i cant even begin to say how much these two have made me smile over the years

Why Phichit is my Favorite Character

In honor of reaching 500 followers, I decided it was about time I made a post that shows that this blog is actually what it sounds like. This is going to be a long ride full of incoherent rambling, so hold on tight. Yes I am listening to Shall We Skate and Terra Incognita on repeat while writing this

Lets start from the beginning. The first time we see Phichit, we see him for only a few seconds, where he only says one line of dialogue, ¨Yuuri!¨, which was preceded by a giggle. We don’t see him again for the rest of the episode, or the next. Or the next. There is nothing that you can glean from this character at first glance.

But that was the moment I fell in love with the character that is Phichit Chulanont. 

See, It wasn’t his first official appearance that made me fall in love with him. The reason I liked this character so much was because I understood he was close to Yuuri and cared about him. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I became invested in Yuri!!! on ICE because of Yuuri and the premise + figure skating. Not victuuri, although that was wonderful because!!! Representation!!! I was just glad there was a main character I, and many others, could deeply relate to. But this post isn’t about Yuuri. Its about Phichit. And because I could see he cared for Yuuri, I got interested. 

So I watched the scene again to figure out what I could. And here is what I was able to come up with.

He lives in Thailand, but has just arrived home after being somewhere else, or is leaving. More likely the former. He is cheerful, and invested somewhat in social media. He is close friends with Yuuri, or at least acquainted, and is likely a figure skater. 

I looked him up after that, and my love only grew. 

Also, we had this picture in the ending

God I love him

The next time we see Phichit, we see him in a video call with Yuuri in episode 4. His first appearances are all very Yuuri-centered. 

But boy did this scene deliver a BIG LOAD of information. 

I had been right about quite a few things from my first guesses about Phichit. He just arrived back in Thailand and likes social media, as seen by the literal touchscreen gloves and multiple IG posts. He is also very close with Yuuri. VERY CLOSE. I damn near cried over how comfortable and happy Yuuri became when he was talking with Phichit. And how comfortable PHICHIT looked when he was talking to Yuuri. 

They had clearly been friends for a long time, Yuuri even knew phrases in Phichits native language, and I have no doubts that Phichit knows phrases in Japanese.

This sort of familiarity and calm interaction is something we only really see Yuuri take part in when he is with his family, +the Nishigori’s, at least at the beginning of the series. 

When Yuuri starts talking about composer girl, Phichit is able to immediately understand what Yuuri needs without even having to hear Yuuri say it. That is the kind of friendship some can only dream of. 

We already know Phichit is a wonderful, reliable friend from less than a minute of interaction. Less than a minute. I counted. I have seen dozens of shows where it takes multiple WHOLE EPISODES to understand the relationship between two characters, but with Yuri on Ice it takes less than a minute. This is a result of good writing and good, rounded characters. 

Which leads to my next topic of discussion.

Phichit is such a well-rounded character holy shit

There are no lingering doubts about Phichit’s character. There isn’t a scene where you are left wondering, “Why did Phichit do this” or “What is Phichit thinking” because we know, at least in my case. As long as you understand Phichit as a character you can understand the motivations behind his actions. 

Episode 6 is a beautiful Phichitfest and I was having a good ol’ time. 

Now, for reference, episode 6 is when I really got into Yuri on Ice as a show. Characters I didn’t really like were starting to have more appeal, like Viktor, and characters I loved got better, somehow. 

Bonus points for fashion goddamn


His constant need to document everything on social media is also much appreciated. 

also this

Captain of the #victuuri ship honestly same Phichit

So,as I’m watching this episode I’m just waiting and thinking 

when do i get to see Phichit skate?? when??

I find out Phichit skates first and Im !!!!

then he skates. 


Phichit steps out onto that rink in his princely attire and I am gone then and there.

Shall We Skate? is such a masterpiece and I LOVE IT

You can say what you want about Phichit, but if you cant see how much Phichit adores skating through his performance than you clearly haven’t watched the series. 

I have a record of crying every time I watch Phichit skate when I watched the episodes he was in for the first time. Every time. This one is no exception. 

The fact that the audience is shown to get very caught up in Phichit’s performance made me so happy? These people, who are all there to support the more popular skaters, are getting caught up in the dance of a skater who hadn’t even been on their radar. 

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what a good friend fukc i love him

What I wouldn’t give to have a friend like Phichit


Terra Incognita. 

me too ciao ciao

This performance showed how much you can glean from a person while watching them skate. And yes. I cried. 


His motivation for skating is so fucking clear. 

He wants to make his country proud.

And he does. 

The audience is rooting for Phichit, he gets the crowd hyped up and he delivers. 

He worked his ass off for this performance and it pays off

He nails all of his components and scores higher than he ever has

He is so confident that hes won and he WINS






And that’s why it made me so mad when he lost the Grand Prix Final. 

Sixth. Place. 

I love the other skaters. I really do. But JJ did not deserve a bronze medal. He was way over scored and should have gotten last place. Phichit scored about as high as the previous years third place winner. JJ. 

His Shall We Skate made me hella emotional and sob along with him at the end. He is SUCH A GOOD SKATER. 

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I never cried as hard during the entirety of YOI as I did during Phichit’s Terra Incognita performance. He was so happy to just be performing. Even after he messed up one jump he continued to smile. 

That is what makes a performer. 

Phichit entertains the audience. He holds their attention and gets them hyped up and on the edge of their seats. 

He has fun while he skates and just genuinely loves his sport. 

This gif sums it up pretty well

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The scenes he got outside of the competition made me happy at least, and some of the flashbacks provided some nice information and depth

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and the iconic #victuuricaptain moment

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and I may be really salty about his loss but i am SO PROUD OF HIM

I am going to quote something I said when I first made this blog. 

“Just by qualifying for the Grand Prix Finals, Phichit won. He may not have won a medal, but he achieved not only one of his dreams, skating “Shall We Skate” in a major competition, but also made history by becoming the first Thai skater to compete in the Grand Prix Finals. WE should all be extremely proud of him, and hopefully watch him continue to made his dreams reality in the next season!”

I stand by this statement fully and wholeheartedly. Yes, Phichit deserved to be placed higher, and yes, it was completely unfair. But lets be proud of what he did achieve, and appreciate him for the amazing character he is. 

tldr; Phichit is a wonderful character and I love him. Thanks for 500 followers!

We Found Love

Characters : Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Song : Thinking Out Loud by Alex G

Summary : You were just a college girl trying to make a living for herself in LA. It was beyond scary. But after getting a great opportunity to go out to the premiere for Thor, you were able to meet amazing people, and one that would forever change your life. Now three years later, you were getting ready for your wedding day. 

A/N : Requested by anon. I really hope who ever sent this in, enjoys it! xx.

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You felt your stomach twist and churn and nerves filled you. Though you tried to shake it, you couldn’t. You were excited to marry your best friend, the guy who has been nothing but perfect and yet you were extremely nervous. 

“You ready?” Your best friend asked. 

You took in a deep breath and nodded. Today was going to be a day you would never forget. 

The doors slowly swung open, and the music began to play. Your heart was pounding profusely, but as you laid your eyes on him, all your worries, all your nerves disappeared. As well as his. 

The second he laid his eyes on you, he couldn’t help but choke up. The tears stained his cheeks as he stared endlessly at you. He couldn’t believe he was marrying the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Watching you giggle to yourself, he knew right there he was beyond the luckiest man on earth. And he couldn’t be more thankful to have you. 

He flashed a soft smile, trying to hold his composure as you started down the aisle. His stomach fluttered with every step you took. 

The closer you got to him, the less you were able to fight the tears. 

Reaching him, he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and smiled. His tears slightly blurring his vision. “You look beautiful.” he mouthed. 

And just like that, it was just you two. Everyone else around you disappeared into oblivion, and you were only able to see him. 

“How did I get so lucky? Before I met you, I felt lonelier than ever. I was beginning to feel as though I would never find someone to grow old with. But then you were standing there, in a beautiful blue dress, shivering because it was so cold.” You along with everyone else chuckled simultaneously. “And I gave you my jacket to stay warm. Though I was freezing my butt off, I would do it all over again just to see that smile that made me fall for you.” He began to feel the knot form in the back of his throat, causing him to choke up once again. He took in a deep breath, as you flashed a soft smile at him, tears streaming down your cheeks. “You showed me what it was to love, to really love someone. And I cant thank you enough for being the reason I wake up every morning.” 

He took a moment to catch a breath, as you wiped his tears. “I vow from this day on to never give up. To show you every day just how amazing you are, and remind you that I love you, even when you are annoyed with me. I will always love you until the moment I take my last breath.” 

You were such a mess, that you weren’t even sure if you could say your vows. But you somehow managed to pull yourself together. 

“Tom, I cant begin to describe just how whole and loved I feel since you came into my life. I was so caught up with work, and school that I took life for granted. But since I met you, you have shown me what life is truly about. I had lost myself, and you brought me back.” Your voice was shaky, along with your breathing. “I love you so much, and I promise to continue putting us first. I promise to never go to bed angry and to do the dishes whenever you cook.” 

He let out a soft chuckle, his cheeks aching from smiling so much. 

“I love you.” He mumbled. 

“I love you too.” You whispered. 

The pastor asked for the rings to be slipped on. And though you were shaking, you were able to place it on to his finger. 

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“I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may now kiss the bride.” 

He cupped your face, and pulled you crashing his lips to yours. Cheers and laughter filled the air. You were both on cloud nine, not able to stop smiling. 

The night was nothing but laughter and smiles along with a few tears shed from family and friends. It was such a fairytale. From the first dance, to the speeches, to cutting the cake and dancing the night away with everyone. 

You and Tom would constantly get lost in each other, falling more and more in love. which you didn’t think was possible. 

But as hours passed, it was time to leave. 

Walking out, you were greeted by everyone lined up one each side with sparkles pointed high in the sky. It was such a bittersweet send off, but you were happy to spend alone time with Tom. 

You waved goodbye, still hand in hand as you walked down the short hill where your car waited. 

“I’ll race you.” You raised a brow at him. 

“Are you sure? With your heels?” He chuckled. 

You held on to his shoulder as you removed your shoes and held them in your hand. “Okay, go!” 

You both darted off down the grassy field. Laughing loudly, feeling the warm breeze breeze against you. 

Tom was the first to reach the car just a second before you. As he turned around, you ran straight into his arms. Squealing as you smiled from ear to ear. He lifted you off the ground and spun you around, pressing his lips to yours. 

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“I love you, Y/N Hiddleston.” He whispered. 

“I love you too.”

Would You Have The Guts To Say?

Requested by Anon:  Something cute with Gee Way, please?

I may have got carried away with this and made it super long but oh well, I love Gee so……~A 

Finally it was the end of the school week and beginning of spring break so you were able to just go home and relax instead of working on homework or projects, you couldn’t wait to just get home and collapse. As you put your things into your bag from your locker you thought of things you wanted to do during spring break, most of them including your best friend Gerard in some way or another; hang out with Gee, go to the city with Gee, celebrate Gee’s birthday, learn some things on guitar, movie marathons etc. You couldn’t help but include Gerard in most of your plans, he was you best friend since grade school and the person who you could tell anything, well…..almost anything. The one thing you could never muster the courage to tell him is how much you like him, the crush on him was too big and your confidence was too small to do something as daring as tell the adorable, awkward guy how much you loved him. 

You were brought out of your thoughts by the laughter that was like music to your ears, you turned around and saw Gerard, Frank, Mikey, and Ray walk down the corridor towards you. “Hey (Y/N), excited for spring break?” Frank asked as they reached your locker, you nodded and smiled at Gerard as he opened his locker next to yours. “You actually going let me to do something for your birthday this year Gee? Or will it just be movies and pizza again?” You asked teasingly as you closed your locker. “Of course I want pizza and movies,we have a great time watching them and messing around during the food breaks.” He said as he got the things he needed from his locker. You guys started walking down the hallway to the entrance of the school as you talked about his ‘party.’ “Okay, I’ll be round yours on Monday for movies and pizza.” You said rolling your eyes. “Cant wait to see you there, have a good weekend.” Gerard said as he gave you a hug then let you get on your bus. 

Monday came around and you had subconsciously dressed up a bit more than what you usually would for just hanging out, you had done your makeup (only winged eyeliner, mascara, light eye shadow, and a bit of foundation) and instead of wearing leggings and a pyjama shirt like you usually would, you had pulled on some comfortable skinny jeans and a new band shirt you had gotten. 

You reached Gerard and Mikey’s house at 5 and already saw Ray’s car on the road in front of the house. You rang the doorbell but didn’t know if they’d hear since you could hear Frank and Gerard’s laughter from inside and their music which was pretty loud, however, after a couple of seconds the door was opened and you were greeted by the birthday boy himself. His eyes had widened slightly at you and he smiled softly. “H-Hey, um, you- you look good.” He stuttered, causing you to blush. You felt a tad over dressed but you didn’t mind too much. He stepped aside to let you into the house which was full of laughter, you walked down into Gerard’s bedroom room where all the noise was coming from and sat down on Frank who was on the floor laughing. “(Y/N) get your ass off me!” Frank whined as he tried to push you off. “Not going to happen Frankie.” You laughed and looked down at him and his pouty lip. “Okay guys, the pizza should be here in ten so chose the movie, Mikes, come help me with the popcorn and drinks.” Gerard said with a grin before disappearing with his brother. 

“So (Y/N), when you going to ask Gee out?” Frank said casually causing you to almost choke on your own saliva, you slipped off his stomach and looked at him in horror. “How-” Before you could ask him anything he finished off the sentence. “How do I know? Let’s just say I’m psychic.” He said jokingly with a grin. You gave him a death glare and he laughed even more. “Nah, I’m just good at reading people, and when you’re around him all I can see if how much you want to kiss him.” Frank continued with a teasing tone. You grabbed the toy sword Gerard had in his room and pointed it at Frank’s neck. “Say anything to him Iero and I’ll put you six foot under.” You said threateningly causing Ray to laugh at both the threat and Frank’s worried face.

After two movies you were all in need of a small break to use the bathroom, stretch your limbs, get some fresh air, and get food. You were alone in the kitchen with Gerard as you made up some popcorn and talked with him, however, all you could think about was you crush on him, how long it had been going on, and you were debating on telling him about it. “You okay (Y/N)? You seem a bit spaced out?” Gerard asked, snapping you from your thoughts. You looked up into his soft hazel eyes and smiled softly. “Yeah.” You said quietly with a nod. “Just got some stuff on my mind, that’s all.” You mumbled and he quirked an eyebrow up at you. “What’s going on in that skull of yours?” He asked with a smile. 

You looked down at your hands and took a couple of deep breaths deciding that it was time to stop being so cowardly. “I-I, umm, I really like you Gee, a-as in like like you.” You mumbled, staring at your hands. “God that sounded stupid um.” You closed your eyes, anxiety bubbling only to be extinguished by a pair of soft lips on your forehead. You looked up to see Gerard smiling wide in front of you with rosy cheeks. “I like like you too.” He said laughing, your heart stopped and you looked at him with wide eyes. “Are you serious?” You whispered and he just nodded then stepped closer to you, you could feel him trembling from a couple of inches away and knew that he was just as terrified as you. “You mean everything to me (Y/N), I-I’ve been too scared to tell you before and it seems you have more guts than me but I do, really like you and I was maybe wondering, if you wanted to, we could possibly go out some time, l-like- like on a date.” He said nervously, you grinned and nodded at him. “Of course I’d want to Gee.” You said softly and he grinned wider as he stared into your sparkling eyes. “C-Can I k-kiss you?” He asked quietly and you blushed deeply before nodding. He pressed his slightly chapped lips to yours in a kiss and you had never felt happier, you wrapped your arms around his waist as you kissed back. 

After what felt like hours, you both pulled away with matching grins, you set your forehead on his and looked at him. “Happy birthday Gee.” You whispered before you heard Ray call up the stairs for you guys to come back down with the popcorn.

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OH OH, some hakizana jealousy, modern, or not whatever u want. and you can choose which party is jealous. maybe both are. ;)

Haki would like the record to show that despite what some people might say, she was not trying to start trouble.

She’s just so bored.

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Isaac Lahey Imagine- Because Of Me (Part 3)

Part 1      Part 2    Part4

“Brett!” you shouted for the hundredth time. You had been walking around the forest all night looking for him, ignoring the clear pain from every aching being of your body. Maybe Malia was right- you did need extra track practice. You walked and shouted until you physically couldn’t anymore so you sat on a mossy log to catch your breath. You took your phone out your bag and began to scroll through all your missed calls and texts. Three missed calls from Stiles, two from Kira and about seven from Malia. A text from Stiles, ‘Where the hell are you?’. Another from Liam, ‘We’re all worried, why didn’t you show up to the meeting?’. Two from Scott, ‘If you don’t get here now something must of happened and we’re coming to look for you’ and ‘We just got the memo, I hope everything’s ok, call me when you can’. Then there were several texts from Lydia, you didn’t open the chat you could already see what one said, ‘Isaac text me, what in the world?!?! I’m waiting for you in the coffee shop-’ you didn’t want to see the rest. You locked your phone and shoved it into your back pocket, “Great” you sighed. Now the whole pack pretty much knows what you’ve done. What were you thinking? On second thought you weren’t. Brett was the one thing you had going good for you and you blew it, all over some stupid fantasy that you could go back to Isaac and everything would be fine. You weren’t entirely sure who you hurt the most because at the moment you felt the most broken. You put your head in your hands, you know you’re hurt when the tears wont fall. Regardless, that was a real dick move for Isaac to tell your friends like that, without even talking to you about it.

You lifted your head and picked yourself back up, it was best that you went to the coffee shop, you knew Lydia would be worried about you and it wasn’t long until closing time. You huffed and began to head back in the same direction, pulling your bag onto your shoulder with a sense of nervousness and discomfort after the realization of being on your own, in the forest, at night without any supernatural defence kicked in. You were storming through the narrow trees when you heard a twig snap from behind you, due to Allison drilling some of her hunter training into you, your immediate reaction was to pick up the first branch you saw and snap it in half to get a pointed end. You then flung yourself around but they caught your arm before you could stab them. “Brett” you sighed, slowly lowering the stick and dropping it onto the ground. “I cant believe you would do this, with him of all people! It’s like the second he came back you became distant and started lying to me” he exclaimed, you were ashamed but there was a slight bit of relief when you saw how much he actually cared. “I know” you said staring at him. “Don’t deny it you-” he began but cut himself off after realising what you said. “I know I’ve been off with you, but can you blame me? Me and Isaac were together since freshman year, that’s how much we’ve been through together” you stated. “This isn’t about you and Isaac, Y/N. This is about us!” he shouted. “I’m sorry ok! I’m sorry I’ve been such a terrible girlfriend, I’m sorry I cant control my feelings and I’m sorry I’m not good enough. I’m not good enough for anyone!” you shouted back, with hurt more so than anger in your voice. “Why are you turning this back on me? You’re the one letting your ex latch onto you!” he was still shouting, but a bitterness had now crept in. “I’m done, I am so done” your lips quivered. “What do you mean you’re done? You were about to cheat on me, remember?” he was raising his voice, but no longer shouting. With the dignity and pride you had left you carried on walking, ignoring Brett calling your name.

