i cant even deal with this today

six of crows is literally one of the best ya books out there right now it takes ya tropes but presents them in a smart and new and interesting way that comments on those tropes but also demonstrates how they can work without being cliche. you have a ragtag group of underdog characters who come together for a heist but each individual is so fleshed out and given a backstory that informs their choices you love every single one of the group. the series also has some of the best worldbuilding. its a fantasy world with magic but it focuses on a part of fantasy world we dont often see: the poverty stricken areas. there are gangs and gambling and prostitution that make the world seem real and gritty and gives it depth. it also is so ambitious in the Issues it addresses but does it in the most tasteful and beautiful way it makes me cry. there are discussions of trauma, sex slavery, agoraphobia, race, religion, class issues, learned racism, nativism, addiction, and ableism. and like none of that is even the main part of the story this is a heist book with magic and the most pure and beautiful romance and friendships … i cant believe this book is getting slept on i need a movie deal for this series asap so young people can experience it and learn about overcoming trauma in healthy ways i would die for kaz brekker by the way 

with all due respect i hate everything that jouta stands for. like i can deal with him as a character bc as a character hes not bad, just bland and a lil weird with his love of kak, and if someone were to use him and give him an interesting character for a jotakak fic and nixed the implied oedipal shit id be totes into that. Dare I Say, i might find it cute. but like, i hate him because 8/10 whenever jouta is involved in something, its bc people are looking to mischaracterize kakyoin and jotaro and ??? i am not about that???? 

l ike yea jotaro was a negligent absentee father in canon but that doesnt translate to him literally fighting a fucking toddler ??? over his love’s affections ???? nor does that translate into him being a bad father at all if kakyoin is around, because you best believe that kakyoin is gonna at least inspire him to try and do better. how much ‘better’ is is subjective, but he’d try, even if that trying wasn’t very good

and another thing, kakyoin may care about others and be able to rein others in, but that doesnt at all translate to him being nurturing or motherly ?? kakyoin noriaki is the kind of guy who would get so into a project he would eat nothing but ramen for two weeks what the fuck do you think makes him just instinctively cut out to be a father. having a child does not immediately make you parent material. if anything, i figure that hed have a little trouble with babies at first, because its like- you cant reason with an infant. sometimes youre not gonna be able to deduce what the infant wants because some infants will cry about everything. 

so yea the reason im ranting is because ive been writing clampyoin lines for the last three hours for the fanon clone fic and want to claw out my own eyeballs 

Everything is so messed up right now . Today was HORRIBLE . I literally got introuble for going to my own house im not allowed at my own house. The guy that doesnt even pay rent or have any paperwork gets all the say cause of some dumb california law. I literally feel sick and shaky I never get a break . im tired of dealing with cops they wont do anything. I had to call them again. He was just staring at me and wouldnt open door . We cant even shut off the electricity and water WE are paying we’d get introuble my grandparents cant go to court for the 3 day eviction thing. So everything is just 💔. My grandmas nice things in there and hed a convicted felon and rapist we just found out. And I just cant stop shaking Im just crying in my car and i have to meet woth lawyerrs to try to get money from my grandparents cause they are almost bankrupt from helping people like this. We had no idea of the person he is untill he came. It hurts me so much that i have to go to vegas soon and this was the last time i get to see my grandmas property. Cause next time i come back it will be sold to someone else. And hes been stealing my grandparents nice things and selling and cause we cant prove it the cops wont even do anything. Taylors song I did something bad and this is why we cant have nice things have helped so much. Ita the only thing during this whole ordeal that I was able to stop crying and sing for a few mins so thank you Taylor , love you so much. This has been the hardest and most stressful week of my entire life I just feel hurt and broken . And Im just crying to Taylor in my car 💔…

It’s kinda interesting cuz like. I thought I was perfectly content but then I went to therapy the other day and she kept poking me and poking me and the I found out I’m not someone at peace like I thought I was. I found out atm I’m a super angry person.

And you know what? This wasn’t even bad news. Because, while I had no idea I was aware of this, I never acted on it. It wasn’t a conscious thought until now. And the amger was justified.

However, just because you have the right to feel an emotion doesn’t mean you have to. To let the knowledge that I’m angry consume me will not improve my day to day life. It won’t make me feel better. Even if I feel justified in being mad, who cares? Cool, I’m justified, now what? It doesn’t improve my life.

