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As some canon proof to how jadedavekat shits all over karkats entire character: karkat literally has an in-comic argument with his future self about how stupid and selfish he is for wanting terezi in not one quadrants but in ALL of them and for wanting her “all to himself”. Its pretty obvious that he cant use the quadrant system, its just not how he functions, he would literally be unable to do it........ Which is how saying jadedavekat completely destroys his character (PLUS JADES TBH!)

youve given me an excuse to ramble about this yet again like the broken record labeled “shouty alien top 50 hits” i am so here you go

karkats entire character revolves around him being what is effectively, a closet human weeaboo. everything about his character should be informed by the fact that he does not fit into his society in absolutely any way and fits earths better, even if he tries EXTREMELY hard to overcompensate for it. his blood color, his lack of violent tendencies, his ability to empathize, his shit fighting abilities, and his romantic tendencies, his lack of wings as a godtier, hell even the nubby horns that are barely there. the other trolls are also like this to various degrees (vriska and terezis characters also tie into this) but karkat is essentially the poster child of this particular aspect of the comic imo. nothing about him fits whatsoever, to the point where vriska said that hed make a better human than troll, and hussie said in the book 3 commentary quote “…he exhibits qualities which are somehow more human than most other characters, which is ironic, because he is not a human.”

for him to get any sensible character development he has to move away from alternian values that are canonically toxic (remember that the literal villain of the story implemented them in order to exploit trolls) because this is at the core of the vast majority of his character faults. he judges himself by standards he shouldnt be judging himself by and is why he thinks hes utterly worthless, and is the reason behind his brash, negative behavior that comes from his mad scramble to overcompensate. he has to learn to accept himself through rejecting these values, or at least not viewing them as the end-all-be-all to start to get over this. (i dont think quadrants are necessarily bad, just like straightness in human society it just shouldnt be ENFORCED by pain of death) this doesnt just extend to him, but extends to the entire hybrid society he was put in charge of building…because how nonsensical is it for echidna to put some kid that parrots doc scratchs shit he was brainwashed into at the forefront of anything thats meant to be an escape from LE?

so the reason why i said i think putting karkat in any sort of poly relationship is character assassination is because it completely goes against his momentum here. him realizing he doesnt fit in romantically EITHER quadrant-wise or polyamorous-wise like we saw him edge towards on-screen and like his ancestor did was the first step in him coming to any sort of relevant understanding here along with him admitting that he isnt good at fighting. having him go back on the terezi development and compromise with an alternian-lite poly relationship is literally reverting character development and also implies weird shit like him not feeling about dave in the same way he did towards terezi or the signless did for the disciple, and is just plain ooc irt his insecurities.

this is why i also think people who say him getting over the jealousy is character development just dont get the whole troll context he comes from and dont see that he was doing that regardless of jealousy being punished by death in his society. also you can get over insecurities that result in massive amounts of jealousy while still being in a stable monogamous relationship, those things arent mutually exclusive…in fact im positive that just him KNOWING that hes entering an exclusive relationship and accepting it as a valid option to begin with that fits him the best and is actually something he wants is enough to quell his insecurities and calm him tf down a lot (versus unreliable vacillating quadrants and sharing partners) along with his general growth in maturity he already went through

my step dads one of those guys who thinks he has to be mister grill master cause hes insecure about his masculity and he has to cook everything super rare and hse to use over the top large beef patties and like fuck you chris youve let your need to insert your manliness into dinner ruin it for everyone else, he doesnt even season the fucking burgers???? like theyre the most taselss thing ive ever had just a wad of undercooked beef that i cant even finish cause i dont trust that this wont give me food poisoning


when will he stop

i feel like a lot of u forget that jungkook’s said before that he’s insecure and introverted ? he worries abt how he’s perceived ? like, he tries his best at everything, he loves his members with his whole heart as well as their fans, he gave up a big portion of his teenage years to do all of this but yall think it’s funny to hate him? like, not even saying that any of you actually hate him, but it’s the “funny thing” to make him into a joke. his begin choreo is a good example lmao… ever since his first solo stage majority of yall clowned him ? yall made fun of it without a second thought bc it looked funny to u…. okay . he practiced his ass off and said he felt like his legs were gonna explode but all that’s just disregarded.. anyways can we maybe stop with this bullying jungkook concept it’s all kinds of awful

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Hey Hector. Sorry if this is a bother, but I'm new to the BMC fandom and just wanted to ask if there is anything I should know/keep in mind in case I start writing fics or creating fan art.

Hey Anon! It’s not a bother at all! Here are a few things you should know!! Welcome to the fandom!!


  • Christine is not white
  • Michael is not white
  • Lots of people like to draw Michael with a little mole above the left side of his mouth. This was started by @cryptidsp00n
  • Lots of people like to draw Rich with freckles, a tooth gap, and a red streak in his hair. None of these are canon in the musical, although Rich’s red streak is canon in the book. The freckles and tooth gap were started by @richardgoranski
  • these last two were honestly completely optional. its all up to you buddy!!
  • Lots of people like to draw Michael with a gay pride patch on the higher end of his left sleeve. This is essentially canon, and I would advise you most of all to not leave this out. George Salazar (the guy who played Michael) actually tweeted about it, which the fandom interprets to mean that it’s canon that Michael is gay. So honestly I’d advise against ignoring it, although it’s honestly cool if you leave it out m’dude. its your art. The gay pride patch was started by @gayradwhitedad
  • Don’t draw Jenna skinny!!! She’s played by Katie Ladner, who is not skinny!! 
  • Michael’s patches can be done completely canon, as shown in that link. however, everyone seems to have their own patch headcanons for him. ((hmu if you wanna see how i draw his sweatshirt lmao))
  • A lot of things are left up to interpretation!! Is Jeremy taller than Michael?? not canonically, but I love short Michael! Does Jake have frosted tips? Not canonically, but I love frosted Jakey D!
  • As long as you respect skin tones and body types, whatever you want to make is cool!!! Experiment, be free!!