By the time you got to the coffee house, your eyes were puffy and your face was drenched in not only tears but rain from the thunderstorm that had kindly hit you on the way there. You looked through the huge glass opening, seeing the dim yellow light that gave it a comforting and cosy warmth. There were a few people dotted around using the free Wi-Fi and a few staff members that were beginning to clean up. You glanced over to the queue to see Lydia was at the front ordering another cup, you took a deep breath and quickly opened the door. You walked straight over and the second she looked up at you, it just seemed to spill out. “Brett saw Isaac kissing me and I think I just broke up with him” you accidently said quite loudly, throwing your arms around and crying. Everyone stopped their conversations and it fell silent for a second, all their attention fell on you. You were standing there panting after getting that off your chest, with drenched hair and clothes. “Make that two coffees and bring them over” Lydia said quietly to the worker, handing him a 20 dollar bill. She then walked over and put her arm around you, pulling you to one side. They all finally returned to their conversations or put their earphones back in. “You didn’t read my text, did you?” she whispered giving you a sympathetic look. You shook your head with wide eyes and pulled out your phone before reading the text out loud, “…I’m waiting for you in the coffee shop- with the pack” you said slowly. You looked up to see them all sitting on the sofas in the far corner, staring at you awkwardly. You definitely didn’t sign up for this. She walked you over and you both sat on the sofa next to Kira and opposite Malia, Scott and Stiles. Liam was sitting on a single chair he had pulled over, nervously biting his nails. Scott gave you his jacket to put over your shoulders, after noticing you were shivering. They brought over two coffees and you held the mug in your hand, staring down at it. “You don’t have to talk about it, if you don’t want to” Kira smiled kindly. “Yes she does, now spill” Malia demanded. “Don’t act like you don’t already know, Isaac told you!” you exclaimed, still not looking up. “He only told us that Brett saw you studying with him and he flipped, that’s why you weren’t at the meeting” Scott added. You gave a loud sigh realising you had dropped yourself into this mess, not Isaac. “So back to the beginning, Isaac kissed you?” Stiles asked, clearly disappointed. “Not on the lips- just on the neck” you said, also realising how that sounded. Malia looked kind of happy, she hadn’t known Isaac for long but you guys were her otp, but you could tell she wished it was under better circumstances. “So wait, did you say you broke up with Brett?” Liam asked, also kind of happy. “I think so, I didn’t mean to but I’ve managed to screwed it all up” you groaned. “We can fix this!” Stiles said full of hope and optimism. “Well what if she doesn’t want it to be fixed?” Malia said glaring at Stiles. They then both proceeded to have a small squabble as to why you were better off with Isaac than Brett or Brett than Isaac. “What do you want?” Lydia asked, rubbing your arm comfortingly. “I don’t know anymore” you shook your head. This was certainly going to be a long night.

Luckily, the next day was a Saturday so you were able to avoid your friends for at least two more days. You were in your room listening to music but even that couldn’t drown out the loud thoughts swirling around your mind. You walked over to your wardrobe, pulling out the first decent outfit you saw and shoved it on. You actually remembered your jacket this time, after nearly drowning the night before. You hesitated for a moment, but thought against telling your friends where you were going (For the last month they made you text them whenever you went out alone). Instead you shoved your phone into your jacket pocket, grabbed your house keys and left. It wasn’t that late anyway. You wanted to go on a walk for a while, to take your mind off things and to clear your head. It’s something you used to do a lot of, before you were sucked into the supernatural world because now you get paranoid a lot. But today you weren’t going to let it bother you. Without a second thought you walked through a random empty side street, you were fine until you heard that noise. The noise that sends shivers down your spine, the noise that torments your nightmares. You slowly turned around to see them walking towards you. “Shit!” you whispered, running further down until you reached a dead end. Your shaky hands reached into your pocket and pulled out your phone, you knew you barley had enough time to make one call. You hesitated between Isaac and Brett, before realising you didn’t have either of them anymore. The second most reliable was Stiles because he always had his phone on him, “Pick up, Pick up” you panicked, noticing they were glitching closer and closer. “Hey it’s Stiles”. You sighed in relief but before you could open your mouth it continued, “You’ve reached my voicemail, so leave a message”. “This isn’t happening” you mumbled, running your hand through your hair. When it finally beeped you spoke as quick as you could, “Stiles I’m scared. The Dread Doctors are going to take me, please don’t let them kill me. I don’t know where I am and no one’s around. I’m so scared, you have to find me, please-” you began, while salty tears ran down your face. You looked around to see some rusty metal stairs that led to the roof of some old factory building. You threw your phone at the main dread doctor, you though it would buy you some time, but it just hit off its metal mask and smashed to the floor. You quickly ran over and up the stairs constantly turning to look behind you, when you didn’t see them at the bottom of the staircase you thought you’d lost them. But as you made it onto the roof there they were, already waiting for you. Typical- you should of seen that one coming.

“Do you think she’s ok?” Liam asked. “This is the second meeting she’s missed, something must be up” Malia said concerned. “Maybe she doesn’t want to see Isaac” Kira said nervously, while glancing at him. “She’s not coming” Stiles said, walking into Scott’s livingroom and holding his phone. He had tears in his eyes and he looked disappointed in himself. He played the voicemail for them all, all of them looked down at their hands or the floor while sitting on the edge of their seats. They couldn’t help but blame themselves for this happening. “We’re not letting them touch Y/N” Scott said, suddenly standing up. “What’s the plan?” Lydia asked, as the rest of them stood up. “Lydia, go and find Brett. Then go to her house and get him to catch her scent if he needs to” Scott began. “Malia, go with Isaac and try to find where she was taken. Look for any signs of struggle or emotions that can help us find her” he continued. “Kira, go with Liam and try to find their lab. Liam, remember to use all your senses to find it again.” “Stiles, come with me” he continued. “So wait, where are you going?” Liam asked. “If anyone knows it’ll be Theo. We’ll speak to him” Scott answered. “Great” Stiles muttered. “Keep your phones on” Scott stated, as they all flooded back out of his front door.

Lydia took her car and met Brett outside his house, he climbed into the passenger seat and sank into the chair.” Do you erm, need to get her scent?” Lydia asked softly. “No I’ve got it” he said rubbing his face. “This is my fault, I shouldn’t of shouted at her, then she wouldn’t need to go on one of her walks” Brett said shaking his head. “This isn’t your fault, we’re going to find her ok. I promise” Lydia said, glancing at him. “If anything happens to her I’ll never forgive myself” he claimed. “She’s a hard nut to crack, she’ll be fine” Lydia assured. Meanwhile, Isaac and Malia traced your scent to the side street. “That’s her phone” Malia said picking it up. “I think she went up here” Isaac continued, running up the stairs with Malia shorty behind. They noticed the small pool of blood that had stained the floor. “There was definitely a struggle and she’s hurt” Malia exclaimed. “She was scared, angry and for some reason amused” Isaac said furrowing his brows. “Sounds like Y/N” Malia told. “I should of been here, I should of always been here” Isaac mumbled. “How I see it, you cant change the past but you can change the future. So there’s no point blaming yourself when you could be out there looking for her” Malia advised. He nod his head and they carried on looking. “I’m going to find her, I need to” he whispered to himself. “Does this, you know smell familiar to you?” Kira asked. “I’m not sure, I cant do this without Scott” Liam replied. “Yes you can, I know you can. Do it for Y/N, she needs us” Kira encouraged. “What if I screw up? What if she dies because I’m too stupid to figure it out?” Liam asked, kicking the wall of the random tunnel they were in. “Don’t think like that, just breathe” Kira soothed. Liam took her advice and stopped to think for a minute, before tuning in his senses. “It might be this way” he shouted, as the two of them ran through the network of tunnels. “Theo” Scott called. “We know you’re here you little runt” Stiles added. Scott punched Stiles in the arm gently to shut him up, to which Stiles acted like he’d been hit by a hammer. “What do you want?” Theo asked walking forward. “We know you’re working with the dread doctors, where’s their little den?” Stiles asked. “I have no idea what you’re talking about” Theo replied, giving Stiles a sarcastic smile. “They have Y/N” Scott intervened, not wanting to hear them argue again. “Y/N? Why would they take her?” Theo questioned, clearly bewildered. Even though he was a power hungry sociopath, you had always got along with him and he promised he would never hurt you. “Show us where the lab is and we can save her” Stiles said. Theo huffed but still followed Scott and Stiles out to the jeep.

When your eyes finally drifted open you were met with a throbbing pain on your thigh. You looked down to see you had a huge slash mark from the struggle you had on the roof top. Your one arm was chained down so you couldn’t stand up or move very far. You rolled over slightly, your eye sight was still kind of blurry but you could see the shadows of the dread doctors moving. From what you knew about them, it wouldn’t be long until you were strapped down and made one of their experiments. You clenched your eyes shut, out of all the things you’d seen they were by far the creepiest. Even though you’d faced the Alpha in sophomore year, were paralysed by the Kanima, almost killed by the Alpha pack and Darach, watched two of your friends die from the Nogitsune and one suffer from it, helped your friends survive the Deadpool and even came face to face with The Beast, yet still something about the Dread Doctors made your skin crawl. You were lying there, feeling so weak and useless. Maybe being made a fake supernatural creature wasn’t such a bad thing, even if you died you could at least experience power for once, rather than being a useless human waiting to be saved all the time. “Please don’t hurt me” you groaned still in pain, as one of them began to walk over to you. It didn’t speak, it just made noises of banging metal and steam. You closed your eyes again, but before it reached out to touch you, a loud growl echoed around the lab. Along with the sound of loud footsteps from people running shortly behind. There was a fight and a half, you’d never heard them shout and scream so loud while giving out punches and kicks. That’s when you felt someone yank the chains from the wall and pry them off you. You rubbed your wrist and opened your eyes. They put their hand at the back of your head and helped you sit up. “It’s ok, I’m here now, you’re safe” he said softly. “It’s you” you smiled wildly, staring into his eyes. “It’s me” he smiled back, running his hands through your hair. “You saved me” you said weakly, while wincing due to him taking some of your pain away. It was him…

Cliff hanger, I know… Send in your requests as to who you want it to be, Brett or Isaac. I also interpreted a few requests into one, even if I don’t reply to them I would of still seen it x

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No warnings unless you dont like cussing. There is minimal cussing though.

1,400 words.

I really enjoyed this but made myself a bit sad.

You woke up feeling warm breath on the back of your neck, Josh had his arm wrapped around you and had pulled you as physically close to him as possible. There was no way that you could be anything less than content when you woke up next to your own little ray of sunshine.

You lay there for a few minutes, contemplating if you should even get up. By the time he begins to stir, you have resolved that today was not going a very productive day.

“Mm. Good morning beautiful.” Josh said, his voice distorted by the lack of use, you smiled and turned over to face him. He smiles at you and presses his lips to your forehead in a light kiss.

“Did you sleep well, love?” you ask.

“I haven’t slept that well in six months. I love touring with Tyler and all but holy hell, I miss you so much when I’m gone. Now I don’t ever want to move.” He says as he runs his hand down your side pulling you closer to him after brushing your hair out of your face.

“Luckily, we don’t have anything that needs to be done today.” You say before pressing a light kiss to his lips. He hummed lightly against your lips.

“Can we just stay like this forever?” he asked as you pulled the blankets closer.  The next couple hours were spent laying there listening to Josh tell you about the adventures he went on while on tour and how much he missed you.

Eventually the decision was made that the two of you would build a blanket fort and watch movies for the rest of the day. You were in charge of snacks like popcorn, candy and pizza. You called the pizza delivery and ordered what the two of you always ordered.

You popped popcorn and found the movie candy that the two of you stashed in the pantry for special occasions. You and Josh were considered mature adults, but that was only in public. At home, the two of you had pillow fights and tickle wars. There were water gun battles and dance offs.

You had met Josh through your brother Tyler when you were really young. You were a couple years younger than Tyler so Josh had always been your older brother’s friend. You started dating when you were 19 and Josh was 23. The relationship had started off and progressed quickly as the two of you had known each other for so long.

You put the freshly popped popcorn in a bowl and put all of the individually boxed candy in a basket, placing both of them on a tray along with bottles of soda. You walked back to the bedroom to find a fort partly constructed and Josh lying on the ground.

“Joshua, love? Are you alright?” you giggled at his look of distress as he explained that he needed help building the fort.

“Every time I build one wall, the opposite wall collapses. I need help.” He pouted. You smiled at him and set the snack tray on the bed. You walked back to Josh and tugged on his arm.

“Come on, sweetheart. I can help you with that. No problem. I didn’t expect you to do it on your own.” You say as he pulls to his feet. He pulls you in to his chest and presses soft kisses to your head. Josh had always been an affectionate person and he loved to point out his height by putting his head on yours. He thought it was funny, you thought it felt safe.

He could wrap you up in his arms and he often did. He had a habit of running his fingers down your sides and back and tracing patterns on your skin, it always sent warmth through your body when he touched you in any way.

You walked over to the partly formed fort and held the wall that was standing in place as Josh reaffixed the blanket to the chair that was holding the other wall up. You spread duvets and blankets on the ground in the fort to form a squishy place to sit or lie down.

You pulled a string of fairy lights from a drawer that held random décor and strung the lights across the ceiling. You put all the pillows from the bed in to the fort as Josh set up the laptop so the two of you could watch movies.

The doorbell rang and you went to answer it, you were wearing a low cut twenty one pilots tank top and black shorts with your hair in a messy bun. It had become habit for you to answer the door after Josh had opened the door to some fans and the two of you had to move apartments to keep your privacy.

You opened the door to the pizza delivery guy. He was probably your age and had good intentions when telling you that you ‘were the sexiest girl he had ever seen’ but seemed a bit distraught when you took your order and told him you had a boyfriend. You could only tell his distress was present as he walked away and called you a whore and a slut. You didn’t know how having a boyfriend made you either of those, but it made you happy to remember that Josh was finishing a blanket fort for a relaxing afternoon in the other room.

You took the pizzas in to the bed room and see that Josh moved the tray of snacks to the fort. You crawl in next to him and put the pizzas out. He pulls you in to his lap so that you are sitting on him and he wraps his arms around you.

“I don’t know how many times I have told you that I love you, but it will never be enough. How did I get as lucky as for you to think I am worthy of your presence, nevertheless the fact that I get to hold you. Even if we weren’t dating, which I don’t want to imagine, you would still be my best friend. I love you so goddamned much.” He says as he looks in to your eyes.

“Even after dating you for almost 3 years, I still get butterflies when you say that you love me. I am so in love with you that it is absurd how I could feel so much for one person. But I feel that way about you and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. You are the light of my life. You’re my person and the one who I feel like I’m dreaming when I kiss. I have to convince myself that this is my life because I will never deserve you, not in a million years, Joshua.” You say as he presses his lips to yours.

You run your fingers through his hair as he pulls you closer. His tongue enters your mouth and the kiss becomes more passionate. He runs his hand down your side and you smile. He smiles as you smile and the kiss is broken.

“You are too cute.” He tells you with a chuckle. You stick your tongue out at him and move so that you are sitting next to him and you can lean on him. You hand him his pizza and turn on a movie. The both of you eat and watch the movie. You eat cheap candy and take turns seeing who can throw it in to the others mouth.

After the movie, Josh lies down in the fort and pulls you with him so your head is rest on his chest and you can still have a conversation. The plans to have a conversation are ruined as the two of you start to fall asleep, your hand tangled in his. You fall asleep to the sound of his heartbeat and steady breathing.

You loved him so goddamned much.

Love you the mostest.


The Little One

What would have happened if it were a Daxamite baby in the pod instead of Mon-el. In which Kara finds an alien baby and everyone gets attached, especially a certain Luthor. This is probably going to become a series of one-shots so send me your prompts!

Thanks to @supercorpppp for giving me the original prompt!

You can now read this on Ao3!

Word count: 2.2k

“Don’t go near it Supergirl, we don’t know what might be in there,” warns the Martian. Kara ignores him as she steadily walks towards the pod, eerily similar to her own.

“No Hank, what if… What if someone else made it out alive?” The Kryptonian doesn’t waste time opening the pod with all the care in the world. She and Hank both were very surprised of what was inside, to say the least. Kara was even on the verge of tears.

“Alex,” Kara says through the other side of the infirmary. “Is she going to be okay?” She doesn’t want the baby, yes, a baby, to be hurt from the kryptonite as it recovers from its journey.

Hank puts his hand on Kara’s shoulder in a way to comfort the girl. “Don’t worry Kara. Give us an hour, and she’ll be ready to be carried.”

“Really?” Kara looks up at the man that has given her a second home, and a way to protect the city. He nods and Kara’s  smile grows. A baby. An alien baby!

An hour passes, and Kara sits waiting. Or she at least tries to sit, but with her excitement she just cant stop pacing.

On the other hand, Alex is having a serious talk with Hank. “I don’t think leaving the child in her care is a good idea Hank.” She crosses her arms and looks at the baby who sneezes, making Alex’s heart contract with cuteness overload.

“You have to understand that, besides her, Superman is the only Kryptonian left. This child must mean everything to her now.” Hank knows this very well. He would never let go of a child Martian if he ever had the miracle of finding one.

“That’s the thing,” Alex says. “The child isn’t Kryptonian. She isn’t weak to kryptonite, but she appears to be weak to lead.”

Hank lets the new information seep in. “We should tell her.”

Picking up other medical papers, Alex agrees. The agent walks out of the infirmary first to Kara’s eagerness.

“Well, how is she? Is she strong enough for me to hold her?” Kara rubs her hands together nervously. The instant her eyes laid on the baby in the pod, she fell in love. Call it maternal instincts or whatever you want, but Kara found herself deeply connected to the child.

“Yeah, you can hold her. Before that Kara, we need to talk. Please, sit down.”

Kara does as her sister says. “What’s up? I know that look, it’s the one you get when you have to tell me something.”


Hank interjects, making Alex glare at him. “The child isn’t Kryptonian, but by the looks of it she is of a very similar race.”

Kara sits back. The only are race similar to their is… “A Daxamite,” she whispers.

“A what now?” Alex asks, she furrows her brow in confusion.

“Krypton had a twin planet called Daxam which was a planet populated by a race similar to us called Daxamite’s. They were a cruel race, the bullies of the galaxy. Practically our enemies. Their planet was destroyed by Krypton’s explosion. It’s only a wasteland now.” Kara sighs. She puts her head in her hands. “Me and Kal-El are the only left of Krypton, but that poor child is the only one left of her planet. She has no one that could tell her about who they were.”

“Kara,” Alex sits next to her sister. “She has you, and she has us. Even if she doesn’t have a piece of Daxam with her, she’ll have a piece of Krypton and Earth.”

“And Mars,” adds Hank. Seeing the Danvers sisters talk Hank thinks of what he would do if he found the child of a white Martian. Not wanting to think of it too much, he decides to change the subject.

“Neither of you know how to take care of children. She will stay here while you work, but after that you two will switch the custody.”

“That sounds fair. We’re all very busy, so having her rotate between us would be beneficial.”

“I can take care of a child,” Kara says.

“You can’t even  take care of Cat.”

“What?” Kara looks at her sister, confused.

“Nothing,” she responds, smug.

“Alright you two, come on, we have a baby to take care of.”

Kara walks up to the little girl who should be at least a year old. With a skip in her step, she hasn’t been this happy in years. “Welcome to the Danvers family little one.”


Lena Luthor sits at her desk with a rather bored expression. She has been busy since she took over L-Corp. Kara Danvers in her mind isn’t helping her either. The day she saw her with Clarke Kent, Lena knew she was doomed. Her brother Lex was the only one to know she was gay, and he was a good enough brother to never tell their parents. Sighing, Lena starts signing her papers while waiting Kara’s arrival.

A soft knock on the door is heard. “Come in,” Lena says with a smile.

Kara pokes her head through the double doors in the way that drives Lena crazy. “Hello Lena”

“Kara.” Lena stands up and walks over to the blond reporter. “You look happier then usual, and you’re the ray of sunshine Kara Danvers which is definitely saying something.”

Kara looks down at the floor with a faint blush. How is that woman capable of making her feel so odd?

Putting her hand on the small of Kara’s back, Lena takes her to the couch in her office. “I wanted to talk about the report you did on me.”

Both women talk for what seems like hours until Kara gets a call and has to leave. Lena feels them getting close despite their “rough” beginning if you could call it that. So when she gets a text from Kara a few days later asking if she wants to eat takeout at hers, Lena’s heart almost leaps out of her chest.

Is that a date Kara?, she texts back.


Lena smiles, only Kara would reply with that.

Maybe. Says a text a minute later.

