i cant deal with you guys

hey guys you know I care a lot about you but honestly I don’t feel comfortable giving advice re: mental stuff bc it stresses me out a lot and it might seem like I know a lot but I honestly don’t know enough to feel qualified to give good answers so I really appreciate the fact that you feel comfortable enough to come to me with questions but please…don’t;;;

i just want to say that if any of you are going through depression or anxiety: please please please dont wallow in pity. i know its hard but the weight of all your sadness and stress is too heavy for you alone to carry. please see someone. talk to someone. allow someone to take the load from your back and allow someone to help you deal with it. this is not something you can overcome by yourself. a good support system is critical. if you dont have one in real life, find one online. if you’re too anxious to message someone, know that my inbox is always open and you can speak on anon. i will always be here for you guys okay. i never want anyone to feel like they’re alone. loneliness can allow those negative thoughts to creep in; you cant let it.

i only *just* watched the justice league trailer for the first time and bruce is talking about impending threats and his judgment seems to be well regarded by the team he actively founded and he has that low key arrogant self-deprecating rich guy humor going on and in bvs he runs to save a little girl and he HUGS HER and he has angsty moments staring at his family’s ancient crest and there are Actual Knight References and he expresses explicit concern over wayne enterprises and the welfare of individual employees and “hey nat why aren’t you that into the dceu batman” pure simple and unadulterated ENVY my friend, dceu’s bruce wayne is great in every single way the mcu failed to adapt my favorite 616 tony stark stuff lmao i still can’t deal with this

tied down

pro-log of series, chp1

SUMMARY:you needed money and you need it now..but what happened when a man named jungkook has the money you need but there is one catch..you have to be his wife for three months

genera: angst, romance, thick girlxmuscular man smut in the future


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you sit on one side of the table of a very secluded restaurant with a appearance that seems to be only acquainted by the people who think a 100 dollar bill has the same value as a 1 dollar bill 

you tap your pink nail polished nail on the golden lined cup that contains warm chamomile tea and two tea biscuits sitting on the side across from you is him…Jeon fucking Jungkook looking as though his interest in being here is so little

god why did you choose to do this he could choose so many other girls in such high end society so why did you choose to be here a girl who has always been a nobody a girl who had struggled with her weight and has curves that made you feel insecure so why go why did you choose to marry him 

well i mean it was not necessarily a real marriage it was a marriage to keep his parents from questioning his bachelor life 

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About mutsuki’s gender: psychological analysis.

I’m reading a lot about this topic since a couple of mounths, so I want to try to explain my theory about it (even if english, is not my first language and this kind of things are really specific, so please forgive my mistakes).

First of all, I’m pretty sure that Tooru has a terrible mental illness call  Dissociative identity disorder or  multiple personality disorder (MPD). What is this? Long story short, there are at  least two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states, inside the same person. The number of identities varies widely, but in my opinion  inside Tooru we have only two different ones:  Female Tooru and Male Tooru, that alternate their existence inside him/her. We have a strong personality (Fem) and a submissive (Male) one.

A DID symptoms is, for example,  the presence of two or more distinct personality states match with  the inability to recall personal information (expecially by the submissive personality, who is totaly cut off his own mind), beyond what is expected through normal forgetfulness. This could explain why he doesnt remember when she killed his all family or when he killed all during the academy period. This  particular for of lack of memory is  call dissociative amnesia.

These states alternately show in a person’s behavior are  draw it VERY WELL by Ishida, in my opinion. Think when she approchs herself to Aura in order to obtain his help. Or when she approchs  Kaneki in chapter 122. Otherwise, in the firsts chapters, the way he walk and be in touch with the rest of the team. He was goffy, shy, more masculine than the lasts chapters where her moving changes. (In particular in THAT scene with fake Haise. That was a seductress woman)
(Damn it’s really hard to explain with all those he/she in contrast. Sorry.)

