i cant even when i was making this

when you want to make a cool essay about ‘why these characters are so well done’ but then remember that you cant write for shit


been getting into diy etc. lately making beaded bracelets and stuff because i am a loser.

i ran out of some colours and didn’t have others entirely, so im gonna slightly alter garnet’s, jasper’s and amethyst’s (and maybe peridot’s) when i do.

also gonna do some jojo ones when i get more beads in, because i am THAT cool 👍👍 perhaps other fandoms and things too, we’ll see.

Tolkien fanfic writing problems

So, a friend of mine was bitching about not having enough words for “penis” cause she writes fan fiction and I just start laughing my ass off.

I write Tolkien fanfic. Do you know how hard it is to write porn for the Tolkien fandom. Do you know how hard it is to have characters talk dirty when the word ‘dick’ does not exist. Do you know how hard it is to make 1000 sexual euphemisms. How difficult it is to be both super subtle but also ultra sexual. It is pain. It is miserly. It is so hard to write porn when u cant even use any of the slang versions of penis and u can’t use the word penis either because there is nothing more of a turn off then the word penis and the characters would NEvER say it. Tolkien porn is the worst to write.

cutezombiedoll replied to your post “what if instead of cutting i self harmed by watching sausage party”

Do I hear….A streaming???

yeah sure if anyone else is feeling that deep self hate join me in my rabbit room here

heads up there will be animated gore and racism and shitty stereotypes, a rape scene iirc, and etc because its seth rogen. dont join if you cant handle that even if you want to be included (seriously your health is important), maybe we can watch something nice afterwards to cleanse the palette and ill make a post when the hell movie ends.

i am in such a weird phase in my life right now

it’s been fucking with my sleep and idk how to make things right

i barely work these days and lately ive cancelled or cut my shifts a lot. my booker has noticed the pattern which means my excuses aint gonna work in a long while.

i hate providing shitty service because it is not good for anyone, me or the client. it is incredibly awkward when my jaded cold bitch demeanor becomes evident and whilst i am completely zoned out. but i cant exactly afford to take more than a week off, even though i do need more than a week off, or perhaps to quit altogether. but in the meantime, i cant. and this realization has become too real lately, it’s all i can think about. ive been trying to imagine life on minimum wage again and i dont know if that is doable, especially whilst in school. the last thing i want to be is trapped in this industry.

i feel like the most realistic thing i can do is move out of my condo when my lease expires and find something under $1000/month. i just hope i can find something that doesnt require roommates or living in a basement below 1000.

ugh idk how people live the min wage life in the city. its so awfully degrading. i dont know if i can really get out of this industry anytime soon the more i think about it. but i just want to be happy, instead of making men happy.

This month has been horrie my life is so bad at the moment i could cry home is a mess and putting my health at serious risk and i dont know how im going to magically get enough money to survive until next month when mym takes my food miney for cigerretes after making me have 2 hypos a day dealing with this hyper puppy she forced me to look after then she comes home from work stressed and calls me things she doesnt meant but hurt and are so crap im just so stressed i cant even aford basic food for next week as she wastes any momey i give im out now i try to help at home but my blood levels and body armt fixed yet im still in recovery and im being forced to put my health at serious risk for a puppy we dont need to have and mums smoking,

remember when rukia told ichigo countless times that her life was not worth saving, but he kept trying to prove to her that she was worth all the battles, the blood, the injuries he had to endure.

even when she would beg him to save himself and to run away, he would refuse and come back to her.

he wanted to let the entire soul society know the sole purpose to why he was there. after every battle, even when his bones are crushed, with blood spilling from every pore, he would stand and fight, because his purpose was to save rukia.

“i’m going to save rukia!”
“i have to save rukia!”

time and time again, he shouted those words to everyone in soul society, not allowing even the most difficult battles to get in his way.

and all this was to save a girl, he only knew for a couple of months, but it seems as if they have known each other for eternity.

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I love how Louis gets around Harry. He's a very goofy person, very quick on his feet, seems to be in control of the situation a lot of times, knows exactly what to say to get everyone laughing. Except when it comes to Harry. When Louis' in control he's occasionally very smooth in making Harry laugh, but when Harry has a chance, it's all over for Louis. He becomes all giggly like little kid with a massive crush. I swear he forgets to breathe sometimes.

