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Fabulous Olicity Fanfic Friday - August 25th, 2017

Happy Friday! So this is my attempt to both thank awesome fanfic writers for their amazing work and offer my recommendations to anyone who is interested. Here are the fantastic fanfic stories I read this week! They are posted in the order I read them.

Take Your Breath Away by @green-arrows-of-karamel and and @tdgal1 - When the police find another victim choked to death, wide-city panic spreads like wildfire. Felicity Smoak, an SCPD detective, is determined to catch the murderer. To that end, she goes undercover to Verdant, the most famous fetish club in town. Its owner, Oliver Queen, is the prime suspect in the killings. While she infiltrates deep into the BDSM world, she never expects to feel a dangerous attraction towards Oliver, which puts her at risk of getting caught in dark and lethal pleasures. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11811417/chapters/26646897

A Message in a Bottle multi-chapter by @vaelisamaza - Felicity Smoak has come home to run the family farm and tasting room when an unexpected visit from a member of the Queen Family gives her the opportunity to re-examine her career and choices in life. http://archiveofourown.org/works/6514822/chapters/14907403

Our Love Will Never Fade Away (I’ll Bear Your Mark On My Skin For Eternity) multi-chapter by @charlie-leau - Felicity Smoak started taking the Med that cut the emotional connection between her soulmate and herself when his family sent a mediator to her. The man told her that they did not think she was worthy of their son and she therefore needed to give up on her soulmate’s rights. Now, four years later, Felicity just moved in Star City and is desperately trying to run away for her past. There, she meets Oliver Queen, heir to the Queen’s legacy and soon to be married to the cold and mysterious Isabel Rochev, who quickly becomes both her boss and friend. Lines quickly start to blur between Felicity and Oliver as they found themselves drawn to each other for no apparent reasons… http://archiveofourown.org/works/6366106/chapters/14583025

Dreaming Away by @geneshaven - Post 5x23 fic https://geneshaven.tumblr.com/post/164347871389/dreaming-away

The Bridesmaid Wore Peach by @wherethereissmoak - Alternate first meeting for Oliver and Felicity, as they are members of a wedding party. Felicity is not a fan of her bridesmaid’s dress. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11845629

Family Outing multi-chapter by @geneshaven - Oliver and family and friends go camping. Part 4: https://geneshaven.tumblr.com/post/164371233359/family-outing

Blue Eyed Angel: Sleepless multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Oliver and Felicity spend some quality time together http://archiveofourown.org/works/11069859/chapters/26747412

If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don’t Want To Be Right) multi-chapter by @smkkbert - They live in a society where the Ministry for Procreation decides who you get to marry. Once you get the letter with the contact details of your partner, you are supposed to marry within few months. Sexual relationships with any other partner are forbidden, even before you receive the contact details. Everyone who disobeys that law will be punished brutally.  Oliver and Nyssa have come to terms with that. Although they are married, Nyssa can secretly be with Sara, and Oliver can do whatever he wants to do. When Oliver decides to make changes, he falls madly in love with Felicity. Therefore, his life takes a pleasant turn because although they cannot publicly be together, at least they can be in secret. Things soon get complicated, though, when Felicity receives a letter that shall change her life. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11847900/chapters/26747613

Tumblr Drabbles multi-chapter by @dreamsofolicity - This is a collection of small drabbles I posted on Tumblr that come from prompts. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11833266/chapters/26708178

Sleepless in Starling by @wherethereissmoak - What if Oliver missed the opportunity to signal the fishing boat at the end of S5 flashbacks because of his fight with Kovar? Marooned on Lian Yu once again, he gets rescued in the most surprising way. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11861439

Best Birthday Ever by @emmilynestill - What if Felicity hadn’t decided to go with a team surprise party for Oliver’s Birthday? What if she decided she was sick of baby steps and wanted to take some big girl steps? What if Felicity decided the very best way to celebrate was to make Oliver’s birthday cake and present…well, her? A sort of “Choose Your Own Adventure” off-shoot/AU of Don’t Let Me Go, branching off after Chapter 3 into a whole other universe. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11861331/chapters/26781084

Untitled by @oneofakindxx - Olicity disagree about sleeping together http://oneofakindxx.tumblr.com/post/164440125046/i-cant-believe-we-slept-together-we-didnt

