i cant even when i was making this

two things reg. fandom

i love ss to death but cant fathom how you can use gaiden SO FAR as proof against antis when it makes their wet dreams more real like is attention all you care about ok whatever floats your boat

that “nh, name your 10 moments without the movie” argument is kind of sad because 1. why you bring up nh when it wasnt even used to devalue you 2. i’m not even a shipper and i CAN tell you 10 canon nh moments from the manga right now 3. lol no ss isn’t “the only ship” he cared about, nh didnt happen accidently, that’s where i draw the line, i can clarify he prefers ss more cuz he’s better at angst and fluff and probably the characters therefore the more and better developement and story

ok this might sound shocking coming from me, let’s get over with this:

i do not hate nh or hinata, really not (i rarely hate people and the only characters i really dislike in naruto are jiraya, hidan, orochimaru, kakuzo, mei)

i hate fandom’s double standards, i hate when they use hinata to constantly bring down sakura cause hinata who is preached SP and fandom for loving naruto, is always shown from her best side which is understandable since she’s only a side character therefore less screentime and place in the story, is always ‘perfect’ and blah blah and there’s always something wrong with sakura according to them , i hate when they overrate her and throw achievements after her sakura has to work her ass off to get, yes it really bothers me i’ll be totally honest, i hate a huge part of her fandom, specially the male one, i hate fandom’s tendency to equate everything about ss to nh, who put them on the same pedestial which i take very offensive, you probably realised, but i dont hate the ship that actually gave naruto a huge source of love and support and helped hinata grow, never saw sth unpleasant in the ship itself but more fandom and it was easy for me to speak up since i had no great emotional attachment to the ship, wouldn’t be any different if one would use minakushi or shikatema to devalue ss, i would have done the same, but tbh i have to admit i got hung up in that anti nh atmosphere which i participated in myself but at this point have to make a confession: it’s easy for me now to distinguish between fandom’s influence and my perception of canon, since i’m at a point doing it with ss fandom itself, cuz i prefer facts and the truth and it makes things easier for me and helps me to let go of my bias and dislike, and i love acting out on it and the info it provides me and it was always my motivation for previous debates, with the love for my characters and ship ofc

last but not least: yo we’re in the last position to talk shit about nh at this point cuz it’s getting embarassing imo, make whatever you want out of it, but naruto leaving bolt’s bento or the flashback scene is supposed to be more “damaging” to nh than what happened to us??! lololol sure, but i’m not to judge, to each their own, everyone deals with it differently i guess. and btw, dont know about anyone else but i value a happy ending for my ship after their story more than i’m bothered with the story how a pairing i didnt care about in the first place got theirs, i dont know why i feel like i’m alone at this tbh (getting a dejavu of how we accused certain people of aways being about to win everything and i’m having trouble distinguishing some in the ss fandom of them right now)

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do you have advice on self control for example bad eating habits?

tw: eating

hmmm it depends on a lot of things i.e. where your probs with “self control” are coming from… do you use the thing you want to “control” to get away from other bad thoughts? are you struggling with compulsive habits? if so then generally: focusing on what is making you feel anxious or sad might even help instead of just targeting your behaviour

i always feel like things need to be handled in many ways at once!! so try to break habits even by imagining a breaking sound, or saying “no” out loud when you want to do something you know you dont actually want to do. but you also need to have a vision of what it is that you do want! what “Bad eating habits” are is very subjective so i cant tell you what that is for you, but if you keep whatever you feel “good eating habits” are in your head, then it might be easier to shift, instead of just having an idea of what is bad.

if you feel like you are doing well then: reward yourself!!! give yourself positive reinforcement. soon you will begin to associate the “good behaviour” with good feelings and then it won’t even feel like you’re exercising self control

but yeh make sure you are addressing the root of the problem as well! it will also make it easier to change your habits because if you’re generally happier and more comfortable with yourself you become very flexible<3 good luck

im too autistic to make Good shitposts because everyone is in on jokes that i cant even comprehend and its so frustrating! why is everyone better at me no matter what i do im always ending up as that one annoying person who doesnt know when to shut up

#personal #negative #mental health
#just venting #like if you read pls #if you feel comfortable??

i been really up and down since the end of april when I got a concussion and honestly I’m starting to worry about myself when I get into those super lows?
I’ve considered seeking help by commiting myself somewhere but!!! any mental ward (is that proper termology? im sorry if its not quite right and if anyone could please correct me i’d appreciate it) is basically going to be useless like any medical care my poor butt can get

i’m skeptical of therapists for the same reason…

but i’m struggling & idk what to do!!! (:V)
I cant even talk about it without trying to make it not seem so bad!! im worried about pushing people away if im always complaining about the same thing

