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So I wrote a thing- Its a Langst thing.

It isnt finished and its just in the ‘summarize’ stage but… I dont know if I should expand on it?

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#I CANT BREATH #I’M CRYING RIGHT NOW #still after all these years #he remembered the exact words #he is still fucking waiting for her #he cant forget her #HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES #EVEN A FUCKING CENTURY #she is still his hope #and he is still her last love #YOURS KLAUS #cause he never belonged to anyone but her #but that’s the beginning of another story 



a bunny hopping in to show off his murse… (〃ノωノ) 

being best friends with yoongi pt.3

part 1     part 2

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another month has passed that yoongi hasnt woken up. the doctors have told his parents that if he doesnt wake up in the next week, that they are pulling the plug. his conditions havent gotten worse, but they havent gotten better. 

two months ago he was hit by a car

two months ago you started hating yourself.

two months ago you lost your best friend. 

you sat in the hospital waiting room that youve come too familiar with. jimin and hoseok sat on either sides of you, while jungkook sat across from you. jimin lazily rubbed his hand on your back trying to sooth you. he had noticed how different you were- mentally and phsically. dark purple and brown circles were around your eyes from not sleeping. you’ve lost quite a lot of weight from not eating. you were a lot quieter than you were when yoongi was awake. you couldnt help but be quiet, your best friend had a week to breathe and it was all your fault.

from the right side of you hoseok started crying- hard. he had been crying a lot these days. you hated seeing the practical sunshine turn into something similar to rain. jimin sighed from the other side of you, gave you a small, sad, smile and got up to sit on the other side of hobi, starting to reassure him. 

you loved how jimin was always the one who comforted people, putting other peoples feelings in front of his. you wondered how he was truely feeling though. you’ve seen him cry once or twice, but besides that he’s always making sure everyone else is eating and sleeping well, telling them that yoongi will wake up,”its min yoongi that we’re talking about, hes strong. he will wake up.” 

you had hope in jimins words for the first few weeks of the accident. but now, you had none. 

suddenly, jungkook stood abruptly, causing the three of you to look up at him, confused by his actions. 

“i’ve had enough of this. no ones sleeping or eating. all they ever do is cry. and its all your fault.” jungkook practically growled at you, pointing his finger at you as he did so. the three of you stared at him with wide eyes, not believing that he would say something like that. 

“jungkook, you know its not her fault. how could she control where yoongi walked or how fast a car was going?” jimin said softly, trying to calm down his younger member. 

“if she wasn’t so clingy with him, then he would still be with us. on stage. have you forgotten that we were suppose to be in japan today? doing a concert?” jungkooks words were filled with poison. each and everyone of them landing on your heart and breaking it a little more. 

“jungkook. stop saying that. when he wakes up he wi-” jimin started, standing up and walking closer to jungkook before he was cut off.

“hyung, he isnt going to wake up! hes not even alive right now! he’s breathing from machines. hes not living his life anymore, and he wont have a chnace to because of her.” you could see jungkook glare at you from over jimins shoulder,  his eyes pierced into yours. “do you know what? im leaving, i cant be here.” with that, jungkook grabbed his jacket and stormed out of the waiting room, despite hoseok and jimin calling to him to stop. 

when it settled down, and the nurses stopped looking at your little group, jimin and hoseok started telling you to ignore jungkook, that it wasn’t your fault. 

“jungkookie is just bad at showing his emotions.” hoseok said, his tear stained face looking at you. 

“i- i think i should go.” you said softly, not making eye contact with the two boys. “i’ll be back tomorrow or something.” you stood up and left in the same direction jungkook did a few moments before. 

as soon as  you were out of the hospital, you took a deep breath, finally escaping the horrid place that felt like death. from beside you, you heard a noise, like someone was crying. you turned your head and your breath was caught in your throat. there- was jungkook, his back hunched over a little as he was leaning against the brick wall. his hands were on his face, trying to muffle his sounds, but it wasn’t working.

“uh, jungkook?” you asked, his shaking immediately stopping and looking over his shoulder at you.

“i’m sorry y/n. i didn’t mean what i said back there. i know its not your fault. i- i’m just worried and scared about yoongi hyung. i dont want him to die.” he spoke softly, his voice cracking mid through. your heart broke at the sight, you were the reason why he, and everyone around yoongi was like this. instantly, you pulled jungkook into you, pulling him into a tight hold. 

