i cant do anything right lately

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Ohkay, i know Lauren's grandmother gave her a pearl ring. But i just like to point out that after the under water shoot and lately Camila is spotted with a very much identical pearl ring. 💍 Lauren is a unicorn, camila has a unicorn emoji beside her snapchat handle. Lauren had always had a thing for roses and recently Camila cannot get enough of anything relating to roses. 🙈 i just cant fam, why do they do that? camila why? 🤔🤣

i know right? theyre playing with our feelings

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lately i feel like theres nobody bw hate more than white women. i know its not personal but i feel like we cant do anything right, like adele accepting her own grammy was somehow not enough? is this a joke? its hard not to take things personally but personally i deal with a lot of self hatred and to hear other women constantly talking shit about white "liberal" women who are trying their best... it feels like theres no point. i dont feel victimized but i feel like theres no way to win.

honey, listen. i am not the one you want to come to with this because i definitely do find it hard to sympathize with white liberal women. i don’t know what you expected from me, but the most i can tell you is to let that ‘woe is me, im trying so hard but not getting praised for it’ thing go and realize that black women have every reason to critique white feminism/libralism. every. reason. also the adele thing is half joke half serious. beyonce was robbed.

i have this anxious and painful feeling going on right now and it actually makes me want to die so i dont have to cope with it anymore!! i dont know im just so fucked up in every way and right now i want to cut, but i dont, i do, i dont… im scared of getting better and id rather kill myself, but i want to be happy…
sigh.. it doesnt really matter. i cant really do anything right now cause its late and im at my dad’s.. i facetimed with my baby boy, which cheered me up a little (and i loved looking at his face and his voice made me feel calm) and now im going to sleep and hope this feeling passes…

im glad tho, because i have the motivation to get through at least this week, because im going to a convention and seeing my best friends and im SO excited about that it makes my heart warm… so ill stay strong for the weekend

and after that ill stay strong for something else


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1. Where is your cell phone? laying right next to me
2. Your hair? On my head lolol. i am naturally blonde but i still dye my hair blonder (my hair is naturally wavyish and is almost mid back length)
3. Your mom? i think rn she is watching a chinese drama shes been into lately
4. Your other half? i have two other halfs (my best friends) they r probably studying for english
5. Your favorite food? GREEN TEA ICE CREAM or peach flavored anything
6. Your dream last night? fact: i rarely ever dream and if i do i usually cant remember anything
7. Your favorite drink? caramel macchiato or peach ice tea
8. Fear? car crash
9. Your home away from home? dance studio
10. Where were you last night? at home doing homework
11. Something you aren’t? funny lmao
12. Muffins? cinnamon or pistachio!!!
13. Wish list item? hmmm idk really i need some new shoes tbh
14. Where you grew up? the northeast usa (i wont be any more specfic lol)
15. Last thing you did? chem homework
16. What are you wearing now? sweater, jacket, pants, sneakers
17. Your TV? In my room even tho i never use it
18. Your pets? currently my two cats are in my room and the dog is down stairs with my lil bro
19. Friends? probably horribly busy and stressed rip
20. Your life? really busy and stressful im only a junior but i can feel college coming.
21. Missing someone? i try not to but theres always gotta be someone right…
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Hi guys, Im terribly sorry if youre expecting some phan art but I cant seems to draw anything related due to… well real life. One of it is that I lost my beloved cat lately (the one on the left, I lost the right one as well like 2 or 3 years ago) and Im pretty much in mental breakdown. I cant lookup for ideas and much likely lying on bed though now I slowly get myself doing something productive. It feels so empty without him by my side and in the same time I envy my sisters for having their cats with them. will be phan arting sooner or later! once I catch up with their latest videos and tweets

help please!!

i feel really bad about having to do this, but im in a super tight spot right now and could really use some help

lately me and my mom havent been able to pay any bills lately including internet, power, and our phone bills. right now we dont have internet, we have a 48hr notice for our power and her phone just got shut off and mine is next. right now we really need our phones seeing as its our only way to contact anyone or really do anything.

im currently job searching but if my phones off theres really no way i could contact anyone about getting a job. so again, im really really sorry i have to do this but if anyone can donate thatd be super helpful and i promise once were back on our feet ill pay back every cent

i have a donation link on my blog and my paypal email is niveeanidae@yahoo.com please donate if you can! if not then please reblog id be super grateful ;;

hi everyone. i just wanted to make a post saying im not dead i know its really overdue but im trying

a few weeks ago i overdosed on my medication tht wasn’t fun and dealt with a lot of family things, ran away from home for a brief period of time and got it sorted out mostly, ive been dealing with a lot of psychosis stuff lately & got diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder haven’t been able to do much of anything and most of the time I don’t feel like im really myself and remembering things is incredibly difficult for me at this point. my mind went through a complete sweep recently & i cant remember most of what happened in my life up to a few months ago and it’s been very disorienting. high school is hurting me a lot right now and dealing with that has been hard too.

i haven’t felt right about myself in months, ive had anger issues and delusions and ive imagined so many things going on that im not really sure what’s real and what isn’t at this point. and a lot of you dealt with me while all these delusions and paranoid thoughts and actions were happening, a lot of you remember it more than me, and im sorry. im sorry that all the things i ever said hurt people, I’m sorry that im not in full control of everything going on with me, and im sorry just in general for screwing everything up. im doing my best to get help again & im sorry.

if you need to contact me for anything, my skype is ravensandwritingdesks. i might be free sometimes later in the day to talk about things if you need me for something, and if you’ve commissioned me id like it if you tied to message me on skype so i can remember who you are. sprry for worrying everyone & sorry to wveryone who got hurt because of me I love all of you and im sorry for worrying anyon