. literally not a kid anymore! im a proper adult! this isnt my youth anymore! i find myself referencing things i did as a teenager which was literally ten years ago or more. but again it feels like just yesterday i was posting on here, 19 years old. iv had this blog since i was 17. i really cant grasp that im even 20 yet let alone 23. like no wonder no ones bothered me about why im not in school, im well past graduation age aint i, and yet iv still got the babiest face of anyone ive ever met

chensung!couple au

i have such an awful writer’s block im so sorry i havent written anything im sorry


-these two are so young they dont even know what love means

-they have the best friend type of relationship where you barely know theyre dating

-they dont do ANY type of skinship

-like, chenle always tries to hold jisung’s hand but jisung nOPES OUT OF THERE

-chenle probably tries kissing jisung’s cheek 50 times a day only to have jisung run away screeching

-cue chenle’s “oh my gawd!!11!!11!1!!”

-these two probably have secret dance practices together where they both just fool around for 95% of the time 

-theyre like closeted high school jocks


-”yeah bro”

-”i think i love you man…:”

-”lol that’s gay”

-”lol we’re gay”


-”lol ;)”

-jisung probably asks chenle to sing him to sleep

-he likes calling him at late nights to do so bc chen’s voice is always so soft and quiet and rough at late times

-and he can always tell when chen’s smiling sleepily and jisung’s heart just tightens and he feels like he’s about to die

-but in the best way possible

-theyre literal children who just joke around like kids but there’re those times where everything seems to slow down and all they can see is each other and they both live for those moments

-their dates consist of ice cream and video games aHH

-when jisung is really tired, he’ll rest his head on chenle’s shoulder and that’s like one of the only times he’ll let chen kiss his forehead/cheek


-they don’t feed each other bc awkward™️ but they just eat off of each other’s plates all the time 

-psttt chenle is jisung’s personal cheerleader 


-"pls leave chen”

-cheerleader!chenle x basketball player!jisung

-ok so chenle has a dog right

-and like, when he showed jisung his dog, jisung sCREECHED

-jisung probably likes his dog more than he likes chenle honestly

-one time jisung was running towards chenle and his dog with his arms open like he was gonna hug chenle

-but last second he falls down and hugs his dog instead

-jisung and chen are like the same height ut jisung will go on his toes so he can rest his elbow on chen’s head

-chen finds it cute so it’s ok smh

-excessive use of ‘bro’

-”chen is you say oh my god one more time im going to make u swallow that tree over there”

-”jisung you cant dance battle that pigeon”

-”it was looking at me funny!!”

-one time, chenle sang “you are my destiny” obnoxiously loudly every time jisung walked into the room which made jisung immediately nope out

-jisung likes watching chen perform but he likes seeing chenle practice even more

-he likes seeing the determination light up chenle’s eyes and he likes seeing how concentrated he is

-it’s why he fell in love with this dweeb in the first place

-everybody else found out jisung liked chenle before chenle did

-jisung always had heart eyes whenever he looked at chen and this lil bby was slick about it either

-he spent FOREVER confessing bc he kept thinking chen had a crush on ren or smth

-he ended up trying to get over him

-but he couldnt which made him really sad

-lovesick lil puppy </3

-jisung didnt even confess on purpose

-he like, half confessed

-so like before they were a thing

-chenle noticed how different and weird jisung was acting

-so in the middle of the night, chen snuck into jisung’s bed

-and he knew he was awake bc jisung immediately tensed up


-jisung wanted to d i e 

-”yeah chen?” 

-”what’s wrong?”

-”what do you mean?”

-”well, one, you wont face me and two, you havent been yourself lately”

-jisung didnt know how to respond without his feelings spilling out into a word vomit so he bites his tongue and shuts up

-”sungie, you can tell me what’s wrong-”

-”no, no youll hate me forever and you wont wanna be friends anymore”

-”how could that ever happen? jisung youre one of my best friends-”


-at this point tears are stinging jisung’s eyes and he’s trying to melt into the bed

-”jisung… i care about you so much, why cant you trust me…?”

-”i do trust you and i care about you too but in ways you wont understand”


-”im so fucking in love with you and it hurts so much”

-chen is literally so speechless, he cant talk and jisung takes it as he doesnt wanna be friends anymore

-so jisung chokes out a sorry and he gets out of his bed but chenle finally registers what’s happening and gRABS HIM BACK


-dweebs that do homework together

-whenever they go on dates taeyong and the rest of the chensung protection squad™️ stalks them bUT OUT OF GOOD INTENTIONS ♡ 

-tl;dr the smollest and cutest couple on the block protect them  

im sorry.

im so cold
my hands my face every part of me
my heart my head
im frozen in time, every day is the same
and im too tired to fix it. im too tired to keep living im too tired
to be good for you and give you all the things that you deserve and im
cause i dont know who i am anymore and i cant help but feel like im letting you down
every time i open my mouth
every time i go wandering after dark
every time i think about you
every time im too honest with myself
and you deserve better
than someone who always does this
im so cold and im so tired and im so bound in the ties of time and my head that i cant possibly be good for you and
im sorry.

look at me [jungkook&you]

Summary: You’re as nervous as Jungkook is about his cornea transplant.

sequel to colors in which everyone had asked for.

a/n: omfg, someone pls hold me back from writing. idk if i can go on any longer, because this got so cheesy towards the end that i cant handle anymore fluffy cheesecakeness. anyway, thank you so much for supporting me on colors! i hope you’ll all enjoy this one as much! i did my best! ^_^

You were playing with Jungkook’s hair, combing through his hair with your slender fingers which he loves to hold. Suddenly, Jungkook stops you when grabbing your hand. You then glance down from the television and faces your boyfriend.

