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“You mean to tell me KS is popular because of the story? Pfft”

Uuuuhh yeah. Do you know how many BLs there are that have worse content then ks? There are BLs that have more rape, gore and abuse in it then ks does. But this ONE BL floats above them all to the point where straight guys are gawking over it and talking about how much they cant stop reading it. Hell I don’t even like BLs or yaoi either but you still think people are reading it JUST because it has like an mlm couple in it? Okay 👀

I cant even begin to imagine how damaging and emotionally devastating it must feel to spend months of your life (not to mention cash) planning, drafting, sculpting, fixing, re-doing, casting and finalizing a doll only to have some brat say ‘hey I want that, but i’m going to pay someone who will steal it for me!’ I’m really thankful to all the sculpters out there that don’t give up when this kind of thankless 'cult’ exists. You guys are so much stronger than I’d be. Major respect to you. <3

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imagine: Jack is doing a live stream when we start hearing giggles. at first he doesn't even notice them. He suddenly hears it and his eyes grow big and he gets up and throws his chair at the wall thinking her sees something. He sees "nothing is there" and falls to his knees quietly crying. Why do you keep doing this? What do you want? Please don't do this again.. P-please go away... i honestly cant take it anymore. Then he sees he is still live and jumps up to end it leaving us here to worry...

YO OKAY idk if any of you watch Glam & Gore but she LITERALLY faked a livestream, so like..if Jack were to somehow figure out how to do that? This could be super rad

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I'm the anon who wrote about the 'fast riding' part - CARRY IT ONNNNN Christ you honestly GeT mE I CanT EveN RiGht NoW WiTh YoU How are you SO GOOD

haha thank youuuuu! i don’t know man. i could blurb all night, really. its so much fun for me.

okay, let’s see here. as for more…

you’d be up to your own challenge, fucking him on the couch, bouncing up and down with hard smacks to his lap as his hands knead your backside harder and harder. you’d watch his eyes scrunch shut and his neck snap back so that his head can lean against the back of the couch.

“oh god,” he’d groan as the both of you start to feel that familiar tingling at the base of your spines and his toes start to curl into the rug…

you’d peak first, the sounds of wet, smacking skin and the feeling of shawn’s thickness stretching you wide on every downstroke finally taking its toll, reducing you to a leaky, trembling mess against him. he’d take over then, hands still on you, using a strong grip to press you down on him as he fucks up into you once, twice and then again – the third time being all he can take before he’s spurting his climax deep inside…

geoff would call again while you’re both still in the same position, shawn’s phone buzzing obnoxiously against the coffee table as you revel in the aftershocks… one of his arms would slide up to wrap around your upper back and the other would guide his hand into your hair for a soft scratch against your scalp.

“you should get that, shawn,” you’d sigh. “he probably needs to be let into the garage.”

“okay, just one more minute, babe. he can wait.”


TC: that the paradise planet
TC: and the miracles
TC: pure fiction.
TG: ahaha
TG: i cant even tell if youre trying to troll me with this or if you actually are having some weird emotional problem
TC: can’t it be motherfuckin

I still don’t see how the ICP aren’t the capricious minstrels that were foretold. Unless there’s some part of the prophecy that Gamzee failed to mention, they seem to hit it pretty bang on.

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Ive got like a negative amount of spiritual power?? and idk what to do?? like i cant feel anything or do anything and i feel very blocked all the time. sorry i just dont know what to do. I hope youre having a good day <3

Deary I hardly ever feel spiritual. My definitive spiritual experiences have been few and far between. We live in a time where for a lot of people, spirituality is suppressed or ignored - whether because it seems impractical, or because the mundane world holds too much importance or grasp on our lives. Not necessarily even by choice.

The purpose of having a daily or consistent practice is precisely for this reason. Even if you don’t feel anything profound deep in your soul, practice opens you up to these experiences.

Sometimes I look at the cards laid out and just can’t do anything except that. Sometimes nothing sticks out to me. Sometimes I’m too tired to contemplate spirituality. Sometimes magic seems superfluous to me. Sometimes I think I’m just imagining things.