  • Jeremy is Jewish!! Even if he celebrates Christmas, which some Jewish people do, just bear in mind that he is! not! christian!
  • Christine has ADD, but not ADHD!! she says she has ADD, which is related to ADHD, but not the same thing. ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder, which means she has a hard time focusing on one thing for an extended period of time. ADHD is Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, which means that someone has a hard time paying attention and/or sitting still for extended periods of time. yes, they’re similar, but not synonymous.   
  • Rich is bi!!
  • The girls have just as complex personalities as the boys. please give as much care to developing them as you do to the guys.
  • Chloe did a lot of fucked up things. look out for that. font make her a sweet baby. she doesn’t deserve that.
  • Friendships are just as important as romantic relationships, and can be just as good and interesting!!
  • Jake’s parents are not around, they’re on the run from the law! he has to look after himself, my dudes.
  • the squip is horrible and abusive. it makes Jeremy feel like shit. it tells him that they need to change everything about him because its all awful. it is both emotionally and physically abusive. Both Jeremy and Rich probably suffer from ptsd
  • try to branch out!! as great as boyf riends, richjake, and pinkberry are, also look into things like Jeremy’s relationship with his father, Chloe’s redemption arc (bc she needs redeeming lmao) and even other ships, like deere and expensive headphones :00 while they may not be the main ships of the fandom, they’re all super cute and (i cant find a link rip) Joe Tracz actually said that Rich and Michael would go to prom together!!
  • Michael is comfortable in his own skin!! Ye, he has social anxiety. But he doesn’t hate himself!! One of the defining factors of his personality is that he’s okay with who he is!! There are all kinds of anxiety, and don’t write him as self-hating!! its totally out of character for him :0
  • have fun, dude. be careful, and do your research if you’re writing about tricky topics like eating disorders, abuse, and anxiety. But most of all, just enjoy yourself. as long as you’re respectful, there should be no issues!! 

Feel free to shoot me an ask about any of this, or if you have any questions about if something’s cool to include in fanfic or not! I won’t tell you exactly what you can and cant write/draw, but I will try to nudge you in the right direction! Of course, only if you ask me to!! Anyone can message me about this stuff anytime, I love to help and suggest things!! I’m not scary I promise!!


Contains :  bestfriend!junhui, SMUT !  


Member : Jun/Wen Junhui

Words : + 2,8k

Summary : Junhui was a cocky guy, that was for sure, but you never thought that he was that cocky, as you glare at your phone screen, a shaky finger pressing on the imagine of his smooth torso, his hand wrapped around his cock.

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A/N : For all my babies suffering from the lack of seventeen smut, there you go ! + I’m writing this now instead of after my exams because I was revising and my friend sent me the video of Jun dancing to Who and yeah I couldn’t.
+ someone told me it was similar to other smuts and yes it is, I red other writings with the same plot so this smut is inspired by them

[11:06] you : jun, leave me alone

A sigh left your lips as you placed your phone beside you, trying to focus on the papers all over your desk. Fingertips rubbing your temples, you closed your eyes, trying to remember the things you were reading a few moments before. You hated it, you hated having to learn things by heart, just to recite everything like a robot in front of a teacher, as if it would prove that you were intelligent or something.

On top of that, your best friend was texting you non stop. You were already a pretty distracted person, but with him making your phone buzz every minute, it was even worst. He was a year above you, and didn’t have to pass any exams. His school year was over, and he was celebrating it tonight, in a party thrown by someone from his class.

But apparently, the party wasn’t that amazing, since it seemed like he wasn’t leaving his phone to go grind on some girl.

 [11:07] junhui : talk to meeeee :(
[11:07] you : omg jun why are you like this, leave me alone
[11:08] junhui : its boring without you :(

A laugh escaped your lips, he was probably at least a bit tipsy. See, Jun was your best friend, but you both had this thing were you acted like you hated each other. But when alcohol was running in his system, Jun was the first to spill his feelings, and it was always so rewarding to see his face the day after when you red him his drunk texts.

[11:08] you : you know i have my last test soon
[11:08] you : are you already drunk ? its not even midnight omg
[11:09] junhui : no shit i fucking know you have a test
[11:09] junhui : i cant believe you left me like that

You rolled your eyes at his text, before typing. Yeah, you could understand him. You two were ready to leave, because you were supposed to go with him, but you decided to stay at the last minute, quickly leaving your tight dress for your large pyjama shirt.
Jun had tried to convince you to go with him, after all, the test was only in a week, but you didn’t want to waste time partying while you could use this time to work.

[11:10] you : dont be like this, you know its an important test
[11:10] you : go dance or something, we’ll have all summer to party together
[11:11] junhui : i dont want to dance :( :( :(
[11:11] you : im gonna study byyye

For a moment, the boy stopped texting you, and you thought that maybe he was finally dancing and having some fun. Going back to your notes, you tried to memorize everything, repeating the important points to yourself.
A tired smile stretched your lips when you finally got everything right, moving to the next text. Rolling your eyes, you groaned, seeing how long the plan you had to memorize was, and how depressing the text was, talking about how Humans were damned no matter what.

You took a deep breath, sitting comfortably before starting reading every point, then, your phone buzzed again.

[11:25] junhui : hi
[11:26] junhui : answer me
[11:27] junhui : y/n
[11:27] junhui : :(
[11:28] junhui : i wont stop until you answer
[11:29] junhui : thats the worst party ive ever seen
[11:30] junhui : and i cant even leave because mingyu is the one driving
[11:30] junhui : plus im kind of drunk
[11:30] junhui : wow i cant believe you did this to me
[11:31] you : omg wen junhui ill kill you

You sighed, he wasn’t going to leave you alone, you had to navigate between answering him and revising, rolling your eyes, maybe going to the party was a better idea.

[11:31] junhui : i like when you call me by my full name thats hot
[11:31] you : wtf you have weird kinks
[11:32] junhui : wow cant believe my best friend is shaming me for my kinks !
[11:33] you : find mingyu, maybe he will drive you home
[11:33] junhui : nah i saw him going upstairs with some random girl
[11:34] you : gross
[11:34] junhui : i cant believe u did this to me
[11:35] you : omfg junhui how many times are you going to say that ?
[11:35] junhui : until you apologize ???
[11:36] you : fuck you this exam is more important than an obviously shitty party

You breathed, all your focus now on the coversation with your best friend. He would distract you anyway, and you wouldn’t be able to get any work done, so what was the point. Giving a last look at the pile of paper, you moved from your desk to your bed, trying to find a decently cold spot.

[11:37] junhui : ohmy god your test is in a fucking week
[11:38] you : fuck its just a party why are you getting mad about it ?
[11:38] junhui : because
[11:39] you : you’re a child
[11:39] junhui : whatever
[11:40] you : omg

You growned, dropping your phone on your side, your arm resting on your eyes. He didn’t respond, and it was for the best, when Jun was drunk, he could either be super whiny for nothing, or super angry for nothing, and you would rather stop talking to him for the night than have a conversation with an angry stubborn guy.

The summer night was growing hotter, your shirt starting to stick to your body. Tugging at it to let some air hit your skin, you thought for a moment that Jun finally gave up, maybe finding someone to drive him home.

[11:55] junhui : im in the bathroom
[11:57] you : k
[11:57] junhui : i have a boner
[11:58] you : dID I ASK

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, drunk Jun could be either way super whiny, super angry or super horny, yeah you forgot about that.
See, another thing in your friendship was how comfortable both of you were when it came to sex. Junhui was already super comfortable talking about it, and so, you grew more and more confident talking about it with him. That was one of the few things you were grateful for.

