i cant drawing


I haven’t posted any art lately cause I’m a fart but also I’ve been super busy so here’s a quick doodle dump to show you that I have been drawing… just not… anything like… nicely. Anyway. Here you go. I may finish the top MML pic but I’m not feeling it now so we’ll see.

I’ve been wanting to draw @papabay ‘s NejiTen girl Keiko soo uh, i drew some Next Gen peeps.

Chan Ji has a habit of just…picking people up like they weigh nothing when she gets excited. it, uh, takes a while to get used to (and Metal’s very excited for the day he gets that confident strong)

“If you long for it, we will surely be able to meet again, okay?”

im still trash for this bunny boy;;; he was my original tsundere boyfriend
lets call him jiwoo and i loved his route and i love him a lot
i loved how he loved romance novels ashdkjsf

+ i cant seem to stop drawing my favorite characters as sad;;
im just kinda sad tonight i guess haha;;; yeahhh

but this is him crying over heejung i guess,,,,, i cried halfway drawing this;; like when i started coloring??,,

Happy Birthday Thomas

ok so i know its a day late, but i spent three days looking for the cord to the piano i havent touched in two years. also my microphone sucks and i am not having the best voice day and basically i cant believe im posting this on the internet but i cant draw and i wanted to do something for someone who has literally saved my life on multiple occasions so…here you go i guess?