“it’s okay jungkook. i forgive you.” you whispered into his ear, his crying starting up again. you couldn’t help but start crying yourself. “i’m scared too- all of us are.” suddenly your phone started ringing in your back pocket. you pulled away from eachother and took your phone out.

“hello?” you asked into the phone.

“y/n? where are you? you need to come back to the waiting room- its yoongi.” jimin said worriedly and rapidly.

your stomach was in your throat, and your hands started to shake while holding the phone. 

you could either get your best friend back or lose him- forever

P S A !!

You could have been born in ANY time or place, heck maybe even another dimension!! But you were born in just the right circumstances to see this cute and precious boy living his life and freaking killin’ it. If that doesn’t make you absolutely THRILLED to be alive and breathing right now I don’t know what will

I’m sorry I can’t talk right now, or even breathe right now.
It’s gotten even harder since you’ve decided to stop calling and I can’t remember the sound of your voice or how you said my name but you called me beautiful and I want to feel beautiful again
And you made me fall in love with everything and now everything hurts.
And trust me when I say, you were the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me. I cant help but shake when I sleep in your torn apart T-shirt because it reminds of me how you smelt. I’m so sorry you couldn’t love me more than yourself. I’m so sorry the vanilla in her hair is more romantic than the blood stained floor.
—  I’m sorry I got blood on your favorite shirt.
Liam Dunbar Imagine- Drunken Drama

Anon- Hey i love your Isaac Lahey imagines, but can I get one with Liam where she’s Scotts or Dereks younger sister and shes human and they go to a party and she gets really drunk. But can you make it fluffy at the end and stuff. Sorry that its not much to go on but thanks if you get around to doing it!!

Authors Note- First of all thankyou and I’m glad you enjoyed them. I really liked this request, even though there’s quite a few similar to this out there, but I hope I got it similar to how you wanted it, I had fun writing it. It’s also set in the third season but Liam is there x

Being a Hale, believe it or not did have its perks. Being a werewolf with heightened abilities being the main, however when all of that is suddenly stripped away from you it’s kind of hard to deal with. Cora was dying and the only way to save her was for Derek to give up his alphaship. However, you weren’t entirely sure loosing an alpha against the alpha pack was the best idea, so you decided to throw a spanner in the works. Without telling Derek you healed Cora yourself, but being a beta meant you lost your power completely. But she was your sister, she was worth your life let alone your stupid werewolf curse. How much harder could being a powerless human be?

“So when are your friends picking you up?” your older brother huffed, not wanting to accept that you were growing up. “Erm actually I’m taking her, the others are staying in to work out a plan with Deaton” Liam mumbled. “You mean Scott’s not going with you?” Derek asked, his voice echoing around the loft. “See, I knew you would overreact” you tried to play it off, giving Liam daggers. “Absolutely not!” Peter said, emerging from nowhere. You rolled your eyes and glanced at him, “Its times like this I wish you were still dea-” you began before Liam interrupted to prevent witnessing another Hale argument. “I’ll be there, and so will Mason” he said quickly. “As comforting as that sounds, the answer is still no” Derek replied sarcastically. “I’m not a kid, I can take care of myself” you crossed your arms over your chest. “You could take care of yourself, as in past tense” Peter spoke again. “So what if I’m technically not a werewolf? I’m also not an idiot” you retort. “Debatable-” Peter remarked under a fake cough. “Fine” Derek said with a sigh. “Wait… you’re letting me go?” you said, examining your brothers blank expression. “Yes you can go” he replied. “Are you insane?” Peter asked shaking his head. “Well you do let me run around the streets at night with my pack, a party is probably a lot safer” you said, flashing a fake smile at your uncle. “Just don’t get drunk, I mean it!” Derek demanded. “I wont” you said with an eye roll and a smirk. You grabbed your purse and began to walk towards the loft door. “You better look after my sister, if anything happens to her its your fault, the Hales don’t take kindly to their family being hurt”  Derek said sternly to Liam, as Peter flashed his eyes gold from over Derek’s shoulder. “Of course I will” Liam said nervously. “Stop scolding him, I know what you two are doing” you claimed sliding the loft door open and waiting for Liam to join you. He looked from your brother to your uncle, before putting his hands in his jacket pockets and doing a small jog over to you. “See you” you called out, slamming the door shut before they could change their minds.

