i cant believe this was a thing

i still cant believe that rose and 10th lost each other in doomsday

i started crying when 10th made rose to teleport into parallel universe because i thought they wouldn’t get together again

then i was so happy to see rose being back

and i was so happy seeing them doing things together, i was like oh my superhero couple




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how do you feel about skam ending

listen to me…. i watched the final episode last night and i cried. like i legitimately sobbed. i’m gonna miss that show and those people so fuckin’ much like it’s so lame to get so sentimental about a tv show but that show was like!! a part of me!! and it was so important!! every character and every episode was so important and had such good messages and things to think about and it’s literally kept me up at night sometimes thinking about how episodes relate to each other and!!! in short i’m sad. like really depressed about it and it doesn’t really feel like it’s over… it’s like my brain is still waiting on a new clip to be released?? but i’m really happy that skam happened and that i can rewatch it as many times as i want. @ mother julie thanx bitch ♡

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i just pictured daichi having kids and i got way TOO EXCITED the baby fever is catching on

DAICHI GOES AND BUYS THE MOST RIDICULOUS USELESS GADGETS BECAUSE THERE CANT BE ENOUGH TECH THAT WOULD MAKE LIFE WITH BABY EASIER. He installs 3 baby monitors, one infra red with night vision, one HD with 270 degree view and one with motion sensor because he doesn’t believe one camera that can do all things perfectly! XD I could go on but I’ll stop, anon-chan stop making me excited with you !

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I always have these "fantasies" for lack of better word that I want to happen, like for example I'll be eating lunch or something by myself and then I'll imagine I have a bf or something and we're on a date and I almost believe it's real like i dissociate for a sec; or I'm in bed and I imagine I'm at a sleepover and everyone is just bundled together and it's all warm and fuzzy and I feel less alone for a sec Is this a bpd thing? (I've tried looking it up and nothing seems accurate )

i don’t know. i mean, i do that too but i cant generalize for every borderline. it sounds kinda like mdd to me but i could be wrong
-mod m

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Im struggling so badly and then i see how happy youve become it rly makes me want to keep sticking around to see things get better. But i just cant see it happening...

I was there before and I’ve given up so many times, I still struggle and I have my bad days but if you told me 4 years ago that I’d be a lesbian currently skyping her gf and actually having days where I’m appreciating the small things in life, like the sun hitting my skin, I wouldn’t believe u at all (fr i had lots of ppl tell me that life will get better n I was like lol I’ve been miserable my entire life so no). As cliche and cheesy as it is, I really hope you stick around and keep fighting, you never know how your life will turn around.
Also I’m really glad that at least seeing that it was possible for me has given you hope 💖 life still sucks but I’ve got hope and things to live for now, and I believe that you’ll have the same one day 💕💕💕

Ok wow

The response I’ve been getting for my “Dear Blurryface” post is incredible! I’m a really small blog so when 1 person follows me I get excited and now quiet a few are following me so I’m really happy. So like, hi new followers!!! My blog is dedicated to all the things I love, like bands, movies, books, etc…my blog consists of a lot of 5 Seconds of Summer, Twenty One Pilots, Panic at the Disco, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Fall Out Boy, and a lot more but those are just my favorite artists off the top of my head. If any of you ever need to talk I’m here for you, I may not know what to say but I’ll always listen. Also, my notifications are crazy rn so if I don’t follow you back im sorry, I try to follow everyone back. Anyways…glad you guys are here, y'all made my day by reblogging/liking/replying to my post and/or following me.

Always sending love💙

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im so basic bc my Designated Theme Songs for the fnv characters are usually just whatever i happen to hear on the radio while im thinking of said characters, but. listen. "believer" by imagine dragons is a huge ulysses song. i cant even pick a part to quote here because it's all Him

yooo dude youre right this is such a Ulysses Song, esp the part that goes

last things last / by the grace of the fire and the flames / you’re the face of the future, the blood in my veins, oh-ooh / the blood in my veins, oh-ooh / but they never did, ever lived, ebbing and flowing / inhibited, limited / till it broke open and rained down /

that’s basically ulysses at the start of lonesome road tbh

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''why are we our true selves only when we’re without people?'' sorry if i am boring to you, but it's actually such a interesting thing, cant help myself to add something to it... recently i was reading some eastern philosophy and they always seek for their true self in the moments of solitude and isolation. so, everyone who reads this and especially you,try your best to not be sad in that situation, there is so much more in the feeling of solitude and loneliness. have a nice holidays!:)

On the contrary, your point is very interesting. I’ve heard about this philosophy as well and I too believe it’s right to search for ourselves in solitude… I must say I’m confused, though. The reason I’m sad is because I can feel so much good energy when I’m my true self, i.e. in solitude and I’d like to feel that energy also when I’m among people, cause it makes everything better - my attitude is different, I can appreciate people more and connect with them deeper.
I don’t know if this make any sense, I’m bad at explaining, especially when it comes to expressing my inner world. Anyhow, I’ll try not to be sad. Thank you, have a nice holiday/day/night/whatever too!


Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe (VERY IMPORTANT) and have fun~ <3

“Keith look, make a wish!”~

This is my attempt at a fake screen-cap(??) I spent tooooo long on this, please just take it lol