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I believe currently C's the one whos Bi. U see how L's rbs are like of her losing someone, and look at that bright yellow rb of lady & man on train. ZoomIn lady is holding Insomnia Cookies mixed with Rise & Shine! = Sun&Moon. She's afraid A man might make her happy instead. L has come to realize she's gay. Most les always think they're bi at first b4 realizing later that they may be gay, Her ColtonHayes coming out rb n solemn smoking rb after, cud b their fight about coming out n shes not ready

That’s so deep to think about fam, her reblogs are seriously hard to read, I cant even form an exact theory about it. But when it comes to camren’s sexuality I really dont pay attention with labels. Their feelings for each other is all that matters to me. But I wont refrain from talking about it, For me, Camila is lesbian. As in so gayyy. And Fetus Lauren is so Bi, but lately I can sense that she is turning super gay. Idk but this is possible, recently I dont see her showing any interest to any man. 🤔

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Omg that interview it broke my heart, because He truly is an excellent actor and an wonderful human, I truly dont understand why korea is not watching such a beatiful drama, what can we do international fans to help :(

I’m still recovering from that interview omg. i’m w you there nonnie, he really is so amazing and he never ceases to amaze me w his talent, and the fact that hes always so cheerful breaks me even more bc he tries so hard even when he hurting inside and idk those people make me feel so protective and emotional ugh. 

at this point i really dont care to guess what korea even enjoys anymore bc im always like wtf this is what yall like?? okay to each its own i guess. and as international fans i feel like we cant really do anything bc i dont think anyone honestly gives two shits about how ardently we love this drama. 

every weekend. every god damn weekend someone takes the only couch near the animation lab and moves it down the fucking hall. tomorrow im going in and making sure that couch didnt move a fucking inch because if it did oh man i will find whoever did it. i sit on that couch every tuesday and thursday for 45 minutes each day and eat fucking so-so chinese food from the school commons and think about my life before i have to go slave over dragonframe in animation class. the only thing i want is my couch to be there for me when i get out. but i cant even have that recently. who wants my life to end. who hates me so much they have to take the only thing i love, the only couch on the floor? “but there are other couches in the back of the hall!” NO THOSE ARE JUST SEVERAL CHAIRS PUSHED TOGETHER TO TAKE THE FORM OF A COUCH, IT IS NOT A COUCH ITS JUST THREE CHAIRS. you wouldn’t go up to a man with a ferret painted with black polka dots and tell him its a dalmatian puppy so dont try  to falsify my info about those gotdam chairs being a couch. theyre not even padded. i just want to sit on the only couch i have. the only piece of furniture in this whole campus that brings me happiness. its a heavy couch too. it took three of us to move it back. who keeps doing this. is it a rival gang?? an anti couch gang? are they fighting for the couch to be the elevator lobby couch instead of the animation studio couch??? theres already like twelve couches in the photography room go steal theirs goddamn

  • me:*wants to get proper help and treatment*
  • also me:*literally tries to make myself sound Normal™ when asked about symptoms, doesnt talk about the Extreme symptoms i face, forgets about some of my symptoms or experiences to even include them, uses all my energy to give the doctor my Utmost Attention even though on a regular basis i cant focus for shit, tries to remember or lie about time period when asked when it happened, Basically makes myself sound as if what im dealing with Isn't Anything Serious, etc*

Happy 3rd Birthday Mylo Xyloto!
Released worldwide on October 24, 2011

I hate how when I get angry at someone over something so small and i cant control it, they get angry back and it makes me even angrier because no!!!!!!! you’re supposed to calm me down!!!!! you obviously dont care enough!!!!!! when im angry im probably absolutely hating myself more than ever in this moment!!!! you getting angry back just makes me want to fucking throw myself off a bridge even more!!!!!!!!!!! 

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GoM + Kagami sending drunken texts to their s/o.

i’m not sure how to have this as a layout, and if i press enter after every text, you knows how long this post would be. so i will be writing as if their s/o was asleep, and woke up to these dorky texts. 

thank you for the request. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


  • I am absolute.
  • Absolutely in love with you.
  • You can not oppose me.
  • I order you to be by my side, it hurts.


  • hey sexy ;)
  • my heart can’t stop beating
  • why is the tv screen black


  • hellloooooooooooooo! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ
  • im missing youu 
  • i love you more than kurokocchi
  • i love you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much <3


  • Hello ;)
  • I’m feeling lightheaded
  • Kagami is an idiot 
  • I’d hate to lose you


  • I’m your lucky item
  • I never miss a basket, but I miss you
  • I learnt that my hair is green
  • OHA ASA DOesn’t lie


  • i love u more than snacks
  • this mch
  • im trippng ovr myslf
  • no snack no lfe


  • is maji burger open
  • you are 10/10 would ball 
  • the light keeps spinning

“Quick, guys, how do I look?” Oikawa pops into Hanamaki and Matsukawa’s dorm room, adjusting the collar of his shirt. “I finally got Iwa-chan to agree to go on a date.”