[11:59] you : go get some girl to grind on i’m studying

You lied, hoping and praying god that you couldn’t have to deal with a drunk and horny Junhui.
A few moments passed, and again, you thought that he was out of the bathroom dancing on some girl, because you knew that a lot of them were willing to do it. It wasn’t news that Junhui was pretty popular, his delicate features and sweet voice were enough for a lot of girls, but he also had amazing hands, and those thighs, god, the result of years of dancing.
In addition to all of this, the way his hips moved was sinful. You remember seeing him dancing to one the songs he made with his friends, his hips moving slowly, his hand resting on his thigh, so close to his crotch.

Yeah, these were one of these days where you asked yourself, how the fuck do I even contain myself. 

After moving his hips, you remember his eyes finding yours before he started body rolling, his shoulders broad, toned stomach moving.
And it wasn’t all, the choregraphy continued again until his hands made contact with the floor, supporting himself as he fucking grinded on the floor, powerful thrusts over the floor, and you cursed under your breath.

You couldn’t admit it to yourself, but you couldn’t stop thinking about how his body moved, and you blamed it on sexual frustration, yeah that was it.

But more and more, your breath strated inching everytime he got closer, or when his hands got too adventurous, because he also wasn’t helping it.
But soon, you convinced yourself that you couldn’t think about your best friend in such ways, it was weird. You were making it weird at least.

[00:05] junhui : sent a video

Your thoughts got cut by the sound of your phone, your hand grabbing it before tracing your password, and your fucking mind went blank.

Your eyes stayed glued to your screen, blinking a few times, before checking again the name of the contact, yeah that was Jun.
Your troath was dry, and you tried to swallow the built of saliva.

The thumbnail was enough to leave you breathless, and even more sweaty.

Fuck, what was that for ?

You unconsciously licked your lips, your eyes fixed on the image.

Jun’s was sitting in what looked like a bathroom, his black jeans tugged to the middle of his muscular thighs, his black shirt riding up, revealing a parcel of his skin. His hand was wrapped around his cock, tip already red, several rings hugging his fingers. You couldn’t see his face, the image cut to his sweaty neck, but you could understand that his head was thrown back.

You cursed under your breath, a shaky finger pressing on the message, the image filling your screen before starting.
And it started right away, the boy’s hand slowly pumping up and down, his thumb stopping to collect the drop of precum. Touching his sensitive head, you heard a hiss, your mouth falling agape, waiting for more, and it stopped.

Your eyes widen, still locked on the screen, before catching the small three dots on your phone.

[00:06] junhui : fuck, im so hard
[00:06] junhui : help me

You looked up from your screen, as if someone would suddently appear at the end of your bed to help you in this situation.
Your heart was pounding, what the fuck were you supposed to do ? He sent it like it was the most normal thing to do.

And fuck, you wanted to run away from your phone and hide, but on the other hand, your eyes were still glued to the small picture, your mind replaying the faint hiss.

[00:07] junhui : y/n
[00:08] you : you can’t send things like that omg
[00:08] junhui : omfg its okay youre my best friend
[00:08] junhui : just help me
[00:08] junhui : please

“Best friends”, was that a common thing to send nudes to your best friend ? You took a deep breath, before typing again, what the fuck were you getting yourself into.

[00:09] you : what the fuck do you want me to do
[00:09] you : you have a fucking boner its not my fault youre a horny fuck
[00:10] junhui : sent a vocal

You rolled your eyes, taking your headphones before playing the audio, and your heart sank. It started with a clear, deep moan, you could hear that he was trying to stay quiet, before muffling it, the sound of his hand moving in the background was faint, and he started talking. God, his voice was raspy, low, breathless, “What do you mean it’s not your fault ? I have a fucking boner because of you, fuck- That dress looked so good on you.”

Your breath grew uneven, catching your lip between your teeth. A breathy moan fell from his lips, probably picturing you in the dress you were wearing earlier, “And fuck- d-did you really have to start taking it off in front of me ?” You couldn’t help but smile as you remembered taking the straps off in front of him, letting him see a bit of your bra, but you couldn’t imagine that it had such and effect on him.

“God, please, send something, a picture, anything, I don’t care.”, he moaned, before ending the audio. You eyes widen, a picture ? Fuck, you wanted to continue whatever was going on, feeling the familiar discomfort between your legs but you really didn’t know how to take it.

Eventually, you moved your phone, stretching your arm above your head, opening the camera. Your moved to lay on your back, bending your knee up as your other hand tugged your shirt upwards, enough to show the right of your bra and your panties.

It was the exact same bra that Jun saw as you took your dress off earlier, the lacy black bra un panties hugging your body. You quickly took the picture, cutting it after your lips, your lower lip rosy after biting it, and you sent it.

[00:14] you : sent a picture

Biting your lip, you waited for his responce.

[00:15] junhui : fuck, you look so good
[00:16] junhui : sent a video

And this time, you didn’t hesitate to open the video, your breath stopping. Fuck, if he was touching himself while looking at a picture of you, you could to that too, right ? Your hand traveled down your stomach, letting your finger press on your clit, a gasp leaving your lips.
Keeping your eyes open, you watched as the video opened on your phone, Jun’s hand moving faster this time, and holy shit, he looked so big.
His tip was red, a groan coming from his chest as he moved the phone and,

“Oh my god.”, you cursed under your breath as you took your panties off, your digit spreading your wetness. You gasped as Jun moved the phone so you were able to fully see his hand pumping his cock and his face, and god, he look amazing.

His lower lip between his teeth, looking straight at his camera through the locks of his back hair. His mouth suddently fell open with a silent moan as his head fell backwards, letting you see his Adam’s Apple bobbing and the video ended.

Fuck, you were keeping those videos, for scientific reasons.

[00:18] junhui : are you touching yourself ?

Your finger started rubbing your clit, trying your best to reply, but you didn’t even know how, so you took another picture. Quickly opening the camera, you took another one in the same position, your hand clearly visible in the shot.

[00:18] you : sent a picture
[00:19] junhui : i knew it
[00:19] junhui : fuck, i wish you were here

And then, out of nowhere, your phone rang.

You didn’t hesitate long before you accepted the call, placing your phone on your pillow beside your head.

“Y/N.”, he breathed as your finger started to work faster.

“Jun.”, you wanted your voice to be as quiet as his, but it came out in a moan.

“Fuck, why did you have to stay home.”, he gasped, breathless.

“Why did you have to go to this party.”, you replied.

“Whatever, be fucking prepared when I come home.”, a broken moan fell from his lips as you cursed under your breath, your imagination running wild. You allowed a finger to enter your heat, your digit easily sliding in. You moaned, your other hand gripping your sheet.

“God, I couldn’t stop thinking about you in that dress.”, the sound of skin clapping grew quicker as he continued, “I wish I could feel your lips around me.”, he gasped, before continuing, “You’re going to let me fuck your mouth when I come home, won’t you ?”

You moaned, his words hitting your core, but he wasn’t having it, his cocky self coming back. “Words.”

You opened your mouth, breathing heavely before answering, “Yes.”