The second you stepped foot in the club, Hayden passed you, Liam and Mason a free shot. But before you could even take a sip Liam grabbed it from you and drank the both of yours before you could blink. “You do realise you cant get drunk” you laughed. “Yeah, but neither can you, I don’t want to be killed by your family just yet” he joked. “Where the hell has Mason gone?” you asked, it was a new record for him to have split off. “Two guesses” Liam said out of routine. The two of you glanced to the biggest crowd of guys, there he is. It had been a few hours and the pair of you did what you always did, you found a space on your own and talked about everything, anything. You had no idea why you always did that, sure he was your best friend but you totally acted like an exclusive couple. You rarely saw one without the other, you were lost in your own little world together and yet still you didn’t realise what was right in front of you.

“It’s a little crowded in here and I’m sure Derek’s waiting up for you” Liam said, nervously biting his bottom lip and glancing over your shoulder. “I don’t need werewolf powers to know your trying to hide something from me” you said with a raised eyebrow. You began to turn around but he grabbed your shoulders to keep you still. “Okay… that was weird” you said, brushing his hands off. You stared at him and watched as he relaxed, before quickly turning around before he could stop you again. That’s when you saw it. Your ex boyfriend making out with a girl in the corner of the room. You couldn’t help but stare, you wanted to look away but seeing him brought back some emotions that you didn’t want to feel again. Liam stood beside you awkwardly, hearing your thumping heartbeat. He had liked you since forever and there you were, getting all chocked up over your ass of an ex. “Are you okay?” he practically whispered. Of course he cared about you and didn’t like seeing you upset, but it was hard to watch you get upset over the boy you had liked, the boy that had called you his girl, the boy that used to give you quick kisses in the hallway and endured the whole relationship talk from your brother and uncle. The talk he dreaded but so desperately wanted to have with you by his side. “What are we staring at, oh-” Mason said after seeing you two stood dead in the middle of the club. “What a dick” you managed to say. A small smile tugged at Liam’s lips after hearing and smelling the anger now raiding from you, rather than upset and jealousy. “Do you want to get out of here?” Mason asked, to make up for Liam’s silence. “Nope” you said bluntly, storming over to the bar. “Oh shi-” Liam began saying, while rushing after you, followed by Mason.

“Do you not remember your brother telling you not to get drunk?” Liam asked in disbelief, as the bar attender placed a line of shots in front of you. “Vaguely” you said, knocking back the first one. “Y/n, don’t you dare take one more sip” he tried to say with authority. You looked at him in the eye as you knocked back another and slammed the empty glass on the table. “She’s underage, this girl right here is underage drinking” Liam exclaimed loudly while pointing at you, earning him a few weird looks. He glared at the bar attender, waiting for him to do something but he simply shrugged and carried on serving. “Are you kidding me? Do you even check anyone’s fake ID in here?”  for once he was outraged by this, whereas any other time he wouldn’t of bat an eyelid to it. “Liam! There you are, I need you to carry a few boxes from the store room” Hayden said between breaths. “I cant right now” Liam shook his head, moving the fourth shot away from your already tipsy self. “Liam you promised you would help if I got you in” she huffed, handing a glow stick to a half naked drunk beside her. “Li, I’ll look after her while you’re gone. I like this club and quite frankly I like the people in it” Mason smiled flirtatiously at the barman. “Fine, I’ll be right back. Don’t move” he said sternly, before following Hayden through the crowd.

“Mason! What the hell?!”. He was now chatting to the barman while they drank together. “Oh fuck, I completely forgot” he stood up and stared at his best friend in both concern and guilt. “Derek’s going to kill me” he mumbled. “And my boss is going to kill me if someone doesn’t pay for the bottle of scotch she stole” the bar attender hinted. Liam gave a loud sigh and shoved the money from his pocket onto the bar, before closing his eyes and trying his hardest to focus. He knew your heartbeat from a mile off but you were surrounded by out of breath and horny teens. He bumped into a few large sweaty guys before he finally found you in the middle of the dancefloor. “Woah” he said as he just about caught you from falling. “Heyyy Liammmmm” you slurred with a giggle. “I am so dead” he squinted, smelling the alcohol on your breath. “So I know I’m supposed to stay at yours… but I think I’m going to another club after this with that guy over there” you gestured to an older looking guy standing in the corner of the room, that was still checking you out. “No you’re not Y/N, your brother thinks your staying with Lydia later tonight, he doesn’t know your staying at mine and he certainly wouldn’t let you stay with him” he said jealously, you had promised to stay at his because he was having trouble sleeping alone and Mason was already staying 3 nights a week because of this. “Oh pleaseeee Liammmm, I just want to have funn and make my dickbag ex jealous, lets see how he likes it” you half slurred. “The only one feeling jealous right now is me” he mumbled. “Huh?” you asked, drawing your attention back to him and his bright blue eyes. “Uhm nothing, come on lets go” he said, gently grabbing your wrist. About three minutes ago you would’ve objected and made a scene but something felt different in the way he spoke to you. He’d always been caring but tonight it was as if you were the only thing in the world that mattered to him.