I think it’s great I learned this about myself cuz I didn’t know that. And it does give good insight into past experiences. But the information finding out I’m feeling this way is way more powerful than acknowledging it. After being notified of it, it’s now on me with how I deal with it.

And that’s giving me tremendous power. It’s a power I need in my life. It’s a life altering power.

And I never even thought about that till today. Food for thought.


so my mom and i drove down to LA yesterday evening to get a room near ellen’s studio so we could go there early in the morning to try and get “day of” tickets for the show. once we checked into our room that night, we ran down to the studio to see where we should go in the morning and we met this security guard who literally told us that we’d have a “99.9%” chance of getting into the show (lmao fuck you asshole) and i lost all hope pretty much and i almost cried but my mom was really supportive and said we should just get up early the next day and go to the studio anyway. SO we did and there were maybe like 10 people there already at 6 in the morning and slowly over the course of the next few hours, more and more people showed up and lined up behind us. at some point a lady came out and counted us all and said she’d have info for us at 11 so we waited, and wHILE WE FUCKING WAITED THESE BLACK SUVs STARTED PULLING UP INTO THE ENTRANCE FOR ELLEN AND THEY JUST SAT THERE SO WE ALL STARTED SCREAMING FAN CHANTS AND SINGING DNA but nothing really happened so we were like “was that rlly them orrr…” SO THEN we waited for a few more hours and at some point an ellen golf cart came out and the ladies counted us again and then a couple more hours passed anddddd a lady came out and quieted us and said “we’re trying to figure out what we can do for you guys. we’re gonna try to at least get you guys into the riff raff room so you can see them on the TV but not live” and everyone was very happy. about 30-40 minutes later they came out and asked who was over 18 and could prove it so everyone old enough did that and they were taken away and let into the ellen building first (they were let into the performance room to see BTS live) and the rest of us were let into the building but you had to be 15+ (you could tell some werent bc they got really sad). we all sat in a long hallway and i was at the front by the door leading to the riff raff room and i got to walk in first which was cool and i sat w my mom on a long couch bench thingy in this spot where if i looked through this little hallway thing i could see a crack where the lights from the stage were and i could see the back of some audience members. then BTS came onto the TVs in there and performed Mic Drop, then they went into her actual studio thing and got interviewed briefly (all the while, the security where we were kept glancing at each other and smiling at us and shit and then they told us to stand up and come close to this staircase) tHEN ELLEN GOT UP AND SAID SOMETHING LIKE “we have some other fans back there in the riff raff room” AND FUCKING BROUGHT THEM BACK THERE TO COME SEE US AND I WAS AT THE FRONT SO THEY WERE LEGIT LIKE TEN FEET AWAY??? AND THEY JUST SMILED AND WAVED A LOT AND THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME IN PERSON LIKE,, JUST AS PERFECT ITS INSANE? AND IT WAS SO BRIEF BUT I WAS SOBBING. tHen they went back out and to the performance room again and they performed DNA and thats pretty much it! but i sobbed from the very beginning of Mic Drop bc their mics were playing on speakers in the room we were in too and it was just like WOW THEYRE SO CLOSE?? and i pretty much cried nonstop until we got on the freeway back home.

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ahh i read the other anon's take on an atla au and i liked their adaptation, but i had pictured shouto as the avatar instead in my head. like endeavor still is the firelord and i like the idea of him marrying a water tribe princess but consider,,, the previous avatar was nana, from the earth kingdom whose best friend is the air nomad gran torino, and that's how she meets air nomad toshinori who cant actually bend, but has a big heart and takes him under her wing. needless to say, she dies

