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🔥 and 😷

🔥 - Something spicy you like?


😷 - Something you hate eating?

oh lord don’t get me started umm Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Meat my big three i am the pickiest dont even try i dont eat those tho i dont eat things i dont like i cant 

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i don't feel enough for everyone. well, i can't accept myself. ugh, im so random i cant even know what to say. any advice?

Self-acceptance is the foundation of being loved. How can we love somebody or being loved by someone if we can’t accept and love our very selves? I think you are just over thinking things. I know that there is someone if not all who thinks you are not just enough but you complete them. Try assessing yourself first. Introspect if you must.

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Since Momo is with Suzume's kid... wouldn't that be incest? I'm just confused since Misa posted that anti incest post and your friends with her.

Misaki’s post about incest if I remember correctly deals with Ayato and Laito x Cordelia and shu and Subaru. It also dealt with issues including the boys not being gay. ((Which is a topic I won’t touch because you cant say that they are for sure straight in my mind because you the reader / player don’t make canon decisions as such. Even if certain evidences say they prob are completely straight. But that’s my opinion.))

I could honestly care less if you ship this
It’s your ship
I’m not gunna bash those ships, because to those who ship it they are valid and they love them ya know?

But my ship with Momo x Ayumu is not incest & never will be

Incest by definition is basically family, blood relatives having sex and being together.
Adoption does not count because technically since your not blood related it’s not incest. It can’t be.
I’m not trying I say if someone adopts your not there family. You are. But not blood. And i know that doesn’t matter for those who are adopted and with families but in this it doesn’t count.

And technically that’s like saying other people who ship there kids with a Sakamaki or Mukami is incest as well. And if it is incest then most people in the fandom have incest ships ((which they dont =u=;;; ))

((So technically shu x Yuma ships
Are and will never be incest))

The Mukami’s where “ADOPTED” therefore not blood related!

And since Cass and Azusa have no blood relation to Karl or the Sakamaki’s Momo is not a Sakamaki by blood!!! Not will she ever be. Therefore Ayatos child being shipped with Momo is not incest!

Imma use an irl scenario now
To further explain

So I was dating someone and we broke up
My mom started dating my ex’s dad
And they got married
So my ex became my step brother
My brother through marriage!
Not blood
So technically I dated my brother.

Also my teacher married a man and then the husbands father and my teachers mother
So the two parents of the married couple

Fell in love and got married
And that’s not incest.

Therefore my ship cannot be called incest.

Not incest I hope that makes sense >_>

Did I explain this fair and well enough???
Because I’m my mind this is and never will be incest.

All in all I guess it does depend on views and shit but in my mind it can’t.

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Who is your favorite blog?

*sweats* ummmm i love so many blogs i literally cant list them all. Off the top of my head:

@organicstunts @princesslouis @peachylouies @petalmikey @louislyrics @scrantonlou @softlarry

This is not even CLOSE to all of them, but I’m at work and these are the ones that dont constantly change their urls on me. (Ps I love everyone please don’t hate me for not including you)

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🎃 "D'ya think anyone would get all up in arms 'n whatnot if I set decorations up on the ship?"

Blinking shade would look to Leah, canting her head lightly as she narrowed her eyes.

“ I don’t think so, even if, lets go, I got the up-top, you get the bottom?”

My interpretation of the MOON signs

(You could probs relate your sun if you want maybe even your rising)

Aries: they take up your life: being loud, leaving mess on the stairs, creating arguments out of thin air and always filling the void with their drama. Very self-centred but oblivious to it so I’ll let it be. Problems they hav always someone else’s fault. Very loving and cuddly and express passion easily. Never stick to hobbies after announcing that its there biggest passion n cant survive without it. Though, they don’t wait around for things to be handed to them - they are always up to something interesting. Independent.

Taurus: they are great to spill your words upon and never flinch when u say something deep or shocking so it makes u chill af cause they are…Most of the time…they can get angered when things aren’t as it should as they are very stubborn. don’t like people who aren’t committed to friendship or plans/dreams and dont like people who dont give their stuff back. Seemed to hav cows eyes: very deep n dreamy and long eyelashes -often brown eyes that i know of or watery blue eyes. lov food or other luxuries.

Gemini: childlike, like everything light hearted and humorous. there has to always be words to fill up the quiet spaces otherwise they start to get agitated. Dont like boring people and will blatantly walk off or something. Nervouusss people. Tapping all the time. When they’re in a goood mood they’re goofy but can become detached and cold and become a bit of a smart arse. Like knowing their shit.

Cancer: homely people. Warm and loving to fault as they are always let down by others who do not give the same warmth and pure emotions back. I think they could probably guilt trip u many times. emotions are not hidden which is good and bad because shots are firedddd and their words filled venom when there really cheesed off. Like lots of nice things. also love cute fluffy animals. Love their family to be always near - protective can become smothering. Talk about the ‘good old days’ 24/7.

Leo: why are you so posey and dramatic? They like to tell a tall tale - love to add bits to the truth to make it more exciting - which is actually interesting to hear tbh so good job :) they love to be centre of attention obvs. Also hold their heads high and always seem taller than actually are. Full of exuberance. & they often believe in their abilities so they achieve good grades and r smarttt!