Maybe yes, or maybe no? Lena bites her lip as she gets in her car in route to Kara’s house.

Absolutely a yes, Lena.

She may or may not have stopped by for a bouquet of roses. I am not whipped  I swear, which is of course a thing that not even she believes. As she is about to knock on the door, Alex walks out. She looks at Lena surprised, looks at the roses with even more surprise before the agent turns around to glare a Kara who is looking over the couch with a sheepish smile.

‘A Luthor!?’ she mouths before mouthing that they will so be talking about that later. Alex smiles at Lena before slipping out.

“Well,” Kara laughs nervously. “That was…”

“That’s your sister isn’t it?” Lena watches Alex leave, and she can’t help but start to make connections.


Lena comes in further, slowly approaching Kara who is still on the other side of the couch. “I brought you these,” she says as she shows Kara the roses she bought. Kara’s red face is worth having to drive around almost the whole city for those specific flowers.

“You really shouldn’t have,” Kara starts with the smile that melts Lena’s heart.

All Lena wants to do is kiss those pretty red lips of hers. It makes her chest feel tight and butterflies explode into motion. And then, a crying baby.

Lena is left confused when she realizes its coming from Kara’s direction. Kara stands up with a beautiful baby girl in her arms. The girl continues crying, and Lena can’t help but notice that she has such similar eyes to Kara. Oh. Oh, she realizes.

“I didn’t know you had a child Kara,” Lena says. She doesn’t say it in an offensive way, she says it with a soft tone full of care and love. Despite the child not being hers, Kara finds relief in this. Especially when Lena offers to carry the child. She stops crying, and Kara almost dies of a heart attack at the sight. Its like they were meant to be together. The radiant beauty that Lena gives off as she holds the baby as if it were her own takes Kara’s breath away.

“What’s her name?”

“Luna.” Kara doesn’t say why they decided on the name Luna, and she’s glad Lena didn’t ask.

“Your mother gave you such a beautiful name baby girl.” Luna giggles, and Lena’s smile grows.

“Wow,” Kara walks up to two of the most important woman in her life. “You’re both so beautiful.”

“How come you never mentioned her?”

Kara shrugs as she puts the flowers in a vase with water.

“Well, Luna, you’re stuck with two mommies now.” Luna giggles even more and Kara chokes on her own air.


“First, out of all the people in the world it just had to be a Luthor!”

Kara switches the TV on from habit. “If we’re going to talk about Lena we might as well talk about Maggie Sawyer.”

“W-What do you mean?”

Her sister scoffs. “Please Alex. Both of you are more obvious then me and Lena.”

Alex ignores her sister’s remark. “Anyways, wait until I tell Clarke about this.”

Kara stares at her sister. “He would probably hold an intervention.”

“No kidding.”

Kara puts her feet up on the table as she eats from a pint of chocolate chip ice cream. “Now Luna has four mom’s and one dad, and that’s better then nothing.”

“You’re not going to let go of me and Maggie are you?”

Smiling, Kara says, “Nope. The whole DEO ships you two. They even have a name, Sanvers apparently, but personally I like Detective Danvers.”

Alex stares at her sister in disbelief. “I can’t believe you Kara.” She hits her sister playfully.

“What? It’s really that obvious! Even Hank is constantly telling me to x-ray rooms just in case, which please no I don’t want to see another thing like that after Winn.”

Her sister blushes and hits her again. “I hate you, in a loving sister kind of way.”

“Hey Kara, Luna needs milk,” Lena says as she pokes her head from Kara’s room.

Alex raises her brow at Kara whose cheeks turn as red as a tomato.

“Oh,” Lena walks to the living room, showing that she’s wearing only an over sized t-shirt with Supergirl’s symbol and she’s holding Luna who’s barely awake and nuzzling her shoulder. “Hey Alex, Kara didn’t tell me you were dropping by. I would have changed into something proper,” she says, laughing a little nervously.

Kara gives Alex a look that says 'It’s your fault for dropping by unannounced’. Her sister laughs as she stands up. “I just wanted to see how my sister was doing. By the looks of it, she’s doing quite well,” she says when she notices Lena’s ruffled hair. “I have to go, I have a date soon.”

Thinking about payback, Kara smirks. “Say hi to Maggie for me!”

Her sister shoots a glare at her as she leaves. Before Alex closes the door, she turns around and says, “I hope you’re using protection.” She successfully leaves them both flustered.


Hank secures Luna in the little baby table as he calls it. He gives her cheerios in a bowl which she crushes and throws on the floor. He groans and does the same two more times before he gives up.

“Not even my children were so…”

“Let me try,” Lucy kneels in front of Luna, making her laugh. She eats this time without throwing the food around. “See? Easy.”

Hank crosses his arms. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to talk to Kara and Alex.”

The Martian sits down, putting a few toys in front of Luna who gladly takes them. “Well, they’re on a date.”

Confused, Lucy asks, “What?”

“A double date agent.”

“That makes more sense.” Lucy looks at the baby girl. “Whose kid is that? She looks like Kara, but I haven’t been gone for more then a year for her to have a kid that age.”

Hank fills her in and Lucy volunteers to help take care of her as well if something big were to happen. As they talk they don’t notice Luna climbing out of the secured seat until she’s on top of one of the file cabinets.

“Well, I see that I just volunteered to take care of an alien baby.” Luna giggles as she reaches out for Lucy.

“Just look at that. The kid has a knack for turning people to her side.”

“Has she done it to you?” Lucy asks, as she grabs the girl down from the cabinet.

Hank doesn’t admit that he has been attached to her since the very beginning.

No, this is not the last you will see of Luna Danvers. Can we make her part of the fandom?

Restless Heart

Characters : Jared x Reader

Song : Say Anything by Anderson East

Summary : You and Jared were nothing more than just friends. For years, you two were all you’ve got. Until the day Gen appeared on the show, and changed everything. And though, you were used to him dating other people, things changed when you found out he was engaged to her. 

A/N : I have been asked by so many of you to write a Jared fic. So i hope you all enjoy! xx

You felt your heart pound profusely as you held the letter close to you. For 48 hours, you have waited for this moment. A few weeks ago, Jared surprised you with big news. Something that you honestly didn’t see coming. 

He was going to get married to the beautiful, and talented Gen. The girl you grew close with over the years and someone you considered a very important part of your life. Until the moment you realized that you were going to lose Jared. 

You were going to lose him to someone else. Watch him grow old with her, and make a family of their own. And though you knew you should be ecstatic for them both, you couldn’t. And thats when it hit you. 

You were in love with him. 

Those feelings were pushed aside, many years ago. After the two of you both decided to end the short romance and just be friends, because neither of you could bear the thought of losing one another. And the way things were going for you both, you were on the path of something ugly. And that wasn’t something you guys could risk. 

“You going to stay for the reveal?” Jensen muttered, his mouth filled with gummy bears. 

You shook your head, feeling your throat begin to knot. “N-no. I have to talk to Felicia about something.” You hesitated, trying to refrain from crying. Your emotions were all over the place, and honestly you weren’t sure how to handle it. 

He eyed you for a moment, scanning your face for bluff. Jensen was a brother to you. After meeting him, you two instantly clicked and he has been a close friend ever since. 

“You okay?” He asked. 

You opened your mouth, but the door swung open and Jared along with Rob and Richard, made their way in. 

You have been keeping your distance from Jared ever since he told you. You ignored his calls, ignored his texts. Today was the first time you saw him. And you couldn’t help but feel sick. 

“Hey! I didn’t know you were here.” Jared smiled, embracing you in his arms. 

His scent was overbearing, but kept you on a high. Until he released, smiling down at you. 

“I wasn’t planning on it. But Richard convinced me to.” You said shyly. 

Richard flashed a soft smirk. He was the only one who knew exactly how you felt for the guy. He was the only one who understood the pain you were feeling every time you saw them together. 

“Well I have to go.” You forced out. “Break a leg out there you guys.” 

They all let out a chuckle and nodded. 

“Hey, wanna get some drinks after? I missed you.” Jared asked. 

You swallowed hard as his words caused an ache to course through you. Something you were beginning to get used too. “S-Sure.” you exhaled. 

Before he had time to react, you practically ran out of the room. As the door closed behind you, you let out a breath you didnt know you were holding. You leaned against the wall, and looked up to the ceiling. “You can do this.” You whispered to yourself. 


As a few hours passed, it was finally time for the cast to make their way up to the panel. You met up with Richard, and handed him the letter. 

“You sure about this?” You whispered. 

He nodded, pursing his lips. “You have to tell him, Y/N. He deserves to know.”

You nodded and gave him the letter. He pulled you in for a quick hug, and made his way on stage. Waving to the crowd, as they all cheered, he quickly placed the letter behind Jared’s name and walked over to the podium. 

“Hey Y/N!” A familiar voice rang from behind, making you jump. 

“Shit Jared-” You panted, pressing your hand to your chest. “You scared me!” 

He let out a chuckle, his shoulders bouncing up and down. “Sorry. I forgot how much of a drama queen you were.” 

You squinted your eyes at him, and playfully hit his arm. “Shut up.” 

Hearing him laugh was something you wish you could hear forever. It was like a soft melody ringing in your ears. And it always made you smile. 

“Why haven’t you been returning my calls?” He asked, growing serious now. 

Your heart began to pace and though you wanted to tell him right there and then, you couldn’t. 

“Okay Jared, you are about to go up.” Cliff stated. 

You gave him a quick hug and took a step back. “Good luck out there.” 

Turning on your heels, you made your way back out to the crowd. Jared kept his gaze on you. He was so happy to see you today. You have been to every convention and every comic con with him. This was something you both shared together. Having you by his side through all of this, during the crazy uproar of the show, made him feel at ease with it all. He could never imagine doing any of this without you. 

“Okay, you are up.” 

You felt your heart pound profusely as you stayed close to the door, staring up at the boys. It was time for him to finally read your letter. You couldn’t help but feel anxious and nervous at the same time. 

Rob was cracking a joke with Misha as Richard leaned over to Jared, pointing at the letter in front of him. “Y/N left this for you.” He whispered. 

Jared took the paper into his hands, unfolding it as he glanced up at you for a moment. Your breath hitched, and you couldn’t handle the anxiety. So you slipped out of the room, and ran as far away from there as possible. 

His eyes gazed at the words your wrote on the letter. Feeling his stomach flutter and his heart drop to the pit of his stomach. 

Dear Jared,

              Where do I even begin? 

              I guess there is no way to say this. So here it is…I love you. I have always loved you and I dont think I ever will stop. When you told me you two were engaged, it killed me. It felt like you ripped my heart out and stomped on it right in front of me.  

             I don’t want to hold anything back from you anymore. I cant, because you deserve to know. I held my tongue for too long, and now i think I’m too late. So this is my goodbye. I cant be here and watch you marry her. I cant watch you two fall more in love. I cant pretend I dont feel this way for you because every time I see you kiss her, or see the way you look at her, I die a little.

          I hope you two have a great life together, I really do because All I want is for you to be happy Jared. I love you, and I always will. Im so sorry. Goodbye.


He swallowed hard, feeling tears well as he stared intently at the water bottle in front of him. Jared felt as if he was hit by a truck. His chest ached, and his stomach churned. 

He was confused, hurt, and most of all, angry. How could you do this to him now. How could you tell him that you couldn’t be in his life? His throat knotted, making it hard to even breathe. And all he wanted to do was storm out of there. To find you. 

His mind was racing with different emotions, different thoughts. He didn’t know what to do. 

But with all of that, he knew one thing was for sure. One thing he has been trying to push away, something he tried to brush off as nothing. 

He was in love with you too. Since the day you two spent the night out under the stars, 4 years ago, all he wanted to say, all he ever wanted to tell you was that he loves you. And it scared him. 

anonymous asked:

So, your ask box says open, I hope it's ok to send a request. Ok, so how would the Vongola/Varia and Byakuran react to their son/daughter reflecting their dead s/o. Like their s/o died from whatever you want (illness, accident, attack, giving birth, idk...) and the kids one day just do/say something their mothers used to and their fathers cant help to remember them. Also for Lussuria you can decide if their s/o is male/female, there's always adoption haha.

So I may have gone a little crazy on this reactions and turned them into scenarios - except for Ryohei, Lambo, Levi and Fran who gave me way to much trouble (because I am very horrible at their characters).  So those four have reactions.

Tsuna:  (I couldn’t work it into this scenario, but “you” died in childbirth…)

When his sixteen year old daughter came home from school to tell him about how the cute boy that sat next to him asked her out, he thought nothing he could shock him more.  And then she turned to him with a conspiratorial smile that looked so like you that he thought he was looking at you for a second.  

“He’s kinda cute, so like, of course I said yes.” Looking at him, she picked up that something was off.  

“Everything okay, dad?” Her concerned expression replaced that smile and just like that he was reminded that it wasn’t you.  

“Yeah,” he tried not to let her know how all the air had been shocked out of his lungs for a minute and he was struggling to talk right now.  He sat next to her on her bed, ignoring the confused expression on her face.  “You know, you look just like your mother?”

The confused expression didn’t completely leave her face, but a smile over took it.  “You think so.  In all the pictures around, she always looked so pretty.  So are you sure?”

Tsuna couldn’t stop himself from pulling her into a hug – and he was thankful that she let it happen, normally getting his daughter to allow a hug when she spent her childhood rough and tumbling with all of the other Vongola children was difficult to say the less.  “All the time.  


It had only been two months since the attack, and Gokudera didn’t think that he was ever going to be able to move on.  As he sat next to the bed, trying to get his eight year old and five year old into bed, he was reminded more than ever how much he had relied on you.  The little girls were not interested in going to sleep and he had no clue how to get them to do as he said.

“Read one more story, daddy?”

“Pleeeeeeaaaaassseeee?  With a cherry on top?”  

The two girls looked at him with equally beseeching expressions.  And it was getting hard to say no, especially when the expressions were so close the ones you would give when trying to tease him.  

“One more,” he agreed, a choke of tears in his voice that he was fighting to keep from his daughters’ notice.  He didn’t know how, but he managed to finish the short story they had chosen, and fled the room before he could get roped into another.

Sitting on the bed, that seemed so much larger now that you weren’t there, he finally let the tears come.  He didn’t know how he was going to do this.  


After you had died in the accident, Yamamoto had made sure to fill his home with all the pictures of you that he could find. From the oldest (at fourteen) down to the youngest (at six), he had put pictures with you and them in each of the kids’ rooms.  He wanted to make sure that you had as much of a presence in their lives, even now, as he could.  

Because through your kids, your presence could never dim in his life.  Your oldest son had your easy going smile, the twelve year old girl your fighting spirit, the two nine year old boys had the sass and mischievousness, meanwhile the six year old daughter had the exact same eyes.  At first, constantly being reminded had hurt at first.  

His own mother dying when he was very young, he had hoped that none of his kids would ever have to go through the same thing. Getting ready for the funereal, seeing all of them dressed in black and looking somber, Yamamoto would have given anything to have you there again.  Instead, he forced them to go back up and change into your favorite colors – you would have hated seeing them like this, he could, at the very least, change that.  And it had caused quite the commotion at first, but everyone who had known you, took one look at the bright colors and their smiles were a little less sad…

And then, the funeral was over and he had gone home, praying for guidance to try and figure out how he’d he get through without you.  And then four years had passed, and his oldest son – still with your brilliant smile – was leaving for college, and his sixteen year old had already been suspended half a dozen times for fighting off the school bullies, his thirteen year olds’ mischievousness was legendary throughout the Vongola and their allies, and then the youngest now turning 10, still had those bright eyes that always sparkled.  

And still, every night when they were hanging around after dinner, one of the kids would ask for another story about “mom” and he would happily oblige.  Making sure your kids knew how wonderful you were, what an amazing person you were.

He made sure to stop by your grave weekly, usually by himself but it wasn’t rare for one or more of the kids with him, making sure to tell you about everything that had happened since the last time he had been there.  And he always remembered to thank you for those five perfect miracles you had given him. Because looking at anyone of them, he was always reminded of you – always feeling your presence right there in his life, through the smiles and laughs of his boys, and the spirit and gaze of his daughters.  


Ryohei, from the very beginning, is going to appreciate those resemblances, those moments where he catches a glimpse of his dead wife in his child.  He’ll have figured out the things that make those moments happen and will do what he can to make them happen all the time.


For a while in th+e beginning, it brings tears to Lambo every time he sees the connection.  And then he comes to really appreciate it.  He’ll probably say something about them resembling their mother every day at least once.  And he’ll always be sharing stories to make sure that the kid(s) know all about their mom.


“Father, may I ask a question?”  Hibari looked at the serious expression of the eight year old, and decided it was probably important enough to put aside the paperwork he was going over for the Foundation.

“What is it?”  He nodded for the boy to sit down across the table from him.

After gracefully sitting down opposite him, the boy put a piece of paper on the table. “My assignment from school was to write out five traits about each of my parents.  I have already finished yours, but I don’t remember Mother’s.”  He looked at his father expectantly, pencil poised over the paper.

Hibari felt it hit him like a ton of bricks, sitting there, ready to take notes, the young boy with your eyes looked exactly like you when you had helped him out with paperwork.  The memory reappearing out of nowhere made it hard for Hibari to breathe, but he pressed through and gave the boy a list of your five best characteristics.

He was thankful that his son left as soon as he thanked him for the help, because already he could feel a prickle of tears at the back of his eyes.  He snarled in frustration as he wiped them away.  He thought he had finished crying over you, when you had died in the accident five years ago.  Tears weren’t suited for a carnivore – but no matter how hard he thought that, or how he tried to force them away, they wouldn’t’ stop coming.  


When you had died of an illness, Mukuro hadn’t known how to respond.  He wished it had been something violent or an accident, anything other than natural causes. Anything else, he could have blamed someone.  Anything else, he could have gotten vengeance – could have responded in a way that he understood.  But this, he could do nothing but numbly hold your five year old daughter at the funeral and watch the casket being lowered from sight, hands tightening on the little girl in his arms.

When he put her to bed the night after, he hadn’t bothered to hide the sadness in his face – after all she was tired and probably wouldn’t pick up on it.  And he had been putting on his “brave” face all day, he was tired of it.  He needed a chance to let it all out.

As he lowered the girl into her bed, kissed her forehead and said goodnight, he hadn’t expected her to grab her hand. Looking back, he was surprised to see her looking very concerned (at least, as concerned as a five year old could). “It’s a’right, babbo.  It’s going to be a’right.”

Looking into the concerned eyes of the five year old, who was gently patting the hand she held, Mukuro felt his knees buckle as he slumped to the ground next to her.  He was just reminded of you right in that moment, that comforting sympathy that you always approached him with.  

Wrapping his arms in a hug around her, Mukuro finally let the tears fall that he had been holding back ever since he had said goodbye to you.  He could feel her patting his back, most likely incredibly confused, but still offering uncomplicated sympathy.  


Xanxus didn’t appreciate his three boys having so much of your sense of humor.  It had been one of the reasons that he had been so attracted to you.  A spitfire that always had something to say, no matter the occasion, and never one to be above making a joke about the mafia, you had grabbed his attention the first time you had met him.  And life had never been boring with you.  

And then there had been an attack.  You had traded your life in exchange for you sons – and while Xanxus would never blame his boys’ for it, every time one of them would make a smart ass comment and then smirk that goofy ass smirk (because you hadn’t been able to ever make a smirk work…always cracking yourself up before you could really do it), he felt like he was seeing you for a second.  And it hurt.  Damn it, it stung.

And it wasn’t just one of them…  Somehow, all three of them had avoided inheriting his bad attitude and had gotten your upbeat, ridiculous sense of humor – determined to find the humor in any situation.  And they had been close enough to you, that in addition to just generally having the sense of humor, sometimes the things they said – if Xanxus closed his eyes, he could hear that same comment in your voice.