People diagnosed with DID often report that they have experienced severe physical and sexual abuse, especially during early to mid-childhood, and as we know, she/he was abuse and rape by his father till the day she ripped him in pieces. And then she forgot the fact. As well as she/he forgot about killing all those cats during the academy.
It’s really sad as a mental desorder, because starts as an escape from a cruel reality.
In this new arc, Female Tooru win over Male Tooru. The causes are many: she felt alone, adbandoned by the only one man that she ever love or at least that shows a gentle behavior. Haise’s really love him, in a familiar way maybe not  a romantic one (even if I’m pretty sure that this poor soul will never have a real romantic sentiment for noboby in the future).  She changes a lot of team after QS, so she has a lack of stabily, that in QS before the Rose Case was the first family he ever had. Torso probably has raped her again, throw this poor baby into the nightmare again.

And she just can’t stand on it anymore, even if she hate to be a woman. She hate to be weak again and she really want to be a man and have Haise’s love bacause she never fell this way with anyone before.

For what concerns Urie,  I think that he is an hetero guy who has a big crush on Mutsuki from the moment he realise that he is a woman. I can’t blame Kuki neither, is brain elaborate that information because of his infatuation. He always try to save Mutsuki, he his really  attached to this companion, no matter if is a she or a he. 
Whatever, that is really sad because Mutsuki will never be what he need..

In the end, the result for me is that if you call Tooru a girl is not a big deal. Because in this moment, she probably is back to that part of life, the darkest one, when she was a woman. A really lonely little girl who deserves better. I cant blame this child, who only need help.

My point is that she doesnt feel like a guy in her BODY, but is a MENTAL state. She want to change her past, not what she is. I refer to her more than a fluid than a trans. BUT OBVIOUSLY IT’S JUST MY OPINION! I dont want to change your mind or make you understand that this is how things really goes. It’s just an intuition.

I feel so bad for her. Or for him that maybe will be never come back, like the best part of Tooru, the one he built himself was too weak for this world.  

The only thing I hope is to see HIM happy again, as he was in the past.

So, this is my analysis. Feel free to tell me what do you think about!
And sorry for all the mistakes I probably made, its like four and half in the morning but I really want to give my contribution ti this discussion! So please be nice and I’ll responde to all your observations!


i could watch this an infinite number of times


Last Night

Someway after an AMAZING concert you and your friend ended up on Machine Gun Kelly’s bus after the show.

Your friend had been hitting it off with Slim, she was the type of girl that did stuff like this every other weekend. Hook ups and A list parties, she was a damn model/video girl.

You and her had been friends for a while and she always invited you to these parties, but you usually declined. But when she said she had MGK VIP tickets you couldn’t say no.

You had been on the bus for a while just kinda there and taking it like the wallflower you were, blending into the surrounding environment.

‘Yo, you want a drink?’ you look up at Dub who was offering you a bottle of Ciroc.

‘Oh um thanks, but I-’

‘Will be taking that whole bottle.’ your friend interrupted getting up from Slim’s lap, she took the bottle and gave it to you.

‘Come on, it’s Friday, we are literally in the presence of party heroes. Pull that stick from your ass, put it back in tomorrow.’ she smiled.

You thought it over, it had been a while since you really let go.

‘Fuck it.’ you said as you threw the bottle back and started to down the whole bottle.

‘Oh shit, she is letting it loose!’ someone cheered.

You nodded as you continued.

‘CHUG CHUG CHUG! YEEEAAAHH!!’ the whole bus screamed as you finished the bottle.

‘WHOOOOO!’ you shouted as you stood up.

‘And here comes the beast.’ your friend smiled.

‘Damn right.’ you said as you pulled her into a deep and rough kiss, it lasted for a minute or so before you pulled away.

‘I needed that drink.’ you sighed.

‘Hell yeah you did.’ Kells said.

You look over and see him, you had been shyly looking at him minutes ago, but now you had liquid courage in your veins. Now you can really party with the guy of your wet dreams.

‘You have no clue, it’s hotter than the sun’d vagina in here and I’ve been in this shirt for half an hour. All these damn models in here, fuck that, deal with my normal people body.’ you said as you remove your shirt.

You looked down at yourself and giggled.

‘Why am I so lame when I’m sober? I put a on bra!’ you laughed.

