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please tell /recommend us or me (banas and non-banas, i dunno lol) your fav top 5 sidetracks of your fav group B1A4. Since I'm the lazy titletracker, I want to listen to some sidetracks (sry extremely lazy lol). And tell us/me your reason (love your analytical, subtle, objective, composure writting lol). *me cant stop listening to "A Lie" I blame Jinyoung for that lol* I guess its an request now, omg im writting too much again lol. *still wish one day tumblr will allow me to change my main blog

YOU LIKE MY WRITING?! THANK YOU!!!!! 😍😍😍 Ok, now that that’s out of the way lol…

MY TOP 5 B1A4 SIDE-TRACKS (only 5? *cries*)

It was really hard for me to narrow it down. They’re a group where they really don’t have any bad b-sides, so it’s a challenge.

  1. Starlight Song (별빛의 노래), from What’s Happening? EP: aka the song they would have also promoted if Baro didn’t injure his ankle (damn it, Baro!) This song has a nice mixture of sounds. It has an overall pop-rock feel to it, with a nice beat and synths that overlay throughout. You also get the slight higher notes of the piano that’s sprinkled in, and it comes together in a fiery, organic sound that climaxes with Sandeul’s voice as the rest boys finish the last chorus. Baro’s ‘yeah-eh-ehs’ also add a deeper tone to complement the rest of the boy’s higher voices… but despite everything, the faster pace and beats and drums and rock sound, the song is… surprisingly melancholy. It’s emotional, and with the build I was talking about at the end, it finishes suddenly with only Jinyoung’s voice singing “..chemistry”. It leaves you almost, unsatisfied? But in a good way, like you want more of the song. It’s like it leaves you with the feeling that there’s a question still hanging in the air, if that makes sense.
  2. Love Then (사랑 그땐) ft Hareem, from Who Am I Album: WOW I honestly could listen to this song all day and not get tired. Ok, maybe I should have prefaced this whole thing that I tend to like very rich, more emotionally charged songs. Because like Starlight song, this song is very melancholy as well. The first notes from the harmonica at the beginning act as a base for the entire song, as it gradually picks up with trumpets and some nice brass instruments. More then anything though, all of the boys voices really shine here. They are never overpowered, with the simple 1..2..3..4.. drum beat just complementing their words, and the chorus is just love. AND BARO SINGS! And it’s really, really nice! Like he isn’t the best singer of course, but it fuels the rawness of the song. And when all five of them come together at the end with their ‘ooh oohs’ in harmony, it’s so pretty. It’s followed by Baro’s lines repeating… but he ends it with his voice lifting at the end, almost like he’s asking a question (wow, kinda like how I feel about Starlight song, too! this wasn’t intentional, I swear), but even his words are light, almost floating away as he talks-sings “sigani heulleoganda… (time is flowing…)”
  3. You Make Me A Fool (내가 뭐가돼), from Solo Day EP: So continuing with my emotional songs…it’s interesting, because while this song is actually about a more melancholy subject matter, I wouldn’t describe the sound as such. It’s resigned in its sound, a little bittersweet perhaps, but it is a perfect construction of one who is finally coming into their own, getting through a tough time or relationship. The fact that the music can actually express that, without the need of words, is really telling. Kudos, Jinyoung! And, speaking of Jinyoung…his voice SHINES here like WOW. Only having the guitar