i cant draw


“please smoochu me bokuto-san” / pouty lips 

“I wouldnt kiss something so viscose and sticky and ugly”

“but i have a kingdom. please bokuto-san it’s just one kiss and i’ll be human again”

“why should i kiss a frog also doesn’t it have to be a true love kiss?”

“I have a kingdom with horses”

Princes bokuto and ugliest-frog-ever-but-also-a-gentowlman, akaashi keiji


A request for @emgmusic1 “Under the mistletoe”

XD Sorry I can’t help but do TWICE, you can choose from you like the most! 

And… Judy’s sofa is too smal for Nick…

Or maybe an artist can’t draw a sofa….

So… Nick desided to sit rather on a floor that see suffering an artist XD

Or maybe it’s all about rabbits furniture… and their sofas…