Everyone was laughing and having a great time watching you ramble and flail drunkenly.

‘W-Why in the- what the hell are we doing in this bus? You cant do shit in here.’ you said as you headed to the door.

‘Where are you going?’ Kells asked.

‘Outsside to do outside stuff like…flips. oohh hopscotch lets all go hopscotch!’ you said excitedly as you pulled your friend along.

Right Now

Your head was pounding and you were sore as fuck from the neck down. You were in some random hotel room in bed, guess your friend dropped you here to sleep off the liquor.

‘What the hell did I do last night?’ you groaned as you pulled the covers over your head.

‘What didn’t you do last night?’ a deep voice said from behind you, followed by a arm being draped over your waist.

That sobered you up real quick.

You turned and what you saw nearly gave you a heart attack.

‘Kells?’ you gasped.

‘Mmmhmm.’ he hums as he pulled you closer.

‘U-um did we um…you know?’ you blushed.

‘We did, a few times.’

You looked anywhere but at him, your eyes landed on some handcuffs on the headboard.

‘Did you handcuff me?’ you asked.

‘You cuffed me.’ he said as he sat up a little and looked you, he lifted his hand and showed you the marks the cuff left.

‘Oh God.’ you groaned as you flopped back down, holding the covers close to cover you bare chest.

‘Leave it to me to have wild sex with a star and be too drunk to remember it.’

‘Well, I don’t need to be back to the bus for another hour, how about we try it again and I make sure you don’t forget.’ he said as he climbed on top of you.

a lot of people are super angry about malec not getting more scenes after they were switched, and people are even more angry about what happened to magnus. but im pretty excited for these storylines to develop.

i think its important for people to remember that malec isnt the main part of the show. couples should never be what drive a show. and i know. malec hasnt been treated with the same level of respect as straight couples, and they did tease that malec would be very good this episode, but their interactions are always so real and raw. what did you guys expect to happen after magnus was just tortured? a make out and cuddle session? alec was respecting his boundaries, and genuinely asking how he could help. theyre a mature couple who dont push each other, and theyre a very very solid in their love. that scene was all i could ask for. i also think people are worried that magnus didnt get to talk about his feelings but ?? y’all he has eight more episodes to do that. almost every writer and producer of the show (and harry himself) has said that magnus will be dealing with this the rest of the season. it was super fresh for him in this episode. lets just wait.

and now onto magnus in general. i get it. its hard watching your favorite character go through something traumatic. its hard to like an episode where something like that happens. but y’all. its a tv show. bad things have to happen to the “good guys” in order for the show and everybodys plotlines to progress. you cant expect everything to be happy clappy all the time, thats just not realistic. and then i see people talking about how the body switching was useless and only for jaces herondale plotline. but its definitely not?? magnus is the most complex character on this show, and in 2a they were teasing at his past. now we will get to see his past with his mother and great demons and everything, along with him healing. we’ve been asking to see who magnus really is since the beginning. 

magnus bane is his own character. and now he’s finally getting his own plotline, where the fans will be able to truly understand him. i get y’all wanted more malec. but magnus is so much more than part of a ship. just try and remember that


You were hiding behind a trash can in the hallway, trying to make sure HE wasn’t in sight.

Just as you had declared the coast clear someone grabbed your shoulder.

‘Ah!’ you shouted turning around with your fists ready.

‘Woah, easy tiger.’ Scott said as he backed up a bit.

'Jesus, don’t do that Scott! Not all of us have super hearing!’ you scolded as you calmed your racing heart.

'Noted, why are hugging garbage?’ the alpha asked.

You stood up and dust yourself off.

'No reason.’ you lied.

’(Y/N), what’s going on?’ Scott asked seriously.

You sighed as you realize you might as well tell him niw. He’d just puppy eye the hell out of you til you do anyway.

'My ex, Paul.’ you said.

'What about him?’

'I don’t know how he got my new number but he started texting me. At first it was normal stuff, you know, wanting to be friends again.’ you started.

Scott nodded and motioned for you to continue.

'Then he started sending really long messages, and you know I dont read those so I just respond “K”.’

