i cant even draw properly

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Did you see that OTP prompt that goes: Person A gets annoyed with Person B, and says “Fuck you.” Person B’s response is “What makes you think you’d top?” (Bonus: This leads to sex.) I feel like Qrow would be Person A while Winter would be Person B

im sorry i wanted to draw that cause hell yeah

Qrow doesn’t give a fuck cause he knows


that moment when u get a sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm to draw but in the end u end up frustrated and finishing nothing bcs u cant even draw a face properly

The House of barbie FInarfin

Finrod - Angrod - Aegnor - Galadriel

(sorry Orodreth but i use the version where he is son of Angrod)

anw, for Finrod hair design i use Dwimmerlaiks’s amazing design! i really like her Finrod so fits on my headcanon about him even though i cant draw his face properly 

and Galadriel design off course is PJ's 

I honestly don’t have any words. I’m beside myself, SERIOUSLY THANK YOU ALL, I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!

I couldnt’ do anything special when I hit 1000, but I will be damned if I don’t have something for this!!!


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Your least favorite and/or favorite child character from Fire Emblem Awakening in 3!

It took me a while to figure out which children I wanted to draw. To be quite honest, I like pretty much all of them… and for those I don’t like, I don’t necessarily DISLIKE them either.

The biggest of those for me would be Severa—I can understand where she’s coming from, so I don’t think she’s a bad character. I’m just really not much of a fan of tsundere characters (and Cordelia is possibly my least favorite character in the game, so that doesn’t help).

Owain, however, IS A GIANT CHILD and I love him to bits. I had a tough time chosing between him and Laurent, but Owain is so adorable that I had to.