“Yeah.”, and he laughed out of pleasure, the sound ringing in your ears, adding another finger.

“I’ll make you feel so good.”, he purred, a long moan tumbling from his lips. “You’re touching yourself, right babygirl ? Fuck yourself with your fingers, curl them, imagine my fingers instand of yours.”, he rasped, clearly reaching his climax as he was finding it hard to talk.

And you did, curling your fingers and moving faster, picturing your best friend between your legs, your hips bucking against your hand.
Your moans grew higher, more and more frequent as you moved your hips.

“Are you gonna cum ?”, he asked, breathless, groaning as he tried to wait for you.

“Jun.”, you moaned, unable to give him an answer, feeling the knot in your stomach ready to explode.

“God, I can’t wait to be inside you.”, he cooed, a broken moan filling your ears. “Come for me.”

And that’s all you needed, moaned, your back arching, a clear layer of sweat near your collarbones. Collapsing, you tried to catch your breath, closing your eyes, trying to focus on what was going on on the other side.

A series of curse words mixed with your name tumbled from his lips, before he came on a long moan, gasping every now and then.

“Fuck, fuck.”, he cursed, trying to process everything, before letting a long sigh.

Both of you stayed silent for a moment, before Jun moved the phone, before speaking in a breathless voice.

“Wait for me, I’ll be here soon.”

bts personality analysis: yoongi

yoongi is hard to analyse because his personality is so complex. he has a lot of sides that he shows the camera — the sleepy, the ‘swag’, the goofy. i think people misinterpret yoongi and see him as ‘lazy’ which is something that i cant even fathom thinking. we only see glimpses of this; when he is doing logs or vlives or at fanmeets — yoongi is the most passionate, kindest person i think ive ever seen. he has this desire so deep inside of him and in his mixtape, you could hear it. he has gone through so much to be where he is today and that makes him empathetic because he is aware of peoples struggles. yoongi is understanding. yoongi loves so deeply but doesn’t like to show it so he is perceived as cold. he cares so much about everything but he cant show it so he is perceived as careless. yoongi is irony. he is passion and desire and kindness wrapped all into one small body. please realise that yoongi cannot express his emotions as well as other members, so he puts his stories and thoughts into his songs.

yoongis personality is really layered, and i think that only a select few people that yoongi sees fit would be able to open him up and see all those layers. i feel like it would be hard to befriend yoongi because he seems to be selective in choosing who he likes and you have to be able to understand who he is and how he would react. but when you start to truly get to know him, yoongi is probably the most affectionate and clingy member in the group. he would be that boyfriend that acts like he doesnt want to be around you but really he would bring you in closer (literally in every analysis ive gone on a rant abt them i need TO STICK TO THE DAMN TOPIC AT  HAND). 

yoongi is very smart. he knows how emotions work and has developed a strong aura for himself which is very hard to do. although he is intelligent, he has a hard time with spontaneity. he needs to have a plan and needs to know everything that he is doing. in his vlive with hoseok, we could see the juxtaposition of their personalities: hoseok really just opened the face mask and put it on, but yoongi read the entire package front to back and followed the steps exactly as it was written. its a simple interaction but it is very telling about how yoongi reacts to situations. he is calculated without the cunning.

yoongi and jungkook are a relationship that is hard to define - i find that most jungkook related relationships are like this but ill get more into that in his analysis. both yoongi and jungkook have trouble expressing themselves so it wont be the most overtly affectionate relationship but i see them both having a lot of respect for one another and just a chill duo who just wanna have a relaxed time. yoongi and taehyung are a fun pair to analyse because they are so different; yoongi values realism and taehyung values optimism. they both see the world in juxtaposing ways and thats why i think that they would be a good pair since i believe that opposites do attract. yoongi and jimin are one of my favourite relationships in bangtan because jimin just wants to please yoongi and yoongi likes to be pleased so its just ?? so perfect??? i rlly dont have much more to say but i just love yoonmin. yoongi and hoseok are my #1 go-to relationship in bangtan. they are the most complex members and together they just fit together so perfectly, as if there personalities were made to be mended together. yoonseok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lvoe them. yoongi and namjoon are a genius pair. their combined creativity makes for a fierce track and i can only imagine the products that they have in the folders on their laptops. they both have such immense thoughts that together i feel like it would be too intense to sit in a room with them.  jin is most pliant when around yoongi, since yoongi’s character is pretty intense, i wouldn’t have thought that jin would be roommates with him; it just doesn’t seem like a good fit. but it really is kind of perfect. jin has the ability to adapt his personality and knows yoongi’s boundaries and that’s why i think he is the best person to be yoongi’s roommate.

min yoongi - infp/pisces. passionate, emotional, competent, perfectionist.

kim seokjin

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can you tell me about the bts ships? not just otp's, brotps too!


but ill only talk about the ones im familiar with:

1. YOONMIN (yoongi/jimin):

ok holy shit where the FUCK do i start with yoonmin. they’ve been my bts otp since day 1 so i have a LOT TO FUCKING SAY LOL 

first off, refer to this post as to why i started shipping them, they have a LOT of cute fucking moments predebut and its been a painfully beautiful journey ever since 2013

before we jump in we need to talk about how YOONGI WROTE A SONG FOR JIMIN BECAUSE HE ADMIRES HOW HARDWORKING JIMIN IS. IF THAT AINT REAL THEN GET TF OUT OF MY FACE LMAo like where dat song @ tho yoongs

ok i need to chill, but theres more:

like jimin being yoongi’s #1 cheerleader at ISAC lmao look at him cheer his name in front of all the fans and other idols with ZERO shame, and then there’s yoongi pretending like he doesnt hear him #typical

^ TYPICAL YOONGI. this ship is very love-hate. mostly false pretense of hate on yoongi’s end and WAAAY TOO MUCH SHAMELESS LOVIN on jimin’s end BUT we all know yoongi’s putting up a front. like there’s actually so many subtle moments where he reveals how much he cares for jimin and they kill me every time, like this one:

but then right back to pretending like he dont give a fuck lmfao:


this whole v app broadcast was a yoonmin fest and it was a blessing. jimin got him a sweater for yoongis birthday and they basically confessed on live broadcast that they’re soulmates. ugh im so sensitive about this moment

in summary:

  • yoonmin are polar opposites and that heart-pulling cold/warm dynamic they have is super shippable, thus the reason why they’re one of the most popular ships in this fandom
  •  yoongi puts on a cold exterior and doesn’t really show his emotions. jimin on the other hand is super openly loving towards others, especially yoongi, and its really fucking cute how yoongi reciprocates sometimes
  • the two really do care about each other a lot though and it’s really heart warming to see. also yoongi had jimin rap on his Tony Montana stage and it was everything

there’s tons more but for the sake of room lets move on

2. TAEKOOK (Taehyung/Jungkook)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Sorry for bothering, but I was wondering if you have any tips for drawing people? My friend and I have an amazing idea for a comic book, and we have the storyline and everything together, and she asked me to draw the pictures. I'm horrible at drawing, so I was wondering if you had any tips? Sorry for wasting your time CX Thank you so much!

thank you :)

  Well Let’s draw!