You took a deep breath and look around again to make sure your ex wasn’t around.

'Last night I was bored to hell and decided to read the paragraphs he had sent. He was saying really scary stuff.’ you whispered.

'What did he say?’ Scott asked worriedly, you were like a little sister to him so he didn’t like you being in dangerous situations.

'He said that it was so cute how small I am. That he could just pick me up and do whatever he wanted with me. Then I said “K” so he said that he was going to do it then.“

Scott bit his lip and had to calm his heart rate to keep from shifting.

'He sent a message last night saying that today he’d pick me up and take me somewhere.’ you finished.

'OK here is what we are going to do.’ Scott said.


You had sent Paul a text saying you were waiting for him in the boys locker room.

Your ex showed up not even five minutes later.

Just as tall and lean as always, only now it wasn’t appealing, it was frightening.

'Hey.’ he smiled down at you.

'Hey.’ Scott said as he came out from behind the lockers.


Stiles came in from behind Paul and stood beside you.

'Hi.’ Derek said as he came from behind a different locker, Isaac right behind him.

'How you doing.’ Isaac said with a small wave.

'What the hell is going here?’ Paul glared.

'You said you could pick her up and do whatever you wanted with her, which is theoretically true.’ Stiles said.

'Problem is you have to get through all of us before you can even touch her.’ Scott glared.

Paul looked around at all the guys and sees how he was outnumbered he was.

He sent a final glare and turned to leave but Stiles caught him by the arm.

'Hi ya, just so we don’t have to go through this again take a look at the guys you got to go through to get (Y/N).’ Stiles said as he turned Paul to face the rest of the boys.

Paul’s eyes widen in fear as he sees every guy’s eyes change color.

Scott walks up to Paul, eyes burning red.

'Don’t text (Y/N), don’t call her, don’t talk to her. If she tells me you even looked at her funny you’ll have us to deal with.’ Scott threatened.

Paul nodded in fear, too scared to speak before he hurried away.

You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

'Hey you’re okay.’ Scott said as he turned to you.

'I’m fine, I just…you know, cant believe I dated that guy.’ you sighed.

'Trust me you could have done worse.’ Derek said as he placed a hand on your shoulder.

'Thank you guys so much for this, I don’t know what I would have done without you guys.’ you said as you pulled them all into a group.

Why do you guys take everything so seriously??

I am getting tired of seeing how worked up and aggressive you people get to defend or attack other fans and queens. Valentina could have stepped up but she still cant control what her fans will say. And everyone who attacks her fans only add fuel to the fire by starting arguments. Honestly i just cannot deal with how you act towards each other in comments and it’s ridiculous and does nothing. So. Stop maybe?
How bout we all just
Get a grip.
Get a life.
And get over it.
Its just drag.

One night

So here’s your requested angsty Shawn, I hope you like it.
Please send in more requests.



“Do you have to go?”

You glanced back at shawn, who was lying on your bed, watching you with those smouldering eyes.

“Im just saying yanno, you always say how we don’t spend enough time together and then you just leave?”

You sigh and turn back to the mirror. “Shawn don’t try to pin this on me. You know ive had this planned for weeks.” Making a small adjustment to your dress you wander out of your bedroom and across the landing to the bathroom.

You hear the bed squeak as shawn adjusts himself and you assume he is getting up to follow you. You reach over the sink to search for your makeup bag and begin applying a light layer of concealer to the underside of your eyes to cover the light circles forming there.

The two of you had been having this discussion on and off since last night and the effects where beginning to show. You were just so sick of it, of everything. Everyone else had their boyfriend around 24/7 but you didn’t. Of course you didn’t blame shawn for that. It was his job, and you knew that it would be like this, you signed up for it, assuring yourself that it didn’t really matter as long as you loved each other.

You caught sight of shawn in the corner of the mirror, leaning casually against the door frame, watching you yet again. He seemed more solid than yesterday, as though he was physically planting himself in front of you to prevent you leaving. You knew he wouldn’t do that, he had always respected your space, but it annoyed you.

You took in a deep breath, “look Shawn, I know its not ideal, but these guys have really been here for me-“

“you mean like I haven’t?”