But that is the magic, isn’t it? Imagining and creating a world for yourself and manifesting your desires by realizing them. Don’t force it. Just be present. You don’t need to be making progress every day. You don’t need to feel anything either. You just need yourself.

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Omfg have you seen shawns live lounge cover of fake love by drake bitccchhhhh it fucks me uppppppp like actually send an abulance because I CANT BREATHHHHH

Oh gosh, don’t even bring it up. I fucking love that cover. The way his body is rocking back and forth and those little head tips and them shut eyes. AND HIS FUCKING VOICE. It’s so sexy in this cover, like so sensual and oh lord 

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hey, can internalised transphobia show itself as being embarrassed to be trans? im so so embarrassed, like on tumblr im fine and proud but irl i cant even come out with the words "i am trans" because i feel like its just a dumb internet thing and people are gonna laugh at me behind my back. even though i know most of the people in my social circle are accepting

Yeah I definitely think it could be.
You may just be insecure in your identity too, don’t worry it should get easier to be out and proud with time - Matthew

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Are the regs dying down cause i quit tumblr bc of them and when i check ace blogs all i hear are asks saying theyve been getting nastier. They not only abused me visciously JUST for talking about ace experiences in MY OWN BLOG but engaged in so much abuse denial of my own personal abuse that i cant even trust myself now. They made my life hell and im terrified bc of them. I just want to know when they will leave.

Your mileage will vary

Is there less? I feel like it, I don’t have any data to prove it.
Are they worse? I feel like people who are left and still going at it really hard. I feel like there is less of the casual and fake edge lord stuff.
Have I gotten asks saying they are worse? No. Actually the reverse I’ve gotten tumblr is so dead I’m left alone. But again you mileage may vary.

If you want to come back to tumblr I highly suggest that you don’t follow anyone who platforms REGs. I’ve even unfollowed amazing people because reading the hate only to see it called out  was still reading the hate. Also make sure you block freely and quickly. And if you are worried about being gaslit keep anon off. Or turn it on only for 20 minutes if there’s an ask game you want to play.

Is it 100% safe? No.
Can you make the platform save in the ways you need? Yeah maybe. I don’t know exactly what you need, but I do know tumblr has the best blocking system of any social media. It won’t make everywhere safe but if you put safe care first I do think the platform can be enjoyable. 

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ive recently gotten into a relationship, but i think im still sort of hung up on someone else and its been literally a year. the person im hung up on has also been giving me mixed signals about our friendship, and hasnt even been talking to me. now, i know this is a good chance for me to move on, but i just cant seem to let go of these feelings for some reason, and i dont wanna hurt my s/o either. any advice?

Okay, you have to choose. Decide whether you want to give it a shot with your current partner and completely forget about your ex (delete their social media, pictures of them, don’t hang out with them etc.) or break it off with your partner, talk to your ex, find out where they’re at and figure out if you want to try again with them. It’s a hard decision to make but go with your heart, trust your gut feeling. You’ll make the right choice 💝

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Aww i cant see you latest post :( it says it contains sensitive media :'(

Which I don’t understand. It’s not like it contains gore or nude people (or even sex). The drawing is a little… provocative, I admit that.
But like I said, no gore, no nudity, no sex.

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What happened Talon? (With the friendship thing) But don't feel obligated to tell us if you don't want to

Ehhh idc i literally cant keep a secret for the life of me
I was just talkin to alex and they havent responded yet and i say stupid shit when i dont feel good so obviously my brain is going thEY HATE YOU NOW. Even though they dont and they have a life too *eyeroll* fuck mental illness man its fuckin me over crazy winklevoss twins rowing

What’s a soulmate?

It’s like a best friend but more. It’s the one person in the world who knows you better than anyone else, it’s someone who makes you a better person.
Actually, they don’t make you a better person you do that yourself because they inspire you.  

 A soulmate is someone you carry with you forever, it’s the one person who knew you, accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did or no else would. And no matter what’s happen, you will always love them, nothing can even change that.