“Don’t you three have something else to be doing?” Xanxus growled, watching them as they lounged on the couch in his office, all three trying to see one phone.  Apparently, one of his seventeen year old sons was asking a new girl out – and getting hints for the other two.  (Not that Xanxus would follow any of their advice…)

“And miss out on seeing your handsome face, dad? Never?” The oldest replied with a winning smile which could have been considered innocent if it was on anyone else besides one of your children.

“Idiot.”  There was no bite to his tone, because no matter how much it hurt, Xanxus would never give up being able to see those stupid expressions of yours on any of the boys’ faces.  Anyway, seven years was doing a lot to numb the pain to a manageable degree.  

(“I know he is, but what about us?” The youngest gestured to himself and the one in the middle, who grinned as the oldest brother took offense to it.)


Dying in childbirth, it seemed as though your legacy would also die out as well.  You lived in such a violent world where death was so commonplace that it simply became easier to forget about those who had already passed on.  Looking at all your older children, Squalo knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Every time he turned around, it seemed, he was reminded that his kids were half yours as well.  For every feature of his inherited, there was one of yours, just as obvious.  It was as if, even from the grave you were determined not to let him forget you.

It had hurt, in the beginning.  He had been pained having to see all these reminders of yours, when he would never see the real you again.  And then time had passed and the pain numbed ot a manageable level and it became comforting.  He knew that though his kids, for as long as he’d live, he wouldn’t forget your smile on your accent your eyes or your laugh.  


It’s really hard for him – and it never really gets easier.  However, he still treasures the moments as they happen and makes sure that if it’s like an expression or something they do, he’ll get a picture of it, probably to put on his wife’s grave or something – so they “can see it too. 


“Daddy,” the little seven year old yelled out from the master bedroom.  “Daddy! Come look at me!”

Lus was running there as soon as he heard his daughter’s shout.  And came to a full stop as soon as he entered the room.  His beautiful little girl had somehow managed to get into the part of the closet in the master room where Lus had kept some of your favorite outfits.

And there in the middle of the room, was his daughter standing in one of the dresses, balancing precariously on a pair of heels.  She had a big grin on her face as she looked up to meet his eyes.  “What do you think, Daddy?  Do I look pretty, like Mommy did?”

Lus was by her side in a second, wrapping her up in his arms.  “Of course you do, darling.  You look more and more like her every day.”  He held her close to him for a second before letting her go so that he could take some pictures quickly.

She never found out, but he kept those pictures right next to pictures of you in the same outfit, the same brilliant smiles adorning both faces.


When you had died during childbirth, Bel was angry. He was angry at you, for daring to die. He was angry at the young boy who had entered the world as you had left, for taking you away from him.  He was angry at himself…he had played a certain role in all of this.  

It had taken a while before he had learned to accept the young boy who had taken your place, and even at first, he hadn’t been thrilled with it.  (He had turned out just fine without an active father…why wouldn’t his son be as well?)

And then he was watching the baby play with some stupid toy someone had given him, and the child, as if sensing his father’s gaze, looked up.  And right there, staring back at Bel was your eyes.  That beautiful color, full of life, it was like looking into your eyes and Bel’s anger dissipated like that.  

It soon became a common sight to see the Varia’s Storm strolling around the Varia Castle, holding the baby on his side – as he pointed things out and was constantly “teaching” the boy how to be a prince.  The baby, meanwhile, had no clue what was going on, but was always giggling and babbling around in his own way.  

“You will never forget that you’re full royalty. You had me for your father and a princess for a mother.  You won’t do anything to tarnish her legacy.  Do you understand?  You do? Good.  Now, you must learn that these other peasants that surround us are peasants.  Don’t smile at them.  They don’t deserve it.”


Fran’s just going to try to ignore the resemblances between his child(ren) and his dead wife.  It hurts – but he’s never going to show it.  At the same time, he’s not going to point out the resemblances – other people can, and he won’t really comment on it, or will make a sarcastic comment in return.  If specifically asked by his child, he’ll be truthful but won’t really expand on it or anything.


Byakuran had never expected that he would have to raise the twin boys by himself.  Not when the two of you had planned the future out together, how the two of you would take care of your sons, and the family trips you would take.  He didn’t want to do that by himself.  He didn’t think he could do that by himself – not with two thirteen year old boys and no you in sight.

When you had died, an unpreventable accident, he had thought that he would never be able to move on again.  But he found out that he had to move on.  That he had to keep going for his boys’ sake.  And it was the hardest thing he had to do.  It still was.

And things never got better.  But the pain did lessen.  And he thought it was getting better – and then something would happen.  Something when one of the boys would turn to him and grin widely, or would make a comment, so many little things that reminded him of you.  

And each time it happened, and he felt like he could see you again.  That you were right there for a second, grinning at him.  And it tore him up – he knew he should be grateful that he could see you for a moment.  But it hurt so much.  Six years and the pain still hadn’t gone.  He didn’t think it ever would.  

“Best. Gift. Ever.” (Gift pt.2 Cody Christian Imagine)

Prompt: You and Cody are best friends and know everything about each other, something he doesn’t know about you? You’re in love with him but you don’t tell him, why lose the best friendship you ever had just because you want more when he probably doesn’t feel the same, right?

Abbreviations: Y/N (Your name), Y/L/N (Your last name)


Author: Ross

Word Count: 1968

A/N: a sarong is like a cover up girls wear at the pool/beach 

Warning: Can you say smut? lol. Smut, Fluff, and all that good stuff. 

Part 1

“In love with who?” says a familiar voice, I spin around to find Cody leaned up against the frame to the entrance of the kitchen, “Lex I’m gonna have to call you back, yea love you too, bye.” I hang up and stare down at my phone then place it on the counter, “So how much of that did you hear?” I ask while I sit myself on the counter next to my phone and nervously fumble with my fingers. “Enough.”

 He says while walking over to me, he doesn’t stop until he’s in between my legs.When he is, Cody places his hands beside my thighs as he looks me in my eyes and asks, “What did you mean? Who were you talking about?”

I shake my head as I chuckle nervously and continue fiddling with my hands as I say, “I don’t want to destroy one of the best friendships I have in my life by telling him that I’m in love with him.” “You didn’t answer my second question Y/N.” Cody reminds me as I look anywhere but his face, “That’s because it’s you Cody, but please lets not do this tonight I don’t want to ruin your party, so lets just discuss this tomorrow or something and go open your birthday gifts yeah?” I begin to try and slide off the counter but Cody’s hand on my waist stops my movement.

           He uses his other hand to bring my attention to use face where a small smile rested as he said, “Why, when the only gift I want is right here?” my eyes widen as a shocked facial expression takes over my senses as he say, “Why didn’t you ever tell me do you know how long I’ve waited to think there was even a sliver of a chance with you?” I find my voice as I speak and say, “Cody what I—I don’t get it what are you saying?” he takes in a deep breathe before looking me in my eyes as he says, “Y/N Y/L/N you are the only gift I need, you always have been.”

           Then before I could make any response his lips are on mine is a soft but sweet kiss. He pulls back to look me in my eyes, to gauge my reaction but I don’t give him the time as I pull his face back to mine and kiss him with a passion that we’ve had pinned up for years. I bring him closer to my body as I wrap my legs around his waist and he locks his arms around my waist. I place my hands in his hair and tug earning a slight moan from him that sends a delicious vibration running through my body. His hands move to the back of my thighs as he lifts me off the counter top and carriers me to a room downstairs and lays me on the bed without breaking our kiss. As he lies down on top of me I feel his hardened erection against my core causing me to let out a moan.

            He takes full advantage of the opportunity as he slide is tongue into my mouth deeping the kiss. His mouth moves around my neck until he finds my sweet spot earning another moan from me. He continues his path down my body and doesn’t stop until his head is in between my thighs directly in front of my core. He moves my sarong out of his way and runs his finger along the fabric of my swim suit bottom as he looks up at me and says, “May I?” unable to speak I bite my lip as I nod my head. He looks up at with a sexy smile as he slides my bottoms down my legs and throws them on the floor. Leaving me feeling utterly exposed and vulnerable, my cheeks redden as Cody comes back to my core and gasp as he run his hands along my thighs as he whispers out, “Beautiful.”

           Seconds later his tongue is on my throbbing clit and I cant help the loud moan that escapes my mouth. He swirls his tongue around my clit causing a knot in my stomach to begin to form in the most pleasurable way. As the knot grew tighter and tighter he stuck two fingers into my dripping core causing me to gasp while I bucked my hips in appreciation. The sensation of him moving his fingers in and out of me, while his tounge worked my clit gave me pleasure I’d never experienced. I moaned out his name while my hips bucked again as he found that right and continued to hit it as he moved his fingers.          

           He brings his free arm on my hips to hold me down and keep me from moving forcing me to focus on the pleasure he was giving me. I put my hand in his hair and tugged causing him to let out a moan that sent a wave of extacsy through me that almost made the knot unravel, as Cody continued to pump his fingers I said, “Cody i—I’m so close.” He slowed down the pace of his fingers and tongue going at a tourtously slow pace and making me call out, “Cody…” he stopped all together and I let out a frustrated moan and soon Cody’s face was in front of mine as he leaned down just above my lips and said, “I know baby but I want you to come while I’m inside you.”

 He moves from above me and removes his swim trunks, seconds later he’s above me and kissing me. I taste myself on his tounge and pull him closer to me, he brings a hand up above my head to support some of his weight while he uses the other one to guide himself to my entrance, he stops there and rubs his erections against my folds and I let out an impertinent grunt before shift my body down so that the tip of his cock slip past my lips causing us both to gasp. He continue to sink into me slowly until he was all the way in. 

He gave me time to adjust to tremendous size and then he started to move slowly being sure not to hurt me but I wanted more, I needed it. I began to move my body below his meeting him with every thrust he gave me. Soon he got the message and picked up the pace, he started going faster and I couldn’t help as I moaned out his name, in the blink of an eye I was on top, straddling him and he laid beneathe me. If it was at all possible it seem as though he sunk deep into me and I moaned his name loudly.  I began to move up and down his length while he watched the space where our bodies meet and I saw the pleasure evident on his face. He sat up and unhooked my bikini top that was practically already off as he took my harned nipple into his mouth causing me to slow the pace I moved along his cock as I focused on the pleasure his mouth was yet again bringing. He nibbled down on my nipple and I grinded down against his cock as I cried out.

           He released my nipple from his mouth as he laid back down, I placed my hands on his chest where I found the stbality I needed to pick up the pace. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled in the room in addititon to our moans and grunts. Cody rolled us again and he was back on top and as he rocked in and out of me and that knot started to build again. He moved in and out of me faster hitting that perfect spot every time, I was so lost in the pleasureable sensation I didn’t feel his hand roaming down to the space between us until his thumb was moving in circles on my clit making me let out a loud moan as I closed my eyes and stammer out, “Co—Cody I’m gon—gonna come.” He leaned down, placing his forehead against mine as he whispers, “Open your eyes baby I want to see them when you come around me.”

            I obey his command and my eyes shot open to be met by Cody’s blue orbs staring back at me. I took in a deep breathe, as I was on the verge of my release Cody eyes searched my own for a moment before he said, “Y/N I love you so much.” and that was exactly what I need to push me over the edge, I called out Cody’s name as he continued to pump in and out of me making my orgasm spiral on. As my walls were close around his cock he gave three more sloppy thrust before he stilled pouring his come inside of me.

           I shut my eyes as Cody fell on top of me while we both tried to catch our breath. Soon he pulled out of me and I couldn’t keep back the moan that slipped past my lips as he length slides out of me. He held himself up on his arms above me as he closes his eyes and takes in deep breathes as if he’s nervous and I realize it’s because he said he love me.

           Wait he said he loves me, and after what we did it couldn’t have been like that crappy best friend I love you we said to each other before he really… loves me. “Cody…” I say as I wait for him open his eyes, he looks down at me with a slightly worried facial expression, I bring my hand up to caress his cheek as I say, “I love you too.” He gives a me breath taking smile that shows all of his pearly whites before he leans down and places a sweet his on my lips. As he pulls back everything comes back to me as I place my hands on his chest and say, “We have to get back to your party! You have to open your gifts.” he thinks about it for a moment before he says, “We don’t have to, plus I’ve already gotten the best gift. You.” I blush while I giggle as he leans down to kiss me again, this time with much more passion but I stop him before things can heat up to much and we go for round two.

           After we put out swimsuits back on we make our way back out into the backyard and Dylan comes running up to us. “Dude where have you guys… been.” after he looks between the two of us he smirks as he says, “Never mind, um Y/N you might want to fix your hair a bit and Cody watch those scratches don’t want them getting infected.” After a wink he walks off leaving me baffled and Cody laughing his ass off. I slap his chest and face him as I say, “It’s not funny! I don’t want people looking at us funny.” He places his hands on my arm then slides them down to my waist as he pulls me close and says, “I don’t care what people think.” Then he leans down a places his lips on mines, for a moment I resisted, not wanting everyone watching us kiss then I couldn’t help but kiss him back as I wrapped my arms around his neck closing the small space between our bodies.

           We heard hoots and catcalls causing me to pull back but Cody wouldn’t let me get far. He leaned his forehead against mine as he look into my eyes and said, “Best. Gift. Ever.”

Never Again

Never again
Rated M

   "You will answer me Aurora!“

   Philip stalked in front of Aurora. His ale fueled rage quite evident to anyone who may have been walking down this wing of the castle.

   "Philip I don’t know what you are talking about.”

   "Do not lie to me!“ His scream echoing off the walls of her bed chamber.

   "She sneaks into your room in the dead of night for what? Does she touch you Aurora?” He threw his cup at the nearest wall.

   "Philip, I have not seen Maleficent in a weeks. She can come see me whenever she pleases. You need to come down. And you will not speak to me like this. I am…“

   Her sentence stopped with a hard hand connecting with her face. Aurora stumbles back cupping her stinging cheek.

   "You whore! I will not be married to a girl with a magic twisted mind.” He stormed onto the balcony.

   "I hope you can hear me you beast. I hope you are happy with yourself.“ He screamed into the night.

   When no answer was forthcoming his anger grew and his voice as well.

   "Answer me bitch!”

   "She can’t hear you!“ Aurora screamed over his ranting.

   Philip turned back to the young Queen. His wild like an animal. His face red from the ale as well as his screaming. His hands shook.

   "And yet she comes flying in at your slightest whimper. How is that your majesty?” His voice poisonously low.

   "We have a bond Philip. I have known Maleficent my whole life.“

   "And how was that bond made Aurora? Huh? Her Magic? Like the cures she placed on you? Or is it a physical bond?” The last question asked as he struck her again effectively splitting her bottom lip. His hand tangled in her hair forcing her to look up at him.

   "Did she get inside you Aurora? Did you allow her to push her claws into you? Did you release to her hands? Her mouth? Did you give your virtue to the beast of the Moors?“ the back of his hand striking close to her eye.

   "STOP!” Aurora’s cry carried through the halls.

Two guards walking their rounds heard their Queen scream. The knocked in her door grabbing Philip off the young woman.

   "Your majesty.“ They called to her.

   "Arrest him. Get him out of here.”

   They dragged and kicking and screaming Philip from her room. Aurora dropped to her knees and cried. Her whole body shook in fear and pain. Her future effectively shattered in moments. She curled her body tightly into a ball.

   She cried for what seemed like hours. Her head stuffing up and eyes burning. She stood finally and made her way out to her balcony. She lent on the railing and took in a deep shaking breath.

   "God-Mother. I need you.“ She whispered to the skies.

   Maleficent sat in her Rowan tree. Nodding off to sleep when something came to her ear. A whisper a plea from her beastie. She looked at Diaval in raven form.

   "Aurora needs us.” They both took to flight in the chilled night.

   Maleficent felt a great dread come into her gut. She feared what she would find when they arrived. She felt great despair from the young queen and it stabbed at Maleficent’s heart.

   She landed on the balcony of Aurora’s room. The blond was curled up on her side, her back facing her. Her sobs clear to the faerie. Diaval flew into the room and landed on the bed facing Aurora. Aurora lifted her head and reached out to him.

   "Hello pretty bird.“

   Diaval jumped back slightly, a startled caw escaping him. His beak hanging open slightly.

   "Into a man.” Maleficent cased.

   "Aurora, My queen. What has happened?“

   Diavals tone caused the tall faery’s stomach to drop. She was afraid of what she may see. She slowly stepped into the chamber and perched on the edge of the bed. Aurora sat up and turned to face her. The deep red marks on her face and split lip caused Maleficent to gasp. She was enraged.

   Aurora sat and just watched her godmother’s face. There was a sadness in her eyes she had never seen. The usually bright green and gold eyes dropped to a dull almost yellow color. She grabbed the faery’s hand.


   Maleficent sat and starred at the bruised cheek and temple, the blooded fat lip. Her eyes stung with tears. She reached up with her free hand and brushed the blood streaks careful to avoid the gash on her mouth. The tears fell from her eyes.


   "I am so sorry beastie.”

   Aurora reached up and wiped the tears away. She watched Maleficent’s expression change. Her eyes darkened and nostrils flared. Her breaths became shallow and rapid.

   "Maleficent. He is in the dungeon. He cant do anything now. Please be come please.“

   Aurora could feel the air changing. It was getting darker and colder. Maleficent’s anger effecting it so. She sat at her desk and pulled out a parchment and quill. She looked up at the faerie who sat starring at her white knuckles. Her face was full of anger, disgust and hatred.

   Aurora quickly wrote on the parchment. She folded and sealed it with the royal seal. She walked over to Diaval and handed it to him.

   "Diaval I need you to get this to King Rupert. Be swift my friend. I need this to get to him before Philip sends any word to him.”

   "Yes my queen.“ Diaval bowed to her.

   They both looked at Maleficent who hadn’t moved an inch.


   His voice bringing her to attention to him. She looked between the two and nodded.

   "Into a Raven.“

   Diaval took off parchment in talon. Aurora sat next to Male and wrapped her arms around her waist resting her head on her shoulder. They sat in a comfortable silence though the faerie’s anger still lingered in the air. She wrapped her wings around them pulling Aurora closer wrapping them in warmth. Maleficent rested her cheek on the top of her head.

   "Aurora I need to tell you something.”

   Her voice a mere whisper but the tone made Aurora nervous.

   "What is it?“

   "Beastie when you were asleep from the curse. I watched as the Pixies had Philip kiss you. To try to wake you.”

   "What do you mean try? You all told me he did wake me.“

   "I know darling. Please let me finish.”

   After Aurora nodded Maleficent grabbed both of the girls hands and turned to face her. Aurora’s stomach tightened even more.

   "Philip’s kiss did not wake sweet one. After they left I came in and made a promise to you. Though it was I that put you there to begin with. You had, have captured what was left of my heart. I swore to protect you till the day I die.“

   Maleficent’s tears free flowed down her cheeks. Her voice was strangled by them.

   "I wasn’t here to protect you from him. I failed you.”

   Aurora wrapped her arms tightly around Maleficent’s waist again. Burying her head into her chest.

   "I woke you Aurora. And because I didn’t tell you the truth, because I wanted you to have a life befitting a queen… A life you deserve…“

   Aurora pulled away and grabbed Maleficent’s face and looking deep into her eyes. Eyes swirling with red and purple. She wiped away her tears.

   "You did not do this to me Godmother. You did not cause that idiot to lay his hands on me.”

   "But I did not protect you.“

   "How would you have known what he would o?”

   "I should have.“

   Aurora pulled Malle to lay beside her. The faerie pulled the queen tight to her and wrapped her wings around them. Aurora brushed her fingers through the chestnut brown hair.

   "You thought you were giving me what I wanted. I forgive you that you silly faerie. I am saddened though. I have spent all this time wondering how that fool was my true love. When all I ever wanted was you.”

   Malle ran her fingers along Aurora’s unbruised cheek. Looking into her eyes.

   "You are always on my mind Maleficent. I miss you terribly when I don’t get to see you. So much so it troubles my sleep. At times I cant sleep at all.“
      "Beastie I.” Aurora placed her thumbs on her lips her fingers fanning both sides of her face.