You checked his profile in the mirror, his jaw was clenched and somehow his arms, that had been hung loosely were now crossed tightly across his chest. Exhaling deeply you replied “That’s not what I said and you know it.”

“But it is what you meant, isn’t it?” he muttered.

You turned around. “no shawn, its not.”

He laughed at you derisively, “of course it is, your doing this to punish me.”

You whirled round in shock.

“What” he asked defensively.

“Are you fucking kidding me shawn?” tears pooling behind your eyes, you shook your head lightly. “That’s completely out of order!”

“No its not, you’ve decided that since im away for months you can just replace me with anyone who will you give you attention.” You watch his eyes flit to yours, waiting for a reaction, but you refuse to give him one. You refuse to let him spoil this night for you.

“I know its unfortunate timing” you begin but he doesn’t let you finish.

He makes use of his large frame and lifts himself off the door jamb, his hair almost brushing to top of the doorway, before continuing his rant, “Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve got another bloke on the go.”

You turn your back on him and quickly swipe a stray tear that had released itself. You reach back into your makeup bag and take out an eyeshadow. Just as your about to apply the powder to the brush its thrown out of your hands. “Will you just stop doing your makeup for one fucking minute?!”

“Fuck off shawn.” You snarl at him stretching to retrieve the container from the sink where it had fallen. However his long arm reaches the container faster and removes it from your grasp.

“Not until you talk to me.” You make a grab for the powder but he quickly hides it behind his back.

Annoyed you push off the sink and leave the room, you hear his footsteps padding along softly behind you. “Where are you going?”

“To get my shoes” you state simply.

He follows you through to the bedroom, “im sorry, I shouldn’t of said that thing about the cheating-“

“No you shouldn’t.” you snap at him, pushing past him as you head back to the bathroom.

“I just, I know its selfish, but I want you to myself? You can see your friends any time.”

“That’s not the point” you murmur at him. Rummaging back through your makeup bag.

“Then what is the point? The way I see it your choosing your friends over me.” He sighs, reaching for you.

You brush him off impatiently, “You mean like you choose your job over me?”

“That’s not fair-“

You cut him off. “No, you know whats not fair? You. You don’t get to pick and choose when I hang out with my friends. I know the timing sucks but I don’t think its too much to ask to be able to go out with my friends.”

“Well I don’t think its too much to ask to spend one night with my girlfriend.” He shouts back with barely contained anger.

“Exactly, one night.” You reply, voice dripping with contempt. “Its one night. Its always only one night. Your gone all the time, and that sucks, its like im dating the invisible man. You’re never here.”

“Its times like this im glad im not here.”

“Its times like this I wish I was still single.” You retort.

You watch as his features crumple, and reach forward to soothe him. Or at least you try to but he moves away from you. As quickly as the vulnerability came through it disappears.

“I cant believe this.” He whispers. “ I cant believe your using my job as an excuse.”

“I cant believe your using my friends as an excuse!” you cry, moments away from breaking down.

“Had you ever thought,” he replies, glaring scathingly at you “that maybe, just maybe I wanted to spend time with my girlfriend?” your heart melts at his words, and a part of you almost gives in.

“You put so much effort into your friends, maybe you should do the same for your boyfriend.”

“Well excuse me for trying to keep my friends” you explode at him “You know, the people who are ACTUALLY AROUND UNLIKE YOU”

He stares at you in shock as a few tears roll down your cheeks, hot and heavy.

“I came back for you.”

“maybe you never should have left in the first place” you mutter swiping furiously at your cheeks.

“this wasn’t supposed to be so hard” he sighs, running a hand through his knotted hair. “This isn’t fair on you anymore maybe we should just-“

“Don’t you dare. You do not get to that. You don’t get to ditch me over the fact that your not here. Ive learned to deal with it. Im sure you can manage one night.” You watch as he sits on the rim of the bath. “I mean it shawn, stop making me out to be the bad guy.”

He blinks at you as you reach down to tie your shoe. You struggle to tie the straps as your vision is blurred with help back tears but you refuse to give in.

“y/n… please just don’t go” He whispers.