(didn’t have space to mention it previously) but toshinori is so strong he somehow fools everyone into believing that hes an earthbender. as there’s no avatar to stop him anymore, endeavor is free to do as he wishes. before nana dies (and in the time todomama is pregnant) he’s warned by someone that she’s going to die. so this is kind of perfect for him, he has the opportunity to have the next avatar be his son. so he does the unthinkable and a warning to his kingdom is sent that every pregnant woman that gets into labour when nana dies is to be killed with her child. the fire kingdom keeps a tight register of the children born from then on, shouto is born about two days after that, and it takes about a week for the news to reach the fire kingdom that effectively, nana has died, but no one is sure when, as previously all the kids that were born during that week (but shouto) were killed, enji is sure his child *has* to be the avatar, but as soon as shouto can walk hes taught fire and water bending techniques. enji is still the abusive asshole that hes in canon, and his other children suffer neglect and his wife is abused, but he controls the fire and water kingdom so there isnt really anyone that can do anything to prevent this. after nana dies and enji takes over both kingdoms, the only reason he can’t take over the air nomads and the earth kingdom is toshinori. he somehow has never been able to defeat him  (he doesn’t know all might is a non-bender). toshinori inspires people in a way no one has before and has good people that surround him, and can take down good benders any day any time. enji kind of is scared of confronting him himself and loosing. toshinori keeps enji off of the air nomads and earth kingdom. 

meanwhile, as enji’s army fights toshinori and co., shouto has been able to bend water since a young age, but can’t seem to be able to bend any other element.  but one day while playing with his siblings he bends his sibling’s fire. todomama sees this and is terrified of what enji will do to shouto now. the training was already too hard for a five year old kid who couldn’t yet bend fire and for so didn’t actually trained with it. she makes him and his siblings to never tell anyone about shouto bending fire, and shouto swear that hes to never use any other kind of bending besides fire.  

 enji is so mad. shouto is almost six and he hasnt shown signs of being able to bend anything but water. he blames todomama for this, saying that he spoils him too much, that if she wasnt so weak and also cared about her family and their kingdom shouto would be able to bend anything by now, and todomama slowly builds up the idea that maybe shouto isnt the avatar, that maybe the avatar was one of the kids he killed. enji can’t tolerate that idea, and when shouto is eight and cant bend anything else.  

he decides that he cant allow anything to get in the way of his world conquer, its already too difficult with toshinori. so he decides that hes attacking the air nomads next, where the next avatar would be born. but he cant attack them with toshinori still defending the air temples. so he makes a temporal alliance with some weird guys who claim to be able to take and give bending powers as they wish. they send their leader to fight toshinori, and meanwhile enji sets to attack the air temples.

izuku is eight years old, and he also can’t bend. hes really good at making plans tho. he has grown with his mum in the air temple all his life with his friends iida and ochako. ochako is really cool beacuse she can make things fly with her bending techniques, and iida prefers using air bending to reduce air resistance and go fast. iida’s dad builds machines while his mother is an air bender, he travels a lot with both their parents while his brother fights in toshinori’s side. his father sells some stuff for the fire nation, because he believes if he doesn’t, then someone else would, and it helps toshinori’s side to know exactly what is attacking them and have better equipment than what they have (much to enji’s annoyance they somehow seem to be always one step ahead) that’s how they know that the air nomads are to be attacked soon, by trading information with some militar that knows his wife is an air nomad but doesn’t know about his children. 

they return to their temple to warn people to flee. but there’s little time, not everyone can scape. present mic, an excellent bender, decides to stay and defend them while some attempt to scape. aizawa meanwhile arranges a plan to save the kids, as they know they are going for them thinking one of them is the avatar. shit goes terribly wrong and only few manage to scape without enji’s army noticing, among them, izuku and friends with aizawa’s help.   

on toshinori’s side of the story, hes battling afo. afo tries to take his bending away, and to his surprise there’s no bending to take away. this to toshinori’s advantage, knowing that hes the one who probably killed nana, he fights with all he can, and even though afo manages to fatally wound him, he defeats afo. (or so he thinks). by the time he knows the air temples have been attacked, is too late. but aizawa finds him and informs him that is quite possible that the next avatar is among
enji is so mad, because he didn’t find the avatar among the kids he took from the air temple, and even though with toshinori weakening hes managed to control part of the earth kingdom, there’s rumors of a kid that seems to be able to bend different elements being thaught by toshinori (being nana’s apprentice) 

everyone believes izuku is the avatar, and hes freaking out bc he knows hes not, but all might tells him that rn he gives people hope, and that has always been the avatar tasks, so for now there’s nothing wrong with pretending. and of course, the only ones that know hes not the actual avatar is todomama and kids. until one day enji is particularly mad and lashes at todomama, that is.  he attacks her with fire, and shouto gets in the way to protect her and directs the fire towards enji and himself (getting his scar). enji is now even more furious and lock up todomama for her betrayal to the fire kingdom by hiding the avatar. shouto is mad ofc, and so he decides to never use his fire bending again. enji is so mad, bc now he has an avatar that only bends water. the only reason shouto still trains his bending (starting earth) is bc enji still has power over todomama.

