i cant even bring myself to care

My secrets are burning a hole through my heart and my bones catch a fever.
When it cuts you up this deep, it’s hard to find a way to breathe.
—  Bring me the Horizon
The Signs as Reasons We Broke Up With You pt 1/2

 yall are abt to be exposed…

Use your moon, mars and venus

Aries: everyone loves you and everyone wants to get with you because of that fire you have in your soul. i cant help it. even i myself have fallen for it. but you just dont seem to care. sometimes in your worst state you can be seen as someone who is only out for themselves. and sometimes it can bring you to be in one sided relationships. but you know sometimes you can just be a little too conceited. everyone longs for someone who will make their lives special and significant, and you bring that to them… but sometimes not intentionally. it just comes with having you as a part of their life. i tried to get close to you, but we got burnt. and maybe you didnt try to burn me, maybe its because you got scared and your flame intensified. im not sure. and im sorry if i ever made you feel trapped and tried to suffocate your flame. just know that you will always have a special place in my heart. but the reason i broke up with you is because is wasnt our relationship it was purely to keep yourself occupied. here is a breakup song for you : idfc by blackbear

Taurus: in this world you are seen as the extravagant person who is in love with luxury. you are admired for your style, poise and taste. because you are known for this, many would assume that the reason we broke up with you is because you took all of our money or sucked me dry for your personal gain. but no. that is not the reason at all. we broke up with you because you expected too much. i gave and gave. and of course you returned a bit of our affections. but because you are ruled by love and driven by that, i just couldnt satisy your emotional needs. i love you, but i just decided that we werent right for eachother. im sorry. the reason i broke up with you is because you are so beautifully and emotionally complicated and wonderful in and out; just a masterpiece that requires excessive care that i cannot handle but i wish i could and i regret to say that i cant. i love you, taurus and you are beautiful, never forget that. here is a breakup song for you: somebody else by the 1975

Gemini: you are socialite that everyone loves. the party goer that everyone looks forward to. we all love you. ruled by mercury and sometimes sex, you are the ultimate combination. perhaps not the ideal lover to most, but anyone would be blessed to have the privilege to love and be loved by you. often times you called flighty and detached in love. but i disagree. if you were to truly be in love, you wouldnt have it in you to be detached for fear that it would hurt your partner. so contrary to everyones beliefs i dont believe that the reason we broke up with you is because you werent commited, i think its because we couldnt understand eachother. or to elaborate, i couldnt understand you and you couldnt understand me. the only thing we understood was our love for eachother; but that wasnt enough. we didnt understand our essences. the things that truly made us in love. we just understood our urges. the now things. the things we wanted, not the things we needed. sometimes i felt like you didnt even understand yourself. we cant be in a relationship that we dont even understand. its just not rational, which is everything but you. i dont hate you. i really dont. we both have problems that we need to work on and tbh you are one of the most strongest people i know. you dont need anything from anyone. all you need is yourself. you spend all of your life getting to know people, but i just wish you would try to understand yourself before you attempted to understand me because our relationship ended tragically and im so sorry that you got hurt in the process. pls remember that i love you more than anything and that youre not alone, i promise. here is your breakup song (this is also one of my favourite songs in the world so youre welcome, love): is there somewhere by halsey

Cancer: Most known for your maternal nature, but there is so much more to you than that. you are devoted to your loved ones and will almost do anything within means for them and expect the same in return. i broke with you because i felt bad. you are so perfectly imperfect and emotionally beautiful. your poetic nature and loving poise made me feel ugly in comparison. you are pure and i didnt want to taint you. i love you so much and i wish the best for you. i want you to be with someone better. this breakup wasnt for my sake, it was for yours. im sorry if you didnt understand it at the time.. i probably made it worse. the reason i broke up with you is because you were just too perfect. you showered me with love that i didnt deserve. then when you didnt get it back i felt horrible. i know i apologize too much, youve told me that before, but can i please just say it one last time. pls. im sorry. here is your breakup song: issues by julia michaels

Leo: you are the IT person. not romantically, just IT. im not sure how else to put it. some love you, some hate you, but everyone knows you. i knew you, and i fell for your strong personality but quickly realized you were too much to handle. the moment i met you, you painted our lives with your moods. your ego would fluctuate everyday of the week. i couldnt handle you. you picked fights with me, you would get cocky, which i absolutely fell for every single time. it just took an emotional toll on me and i couldnt handle it. our short lived relationship taught me much about your beautiful soul and how to remain strong. i love you for that. thank you. on that note here is a song for you, written by the queen of breakups herself: i knew you were trouble by taylor swift

One day i’ll get their faces right.

