i cant color this show tbh

don’t be afraid to let them show
your true colors
true colors
are beautiful
like a rainbow

alright, i managed to get the first part of this done! its a little short i know, but i didnt want to make it too too long and ruin the next part

colorblind lance, but still set in canonverse, endgame ship is klance

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

Waxen - Prologue/Part 1

Ever since Lance was young, he wanted to be a pilot. He couldn’t imagine being anything else no matter how hard he tried. That is, until he got into elementary school. That’s where his dreams all came crashing down around him.

It was a short while into kindergarten year, only one or two weeks, when Lance was 6 years old, and they had been learning about the different colors, specifically of the rainbow.

Lance didn’t really understand what his teacher was talking about when she described the colors, saying that red was the color of an apple, that green was the color of the leaves, that blue was the color of the sky when there weren’t any clouds– to him, all the colors looked the same! He didn’t say this though, instead just nodding along with the rest of his class.

When his teacher handed out coloring pages and gave them an order to color the arches in, he did his best to follow the instructions they had been given, but all of the crayons looked the same.

He couldn’t tell which one was this ‘violet’ color, or which was the color of the sky. Different shades of black and white sat in front of his eyes, and he ended up with a rainbow of neons and blues instead of the ordered arches that supposedly appeared in the sky after it rains.

When his teacher confronted him about his poor color choices at the end of class, right before lunch, he simply tilted his head in confusion. “What do you mean?” He questioned, dark brows furrowed on his tanned face. “I colored the way you said to.”

The teacher looked confused and still a bit angry, crossing her arms over her chest as she gazed down at him. “You only got one color right, Lance. All the rest were wrong.” She tried to explain, pointing to each arch of crayon-filled color.

This, of course, only confused Lance more, gazing at the paper as his features contorted unashamedly and he shrugged. “All the colors look the same to me. I guess I mixed then up.”

When he said this, the last of the woman’s anger fell away and was replaced by confusion, and then turned to understanding. “Alright Lance, it’s okay. Go on to lunch, I have to make a few calls.”

That afternoon when he got home his mom had begun to question him about his day, seemingly trying to question him about something specific. Silence came, which lapsed into minutes of awkward tension and concerned glances his from his mother.

“… So.. Your teacher called me today.” She finally spoke, voice gentle as they sat in their small living room alone, his older siblings at their respective sports and his littler siblings were down for naps.

“She said you were having trouble… Telling the colors apart?” Ama took the opportunity to glance at him, frowning when he just shrugged and looked off to the side. “Is that true?”

Lance stayed quiet for a moment before shrugging and nodding a little, chewing gently on his baby soft lips. “I guess… Everything just kinda looks black and white and grey to me?” He tries to explain, fidgeting on the couch quietly.

His mother inhaled a bit, a soft gasp as she gazed at her precious baby boy. “I… Why didn’t you tell me, sweetheart?” She questions, carefully moving closer to him and gently rubbing his back. More than anything, she was worried that he hadn’t told her because he didn’t trust her– or something along those lines– so when he spoke she was rather relieved.

“I just.. I thought everyone saw this way..” He mumbles gently as he leans into her comforting touch, eyes filling with tears as he gazes up at her in a sudden spurt of fear. “I’m not dying, right? I’m not gonna die?”

The emotions that so clearly showed on his face and in his crystalline blue orbs made her heart wrench in her chest, shaking her head quickly. “No, no, of course not sweetie. Something like that would never kill you.” She murmurs, pulling him into a tight hug and sighing gently.

“But.. Lance, I do have to tell you… If you can’t see color, you… You can’t be a pilot.”


You know, I keep hoping that I’m gonna wake up and that you’ll be gone.

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where can i find your faq and also what part did u take in making villainous

it’s here but it seems like the mobile app wont show it. :( 

well…. at first i made some concept art, helped on some backgrounds, helped picking the final colors and painting some more detailed props, storyboards and some lineart of mostly BH and Flug, made some refs of the characters, plus other little things but i cant remember well right now heh.

insp by 17s mama performance outfits,,,here’s a tad bit of new student!you x princes of the elite private boarding school!seventeen (sorry if its messy!!)