Tip number I :Basics

i cant even draw a single bone of bone guy….anyway back to business, I mean boneguy

well damn….

thoes features will be our basic


btw lol sorry for my spell mistakes and english in general :I




Scenario: You’re a rising fashion/beauty YouTuber and wanted to be basic film a ‘my bf does my makeup challenge” video.  

Yoon Jisung

  • Nags you on why you have so many eyeshadow palettes and says they’re all the same. 
  • Complains how you always drag him to Sephora/Target and majority of the time doesn’t buy anything
  • Mimics on how you over drench your face with setting spray and dies laughing 
  • “You can’t blame me if it’s ugly. YOU WANTED ME TO DO THIS—”

Ha Sungwoon

  • Is really excited to film the video with you
  • Comments how he monitors your videos from time to time and praises your editing skills
  • Reveals how long you usually take and how you always keep him waiting
  • “She’s always asking me if her brows are on point… like of course I’m going to say yes no matter what.. especially if I’m starving—”
  • “Why are these names so sexual?? NARS Orgasm? TWO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA?? WHAT ARE YOU BUYING?!?”

Hwang Minhyun

  • Inspects the products and even reads over the ingredients
  • Takes the filming very seriously and asks you lots of questions on cruelty-free makeup
  • Constantly checks up if any of his actions are uncomfortable
  • “Hon, are these brushes clean? I’m going to go wash them real quick..”
  • “You’re using them on your face every day. Clean them more often… ”
  • “Stop buying so much makeup. You’re pretty without it too.”

Ong Seongwu

  • Starts to play around and acts as if he knows your entire routine
  • Hushes you when you try to give him tips on how to wing your liner
  • Copies how you swatch the shadows on your arm every time you take him to ULTA Beauty
  • “Gonna make you look ze SNATCHED” snaps his fingers and connects your brows together.

Kim Jaehwan

  • Been laughing at the idea of him putting makeup on you ever since you brought it up
  • Says sorry in advance because he’s about to have the time of his life.
  • Dying on the outside as he smears your pink lip tint onto your cheeks thinking it’s blush
  • Accidentally pierces a finger through your favorite eyeshadow palette
  • “ahaHAHAHAHHAA HAAAAAHAHAHAHA” continues to dab purple and yellow eyeshadow
  • Purposely smothers your lipstick down to your chin. “OOPS my hand slipped SORRY AHAHA”

Kang Daniel

  • Pretty chill about filming the video with you.
  • Examines everything quickly and ends up making the entire table a mess
  • Is extremely smiley during the whole process and answers all of the subscriber questions in full detail
  • Okay, what is primer..” Smears it all over your forehead anyway.
  • “Babe, can we take a snack break? I’ll finish up after..”
  • “This is hard… can’t you just vlog us playing with the cats instead..”

Park Jihoon

  • Pretty shy but is calm and responsive when you ask questions
  • Praises how talented you are when it comes to makeup
  • Lets you know when he’s about to put something on
  • Tries to be very precise with everything and ends up getting really into it
  • “Ah dang it.. this doesn’t look too even.. where’s the makeup remover?”
  • “I think I put on the lashes pretty well don’t you think? It looks good!”

Park Woojin

  • Gets nervous once you introduce him and kind of becomes a stuttering mess.
  • You tell him to loosen up and he nods but continues to fidget with the mascara in his hand
  • Responds to you really fast as you ask him questions from your subscribers
  • “Fake eyelashes..? W-What if I stab your eye I cant—”
  • “At least the lipstick came out kind of okay..”

Bae Jinyoung

  • Kind of camera shy and holds your hand the entire time before the actual process
  • Questions why some of the products have weird names and what’s the purpose of each product
  • Accidentally spills some foundation on himself “Oh no..”
  • His actions are super cute and smiles every time you compliment him
  • “Am I doing this right? I don’t want to mess up your face though..” 
  • “Maybe we shouldn’t have done this..I’m sorry!!” 

Lee Daehwi

  • Watches all of your videos and is super confident on how you cake your face
  • Kind of nails down every product and even taps off the excess shadow
  • At this rate, he’s about to take over your YouTube channel with his newly found skills
  • “She’s always talking about glowing up so definitely gotta pack on that highlight—yES BABY YES LOOK AT THAT TRIPLE GLOW” 
  • “Oh my god, she freaking takes forever on her brows like 30 minutes. I’M NOT EVEN JOKING. I can do it in 5—babe let me do your eyebrows from now on.″

Lai Guanlin

  • Completely lost and doesn’t know where to start.
  • You give him hints here and there because he takes forever 
  • Over bakes your face with powder purposely and laughs hysterically
  • Basically, just smears everything onto your face and cracks up at the end
  • “This egg thing is a beauty blender?”
  • “This is kind of fun. Let’s do a part two.”  
  • “NO DON’T TAKE IT OFF!! Go out to dinner like this! I worked hard!”




Label: Maroo Entertainment (with the others SUPPORT & LOVE THEM TOO )

  • Born: May 29th, 1999 // 18/19 years old // Maknae line
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
  • Height: 173cm or 5 feet 7 inches
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Position: Lead dancer, sub-vocals, sub-rapper #ALL ROUNDER TOO #THEY FORGOT 1/11 OF THE VISUALS

Final Rank #2

Grade: C → B


STAYED #1 FOR A WHILE BECAUSE OF THIS (I honestly wasn’t affected by this at first & at first I didn’t understand the hype about him, so idk how I became to stan him. I don’t know how I got here. I was attacked somewhere in between the episodes)


#KING OF CATCH PHRASES LITERALLY “Self made aegyo catchphrase "save you in my heart” “nae maeum soge jeojang” became famous (probably forever his most iconic catchphrase) leading to companies using the phrase for marketing purposes. Jihoon started receiving offers from companies to become their advertisement model while the show was still being aired as everything either worn or used by him became sold-out.” ← NOT EVEN A LIE

Jeojang ft. that weird ass neck pillow hoodie that was sold out. Cross my heart it was sold out. NOT BECAUSE I TRIED BUYING IT OKAY 

Literally everyone at least knows this catch phrase

He even has another one!  “Googoogaga





Oh Little Girl Performance 

Boys in Luv performance 

(He touches his hair a lot too) #Habits



Named top visual by PD101s2 trainees (Fixed Pick)



Considered to have terrible fashion tho lol 

Yeah the glasses need to go 


I actually like this outfit tho


LIL BOY IS WISHING ON ABS (We’re the same age butttt NOOOOO IM NOT READDDYYYY P.S. I love his tummy)

Popping & Wacking (He’s also knows House too) 

A living pokemon: Jigglepuff

Common Ships: 

WINKDEEP // Park Jihoon x Bae Jinyoung

They literally just put their nicknames together and BAM Winkdeep was born (People also use HoonBae but I personally like WinkDeep better)

PANWINK // Lai Guanlin x Park JIhoon 

(Can you believe I forgot this ship existed) Here’s another 

2PARK // Park Woojin x Park JIhoon 

BONUS ALL FOUR (I swear that’s the back of Park Woojin’s head)

Extra fun facts: 

  • He used to be a trainee at both SM Entertainment and Fantagio
  • He doesn’t like being scolded
  • His specialties, according to him, is being cute
  • He was also a child actor and have been active (in general?) since 2006  YES THAT’S HIM. (OMFG IM SO SOFT. I DON’T EVER WANT TO SEE HIM CRY)

He even cried in front of Big Bang


Most of these gifs I created and some pics&gifs are not mine! They belong to their respective owners.