“What’s wrong?” You ask when feeling the light squeezing pressure coming from your boyfriend’s hand.

“I’m scared,” Jungkook murmurs for the umpteenth time today, even though you thought you’d been able to keep his thoughts aside from it.

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Hi I just downloaded the app for Iphone so I haven't finished his story but I wonder if you could do an imagine for Yoosung's first kiss! Thank you so much <3

Note: Sure!~

You are at Yoosung’s house, watching a movie. It’s been a while since you guys are a couple but you’ve never kissed. It makes you sad and you are pretty sure it makes Yoosung sad too. You understand that he doesnt know how to do these things but you are a couple, what’s a couple without a single kiss?
“Yoosung” you say “do you love me?”
He looks at you “whaaaaaaaaat what what what? Why.. why did you say this with all of a sudden?”
You kiss his cheek and say “nothing. I just love you so much” you watch him blushing.
You try to make a romantic moment so you talk more. “Yoosung, is it weird that I miss you everytime?”
“Wh- What? So you say you miss me even when I’m with you? Do you mean I’m not as nice as I used to be before?”
You are so shocked that you start laughing. “Oh my god, Yoosung! I just love you so much hahahhahahahha!” you watch him turning into a tomato. Seems like it’s gonna be hard to make a romantic moment.
You hug him and kiss his cheek again. “You smell so nice you know?”
He is blushing so much that you try so hard not to laugh. “I.. I love the way you smell.. too…” you feel you are blushing too and when he looks at you he starts laughing. “Oh my god you are so so cute when you blush!”
You cant even look at his face so you just go on watching movie.
When the movie is over, you see Yoosung fell asleep. He looks so innocent when he sleeps. He looks like a baby, he looks so pure and you can fall in love over and over again. Why doesnt he kiss you? Doesnt he love you anymore? Or is he that shy?
You cant keep yourself from kissing him. When you touch his lips, he wakes up and when he realizes you kissing him he screams and runs to his room the he locks himself.
You are so shocked that you cant move fore a minute. Then you go in front of his door and talk. “Yoosung? I just kissed you because… you looked so pure and beautiful while you were sleeping. I’m so sorry if I bothered you… I thought I could kiss you since you didnt kiss me even for once. I am your girlfriend and I started to feel as if you dont want me anymore. And seems like I am right.” you feel so sad.
After like one hour, Yoosung opens his door. You still wait there.
“I… I’m so sorry… I’ve always wanted to kiss you but you know… I’ve never kissed someone and if I make this wrong, I thought you wouldnt like it.” says Yoosung with a sad face.
“I understand you… I’ll wait till you are ready.”
Then with all of a sudden he says “I’m ready” and starts kissing you. But when he hits his tooth to yours, he stops. “OH MY GOD IS MY TOOTH THERE? DID IT FALL DOWN? OH MY GOD.”
You start laughing. “It’s there, Yoosung. Come here my pure boy” you say and start kissing him softly.

Note2: Hope you like it!~

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(this is for the previous anon) Crushing on someone who already has a girlfriend/boyfriend, that thing happened to me twice, so I know how you feel. But it's ok! Because that means that the person who truly suits you and will truly make you happy has yet to come! :) You need to wait patiently for that person so while you're at it, stay positive! ^_^

i never had a crush in my life so i dont really know how to give advice to someone who has experienced crushes very much OTL. but i hope i helped? (was kinda hard to think of ideas;;)

yeah if that crush may not work out for you, then maybe you’ll find someone else who’s better i agree with you

i. he doesn’t let me sleep. his cold and uninterested replies keep on circulating in my head hoping that it will bring an answer to my gazillion questions

ii. zits appearing rapidly all over my face due to my lack of resting hours.

iii. i can’t be happy if our conversation didn’t end happy or if we didn’t talk today without me having to message you.

iv. he’s doing, regardless if good or bad, affects my whole mood, my decisions and the words that spill from my tongue.

v. my heart always feel heavy.

vi. i’m making myself look like an idiot for still making an effort to talk to you even when i know you’re not interested anymore.

vii. i cant concentrate on anything without you poking into my brain saying “think of me” hundreds of time.

viii. you make me feel like a side hoe, an option, second and unimportant. which really hurts as hell because you are what my hypothalamus thinks of every second of the day.

ix. my eyes are tired. from blinking, almost crying, and staring at my phone screen waiting for you name to pop even though i know it won’t.

x. you don’t love me.

—  he’s not good for me — dec 22 2015
After School Procrastinators

Pairings: Nicomaki, Nozoeli, Kotohonoumi, Rinpana

Summary: It starts out as a club meeting like on any other day. Except it gets really gay. 

Tags: #Parody, #Humor, #Quality? Plot?? what is that

Words: ~2,200

Note: Okay so I’m stuck on Soldier Wars and you know what I do when I’m stuck? Write a crackfic to loosen up - enjoy!

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