i cant decide

Once Max calmed down, she went back to the lodging and found Akira sitting by the fire.

Akira: I’m sorry, I should never have kissed you, I didn’t think beforehand about everything you’ve just been through. All I was thinking was about my feelings for you, and how you and Rieko being separated meant that I had a chance. I’ve just got to pack some more of my stuff away and then I’ll head to the campsite until everyone else is arriving, I’ve already taken until then off work. I’ll see you around.

Max: Kira, stop. You don’t have to leave. I understand why you kissed me, I don’t know why I called you here. I guess I knew you had feelings for me and I exploited them by calling because I knew you would come. When I was fighting with Rie, I had said we weren’t going to be separated for less than a week, because we’re not. I’m still very angry and upset, but if I didn’t call you I knew I’d call her.

Akira: I get it, you wanted to prove to her that you didn’t need her, you wanted to keep your pride. Just don’t be ashamed about the fact that some things you can’t handle on your own. As soon as you moved to the city you became friends with Miko and I, you depended on us for any sense of comfort that you couldn’t get from staying inside your apartment all day. I get it, I honestly do. Once Rieko came into your life you didn’t need us anymore and I understand that too. I just don’t want to always be your fallback. I love you and I want to be with you.

Max: I want to test the waters but you have to understand that I have kids, I mean I know technically only Cam, but I don’t want to cut Tetsu out of my life if Rieko and I get divorced.

Akira: If you want to try and see if we work, I’m okay with that, and I’m okay if you end up choosing her. I’m just not okay if I’m only here to stop you from getting back with her. If we’re trying this out, then we’re honestly trying it out.

Max: I want to try it out.