Mason reluctantly dropped the two of you at Liam’s, mainly because you getting drunk was all his fault. Liam helped your giddy and staggering self out of the car, before carrying you bridal style into the house and up the stairs. He placed you on his bed and sighed, of course you looked stunning in your tight dress, heels and makeup, but the Y/N he fell in love with was underneath all that with sweatpants and one of his baggy hoodies on. “So where did you put your bag with your pjs and stuff in?” he asked awkwardly. “Ermmmm, I think its at the bar” you giggled in your drunken state, not knowing you’d regret it later. “I guess you can borrow some of mine” he offered, with a small smile. He pulled out a plain t-shirt before coming stuck as to what bottoms to give you. He usually only slept in boxers, because of the whole wolf heat thing. “It’s ok, it’s hot anyway ill just wear the top” you claimed from behind him. He turned around to hand it you, “OH MY GOD” he accidently shouted, before covering his eyes. “AHH WHAT?” you screamed back, turning to look behind you. “Why don’t you have any clothes on?” he asked in a panic. “I have a bra and underwear on Liam, just give me the top” you snatched It out of his hands with scoff. “Ok, have you got it on?” he asked. “Yep” you replied. He uncovered his eyes to see you in his tight black t-shirt that was oversized on you and your black underwear that showed every time you lifted your arms up or stretched, but as much as he wanted to look, he owed it to your non drunk usual self not to, he respected you way too much to do that. You flopped onto his bed and stared at the ceiling, you parted your lips as if you were going to say something before simply letting the air escape. “Okay, so I’ll be on the couch downstairs if you need anything” he said, as he began to back out of the door. You simply hummed in response and covered yourself poorly with his blanket.

You glanced at the clock beside Liam’s bed, it was three in the morning and you hadn’t got an ounce of sleep. Normally Liam would sleep on the floor beside the bed but even he knew something felt different. You had sobered up a bit more, but you weren’t exactly thinking as straight as you would have. You wrapped yourself in his blanket and slowly crept downstairs and into the living room, you were still sort of stumbling. “Liam, Liam are you awake?” you asked, not being able to see that well. “Yeah” he replied, glowing his eyes gold so you could locate which couch he was on. You walked over to him and he moved, to allow some room for you. You wrapped the blanket around you both and lay next to him. “Why are you still awake?” he asked. “Why are you?” you returned. “Just thinking” he said laconically. “Same” you agreed. You both went to speak at the same time, before both erupting into a quiet laugh. “Drunk me heard what you said earlier, is it true?” you questioned. “Is what true?” he said, almost defensively. “That you were jealous” you said, moving your head to look up at him. “Yes” he admitted. He’d never had the courage to tell you before, but there you were, the girl of his dreams in his t-shirt looking more beautiful than ever. “Now why would you be jealous?” you pried, with a teasing voice. “Because I like you” he said, you could feel his quick beating heart. “Well I like you too” you admitted. “Wait what?” he was in shock to say the least. “And I always will” you continued, turning around so he was now spooning you. “So what does this mean?” he asked, not sure if he was dreaming. He waited for a response, before realising you were asleep. He sighed and wrapped his arms around you, feeling the fabric of his shirt and your bare legs against him, he never wanted this moment to end.