Vanilla #4

“I can’t do this! I don’t want to go out there today!” Lance kicked at Hunk who was dragging him out of his room. “I still smell like omega!” Hunk wrapped his arms around Lances torso as he spat the sickly words, pulling him towards the door.

It had been 2 days since Hunk found Lance passed out on the floor, he was only sick for a couple more hours after he woke up and now he was just reluctant to leave. The yellow paladin had brought every scented thing he could find on the ship to Lance who sprayed himself with every air freshener, put every kind of deodorant on and taken a shower with every kind of body wash and shampoo, of course, to himself he still smelled like a filthy omega. “Lance you’re fine!” Hunk promised, grunting as his friend threw a toddler-like tantrum. Lance yelped as hunk gripped a little tighter, he lashed out his legs, which were now off the ground, and started unintentionally knocking things off of shelves, sending an empty plate crashing to the ground amongst other objects. “Come one! Just coopera-!” Hunk was cut off with a swift elbow to the jaw and a small grunt from Lance who ran free as soon as his friend dropped him to cup his newly-bruised face. A look of pure annoyance greeted the omega as Lance got back on his bed and cowered as soon as he turned back to Hunk. His omega instincts kicking in hard and fast, he dropped as low as he could in an act of submission and whined. He felt himself getting picked up again, strong arms throwing his body over a shoulder, not expecting it, he yelped.

“ HUNK NO PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HAVE MERCY.” Lances hollers could be heard halfway across the castle and everyone froze. As soon as that wail had graced the air, an eerie silence hung, as if the castle itself wanted to know what was happening. Hunk grumbled some innocent slur as he felt a knee hit him promptly in the side, Lance relentlessly failing to get free.

“Lance. Please.” Was all the blue paladin could manage hearing from Hunk. His bedroom door slid closed and Hunk put his free hand on the pad, setting a timed lock. A lock that was commonly only used for quarantines but he was thanking his stars they had them now. When those locks were activated there was no opening them, not until the timer was done. Lance heard the soft hum of the computer asking verbally for a confirmation and he cried out in despair.

“Hunk! Hunk please you don’t understand I need to stay in my room!” Lances voice was so heartbreakingly desperate that Hunk froze.

“…why.” The question hung in the air briefly. “If you can give me one reason OTHER than the fact that you think you smell. Then I will let you stay in this room.” Lances breath was caught in his throat and he had a reason; a valid reason. His shame kept the words trapped on his tongue and he wished he could spit them out because they left a foul taste. “Lance? Any reason?” Hunk looked over his shoulder at the now-still man. Lance wasn’t breathing, he couldn’t, these words, these dishonourable syllables, they were blocking any air from coming in or out. “Thought so.” He said calmly, no hint of attitude, just solitude, with that a beep confirmed the lock and Hunk set Lance down. Instantly the Cuban boy was scratching at his door, his mournful cries echoing through the hallways once more, this time with reason.

“I can’t!” There was such sorrow. “I can’t stay out here with them!! Not now!!” Hunk stood, watching the frantic panic in his friend who, even as skinny as he was when he was eating, was merely skin and bones after throwing up and then not eating anything for 2 days. Hunk had tried to feed him but Lance refused everything “can’t throw up if there’s nothing there.” He argued. Even in his frail state, he showed strength worthy of a trained paladin of Voltron. “HUNK I NEED TO GET IN.” His voice only got louder and more urgent. “PLEASE TRUST ME I CANT BE OUT HERE.” Hunk raised an eyebrow, his hands on his hips.

“can’t? Or won’t?” Hunk felt like he had cornered Lance, pinned him with only one option but stood stunned when Lance spat the opposite of what he had expected.

“CANT, HUNK. I CANT BE OUT HERE.” He turned to his friend, giving up on the ruthless attempt at safety. There was a genuine look of fear in his eyes that almost made him help Lance open the door, Hunk looked away and closed his eyes, this would be easier if Lance didn’t have a killing puppy face, perhaps because of his status, most omegas are good at convincing others to do things, a trait commonly used to seduce. No, hunk thought, don’t degrade everything Lance does and brush it off as ‘because he’s an omega’, Lance is his own person and he is charismatic and has the skill to manipulate, a detrimental combination.

“I’m sorry Lance, I can’t help you but I can’t let you wallow either, you don’t smell like anything other than a mix of vanilla and strange fruits.” Lances ears perked up and his pupils got so small he looked as if he was about to die.

“V-Vanilla?” His voice shook and Hunk sighed, his expression softening.

“Do you want me to walk with you for a bit?” Hunk offered a hand to Lance, who was huddled on the ground, leaning against his bedroom door “my smell might wear off on you.” The bigger man smiled and was met with a look of gratitude, if not slight reluctance. His hand was countered, a small feeble one grabbing it. Lance stood up with a grunt, he was shrivelled, hunched over with bags under his eyes and his clothes fitting loosely, a frown plastered to his face. He leaned into Hunk for support as they walked, at least that’s what the yellow paladin had thought.

See Lance did have a reason he couldn’t leave his room, and a deliberate reason he wanted to stay by Hunk in hopes of masking his smell. Not only was he out of meds, but 7 days was up. Yesterday was the last day there could have been ANY drugs in his system. Due to the suppressants all of his omega pheromones and needs had been gone, built up over months and months and repressed. These said suppressants were gone, these said pheromones and needs were back instantly on day 7 and Lance could feel them. After years of nothing, Lance was in the first stages of heat, and he knew it.

This is why Lance leaned on Hunk, in a desperate attempt to mask his smell, but in a slightly affectionate way, he let it slide because it wasn’t an abnormal action but he knew it was just the beginning of his need for attention. And his lack of attention. Lance groaned internally to himself but soon started arguing with himself, ‘smarten up Mcclain, you’ve dealt with it alone before you can deal with it now…’ he thought to the locked door. ‘Just not for 6 hours.’ Another groan welcomed that thought but this time it was external and Hunk rubbed a circle on his back comfortingly. “It’ll be ok man.”

God he had hoped it would be.