:~ 0


Oh yeah, about cranky faces,this episode (38) got a applause from me! You know,I acutally love Yuya’s sad/confudes/angry expressions and the whole feeling in pain before going berserk better than him being in this mode. Although that is still like super amazing like i just i cant even express it . The animators did a perfect job with this! Gritting teeth and small narrowed eyes at the right moments.

we were just friends
it was that simple
but i was told
that i look at him differently
and i was told
that he glanced at me secretly
he can make me smile
even when i’m sad
he asked me why i’m sad
and i can’t answer because
the answer is him
i feel my chest bursting 
whenever i see you
and i get jealous
when other girls talk to you
but i know that at some point
you’re gonna get tired of me
and i’m going to lose you
but i can’t lose someone
who isn’t even mine
in the first place
—  A.A // December 18th, 2014 when we were still just friends and not strangers with memories

So a couple years back i was absolutely head over heels in love with this girl who was an absolute fuck up when it came to self control. She was the type with the real restrictive parents who aint let her do shit so when they did she would wild the fuck out.

Setting is the summer of 2010. She and i are by my crib and i live by the beach so my homegirl come through with bud and 4lokos. We got some blankets and setup a hood picnic on the beach. Anyone who drinks 4loko knows that the loko es no joko. She aint get the memo and banged back 2 on top of a couple puffs too many.

Its time to go home but shawty cant even make it up the beach without stumbling so im half carrying her ass while trying not to die myself cause a nigga was gone. We get to my place and i call her mom cause there was absolutely no way she was making it home, tell her we ate some bad food at the amusement park and she was too sick to come home. (we were like 18 in 2010). So anyway it all finally started catching up to her and she said she felt sick.

Now i need yall to understand that i was absolutely shit faced before you read this next part. In my drunken stupor i told her “dont worry babe if you gotta throw up ill catch it” and cupped my hands in front of her face. Apparently that was all she needed because she projectile vomited all the loko and what I have to assume was pineapple pizza all over me. I held that shit in my hanf for like an entire 30 seconds before my brain started moving and i dumped it on the floor.

Not my best moment but at least i can say I tried and it wasn’t as bad as i would have imagined being vomited on would be.

Where I am now...

I don’t think I can do this anymore. I really don’t. I went from not knowing what I was doing, to being part of an amazing community that has all but fallen apart for various reasons and now, to being put in a place where my safe haven, my escape, is no longer an escape, but a burden. I don’t know when I let this get away from me, but I did, and I cant stand looking through my messages anymore, or even my activities feed. My dash is dead, my muses have run for cover, and I have no idea where I stand with the hiddlestoners or the slores. Marvel isn’t fun anymore, Tom isn’t enticing, and even Chris has become kinda bleh to me. I love them all, and I still support them wholeheartedly, I just can’t fan girl or stare at them all day anymore. Looking at all the things that used to make me so happy, just makes me depressed now.

So I need to step back from here. This has been something that has been creeping up on me but today I think was the final push I needed to make me realize this was something I needed to do.

I got this:

In my ask today and This was it. The last straw. I can take criticism. I have always been good at criticism, this isn’t that though. This is just mean, cruel, spiteful. This isn’t constructive, or coming from a good place.

All I can really say to this Anon is you have really outdone yourself. I don’t know where you get off thinking its okay to make other people feel like shit, I really don’t. As a wonderful, final, ‘Fuck You Anon’, I am going to keep writing, because that is the only thing this website hasn’t taken from me.

And I guess that brings me to the reason for this post in the first place: I’m done. I will keep writing and updating the fics I have. I will respond to asks that I receive. But I’m turning Anon off, and I’m turning Fan Mail off. If you want to make me feel like shit, you aren’t going to have the luxury of hiding. If you hate on me I will post what you say, and I wont be nice about my response. This isn’t the first nasty message I’ve received on this site, but it WILL be the last one I let get to me.

May, my Chris Evans fanfic, will be completed, no matter what. This anon may not like my writing, but for the few who have stuck with me, I will finish it. I love my followers, and I love everyone who has taken a genuine interest in my writing. Your encouragement makes me want to write, want to keep going and going. YOU, all of you, are the reason this stupid site hasn’t taken writing away from me. I will do you all a favor and finish what I started, because you all deserve that. It’s the least I can do.

I will leave my blog open, and I will post up any fiction I write because this is my blog and I do what I want to do. I want to write, I will write. You don’t like it, don’t read it.

If you have me on any Tom related tag lists, please take me off them. It feels terrible to ask this of you but please do.