as it’s instrument, all the vocals are in the forefront. Jinyoung’s falsetto gives me life! One other thing I’d like to add about the song and the boys voices is the manner in which they sing. It’s almost conversational, like you’re listening to them each take turns telling part of a story they’re recalling. And I think that really adds an extra special layer to an otherwise simple (but pretty) song, that you feel like you’re there listening to a group of your friends in an intimate, campfire like setting, just talking about past relationships.
  4. IF…(너만 있으면), from In The Wind EP: This song is like a warm blanket, it’s secure and comforting in its tonality, soft for the most part, but it still leaves an impact once you’re done listening… the chorus, “It’s you, you, neoman isseumyeon (as long as there’s you)” get’s immediately stuck in your head. The strings are nicely balanced with the drums, and Baro’s rap acts as a more intensifying moment, with synths and extra beats added as he varies his speed, before it quiets down for the final chorus, with Sandeul’s voice once again providing an awesome backdrop for the rest of the boys to finish off the chorus. Besides this, I think this song is just really emotional? The boys sang this song for us, as fans, and broke down trying to get through it. So it always has the extra pull on your heart when you put that moment in perspective.
  5. Road (길), from Who Am I Album: and here we have, not only my FAVORITE side-track, but quite possibly my favorite B1A4 song as well. I ADORE this song. When I am in a bad mood, sad, angry, anxious, you name it, I will listen to this song, and I will immediately feel better. It’s beautiful in its simplicity, starting with a short piano rift that, much like the harmonica in Love Then, serves as the base of the entire song. It doesn’t take long before heavy drum kicks in, with (Gongchans!) voice, breathy and light, kicks off with the boys taking turns with the verse. There’s a nice pattern of the boys singing followed by Baro’s rapping, instead of the normal longer, single rap we get from Baro. The chorus combines all the sounds of the piano, drums, and electronic synth in a faster paced tune, before it’s taken away for a short few seconds and Gonchan’s voice comes back in, preparing us for the next verse. And then we get our final, impactful belt from Sandeul, towards the end, with the boys singing “yaksokhae yaksokhae… (promise me, promise me…)” in an almost whisper type singing, as the piano leaves a final note hanging. And speaking of what the boys are singing, the lyrics and content of the song is JUST as beautiful as the melody. A road, that they’re recalling, like any other from there childhood, except it was the path they took with ‘you’, the listener, on your days to school as children, playing stupid games, sharing secrets, making promises to each other. And as you got older and no longer see one another, the boys think back to those simpler times, and wonder if you too remember the memories from that particular road. ITS BEAUTIFUL;;; and it doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, either. It could just as easily be about two friends who fell out of touch as first loves. I think, for me personally, (and probably to many of us who are in that awkward are we actually adults? stage lmao) it’s relatable. We’re kinda lost, confused, and we reminisce about the simpler, happier, times with friends that seemed so… unimportant then, but now that we have more of our life to compare it too, we wish we could go back and cherish it more. And that’s what this song is basically about. 