his siblings have already left, save for his older sis. she then receives a letter saying that todomama isnt under enjis control anymore, that shes been banished, along with what seems to be evidence. she then convinces shouto to scape and he does. shenanigans ensue from now on, he joins toshinori’s army and meets izuku “the avatar” while knowing hes not. it might be somehow ridiculous bc even izukus childhood friends like ochako believe him, and shouto never says anything about it. tododeku also ensues and shouto tells izuku the truth and izuku is so embarrassed bc he knew all long (even though izuku tried to impress him with his “bending” several times) but shouto finds it kinda cute. izuku “its your power” helps shouto understand that he needs his fire bending if hes to defeat endeavor, and shouto helps izuku deal with all the guilt he feels for lying to the entire world, assuring him that it was the right thing to do at the time.

i cant’ believe i constructed an atla au from my only previous idea that was “what if shouto is the avatar” when i have homework to deliver like, today. 

holy shit anon this alternate atla au is intense as hell ahhHH ((ty for taking time to construct it even when you were busy))

i like the idea of shouto helping the idea that izuku is the avatar by using his bending to make it seem like it was izuku who did it??? kinda like what conan does for mouri in detective conan, except both parties know whats up lmao. ppl come up with rumours that izuku only bends around shouto bc izuku wants to woo him,,, like, to show off to a love interest. tddk are super embarrassed, but they’ll take what they can get because they’re helpless and can’t think up any other reason.

Heart of Glass Part 1


Here’s some Bakugou angst that no one needed or asked for. Sue me I just had the idea. Maybe I’ll end up making this an ongoing thing…. hmmm…

Part 1: Inanition

Bakugou had been staring at the back of your head for so long that he could’ve sworn there’d be holes going through your skull large enough for him to see all the way through to the chalkboard. 

He longed for you from a distance. Barely over a couple feet in literal terms. Barely over a couple feet yet it was like you were miles away. He had lost count of the number of days he would sit in a dazed state with all of his senses locked on you, only to be pulled back from tugging fantasies by the ringing of the school bell. Hell the captivation was so strong it might as well have been your quirk. 

He would sit and stare with sharp eyes as strands of your hair would shift with every slight movement you’d make. Just like the bell, every time he closed his eyes his something shattered inside. The hard truth was that you were not his. You would most likely never be. And yet, despite the brittleness of his wishes, every time he opened his eyes again to see you, Bakugou would pick up the shards of his broken heart, and piece it back together, bit by bit, until it had some semblance of what it used to be. Again and again his heart would fracture into pieces, each time smaller than before. Every time it happened it took longer to put back together. He had cursed his own weakness and fragility more times than he would ever know. Yet despite the distress and hatred, he couldn’t bring himself to pull away from you.

If loving you was pain, he would endure it just to stay by your side. There was absolutely no doubt in his mind that he loved you. Loving you was pain, but knowing you were taken was torture. Even so, the knife that you had unintentionally lodged in his chest had one final cruel twist.
Loving you was pain.
Knowing he could never have you was torture.
But being your best friend was hell, and he was willingly letting himself burn. At least… that’s what he used to think.

At some point Bakugou had dozed off. Maybe it was the dullness of the math theorems that had knocked him out. He felt a familiar harsh impact on his forehead and grunted and he sprang awake. You stared at him with an eyebrow raised and a your hand still poised in a flicking position. 

“Did good ol Pythagorus finally get to you?” You quipped as you fully turned in your seat, straddling the chair to face him. You laid your head on top of the back of the chair. “You look tired. Whats up?”

Just spent all night thinking about you….

“Nothing,” he grumbled, “What’s your deal. Shouldn’t you be off with your dumbass in the cafeteria?”

You rolled your eyes. “What. I cant spend time with my dear best friend?” You asked as you reached down by the foot of your desk and shuffled stuff around in your bag. “I was the only thing blocking you from getting yelled at for taking a trip to dreamland. I even brought food for you, you jerk.” You joked as you set a box down onto his desk. “And for your information, my ‘dumbass’ is out sick today. He caught the flu or something.” Twiddling with your chopsticks in one hand, you leaned your head in your other hand as you frowned, eyes taking a serious glaze. “I miss us you know? Ever since I started dating I haven’t had much time with you even though you’re right here. I regret that.”