You continue to struggle with your shoes, “Who do you think you are? Its one fucking night shawn. Cant I have one night?”

“You can every night from now on.”

You glance up at him to check if he was being serious, upon seeing his emotionless face your hands begin to tremble and you collapse onto the floor in a heap. “Its just one night” you murmur.

Shawn watches you struggle for a moment before shifting onto the floor. He pulls your leg towards him and wordlessly begins to tie your shoe delicately. “You didn’t even tell me you were coming…” reaching out you tilt his face towards you to meet his eyes. “You know I would have planned it differently otherwise”

You needed him to know, he had to understand that as much as you loved him he wasn’t in control of your life. But damn did you love him.

“Its not one about the goddamn dinner y/n. Why don’t you get that?” he begs you to understand.

“Then what is it about shawn?” you ask tiredly.

“we never get to spend time together.”

“I know.”

He sighs, holding your ankle in his lap, “What are we gonna do?”

You stare at the ground for a few moments before speaking. “I don’t know shawn… I really don’t. But you know I love you right?”

He nods at you, reaching for the other foot.

“Wow,” you joke, poking him in the cheek “no I love you back?”

He meets your eye and stands up, dropping both your feet out of his lap. You stare at him in confusion, why hasn’t he said it back? Your gaze never leaves him as he stretches, body rippling.

“Shawn?” you whisper timidly.

He grabs onto your hand and pulls you up in front of him, quickly kissing the top of your forehead. “I love you too.”

You release a breath you didn’t realise you had been holding in as you reach up to wrap your arms around his neck for a hug. A small cry escapes your lips as he swoops your feet off the ground and carries you down the stairs.

Gently he sets you back down onto your feet.

“Go and have fun with your friends, ill be here when you get back”


You GUYS I cant deal


The stuff going on with Bart whatshisname and Harley from epic meal time in regards to ARMY and BTS is honestly making me sick. Harley in particular, coming out of nowhere to declare himself President of the BTS fanclub. The ego on his man is horrifying. White male privilege, coming into an existing fandom and declaring that you, a fan for two whole minutes, are leader of all of us. No. Sure, being a new BTS stan is FINE. I dont mind that they or any other new fans like BTS (if they actually do like them awesome, but it looks like they are just using them for retweets/exposure) but to proclaim you ‘lead’ us. The sheer nerve of these entitled assholes.  Literally coming out of nowhere then in the last few days suddenly preaching about how they are “Jimins number 1 fan” and “BTS fanclub President”. 

It’s freaking mansplaining. ‘oh youve liked this thing for years/months/weeks, well I, as a man, like it now too. Therefore I am superior fan and you will treat me like I am better than you.’ It just reeks of entitlement. Also this Bart guy, another youtuber, with a murky past, made a considerably racist comment about seeing a person of Asian descent on the street and saying “Jimin?” (side note why does poor Jimin attract the crazy people lately :( )

Im just so angry and like i have to deal with freaking male privilege every day and I really cant listen to another goddamn guy tell me how to enjoy something. ARMY already have leaders, and they are the 7 members of BTS, not you. We don’t need a president when we have them and if you really liked them you would know, understand and respect this.

There is a right way and a wrong way to join a new fandom and disregarding and disrespecting the existing fans is not the way to do it. Other celebrities have recently shown their support after learning about BTS and they arent assholes. So what makes these guys do this kind of shit? Attention probably. I know I’m giving it to them but I am very frustrated by this.  

If you’re not going to be respectful to ARMY and BTS then please go back to your youtube channels and eat bacon instead

anonymous asked:

Honestly people gotta stop asking you for advice :/ Like ik people want help but they should go to someone who might actually know how to deal w the problem instead of you, someone they don't really know. (Sorry this came off as rude, but I see so many people asking for help here and you're not really experienced with like actually delaying with it so people should just stop)

thank you so much for this ask
like guys
im only a 16 year old polish girl who cant solve her own life problems, do you seriously think i know everything ;;;; i understand advice like what i should do with a troublesome friend but like im not a doctor i cant tell you what to do if suddenly your arm exploded or smth

anonymous asked:

Girl how do you find the strength to deal with bullies? I've been bullied my whole life about my weight and other things. It got so bad that I had to move schools.

ive left school from being bullied, and that caused me to graduate a year late and take eight core classes in one school year (senior year so i never got to go to prom or anything really.) it is HARD to deal with and i hear A LOT of hateful things daily. i have 35k on instagram and people think its a good thing til they realize what “popular” accounts go through daily. esp if you’re fat. unsolicited advice, tons of rude and fatphobic opinions, if you have your own style and aren’t polished at makeup or dress “messy”, then everyone comes for you and screenshots your selfies to talk loads of shit. i try to avoid any posts or memes that people make of me, but i end up being tagged. i have ALWAYS been picked on for how i look, so this just feels like school all over again. people not understanding me or my aesthetics so they call me horrible names. also constantly having assumptions about me being made sucks too.
bullying never leaves when youre an alternative fat black girl (im not sure if you are but bullying bc of your weight is horrible, i know the feeling)
i delete about 30-50 comments constantly because skinny white girls will tag their boyfriends and will say something like “this is how i look after eating a big meal” or guys will tag another guy and be like “she would break you if she ever rode you” and that is a common fear for fat girls who are sexually active and i honestly cant stand a lot of fatphobic cis men. im ranting rn but i honestly do not know how i deal with it. i have a headache right now from seeing people screenshot my posts and having threads of hateful remarks directed towards me. you honestly just have to stay strong. people will tell me not to post about it bc it will give the other person attention but honestly fuck that. if you pick on me, im going to make sure you get reported because no one goes on instagram to get bullied for existing. it isnt fair. my best advice would just to be to learn to have tougher skin. because in the end, they will lose

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so i wondered, since u draw with paper and stuff... you, uh, shitposting alot XD (Which is actually for my need of daily memes) can you take a photo of papers that you use for making that kind of posts? like, BUNCH of em?

sorry i really cant post any of my art for awhile

im using an internet cafe to check on my tumblr daily every 30 mins xD

i have no scanner now (so i cant update my comic)

im still planning on buying my own pocket wifi so dont worry


ill find a way to update my epictale comic 

i apologize guys

im still dealing wih my new “LIFE” for now

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Hola! i think ive read so many fics of sterek where they are enemies or fbi agents but i cant find more sadly ): do you know new ones??

Hey :) 

Here are a few more enemies to lovers fics. 

Plus One by  Moosey | 44.8K

“Dude, I can’t show up solo to my ex-girlfriends wedding. I can’t do that,” Scott stressed, his face arranged in an expression that was almost comically anguished, like one of those weird, sad-face, tragic drama masks.

“So we find you a date,” Stiles shrugged, as though it was no big deal. Scott was adorable, in reasonably good shape, and probably the best guy Stiles had ever known, or would ever know. He wouldn’t have any real issues with getting a girl.

“Stiles, it’s in two weeks. Two weeks. How do I find a girl willing to date me, and come abroad with me to my exes wedding, in two weeks?!”

Broken Nose by  Stereksale7 | 3.1K

Stiles is convinced that Jock-y Derek Hale hates him. It takes an accidental injury at the beach to turn that all upside down.

To Feel Your Heart as It’s Keeping Mine by  Vendelin | 8.5K

Stiles and Derek have been dating for four months, when Derek gets in an accident and loses all his memories from the past year and a half. Now, he’s once again the Derek Stiles used to despise, and even worse, Derek thinks that he still hates Stiles’ guts.

You’re Not Who I Thought You Were by  halcyon1993 | 84.9K

Stiles is lonely. The only person who really talks to him is his best friend, and even Scott seems eager to ditch him whenever someone better comes along. Then, following a stupid decision made late one night, his small world opens up as he discovers things he never before thought possible, and he meets a mysterious man who could be the answer to all of his problems.

Pale Skin and Fragile Bones by  lydiasbones | 13.7K

Or, the one in which Derek arrests one of Stiles’ friends and Stiles holds a grudge. Also, Stiles wrote Derek’s favorite book. But they don’t know that.