Lance walked into the dining room and was met with smiles which quickly faded as greedy eyes stared at his hollow figure and took everything in, they hadn’t seen their friend in days and now he was back, and he was not healthy. “Hey Lance!” Shiros smile was the only one that stayed, unrelenting. He stood up and walked over to Lance as if to give him a hug or something. He stopped, his smile faded and his expression joined the ranks. Shock, but a different kind of shock. His eyes sharpened and his nose twitched in interest, Shiro made eye contact with an uneasy Lance and continued in, hugging the fragile boy. Hunk pulled away slightly, letting Lance shake under the smell of the Alpha. Shiro held on a little bit longer than Lance would have liked, “you smell like vanilla.” The black paladin mumbled, more to himself than anything, when he pulled away his hands stayed on Lances hips and he let himself push Lance back slightly, shoulders bumping into the wall beside the door. Lance was being cornered against a wall, by an Alpha, on display for everyone. Every instinct told him to turn his jaw and reveal his neck in an act of pure submission, he refused. Too weak to stand up to the man, too strong to give in. He stood there, looking up at dark grey, watching eyes. Shiro was an Alpha, Shiro was the model for all Alphas and Lance could see it, chiseled jaw, broad shoulders, sculpted body, strong hands, muscular legs. Lance bit his lip and suddenly realized he was staring right at the mans groin, he forced his eyes back up to Shiro to find that his eyes had wandered as well. A small growl emitted from Shiros chest, his eyes darting up to the small mans neck, he opened his mouth slightly, as if to sink in as much smell as he could, or maybe to sink his teeth in right there. This wasn’t Shiro. Almost instantly Hunk was beside them with a protective hand on Shiros chest.

“Shiro, Lance is here for breakfast.” Shiro didn’t break eye contact with Lance, it was extremely intense. “Shiro.” Hunks voice was steady, not quite stern but just enough command to not cause any more suspicion. Lance glanced around subtly, no keith, good. He must be off training. Shiro broke his trance and looked to Hunk, almost angry, realization exploded on his face. His cheeks flushed and you could see him beat himself.

“Shiro your hands.” Lances voice was quiet, after screaming that morning it was rough and barely audible. Shiro looked at Lance, confused, his blush deepening to a sharp shade of pink, he had let his hands wander from The blue paladins hips onto his butt.

“O-Oh! Right! Right.” Shiro blushed and turned back towards the table to meet a confused peanut gallery. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, feeling the small hairs at the end of his buzz-cut standing. He sat back down, painfully aware of the fact that everyone’s eyes were on him except maybe Lance or Hunk and Keith who was absent.

Lance stayed by Hunk as they walked over to the table, feeling slightly violated but needy and compliant. Shiro keeping constant glances at the Omega. Allura and Coran tried not to say anything about Lances ghoul-like figure, keeping their eyes to themselves and the other paladins who interacted with each other as calmly as ever, all glad to have their friend back. Lance sat down, leaving a chair between him and Shiro, hoping Hunk would sit there, however his friend didn’t pick up on the hint and there was an awkward space between the two men.

Lance was very aroused, he cursed at himself and wanted desperately to properly scold himself but was too uncomfortable to keep thinking straight, pun intended, he smiled to himself gently, but it was short. His legs stayed crossed and his forehead plastered in sweat. Of course Shiro wasn’t in a much better state.

‘Lance is an omega.’ Shiros Alpha voice kept creeping into his mind. ‘He’s got to be. Lance is definately an omega and he’s been hiding it.’ He was certain, because Lance smelled like vanilla and there was no vanilla in space, if there was he would have found it, he loved the smell of the stuff. There was no vanilla on this ship, yet Lance still smelled like vanilla.

Shiro thought to himself deeply, blocking everyone else’s voices out.

'Yknow what smells like vanilla? Heats smell like vanilla, Lance is an omega, Lance is in heat.’

And with that, he growled to himself and closed his eyes, letting the words of his friends refill his ears while he sat with a new challenge; don’t sleep with Lance.

…to be continued…

The Overwatch Guys as Dads

Soldier 76:

  • This guy was meant to be a dad
  • he doesn’t feel that way 
  • he reads ALL the books 


  • Can he even have kids? 
  • He actually is not that bad as a dad 
  • ones of those really badass ones that will do their kids hair (Which comes out terrible) but beats up anyone who comments on it 
  • Is a master at building forts 


  • Such a peaceful guy…. not sure if he can have kids either?
  • always setting up his kids to tease Hanzo
  • takes them a long with mediation to try and show them how but they end up messing with Zenyattas orbs


  • he has such calm kids 
  • probably played a lot with Genjis kids 
  • also reads all of the books 
  • always wants to make sure his kids are comfortable with what they do 


  • dont even get me started on him 
  • Such a great dad 
  • lots of hugs
  • always has the best stories 
  • his kids all love hasslehoff
  • HUGS


  • Kids are as crazy as he is 
  • same wild laugh 
  • not too fond of showers
  • love explosions just as much 
  • maybe a little bit too much 
  • they get in trouble more than their father tbh 


  • Can you imagine tiny little roadhogs running around 
  • they’d have the masks and everything 
  • i cant 
  • I still hate roadhog though 
  • cute kids though 


  • ??????
  • ???
  • ??????
  • well maybe it would be cute to get him those little wind up robots 
  • he would sit in the middle of them 
  • Then zarya would crush them 


  • would usually wonder if his actual babies were in fact turrets 
  • but he has actually 8 or 9 kids 
  • He makes them all learn how to build turrets 
  • they all call reinhardt uncle or grampa 
  • thought they’re the same age


  • No time for kids when you have science
  • Tracer is enough for him


  • Daddy wild west 
  • Totally read to his kids all the time 
  • loves watching old western movies with them 
  • gives them piggyback rides all the time 
  • loves dressing them up like a cowboy 
  • they end up picking his accent 


  • Kids are like zenyattas
  • super calm 
  • love his tattoos 
  • eventually learn how to master the dragons on their own 


  • Such a cool dad 
  • makes them music all the time 
  • takes them to his concerts 
  • They call D.VA their aunt 
  • super cute
  • have the dreads and everything 
  • have lots of pet frogs 

Okay but where in the fuck did Hela store all those weapons she threw. Up her sleeve? Where did Thor pull the helmet from? He wasn’t even WEARING sleeves? How come stuff just Magically Appeared In Everyone’s Hands like wouldn’t it hurt to shove a 3 foot machete up ur shirt is this just an Asgardian Thing. Can Thor just pull anything and everything from his sleeve like Mary Poppins. What if Tony wants a donut? Done & Done Thor got u covered fam??? Is that how this works???

stood up

inspired by @jilys and @alrightpotter and everyone else who has made lovely group chat aus

this is one inspired by the prompt “i got stood up and you sat down and started talking to me who are you”

Lily Evans to Marlene McKinnon: what would u say if i broke ur heels

Marlene McKinnon: i would murder u w. Out thinkng abt it

Lily Evans: ….

