i cant even deal with him oka

hunklefordsy  asked:

I'm actually super intrigued by your blind au. Can you give us some more headcanons/info on it please? Doesn't strictly have to be billdip, I just love the idea of it!

well it was originally suggested by an anon and i fell in love with it ayy

ok so the premise is that dipper has a devil’s trap tattoo (i made it a full sleeve ha h a,,) and bill is blind. bill is trying and failing to do something, so dipper offers to help him. they end up taking each others hands, only to find they cant detach (bill is a demon, devils trap, u kno) shenanigans ensue as theyre forced to spend time together while finding a way to detach.

as for further hcs, lets go:

  • bill is demiromantic af, first up
  • everything is awkward always
  • at one point mabel ceases in her constant eyebrow wiggling to give dipper advice on how to deal w the situation
  • at the end bill clears his throat loudly to announce that hes still there
  • basically bill is an ass at any given opportunity
  • bill cant see so dipper has to be really careful so he doesnt run into things
  • or runs into everything if hes being an ass
  • bill calls him pine tree bc hes tall
  • “how do you even know that??” “I CAN FEEL YOUR OBNOXIOUS TALLNESS OKA y”
  • bill flirts a lot, at first just to get a reaction, but later for real in the hopes of dips catching on
  • dipper doesnt for a while because hes an awkward butt about feelings
  • it gets angsty at the end but that will take a lot of explaining so im not gonna put it here

its just a great au okay