OH MY GOD I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!?!?!!!!??

The look on his face when Harry does something cute, or even just when he looks at him is just, ugh!


I can’t even celebrate the fact that there’s going to be Joshaya next week because they cut the Rucas hug, Like how am I supposed to enjoy my adorable babies when my other babies got their FIRST, COMPLETELY ALONE MOMENT, THAT INCLUDED A HUG AND LUCAS MAKING THE BEARY THE BEAR BEAR NOISE CUT!!!!!! I’M BEYOND PISSED OFF….I’M WHATEVER THE NEXT ONE IS!!!!!  

does anyone else feel disgusting/dirty when someone says nice things about your appearance? i get this every time people say im attractive/pretty/handsome/whatever. it makes me feel physically sick, extremely uncomfortable, disgusted with myself and unsafe - especially when i know that the person who says that is romantically/sexually attracted to me, but its also the same when a family member says that. friends are the only exception bc it makes me only a bit uncomfortable. ive been wondering what might be the cause. its not because i think theyre lying or something bc i do know im conventionally attractive, i just hate when other ppl acknowledge it. when i ask them not to tell me things like that again they just think its bc im either shy or have a low self esteem (both of which are not true). so i just dont understand myself i guess. it may seem silly but today ive been thinking abt this and remembering things people have said abt my physical appearance makes me feel nauseous

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You can find the rest of the parts in this tag!

They don’t talk about that night, or even acknowledge it, not even the next day when Rhys brings her breakfast from the bakery down the street and makes her coffee just the way she likes it.

When he gets back from the grocery store later to find her standing in the kitchen, phone to her ear and Mor’s voice evident on the other end of the line, he’s startled to see her out of her room.  She looks like she’s just gotten out of the shower, her damp hair drying against the back of her tank top and without any makeup on. Her eyes are a little red but he doesn’t comment.

“I know, I know,” Feyre says to Mor when she glances up to him, offering a slight smile in greeting. He sets the grocery bags down. She’s hard to read and he’s wary to assume anything but she seems… okay.  A far cry from waking up close to twelve hours ago to the sounds of her breaking down in their living room.

He’s putting a tub of yogurt in the fridge when he hears her say bye to Mor, leaving silence in her wake.

“You were running out of yogurt so I figured I’d get you more,” he says and feels her eyes on his back, “you can just pay me back later.”


He looks over his shoulder at her and she’s biting her lip, eyeing him with subtle amusement.  “You don’t need to coddle me, I’ll be fine.”

He opens his mouth to insist that she’s just saying that, but when he really looks at her… She does look okay. A little beaten around the edges, maybe. But this is Feyre.  “In that case, you owe me for approximately three quarts of yogurt.”

She doesn’t laugh as she usually might, but she smiles and that’s a start.

bpd question !!

im just wondering if anyone else has this same experience.
when i think people are leaving me, i do everything i can to avoid abandonment. a lot of the time i dont want them in my life, but i cant bear the thought of someone hating me so i make them not hate me and make them stay even if i dont like them. do other people do that is that a bpd thing

what she says: i’m fine

what she really means: how tf is tda going to happen without their junior best female dancers performing? are they still streaming? why are the mods selective when it comes to who they want to call out? what the hell is wrong with the sound in room 2? did carrie record that number i asked her about? am i going to make it home before #1294 comes on? why is institutionalized racism taking place in the chat and i cant even say avery gay’s name without being censored and banned from the chat? who let brokedancedad in?

okay we all know alec is a virgin but hes not clueless

but the concept that alec is a kinky virgin like hoNESTLY when he and magnus make love all the time now and hes very comfortable with himself and what he wants i bet he and magnus will do every kinky stuff that alec wants esp alec topping magnus bec the thought of making magnus lose control with his magic is such a turn on because hes the /one/ making magnus like this, a whimpering mess thats just begging alec to make him come and i just ???? oh my god ???? and dont even get me stARTED on lace panties on magnus and alec himself like my god i cant deal with this bye icjddn