“Omg, I cant see” you whined, referring to the bright light that was directly in your eyes. “Y/n, Y/n, get up” Liam said quietly. You opened your eyes and sat up. “OH SHIT” you accidently said out loud. “So I ran into Scott and Lydia earlier tonight, neither of them had a clue where you where” your brother boomed. When your eyes adjusted fully, you saw Derek and Liam’s step dad staring at you from across the living room, he clearly came home earlier than expected from his night shift. You guiltily looked at Liam, who still had his arm around you, you quickly jumped apart and began explaining two different stories at the same time. “Where are your clothes?” Derek shouted, horrified. “It’s not what it looks like” you said, as Liam rubbed the back of his neck. “I forgot my clothes, so Liam leant me his” you smiled awkwardly. “I really don’t know what brotherly talk I’m supposed to have right now” he said. “Liam how come you never told me you had a girlfriend?” his step dad asked. But before Liam could open his mouth to do the whole ‘just best friends’ speech, you answered for him. “Well actually we weren’t exactly made official until earlier tonight” you stated, watching Liam’s eyes widen and a smile grow uncontrollably on his face. It was soon time for your brother to give the whole protective older brother speech, while you and Liam held hands underneath the blanket. A smirk spread across both of your faces, the next hour was hell but you finally had each other to endure it with.

Sorry it’s not too fluffy I just wanted to make It different from a lot of the ones out there with a similar plot line. Requests are open x

Naive: Part 3

A/N: I’m so freaking happy you guys seemed to like the story so far!, I wrote this and a few other chapters up in one night! Hopefully I can get you guys as hyped as I am for this story. Oh and if you couldn’t already tell, the reader IS mixed race. Because there’s a serious lack of mixed race reader inserts. If this offends you or deters you just skim over it I guess??

Word Count: 3k+

Warnings: Just cursing in this chapter because I have the mouth of a sailor. Get ready for it to get smutttayyyyy next chapter tho, my home dogs!

Summary: As the goddaughter of Tony Stark you were no stranger to the Avengers, but when you meet the newest member- you’re a little more then intrigued. Unfortunately for him, Bucky Barnes has caught your eye.


It’s honestly insane what a little bit of sleep can do to improve your life.

Well okay, a lot of sleep. You’d slept for like thirty hours straight, thank the mother fuckin’ lord and you felt like a brand new woman.

Especially after you take a couple bong rips.

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psiioniichearts  asked:

I love your Mystic Messenger headcanons! If you haven't already, I was wondering if maybe you could do one with the RFA dating the MC but they see them irl and find out the MC is a guy? I played the game and loved it but well ^^;; funny story, I'm a guy. Thank you!

thank you so much for this request, i like it a lot! it’s long so i put it under a cut c:

~headcanon requests closed for now~

Seven thought it would be like, the prank of the century! just tell every MC is a girl, it will be SOOOO funny when they all find out! but, um….he had no idea they were all going to fall in love with MC

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anonymous asked:

request!!! RFA and maybe V and/or unknown (if ur comfortable writing them!) reacting to the MC breaking up with them because she fell in love with another RFA member? Like, for example, MC breaking up with Zen because she's in love with Jumin 🙊 kinda weird request but I haven't seen a request like this before, so...

this one kills me because i love all of them but i want them all at the same time but i dont wanna hurt them ughhh my emotions are all over but i had fun writing this <3

 I hope you like it :)


  • For him it was Zen
  • Zen had been sweet talking you for a while now
  • Always making fun of you for going for such a gamer head like Yoosung
  • “If it were me, I’d spoil you with attention, MC. Nothing would come in between us.” He said to you once, over the phone. 
  • You were venting about Yoosung’s recent lack of interest in you. Zen was always around and he appreciated you more. 
  • You couldn’t contain your feelings anymore. You went to Yoosung’s house and broke the news right at the front door.
  • “I need to tell you something.” You said, looking at the ground.
  • “Come in, you haven’t been to my apartment in like-forever.” He cooed, excited to see you.
  • “No, that’s the thing. I’m not coming in. I need to say this now.” You breathed out. Clinging your bag strap to your chest, you finally look up him.
  • “I’m breaking up with you. You’ve barely been giving me any attention. I’m sick and tired of asking for it too. I can’t sit around and wait for you to grow up Yoosung. Besides, there’s someone else..” You manage to say.
  • he’s broken already now
  • “MC, I’m so sorry. I can be a better man! One that showers you with love and affection!” He’s biting back tears now. You turn on your heel and leave, deciding not to tell him who the ‘someone else’ was.
  • he’s super depressed after this
  • lost his first girlfriend 
  • wait why am i crying


