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Imagine #2: “Coffee”

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Character: Tom Holland (Actor)
 Prior to a bad breakup, work called you to replace a sick worker which forces you to do something you didn’t intend plan.

Pairing Gender: g(reader) x b

Song: Like A Fool

Author’s Note: why is this so long- i cant even im so sorry ;;


We’re not working out as I thought we’d be, he said through the phone as you were hiding in the bathroom of your family’s house, trying to fight back the tears. …Honestly, I started seeing someone else. So, I’m sorry that you had to find out this way, _________.

N-No, it’s okay. You stutter, trying to not choke on your cries and wiped the tears using the your sleeve. We’ve all go to go through our own ways, right?

I’m so glad that you understand, ___________. Hope we can still be friends after this, but I have to go. He pauses for a brief laughter not directed to you. Bye.

The conversation itself repeated in your head like a tape that could never be removed from the machine itself. It was never your intention to replay it, but your broken heart decided it was a good idea to do so. 

Your clouded eyes maintained an eye contact with the eggshell painted wall of your room, idly sitting as it stares back with its own silence and yours to be accompanied by another sad song for the occasion.

From all the crying, your head had taken its toll of a migraine. 

“Fuck,” You say with paining defeat, a hand rubbing your temple as you attempted to look at the light. “Out of all days.” 

Ringing did nothing but vibrate pain into the back of your eyes, your temples and your head. One hand patting the nightstand, you growled at whoever was calling and answered without a glance of the caller’s ID. 

“This is _________ _________ speaking.” 

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anonymous asked:

You've played borderlands? What's your favorite game?

I’ve only played Borderlands 2. :’D

But I loved it to bits. The style is great, the combat is fun and I love the humor AND the characters. I even like Handsome Jack because he is a good villain just…. don’t say he is “pure” or “did nothing wrong” or I’ll come to your house and personally fistfight you.

anonymous asked:

What are your top 5 favourite nu'est songs?

Woah! It’s really hard to pick my favorite because I’M BLATANTLY biased towards all nu’est songs. Honestly, Nu’est has so many great tracks, I highly recommend going through all of their discography. Their albums have always been very well put together!
I recommend ‘Q is’, ‘Re:Birth’ and ‘CANVAS’!

Instead, I’ll use this chance to promote lesser known, na.na.na.涙; (short mv / live). Literally their Japanese equivalent of yeoboseyo. The members had to be drenched under constant falling water meant to mimmic rain for the music video filming, plus the iconic dance using the umbrellas. As well as, Eternity after the rain/ 雨のち永遠; (audio / live) which is a really pretty ballad track, from their follow-up album.

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Friend 1: *acts like a white girl* omg sadie (sadie is me btw) did you see 5sos on mtv THAT LEAD SINGER IS S'HOT


friend 3: AND THAT DRUMMER DOE! what’s his name it sounds like Ashley

Me: and what about Michael….the guy with colored hair?

Friend 1: eh he’s not that cute


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why are you so proud to be fat? I follow you and I like you and stuff but when you post a picture you always tag it happy and fat and stuff. Like no offense cause ur face is really pretty and ur cool but you just seem to flaunt it.

omg this question has actually hurt my head, like straight up you have given me a fucking headache. I’m so angry I cant even…

1. Why shouldn’t I be proud of myself and what I look like? Because I’m fat there should be some extra super special reason?

2. My face is pretty, you got me there. However my tummy is also pretty, my thighs are thick, my hips are wonderful and bitch you wish you could see my ass. So please don’t assume that I should be flattered by the fact you were kind enough to overlook my body because you complimented my face.

3. For years I have been told by strangers, school mates, past partners and family that I should lose weight. It came in different variations from being yelled in my face, whispered in my ear, or brought up at family gatherings. Through all of that I have managed to stay strong, be confident, love myself and most importantly not allow other people to make decisions about my body for me.

For all of that I am pretty damn proud of myself, so ‘no offense’ but kindly fuck right off.