Virgo: lovs when people do little silly things for them because they like when people are as detail orientated as them. expect too much of people becaus they do too much for others. Nervous but lowkey cause their earthiness sort of makes it hum in the background. Has potential to be shady. I love their organisation, chills me the f out. Some reason i feel they be really good at ASMR videos because of their voice & movements. and they r actually quite talkative but its usually nothing too intellectual or snobbish just good natter. Bites their nails!

Libra: i dont get them. They dont make an imposing impression on me as they’re delicate and not too in ya face. Loves knitted jumpers and wearing light colours Ive noticed. Sweet n gentle. Probs could get away with murder. Gets really into things like a celeb or tv series for a while. Has fan blogs probably. like to talk about things such as kpop, clothes, items in their neat pencil case and make up. Idkkk

Scorpio: protectivveee. Intense. Passionate about theirs hobbies and interests. Can become lost in their own intellectual, abstract world forgetting what is truly important until they realise and become regretful and then hold many unresolved grudges. They are e m o t i o n a l but try to hide it - constantly simmering and on the verge of erupting. Though they are quite interested in their own passion - they’ll hype u up about yours and talk for hours about theirs and your own dreams. Abstract knowledge that seems to appear out of no where when they speak -unconventionally smart.

Sagittarius: want to escape reality. Someone i used to know would read a lot of books - probs erotic - she also used her work as escapism? her husband wouldn’t take her on holiday:( another i know comes across very cool and full of knowledge and like to says corny things like ‘you might as well live your life to the fullest because you’ve only got one’. acts like a philosopher. Has gooood taste in music. knows everyone and can keep good relationships with all of them.

Capricorn: thinks they’re are funny af but peeps often laugh at their jokes cause they’re just a bit shit. Tries to come across cool 😎looking for a for job but isn’t working out lol. Wants fame n fortune. they love to talk deep and intellectual without getting too personal. probably quite lovey dovey but it is buried deep inside them. likes to keep it light by listening to music or watching the telly otherwise there thoughts overwhelm them. ( i hav cap moon so might look like a different viewpoint to the others moon signs)

Aquarius: loves to make a point that they are different lol. Intellectual af cause they really smart. Can talk for hours on end but still likes down time. they are the world’s friend but they only let a few know the real them (if thats is actually the real them ). Quirky sense of humour. Hav big dreams and most likely succeed in pursuing them. they are very open about weird stories and experiences they hav had which is fun to hear. will hav something to say about every topic on earth - love to share an opinion.

Pisces: too kind for their own good. They know your weaknesses/insecurities from first time you meet. i think they have melancholy spells which they find themselves in a trance - i catch them staring blankly quite a lot. Love to ask if you’re okay. Mooody. Let down by humanity. Very chatty and has of cool things to say. Music may rule their life - musically talented in one case ik (probs used as escapism). Can be burdened with very unsettling thoughts of not being good enough; making sure they keep there reputation for being the nice guy which means getting pushed about

Actual things I thought while reading Killing Stalking
  • Me: Mmm, that stalker is bad news, lmao I don't know man he's kind of creepy. Need to watch out for that guy, hahaha.
  • Me: Sangwoo is a precious cinnamon roll awww
  • Me: Holy shit, I was wrong.
  • Me: Fuck I was wrong.
  • Me: Burn that fucker with fire RIGHT NOW.
  • Me: You know people normally just have skeletons in their closet but you sir, you don't half ass it do you? Nope, you just HAD to one up everybody and have a FUCKING NAKED HOSTAGE IN THE BASEMENT.
  • Me: I can't fucking read this anymore
  • Me: *still fucking reads*
  • Me: No! Don't kiss him!
  • Me: Okay, at least they're not doing anything sexual.
  • Me: Fuck.
  • Me: Yeah he's a stalker you and that's creepy sure but at least he's not a SERIAL KILLER.
  • Me: Well it can't get much worse.
  • Me: A fucking card game are you kidding me?
  • Me: Yoonbum you didn't actually kill him okay? Sangwoo was just beING A HUGE DICK.
  • Me: YES Seungbae!
  • Me: Phew, Seungbae.
  • Me: *suspicious crutches look suspicious*
  • Me: Gee a shopping trip sounds like the perfECT TIME TO ESCAPE.
  • Me: *started binge reading at like 2am* Fuck is that the sun?
  • Me: ...........Fuck I'm hooked.

 Consensual YoonBunny AU! 