Untitled by @oneofakindxx - Oliver does household repairs http://oneofakindxx.tumblr.com/post/164439768351/did-you-fix-it-kind-of-what-do-you-mea

Untitled by @dust2dust34 - Based on the prompt: “Oliver, if we didn’t get blown up, how do you think our date would have ended?” http://dust2dust34.tumblr.com/post/164447747199/oliver-if-we-didnt-get-blown-up-how-do-you

Oliver’s Revelation by @tdgal1 - After getting hit in the head, Oliver wakes up in the hospital where he can not move or talk but can hear everything that is said to him. Suddenly he sees what is going on around him, how people feel and act when they think he is in a coma. LOVED THIS!! http://archiveofourown.org/works/11868798

Love is the Cure by @tdgal1 - After Lian Yu, Oliver and Felicity deal with his PTSD. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11873715

Thursday by @someonesaidcake - There is something about the girl next door that Oliver Queen is only now noticing… Felicity is moving to college just down the road from where Oliver is a senior.  He suddenly becomes very protective of the girl next door.  Thursday night dinners might not ever be the same again. This story gets better and better! http://archiveofourown.org/works/10688658/chapters/23670255

No Kissing by @lostolicityscenes - Felicity won’t let Oliver kiss her during their “meeting” https://lostolicityscenes.tumblr.com/post/164500307466/no-kissing

Time for a Story multi-chapter by @smkkbert - This fic shows Olicity and their life as a (married) couple with family. Although Olicity (and their kids) are the protagonists, other characters of Arrow and Flash make appearances. YOU NEED THIS STORY IN YOUR LIFE. http://archiveofourown.org/works/3912157/chapters/8757172

“Before He Is Lost To You Forever” by @geneshaven - Felicity’s thoughs after talking to Ra’s in 3x20 https://geneshaven.tumblr.com/post/164502807209/before-he-is-lost-to-you-forever

Bound to You multi-chapter by @bindy417 - Felicity is an ARGUS agent and Oliver with the Bratva but they met long before that! This story gives the past and the present. SO AWESOME. http://archiveofourown.org/works/6602668/chapters/15105862

Felicity Sneaking in Oliver’s Apartment Every Night After William’s asleep, and Sneaking Out Before He Wakes in the Morning by @eilowyn1 - William and Oliver talk http://eilowyn1.tumblr.com/post/164532504246/felicity-sneaking-in-olivers-apartment-every

Felicity Smoak - Model, International Star and Murderer? multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Oliver is called defended international Star Felicity Smoak when she is charged with murder - I can’t express how excited I am about this! http://archiveofourown.org/works/10593339/chapters/23417862

Exactly Right by @dust2dust34 - Season 6 Olicity spec - VERY HOT - http://dust2dust34.tumblr.com/post/164529795749/exactly-right-olicity-s6-spec-fic

Summer House multi-chapter by @laurabelle2930 - Oliver Queen has been missing for two years. On the eve of his 2nd anniversary the local paper with the families consent has decided to run a memorial article since one was never done when he first went missing. Sara Lance was assigned the story at first but know the paper’s hotshot reporter Felicity Smoak has been assigned the story. Felicity must now put her personal feelings aside as she searches for the truth to Oliver Queen’s disappearance. http://archiveofourown.org/works/10918641/chapters/24282099

Soup for the Soul by @missyriver​ - Felicity tries to deal with the death of Billy Malone alone and learns its okay to cry. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11892450 

September 2045 - Galloway Position - Pieces of You (Flash Fic) by @so-caffeinated - Will and Amelia from Beth’s POV https://so-caffeinated.tumblr.com/post/158865988569/2-im-lucky-because-ive-gotten-to-know-a-thing

Adrenaline Rush by @emmilynestill  -  For the first month away, the excitement of escaping and being in love and the almost constant sex was more than enough.   But after a while, Oliver had started to feel that itch.  He’d confessed as much to Felicity one night.  How he missed the rush, the physical exertion, even the danger. Quick piece of fluff about how Felicity and Oliver found ways to indulge their need for Adrenaline during their summer of love. http://archiveofourown.org/works/5316284

One Plus One Equals Three multi-chapter by @perfectlittlesoul - a glimpse into the happy married life of Olicity - super sweet http://archiveofourown.org/works/8323096/chapters/19061818

