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Guess who! @cosmiipu! (I rhymed yess *finger guns*)

Love your lil mint sona, I just had to draw them! (Tried to finish this yesterday, so I could sent it to you to try and help when you were getting all those rough anons… but better late than never!)

I hope you like it aaaa (edit: I FORGOT EYEBROWS WHOOPS fixed it. Also added a closup wink wonk)

Day 4 - Write it without editing

So im so happy to type this one down. Hahah. Promise. Im not editing this text post. I just want to type right now. I’m at work. I cant think of what to do and I suddenly scroll down on the email I saved last week. I read the topic suggested by the 30 days challenge. I dont know if I can but im trying. There’s nothing wrong when you try something new. I mean, im not doing anything so why dont you do something that may ease your boredom. Right? especially when you still have 4hrs before you go home. Ugh, fuck. I cant wait to get home and lie down. I told myself yesterday that I will be out for a week on social media. I dont know if I can but its also a challenge. Im typing this thing at work. The only thing i have is the outlook. Its for work purposes. Sending and receiving emails from clients. Im also sending this writings on my personal email so if I go online, i will be posting this. Anyway, today is already 7:22am. I just have my breakfast (lunch). I went downstairs to eat sweet and sour fish. Yeap. I did like it. Im a fond of eating fish fillet. Hehe.

I cant think of what else to write. Uhm. what else? uhmm. I just realized that I typed everything what is on my head. It actually worked. I remember the time when im searching for tips on how to start writing like creative writing. And its like this… Jotting down everything. Allow your brain to go on with the flow. Type everything that comes up in your head and type it in. You’ll never noticed yu have created a lot of sentences. A wonderful message I guess? Haha. Keep in mind that im trying. Im not that good in english but im trying my best to learn. Everything takes time and it has a process.

@theunrequitedlover after all that has happened you shamelessly went stealing my post again? what the fuck? what about that whole drama you started, playing the victim and going on about how you ‘don’t steal caps’ and ‘make my own posts’ and ‘i’m not a thief’ whatever the fuck.

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Remember that pic i did ages ago of Law cooking? No? Well i did some shoddy edits and finally got around to coloring it. (My first digital colouring)

anonymous asked:

hey! i was wondering if you had any advise for people that are just starting out in writing?

its been abt 92 years since you sent this ask anon, im so sorry abt the wait! im not sure if im qualified to give advice on writing but ill do my best  (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

  • participate in nanowrimo. i started with nanowrimo in 2007 and have been doing it nearly every year since. not only does it help to improve your writing by forcing you to put words down, but it also helps to increase productivity bc you have a deadline and a word count to meet and a prize waiting for you at the end. i havent done it for the last two years or so and i can totally tell lmao
  • learn the difference between writing and editing and try not to do both at the same time. i personally struggle with this so this is a case of ‘do as i say not as i do’ haha but the best practice for most ppl is to write a draft first and just get the words down on the paper. you can always go back and fix things later but you cant edit what you dont have. so try to move past the mistakes and keep on keepin on.
  • figure out your own style. style consists of two things -voice and tone. voice is the personality you assume as you write (think about who you are encompassing and the relationship you want to have with your reader…this is why writing in miyukis pov for me is second-nature), and tone is atmosphere, word choice, sentence structure, etc. each person finds their own style in their own way and at their own time -for me, it was finding authors who rly resonated with me and trying to figure out why, and then assembling all of that into practice. dont underestimate the power of fic bc fic authors were my biggest influencers in this! dont shy away from adopting the good things you absorb from reading.
  • focus on the intention. this is related to the previous point but when you write i think its good to ask yourself what you want to convey and how you want to express it. writing poetically can convey a lot of feeling tumbling out through your voice, while writing short choppy sentences with sharp words can convey shock and disconnect. an example of this from me would be this fic, if you need a visual!
  • when you get stuck keep going. many ppl have more than one writing project going on at any one time, and its so that when they get stuck on their main project they can switch gears and work on smth else for a while. this keeps the juices flowing while also giving you a break from smth that is probably frustrating you. personally i tend to only work on one project at a time, so when i get stuck i just open a new document and write in a stream of consciousness style for a while. usually i find smth useful in that and then im back in business. just whatever you do keep going!
  • learn the rules. then learn how/when to break them. punctuation and grammar are v important when it comes to writing and reading, which is why its always v attention-grabbing when the writer changes things up and purposefully goes against the rules to slam smth home to the reader. so learn the rules and break them -sparingly, otherwise it loses its punch.
  •  fix your mistakes. spellcheck will only get you so far! you will find so many more mistakes if you either 1. read your writing out loud or 2. share your writing with someone else. reading aloud forces you to consider the pacing and word choice -does it sound natural? does the punctuation make sense? do you naturally pause in all of the right places?- and having another set of eyes will help you find what you have been overlooking.
  • edit smart. to go along with the previous point lol. i personally dont do much editing but the one thing i do is check things over for cohesiveness, bc i tend to write in chunks over a period of time and sometimes from one section to another my writing doesnt quite line up. sometimes the best practice is to rewrite everything in a fresh document. whatever you do, take some time away from your writing before you attempt to edit bc fresh eyes are best.
  • learn to handle criticism. when you post online you are opening yourself up to criticism. most ppl dont understand what that means -some use it as a tool to hurt or belittle, others use it as an outlet to complain abt the fact that what they wanted to read wasnt represented in your work. but there are criticisms that are constructive, and those are the ones that should be taken into consideration whether you follow their advice or not. its important to figure out the difference and understand that a criticism isnt a slight against you or the effort you put into your work.
  • write the things you love and write for yourself. writing for comments/kudos/what have you can get you places. maybe itll get your foot in the door in the fandom writing world. its fine to want to please the ppl who are going to be consuming your product, but i think the most important thing is that you enjoy what youre doing, that you like the things you are writing, and that you are learning and growing. take on challenges, do collaborations, step out of your comfort zone, but above all make sure you are having fun while doing it!

and thats all i got  o(^◇^)o  i hope you find this helpful in some way! thank you so much for asking!