Also this is as a thank you for 1K!!!! 🎀💕I still can’t believe it. THANK U✨

also p.s (just in case pls don’t kill me) pretend Sangwoo isn’t a crazy no no of a person okay~ tyyy

ON/OFF - a yamatsukki fanmix
((art by me))

01. IDFC - Blackbear “Cause I have hella feelings for you, I act like I don’t fucking care,”
02. Daddy issues - The Neighbourhood  / “You ask me what I’m thinking about I’ll tell you that I’m thinking about”
03. Butterfly culture - Benjamin Francis Leftwich / “You put out to put up, Even while your widening smile”
04. Watch me Rise - MIkky Ekko /“I’m still standin’, I’m still climbin' Even when the best are fallin’, the best are fallin'” 
05. Shine - Years & Years  / “Don’t leave me behind; can you see me? I’m shining” 
06. I Cant love you - Adore Delano / ”A shooting star, lighting up the darkness” …“ I love the way you touch my lips You live to kiss The freckles on my shoulder So I can pull you closer, yeah”
07. I needed you - Blackbear“You know this was never really about us And everything was always ‘bout you” 
08. The way it was - The Killers / “If I go on With you by my side Can it beThe way it was When we met” 

ON/OFF relationship: They may wish to keep an ongoing formal relationship, but have difficulty doing so because of continuous conflicts between themselves. 

So the daughters of Aku are just, I cant even say brainwashed. They were just taught everything is Aku! Aku makes life good Aku gave you life. Aku is always watching you!

When the deer comes in they don’t understand what it doing. They don’t know one female and the other is male. They believe just because one is bigger it will eat the other.

When the deer show affection for one another. The girls response in confession and anger. Not knowing how to process it, they want to tear it kill it.

Then we have Asihi who is yelling saying she going to kill Jack. But like she sounds like a child, a child that repeating their mothers words. They know nothing else and it fucking me up.

Death was probably the only option if they don’t pull some nonesense later. But they couldn’t live in the outside word because of all the fucked up shit that happen to them.

I do like Jack is never given the chance to sympathize with them because it’s purely a survival moment. Its was either him or them, and i like the clean cut of that.

PTA Moms
  • Jeonghan: So Suho how are your kids?
  • Onew: Sometimes you just gotta let them be *sips wine out of a mug*
  • Kihyun: Well at least my kids are only weird
  • Jinyoung: someone needs to come get my kids. Mark is the only normal one and even then I'm pretty sure Jackson is starting to leave an impression on him, Yugyeom just released a song on SoundCloud about having a side piece, Jackson is Jackson you can't do anything about him, Youngjae has consistently locked himself in his room with Coco, BamBam is BamBam you can't help him either
  • Jeonghan: Just be lucky y'all don't have 12 kids
  • Onew: I thought you only had 11 kids
  • Jeonghan: Oh Seungcheol is a child himself. The worst child of them all.
  • Jeonghan: But anyways... Jin how are your kids?
  • Jin: Oh they're fine Jimin made some brownies the other day, Jungkook is currently going through his emo phase, Yoongi is doing what he likes which consists of music, Hobi is being the ray of sunshine he is, and Tae is in theater so he's been practicing for an upcoming play.
tip if u r someone’s favourite person

explain shit to your mentally ill friend/partner, e x p l a i n everything, this is incredibly important. explain why you didn’t answer their text, explain why are you going offline early, explain why you cant watch that funny video they sent you right now. don’t lie to them, they will sense it.

explain. it’s very important to know that their fp cares for their feelings. even if your explanation is a very shitty excuse, even if it’s ‘sorry i wanted to be alone’. yes, your bpd friend might get upset but they will know that you care.

open your mouth and explain.


This is what progress looks like. From 2012 to 2017. And we couldn’t be prouder of @haleyscomett-art for the amazing art she’s brought into the community. And now over 14,000 people (I think) are gonna have a little piece of you with them. And that’s just awesome. You’re amazing Haley, don’t forget it! 🖤🖤🖤

i remember when i woke up crying one morning, how i wasn’t really sure why i was crying, all that i knew was that it just hurt. everything hurt. i remember sitting up and feeling my heart just shatter because it was as if everything painful i had buried six feet under, had resurrected all at once and the ghost-like screams were too deafening. i was disoriented. it felt as though i wasn’t even on earth, like everything i had loved and everything that made me happy was separated from my being and i couldn’t snap out of this trance. i cried that whole day. i remember when it clicked, that this is what being heartbroken felt like. i cant remember much else because sometimes when you go through so much pain your mind just blocks it out so you can’t reflect on it too much and i have finally put it in the past. because ghosts don’t stop haunting you until they find peace and what i hadn’t realized was that i wasn’t mounting a lover, i was mourning myself because i knew the second i lost you, but i kept holding on and i kept you alive within the deepest parts of my mind, i held on longer than i was intended too. and you knew this. and you tried to back away and all that did was hurt me because i never realized that you were supposed to and i know you didn’t mean to cause me any harm because your heart is so pure and i realized that today. i realized, you left because you saw all the damage you caused me to inflict upon myself and i don’t blame you because its not your fault. i swooped in and thought i could save you but really, most nights it was me that needed the saving and i’m so sorry that i took away the light in my eyes and tried to give it to you. i know now that you shine on your own and you deserve all the love that i tried to give you and more than anything, i hope you can find that someday. i hope you heal and come back alive from your precious decay. because i am finally starting to. and now i am back and strongly rooted and we can finally have casual conversations and i can laugh again and i want you to know that i’m okay. and finally, after all this pain, i hope you are okay too. because god knows that all i’ve ever wanted.