– you may delete the following rant but please keep the line before this.
There is always that series which you avoided successfully for years bc you know it will make you sad. And then there is always that one friend who watched it recently and makes you watch/read it too and you think sure why not i’m an adult i can handle that and THEN THEY DRAG YOU TO HELL BY YOUR FUCKING HAIR AND OVER AN ARMADA OF LEGO AND YOU ARE STILL IN YOUR PJS OMG


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Have you heard about the 'ohnips' drama??? Its so sad that the 'dream daddy' fandom is already toxic... it hasn't even been a month. ☹️

I honeslty(no offense to you personally anon) cannot bring myself to give a single shit about that whole situation Like both sides are being so fucking dumb about it i cant force myself to watch or read anything about it im just too fucking tired . Why not care about/give attention to something that matters not some dumbass troll bitch trying to piss people off

in b4 Caliborn smashes the claykids flat and people try to predict endgame ships based on who got squished together

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Just ur friendly neighborhood anon here to remind you that Dave didnt even fucking cry when Bro died and no amount of irony and coolness should keep u from crying over someone u genuinely loved dying, so I think that saying he was relieved explains why and ur perfectly good

ah, i actually think dave still loves bro because he cant just erase years of idolizing him, and theyre kin, but yeah, dealing with death is weird man. my dad was the fucking greatest person i knew and just couldnt bring myself to cry when he died. im glad i gave you some deeper understanding of the comic tho!

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hello christian! i am a female to male transgender but my family doesn't know.. do you have any advice on how to tell them?

Ah! Honestly, sometimes families can be hopeless, even if they love u, which they most likely do. Unfortunately, almost all of us, have parents that were born in the last generation of bigoted and ignorant beliefs, so even tho they aren’t bad ppl, they cant help but have inherited these traits. Even as someone who is nonbinary, I can’t bring myself to correct my parents when they refer to me as “young man” or whatever,,, anything of the like. It is difficult! It rly depends on your relationship with your family. The sad fact is u may nvr be able to tell your family about your tru feelings and you may have to accept that. Even if you feel brave enough to tell them (it is great if u can!) they may not accept it , and dont take that as a sign of not caring! they just dont know. However, with anyone else, especially yr age, dont be afraid to be yourself and filter out the bad impossible ppl who dont accept. Family is a sensitive and differing subject when it comes 2 gender identity but i would say, DONT let it affect you in any way overall ! Just keep being yourself and do what u feel based on yr situation! Everyone is different! it will b ok

Are you serious?

So I’ve just found out that a tumblr user has committed suicide because of being so badly triggered by what some people are posting in the tags. An actual living breathing person is now dead because of your pathetic trolling. She had a family, friends, and people who love and care about her. Do you understand this? She is gone. She’s never coming back now because you have decided to be complete jackasses. Well I hope you achieved what you came for. I hope you’re happy. Because she doesn’t have any chance to ever feel happy again. I don’t know where you live but where I live cyber bulling is a felony. But you know what? I would never wish anything bad on any of you. No one deserves that. I’ve been through it myself and over came what she couldn’t. I mean do you even know what happens when you are triggered? Depending upon the situation it can bring back memories of a terrible thing that they have experienced. Panic attacks are also common when triggered, you honestly cant breathe. But you know you more than likely don’t even care and for that I feel really sorry for you.


Ok SOOOOO HI TAY! Here is my story leading up this moment. Last March you liked my photo on my Instagram and it was the best day of my life. Before that day I never thought in a million years the girl who I had loved and been to every show to go see for 7 years would see my face but you did. Then I attended the Philly show night one and MetLife in east Rutherford show which was almost 2 hrs away from me. A week after I attended that show you found me on here and followed me. For awhile I started to research going to one last show because I am going to moving out of where I am in the next couple months and after that I won’t be able to spend any money at all so I thought why not go all the way out and go see my favorite person ever. I am going to be attending your Greensboro NC show AND ITS 7 hours away from me. I have never ever traveled this far away from home by myself before. I’m bringing my friend Chris with me. Before I even bought these tickets I got so many crazy looks by friends co workers and family but honestly I don’t care because I work so hard between work and school and just being in the same room as you for one last time until we meet again at your next tour is worth it to me. I managed to get floor seats so il be in section C ROW 34!!!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU MY LOVE I LOVE YOU TAYLOR SEE YOU NEXT WEDNESDAY!!! 😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️