i cant do anything today

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Where's the LLxPersona we deserve? (but absolutely don't need right now)

l i s t en

im still salty why FeMC is not canon i need herrrr

this is all according to my opinion (there will be a lot of inaccuracies please forgive me)

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Shinoa squad + Introductions [insp.]


I was tagged by the lovely @obsessed-phan-number- 1.

My lockscreen is the the lovely Tessa Violet(I lover her and her hair so much), My Home screen(a panel for a comic im going to maybe make), The last song I listened to (because PANIC AT THE DISCO), and last selfie I took (totally cringe I know but I was trying out a new lipstick)
I tag….


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idk everything i do they criticise and i cant get anything right. like today, i asked my sister a question (about chores) and she told me to not speak to her like that,, im was being disrespectful and roof.

They’re the one being rude wtf? You just gotta remind yourself to be the bigger person in those situations if they’re gonna treat you like you’re small


im sorry i cant do anything today im gay