  • Because of You (너때문에), from Ignition Special Edition
  • What Do You Want to Do (뭐 할래요) from In The Wind EP
  • Drive from Solo Day EP
  • Smile (웃어봐) from Ignition Album
  • I think ‘Nightmare’, ‘Drunk on You’, ‘The Moment I Fall For You Again’ and ‘Together’ from their most recent Good Timing Album would be contenders, although I was hesitant to mention any since they’re so new~
The signs and their usual thoughts

Aries: T U R N  U P

Taurus: wat

Gemini: what if I was in a horror film??

Cancer: hungry

Leo: WAT

Virgo: well shit. what am I supposed to do?

Libra: (literally ANY song)

Scorpio: help

Sagittarius: why did they show a slight change of emotion what did I do

Capricorn: aaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Aquarius: (wake me up) WAKE ME UP INSIDE (cant wake up) WAKE ME UP INSIDE (SAVE MEEE)

Pisces: (ponders lifes questions)

Asgore seeing Toriel after so many years (httyd)
  • Asgore: *in shock*
  • Toriel: ...
  • Toriel: I know what you’re going to say, Asgore.
  • Toriel: How could I have done this? Stayed away all these years. And why didn't I come back to you?
  • Asgore: *comes closer*
  • Toriel: Well, what sign did I have that you could change? That anyone on the underground could?
  • Asgore: *continues*
  • Toriel: I pleaded so many times to stop the fighting, to find another answer, but did any of you listen?
  • Asgore: *continues*
  • Toriel: I know that I left you... but I thought you’d be better off without me.
  • Asgore: *continues*
  • Toriel: *backs away* And I was wrong, I see that now, but…
  • oh stop being so stoic, Asgore. Go on... SHOUT, SCREAM, SAY SOMETHING!
  • Asgore: *stops*
  • ...
  • .
  • .
  • ...You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.
he’s gone okay? let him go. i know that his laugh was the soundtrack to your summer and when he kissed your lips you could feel fire in your stomach. but he left, he’s not coming back. you don’t know why and you probably never will. thats part of what hurts the most. the silence. maybe if he had yelled or at least said goodbye this pain would be a little less extreme. but you can’t change any of that now. you cant make him come back just like you couldn’t make him stay. and thats okay, that isnt your fault. your soul is to big and encompassing, not something he ever knew how to handle. I’m sorry that everything feels heavy on ur shoulders now that he’s gone. you don’t deserve how the world turned blue, you deserve to see this life in all the color it can offer. but you should know that this world can be just as colorful without him in it. you will be okay without him. it’s hard to see it now but letting him go is the best thing you can do. I know you loved him and I’m so sorry he didn’t recognize the immensity of your greatness. but baby you are more beautifully complex than the deepest oceans and it’s not your fault that he prefers puddle jumping. so I know it’s hard and your allowed to miss him but it’s time to move on, to make room for someone that will appreciate everything you are.
CTNx is using my guide with no permission or credit

If any of you remember my CTNx survival guide… My guide is, word-for-word, posted on the official CTNx website… with NO credit… No link. No mention of my name. They didn’t even change the wording. Seriously.

It is advertised directly on their homepage:

Their site:

My blog:

As you can see, apparently CTNx can’t even come up with their own summary for their own event.



Oh, and they also have this disclaimer in the footer of their website:

HMMM. I guess they would feel kinda bad if someone took their content without permission??

Had CTNx asked me for permission and posted a link to my guide with credit, I would have been happy to oblige! But here we are!!

@ CTNx what’s up???

EDIT: For anyone who has noticed, there is currently a small link to my blog on the page - it was added after this post was made. It was not there previously, just for clarification. I have been contacted and will keep you updated. Thank you to everyone for the support!

EDIT 2: The post has been taken down at my request.


“What? You didn’t think I’d just leave and you’d never hear from me again, did you? You are my dearest friend, perhaps my only friend. That will never change no matter where we are.”


Body Positivity Post

So here is my body positivity post, i’m covered in scars and stretch marks, I have freckles and spots and i’m a little chubby, but do you know what? i don’t care, its my body, i cant change any of the scars i cant change the stretch marks and i cant get rid of freckles, I can lose weight but i really cannot be bothered, i’m happy with how i am, and you should be too.

Do not let anyone tell you that you’re ugly, do not let anyone tell you that you could be better. We are all wonderful the way we are, be happy with who you are, learn to love yourself more.


“When I turned 20,  people kept asking what changed about me.Actually, personally I think there isn’t any startling change. Just that I’m cherishing my memories each day more and more as the days go by”

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You've influenced my art quite a bit, so I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to draw France and England from the side. I struggle to draw any position besides facing forward. Thanks!

Yeah, sure! I shall have you know though, their anatomy changes when they’re faced to the side (which is bad when you draw characters, but I do it anyway). 

Anyway, as always, start with the outline.

Then draw the eyes, nose, and bridge. Their eyes are very close to the nose. For me, England’s nose is harder to draw than France’s. France’s is very simple & easy but England’s has a lot of different shapes to deal with. 

Next is their jawlines, ears, and hair. When I draw lips, I like to keep them very small and thin, unless I want to purposefully make them look big (like if a person is pouting or something). When drawing mouths in this style, every character has a slight overbite. I drew other pictures of them with their mouths in different shapes for more ref. England’s chin is round and his jaw is not very long. his jawline goes up a bit and then curves back down. He has a square jaw that comes to a point, unless I want to give off a childish feeling, in which case his jaw would be more rounded. I image France’s lips being a bit bigger, but in this style, it’s not noticeable. France’s chin comes out a bit more and isn’t as round as England’s. His jaw is also longer than England’s, but it comes to the same point as England’s does. The red line on their heads is their hairlines. 

