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LBM17 is over, but I have a little gem for you: Visiting my favorite “item shop” on the convention. I went there like 5 times a day (because it was nice and cheap) and greeted the cute cashier this way upon entering. Always.

The convention was amazing. Being Ardyn for three days (instead of two) was the best thing ever. Really. It was so much fun meeting all the other FFXV Cosplayers. Maybe a small selfie-post will follow later. (and i have a cute little clip of Noctis)

Save the last dance for me darling, I want to be the last person you hold tonight

pose referenced from this wonderful shot i always see on tumblr


Isak season 3 + hostile_goose tweets


ohhh boy o,h my god ohh myg godd. .g,.


I finally get it now. I’m the spawn of satan, and I can’t escape my powers. I’ve always been afraid of facing, or even acknowledging them. But that was wrong.. This is me. This is also who I am 

this is a good time to remember that i love misha collins and that i am incredibly proud of him for doing what he thought was the right thing to do

the funniest part about the terf quesadilla post that i never see anyone mention is that she didn’t even make a real quesadilla. she just put hummus inside a tortilla and fried it in a pan with no butter, no seasoning, nothing. 

then she put it in front of this poor girl, who probably had no idea what it was even supposed to be, and could only think to awkwardly ask “wow. how delicious what… whats your recipe… haha”