i cant even draw properly

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Did you see that OTP prompt that goes: Person A gets annoyed with Person B, and says “Fuck you.” Person B’s response is “What makes you think you’d top?” (Bonus: This leads to sex.) I feel like Qrow would be Person A while Winter would be Person B

im sorry i wanted to draw that cause hell yeah

Qrow doesn’t give a fuck cause he knows

God i will admit that i only uploaded like 3 of those cuz i cannot finish the rest???

Like i tried drawing 2 different styles azzies which is the caretaker one and the growth spurt au??? and ive been so disatisfied with my attempts this past hour lmao and its already late at night

ill give it a go again tomorrow or something lmao god why are 10/10 azzies so hard to draw

The House of barbie FInarfin

Finrod - Angrod - Aegnor - Galadriel

(sorry Orodreth but i use the version where he is son of Angrod)

anw, for Finrod hair design i use Dwimmerlaiks’s amazing design! i really like her Finrod so fits on my headcanon about him even though i cant draw his face properly 

and Galadriel design off course is PJ's 

I honestly don’t have any words. I’m beside myself, SERIOUSLY THANK YOU ALL, I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!

I couldnt’ do anything special when I hit 1000, but I will be damned if I don’t have something for this!!!


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Your least favorite and/or favorite child character from Fire Emblem Awakening in 3!

It took me a while to figure out which children I wanted to draw. To be quite honest, I like pretty much all of them… and for those I don’t like, I don’t necessarily DISLIKE them either.

The biggest of those for me would be Severa—I can understand where she’s coming from, so I don’t think she’s a bad character. I’m just really not much of a fan of tsundere characters (and Cordelia is possibly my least favorite character in the game, so that doesn’t help).

Owain, however, IS A GIANT CHILD and I love him to bits. I had a tough time chosing between him and Laurent, but Owain is so adorable that I had to.