Next is their necks, uniforms, and the rest of France’s hair. Their necks are always very thin, even when facing forward. When drawing their torsos, their backs are usually straight and their chests are a bit puffed up, especially if they’re wearing suits. 

Then there’s France’s hair lines and colouring. Remember to not make the lines on France’s hair too intricate (which is what I do all the time), otherwise it will look ratty. And France’s hair is anything but ratty.

17 days until Fates is out in Australia/Europe!

*weed madoka voice* take your medicine!!

tbh though who names their kid after the colour green

//wakes up

boom de yada pops into head

okay but what if all the undertale characters/aus sang this?

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writes out a lazy thing and plans to record it later and gives u lyrics under the cut

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And I claim I’m not excited with my life any more,
so I blame this town, this job, these friends;
the truth is it’s myself
and I’m trying to understand myself
and pinpoint who I am.
When I finaly get it figured out,
I’ve changed the whole damn plan.
Oh noose, tied myself in, tied myself too tight
Talking shit about a pretty sunset.
Blanketing opinions that I’ll probably regret soon.
Changed my mind so much, I can’t even trust it.
My mind changed me so much I can’t even trust myself.

these darn youths with their technology……….. not focusing on the world around them…………… why cant they be more like me, the one who hasnt changed their perspective on anything or made any effort to learn anything new in 20 years………. why cant i print a gif……

Alright some are taking this letter to be sort of a corner stone for Bleach, as if that’s when Kubo started writing what he really wanted to. The letter was from 2010 and Bleach didn’t experience any changes around that time, instead it only started drastically changing around 670 I think. He had 6(!!) years available to write what he wanted to and explore the story in a way he saw fit. So let’s see how he used those years.

Farewell Swords (423) was published around 11th October 2010

Death & Strawberry 2 (459) was published around 3rd August 2011 followed by Deathberry Returns (460) on the 17th August 2011. All of these chapters HEAVILY featured IchiRuki. 

The Kubo-approved “Thank You” (episode 324) aired on 4 October 2011

The Lost (chapter 476 where Rukia expressed gratitude over his unwavering resolve and how that changed her and SS’s fate) was released on the 7th December 2011

Death Saves The Strawberry novel was released in 12 September 2012

The Honeymoon colorspread was part of the 2011 Bleach calendar. 

We even have the latest arc (2015-2016) where numerous times it was hinted that Ichigo would stay in Soul Society (the Yuki guy was supposed to be an apprentice for Ichigo, the death of Yamamoto signified a change in leadership/mindset for the SS, and the tickets Kyoraku handed out were a hint) and that Rukia would play a bigger role (her Bankai was hinted to be shown again and Urahara’s words in 666, which was published around 16th March 2016). Just for reference Fade To Black was released in September 2009. Ichigo activated his fullbring (which to Riruka was linked with love) while thinking of Rukia, the “Speed of the World” poem, the Bonds That Never Break colorspread, etc. all happened around 2011.

Between these dates there were many other indicators of who got more development (the whole FullBringer/Lost Shinigami arc was a IR arc) and many other moments/interviews. He had 6 years to develop his “starting ideas” more and yet nothing changed around 2010-2011, if anything those years were pretty good for IchiRuki shippers. I call BS on “I intended for this to happen!!1!!1!”

I learned one thing

When you cant wake up for fajir and you set so many alarms and try everything to get up and pray but it still doesnt help. Dont change your volume or alarm of your phone.

But know that you need to change something you do daily in your live in order to get up for fajir.

When you know you commit a certain sin everyday again; you ask for forgiveness for it. Or you do anything else and you havent done any tawbah. Start doing it, and dont quit doing it. In every salah, every day, every week every month. Ask for His forgiveness and help so you wont do it again.

See how easy fajir will be then.

Keep one thing in mind:

Its not the sleep thats keeping you away from fajir, but your own sins are keeping you away from it. ///And thats one of the many effects of sins.