i cant believe this exists

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i honestly cant believe they watch yoi. like, of ALL the anime lmao (i mean they can watch whatever they want but STILL!! FOR TWO (supposedly) STRAIGHT MEN??!)

dan and phil straight? might be a lot less likely than you think

canada has 5 years worth of maple syrup hidden somewhere in quebec that is as heavily guarded as a commercial bank with a top security system and it’s called the “global strategic maple syrup reserve” and it’s a really big deal so in case you guys were wondering yes we have a real canadian army and yes we may have a secret strategy involving maple syrup


happy 6th anniversary to my favourite boys:
 ↳ infinite throughout the years | #6YEARSWITHINFINITE ♡


“you kept the reservation?”

                                  “don’t make a fuss; it’s not a big deal.”