Hanamaki takes one look at the gaudy shirt and has to turn his face away. The shirt has ruffles and even if Oikawa is unfairly attractive no one would be able to pull off that abomination. “You look great,” Hanamaki’s sentence tapers off into an exaggerated gag and he slaps a hand over his mouth to contain the metaphorical vomit. “Sorry. Acid reflux disease.”

Makki.” Oikawa whines.

“No, seriously. I love it. Brings out your eyes.” Makki gags again. “God, I’m sorry, I ate too much spicy food today.”

Oikawa desperately turns to Matsukawa instead who is staring at him with a blank expression. “Mattsun?”

“You look like a fucking croissant.” Matsukawa says without changing expression. Oikawa cries.

“Hey, Oikawa, c’mon.” Hanamaki sighs, “You look good. I love croissants. I eat them with my coffee every morning, they’re really the best pastry-”

“Fuck both of you.” Oikawa continues to sob.

“Listen,” Matsukawa pats his friends back, “It won’t matter what shirt you’re wearing because in the end, it’ll end up on the floor along with your too-tight pants and pointy elf shoes. You look great.”

Hanamaki pushes the still sobbing Oikawa out of their room. “Go get ‘em, tiger.” He says gently as he shuts the door.

“Poor Iwaizumi.” Matsukawa shakes his head forlornly.

“He doesn’t deserve this.” Hanamaki agrees.


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It’s been four months since our so called “break up”. My friends have been telling me I’m better off without you and time might heal me and maybe their right.. But how are you suppose to stitch and glue back together the pieces a half eaten heart or complete our unfinished conversations. How can I say “goodbye” or tell you I forgive you if you don’t reply and how the fuck am I suppose to sleep at night when I tell myself I’m not allowed until I can remember how your voice sounds. Shit, I cant even remember your dogs name, or whether or not you prefer dark blue or just plain blue but I mean blue is just blue when someone was as sad as you, and maybe if my favorite color oughta be red I could have saved you like I was fucking suppose to, because if you mix the two, it makes lilac, the same color pills you swallowed when you wanted to die and, dear god you put me through some shit but im glad I got dragged through the mud and hit rock bottom with you because their is no one else I have felt so alive, and so dead with. I miss you.
—  If I Got A Chance To Tell You How I Felt

Taemin:woah the stars look beautiful tonight
yeah they are
Taemin:you know who else is beautiful?
Kyungsoo:*sigh* let me guess….kai?




So many things hung in the balance, and he couldn’t even protect the one thing that had been keeping him going the entire time.

One of the main traits I had picked for Oli when defining his character was his devoutness to Dalish tradition and his clan. While the leadership aspects of being Inquisitor come naturally to him as he’s been conditioned to eventually assume the role as Clan Lavellan’s keeper, he doesn’t necessarily enjoy being in the Inquisition. While saving the world is all fine and dandy, really getting back home is his end goal. 

So naturally, I had to kill off the clan or realistically he would have fucked off before even getting close to Trespasser.

I was thinking today about Wayward Daughters and I wanted to share these thoughts with you guys. 

Wayward Daughters is honestly such an amazing a curious thing that is happening right now in this fandom. I mean, we have our show, which lets be honest is pretty problematic, and is coming to an end at some point sooner rather than later. TPTB want a spin off, they attempted a spin off, and they failed.

So what did fandom do? We created our own spinoff. We took the elements that we loved most from the show we all adore and we created something that is not only an exciting idea for a TV show, but also pretty much resolves the issues we have with the original show. We are all wayward daughters after all. The majority of spn fans are women. Sometimes i don’t think TPTB understand this. We want a show with strong female leads, we want a show that still focuses around family, we want a show about supernatural creatures and awesome women who can fight these creatures. Yes. We want Supernatural, with women

Regardless of what TPTB feel about this, it is a phenomenon. It has grown so that even the cast of the show is on board, even writers of the show and directors of the show are supportive of it. We have T-shirts and merchandise already made up and being sold and with creation and the cast we have started the beautiful movement on twitter under the hashtag #IStandWithWaywardDaughters. Bringing us together and bringing out the best in people.

I honestly can’t think of anything like this ever happening in the history of television. The powers of this fandom blow my mind, as to the powers of social media and this crazy website. I don’t know what will happen with Wayward Daughters, I hope that TPTB will take it and make it into the spin off we all so desperately want, I cant see how any other idea would now take off when Wayward Daughters is so ingrained in our minds. I’m not sure how it would work with the rights to the idea and everything but the fandom has given this to them on a plate. We are the proof that it would succeed. I truly hope that this happens, plus just think of the publicity. “The show created by the fans” it would be an amazing example of the power of fandom and the dedication of the passionate people who are all here bonding over their shared love of supernatural, and I for one, am glad to be a part of it. 

I’m tagging @waywarddaughtersacademy into this post as I want them to know how I feel about what they are doing. Thank you for this. Honestly, your creativity and dedication to this potentially wonderful spin off makes me incredibly happy. Lets hope TPTB pick it up and make it happen!