  • you’re a transfer student whose just been dropped off in front of these big, intimidating gates that lead to a beautiful campus of the boarding school you’ll be attending this year that you got a scholarship for and tbh you’re scared out of your mind because everything looks so rich and new and you’re just there with your little suitcase and in like a plain hoodie but you can already see kids walking around in pretty plaid uniforms and youre like im gonna embarrass myself,,,, i know i am,,,,
  • but u like sign and pep talk urself into sucking it up like it cant be too bad and like while you’re telling yourself its gonna b fine this boy comes up behind you and is like ‘are you lost?’ and you turn around and see the tall, handsome student with his hair slicked back professinally and he smiles a bit shyly like 
  • “hello, im joshua. im the president of the welcoming committee at the school. you must be the transfer?
  • you’re just at a lose for words for the most part because he looks like a straight up prince and he like leans over to take your luggage but you’re like ‘its fine!!!!’ and u just like cant let him carry it like not when his family can probably like buy a whole island and tbh he looks like royalty ur like i cant make a prince carry my stuff
  • but joshua insists and he just picks it up easily in one hand and youre like oh my god and he’s like ‘come with me, ill show you around’ and you’re about to walk behind him when like…..ur suitcase opens and……everything spills out
  • everything……..EVERYTHING……
  • and you’re horrified, but joshua is turning a bright red color too and just begins apologizing like crazy and you get down to try and pick everything up and he like accidentally picks up like your pajamas and hes red in the face and all of a sudden you hear 
  • ‘why are you going through this cute students stuff president josh????’ and u turn and u see like this tall, dark haired handsome boy in a different uniform and he’s smiling and has this twinkle in his eyes
  • and you’re blushing a bit because he called u cute and joshua behind you is rolling his eyes honestly he’s like ‘Seungcheol, aren’t you supposed to be in class?’ 
  • and the one named Seungcheol is looking you up and down and his smiles just getting more and more wide and he’s like ‘oh nah, i thought id come out and meet the new student for myself…..im glad i took the opportunity to.’
  • and he like winks at u
  • and ur like What Kinda Teen Adult Romance Novel move was that 
  • but its endearing he has,,, a charm and he’s just like ‘do you need help with your things?’ but before he can reach down to help joshua’s like ‘seungcheol. go to class.’ and seungcheol pouts like y u gotta ruin the fun prez but he just shrugs and turns back to you like
  • ‘my dorms in the west building so if you ever want to find m-’
  • joshua’s like ‘CLAss SeungchEol ’ and seungcheols like i get it i get it im going but he gives u like another wink and ur just like,,,,,,what just happened
  • joshua apologizes 10000000 times about seungcheol and ur stuff as u two like get it gathered back up and continue walking toward this building and hes like ‘this is our library, it’s one of the biggest out of all the private schools, feel free to use it whenever’ and youre kind of like……can we go inside
  • and joshua’s like dont you wanna drop off your things???? and ur like yes,,,but i like libraries a lot i just wanna take a sneak peek and joshua like breaks out this other smile because oh you like reading,,so does he,,,interesting but instead he just says like ‘oh well just a short look couldn’t hurt’
  • and he leads u inside and toward the desk where there’s another handsome boy buried in a book and when he looks up you catch your breath because he’s stunning like, next level and when he stands up to greet joshua ur like holy moly he’s tall tOO
  • joshua goes ‘this is wonwoo, he’s here a lot because he volunteers here on his downtime when he doesnt have class’
  • and like when he makes eye contact with you, you feel like you’re going to melt under his gaze and he gives off this cold, mysterious vibe
  • and you’re honestly a little frightened so you just bow your head and he looks back at joshua and ur like wow rude but tbH he’s just shy he like doesnt know how to act around cute new transfers
  • joshua’s like looking between u two and he’s like ‘well, ill wait here with ur luggage so u can go take a quick look around’
  • ur eyes light up and u thank him as u dash off inside and god its a private school, the library is gorgeous with a winding staircase and rows of desks to study at and just book shelves upon book shelves probably like a chandelier somewhere too 
  • and you just go into a random aisle and you like touch the books and they’re all well kept and you’re honestly in love until
  • you trip
  • over
  • someones …. feet
  • and as u turn to see who it was u see this boy, with beautiful hair tied back and angelic features but he is just…..sleeping………right there……in the bookshelf
  • he looks peaceful and all,,,,,but you’re a little concerned but suddenly as u wanna get closer to see if he’s ok he lifts his hand and is like ‘one more minute,,,,,,,,i want to sleep ,,,,,,’
  • and you’re like ????? um ok but his eyes slowly open and your face is probably becoming flustered again because his eyes are this nice deep set brown and like
  • you read his name tag and you’re like jeonghan,,,,thats so,,,,pretty 
  • and he’s just staring at you for a moment and its silent and you’re like what is it with everyone here staring but he smiles and he’s like
  • ‘you’re new?’ and you nod slowly and he’s like ‘ahhhhh, ……….’ pauses to think and then he’s like ‘welcome……’ and goes back to sleep and ur like
  • honestly 
  • this first day has been wild why r so many nice looking boys at this school and why are all of them a little on the weird side what is happening honestly
  • h o n e s t  l y

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Relationship status: incel

Favorite color: neon green

Currently reading: a collection of short stories by lovecraft a friend lent me

Lipstick or chapstick?: neither

Last song you listened to?: suffocation by crystal castles

Top 3 TV shows: orphan black, htgawm & stranger things

Top 3 characters: uhhhHh tbh i dont rly care abt any character other than my ocs fksjfjd

Top 3 bands: crystal castles, msi, brand new. and against me! and citizen and wolf alice and joj i cant say only 3

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Relationship status: i’ve been single literally since i was born

Favorite color: don’t really have one favorite color, generally speaking. i think color depends on context.