  • Magnus, from inside the room: I love you so much...
  • TJ, walking past the room in the hallway: Psst! Guys! You have to listen to this
  • Halfborn, ear to the door: Oh my gods, is he talking to Alex?
  • Sam: I don't know if we should be intruding on their special moment...
  • Mallory, opening the door: I need a video of this-
  • Alex, walking in from another hallway: Oh, are we spying on Magnus again?
  • *cut to the team opening the door to find Magnus talking to falafel*

How does Isak know Even is drunk? Well, the thing with drunk!Even is that he gets happy and clingy. Don’t get him wrong, Isak is not complaining. Where someone might think he’d find that annoying, he finds the constant need of contact, the flushed cheeks and the ruffled hair of his boyfriend were nothing but adorable.

Even doesn’t drink often, which is why, when he does, he gets drunk pretty quickly. He usually just nurses one or two beers over the timespan of the party but on some occasions he allows himself some more drinks.

If it is one of those rare nights, a few things are very likely to happen:

  • Even exclaiming “Halla!” even though they stood beside each other the whole time with a crinkly smile that makes Isak’s mouth widen into a grin in return. With a much softer and lower voice Isak responds, “Halla, baby.” which earns him nose nuzzles when Even leans in. Isak pecks his lips once and then assesses his boy and asks quietly “You ok?” while he bumps their noses once more. Even nods enthusiastically.

  • Even slumping down close to Isak on a couch (or rather, at least half on him) or scooting closer and closer until he has a leg over or under him before he circles both his long arms around Isak’s middle, settles his head down against his shoulder and sighs contentedly. 

  • Even falling asleep curled beside (or on top of) Isak, who strokes his arms up and down or scratches his head or just has an arm around him.

  • Even talking with Eva, Mags, Eskild, Vilde, Ricardo (who even was that again? A friend of Eskilds? Doesn’t matter tho, he’ll be rambling) about how much he loves Isak. (Drunk Eva and or Eskild always agree excitedly and well a lot of gushing happens until Even goes off to find Isak bc he misses him).

  • Even hugging all the boys repeatedly and telling them how awesome they are. Mahdi and Jonas always gently shove him in the direction of either Isak or Mags when this happens (which both of them gladly take on, Isak not at all jealous that the attention wasn’t on him for a minute. Not at all. Ok? He isn’t. Stop, he really isn’t jeez. But that’s enough Mags, give him back already). 

  • Even inviting everyone for breakfast at their place for the next morning and promising a variety of pancakes, fruitsalat, waffles (cue fingerguns at Mahdi), scrambled eggs etc. 

  • Even allwoing Mags to crash at theirs (which Isak revoks instantly).

  • Even hugging Isak or attacking him with cheek kisses out of the blue even though they were in a conversation with someone else. 

  • Even telling Isak he loves him a good 20 times in an hour and dramatically pouts when Isak doesn’t respond with i love you, too in an instant. (which he really always does but Even is an impatient fucker when drunk). 

  • Even poking into Sana’s dimples when she grinned at something sassy Isak says at which both bio buds roll their eyes but can’t really surpress a smirk.

(Thir friends don’t find the cuddling out of the ordinairy since A) they have seen Even drunk before and B) drunk!isak is honestly way worse with the PDA bc drunk!isak is just one hell of a horny guy.)

i’ll admit i have fucked up, but i cant do it all on my own. others pain is an eternal fire that constantly engulfs me. i want to save everyone but i don’t even know how to keep my own skin unsigned.
—  when the scent of singed skin makes you sick, remember that you need to tend to your own wounds first.

Bighit:Hi do you want the Memories of 2016 DVD?”

Me to myself: You dont even have a DVD player

Puma: “Hi do you want the Puma x BTS Court Star sneakers?”

Me to myself: You have 13987172 pairs of white sneakers

Etsy: “Hi do you want stickers of Jungkook wrapped up in a blanket?”

Me to myself: … you don’t need Jungkook stickers

Five minutes later. Me, an intellectual:

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Dorian Havilliard (Throne of Glass Series)

“You gave me the truth today, so I’ll share mine: even if it meant us being friends again, I don’t think I would want to go back to how it was before — who I was before. And this… I think this is a good change, too. Don’t fear it”