Bakugou looked away from you and focused on a tree outside. Stop it. Of course all this was unintentional on your part, but that didn’t make it any easier to listen to. “What if I just wanted to back off for a while?” No… that’s not tr–


His eyes widened for a split second before he caught himself. Your uncanny ability to tell when he lied was terrifying. 

“Look at me.”

Bakugou leaned deeper back into his chair, and continued to stare out the window, only catching your frown in the corner of his eye

“Goddamnit I’m trying to talk to you Katsuki!” You slammed your chopsticks into his desk. “I don’t know why you’re ignoring me but I’m trying to fix what little is left of our friendship. Over a decade Katsuki. I’m not about to let over a decade of my life go to waste. Just… look at me would you?”

Something in your voice pulled his gaze back over to you. Your eyes looked glassy, about to fall apart into tears that were, at this point held back only by your sheer will. You were never that great at holding in tears…

“What is going on?” You asked, nearly pleading with him for an answer. 

Without even thinking, he had opened his mouth, letting out the few words he had hoped he would never have to say to you. 

“It hurts too much to be around you.”

A little bit of Team B love

Okay so I posted this once already, but I’m gonna try one more time because all the tags were screwed up.

So it’s late and I’m sitting here thinking about how much I love this fandom and the people I’ve gotten to get to know. Soooo I’m just gonna try + put what I’m thinking into some words.

First of all: I LOVE EVERYONE ON @teambiochem WITH MY WHOLE HEART even if we’ve never talked- even if you don’t create much, or at all, and especially if you’re feeling a bit inadequate seeing all these works of art and writing go up. YOUR PRESENCE AS PART OF THIS TEAM AND THIS FANDOM IS SO VALUED & APPRECIATED!!

I’m so thankful to be a part of a group that is more people-oriented than points-oriented because at the end of the day, this is a game (a game that we wanna win nonetheless) but what really matters is the connections and community formed along the way; and I can see that happening already.

Now: some individual call-outs!

@somethingmarvelous Anna!!! You’ve been such an amazing team-member this year and last year and I’m so thankful to have been able to work with you. I always look forward to chatting with you on Taco Tuesdays, (and our secretary esp is pretty sick too) and your enthusiasm for creating fun activities for us all is very admirable. Can’t wait to get to know you more :)

@agentcalliope Casey, even though you haven’t been as active this year as last year, the impression you’ve made on me hasn’t faded. when i first started trying out poetry and posting it, you’re comments and prompts were cherished so much and were a big part of why I continue to write. I really hope to see more of you + your wonderful writing on my dash soon (of course my dash might just be swallowing everything you post in which case: woops my bad)

@msdevindanielle Devin, your work as team leader last year set up what became one of my Favorited communities. I’m so thankful for dealing with all of us and our questions (by us i mean myself) and for being the an all around great person to be around. It’s really unfortunate that you can’t be as active with us this year, but I hope that whatever you’re doing right now is making you happy and you’re conquering!

@ughfitz Racquel, as the second team b leader you’ve done a phenomenal job managing all the chaos that is our team. I can speak for everyone and say that we are all so so thankful for the work you put into this competition every week, and also for the amount of incredible fanworks (especially those gorgeous, gorgeous gifs) that we get to enjoy.

@chylerlwest Natalie, aka my fellow Canadian friend, we haven’t really interacted much recently (I hope that changes) but I still see you as an incredibly sweet person who really doesn’t deserve any of That™ but I still see you persevering and staying true to the kind, gentle person you are! Seriously, I really hope we can connect soon <3

@hermionesimmonss Caroline, you are one of the kindest, most genuine and unapologetic people I’ve met on this website, and I really really admire you. And it’s so wonderful to have another Christian friend on here, especially one who is so open about her beliefs. (Also I’m so proud of you for all of your writing, even though I don’t read much of any fanfic I can tell you really care a lot about what you put out, and you really work hard so good job and please keep it up <3)