Lily Evans: i broke ur heels

Lily Evans: marlene

Marlene McKinnon: blocked


Dorcas Meadows to diagnose me dr lily: lily

Dorcas Meadows: i have a rash on my arm lily diagnose me

Lily Evans: pneumonia

Dorcas Meadows: ???,,,,???? Its getting worse???…

Lily Evans: did u try turning it off and on again

Lily Evans: geez i m not a doctor yet


Marlene McKinnon to all boys r twats: dorcas i just saw snape and rosier following after lily

Marlene McKinnon: oh shIr

Marlene McKinnon: Lils

Marlene McKinnon: im coming to get u stay there


Lily Evans to Severus Snape: if u come near me again i will grind ur balls in a blender

Severus Snape: you know I’m right

Lily Evans: you’re a white supremacist

Lily Evans: YOU are wrong


Marlene McKinnon to Dorcas get me those spicy pita chips: what did snivelus say

Lily Evans: ‘’’’’im a nazi’’’’

Dorcas Meadows: rly

Lily Evans: no but basically

Lily Evans: i need booze asap

Marlene McKinnon: i got lots

Dorcas Meadows: omw


Dorcas Meadows to lily needs to get laid: mission imposible: how about Peter Pettigrew

Lily Evans: pass

Dorcas Meadows: u say that about everyone

Lily Evans: and

Lily Evans: i m focusing on school rn

Dorcas Meadows: do u even know who pettigrew is????,,?

Lily Evans:  y es

Marlene McKinnon: just one pls

Dorcas Meadows: lil if you go on one blind date ill take you to nandos

Lily Evans: deal

Lily Evans: but just one and not peter pettigreq

Lily Evans changed group name to i deserve better friends than these weeds


Lily Evans to Marlene McKinnon: where am i meeting him

Marlene McKinnon: corner of 165th by tha t pizza plce

Marlene McKinnon: he said hed b inside

Lily Evans: he better b hot


Marlene McKinnon to tminus 0 days until lilys date: LILY


Marlene McKinnon: IM SO SORRY

Marlene McKinnon: EVANS


Lily Evans to blondie + inferiors with rat nests: marlene he was rly hot ur the best

Lily Evans:  wait what

Dorcas Meadows: ?,,,,,,,???

Lily Evans: he stood me up?

Lily Evans: then who was i with last night

Lily Evans: Marlene McKinnon get ur butt over here with the nandos
Marlene McKinnon: it’s 3am lily why did u just get back ;)))))


Lily Evans to James Potter: who r u rly

James Potter: oops

Lily Evans: r u actly james ?

James Potter: yeah srry i didnt know what to say u just kind of sat down

Lily Evans: ?? I was there first twat

James Potter: u were rly cute

James Potter: what cna i say

Lily Evans: so u just sat down with a random stranger and pretended to know me

James Potter: yes ?


Lily Evans sent a picture to group: what Do I dO

Marlene McKinnon: James Potter SAT NEXT TO YOU?

Dorcas Meadows: the CUTEST guy at on campus???

Marlene McKinnon: to clarify

Marlene McKinnon: the star football player who also happens to be v hot and buff sat next to u bc u were cute??

Lily Evans: i got stood up and i guess i didnt know who he was

Lily Evans: he was a little concieted

Lily Evans: and not that hot

Dorcas Meadows: ur in denial

Marlene McKinnon: ur name together is lames

Lily Evans: …..

Dorcas Meadows: so what happened after the date

Marlene McKinnon: u didn’t come back until late late

Lily Evans: ..nothing


Sirius Black to Remus Lupin: whats wrong with james

Remus Lupin: he went on a date with Lily Evans

Sirius Black: the redhead in his calc class

Remus Lupin: yeah

Sirius Black: oh

Sirius Black: he’s in a daze and wont move

Remus Lupin: tell him theres a spider on his bed

Sirius Black: he didn’t move

Remus Lupin: woW

Sirius Black: im calling 911

Remus Lupin: nO

Peter Pettigrew: too late


Marlene McKinnon to Sirius Black: theyre the worst

Sirius Black: tell lily to meet u at the library

Sirius Black: ill get james to go to

Sirius Black: also how did u get this #

Marlene McKinnon: it wastn that hard


Sirius Black to James Potter: meet me at hte library in 10

James Potter: u never study

James Potter: r u trying to set me up again with evans

Sirius Black: no ?

James Potter: wanker

James Potter: leaving now


Lily Evans to James Potter: im not good enough to be a doctor

Lily Evans: i just got fired from the pizza parlor

James Potter: yike what happened

Lily Evans: fell asleep during my break n missed my shift

James Potter: im coming with nandos

Lily Evans: im in the tesco parking lot

James Potter: np


Lily Evans to James Potter: ur gonna crush it today!!

James Potter: are u coming

Lily Evans: ofc


Marlene McKinnon to lily ate the chocholate and deserves disembowlment: lily and james just hugged after he won the cup and

Sirius Black: most sexually charged hug i’ve ever seen

Remus Lupin: is that an apostrophe

Sirius Black: there are more important things to worry about right now

Peter Pettigrew: who put Marlene on this chat


Lily Evans to We”RE OUT OF CHOCOCLATE: so

Lily Evans: theres this guy who is hot and toned

Lily Evans: and also happens to be mischevious and smart and is good at literally everything

Lily Evans: but also has a big head and generous and super rich

Lily Evans: and i cant tell if i hate him or like him

Dorcas Meadows: r u kidding me lily

Marlene McKinnon: a match made in heaven

Lily Evans: i cant TELL

Marlene McKinnon: im texting him right now

Lily Evans: NO DONT

Lily Evans: mar i will kill you im not even sure yet

Lily Evans: some people said i just want him as my sugar daddy

Marlene McKinnon: who said that

Dorcas Meadows: snape

Marlene McKinnon: he’s an asshat don’t listen to him

Lily Evans: but what if potter just leaves

Lily Evans: there are way better girls for him

Lily Evans: ones his parents would approve of

Dorcas Meadows: thats bs and u know it

Marlene McKinnon: ^


Lily Evan’s Notes: u just do everything perfectly theres nothing you could do wrong and its unfair and you have perfect messy hair thats so beautiful and i could stare at the stars for hours with you just because nothing can stop you and u want to learn everything like i do and your the only person i can call at 2am without worrying and your tall and i think im in love


James Potter to Lily Evans: sitting on third floor by statue of humphrey

Lily Evans: can you pick me up

James Potter: we have a quiz in five mins

Lily Evans: its important

James Potter: ill b right there


Sirius Black to twats + grammer twat: LAMES HAPPEND

Sirius Black changed group chat name to LAMES: THIRE SNOGGING IN TH PARKIING LOT

Remus Lupin: IM COMING
Marlene McKinnon: freaking adorable

James Potter: twat

Lily Evans: shut up black