i cant change any of that

The signs and their usual thoughts

Aries: T U R N  U P

Taurus: wat

Gemini: what if I was in a horror film??

Cancer: hungry

Leo: WAT

Virgo: well shit. what am I supposed to do?

Libra: (literally ANY song)

Scorpio: help

Sagittarius: why did they show a slight change of emotion what did I do

Capricorn: aaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Aquarius: (wake me up) WAKE ME UP INSIDE (cant wake up) WAKE ME UP INSIDE (SAVE MEEE)

Pisces: (ponders lifes questions)


HEY TAYLOR @taylorswift

Eliza here and this is my bestfriend Emma! We decided to do an “Australian summer” version of your pegacorn outfit (we would literally die of heat exhaustion in onesies). IM THAT EXCITED!

#NO CHILL 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
I never ever have any chill whatsoever.

We will be attending the Sydney concert 28th November. I last attended your fearless concert when I was 15, the feels are very very real.

Section 621, Row 9, Seats 23-24. ☁️

Because of you Taylor I am confident to be weird and don’t care what people think about me, that is why I have chosen my favourite quote “If you are luck enough to be different, don’t ever change”.



“What? You didn’t think I’d just leave and you’d never hear from me again, did you? You are my dearest friend, perhaps my only friend. That will never change no matter where we are.”

me after the you and i video: one directions videos literally cant get worse than this

me after the smg video: …..one direcitons….videos literally…..cant get any worse than thsi

me after the night changes video: ……,.,,,,,,oen direcironts vidose….literally……cant get any weorse….,..tahn t hsi


Body Positivity Post

So here is my body positivity post, i’m covered in scars and stretch marks, I have freckles and spots and i’m a little chubby, but do you know what? i don’t care, its my body, i cant change any of the scars i cant change the stretch marks and i cant get rid of freckles, I can lose weight but i really cannot be bothered, i’m happy with how i am, and you should be too.

Do not let anyone tell you that you’re ugly, do not let anyone tell you that you could be better. We are all wonderful the way we are, be happy with who you are, learn to love yourself more.


“When I turned 20,  people kept asking what changed about me.Actually, personally I think there isn’t any startling change. Just that I’m cherishing my memories each day more and more as the days go by”

17 days until Fates is out in Australia/Europe!

*weed madoka voice* take your medicine!!

tbh though who names their kid after the colour green

anonymous asked:

You've influenced my art quite a bit, so I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to draw France and England from the side. I struggle to draw any position besides facing forward. Thanks!

Yeah, sure! I shall have you know though, their anatomy changes when they’re faced to the side (which is bad when you draw characters, but I do it anyway). 

Anyway, as always, start with the outline.

Then draw the eyes, nose, and bridge. Their eyes are very close to the nose. For me, England’s nose is harder to draw than France’s. France’s is very simple & easy but England’s has a lot of different shapes to deal with. 

Next is their jawlines, ears, and hair. When I draw lips, I like to keep them very small and thin, unless I want to purposefully make them look big (like if a person is pouting or something). When drawing mouths in this style, every character has a slight overbite. I drew other pictures of them with their mouths in different shapes for more ref. England’s chin is round and his jaw is not very long. his jawline goes up a bit and then curves back down. He has a square jaw that comes to a point, unless I want to give off a childish feeling, in which case his jaw would be more rounded. I image France’s lips being a bit bigger, but in this style, it’s not noticeable. France’s chin comes out a bit more and isn’t as round as England’s. His jaw is also longer than England’s, but it comes to the same point as England’s does. The red line on their heads is their hairlines. 

Next is their necks, uniforms, and the rest of France’s hair. Their necks are always very thin, even when facing forward. When drawing their torsos, their backs are usually straight and their chests are a bit puffed up, especially if they’re wearing suits. 

Then there’s France’s hair lines and colouring. Remember to not make the lines on France’s hair too intricate (which is what I do all the time), otherwise it will look ratty. And France’s hair is anything but ratty.

//wakes up

boom de yada pops into head

okay but what if all the undertale characters/aus sang this?

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writes out a lazy thing and plans to record it later and gives u lyrics under the cut

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And I claim I’m not excited with my life any more,
so I blame this town, this job, these friends;
the truth is it’s myself
and I’m trying to understand myself
and pinpoint who I am.
When I finaly get it figured out,
I’ve changed the whole damn plan.
Oh noose, tied myself in, tied myself too tight
Talking shit about a pretty sunset.
Blanketing opinions that I’ll probably regret soon.
Changed my mind so much, I can’t even trust it.
My mind changed me so much I can’t even trust myself.

these darn youths with their technology……….. not focusing on the world around them…………… why cant they be more like me, the one who hasnt changed their perspective on anything or made any effort to learn anything new in 20 years………. why cant i print a gif……

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