i cant believe so called 'fans' did this to him

Okay, I know Chanyeol is always a sweet guy who never forgets to mention the other exo members or promote their solo activities on his instagram, but please remember that he is NOT obligated to that whatsoever. Don’t take it for granted and don’t start bashing him if he doesn’t do it. The fact that he does only proves what an amazing, supportive friend he is, but if he ever once doesn’t, that doesn’t undermine his genuineness at all and you can’t use that against him or call him “fake”.  Apparently some “fans” were having fun dragging him because he didn’t upload anything for the Xiumin x Jimin collab. Well, he did- at 4 AM in the morning when he should have been sleeping. But even if he hadn’t, it makes no difference. You don’t hold any of the other members to these type of standards, so please don’t do it with Chanyeol either.