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Rucas AU | The Bet [11]

[ Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight - Part Nine - Part Ten]

Prompt: After damaging $1000 worth of private property on a dare Lucas needs a quick way to make the money to pay the guy back. When Charlie Gardner suggests a bet Lucas takes him up on his offer. And what is the bet? Get into the pants of Riley Matthews, the schools very own goody two-shoes princess.
AN: The next chapter is the final chapter.  
Word Count: 2,015
Chapter: 11

♡ ♡ ♡

How things have changed in just a few short weeks. It was a sunlit day of early spring, and the sky held a soft blue glow. Spring Break was finally here and Riley walked barefoot on the weed filled front lawn, looking for wild flowers she loved. She was never much of a rose person, not that she didn’t appreciate its beauty, it’s just that she was more in love with meadow flowers, with forget-me-nots and buttercups. The flowers people often overlooked due to the hype of the rose.

The scratchy green grass was warm under her bare feet and she was glad to be free of the confines of her running shoes. Who needed to run when walking felt so blissful? She stopped and closed her eyes so she could capture the moment of the sunlight on her skin. It was like a kiss of summer but without the fiery heat or beads of sweat. She opened her eyes and let the daylight flood back in, bringing the warm April day right back into focus.

To say she was glad winter was over would be an understatement. She loved the way snow looked when it found itself a home on trees and building tops but nothing made her feel more at peace than the calm slightly warm breeze of springtime. Which was exactly what she needed.

Lately, her mind had been beating itself up trying to figure out what to say to Lucas. She would get up the courage, march right over to him, open her mouth – and nothing would come out. It happened so many times this last month she was convinced she lost all ability to speak to him.

She couldn’t figure out what was holding her back. Farkle and Isadora made sure to put in their two cents, offering that maybe she was being prideful or maybe she was still harboring anger towards him for the mistake he made. But deep down Riley had her own inkling of what it could be. Plain and simple? She missed him. Missing him meant she was vulnerable, and the last thing she wanted was to open herself up once more, let him in again just to have her heart shattered into a million little jagged pieces.

She sighs as she flops down onto the grass, squinting up at the sky, watching birds above her fly back and forth without a care in the world. She envied that.

The smallest of the birds spiraled over her before disappearing into a tree. “Show off.” She mumbles under her breath.

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The Story of Us

PROLOGUE || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 

Chapter Eleven: Tightrope Dreamer

Word Count: 6779

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

“Be down in a second!” Mabel calls out to Thomas followed by a squeak directed at Riley.

“Meow.” Riley giggles softly, referencing a previous ‘scaredy cat’ comment Mabel made about herself.

Mabel stands by Riley’s bed completely frozen. 

“Go on then.” Riley giggles as she gives Mabel a gentle shove. “He’s waiting.” 

“Come with me?” Mabel asks hopefully. 

“I can’t come with you.” Riley’s soft laughter continues.

Eventually, Mabel does make her way downstairs and opens Jed’s front door. She jumps a little in place when she finds Thomas standing directly on the other side of it. 

“Sorry.” He chuckles quietly with a gaze pointed at the ground. He looks up slowly, focussing mainly on her clothes. “Are you in pyjamas?”

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He's Not Mine (G.D) PT 7

I groaned as I took a sip from my starbucks coffee. Damn it was like a drug? Why is it so good? My phone buzzed from my leather jack and I pulled it out. I was having a relatively good morning while on my way to school, besides the fact I had received news that someone was watching me and Grayson the other day.
But when I read that message I felt as my heart dropped.


Y/N: why? Is it closed or something?

I had already arrived to the front of the school so I walked in anyways. Big mistake..