  • This one is a little more on the soft side.
  • Believe it or it was Jaehee
  • It started off so innocently
  • Movie nights with Jaehee watching Zen’s plays
  • til one day you realized how much time you’d been spending with her lately
  • When did she start making my heart pound like this?
  • You were confused because you’ve never liked a girl before. 
  • Nonetheless, you weren’t even sure if Jaehee would accept your feelings, since you thought she was only interested in men
  • You couldn’t hold out anymore.
  • “Zen, we need to talk.” You say, in nothing but your pajamas. He had just came home, and he hung up his coat on the coat rack.
  • “Of course babe. Let me just hop in the shower.” He says. You waited all day to tell him, you decided to wait a little more.
  • He came out of the shower, still dripping wet and in nothing but a towel.
  • It was at this point that you realized you weren’t attracted to him anymore.
  • “I’m all ears, babe.” He said , still drying his hair. He bent down to leave a kiss on your forehead but you turned your head away.
  • “Did…Did I do something?” He was hurt now.
  • “Zen I can’t keep going with this relationship. I don’t feel like I’m..like I’m myself.” You say.
  • “What do you mean?” He said, sitting beside you on the bed.
  • he’s so concerned
  • “I’m… I’m in love with someone else… She doesn’t even know how I feel and I don’t think I can tell her.”
  • His self esteem right now plummets to the ground.
  • “She…?” He asks.
  • “Jaehee..” You breathe out, quite embarrassed.
  • “Oh…OH.”
  • “Yeah..”
  • “Just tell her then. You shouldn’t keep something like that to yourself. The heart wants what it wants.” He half smiles.
  • he’s hurt af
  • but supportive
  • he eventually helps you confess 


  • With her it was Yoosung
  • No one expected this
  • Not even you
  • Until one day Yoosung confessed to you
  • At first you didn’t think much of it. Simply told him you didn’t feel the same way
  • He was hurt but he got over it
  • or so he thought
  • One day Jaehee was working a late shift with Jumin
  • Yoosung invited you out with him and a couple of his friends
  • they thought you and him were a couple 
  • but you explained you didn’t roll that way
  • you guys were at the movies and Yoosung sat beside you
  • his hand brushed over yours on the arm rest and then laid above it
  • he didn’t move his hand
  • you didn’t mind since you knew he liked you
  • you let him have this
  • after the movies he and everyone else parted ways
  • you guys were walking the same way
  • “Oh..MC.. I forgot you walk this way too haha..” He blushed.
  • “Yeah, haha.” You say.
  • He walked you all the way home
  • “I had a great time tonight.” He said, nervously.
  • “Yeah me too-
  • He kisses you
  • *sparkles and butterflies*
  • uh wait what you liked it??
  • “Why did you do that?!” You say, all flustered, covering your mouth.
  • “I don’t know-I’m sorry!”
  • poor boy ran for the hills
  • You didn’t speak a word of this to Jaehee.
  • he texted you a couple days later “Sorry about the kiss, MC. I guess i still have feelings for you..”
  • “No..it’s.. I liked it.” You texted back.
  • things got off from there
  • you told Jaehee about it
  • that he kissed you and you sort of enjoyed it
  • “For some reason, I liked it. And whenever I kiss you now… it doesn’t feel the same anymore.. maybe I-I have feelings for him?” You tell her.
  • my hEART
  • she’s pretty understanding but mad that you waited to tell her
  • “I don’t think we should be together either… since you’re second guessing being with me now.”
  • shes hurt


  • He knew if anyone would take his girl it’d be V.
  • He was actually just waiting for you to admit you had feelings for him.
  • He could tell from the chemistry you had with him.
  • You don’t smile at me like that anymore.
  • You both hung out a lot when he was working
  • he was sick of the lies
  • everyday you came home and seemed less interested in him.
  • You knew he deserved better. You fell in love with his best friend. What else could you say to him that he didn’t already know?
  • You came home especially late one evening and he was sitting there, waiting for you.
  • “Did you have fun with him?” He practically spat.
  • You couldn’t say anything to him but the truth now.
  • “Jumin… I’m..sorry..I never expected for it to happen but it did.”
  • “Did you just expect for me not to find out? This is the fourth time this week you’ve been with him. And me? Well I’ve just been here. Waiting for you to tell me something at least.” He pinched between his eyebrows.
  • He wasn’t even hurt anymore
  • just tired
  • “I love him. I can’t change that. I’m so sorry for prolonging this. I could’ve just told you the truth but my heart..I didn’t want to deal with the heartache… of whatever we had.”
  • “I also didn’t want to ruin your friendship with him.” You were crying now.
  • “But I love him. I can’t be with you anymore.” You say, leaving his place.
  • Jumin’s a mess now, he’s holding back tears and frustration
  • daddy i didnt mean to im sorry


