i cant do this justice

Me: Hey, I’m in a really good mood today! There’s absolutely nothing that can take this good mood away from—


i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)

Northern Downpour (Cover)
Panic! at the Disco
Northern Downpour (Cover)

this is my attempt at covering one of Panic’s most beloved and, i believe, most emotional song. I’ll never be able to make this perfect either because, well, I don’t have bren’s voice. but ya know. i did my best. hope you enjoy!!

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(you can always send me an ask/message if there are any of my covers you want to download!!) 


So Pokemon and Ace Attorney was actually the secret winner!  So I drew some birds with birds! I might draw more soon, with the ladies or prosecutors next time!  Everyone gets a Flying type because all the AA characters remind me of birds. 

king husbands……………


make me choose:
@xatsushis asked: rukia kuchiki or arima kishou

The chapter that I’m uploading tonight for the Azriel-centric prequel is one that I’m really excited about. (You can go ahead and read Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 if you haven’t yet… y’know, if you feel like). I’ve mentioned before that there is one big overarching narrative connecting all the short stories I’m writing and it’s… so… exciting

I’m pretty passionate about this project and y’all know Azriel is the love of my life so it’s really fun to get into his head and attempt to show the best and worst parts of him. So please read, reblog, leave comments/suggestions, whatever. I’m so stoked and hope you guys love it. 


Demigod au anyone?

My fic Love on the Battlefield has a lot more characters than I was expecting, yikes.