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the whole Skam fandom right now

@dave-corp yeah not to mention alot of those styles n sizes only compliment like..skinny white ppl…rippp you cant find good brown chunky boy stuff

YEAH GOD… Im skinny and petite (but i have the butt)  so i know its easier for me to squeeze into things or find things kinda but u right like, companies make things really stiff and for people with Noassatall Syndrome lol… Everything works for ANYONE!*** (if youre flat, skinny, white and rich because brands wanna make u pay 50$ for that ugly red plaid that comes in XS  S and M) 

edit: HONESTLY i just decided to start thrifting now and its become a GREAT decision.sizing can be awful but its better cuz stuff is worn in and more all over the place and not just The White Fashion


all that is left now is to tear you to bits

anonymous asked:

so are all ur other unfinished fic as good as abandoned until ur done with siaod? like i love siaod but i have the biggest soft spot for ur khr/tokyo ghoul crossover and i just would like to know, if its not a problem pls and thank you

I dont really want to say yes to this because labelling something as abandoned usually means i’m actually going to abandon it.  i would much rather prefer to answer questions on a fic by fic basis depending on who specifically wants to know about what. 

specifically, abt the khr/tokyo ghoul fic: there’s something about it that i don’t like that i cant put my finger on it. until i can sink my teeth back into the story, it’ll be sleeping. I might have to go back and edit some of what is posted (i’ve had to do that before lol) though i hope not. right now i can’t even really bring myself to read it to find out what’s wrong and so i’m not touching it until i know for sure i wont murder it 

for the most part, the unfinished fics are on hiatus until certain other criteria are met, as i’m still working back into the flow of writing that i had in the fall of last  year. 

i can tell you that comments on a fic or attention to an unfinished piece do give me motivation to continue a piece. i know this because i had paused on Brotherhood for several months but since i’ve been getting regular comments, my interest in it has returned and i’ve been working on its chapters quietly so i can start posting on it again soon.


addicted15 day 8: favorite last line of character // Ryke Meadows - Some Kind of Perfect

No words need to fucking pass. No radio needs to be flipped on. Our music exists right here. We’re alive. We’re alive.

God, we’re all fucking alive.

In this present moment. In this place together. (insp.)

help me out: now with updates!

helloo everyone i’m ale and i just added a donation button on my theme!
i’m asking for help cause i’m a broke college student, who’s family recently got evicted and i’m not sure if we’ll have a stable home when winter break comes.

there are currently a few church organizations that are helping my family by paying for them to stay in a hotel until the 17 of dec, however because I am living on campus (and bc our family is kinda big) they can only help out them and not me. i have an small on campus job, however i don’t get paid until the 23rd of this month, which is close to the end of winter break. (and im paid a very minimal amount)

winter break starts the 18th, and i will most likely be living in various friends homes (so couch hopping for like 2 weeks), the money will go towards helping me buy food and warmer clothing (sweaters/jackets), as well as helping my family with various expenses if they don’t have a home by dec. 17th. (and also help me prove my siblings with warmer clothing as well)

Update: so this week is the last week i can stay on campus! on the 18th I will be leave early that morning. right now the money is important for me as i’ll use it specifically for food, and if not food then it will be used for paying off the hotel room my family is staying in. they have not received help as of today (12/14), so right now it seems as though they are only staying for sure until the 17th. after that i have no clue what will happen!

any amount helps!! thank you to everyone who has already donated!!!!!
let me know if anyone has any questions and please reblog this to help spread the word if possible!!

hey guys its emelie here my account got deleted for some reason and I basically feel like my life is over because ive had my blog for about 3 years and had made a lot of edits and had a couple of followers on it. But atleast I got the same URL back so I’ll start posting my own edits and fix the theme etc as soon as possible, I hope some of you guys will re-follow me on here so I can follow your blogs back because I cant remember all of your URLs lol, and maybe even reblog this to help me thank you