  • he couldn’t believe ears when he heard it was Jumin
  • The busy hacker knew he worked a lot but he didn’t think you’d leave him for it.
  • “Jumin’s just as busy as you. He makes time for me and he’s always working.” You say to him.
  • “We have different jobs, sympathize with me here, MC.” He says to you.
  • It all started when Jumin invited you over in the chat room.
  • “Well.. you know MC.. if you’re feeling lonely, I have no problem providing company for you.”
  • “Thanks, but I shouldn’t.” You were a little on edge but at the same time Seven had been working so much he was barely in the chat room.
  • “Positive? Not even for dinner?”
  • “I guess I could use something to eat.”
  • That was your first mistake.
  • He was far more caring the Seven, never afraid to show you his romantic side.
  • He sweet talked you into a kiss and so much more.
  • You told him you couldn’t continue to sneak around like this without breaking things off with Seven first.
  • “I’m leaving you. All I asked for was a little effort and you couldn’t even give me that.” You said to Seven, before heading out the door.
  • He was crying
  • “I can be better.. I want to be better…” He sobbed, but you didn’t hear a thing.
  • dont cry bby I LOVE YOU


  • well he definitely didn’t SEE this coming 
  • I’ll go home
  • It was complicated when you told him you had feelings for Jumin
  • He still had feelings for Rika
  • You couldn’t deal with all the emotional stress that came along with him and his whole situation with her
  • “I can’t Jihyun. How can you kiss me and still think of her.” You say, hurt inside.
  • v route spoiler maybe?
  • “It’s not like I want to…I’d loved her so much..I gave her everything. I gave her everything thinking she’d do the same. I can’t get over that..” He said.
  • “I’m not in the wrong either..” You admit. “I’ve been seeing Jumin.” 
  • “What?”
  • his small little aching heart
  • he can’t right now
  • how will he ever love again 
  • “He…He doesn’t compare me to her..He loves me for me. I thought you’d do that but I guess I was wrong.” You say, tears spilling from your eyes. You turned on your heel to leave. 
  • Why does my heart hurt?
  • “MC.. I’m trying to learn… learn to love you..for you. Does that not mean anything to you?”
  • “It’s not enough.”
  • im sobbing

Unknown (Saeran)

  • He was already on edge about loving someone period
  • So when you told him that you were in love with Saeyoung, it broke him.
  • “Why..Why am I never good enough?” His gaze dropped to the floor.
  • “Saeran..”
  • “Shut up! You liar!” He spat.  “You said forever.. just like everyone else..”
  • You didn’t know what to say. 
  • “How long..?” He asked. “How long have you felt this way?”
  • “Since before I met you.. I think he’s always had my heart. But he insisted that he wasn’t good for me. My heart couldn’t just stop loving him.. and then you came along and-
  • “You felt sorry for me?” He laughed. “Sorry enough that you pitied me. You don’t give a shit about me..I don’t know why I thought you did.” He ran his hands through his hair. 
  • i do care about you bby im sorry
  • He was sobbing and laughing all together.
  • “I can’t keep pretending to love you. I’m so sorry.” You say, leaving the room because you were on the verge on tears yourself.
  • im already crying
wanna chat? pt.23

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i wrote this because being on tumblr and seeing posts about taz hurt my heart. i was going to make this silly and meme-y, but honestly? i wasn’t feeling it. ive been having a Weird Time, and having something so important to me end earlier the day i started this didn’t help.

and then today happened and just………i am So Tired

we’ll get back to the goofs next time, but i tried to make the end of this chapter a bit lighter? yeah i failed (multivitamin = adrien, mystic dragon = nino, monster alarm = alya, elfen whatever the heck = mari)

hail and well met all. i hope you enjoy

3:21 in orange wake up mari!!!

multivitamin: Do you ever stare at the ceiling and think about the future
And realize you have literally just
No clue what you’re doing
And you don’t know if you’ll be happy
Or successful
And you’re just looking at the ceiling
And debating your entire life
And looking at all these choices you have to make and paths you have to choose
And what you HAVE chosen so far and how it’s shaped your life
And how everything could be different if you had just changed
That one thing
But you didn’t
And now you’re here
Staring at the ceiling

