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hey !! so checking out my old blog i realized a B U N C H of gif icons i spent lots of time creating dissapeared off the face of the tags earth , so i’ll be reposting them here :-)  by clicking this link you’ll find around #120 100x100 gif icons of the ultimate Love of My Life™, debby ryan.none of these gifs belongs to me – i just found them, cropped them, and added a psd. please like/reblog if you find this useful. enjoy!!

anonymous asked:

i met this nice girl from my volunteers club and the first thing i thought was that she was straight so i kept my tiny crush to myself. however, last friday night we went to a party togheter and when we were on the elevator she told me"i tried v hard but i cant pretend, i just like you rlly much like, in a very gay way" and i jUST GRABBED HER AND WE KISSED it was just so sweet i cant ev e n;;; im happy

My gay little heart is going to explode. 

-Mod Em