i cant do anything today


Shinoa squad + Introductions [insp.]

decided to have a skip day today and not take any ritalin bc i think it wired me up quite a bit yesterday and maybe not taking it at all would make it easier to eat - i ate a meal today!! and a very big packet of chips oops so it worked for that, but omfg now i cant pay attention to anything #rip

tomorrow’s gonna be a Hella Big Day, 4 dog walks + a meeting and im gonna have to leave at 11am when today i struggled to leave at 1pm and ended up leaving at 2:45… that’s gonna be… exciting………….


Pilot returned today after being gone for almost two days for his neuter. He’s thrusting his paws into the air to knead them, rubbing my head as he walks in circles over my shoulders, purring in my face as he nibbles my nose and lips, rubbing onto the keyboard on my hands.

I think someone missed us.

So you know how I cant catch a fucking break well dad got flu and theres been a dangerous flu epidemic here these past few weeks and i forced him to go to a doc today and apparently the doc sent him to the hospital where hes been until now (hes still there) and ive been waiting for several hours to know if hes coming home or if theyre keeping him and apparently hes pretty sure hes coming home but im like

can i maybe stop having to deal with fucking hospitals