   "No. You will stop blaming yourself for the actions of a dim whit. You will however know that I love you Maleficent. Protector of the Moors and my heart. And you will remain here tonight and hold me like I have wanted you too for so long.“ Her voice left no room for argument. Authoritative but gentle.

   Malle smiled sadly.

   "Yes my Queen.” Malle bowed her head.

   "Good. We will figure out what to do in the morning. Diaval should be to the North in a days time and either he will come to collect his son or Diaval will return with a response. I would like to return to the Moors with you if at all possible.“

   "Yes beastie. Your subjects have missed you. Dare I say not near as much as I have. But they do miss you.”
Aurora smiled gingerly. She rolled over and pressed her back into Maleficent pulling the faerie’s arm around her waist and up to her face. She kissed her palm and held her hand.

   "I do love you Malle. More then anything in this world.“

   "And I you beastie.”

   A few days passed and Aurora returned to the castle awaiting the soon arrival of King Rupert. Maleficent stood at her side where she sworn to be for the rest of her days. They stood in the throne room. Aurora sat on her throne. Her cheek and temple were still bruised but not swollen. Her lip was still puffy. It would split open again when ever she smiled or laughed. It caused a pain in Maleficent’s heart every time.

   "Your Majesty I present King Rupert of the North Kingdom.“ Her court crier announced.

   Rupert was a small fat man of forty years. He walked up to them and bowed at Aurora.

   Aurora took Maleficent’s hand her nerves frayed slightly. Maleficent bowed down to her ear.

   "You will be fine my love.”

   Aurora nodded and stood. she walked forward pulling Maleficent with her to stand beside her.

   "Queen Aurora.“

   "Hello King Rupert.” Aurora bowed her head in return.

   The older King spotted the marks on the young queens face. Her bruised cheek and temple stood out starkly on her fair skin. her lip was angry and shinning from a fresh split in the scab. His face dropped intense sorrow and regret passed over his expression. He moves to approach and Maleficent steps in front of her wings expanded.

   "You will ask permission before approaching.“

   He back up.

   "You know Protector. When I first saw you at the christening you were menacing. With your wings you are more so.”

   Maleficent narrowed her eyes at the small man.

   Aurora placed a hand on the small of the faerie’s back.

   "Maleficent let him approach. I wish for him to get a good look at what his son has done to my face.“ Aurora commanded and she sat back in her throne.

   "Yes my queen.” She lowered her wings and stood beside Aurora once again.

   Rupert walked up the small stairs and stood a respectable distance away from the young woman. His sadness becoming deeper.

   "Aurora I…“

   "I do not want or expect and apology from you Rupert. You did not lay hand on me. The only reason I have not condemned your son to any length of a sentence is because I value our friendship.The ally I have in you is not one I wish to lose. As you may understand however I no long want your son in my Kingdom. We will not be wed.”

   "I understand Aurora. I am sorry it is ending this way. I do apologies to you for his actions. Please forgive my son.“

   Aurora looked up and Maleficent and back to Rupert.

   "Rupert whether I forgive your son or not is irrelevant. I will honor a Fae right here today. Maleficent is my true betrothed and Philip placing hands on me is a grave insult to her. She will punish him accordingly with her traditions without doing grievous harm to him. I also expect you to cast your punishment Rupert before me here. I wish to know exactly what will happen to him when he leaves here.”

   Rupert looked to Maleficent.

   "Please Protector do not kill my son.“

   "I have not intentions of killing him King Rupert. It is beneath me.” She sneered.

   Aurora stood and stood beside her love.

  “Guards bring in the prisoner.”

   Heavy doors open to the left of the throne.

   "Unhand me! You men will pay for your insolence.“

   The guards stopped in front of their Queen and released the still shackled Prince. Maleficent stepped forward staring down at the boy.

   "You. You witch. You unholy deacon. Curser of babes. I will see you hanged for this.”

   "Shut up.“ Maleficent warned.

   "Philip my son. I beg you do not make things worse for yourself.”

   "Father. Good you are here. This creature has poisoned the mind of my Aurora. She forced herself into her bed and took what was mine to take.“

   A powerful burst of green magic knock Philip back. He landed hard on his back. Aurora stood and watch carefully. Ready to reel her faerie in if needed.

   "Her majesty’s virtue is hers to give to whom she chooses not for someone to take as a trophy. You call me a beats sir but you are the only animal here. ”

   Maleficent grabbed by the shoulder of his shirt. Lifting him to his feet. Philip spat in her face. Aurora gasped lightly. Maleficent wiped her face. Her eyes swirled red as deep as her lips. He lunged at her trying to knock her off her balance. She balled her fist and drove it into the kids sternum. His breath leaving his lungs with a loud grunt. He dropped to his knees. She grabbed his lapel and pulled him up still gasping.

   "I didn’t even hit you that hard.“ She glared into his eyes driving an understanding into the overzealous boys head. She released his lapel. She sung a back hand and connected with the prince’s face. Blood coming from his mouth.

   "Maleficent. Stay your hand.” Aurora commanded.

   The faerie stopped and walked back to stand beside Aurora. He wings were twitching to take the boy to the clouds and drop him on his arrogant head. Aurora placed a gentle hand on her left wing to sooth it. It was the first time she touched a wing. It was amazingly soft but she could feel the strength they held.

   "King Rupert.“

   The small man stepped in front of his son.

   "Philip you have dishonored me and your mother. I am sending you to take the cowl. The priesthood with you boy. You will take the vow of silence and be grateful that you still have your life today. Make no mistake Philip you are far from forgiven. Queen Aurora and The Protector have shown you mercy today boy be grateful and leave with me.”

   The guards unshackled Philip. He turned to look at Aurora and Maleficent. His mouth bloodied. He grabbed the guard sword and ran at the throne. Maleficent push Aurora away grabbed the boy again. The blade drove into her shoulder. Maleficent’s wings flapped taking them to the top of the throne room. One hand around his neck the other pulling the blade from her shoulder.

   "Tú buachaill dúr. (you stupid boy) You should have just left with your father.“

   She dropped the sword to the ground and held him with both hands squeezing tighter and tighter. His face turning red as he gasped for breath.

   "Maleficent my love please don’t kill him.”

   Aurora’s pleas came up to her sensitive ears. She looked down at her and back at the limping body in her hands. she released his throat one hand at a time grabbing his shoulders again. she lowered them back to the ground. She dropped him to the floor gasping for breath. She walked out of the throne room leaving Aurora with her guards.

   "Rupert take him home. If he ever returns here I will look at it as an act of war.“ She walked up to him.

   "I love you old friend you were more of a father to me then my own was. He is only alive bacause Malefcent listens to me. Please dont make me regret stopping her.” Aurora walked out of the room following Maleficent.
   Aurora went into her bed chamber to find Maleficent standing on the railing of her balcony. Ready to take off at any second.

   "My love what are you doing?“

   Maleficent turned her head slightly over her shoulder.

   "I lost control My Queen. I am sorry.”

   Aurora smirked confused about the way she is addressing her.

   "Well it was understandable. He tried to kill me. I should have let you kill him for hurting you so.“

   She walked out onto the balcony and touch the Faerie’s wings. Maleficent stood ramrod straight at the contact. She loved the feeling of the young queens hand stroking her feathers. It did something to her body that she hand felt in awhile. It excited her.

   "Malle are you alright?”

   "Yes.“ She whispered.

   "Could you come down here please. I would like to look at your shoulder.”

   "It has healed beastie.“

   "Well come down here anyway I would like to talk to your face and not your butt.”

   Maleficent’s eyes bugged out slightly at the off comment.

   "Do you have a problem with my backside?“

   Aurora laughed. Her cheeks reddening. She sat on the bed and looked back at Maleficent who stepped off the railing.

   "No my Faerie. Your butt is actually one of my favorite things about you.”

   It was Maleficent’s turn to blush.


   "Well it is.”

   They sat together silently for a moment.

   "Are you truly alright my love?“ Aurora asked again.

   Maleficent sighed. She rubbed her hands over her face and laid back on the bed.

   "I don’t know. I feel very conflicted. I put you in danger again. I almost took a life of someone I don’t even feel deserves to stain my hands. When he came at you with that sword Aurora all I wanted to do was put it through his neck. But you are ever merciful my dear heart. If you hadn’t stopped me I would have choked the life from him. I would have dropped his lifeless body at his father’s feet.”

   Aurora straddled Maleficent’s hips and bent over her. She placed her hands on either side of the faerie’s head. Her hair falling over them like a curtain.

   "Maleficent you protected me. You saved my life and spared Philips. He isnt worth being a stain on your soul. He is gone from our lives.“
Aurora sat up and made to climb off her loves lap. Maleficent grabbed both her thighs and holding her still. Aurora looked down at her. Maleficent sat up and wrapped her arms around Aurora’s waist. Aurora circled her arms around the brunettes neck.


   "A bheith ar mo maité.“

   Aurora tilted her head. She loved Maleficents language. She wished she could learn it.

   "What love?”

   "Marry me.“

   Aurora giggle. Maleficent’s face was serious.


   Malle’s head dropped. She couldn’t take rejection from Aurora. Soft hands cupped her cheeks pulling her face to look up.

   "Of course I will marry you. I love you so much I couldn’t ever imagine being with anyone else.“

   Maleficent pressed her lips lightly to her Queens. she laced her fingers into the golden locks. Aurora moaned into her mouth. Pulling apart for a moment. Aurora’s head was spinning.

   "Is breá liom tú le gach rud mé. Beidh mé a thabhairt mo shaol a thabhairt duit mo chroí mhíle.”

   "What does that mean my Faerie?“

   Maleficent giggled.

   "It means, I love you with everything I am. I will give my life to you my dearest heart. If you will have it?”

   Aurora kissed the faerie. Running her hands up Malle’s back playing with the base of her wings. A chill ran through Maleficent’s body.

   "Oh Goddess. Aura please dont do that to me right now.“ Maleficent moaned.

   "Why whats does that do to you my love?”

   Maleficent looked into Aurora’s eyes.

   "The same thing me doing this…“ She gently squeezes Aurora’s ass causing the blonde to grind into Maleficent’s hips and an excited gasp to leave her lips. ”… does to you.“

   "Maleficent. You are a wicked wicked faerie.”

   "And you are a naughty naughty girl.“

   Aurora smirked. She pressed her hips into Maleficent. Grinding herself against the taller woman.

   "Aurora. You are a terrible tease.”

   "I want you Maleficent. I want you inside me. I want to feel you all over me.“

   Maleficent looked deep into Aurora’s eyes. Her eyes darkened with lust.


   Aurora placed a finger on Malle’s lips.

   "Not here. I want to make love to you for the first time home. In the Moors. In your tree. I have dreamt of making love to you there many a night.“

   Maleficent smiled at the confession.

   "You have dreamt of me?”

   Aurora burrowed her face in Maleficent’s neck.

   "I can’t believe I just spoke that aloud.“

   Maleficent grabbed Aurora lightly and kissed her lightly again.

   "Love don’t ever be embarrassed by that. I have dreamt of as well my heart.”

   Aurora giggled and hugged Malle.

   "Malle I want to go home.“

   "Then home we shall go.”

anonymous asked:

Hi hi! I really love your headcanons! I was wondering if you could do one of the RFA members (V+unknown as well) reaction when they find out MC has bruises on her body bc of abusive parents. Its okay if you're not comfortable doing it ^^

warning! this might be triggering for some ppl so proceed with caution

also im gonna do this headcanon with all of them in high school bc i love high school hope u dont mind


  • MC was having an especially horrible tuesday
  • which is why getting a text from Yoosung that read “are you busy tonight?”
  • around 6 PM felt like a god send
  • “not busy at all. will you rescue me from this boring existence, Yoosung?”
  • “Super Yoosung is on his way!”
  • when Yoosung texts MC saying he’s outside their house, they practically run out, jumping into the front seat of his car
  • they looked forward to spending time with Yoosung
  • being with him always helped them forget how bad things were at home…
  • “hey, MC! movie sound okay?”
  • “anything sounds okay, just get me away from here!”
  • MC’s tone was bright and happy, despite the depth of their desire to drive far, far away from that house
  • “haha, alright”
  • Yoosung stars the car, and MC immediately turns on the radio looking for something they can jam out to on the way to the theater
  • finally MC finds a song they like, and turns the radio up
  • “gah, MC! this is way too loud! and this song isnt even that good!”
  • Yoosung reaches out to turn the radio back down
  • “i don’t know what you’re talking about. this song rocks”
  • MC turns the music back up
  • Yoosung turns the radio back down
  • “my car, my rules!”
  • he scolds MC playfully
  • MC pushes the sleeves of their sweater up, making fists as though they were squaring up to Yoosung
  • “if you wanna fight me, then fight me!”
  • as MC does this, Yoosung pulls up to a red light
  • taking advantage of the situation, Yoosung looks at MC, ready to wrestle them for a second before the light turns green
  • but when he looks at MC, he notices that their forearms are practically covered in bruises
  • the smile on his face immediately vanishes, and MC realizes what he saw
  • shit
  • “MC….what happened to you?”
  • as he asks, the car in front of them rolls forward and Yoosung is forced to look at the road again
  • “i…um…i fell down the stairs in my house. yea!”
  • MC nervously pushes their sleeves down, feeling like an idiot for letting Yoosung see the bruises
  • without saying anything, Yoosung pulls the car over 
  • “dont lie to me”
  • tears swell up in MC’s eyes as they think back to what had happened earlier that day
  • “i failed my math test…and my dad got really upset about it…”
  • MC stares at the ground, too embarrassed to look Yoosung in the eyes
  • tears drip away from MC’s eyes
  • Yoosung silently pulls MC into his lap
  • he’s never done anything like this before….but MC doesn’t fight it
  • they just continue to cry, sinking into Yoosungs warmth as he holds them
  • “I….don’t want to go back there, Yoosung”
  • “MC”
  • MC looks up at Yoosung to see that he was crying a bit, too
  • “you don’t have to go back there. come home…with me.”
  • Yoosung pulls MC into his chest again
  • “I know i’m not exactly the strong type but…I want to protect you, MC. will you let me?”
  • MC nods, gripping Yoosungs hoodie tightly
  • MC was so used to being surrounded by darkness and brutality
  • Yoosung was so gentle, sweet, and bright
  • he was everything they needed
  • and he needed them all the same


  • “Happy birthday, MC!”
  • Zen smiles in MC’s doorway, holding a present, a mini cake, and a balloon
  • “Zen? what are you doing here?”
  • “I know you said you didn’t want to do anything for your birthday, but i had to do something for you!
  • MC smiles
  • even though it was true that they didn’t want to throw a party or anything
  • they were still happy to see Zen
  • they were always happy to see Zen
  • so the two of them have a private birthday celebration in MC’s room
  • “open you’re present!”
  • MC pulls the paper off of the box and opens it to reveal a short, strapless red dress
  • “Zen…it’s beautiful”
  • “will you put it on for me? pleaseee?”
  • Zen clasps his hands together
  • “I don’t think i want to right now. but i love it! thank you!”
  • “please, MC? i thought that dress was so pretty when i saw it, i know it will look even prettier on you!”
  • MC raises their voice a little when they reply to Zen
  • “Zen, i dont want to. let it go, okay?!”
  • MC folds the dress up and puts it back into the box
  • Zen is taken aback by their sudden hostility
  • “MC, what’s wrong? why are you getting so upset over the dress?”
  • unable to hide it from Zen any longer, MC lets everything out at once
  • they yank the sleeves of their sweater up, revealing several large bruises on each arm
  • “this is why, Zen! cause i’ve been hiding these from you!” 
  • MC covers their face and begins to sob into their hands
  • Zen sits beside MC, closing the gap between them and whispers softly
  • “i’m so sorry…”
  • he puts an arm around MC, holding them close
  • “who did this to you?”
  • MC has trouble speaking, but manages to mutter out the answer to Zen’s question 
  • “my….mother…”
  • Zen tightens his hold on MC
  • “she was drunk….and i..”
  • Zen interrupts MC, taking their arm in his hand
  • he kisses every single bruise on their arm, pushing their sleeve up to reveal more skin as he goes
  • he kisses their shoulder
  • then their neck
  • then their cheek
  • then their lips
  • Zen didn’t say anything
  • but at that moment he vowed never to drink again
  • “MC, i know your mother doesnt give you the love that you deserve”
  • he kisses them again, brushing some hair behind their ear
  • “but will you let me love you?”
  • Zen feels the wetness on MC’s face from their tears
  • “yes, Zen”
  • even though MC’s mother’s abusive tenancies has always obscured their ability to be happy
  • Zen made MC happy
  • Zen had the ability to be everything that MC was missing
  • and even though they still had to live with their mother for now
  • knowing Zen was by their side made the burden a little lighter
  • MC never hid their bruises from Zen again
  • and every time they met up, he never failed to kiss MC’s bruises and remind them of how much he loves them


  • MC and Jaehee were hanging out together at the mall that day
  • “Jaehee, are you getting hungry yet?”
  • “a little bit, i guess”
  • “lets go to the food court!”
  • MC grabs Jaehee’s hand, pulling her to their favorite restaurant in the food court
  • Jaehee usually tries not to eat fast food like this, but she can’t deny that it’s delicious
  • the two of them order burgers together
  • MC takes a bite into their burger, and when they pull their face away some ketchup sticks to their face
  • Jaehee giggles a little bit
  • “what’s so funny?”
  • MC tilts their head and looks around for whatever Jaehee is laughing at
  • “you are, silly! look at me”
  • Jaehee takes a napkin to MC’s mouth, then rubs the rest of their face with the napkin playfully
  • MC starts to laugh, swatting at Jaehee’s hand
  • when Jaehee takes the napkin away from MC’s face, she notices theres a considerable amount of face makeup on it
  • she looks up at MC and sees a dark bruise on the side of their face
  • “MC, what happened?”
  • MC quickly covers the bruise with their hand, realizing that Jaehee must have rubbed off their makeup
  • “um…”
  • MC frantically tries to make up a lie, but it’s no use
  • “Jaehee…you can’t tell anyone, okay?”
  • “okay, i wont. just tell me what happened”
  • MC tells Jaehee that the day before their father had hit them after they refused to clean up a mess his friends made in the house
  • “things just…escalated…it happens every once in awhile, i guess”
  • Jaehee’s utterly horrified
  • her family hadnt always been good to her 
  • but they never hit her
  • “MC…”
  • Jaehee holds MC’s hands from across the table
  • “although i havent experienced abuse…i know what it’s like to have an unhappy home life”
  • “Jaehee…” 
  • “maybe… we can support each other for now. i know we’re too young to escape but someday we can run away, MC”
  • Jaehee leans across the table to kiss MC’s bruise lightly
  • MC tries to hold back their tears
  • only one more year of suffering
  • and then they could escape with Jaehee
  • they’ve never looked forward to something so much in their whole life