@bigfunnywords @cassiannandor @whentheskyequakes@howtocatchatardis@catchylove @soulofaminaanima @etoilesdeglace @wheres-your-rum (sorry tumblr cant tag u) Our weekly Taco Tuesday chats are always a highlight of my week. Talking with you all about our team & community, eachother’s fabulous creations and even simply how our weeks have gone always brings a smile to my face. Everyone is always so genuine and positive, so thank you all <3 And I’m looking forward to our next Taco Tuesday! (If chatango doesnt screw it up however)

(not exactly Team B but whatever…) @whatlighttasteslike I came home today after an extremely tiring day dealing with kids, and when I opened up tumblr the first thing I saw was that wonderful gifset that you made JUST FOR ME! It honestly made me smile so big and really motivated me with your kind words. If I’m gonna be honest; everytime I post something I always wait and look to see what you put in the tags, because they are some of the nicest, most thoughtful responses to the things I make and you always brighten my day :)

And to everyone else on Team B, I really mean it when I say I wanna get to know you all better. So hmu anytime! (And stay awesome guys! TEAM B FTW)

@victoriakathleen16 (sorry tumblr can’t tag you)

My intention was just to call out some people that have impacted me on this team, and I didn’t really mean to make it A Thing, but if you feel like me- like you have a lot of love to give, feel free to make a post like this and shower the team with love!

Everlasting as the Sun // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff absolute fluff omg

Words: 1.6k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: nahhhhh

Summary: Based on Dan’s tweet for Phil for his birthday. Phil is a year older, and Dan is just happy to be with him.

A/N: I told myself I wasn’t going to write another birthday fic, but this just came to mind when I saw Dan’s f-ing tweet, and I couldn’t help myself. So, here’s another Phil’s 30th birthday fic. Enjoy :)

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Mystic Messenger Watchdogs (2) AU

if my boys were in DEADSEC


  • doesnt even know how to hack
  • Seven pretty much forced him into it
  • brings the rest of the RFA food and coffee when they need it
  • also does lots of PR shit for dedec/the dedsec app
  • probably runs a dedsec twitter/facebook/insta
  • owns 10 different cell phones
  • the RFA is always on his ass about how easily anyone could find out his information at any time
  • and he’s just like LEAVE ME ALONE I WANNA BE A NORMAL BOY
  • always trying to talk everyone out of doing potentially life threatening ops
  • they never listen
  • “are you guys sure about this?”
  • “cant we just…stay inside today?”
  • i did not sleep enough last night to deal with this


  • specializes in graphic design for dedsec (like sitara!)
  • Yoosung has to run every instagram post he wants to make be Zen first
  • “Yoosung, you cant post that. it doesnt fit our aesthetic”
  • “Jumin, you cant wear that. it doesnt fit our aesthetic”
  • “no one even knows i work with dedsec”
  • “it doesnt matter. you have to completely immerse yourself”
  • he can never just build something, we has to make it look badass, too
  • if he has nothing else to do he’ll just do some graffiti in the hackerspace
  • also catch him around town spray painting “dedsec” all over whatever he wants
  • always annoyed


  • does she sleep?
  • does she eat?
  • no one really knows
  • Yoosung and Seven have this theory that she just lives in the hackerspace, like she never goes home and just sleeps there
  • her work space takes up an entire corner of the room, but its actually very neat despite what you’d think for someone who drinks 8 coffees a day
  • constantly running through data and trying to figure out what the next step is for dedsec
  • about three times a week Zen will find her asleep at her work space and he honestly doesnt even wake her
  • “hey can you get her up? i need to check on what she found out yesterday”
  • Zen shushes Seven
  • “hey, you got all day to ask her about that shit. let her sleep for a goddamn second”
  • “alright, alright, geez…”


  • uses his money to fund dedsec
  • prefers building shit over sitting at a computer
  • once built an electronic collar for elly that monitors her mood/health status
  • also, brings elly to the hackerspace all the time
  • always in trouble with his dad because he’s constantly missing those “dinners” he’s supposed to go to
  • angst
  • uses the fact that he’s a public figure to cover up any shit that dedsec starts
  • lets the use C&R computers for elicit activities
  • his father is so mad