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Im fucking furious my dad just messaged me after like ??? Years of not talking to me saying “continue to live your life isolated and telling lies about me on youtube. I never want you in my life.” like first of all ur fucking 45 and ur acting like a damn teenager. Second of all??? I dont want u in my life???


i’m sooo stuffed

i’m usually a bloater not a stuffer but i got pizza for dinner and i ate a whole pizza and a half, plus a big bowl of ice cream, then drank a whole load of water to top it off. i wish i had soda and mentos to make it even bigger. i look pregnant with all this food, it hurts a lot but i love it. it’s so tight and round, i cant stop touching it! i cant even breathe properly, i cant bend over or push it out. i keep rubbing it, i’ve put a bunch of lotion on my round belly and its so slick. i can’t push it in with my hands because its like a drum now. i want to bloat until i cant get up - im already out of breath by just walking around so it cant take much more right?

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BTS are Being Totally Selfless right now, I cant even deal with them they are like literally angels, what have we even done to deserve to be breathing in the same universe as these people ahhhhhh like I'm going to explode with how much goodness is in these 7 humans they have like more goodness in their pinky toes that i even dream to have in my entire being! what is this life anymore helppp

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Could i have a hug? i dont want to go into it or bother you but im feeling really dark and scared and alone and ypu just seem so nice, and like you would give the best hugs i just cant take the pressure anymore and i want everything to go away im sorry ill stop bothering you now

((OOC: Take a deep breath, babe. Then take another three. You’re not alone, and this isn’t forever. Life is constantly in flux, and the horrible big ol’ bads of right now are gearing up to being the mediocre memories of this time next year. Fuck, even this time next week. You are strong, you are capable, and you’ve got this. But here’s a hug anyway. Not because you need one, but because you’ve earned one. Now, go listen to this song. It’s pretty. ♥ ))

Wake up

Jack went to bed wondering what had happened.. Was it just a dream or was it reality? It was all blending together at this point.. 

His eyes were puffy but he couldn’t tell if it was because he was tired or crying or both.. Where is Signe? …..Oh yeah.. She’s gone. She left me just like Stacy left Chase..

Remembering the good ole days usually would bring a smile to someone’s face but for Jack it only brought back bitter sweet memories that left him feeling sick and heart broken.. 

I would rather have my limbs cut off then to live a day without her.. I would do literally anything to kill Anti and rid us all of his torture.. Nobody deserves this shit. It felt like razor blades cutting into my heart but i just wouldn’t die!! WHY ISN’T IT KILLING ME?!.. 

Soft sobs escaped Jacks chest as sudden realization hit him.. My girl friend left me and schneeple is dead and the rest are at risk. I don’t have a single way of escape.. Giving in sounded good right about now

*whispering voice* wake up

What the hell? He sits up but obviously nobody is there..

Hello?! What do you want from me?! I cant give you anything else! You already fucking took it from me!! LEAVE ME ALONE *cries into hands* 

With all his might he wanted to throw a chair out the window and jump onto the glass but that would thrill Anti and that was the very last thing he wanted to do.

This cant be happening to me… Why does this have to happen? I wish he’d just leave me alone and i could go back to living my life..

Nothing was more threatening then the dead silence coming from the air around him. He swore he could see shadows in the corner of his room. The low giggles and chuckles were evident and so he knew that Anti was lurking around.

This has gone far enough….

*whispering voice* wake up

He holds his head and panicking. S-stop talking to me!! Get out of my head!! This isn’t right. Why are you here?! 

*whispering voice* wake up 

Get out! Go away! you aren’t welcome here!!

*whispering voice* wake up! wake up! 


*whispering voice* WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAAKE UP!!

it was so loud now that he couldn’t even hear his own thoughts


*wakes up drenched it sweat* he was breathing heavily and and could actually feel real tears on his face. God i am so glad that’s over. 

Signe ur here!! *leans into her back* i’m so glad to see you!!

hello Sean.. i am so happy to see you too *glitched out voice* *high pitched giggling*

No! Not again!!……

@fear-is-nameless @lum1natrix @hufflepufftrax @chase-brody-protection-squad @marielgum this is my sad attempt at my own fic