  • MC has been begging Jumin to come to the carnival with them
  • it was only in town for a short time
  • and even though Jumin hated carnival food and carnival rides
  • he really really likes MC
  • so he reluctantly joins them
  • the weather had just started heating up
  • so for the first time Jumin has seen, MC was wearing shorts
  • Jumin not only noticed that MC looked super cute in shorts
  • but also that there were a few large bruises on their thighs
  • they were holding hands and walking through the carnival when Jumin decided to ask about it
  • “MC, what are those bruises from? they look painful.”
  • MC laughs nervously
  • “they’re just from my general clumsiness, haha! lets get a funnel cake!”
  • Jumin smiles and agrees
  • but something about what MC said bothered him
  • MC wasn’t really the clumsy type
  • they were always so sure footed
  • and even displayed excellent hand eye coordination at times
  • it wasn’t until they left the carnival that Jumin brought it up again
  • “are those really from falling?”
  • he couldnt push away the curiosity
  • “truthfully….”
  • MC’s expression darkens
  • “my father did this to me…it doesnt hurt that bad, though”
  • they were lying 
  • Jumin could tell
  • Jumin starts to feel angry
  • he wants to have anyone who would lay a hand on MC imprisoned
  • but…what could he do?
  • he was just a kid
  • “wait here”
  • Jumin cuts away from MC, running back to the carnival
  • he returns within a matter of minutes, holding a giant stuffed dinosaur
  • “MC, take this”
  • “Jumin, did you just win this?”
  • “yes. i tried to get you the biggest one”
  • MC face heats up as they start to blush
  • Jumin pulls MC close to him, wrapping them in a hug
  • “I know i cant be with you all the time like i want to”
  • he kisses MC
  • “but when anyone hurts you and I cant come to you, just hold this animal and think of me. okay? when this stuffed animal helps comfort you, it will be like im comforting you”
  • a tear rolls down MC’s cheek, and Jumin wipes it away
  • “you do that for me, and i swear as soon as im able to take you out of that home, i will. and then you can throw this dinosaur away”
  • he hugs MC again, wishing he never had to let go
  • the thought of anyone hurting MC makes him feel sick
  • but as soon as he can, he will save them
  • and once he does, they will never have to feel pain again


  • MC was locked in their room, crying
  • it happened again
  • MC couldnt help who they loved
  • but their mother lost it when MC said they were going to run away with Seven
  • “i’m going to leave you, you bitch! i dont care if you dont approve of him!”
  • MC’s mother had hit them especially hard that night after they raised their voice at her
  • their arms were staring to swell
  • they just want to escape
  • it was about 9 PM when they’re phone lit up with a text from Seven
  • “lets go somewhere!”
  • MC replies, but their tears make the keyboard blurry
  • “i cab’t tonighr”
  • “hey whats with all they typos? lolololol”
  • “sorrt”
  • “are you sure you can’t grab a quick ice cream with a lame hacker? it’ll be fun i promise”
  • “Sevem i really csn’t. my mom is mad ar me”
  • “itsnt your mom always mad at you? lolololololol”
  • MC’s body shakes with sobs as they text Seven
  • they had always kept this from him but it seemed to get worse and worse everyday
  • they didn’t want to lie anymore
  • “she beat me”
  • MC types slowly to ensure there were no mistakes
  • a minute passes by with no reply
  • then five minutes
  • and half an hour
  • MC sits crumbled on their bed, feeling like a sobbing heap of disappointment
  • did they scare him away?
  • two more hours pass with no reply
  • its around 11 PM now and MC decides to go to sleep
  • they just want this horrible night to end
  • just as they close their eyes, the hear the faint sound of something banging against their window a few times
  • they pull up the shades to see Seven standing outside their window
  • they open it, surprised to see him
  • “what are you doing here?!”
  • “i’m here to rescue you, baby”
  • Seven holds his hand out to help MC out of their room
  • “are you crazy?!”
  • “yes”
  • “Seven! be serious!”
  • Seven tells MC that he’s spent the last few hours booking a hotel room for them
  • “i also applied to lease an apartment. don’t worry about paying rent, i can do that. isnt it nice having a legal adult for a boyfriend?”
  • “Seven….are you asking me to live with you?”
  • “I’m asking you to run away with me”
  • running away with Seven sounds great right about now
  • he holds his hand out to them again
  • MC climbs out of the window, shutting it behind them
  • as Seven drives away from the house, MC pushes their middle finger against the window
  • “screw you. mom!”
  • Seven laughs at MC, glad to see their modd perked up
  • MC could leave their old life behind now
  • all the abuse, all the yelling
  • they were ready to start a new life with Seven
  • no matter what it took

V and Saeran (sorry for forgetting :| )


headcanon requests?

KBTBB: MC died and Bidders can’t move on - Baba

Here is Baba’s turn. I hope that I did him justice. @briefnightmarefire @thexgoddessxofxfate @bestof-kissedbythebaddestbidder @kaorukirishimalover @ladystar0710

The auctions are in a few days and Baba threw himself into work bringing a lot of profit to Tres Spades these last few years. Baba took more and more daring missions, tougher adversaries and harder challenges. He had once jumped off a building, not knowing how he survived. The others were worried about him, noticing his dangerous attitude and his avoidance of emotions. He had become a robot, no longer savoring life or taking part in any joy. She was his everything and losing her tore him apart. Some days he would not be able to function, he felt empty…..devoid of feelings. Sometimes, it was the only way he would not break down…to feel nothing.

It was only when the Eisuke cornered him and dragged him into his office. “Baba…listen to me. I know that you are dealing with loss, but its been two years and I need you…to be you again.”

Baba lets out a sadistic laugh. “Do you honestly think that I care what you want! What any of you want or need. I need her, I need ______!” Eisuke looks down at his desk, tapping his pen on the hard mahogany wood. A touch of pain lights in his eyes.

“I know that she chose you and that you two loved each other very much. But do not make the mistake in thinking that you were the only one here that loved her.” At this Baba quickly looks up at him and tilts his head in confusion. “What I mean to say, is that all of us Soryu, Ota, Mamo, and I…..we loved her in our own way…..No one can seem to make coffee the way she did.” Baba scoffs at him.

Eisuke glares at him. “Do you think that if she were to walk through that door, that she would be happy to see the shell of man that you have become.”

“Go to hell! If she were to walk through that door right now, I would sweep her off her feet and she would never known pain again.”

Both men were silent for the space of a few heartbeats. Eisuke sighs and puts his hand on Baba’s shoulder. “Do you remember what she told us the day before she died?”

Baba lets his head fall forward, his hair hiding the tears in his eyes and with a shaky voice, “She…..she said that she didn’t want people to be sad, but to remember what made her smile…..and then get drunk off tequila.” Baba lets out a little laugh.

Eisuke frowns. “I was hoping you forgot that last part, I hate tequila. Look, I don’t know what she would have wanted, she can’t want anything, she’s dead. But…..but I do know that she wouldn’t have wanted this. I am not saying to go and find a new love, I am just saying don’t let her love for you waste away like her body did.”

Baba slams Eisuke against the wall, anger radiating throughout his body as he crushes his lapels. Through clenched teeth, “Don’t you ever talk about her like that! Don’t make her death sound meaningless.” Baba breathed heavily trying to compose himself.

Eisuke chuckles darkly and grins. “Well, well, well what do we have here. Seems you do have emotions in that shell of yours. I am not the one making her meaningless, you are, by diminishing what she cherished most in life…..you. Now, let go. You are ruining my favorite suit.” Both men glared at each other as the anger ebbed away and Baba let go of Eisuke’s lapel. As Baba backs up, Eisuke straitens his coat and they come to a silent understanding that only close friends can.

“Good, now lets go get drunk on that vile drink.” Eisuke heads out the door and Baba follows. Baba knows that he will need to keep the pretenses up, he is very good at hiding pain with a smile. But Eisuke was right, he can’t let what she cherished here with them fade away. So he will play along, if only for her sake.


A year later Baba sits on a bench in the park drinking a pumpkin spiced coffee. He hated the flavor, but it was her favorite. The brisk wind was light that day but it still made the branches sway and the leaves dance as they fall from their limbs. _______ used to love to come to the park and watch the sunset as a ballad of red and orange leaves put on a show for them. It has been three years to the day that she passed away. Baba was gone for six months, with no contact from anyone the day after her funeral. He put so much into his work that he did not have time to think. This is where he comes to talk to her. This was the one day he allowed himself to truly feel. Taking a sip of the coffee, he grimaces at the pungent spice that rolled over his tongue.

“I will never understand how you drank this crap.” Chuckling to himself and in a high pitched voice he quietly states, “Oh Mitsi, you don’t know what you are missing. Its like pumpkin pie in a drink.” He takes a deep breath and sighs, deciding to just hold the coffee instead, he really only got it because of the smell. “_______, you forget…that I don’t like pumpkin pie……*sighs*………The sunset is beautiful today…….You would have loved it…there is lots of pink.” He stares at the sky and his eyes begin to sting as his throat constricts painfully, he tries his best not to lose it right there in the park.

“I have to tell you that she means nothing to me…I don’t even remember her name…its just that…sometimes…I cant take being alone, and I know that you would be angry with me if I took my own life.” He takes a deep breath and shakily lets it out. “Know that I don’t take her to OUR spots, she just stays at the hotel.” Baba looks around trying to compose himself. “Ota did a series of paintings for you. He said that watching you wilt away was hard on him, it was his last gift to you.” Letting out a loud laugh, “I stole them all. *chuckling* He was so mad at me, still is, but I could not help myself.” Smiling, Baba thinks about the paintings he took and have hidden around his house. He has to give credit to Ota, that man really knew how to capture the spirt in her eyes.

Baba carries a special photo of her everywhere he goes, it has become his anchor. Opening his wallet he stares at her bright shining eyes, so full of mirth and wonder. He runs his fingers over the picture, outlining her face as he lets out a sob that he can no longer hold back. Seeing her smile is the only thing that gives him the strength to carry on, but knowing that he will never hear the sweet sounding laughter that came with her smile ever again hurt his very soul. The scars of losing her have never healed and he would never allow them to. He continues to stare at her photo with tears streaming down his face as the last of the sunlight dips below the surface and the darkness creeps forward.

“I miss you _________, I miss you much……..I was looking forward to our future together.” He sobs out loud, clutching her photo to his chest gasping for air, allowing the pain of losing her warmth spread throughout his heart as the frigid air numbs his body. “To know that I will never see you……or your smile again…..it….it hurts so very much. I NEEDED YOU!” 

The sobs take over wracking his body as he cries out for her until he has nothing left to give. Hours later he finally gets up and heads to his house when he can no longer hold her photo because his fingers have gone red and are completely numb. He can’t go back to the hotel, not tonight, not to that woman. Tonight belonged to _______. Baba lays curled up on the bed clutching her night gown to his chest and cries himself to sleep praying that he dreams of better times with her and not the nightmares of her fading away from illness. 


The next morning at the hotel, Eisuke explains a situation on which there is a rare gem that he needs for the auction that night. Baba conveys his understanding, “Don’t worry boss, that jewel will be shinning in your hands soon.” As he is getting ready for his mission, he girlfriend for now walks in. 

“Oh are you leaving so soon. You didn’t come home last night and I was lonely.” She pouts trying to be cute and put her arms around him. 

He detangles himself from her. “Not now doll face, I have work to do tonight. We’ll catch up afterwards.” He sends her a charming smile.

And just like everyone else she is hooked. “But, Mitsi I missed you.” Baba stands up slowly with his back to her, he looks over his shoulder at her with cold and empty eyes. “I have told you before, no one calls me Mitsi.” Turning to face her completely he puts a small flower in her hair. “Now, why don’t you go get ready for tonight.” He kisses her cheek before turning back around to get ready. Taking out his wallet he opens it up to __________’s picture and runs his finger down her face and gives it a light kiss before putting it away in his top drawer. He doesn’t notice the jealous gleaming eyes staring at his back. 

Another successful day at the auctions. Baba leaves the after party wanting to be alone. He knows how much ______ hated the auctions. Going to the drawer he opens his wallet and lets out a mangled cry as his precious princess is missing….replaced with a selfie of his current lover. He falls to his knees as anguish takes over his body. As shocked as he is, he cannot grasp his surroundings…he needed that photo, he needed her smile, her eyes…..or else he becomes lost…it was the one thing that grounded him.

Hearing his cry she comes running in. “Baba, oh my goodness. Baba what’s wrong. Please look at me.” She gasps as she sees the tears running down his face. She is shocked by his behavior and it takes her a minute to realize that he is saying something, only she cant hear it. Leaning in close she hears him chant “she’s gone” over and over. Looking at the wallet and picture she replaced, she finally connects the pieces. Running into the bathroom she retrieves the photo she took from the trash can gives it back to him. “Here, is this what you were looking for?”

Baba makes a strangled noise as he captures ______ photo and holds it to his chest. He begins to relax and runs his fingers over her face until he knows for sure that this is real. 

“I’m sorry Baba, I didn’t know that it meant that much to you. I’ll let you compose yourself.” Just as she turns Baba clutches her wrist and without looking at her he says, “Don’t come back.” He releases her wrist as if her skin were made of acid.

Hearing the violence in his voice she backs aways slowly before turing and running out. Baba curls into a ball begging ______ to never leave him again as he releases his anguish to the world. He slowly loses conscious and fades into a restless sleep. 


Well I did it. I destroyed Baba. I cried so much writing this one. Hope you like it.

Jungkook ‘Oneshot’

Summary: Life with Jungkook - Drabble fluff/angst.

Based on Jungkook - Paper Hearts

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

‘I Can’t.’

You couldn’t find him at first. 

He was usually knocked out on the sofa by the time you got home, and so it would be the whole process of gently waking him up, saying hello with a sweet kiss, running your fingers through his ruffled hair to pat it back into place, before helping him up from the sofa and dragging him through to your bedroom- during which time he usually wrapped his long arms around your shoulders and hung himself heavily from your back.

He’d always be between the state of consciousness and sleep, muttering ‘how was your day?’, quietly followed by a shy 'I missed you’. The nights that were the best, were when you’d finally get him to the bed, but when you guided him to gently lie down, he’d keep you wrapped up in his arms and pull you down with him, humming and chuckling tiredly as he tangled his legs with yours and essentially became your human blanket. Although there were also the nights where you’d get back, and he’d already be in bed, but by 'in bed’ he had literally tripped through the bedroom door and fallen face first into the mattress, and when you tried to shuffle him into a more comfortable position, he’d groan at you, quickly sitting up when he realised it was you and gathering you into his arms with a grateful sigh.

You were guessing tonight was one of those nights as you dropped your bag to the floor, groaning in relief as you slipped your shoes off, the heels you’d been wearing all day having killed your feet, but the relief made it all worth it. As you slide off your coat and hang it up on the peg in the small hallway of your apartment, you catch sight of the small, framed photo of the two of you on the side table, smiling at the way he was holding you against him as you sat on his lap at one of your friends barbeque parties. It had been taken around a year ago, Jungkook still had his fluffy boy hair that he hadn’t grown out of until a few months ago, but with your small stature he still seemed to look a lot older than you- his cheesy grin being the only thing that gave you away. You’d framed that picture because it was the day that he’d come up behind you as you were admiring the view of the beach off the back of your friends garden, and he’d offered you a gummy sweet ring as a promise ring, promising to always be with you. The moment was so intimate that you’d ended up crying and he’d laughed at you, kissing you silly to get rid of your tears, and you’d spent the rest of the night in his arms, just thinking about how much you enjoyed being with him.

As you walk through the lounge, turning off the small table light beside the television and quickly detouring to the kitchen to grab water from the fridge to quench your thirst, you smile at the little pieces of him dotted around; his favourite coffee sat on the side, his iron man spoon on the washing up rack, his shoes that he had kicked under the edge of the sofa- obviously having collapsed there before moving to the bedroom. His cup was still sat on the coffee table from the night before and as you make your way to your bedroom, thinking you could already hear his light snoring, you find his jacket slung on the floor, and his bag dropped beside it, zip not properly done up where he was so tired- although you don’t bother moving it.

You come to a stop in front of your door, smiling to yourself as you look at the small sign cardboard sign that Jungkook had made the other month to hang on the front of it, that read- 'Where dreams are made…’, chuckling lightly at the cheesiness, before your hand reaches out for the door handle.

And for some reason, you find yourself struggling to turn it.

You urge your hand to turn, to just twist the handle to release the latch keeping the door in place, but its like there was a wall that had erected itself within you, preventing you from moving forward anymore. You thought it might be the onset of a panic attack, or you’d just suddenly seized up…

But with the more you panic about it- your mind running in frantic circles as you shout silently at yourself to open it, the more your body reacts and just as your other hand drops the bottle of water onto the floor, the one holding the handle moves and the door begins to slowly swing open.

And then you realise what had happened…

Because you’d forgotten.

You’d forgotten about what had happened this morning. You’d forgotten about your fight with him. How he’d shouted at you that he couldn’t take it anymore. How you’d shouted back at him to not be so stupid, that it was only a job.

You’d told him to calm down. To just spend the day thinking about it…to think about everything…

To remember.

Remember everything that the two of you had been through. Every late night that either of you had got home and dragged the other to bed, making sure to wrap yourselves in one another so that you remembered that it was worth it. Every little milestone or special moment the two of you had had together, from promise rings to ridiculously early morning coffee shop visits, to road trips to the 7/11 in the middle of the night just because you wanted a private date between the two of you, despite how tired both of you were. Every little piece of each other that had built the home around you, the things you shared and the things you’d sacrificed to make each other happy- like when you’d compromised on the leather sofa, because Jungkook said it was easier to keep cool, and he’d compromised on the colour of the bathroom, because you wanted it to be a 'little bit’ girly.

You told him to remember you- remember that you were there for him, that you always had been…

But he hadn’t listened. He’d just kept shouting, and then when you’d tried to stop him, when you’d grabbed hold of his bag to try and pull him back to you, not letting go even when he’d shouted at you to get off, he’d dropped it, sneering that he didn’t need it anyway, and it had fallen to the floor in the hallway as you’d abandoned it to run after him.

'You cant just leave like this! We need to talk!’ you’d shouted, tears trying to fall from your eyes as you’d dragged in breaths in an attempt to keep calm.

'There is nothing to talk about, Y/N!’ he’d shouted, spinning on his heel to face you and grabbing the tops of your arms when you almost crashed into him, your heart beating double time at the contact, but the effect was clouded by his cold eyes as they bore into yours.

'This isn’t working anymore. I can’t tear myself apart between you and work, its too exhausting.’

Your lip had wobbled at that, a tear rolling down your cheek as you swallowed thickly, eyes not being able to leave his as you’d seen the sincerity in them, how much he truly believed that there was nothing to be done.

'So, you’re just going to give up?’ you’d sniffled, reaching your hand up to cup his jaw, but just as he went to relax into it, to give in to what you were saying and see the truth in your words, he’d snatched himself away, spinning around and reaching for his shoes, but you’d kicked them out of his way before he could.

'Y/N, this isn’t working! I cant just split myself in two-’

'So, you’re saying you’d pick your job over me, you’d pick a company that makes you work at least 20 hours out of the whole day, instead of the person you’ve been with for 2 years. The person whom you told you love and that you’d be with forever!? Jungkook, please!-’

'I can’t.’ he says quietly, the way his eyes glisten in the light streaming in through the windows making your heart break and the air rush out of your lungs.

'You can’t, or you wont?’ you ask, watching his face twist and blur in your vision as your tears continue to build up and you have to quickly wipe your eyes, sliding your arms around your ribcage to physically try and hold the sobs in as you watch him struggle to answer, his hand twitching at his side making it look like he wanted to reach out for you. But when you see the first tear roll down his cheek you know you’ve already lost.

'I can’t.’ he whispers brokenly, his voice cracking on the word, and he has to tip his head up to face the ceiling as he tries not to cry, dragging in a deep breath at the same time you give in to the pain beginning to bloom in your chest, and you don’t even see him walk towards you before you feel his hand on the back of your neck, his lips pressed firmly against your forehead.

'I really wish I could…but I can’t.’ he whispers harshly against your skin, dipping his head to leave a soft, lingering kiss on your cheek, but just as you go to reach out to him, he turns, not bothering to grab his shoes before he’s swinging open the door and walking out, the tiniest hesitation as he steps through, making you think he wouldn’t actually do it…

But then he did.

And now the room was dark.

And the bed was empty.

And you were alone.


Gift #25, @shewhxmustnxtbenamed

Sxrry tx name yxu, @shewhxmustnxtbenamed , I knxw yxu’re nxt a fan xf that, but I have a great gift just fxr yxu!!

Our gifter says:

“I hope you enjoy this! It ended up completely different than I had originally envisioned but once I started writing the boys had a mind of their own.  I’m rather fond of 8th year stories and ones where the boys fall together without trying, despite the odds, so I hope you are too!  Happy Valentine’s Day.”