Also, for everyone who has been like family to me, my-achilles–heel lokihiddles2981 frenchfrostpudding hiddlestories jossisgod lokiloveravengerobsesser, and those who follow me, that talk to me, that have been so sweet and kind and supportive, or just silent observers with common interests, this isnt your fault. This is me. It started in my personal life and has spilled over onto my Tumblr. It comes from things falling apart with an old friend, and some tension with another, my rapidly decaying home life, stress, and my depression. Sure, there have been things on tumblr, popping up here and there that made me just turn it off and walk away, but for the most part this has been on me. I don’t blame you, I don’t hate you, so please don’t blame yourselves. Those of you that have my number, you can still text me, but I’m not going to be promptly responsive at all.

Thank you, and I’m sorry. I really am.

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Tbh i feel so ugly and alone i dont know what to do i even think about suicide sometimes and i just cant anymore. Nobody gives a shit about me. I dont even know why im writing this, i just need to let it out

Heyy! I feel like you can’t really expect everyone to like you, when you don’t like yourself, because when you don’t give them any reasons to like you, you feel me? So I think whats important for you right now, is to do something with or for yourself, that can make you feel better about yourself and make you think “damn i actually look good in this” or “damn i like this new hairstyle”. And I think as soon as you have begun to accept yourself for who you are(and you should do that, because you’re unique!!) then people will start giving a shit about you :) - Jon

BoruSasu/NaruSasu HC

I really like the idea NaruSasu and BoruSasu in one fic, I think it would be pretty angsty.

Imagine that Sasuke loves Naruto so much since they were little but he never says anything because Naruto is straight. Then the blond falls in love with Hinata, marrying her, having children and somewhat abandoning his best friend, which breaks Sasuke’s heart, makes him hurt so much but he still keeps silent, even when Naruto asks him to be his son’s master, he just quietly accepts. Boruto always thirsts for his father’s attention since he’s so busy, that why he tends to rebel. At first, teaching Boruto is hard because he’s stubborn and indocile, yet his master is just as stubborn as him, even more, also his cold attitude makes the younger can’t disobey. However, after awhile, Sasuke sees that his student only wants to be recognized by his dad, just like him when he was little, and his character is like Naruto a lot. Boruto finds out the older’s undying love for his father, he sees his hurt, notice his master isn’t so cold as he thinks. The ways he treats him, teaches him, cares for him cause him to move, then afterwards, he likes Sasuke’s attention to him. (just like Naruto sometime before, wanted Sasuke to recognize him)

First, it’s like a small crush, yet it grows with time, and he wants the older to know about it, never wants to disappoint him, wants him to forget the person he can’t have. However, Sasuke never regards the younger’s feeling as love, always acts so indiffently, ‘cos he knows the blond is much younger than him, also, furthermore, his heart has been belonging to someone else, forever…

Inspired by an art of harububa

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why tf do you have to devide things into 'teams'? so what people care who they date, its not like they're saying they CANT date other people, it's clearly a jokey "i care greatly about you and its only natural i feel defensive when you date people but their happiness is most important" like it really fucking annoys me that people are still trying to cause shit by making things into "wtf how could u care about who they date" like jesus

personally i don’t even see it as a divide, it should more be how the majority of people feel.

jokey is fine, jokey is great, i clearly ship d&p (e.g. my fics) and their friendship means a hell of a lot to me.

but at the same time: i’m respectful. in all of this, it comes down to respect.

the thing that worries me? they may have both had girlfriends in the time they’ve lived in London and they don’t want to say anything because they know that the disrespectful side of this generally wonderful fandom would create a shitstorm.

trying to cause shit is one thing i avoid doing, that is not who i am at all, so i completely disagree with you about that. but i stand by my statement; people should not mind who they date. it’s not even a case of questioning it or messaging me stuff like this.

i respect dan and phil as individuals and together. their private life is none of mine or yours or anybody else’s business and it needs to stay that way.

all these ss retards fantasizing about sasuke sending text messages or letters via hawk to sakura ,yet they blatantly ignore in the very same chapter shizune telling sarada that she has NEVER met her father not even once…that means their theories of sasuke leaving when sarada was a baby or very young (but cant remember) are literaly crushed…so according to them sasuke is secretly keeping in touch with  sakura but not with his daughter? i think they are the biggest anti sarada fans ever,we antis seem to care more about sarada than they do…ughhh this fandom makes me sick..SS fans are some disgusting vomit indulging creatures ..i cant call them humans anymore

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It physically pains me to see people (especially women) attacking men for identifying as feminists. Like second hand embarrassment for real. Just remember that there are always other feminists of all genders who are glad to hear you! 😙

I will NEVER EVER get mad when a woman doesn’t trust me or my motives in the feminist space. Men have created the conditions that make women feel like they cant even walk outside let alone trust a man. I don’t blame them at all. I’d be skeptical too. I know how they think i may be isn’t who i am. And i take that. My job isn’t to look cool or be loved. Just support those fighting the good fight. I don’t get upset with women who say men can’t be feminists, because men made feminism necessary. My hurt feelings will heal. Its nothing compared to centuries of womens’ oppression