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we’ve always taken shelter in our unhelpable pride

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cw: anxiety attack “portrayal”, just something a bit emotional hurt/comforty that has sat in my drafts for months that I just don’t think will ever be edited further so *flingsss* here you go. inspired by the scene in Rebel Rising where Jyn/Saw are leaving Lah’mu (not really ‘spoilery’ but just just noting it was inspired by that)

They’ve settled into hyperspace when it happens, or rather, when he’s finally noticed it happening. Jyn had grown quiet hours ago, but that wasn’t unusual— not for them, not for her. They hadn’t crossed a system for hours, blackness  encompassing the viewport. He thought she’d fallen asleep, and she’d needed it.

Though he knows she’d argue the same of him, had she been awake.

But as he adjusts the autopilot and turns to face her, seated in the co-pilot’s chair, his usual air of confidence slips, finding the slump of her shoulders and distant look in her eye, staring out of the viewport at nothing.

“Hey,” he reaches over, places a hand on her shoulder and waits.

“You alright?” he adds when she’s quiet still and it’s then that he hears her shallow panting, feels the trembling in her limbs as she struggles to fight whatever is haunting her mind.

His hand slips around hers, a tight fist choking the armrest. She doesn’t relax, but doesn’t flinch from his touch either. 

“Jyn,” he whispers, swallowing the panic building in his own chest. “Jyn, it’s me. Cassian. Focus on my voice..”

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