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Charles Xavier x Reader

Request : Could you do a little thing with Charles Xavier where you’re really nervous at a party and he like helps you relax and he ends up confessing feelings please? (You are an incredible writer btw) Thank you so much!!!

A/N : I just saw XMen on Friday and oh gosh, the feels! might I add, Erik is fine AF. lol

Warning : Language? 

Originally posted by deautiful-dream

A few of the students put together a party for Scott, to celebrate his brothers first birthday since his passing. 

Jean invited you down to hang out with her and the others. But no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t push your anxiety aside. There was something about parties that made you nervous. Maybe it was the amount of people? Or the loud music that blasted through the house.

Nonetheless, you were feeling extremely overwhelmed and uncomfortable.

“It’s nice to see Scott enjoying himself.” Peter muttered. 

“Yea, he really needed this. I am just happy the Professor Xavier allowed us to do this for him.” Jean stated. 

You kept quiet, trying to focus on the conversation that was being held in front of you, but your mind was racing uncontrollably. Different emotions had washed over you, and suddenly you were feeling panicked. 

“Speaking of the Professor. Here he comes.” Peter waved. 

you looked up to see the professor wheel his way over. A smile forming on his lips as his eyes glanced at each of you. 

Great, another reason to be anxious. You couldn’t deny the attraction you had for him. He was charming, and smart and by far the sweetest most generous man you had ever met. 

But he was your Professor. He was the man in charge and he would never see you the same way. It would be inappropriate to say the least. 

“You threw a great party Jean.” He smiled. “I am positive Mr. Scott appreciates everything you have done for him.” 

Your heart was pounding profusely in your chest, as you tried to even your breathing. 

“Thank you Professor, we couldn’t have done this without your help.” Jean chuckled. 

Charles glanced up at you, and immediately you froze. His bright blue eyes made your stomach constrict, as he flashed a soft smile. “And how are you, Y/N? Enjoying yourself?” 

You wanted to say yes, even nod. But alas, you were stuck. 

Pete waved his hand in your face, snapping you out of your trance. “Hey, you okay?” He asked. 

You cleared your throat, and chugged the drink down. “I’m not feeling too well. I think I will go lay down for a bit.” You lied. 

Jean furrowed her brows at you, her words coursing through your mind. “Are you okay?” 

You nodded slightly and pressed your hand to her arm. “I’ll be okay. Go, enjoy the party.” 

Charles watched you closely, as you turned on your heels and started toward your room. He knew he shouldn’t have, but he need to know what exactly was wrong. He tapped into your mind, to hear your thoughts. And immediately, he was shown your feelings. 

“Excuse me.” He smirked. 

He wheeled down the hall. Following you into your room. You were so caught up in your emotions, you didn’t even notice the Professor behind you. 

Once you were alone in the corridor of your safe place, you were finally able to breathe. You sat at the edge of your bed, your head cocked back as your eyes shut, breathing deeply and letting out your anxiety. 

Until the sound of your door creaking open, caught your attention. 

“Shit!” You exclaimed, clutching your hand to your chest. 

Charles’ eyes widened as he put his hands up. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to frighten you.” 

You glanced at those bright blue eyes, and suddenly you heart began to pick up again. “I-It’s okay.” You exhaled. “Is everything alright?” 

He wheeled himself in to your room, his eyes averting around. This was his first time he’s been in there in a long time, and the way you had it decorated it, had him pleased. 

You watched him carefully, scrunching your brows together. 

“I just came here to check up on you.” He smiled.

You sucked in your lips and shrugged. “I’m great.” You lied. 

Charles let out a sigh, his eyes locking with your as he got closer. “You know, I could just read your mind. But I wont, because I want you to be able to trust me.” He whispered. “Do you trust me, Y/N?” 

There was something about the way he looked at you that made you feel at ease. “I do.” You exhaled. 

Sitting back in his seat, he motioned for you to go on. 

This was it. Since the day you moved into the house, and started your life, you had bottled everything up. Not once sharing your true thoughts to anyone, in fear you would just only annoy them.

But there was a sense of comfort with the Professor, and before you knew it, you were able to let it all out. 

“I just feel out of place.” You confessed. 

Charles furrowed his brows and tilted his head to the side. “Out of place? What for?” 

You shrugged your shoulders, and sighed. “I don’t know. I mean, I’ve been here for two years and Jean is the only person who talks to me. No one–I guess people don’t want to be friends with the girl who can’t control their powers.” 

He reached his hand out to you, his face growing soft. “You know that’s not true, Y/N. You are quite extraordinary.” 

A smile twitched on your lips as you turned your gaze to him. “You have to say that, you’re the professor.” 

Charles clenched his jaw tightly as he realized something. “Actually, I shouldn’t say that because I’m your professor.” He cleared his throat. “Wether you believe it or not, I am very fond of you. And I cant seem to stop myself from–” He swallowed hard now, feeling his heart begin to pick up its speed.

You scrunched your brows at him, confused of why he was such a flustering mess. “Professor?” You breathed. 

“I can’t seem to stop myself from falling in love with you.” He exhaled. “And I don’t think I want too.” 

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Part 13?!?!? 😆 I just cant get enough 💗

Alright, fans and loves!  Part 13 is upon us.  I hope you enjoy it.  Here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!  blueeyedvirginiagirl, leonkassi, ca19990000, httpgreenaway, I hope you guys love it!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Epilogue)

“Good morning, beautiful.”

As you wrestle around under the covers and stretch out your aching muscles, your foggy mind begins to recount last evenings’ events.  As a smile crosses your face, you turn over and are met with Matthew’s mesmerizing eyes.

“Mmmm…morning, handsome.”

Kissing him on the nose, you snuggle into his warm body.  You love how tall he is, because his torso bends to your stomach, making you feel even more beautiful naked, in his arms.

“Last night was amazing,” he grumbled into your hair.

Giggling, you wrap your arms around him.  “Last night was…a giant leap of faith,” you chuckle to yourself.

“Well,” he tilts your head up to his, “I am glad you chose to take it.”

Matthew hears your stomach growl and frowns.  Helping you sit up in bed, he says, “I have a proposition.”

“Oh?” you say, raising your eyebrows.

“There is a diner across town that makes everything homemade.  It is delicious, and I believe we are both starving,” he suggests.

“That sounds fantastic!”  As reality sets in, you furrow your brow.  “But…will you be ok with battling the cameras?”

As he cups his face in your hands, he lowers his voice.  “I have been doing this for years, that question doesn’t reside with me…it resides with you.”

Feeling a little worried about it, you decide to give it another go.  “Ok,” you say.

“Ok?” Matthew repeats.

“Yes.  Ok.”


Pulling up to the diner, it was pretty easy to see that a couple of cars had been following you.  Taking a deep breath, Matthew gets out, runs to your side to open your door, and helps you out of the car.  As flashes and questions fly from all angles, he wraps his arm around your waist and guides you into the diner.

Taking a deep breath as the door closes on them, the hostess comes around and pulls the curtains on all of the windows.  She turns and smiles at you both, and asks, “Where would you two like to sit today?”

“A booth would be wonderful,” you respond.

As the hostess leads the way towards the back of the diner, your stomach lets out another growl.  As your face reddens with embarrassment, Matthew leans into the waitress and whispers something.

“What did you ask her?” you inquire.

“I asked her for two waters and a quick appetizer for the table.  Whatever the had made up already.”

Smiling at him, you take his hand.  You have no idea how you two got from his porch that night to the back of a diner after making love, but you weren’t about to start questioning it now.

After all, the true test would come in a couple of months.

As the waitress brings the waters, she sets down a bowl of chips and salsa, with some queso on the side.  As your eyes widen, you dig in with Matthew, who you realize is just as ravenous as you are.  Looking back at him, you giggle as you take your finger and wipe some cheese from the corner of his mouth.

“Do you two lovebirds know what you’d like?” the waitress asks.

As you jump, startled, Matthew laughs at your lack of observation and says, “I’ll have the two egg breakfast with sausage and a side order of pancakes.”

“Ooooooh, that sounds good.  I’ll have the same,” you chime in.

“How would you two like your eggs?”

“Scrambled,” you say in unison.

“I’ll get that order up soon!”

As she saunters away, you feel Matthew’s foot slowly dancing around your leg.  Blushing, you yank your feet away and turn your gaze to your lap.  Matthew worries that he has done something wrong, until he sees a smile creep up from under your bowed head.

You hear him shuffle, and as you look up you realize he is sitting beside you.  Threading his arm around your waist, he pulls you close and kisses the top of your head.

“Wanna drive some fans crazy?” he asks.

Confused as to what he means, he takes out his camera and faces it toward you both.  Leaning his head into yours, he says, “Smile!”

Taking a picture, he opens up his social media on his phone and begins to type.

“What are you doing!?” you gasp.  “I look horrible in that picture!”

Pausing his actions, he looks back at you and sighs.  “You could never look horrible, Y/N.  Not in this reality.”

Stunned, he tips his phone towards you to show what he has written, and posted onto his Twitter feed is your picture with the caption, “Two more months to go!”

As the comments start to roll in from all directions, and the congratulations emanate from his fans, you smile as you look down at your growing stomach.  It was weird how much it meant that they cared.  These strangers that were adorning a child they would never meet with well wishes and beautiful sentiments.  It was overwhelming.

In a good way, but overwhelming.

As you see your stomach jump, you snatch Matthew’s hand and put it next to your belly button.  As Angel continues to jump, neither of you realize that the waitress has already delivered your food.


“Oh my god, that food!” you reel as you flop down onto the couch.  “It was amazing, Matthew.  Thank you for taking me.”

“Anytime, and anywhere,” he says, smiling.

Patting the couch cushion next to you, Matthew comes and sits.  As you nestle your head into the crook of his neck, you slip your hand into his.

“These past few weeks have been incredible,” you sigh.

“I know…I hate to return to work on Monday.”

“It’s been wonderful having you around here, but I know you miss the work and the projects,” you lower your voice.

“But I miss you more,” he whispers as he buries his face into your hair.

As your eyes start to well up with tears, you curse your hormones as you pull yourself away from Matthew.  Turning your head and wiping your tears away, you slowly edge yourself to the end of the couch and stand.

Matthew takes your hand again, and you apologize.  You didn’t mean to get so emotional.  It wasn’t something to get so emotional over.

You were just going to miss him, that’s all.

“Talk to me, Y/N,” Matthew pleads.

“It’s nothing.  I’m just being stupidly emotional over things getting back to normal.  It’s been so wonderful having you here, taking such a huge step in our relationship and then…”

“…and then having to return to normal?”

Smiling weakly, you reply, “Exactly.”

As Matthew gets up and stands next to you, he pulls you close and leans his forehead into yours.  “We aren’t backtracking.  Nothing has changed with us.  I will just be working again, that’s all.”

You cursed under your breath for becoming so emotional over something so trivial.  What was wrong with you?

“God, I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” you yell, throwing your hands in the air, tears cascading down your face.  “This isn’t something to be upset about.  It’s just work!”

As you storm into the bedroom, Matthew looks on helplessly.  A worried expression crossing his face, he slowly follows you into the bedroom.

“What can I do?” he whispers?  “What can I do to make this better?”

The tears still flowing, you have no idea.  You are crying for no reason, other than you feel the compulsion to cry.  As your frustration wells up inside of you, the tears continue to fall in an awful circle of emotional turmoil.

“I don’t know!” you throw your hands up.  “I don’t know why I’m crying and it’s frustrating and my frustration is producing more tears!”

As Matthew’s soul aches to watch you cry, he throws caution to the wind.  He hustles towards you, holds you tightly in his arms, and crashes a kiss into your lips.

Moaning, you throw your arms around his neck.  As you part your lips, accepting his tongue, he holds you tight and picks you up.

Tossing you onto the bed, he crawls desperately over you, voraciously sucking on your neck, feeling you writhe beneath him.

Letting out groans and gasps, he rips your shirt over your head, pawing at your skin and marking his territory with every desperate kiss he lands.

Pinning your hands to the bed, he kisses the tear trails away, and as he looks into your eyes with that predatory stare, he dips his lips down and whispers into your ear:

“Say my name.”

Step Brother Calum

Paring: Y/N Calum 

Warning: v v smutty ;) 

Word count: 5,400 (oops) 

Plot: Y/N has been pinning after Calum for a while, but when their parents get married and they all move in together she figures her chances are over. When a situation arises and Y/N needs help Calum offers her some ;)

A/N:  I’M BACKK!! I’m so sorry for my extended hiatus but I’m back now. I went away this summer as you guys know and I had so much to do when I got back. Then my senior year started and it was hectic, but now that everything’s settled down I’ve decided to make my reappearance. I present you with probably the smuttest thing I’ve ever written! I thought you guys deserved it after being so patient with me (also with all the drama that’s been going on lately i figured you guys could use this). Anyway as always request are open and encouraged. I hope you guys know you can message me for any reason! I love interacting with you guys. So without further ado here it is!

“I just don’t know what to do Linds, we’ve been hanging out almost everyday now and I feel like he’s going to lose interest in me soon.” I whine pathetically down the phone to my best friend.

“I don’t know Y/N, watch porn or something. If he loses interest because of something so trivial he’s not worth your time anyway.” She tries to reassure me but it does little. At my age I shouldn’t have to be dealing with this problem.

“Thanks anyway Lidns. I’ll talk to you later.” I mutter lowly before hanging up. I’ve had my eyes on Chris for a while, but he’s never noticed me before now. He asked me to come over to his house about a month ago, and of course I agreed instantaneously. He was very sweet, never forcing himself onto me like boys often have in the past, but after hanging out for a month I could tell he was becoming agitated. It’s not that I don’t want to hookup with Chris, it’s just that I don’t know how.

The last few times we’ve hung out he’s tried to kiss me, to which I have dodged all of his advances. I’ve kissed people before, but I know what kissing leads to and would rather avoid that situation altogether. I don’t want him to get the wrong idea, but I also don’t want to embarrass myself since I have no experience whatsoever and Chris has had 5 girlfriends in the past year.

I hear the house alarm go off signalling that Calum is probably home, since my mum left a note saying her and Calum’s dad will be gone until tomorrow. My mum started dating David about a year ago, and they got married last month. Calum and his dad moved in with us at the same time of the wedding, and we’ve adjusted really well.

The first time I met Calum I was really disappointed. Disappointed because he is hot as fuck and it’s a Goddamn shame that I couldn’t hop on that. But in all seriousness he is extremely good looking and even though we are only related by marriage it would still seem weird, and he’s never shown any interest towards me.

As I walk down the stairs I am met with Calum and his friends sitting on the couch, most likely playing FIFA. I walk into the kitchen and grab a juice box before quickly making my way back upstairs. As I’m halfway up the stairs I hear someone yelling my name.

“Y/N” I turn around and see Calum looking at me. Calum and I hang out a lot at home and get along really well, so when his friends are over I’ll usually hang out with all of them.

“Come sit with us.” He motions for me to come over. I’m not really in the mood to sit with them but I know if I don’t Cal will pester me until I tell him what’s wrong. I walk back down the stairs and over to the single chair in the corner of the room before sitting down. No more than 30 seconds later I feel a heavy weight jump on top of me and see blond hair in my face.

“Michael, get off of me.” I whine. Michael and I have the closest relationship out of all of Calums friends, sometimes he even comes over just to see me.

“Why are you sitting over here Y/N?” He asks as he gets off of me, proceeding to pick me up and walk back to his original seat. He places me down in his lap causing me to laugh. Even when I’m upset and pissed off Michael manages to make me feel better. I shift off of his lap and take a seat on the floor in front of the couch instead.

“Why the long face Y/N?” Luke asks.

“Chris probably dumped her.” Laughs Calum. I know he meant it as a joke but its only adding fuel to the fire right now.

“Fuck of Calum.” I seethe getting up. He looks quite stunned, as I’ve never talked to him like that before.

“We weren’t even dating by the way.” I add, walking up to my room and slamming the door.

I flop myself down onto the bed and yell into a pillow. I’m almost 18 years old; it’s so embarrassing that I don’t know anything about sex. The worst part is I cant even learn because I don’t want to tell anyone, and I don’t want to engage in anything sexual until I know I wont make a fool of myself. It’s a conundrum, and I have no clue what to do.

I put in my headphones and listen to some music to try and take my mind off the subject, but nothing seems to work. After about an hour my phone chimes signalling a message but I ignore it, not wanting to talk to anyone. It chimes again and again until I finally pick it up and look at it.

I know you can hear me
Y/N answer the door
I’m sorry okay, just answer the fucking door
I’ll keep knocking until you answer
I’ll call your mum and tell her you’re being a meanie
Please ☹

God he’s so annoying, but I know he’s being serious when he says he won’t leave until I answer the door. I take out my headphones and answer the door at the same time that Calum lifts his fist to knock again, resulting in him knocking on my face. He looks up from his phone, mouth forming an o shape before he begins bursting out laughing.

“Oh my God.” He wheezes, clutching his stomach in his hands half bent over.

“Very funny Calum.” I say while trying not to smile.
“Now what do you want.” I continue, remembering why I was upset. I wasn’t mad at Calum, I guess I’m just upset about the situation and took it out on him. He walks into my room and sits on my bed, lifting his head up and looking at me expectantly.

“Why Calum, please do come in.” I mutter sarcastically under my breath, walking and sitting down at the top of my bed.

“Look Y/N, I’m sorry for the comment I made about Chris –“ he starts before I cut him off.

“Cal I’m not mad at you. I’ve just had a bad day is all.” He looks relieved at my admission, and moves up the bed closer to me before continuing.

“What’s wrong then? I’ve never seen you so snappy.” He asks but I defiantly don’t want to tell him the reason. It would be so embarrassing and he’d probably laugh at me considering I have it on good authority (Aka my thin walls) that he is far from a virgin.

“Look it’s nothing Calum. Don’t worry about it.” I sigh exasperated. He furrows his eyebrows at my response, and I know he won’t just leave it at that.

“It’s obviously something if you’re upset about it Y/N. Just tell me what’s wrong.” He pushes again. One thing about Calum is that he just doesn’t know when to give up, which can be a good thing but right now defiantly isn’t.

“Seriously Cal, just drop it.” I push back, hoping he gets the message that I don’t want to tell him. Of course he doesn’t.

“Is it Chris?” He questions. His nosiness is really starting to piss me off. He takes my silence as a yes.

“Did he break up with you?” He asks again, not knowing when to just stop.

“I told you we weren’t dating. Now can you just shut the fuck up and leave.” I said, irritation clearly laced through my tone.

“Did he touch you? I swear to God Y/N I’ll fucking kill him.” Calum almost growled, surprising me since him and Chris are sort of friends.

“No Calum, of course not. You know he wouldn’t do that, and I’d push him off if he tried. That’s the problem.” I answer, muttering the last part under my breath immediately hoping he didn’t hear it.

“What do you mean that’s the problem?” He asks sounding curious. I’m so sick of him asking question. I just want him to leave my room.

“It means I’m a fucking prude Calum, and that I have no fucking clue what I’m doing.” I yell. His eyes are wide from my outburst and filling with confusion.

“Y/N honestly, I’ve no clue what you’re on about.” I guess since I’ve already told him this much I my as well just tell him.

“Ugh fuck, I’ve only kissed like 3 boys in my life. I’ve no clue what I’m doing when it comes to anything sexual. I’m almost 18 for Christ sakes, it’s so embarrassing. Every time Chris tries to kiss me I move away because I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want him to get the wrong impression, I do like him but if we do anything he’ll know how inexperienced I am.” I rush out and cover my hands quickly when I’m done.

Instead of hearing Calum laughing like I thought I would, I feel two hands grab my wrist and move my hands away from my face.

“Look Y/N, its really not that bad. Everyone has to have a first right? You’ve got to start somewhere. Don’t be so embarrassed. Just watch some porn or something, that’s what I did.” Calum advises, but it doesn’t make me feel any better. The fact is that I don’t want Chris to know that I’m inexperienced, and I’m not sure I want him to be my first anything.  