Lipstick or chapstick: uhm i don’t wear makeup and i try to avoid chapstick bc it only further dries your lips out so, neither.

Last song I listened to: this version of house of the rising sun.

Last movie you watched: hm it’s been a while. i think a few months ago i rewatched kingsman: secret service w my sister and i cant remember watching any other movie since.

Top three TV shows: buffy the vampire slayer, futurama, and… sense8 maybe? or danny phantom. or. penny dreadful. idk i’m only really sure about buffy tbh.

Top 3 characters: peter parker (616 version), caroline forbes (aka the only reason to watch the vampire diaries), and… hm top 3s are really hard aren’t they. faith lehane i guess.

Top 3 bands: the beatles are always #1 of course. then… gee. led zeppelin, and then blondie. currently, that is.

Books I’m currently reading: i’ve been rereading the play an ideal husband by oscar wilde lately but if i’m honest i’m also in the middle of like, several different books of poetry, graphic novels, biographies, classics… i got a lot of books collecting dust in my room.

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“Makoto is mine.”

drawn for yandere free! week

W ELL its supposed to be yandere haru but it’s really just haru being (more) possessive (than usual) because like, makoto is popular with both boys and girls right?? so haru’s gotta protect him you know. tie him up and lock him in the house so he can’t escape. so haru can show makoto how much he loves him by [redacted] and also lovingly [redacted] everyday <33

also you should check out this yndr haru bot on twitter tbh okay

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🌠 relationship status: signle lesbiam

🌠 favourite colour: earthy colours , dusty pink , n a certain shade of yellowish orange tht i Do Not Know How 2 Describe

🌠 lipstick or chapstick: depends!

🌠 last song I’ve listened to: bøjet - i need u

🌠 last film I’ve watched: black swan :0

🌠 top 3 TV shows: i dunno tbh but misfits is an all time fave! i dont rlly have the time 2 watch shows atm but when i do i wanna finish shameless

🌠 top 3 characters: he tian from 19 days Thats My Man Bitch! also i love sooo many naruto charas but im just gonna say temari cos shes hot as fuck

🌠 top 3 bands: foals, two door cinema club n manyy more i cant choose

🌠 books I’m currently reading: does naruto count dhsjshdhsjff jk im about 2 start reading the color purple!

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🌹 relationship status: single

🌹 favorite color: blue (or green… i cant decide between the two)

🌹 lipstick or chapstick: chapstick. Only because even if i smudge it, it won’t be noticeable.

🌹 last song i listened to: OKAGA, CA - Tyler, The Creator

🌹 last movie i watched: Message from the King

🌹 top three tv shows: One Punch Man, Hajime no ippo, and Bungou Stray Dogs

🌹 top three characters: Saitama, Genos, and Miyata Ichiro (From Hajime no ippo. Tbh I still can’t believe that I’m still such a sucker for that edgelord)

🌹 top three bands: Odd Future, The Internet, and Gorillaz.

🌹 books im currently reading: none at the moment

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Hi Abigail! What are you top 3 NON-Sexual things to do in your free time? Also I totes gotta ask the number one question we are all wondering here: Pineapples on Pizza? Yes or no?!

I love to play game and draw, speaking of witch im also almost done with my mascot i just need to wait for my special colored pencils to show up and get a certain oil for it and i also love to eat food lol and tbh its not my go to toping for pizza but if someone orders a pizza and it oh so happens to have the topping i cant really complain because its free pizza and pizza is bae


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Relationship status: Hating men, just wanna gf, gf applications are open im cute ig

Favorite color: Purple, any shade of purple and any pastel color tbh

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick, cant be walkin around w crusty lips

Last I listened to: Good Thing- NCT127

Last movie watched: I think it was Jeepers Creepers

Top three shows: The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Bleach (if that counts)

Top Three Characters: Tbh i dont have a top 3 i just love Carol and Maggie from TWD. All time favs

Last book read: The Glass Castle, which i hate bc its the most frustrating book even

One hobby: Sleep

Favorite time of day: When its really early and the sun is just coming up and it looks like that time of day when the sun is going down but its morning👌🏼👌🏼

Favorite Holiday and why: Halloween bc im a lowkey goth spooky bitch and i love fall and scary stuff

Coffee shop/Cafe shop order: caremel frappucino which i recently found out has no coffee in it which im salty about

Favorite childhood movie: Lion King and Pippy Longstocking

Favorite tumblr coloring trend: what¿

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