i cant even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

exo as things my friends and i have said in our group chats

minseok: “can i be ur dog’s vodka aunt?”

luhan: *gets way too excited over an article about space*

kris: lots of words accidentally autocorrecting to different languages

junmyeon: “funny how we’re all gay”

yixing: just a lot of heart emojis

baekhyun: “I succeeded how” “Hoe*”


chanyeol: *edits together a video of kyungsoo’s embarrassing moments*

kyungsoo: “DELETE THIS”

zitao: “idk who tf he is but i’ll fight him for u”

jongin: “Bees are fucking scary”

sehun: “I’m fluent in gay”


Okay, so. Let’s think about Danny Williams for a second here. This is a man who is constantly complaining about Steve putting him in harms way and blames Steve for every injury he has gotten since meeting Steve “tis but a flesh wound” McGarrett.

Now, let’s talk about the Danny Williams we see when Steve is in danger or even just plans on going somewhere dangerous.
THIS Danny is the Danny that will go to North freaking Korea b/c Steve hasn’t called him in like two hours and “that’s not like him, I know somethings wrong.”
THIS Danny goes to North Korea knowing that there’s a more than likely change that:
●Steve is dead already
●They will all die horribly
●Some of them will die horribly
●Danny himself could die
●He will never see Grace again
THIS Danny goes with Steve to Cambodia to check out a grave site. For literally no reason that is explained in the show, Danny goes to CAMBODIA with Steve to hike (Which he hates) through forests (Which he hates) to find a dead body that might or might not have something to do with Steve’s mother (who I seriously think Danny dislikes b/c of how she treats Steve).
THIS Danny also goes to AFGHANISTAN for no other reason than to stand there and tell a guy in charge that Steve is alive b/c “trust me, I know Steve, he’s alive. I know it.” Seriously, he doesn’t even participate in the mission to save Steve! He stands there like a worried family member (wife, lbr) and watches as Steve is rescued b/c for some reason he can’t do that in Hawaii. Probably so he’d be right there when Steve is brought back so Steve won’t be alone. Even though Cath is literally two villages over. I mean… !!!!
THIS Danny will be the death of me, and possibly himself with how much risks he takes to his person every time Steve asks/needs him to.

Ojiro: This is not a trick right? 

Shinsou: No, it’s not.

Ojiro: Did you put something in the ice cream?

Shinsou: Im eating the same ice cream. Could you please accept it and eat it or do I have to shove it through your throat.


Ojiro: At this rate you won’t have my forgiviness.

((I’ve seen the trailer more than 76 times and Shinsou’s voice is asihdkasdbnaskdjasdBSaksdjasd MY HEART CAN’T.

I’m in the mood to draw lots of Shinsou! So if you have a request send it now!))


AO a.k.a トップハムハット狂 (TopHamHatKyo)

It was high time for an AO appreciation post tbh… this man is so amazing and his music changed my life and all that good stuff not to mention he has the most contagious smile like ever?? actually?? look please check out his music !!


outfits for music festival w svt vocal unit ☺️
which one is your favourite?
please let me know if you want links to any of the items used, I do have all of them!
please send in requests❣️