i cant even stand looking at you anymore


Imagine: markiplier proposing to you while doing a panel.

“Hey Mark” another fan came up to the mic just as Mark aka Markiplier aka your boyfriend was currently doing a panel in PAX which was always fun because you love how his face lights up when he meets all his fans and how he always is so nice to them,he really is a sweet kind loving human being even behind closed doors he was such a softie “yeah i love her very much and thanks you guys for supporting my relationship with the amazing girliplier” you chuckle at the name he has given you “ in fact she rigjt in front” he gestures to you and you stand up and wave “ hey babe come up here and join me” you nod and make your way up the stairs to the stage. “ hey guys” you wave to everyone and they all scream hello you smile and look to your boyfriend “you know you cant be called girliplier anymore” you raise your eyebroe in confusion what is he getting at “mark what do you mean”

he smiles and get down on one knee pulling out a velvet box and opening it to reveal a beautiful diamond ring “Mark” you gasp tears fill your eyes and you cover your mouth in shock “(Y/N) your beautiful,amd your the light of my life, your are everything to me and i dont think I would be able to live without you,you are the kindest person and most beautiful person i know and i never taught i deserved your kindness or love but here you are shining brightly and loving a man like me who sits in front of a computer all day playing games and you still out up with me for being a big baby,” you laugh and tears stream down your cheeks “ so will you (Y/N) (M/N) (L/N) do me the honour of becoming my Wifeipkier” you nod your head “yes,yes mark i will” you smile. He stares between you and the fans in shock and slowly begins to smile a cheshire smile and quickly slips on the ring and picks you up kissing you sweetly “I love you Mrs Fischbach” “I love you too Mr Fischbach” you gave eachother another kiss before continuing the panel this was the happiest moment of your life and any more moments like this were to come and they would be shared with you by Mark.

////////////////////////////////////// Hey guys i hope you enoyed this imagine. Request are open so dont forget to send them in.

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❤ - Any tumblr senpais






….it’s a long list. 

❣ - An unpopular opinion I have

  • ?? I don’t even know.

☒ - A fact about the mun

  • I actually am a witch and I have a witch blog (it needs to be updated tho….)

Last one goes under a readmore. Look at your own caution and if I get hate for this I won’t answer it.

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