“What a slut..” I heard a few girls whisper from behind me. I sent them a strange look before I came in contact with a picture taped onto my locker. It was me and Grayson in the bathroom. I gasped and grabbed it, tearing it off the locker and walls and crumpled it up in my hands. I ripped it off each locker I could and out of people’s hands. Tears blurred my vision and I choked back a sob as I ran into the girls bathroom. I locked myself in and stall and looked up, there it was. Another picture. I grabbed it and angrily crumpled it up, tossing it into the toilet before flushing it. I head sniffles from outside so I busted the door open, meeting Y/BFF/N’s eyes in the mirror. “Y/BFF/N.” I muttered and extended out my arm to hold her shoulder. “No!” She jerked away from me, and I felt my blood boiling. “I know I fucked up but I’m not the only guilty one here!” I shouted, following her out of the bathroom. “And what’s that supposed to mean?!” She retaliated. “You know what? FUCK YOU Y/N!” Y/BFF/N shouted at me as all eyes on campus directed towards us. “How could you embarrass me like that!? And Grayson! He has younger people looking up to him!” I cried as she turned around to face me. She clenched her fists into balls and her eyes were fuming with anger. “HE DESERVES IT! AND SO DO YOU! I HOPE YOU BOTH ROT IN HELL!” Y/BBF/N shrieked as her hand made contact with my face.
I brought my hand up to my cheek and winced in pain.

“Well..their friendship is long gone..” A girl besides us mumbled to her friend. “You’re the biggest hypocrite ever!” I scoffed and threw my arms up in the air. “Oh go fuck yourself. Oh wait no, you have Grayson for that right?” She laughed heartlessly. “Hey!” We both whipped around to see Grayson and Ethan, Grayson who was clutching the picture in his hand tossed it at our feet. “What the hell is that?” He asked as he narrowed his eyes at Y/BFF/N. “The truth.” She whispered and smirked. “Fuck you. I know what the truth is and so does Cameron.” I spat as all eyes locked on me. “W-what?” Y/BFF/N breathed. “I know you cheated on Gray with Cameron and that it was possible that he was your baby’s father and you were going to lie to Grayson and say if was his.”

“That- That’s not true.” Y/BFF/N laughed and walked towards Grayson. “Stay away.” He huffed and shook his head. “What are you talking about Y/BFF/N? I saw it too.” Ethan said suddenly. “You did?” I raised my eyebrows at him in confusion and then turned to everyone else who was out in the hallways watching intently. “What is my life a fucking TV show?!” I yelled and the crowds all dispersed. I rolled my eyes as Grayson began speaking, “there Y/BFF/N. You cant play the victim card anymore. You’re in just as much shit as the rest of us.” Grayson spat as he ripped off some pictures from the wall. “Thanks to you my career could possibly be over. But my manager is working on it.” Grayson sighed and tossed the pictures into the garbage. “Just how long were you cheating on me?” Grayson asked raising his eyebrows. Y/BFF/N let out a sob and I restrained from rolling my eyes. “I’m sorry..I just knew you were with another girl so Cameron and I-”
“Another the damn question.”
“6 months..” Y/BFF/N sighed as Grayson shook his head. “At least I know now that our relationship was all based on lies.”
“No! I love you Gray-”
“No you don’t! And I don’t love you! I’m in love with someone else!” He shouted. “I knew it!” Y/BFF/N cried. “It’s her isn’t it!” She pointed her shaking finger at me as tears rolled down her cheeks. “So what if it is?” Grayson replied and stared at the ground. “She’s my bestfriend..” Y/BFF/N mumbled. “And so was Cameron to me.” Grayson growled. “I can’t believe you. Stop pinning this on everyone else but yourself! I cant do this anymore. We’re done.” Grayson threw his hands up before walking off. Y/BFF/N stormed up to him and grasped his collar, she pulled him back and slapped him across the face. I held in my gasp as he rubbed his cheek in shock. Y/BFF/N let out a sob and ran into the girls bathroom once again. “Gray!” I shouted and ran towards him. He looked at me and then walked away. Ethan gave me a sympathetic look as he dashed out the door to follow Grayson. I scoffed and looked around. There stood Melanie and Cameron a few feet away. “So..is he gonna get with Y/N now?” I heard him ask. “I don’t know. Why don’t you go ask Y/BFF/N?” She spat angrily and slammed her locker shut.
“Babe!” Cameron whined and followed her down the hallways. I shook my head and fell onto my knees. How did things get so fucked up? Oh I know. Because I gave in. When it comes to Grayson..I always give in.

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Live Blog TWP Ep. 7

This week’s episode was… so bad.  So, naturally, I wrote down all my thoughts to share with you all!  It’s about 5.5 pages of me breaking down the stupid.  Enjoy.

Lol how Richard/Perkin is brought with a bag on his hand.

He looks nothing like a York - he just has golden hair and his hot af, as we know all Yorks are.