“Porn isn’t going to help Calum, I need actual practice. And I don’t know if I want Chris to be my first. I want it to be with someone I trust, someone who can teach me what to do.” I finish, tilting my head to look up at Calum. His eyes are darker than they were before and he has a smirk grazing his face.

“Well I could always help you out Y/N.” he all but purrs.

“What do you mean?” I urge him, confused.

“I mean that I can show you what to do. You trust me don’t you?” he asks.

“Of course I trust you Calum, but you’re my brother.” I answer astonished. His face wrinkles up as though he’s just eaten something sour.

“Ew Y/N, don’t call me that. We’re only related by marriage, plus I always thought you were fit, even before our parents got together.” He is right. It’s not like he’s really my brother, we’re only related by marriage. Plus there’s no denying that Calum is hot, probably the hottest guy in our whole school, and I did have my eye on him before we found out about our parents.

I trust him 100%, and we’ve been close for about 6 months now, ever since our parents announced their relationship. Plus now he already knows that I’m inexperience so he won’t be expecting much. The more I think about this the better it gets.

“Okay lets do this then.” I agree.

“Wait what?” he asks dumbfounded.

“I want you to teach me everything. Come on lets do it.” I repeat and he looks at me with wide eyes.

“Wow, you’re actually agreeing?” he asks.

“Yeah. Are you backing out?” I wonder self-consciously. Although this doesn’t mean anything Calum could have any girl he wants, why would he waste his time on me?

“Fuck no.” he breathes as he crawls closer to me. He cups my face with both hands and begins to lean in.

“Do you know how to kiss someone properly?” he asks and I shake my head.

“I’ve kissed a couple guys but I’m probably not that good.” I say sheepishly diverting my eyes from his.

“Hey look at me.” He says and I lift my eyes to meet his.
“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything just follow my lead.” He urges me to calm down with a smile and begins to lean in again. I close my eyes as his soft lips meet mine. His lips feel heavenly against mine and he’s not even doing anything yet. I feel myself blushing at the situation and surprised by how much I like it.

He keeps his lips closed until I begin to loosen into the kiss, then swipes his tongue along the length of my lower lip. I don’t open my mouth because honestly I’m afraid I’ll be shit and I’m already nervous as fuck. He tries to pry my lips open with his own, but I deny him access once again.

“Open your mouth.” He mumbles, barely audible again my lips. When I asked him to teach me I didn’t realize I would care what he thought of me so much, but I decide if I want to learn I should listen to him and open my mouth.

As I finally give him access to my mouth his tongue glides into it and immediately tangles with my own. He’s barely doing anything and yet it’s defiantly the best kiss I’ve ever had. Calum is an amazing kisser.

His tongue moves in my mouth with determination as though it’s searching for something. The guys I’ve kissed previously seemed bored and uninterested, plus they were sloppy. Calum is the exact opposite, his tongue moving skillfully through my mouth.

He pulls away and I slowly open my eyes. He’s biting his lip and looking at me hungrily, and for the first time with any guy I find myself wanting to continue. He moves to the top of the bed and places his back against the headboard.

“Come here.” He says simply, motioning for me to straddle his lap and I comply. As I situate myself onto his lap he grabs my jaw to connect our lips once again. This time I grant him access to my mouth immediately to which he responds with a low groan. I moan back in response, and he smirks.

“You like that?” He rasps against my lips.

“Yeah.” I breathe out in response almost liking this too much.

His hand travels from where it was previously cupping my jaw down to the hem of my shirt. The position forces my shirt to ride up a bit and he takes full advantage of this; rubbing his thumbs on my hipbones.

As Calum continues to lick expertly into my mouth his hands move further up my back, stopping when his hands are just below my shoulder blades, laying them flat and pulling me closer. The grip he has on me allows little movement as he presses my body against his.

As my legs start to ache from the position I attempt to move causing me to grind against Calum. A loud moan explodes from his mouth at the movement and he disconnects our lips.

“Fuck I’m sorry.” I apologize quickly, embarrassed.

“No it’s not that. I think we can move onto something else now, you’ve got the hang of this.” He winks at me and I blush.

His hands move even higher on my back forcing off my shirt and I quickly cross my arms in front of my chest. I’ve never liked my breast, they’re too small and a weird shape. Most guys like girls with double D’s and I am nowhere near that, but Calum grabs my wrist and uncrosses my arms anyway.

“Y/N, don’t cover up you’re body in front of me.” He whispers, eyes looking directly into mine. When I nod my head and put my hands at my side he looks down and mutters a low “fuck” under his breath.

I grab Calum’s shirt and begin to pull it off in an attempt to not be the only shirtless one. He helps me by lifting his hands above his head and the shirt slips off easily. In a desperate attempt to take the attention off of myself I quickly try and undo Calums pants, fumbling with nerves.

It takes me a while but Calum doesn’t say anything, he lets me take my time undoing his pants and I’m really grateful for that. I’m already embarrassed enough, if he said anything I think I’d actually die. I lift up onto my knees so that I can pull Calums pants down. Once I do I chuck them somewhere on the floor and look back up into his eyes.

He has a fond look on his face, impassive and not judging which again I’m really grateful for. He pulls me in once again and our lips meet, but I know he’s only stalling for my sake.

“I want to suck you off.” I murmur and he freezes. He disconnects our lips slightly, inhaling deeply through his nose.

“Yeah, um Ok.” He answers breathlessly. I take his consent and use it to fuel my actions as I reach down in between our bodies and grasp his semi-hard cock in my hand. He sucks in a sharp breath at the movement and waits for my next action. I don’t move my hand, just getting used to the weight and feel in my palm.

“I have no clue what I’m doing.” I admit.

“It’s okay, I’ll lead you.” He responds assuring me. It may just be my imagination making this into something it isn’t, but I feel as though Calum actually cares and is trying to make this as comfortable for me as possible.

“I think the best way to do this is if I stand.” He reels my attention back towards him tenderly.

“Yeah, erm okay.” I stutter quietly hoping he doesn’t catch how nervous I am.

“Y/N don’t be nervous, we can stop if you want.” He reassures.

“No.” I respond quickly.
“I don’t want to stop, just show me what to do yeah?” I continue, pleading silently with my eyes.

“Yeah.” He answers heavily.

He gets up forcing me off his lap and stands beside the bed. I follow his lead kneeling in front of him. I look up at him at the same time he looks down at me, eyes dark and hungry.

“Fuck, you look so good kneeling in front of me.” He says huskily causing me to blush. I look straight ahead and am face to face with his barely clothed cock. He’s pretty much fully hard now and a tent is very visible in his boxers. Although I’ve never seen a real cock besides the ones in porn, I can tell that Calum is really big which scares me even more.
I lift my hands up grabbing the elastic of his boxers and pull it down languidly. His hard cock springs up and I immediately notice that I was right about the size. I look up at him expectantly, begging for him to tell me what to do and he’s already looking down at me with his lip caught between his teeth.

“Just put your hand around it.” He instructs softly. I do as he says, noticing how soft and smooth his skin is. His cock is warm and heavy in my hand, nothing like I expected really.

“Now move your hand up and down from the base to the t-”
“Fuckkkk, just like that.” He stutters dragging out his words with pleasure. I keep my eyes locked on his as I pump his cock slowly, still becoming comfortable with the position.

“Put it in your mouth.” He says tenderly, not wanting to make me uncomfortable. I hesitantly lean forward opening my mouth slightly and inserting the tip. My taste buds are enveloped by a flavour that I’ve never tasted before. I bring the tip of his cock further into my mouth in an attempt to taste more of it; an involuntary moan escapes my throat once I do.

“Christ.” Calum groans, throwing his head back in pleasure.
“If you do that again I’m gonna come.” He warns me through a strained voice. Looking up at Calum makes me feel powerful. I’m the one who’s making him fall apart, and knowing that gives me the courage to continue.

I continue to take him further into my mouth, inch by inch until I physically cannot go down any further. I look up at him to find his eyes already trained on mine. I bat my eyelashes for good measure, which seems to affect him more than I though it would. As I begin to bob my head up and down I hear Calum’s moans begin to get higher and whinier.

“Put your hand around the rest.” He instructs carefully. I take his advice and notice the quick effects it has on him. I use my hand to massage the part of his cock that isn’t already in my mouth, using different speeds, as that seems to affect him the most. His hips jerk into my mouth causing me to gag on him, but I don’t pull back.

“Fuck, sorry baby.” He manages to choke out, but instead of pulling off I force myself down even further until he hits the back of my throat.

“Oh- Oh my God.” Calum stutters as he quickly withdraws himself from my mouth. Thinking I did something that he didn’t like I immediately being to apologize.

“Shit Cal, sorry.” I sputter out.

“No Y/N that was amazing. I just had to stop myself before I came down your throat.” He admits making me blush.
“Anyway, I think we can carry on to something else now.” He adds.

Calum lifts me up by my arms, and once I’m standing his mouth finds mine easily. Just like the kiss me shared earlier Calum takes my breath away. He kisses me with such desperation and passion that I’m sure if he wasn’t holding me up I’d have fallen to the floor. I wrap my arms around his neck and deepen the kiss. He walks backwards until the backs of his knees have hit the bed, and then sits down on it. The position forces me to bend over to continue to kiss him until his hands go to the back of my thighs and pull me onto his lap.

I can feel my panties soaking and at this moment I’ve never wanted someone so much in my life. As Calum begins to grind himself up into me I feel as though I’ll explode if I don’t get some relief soon.

“Fuck me.” I whisper against his lips.
“What?” He asks, continuing his grinding motions.
“God Cal, please fuck me.” I beg, not caring how desperate I sound. He halts his movements and pulls back to look at me. His hand comes to my chin forcing me to make eye contact.

“Y/N I don’t know. This is a big deal. Once it’s done you can’t take it back.” I can’t say I didn’t expect him to say exactly that, but I know that I want this.

“I want you so bad Cal, I feel like I’m going to explode.” I try persuading him, but when I still see hesitation in his eyes I decide to play dirty.

“I want it to be you Cal. Your cock is so big, I can just imagine it stretching me open for the first time. I’ve thought about this so much baby. Sometimes I’m extra loud when I touch myself thinking of you just hoping that you’ll hear and take care of me. Don’t you want to fuck me too Cally?” I whisper while kissing up his neck. When I look at him again I can tell I’ve won him over. His eyes are dark and the smirk on his face tells me that I don’t know what I’ve just gotten myself into.

“Oh baby girl, you’re going to wish you never said that.” He replies, immediately standing up and bending me over the bed. He undoes my bra in one fluid motion and rips my pants and panties down my legs at the same time. He takes both of my wrists in one of his hands and pins it to my back forcing me to arch it. He uses the other hand to run a finger up and down my slit causing me to shiver.

“Oh God Cal.” I moan in response to his actions. Being in such a helpless position turns me on even more, which at this point I didn’t think was possible.

“Sh baby.” He hushes me and I comply feeling that it’s probably in my best interest to listen to him. He inserts one of his fingers into me, immediately beginning to pump it in and out. Although I’ve never done anything with a guy, I have masturbated before so it doesn’t hurt.

“God baby girl, you’re literally dripping.” He says huskily before I feel him bend down and latch his mouth onto me. He adds another finger to the mix and my knees come close to buckling. His tongue focuses on my clit with determination as his fingers begin to curl and hit my g-spot. The position allows his fingers to reach places inside me that I’ve never been able to hit and send me into euphoria.

I hear myself making noises but the pleasure is to overwhelming to be able to make sense of any of it. His tongue continues tracing around my clit as my legs begin to shake and I feel my impending orgasm approach.

“Please Please Please Please.” I chant, not knowing if I’m asking him to stop or if I’m asking him to let me come. He withdraws his face to answer my pleas, but continues fucking his fingers into me at a merciless pace.

“Please what baby girl? Please let you come?” He taunts.

“Yes please let me come. Please.” I beg him. I hear him chuckle from behind me before answering.

“Come on then.” He consents before bringing his tongue back to my clit pushing me over the edge.

“Fuckkkkk Cal. Christ, Oh my God.” I convulse as I come the hardest I ever have forcing him to let go of my arms so that he can use his hand to hold me up. I go limp in his arms as I calm down until I hear a package being opened behind me. After a few seconds I feel something line up at my entrance and know immediately what he’s planning. Despite my previous orgasm I wiggle my ass in the air to try and get him to hurry up, but he moves away slapping my ass.

“I’m going to fuck you now you filthy girl.” He says as he slides into me. It’s uncomfortable at first and I feel him stretching me to the capacity. Calum stops after about an inch to make sure I’m okay.

“Are you okay princess?” He asks, voice strained from the obvious please he’s feeling.

“Yeah, go in all the way.” I assure him and he complies. He pushes himself all the way in causing me to whine. I feel his body tensing behind me and he moves to pull out but I stop him.

“Don’t- don’t pull out, just give me a minute.” I tell him softly.
“I don’t want to hurt you.” He says through clenched teeth, trying not to show how much he’s really enjoying it.

“Really Cal it’s fine.” I reply. I begin to circle my hips in an attempt to get use to the foreign object inside me, but Calum grabs my hips to keep me from moving.

“You’re so tight I’m already close to coming. If you do that again I’ll come.” He informs me. It feels a lot better so I decided to tell him to move to which he does right away.

“Fuck baby girl, you feel so good.” He groans bending over top of my body to whisper in my ear. His thrusts are even paced and gentle, but I want to get him back to the way he was before when he was dominating me.

“Come on Cal, I want you to fuck me.” I purr.
“I want you to use me baby, I know you can do better.” I spur him on.

“You’d better shut up right now little girl. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.” He warns harshly already slipping into his dom mode.

“Oh come on Cally, fuck me like you mean it. Put your huge cock to good use.” I say sinfully, saying anything that comes to my mind to make him loose control. I know I’ve done just that when he takes my wrists in his hand once again and pulls my hair with the other forcing an unnatural arch into my back. He begins to really burry himself into me at an incredibly fast pace, jolting my body each him he makes contact.

“Fuck fuck Cal.” I ramble, barely being able to form words. He pulls me up so that I’m almost standing up as he continues fucking me from behind. The change in angle allows his cock to easily hit my g-spot with every thrust.

“I can’t, shit.” I try to say as the immense pleasure is so direct that it almost burns. It proves to be to much as my legs collapse and Calum is forced to hold me up.

“Stand up!” he exclaims harshly. I can’t answer him as he continues to fuck me at a vicious pace so I just shake my head telling him that I can’t.  My vision is blurry and I know tears of pleasure are coming out of my eyes but Calum is still holding my hands meaning that I can’t wipe them away.

Not wanting to hold me up any longer Calum puts me back down on the bed and flips be over so that I’m laying on my back. It’s the first time I’ve looked at him while he fucks me, and I scold myself for not looking at him earlier. He looks amazing with his hair stuck to his face, his lip between his teeth, his face flushed and his strong arms bulging. I feel my orgasm coming closer and closer as he continues snapping his hips into me at a shattering pace. I’m already looking at him when his eyes meet mine and a smirk appears on his face.

“Look at you baby girl. All spread out for me, letting me take you how I please. You’re such a good girl for me, and you feel fucking amazing.” He growls from above me. His words have me tightening around him causing his head to fall back and a long groan to leave his plump lips.

“God Cal, you’re so good. I’m gonna fucking come.” I warn him knowing I’m about to reach my orgasm. He responds by bringing his hand down to my clit and starting to rub it.

“Fu-mmmm.” I can’t even finish what I was about to say as my vision goes black and my orgasm hits me. My limbs twitch and shake in his arms as he continues to fuck me through it. My eyes stay closed as I feel his cock twitch inside of me.

“God Y/N. Oh fuck baby.” He says as he stills and releases himself into the condom. When I open my eyes he’s staring down at me in awe and I notice that his torso is wet. He sees the confused look on my face and a cocky grin spreads across his face.

“I made you squirt.” He says with what seems to be pride. I can’t help the blush that appears on my face as I try to bring my hands up to cover my face.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed baby, that was hot as fuck. I wanna make you do it again.” He whispers nipping at the skin on my neck.

“Well, there are still a lot of sexual things that I want to learn.” I reply with a smirk as Calum begins withdraws and begins to pick his clothes from the floor.

“I’d be more than willing to help you learn, that was the best sex I’ve ever had.” He catches on and comes over to kiss me again. Hearing that makes me way more confident than I was before.

“You’d better not show anyone what I just taught you baby girl. I’m the only one who can see you this way.” He whispers against my lips huskily and I nod my head agreeing with him. I wouldn’t want to do that with anyone but Calum anyway.

“Well I’d love to stay but I have to go have a shower since you squirted all over me.” He teases as he starts to walk out of my room leaving with a wink.

“Oi, shut up asshole!” I laugh knowing that his wont be the last time Calum and I have sex.

A/N: i kinda left it with a possible continuation ending, so head over to my inbox if you guys would enjoy another part where Calum teacher Y/N some more ;) 

silver and gold

In which Akashi woke up from a nightmare

pairing: akashi x reader

genre: angst??? fluff??? maybe minimal idk

words: 2242

note: a songfic insipired by like i’m gonna lose you - meghan trainor ft. john legend. for tara (i cant tag you) thank you for putting up with my shit whenever we talk via line

Life of an Akashi Seijuuro was never easy. Some people thought that the redhead had always won a life ever since the beginning, overlooking the fact that he’s the only child and the pressure was indeed greater than anything else. It’s only 7 PM, yet he felt like he’s been working for 72 hours straight due to the three consecutive meetings and the immense number of paperwork on his table. He never asked for this – all he wanted was to live a normal life. But the thing was, he had Akashi written all over him. No matter what he does, he can never change the fact that he’s an Akashi, thus he needs to live up to the expectations of his father and everyone else in the family. It sucked big time, yes, but he’s still striving for a good future with you. He knew that one day, all his hardwork would be paid off. He had already pictured it actually…you, him, and a kid or two – no one knows since it’s all in the future. Everything’s yet to come.

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The Firework boy

A BTS/Bangtan boys fanfiction

Summary: You catch sight of him under the light of a thousand fireworks burning light onto his face, but what happens when the embers burn out and you’re left in the darkness? You just have to find the light…

Chapter summary: Weekly hotel room visits, the first kiss and being found out.

Chapter type: Fluff, slight tension, Fluff, Floof, Fluff, Slight Angst.

A/N: OMG! I Cant believe how much you guys all loved the prologue for this story, but i’m afraid i’ve set you up- now let’s get into the real story… ;)

Chapter 2 - Coming tomorrow.

Chapter 1

5 months later

‘I’ve missed you so much, Jagi.’

'Jimin, its only been a week.’

'Exactly, that’s seven whole days without you, I dont know how i-’

You cut him off as you crash your lips to his again, grinning as you feel his hands slide from your back to your butt where you were straddled on top of him. It never got old seeing and having him this needy for you whenever he travelled to see you or you travelled down to Seoul to see him on the weekends.

It hadn’t always been like this, but when you only got chance to see each other once a week, and the weeks had continued to role by with both of you having hardly any time to enjoy each other, it had gradually just graduated into Jimin or yourself booking out a cheap hotel room, and the two of you spending the majority of your time wrapped up in each other, whether it was watching movie’s, ordering room service and pretending you were at a restaurant- although on the odd occasion you’d make the attempt to go out but the fear of being caught always drew you back in- or…well…just being together.

'Actually it was only 6.’ you mutter, briefly detaching your lips from his to move to his neck and hearing him huff and whine in response.

'I dont care. It was still too long.’ he growls, snatching your lips back up with his before you’re able to get to his neck and the feel of his hands- that although were small, you’d come to know could do great things- made your thighs tremble as they groped and stroked you, coming round to stroke your stomach and teasingly sliding down every now and again.

'Jimin, you’ve just told me we cant be too loud.’ you whisper as you instinctively grind down into him, being startled when he lets out a loud groan, and you blush as you slap a hand over his mouth and freeze in place, not realising how turned on he’d become.

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