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hello!!! i cant get this idea outta my head and i love your writing so much:-)! could you please do a jealous richie fic?? xoxo !!

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Because you knew

Richie liked to think it hurt Eddie too. He knew it wasn’t true, but it made things easier. He liked to think that Eddie ached for him too, that he too was longing for his kiss, missing his touch.

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I legit got kicked out of a lgbt group on my campus because i said lesbians were a big target of hatred inside of the community with pseudo trans right activists who want to control lesbians every moves and bi women just playing the weak little lamb against the big bad lesbians and i was told as a bi i was a disgrace to the communiry lmao u and hayley really have to put up with do much shit i cant believe this hell site mentality of victimizing o e self so much like its the opression olympics

ugh i’m so sorry that’s so ugly… bi/lesbian solidarity is truly a beautiful thing and it’s sad people are too scared to voice that in an environment where it’s SUPPOSED to be safe to discuss lgbt politics. especially within an lgbt group on a college campus, sometimes that can be someone’s only true positive source for lgbt rights and kicking someone out because they’re rightfully saying there’s a lesbophobia problem in the community… i’m sorry you had to go through that :/ thank you for being a true hero tho

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Your jazz comic is amazing!! My mind is blown if I think at all the effort you put in it! Beautiful art and colors and story, so many details in every panel! Thank you so much for sharing, i love your art

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cant thank you enough for sending this in for me, or anyone really. it honestly encourages me to continue doing the au and of course continue drawing. often times i doubt myself and feel insecure about whether or not people actually care about the things i put out, but when people send asks, reblog, or comment on my stuff it makes me feel better. 

im glad you enjoy my stuff :’^D 


My Name’s Simon. For the most part my life is totally normal. I have a family that I actually like, and there’s my friends. We do everything friends do. We drink way too much iced coffee, while gorging on carbs, so I’m just like you. Except I have one huge ass secret… nobody knows I’m gay. I’m done living in a world where I don’t get to be who I am. I deserve a great love story, and I want someone to share it with. Disclaimer, this is about to get romantic as F.

Love, Simon (2018) Dir. Greg Berlanti

Ravenclaw: Sometimes it’s hard to care about things.

Hufflepuff: What do you mean? You love books and reading and learning!

Ravenclaw: Yeah, but it takes a lot of effort sometimes. It takes a lot of energy.

Hufflepuff: Sounds like you’re thinking too much.

Ravenclaw: That’s what I’m good at.


Hey guys! Just put together a masterpost to make everything easier to find. I will keep this updated as I post new work!

First lineup 

Postcard selfie

Family team bickering comic

Pidge doodle 1

Keith and babi galra

Finished painted designs of everyone with info

Naming babi galra comic

Babi galra bonding request

Keith and Lance request

Pidge and Hunk request

Pidge doodle 2

How pidge loses her leg comic (Blood Warning) 

Shiro and Pidge family bonding comic

Keith and Lance on Keiths space.. motorcycle?

Pidge and Hunk fightin crime

Keith stole a baby comic

Baby galra making friends comic


Pidge ref page

Keith and Lance chillin


                                    Glory to Mankind.

My hand slipped—-but it was torn with what it wanted so it did two designs for him. NieR Automata has taken over my life and I weep for this game. I just had too design a thing for Prompto, but I definitely had a hard time trying to come up with something for his YorHa outfit more than the Resistance one! I like both though, y’all gotta stop me from creating AU’s for this man. It’s not healthy LOL 

a few people have been asking for a more in detail look at the outfits Lance n Keith have in the Soul Eater AU, so I got around to doing that at last 🙌


since i love @iacediai swap au so much i cant stop myself from drawing a bunch for it but i hate not posting things right away so this post is probs gonna be edited a bunch of times with more au drawings. i just really love it okay


I like to think maybe Robbie has some strength to his frame from messing around with so many metal parts and dragging around giant canons and everything else he does that in a moment of emergency he just picks up Sportakook (bridal or over his shoulder, either way) and runs for dear life instead of Sportanerd grabbing him and everyone is confused and Sportacute is flustered because no one has carried him since he was a young babe and Robbie is confused as of why Sportaflop is so red and– yea… but

We need more Stronger-than-we-thought-he-was Robbie Rotten

I hope this is enough to show the mess this game got me in

decided to cover relationships in general and not just romantic ships. please note that this is based on supports + my own headcanons so at the end it’s my opinion and what i like