  • actually does live in the hackerspace
  • carries a backpack everywhere
  • god a big ass work area with like 5 monitors
  • when Jaehee works out what the next step for dedsec is, Seven actually makes it happen
  • the hands and feet of dedsec essentially (marcus)
  • stealing cars is a regular thing for him
  • running from the police is also pretty common
  • Zen sees Seven every single day, and every time he greets him with
  • “eeey you didnt get arrested yesterday, nice!”
  • and they high five
  • if Seven passes you on the street, he probably wired money from your bank account
  • and you should probably hang up the phone, cause he can hear that too
  • the reason Yoosung is growing grey hairs


  • always makin bots and shit
  • probably build fighting robots
  • reigning champ. of course,
  • always asking Seven to build a robot so that he can FIGHT IT
  • “stop designing those killer bots and make something useful, will you?”
  • “fine…..asshole”
  • because of Saeran, theres always some little bot roaming around the hackerspace
  • or flying
  • without them Seven wouldnt be able to do his ops
  • once he designed a bot whos only purpose was to pick up things from above, like a crane
  • he stole Jaehee’s coffe once and almost died
  • he took Yoosungs phone right out of his hand once (and laughed for 10 minutes straight)
  • also took Jumins screwdriver while his back was turned, then sat and watched as Jumin looked around the room for it in confusion, asking everyone if they knew where it was 


anonymous asked:

do u have any tips for dealing with insecurity... esp. when wanting to date someone. i love her and she likes me but i just feel so ugly that i cant even approach her because im scared she'll change her mind when she sees me up close or secretly thinks im ugly but will date me out of pity and im just. ugh. sorry

Honestly… I know I seem the Advice God ™ but I deal with that stuff constantly and I don’t know how to stop it. I had to ask my therapist to help me tbh it’s Bad
But one thing she said is to pick two or three things you did that were good today and give yourself credit for it


all this talk about net neutrality and honestly, i didn’t even know the vote was going on today. i honestly don’t care about something that “the end of the internet” and i cant care. not because i’m incapable of caring, its because i’m uninformed and haven’t made the effort to get informed.

uninformed people don’t get to care because they don’t know what the fuck is going on and cant take a side as such. i honestly see it as everyone making a big deal out of something they cant control. if it happens it happens, i cant do anything about it. if we lose internet or whatever then hell yeah that sucks but… i’m just gonna deal with it. that’s all i can do. no point in  bitching about it.

i’ve never known anything about politics and honestly don’t plan to start learning now. i could’ve voted in the presidential election but didn’t… because i didn’t watch any debates or interviews. all i knew was Hilary allegedly erased some emails and that was a thing and trump wanted to build a wall… ok, sure(?). who am i to vote in an election where i don’t know the candidates? who am i to give a crap about net neutrality when i don’t even really know what the hell that even means.

and, tbh, i haven’t noticed any difference in america between bush, Obama, or trump besides gay marriage and bin-laden getting  killed.

go ahead and hate me for not giving a shit. hate me for being an american abusing the perks of being an american. hate me for having a different opinion that what i’m guessing is the majority of the county/world. i just wanted to say something i’ve wanted to say since the whole net neutrality thing was first brought up:

what-the fuck-ever

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i just spent all day black friday shopping (i went today bc i cant deal with the thursday night crowd) and now i just wish i had niall to come home to even if he would just take the piss out of me and call me a loon for shopping like this :(

you’d walk in and collapse around all the bags, the high from the sale starting to wear off.  his eyes go wide and he gets up to start poking through the bags.  “Jaysus fuckin’……what did ya even……”.  At that point you’re so exhausted you just manage to whimper, “I don’t even know what just happened.  There were just so many good deals.”

He snorts out a laugh and pulls you out of the heap of bags to make you a cuppa and lets you lean into him on the couch to tell him all about the shit you bought that he’s pretty sure you absolutely didn’t need.

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hey how about the genji, s76, hanzo and mcree s/o is captured by talon but their s/o is a double agent but g/76/h/mc dont know about this and during their time in captivity their s/o is the one who "torture them"(you can put thing like "you was just a good fuck") but later in the same night the s/o come to them to rescue them and explain that they are double agent and to save them, they have to act that way(sry but i love happy end, i just cant deal with sad end)(sry my eng is pretty bad)

Heck yeah :>

And, as of today, Requests are closed again! I’ll finish up those I have in my inbox now (current count: 165) so there’s a lot you can look forward to :)
But, for now, enjoy :)

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