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I keep thinkin about siren! Dan being in like fish form (???) for so long that he forgets how to walk,,, and Arin teaching him how to walk again even though Dan keeps falling over qvq like when Dan is first getting out of Suzy+Arin's bathtub he almost falls on his face

I cant imagine what would currently make him stay as a siren for so long when he really enjoys staying on the surface so yeah, maybe the first time he exits the tub after he first meets everyone hes like “oh god how do i use my legs again??” uwu

I actually posted this somewhere else which is meant for venting originally but was asked to post it here so

Just a warning that this is, more than anything, an angry rant. A furious rant. It’s not an analysis written cold or worded nicely, and if you really like Naruto and Sakura I’d say probably just don’t read this because it’s anti both of them and talks about a thing I see in the fandom that makes me angry. Anyway, that should suffice, you know what you’re getting into if you decide to read.

Like honestly just get Sasuke away from them why cant they just accept Sai who actually WANTS to be on team seven

I hate when people justify Naruto’s abuse of Sasuke like “oh but Sasuke was pushing everybody away it’s for his own good!!” Like first of all even if he was threatening to break every bone in his body and physically drag him back to the Village is not what you do to someone you consider a “friend”

And this is another thing I wish people would get so they’d stop claiming bullshit like Sasuke “abused” Sakura and Naruto– when Naruto and Sakura fight/try to kill Sasuke they’re doing it as people who claim to be FRIENDS with him– Naruto never gave up on his so called friendship as people are always soooo happy to talk about like harassing someone who doesn’t want a relationship with you anymore is a good and admirable thing >_> That’s abuse because they’re acting like it’s good for him and that he should be powerless and stripped of his ability to make his own choices as a friend. You wanna force him to do things against his will and drag him back? Fine, that’s one thing, but if you actually think he’s gonna be friends with you after or worse if you plan on FORCING him to be friends with you after you’re ridiculous

Sasuke on the other hand never pretended he was friends with them after Valley of the End, in fact he specifically stated that he was breaking those bonds. The only time Sasuke could be considered toxic is when he fought Naruto on the hospital rooftop because he was emotionally degrading him and they were still on the same side at that point but it’s still not abuse because the behavior wasn’t consistent and repetitive and anyway Naruto actually consented to that fight but that’s besides the point

Anyway the second thing that pisses me off is the “Sasuke was pushing everyone away” claim and that he’d be totally ALONE without team seven so he should just consent to their obsession with him and controlling him because

1) just because you have no one else doesn’t mean you should be with people who hurt you????? It’s better to just be alone tbqh???? Like literally this is the reason people like Kimimaro were so loyal to Orochimaru, because they had no one else and didn’t want to be alone so they rely on the one person who shows them kindness even if that person is horrible and using them. How is that a good outcome??

2) what the fuck is team Taka, the wallpaper? Like Sasuke assembled them HIMSELF he knew he wanted a team so he went out of his way to find them and they worked together way better than Team Seven ever did back in his Leaf Village days, not to mention he has a lot more in common with them and they all grew closer despite their differences and were shown to genuinely care about each other like in the Killer Bee fight when they all risk their lives for each other (And I fucking hate how people downplay this like seriously Suigetsu hated Karin and Karin used to want Juugo and Suigetsu to kill each other and people want to claim Sasuke is selfish and cares about nobody but he still nearly got himself killed to save Karin even though from a logical standpoint she was “disposable”) He HAD people he cared about and got along with who cared about him in turn, NO ONE from Konoha was at Sasuke’s side when he “died” in the war arc it was Taka and Kabuto (who is technically from Konoha but isn’t affiliated with it)

He had other friends!!!! And Team Seven had Sai who tries so hard to be understanding and compassionate of them going out of his way to pay attention to Sakura’s emotional state as well as Naruto’s and follow what he believes is best for them but do they give a shit?? No it’s all team seven this team seven that like fuck it Sasuke doesn’t even WANT your fucking team but they don’t care, they don’t give a single shit what he wants or what’s logical they just want to keep repeating the past and keep Sasuke where they want him, under control

It’s never about what’s best for Sasuke it’s always about what they want and how to force Sasuke into that vision against his will