i cant cope with these emotions

Do you ever feel like no matter how much you talk no ones actually listening and get to the point where you honestly think it’s better not to say anything if it just won’t be heard?
—  Someone invisible

i do appreciate when people call me out on mistakes. it does make me pretty anxious but what’s more important is not hurting anybody. if i ever do something bad, it wasn’t on purpose and i want to learn so i can not make the same mistake in the future

Why do I binge eat?

1. Emotions. 

When I feel stressed, and I cant cope, I use food to drug myself. Food calms me down, it makes me feel better and I feel like I can handle the pain a little bit better. 

2. Dieting/Eliminating foods.

When I deprive myself of certain foods or write them off as “bad” and “unhealthy” I feel really guilty and shameful when I do eat it. That stresses me out then I binge further to cope with the stress. 

anonymous asked:

well! good i felt bad bc i wanna be excited i just cant right now but tha tbeing said do you have any advice on how to cope with these emotions because honestly i dont think ive gone an hour without grossly sobbing over mass effect/shepard since i finished the game and its like. really gross sobbing like it psyhcially hurts

My advice is to let yourself cry when you feel like crying. When you’re ready, go back to ME1. Start a new playthrough. Have fun with the game again. Try new things or go back to experience great moments that might make you smile. Laugh at all the “I should go” and very awkward ways you finish conversations with your squadmates in ME1. Smile at the way Wrex rushes to welcome you back in ME2, calling you his friend. Feel proud and happy as you tell Grunt you love him in ME3.
Shepard’s story is not done and it’s not static and it’s not all sad, you know? You cry at the end but that doesn’t mean you can’t smile at the beginning or in the middle.

If you feel up for it, start a blog or just post about Mass Effect. Talk about the game, find other people who will most likely read your posts and go “yeah fuck, that was sad and I cried too.”
I don’t know about you but it always makes me feel better when I realize others know exactly what I am talking about. Means I don’t need to justify myself. It kinda works like a bridge too. Shared feelings allow you to get close to people and make friends. Friendship always helps. 

There is also this amazing content out there for you to enjoy. A lot of fanart, fics, edits, gifs, meta posts, discussions, videos, shit posts. Just try to find it all and look at it, see if it makes you feel better. There are fanmixes too, if you want to listen to music. 

Just know that the story is not over, it’s basically up to you to say when you’re done with it. And time does help a lot, it’s true for everything. You think you’ll never stop crying about something but days or months later the tears are gone, not because your heartbreak or sadness wasn’t genuine, you’re just getting better at dealing with it.

It’s going to be fine anon and if you need to talk about your feelings, you can do it here or with other people in the fandom. You’re not alone!

Since Tourmaline totally has a birthday now (and wow it’s today, Happy Birthday!), the celebrations would of course be part of the happy-ever-after end credits montage of the story’s lower-quality straight-to-DVD Disney sequel, right? Right??

Tourmaline stars in this fanfic by @phantomrose96 and was designed by ghostfiish! why is the @ feature so fickle

very high quality bonus content under the cut

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heyyyyyyyy who else was FUCKED UP about episode 24???????? i cant be the only one right?

so when i was finished i was crying for about two hours and then i thought…. hey, yknow, neon sign is a pretty fitting song and i love neon sign. its a vrery personal song to me. SO HERE IT IS. all are redraw except for the last picture, thats something i thought up myself

hope u enjoy it <8^>

(please do not tag as “me” or “kin” or something similar. this is something i drew to cope with my own emotions, thank you!)

coping mechanisms 

  • listening to “I Will Survive” until you cant stand it anymore 
  • keeping yourself busy or at least idle 
  • staying away from too much time to yourself 
  • watching goosebumps on netflix 
  • crying a lot 
  • petting lots of dogs 
  • letting yourself be angry when youre angry and sad when youre sad because you need to get that out and should never feel guilty about your emotions

ooo also i just wanna say, i’ve been using the DBT workbook a lot lately at the recommendation of a friend, and it’s actually pretty good!!! ive already recommended it to a lot of friends but i wanna put it on my blog bc i know so many of my followers have some of the same mental health issues i do. if you’re like me & you struggle with a lot of really intense/overwhelming emotions & feel out of control, i recommend this workbook! idk, it wasnt made to replace a therapist necisarily, but i know this $12 amazon workbook is a lot more accessible than a therapist & i can definitely say that ive used some of the coping strategies in it a lot and theyve really helped. also, it wasn’t necessarily designed for OCD, but its helped me with that too, so i would definitely look into it if you havent already! obviously not everything is gonna work for everyone tho, but it cant hurt to try it out if you’re struggling w your emotions