i cant even marry him hes too cute

aliceworkskitty  asked:

Your least favorite and/or favorite child character from Fire Emblem Awakening in 3!

It took me a while to figure out which children I wanted to draw. To be quite honest, I like pretty much all of them… and for those I don’t like, I don’t necessarily DISLIKE them either.

The biggest of those for me would be Severa—I can understand where she’s coming from, so I don’t think she’s a bad character. I’m just really not much of a fan of tsundere characters (and Cordelia is possibly my least favorite character in the game, so that doesn’t help).

Owain, however, IS A GIANT CHILD and I love him to bits. I had a tough time chosing between him and Laurent, but Owain is so adorable that I had to.