Henry’s been wearing the same outfit(s) for EPISODES which translates to YEARS.  One of the richest kings in Christendom and he had legit four outfits: his bdsm jacket, his triangle jacket made out of shoulders, his dark green long housedress, and his rare happy mood red and gold housedress.  Am I missing anything.

Glad to see Lizzie’s *finally* got something new to wear.  Also, if they’re going to do her hair like that and put that doily on top why can’t they give her a hood?

I like how Richard/Perkin thinks he’s going to go through the doors, then Maggie B is like “THINK AGAIN IDIOT!” and shoulders past him.

Maggie B’s like “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a Tudor.  I don’t fit in.  And I don’t want to fit in.  Have you ever seen with without this stupid red and green dress on.  That’s Tudor.”

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this-kitty-has-claws  asked:

Wifey. My brain won't let me sleep so I'm gonna yell "Avocado" really loudly at 3am on a Monday morning and hope you have the power to initiate the protocol. I wait patiently. Anyone will do. Throne polisher or Bodyguard. It don't matter at this point

Lol! How about a valet?

Sitting on her throne, the Queen of Angst sighed heavily and side-eyed the Queen of Smut. “I find today atrociously boring,” she said, a pout forming on her lush pink lips.

“You know what you have to do if you want to be entertained, darling Angst,”  Smut said, her smile sly and knowing. 

To the left and right of their dual thrones, the guards clad in leather pants, straps crisscrossing their impressive chests, drew themselves up a little taller, their eyes gleaming with hope and lust as each hoped it would be them called upon to entertain their Queens.

Tapping a recently painted black nail against her lips, Angst sighed. “But who, Smut dear, should we ask to be our afternoon entertainment? They are all just so… pretty.”

Breaking from his place at her side, Dean knelt at her knee, head bowed, hand hovering just above the skirt of sheer black organza and lace like spider webs. “My Queen, I would be honored should you choose me.”

Reaching down, she trailed her fingers through his silky hair, loving the way it curled and clung to her fingers. Clenching a gentle fist, she tilted his head up and back, the small pain causing his green eyes to burn with want and his mouth to fall slightly open. “My Dean, you had your turn this morning.”

“Yes, my Queen,” he sighed, clearly disappointed. 

“Angst, you’re so cruel,” Smut smiled, beckoning to Dean who was swift to slide across the foot of space where his chin settled on his knee. “Poor baby,” she simpered, running her long red nail down the bridge of his nose, over his plush lips, and down to lift his chin. “Do you need me to kiss it better?”

“Yes, my lady,” he sighed, tilting his face up.

Laughing softly, she leaned down to press a chaste kiss to his mouth.

“You make your own guard jealous, sweet Smut,” Angst snickered, amusement clear to see.

Waving Dean away, back to the side of his Queen, Smut lifted her hand to Steve, the sheer fabric of her red gown splitting, falling from her arm as she leaned away from Angst, the red lace like roses falling to bare her legs to mid-thigh. “He knows he holds my heart, don’t you, Steve?”

His blue eyes shone with adoration when he knelt at her feet. “As you hold mine, my Queen.”

Cupping his chin, Smut bestowed a passionate kiss upon her champion’s lips, one which made him shudder, hand hesitating above her thigh before a gentle purr had him lowering it to her skin.

Pouting again, Angst huffed, “You are of little help, dear sister!”

Licking Steve‘s lips, Smut pulled away with a shrug, continuing to run her fingers through Steve’s hair as his thumb rubbed back and forth on her skin. “Apologies, my darling Angst. He is just such a, hm, sweet distraction.”

Crossing her arms, Angst sighed, knowing well her sister’s propensity for a sinful distraction. It was in her nature, after all. “Well, if you could contain yourself for a moment, we could both have fun.”

Flicking her wrist, Smut complied, though she kept Steve where he was. “You have your choice, love. You’ve already rejected the guards,” she pet Steve’s hair when he sighed, disappointed, “There are the stable lads, Thor or Logan, or the valets, Loki and Bucky.” 

Angst had a shiver of desire streak her spine and center between her thighs with the final name. “Bucky,” she sighed, the sound one of anticipation.

“Then do it, Angst darling. Ring the bell.” Smut turned her attention back to Steve. “So impatient,” she scolded, his hand having drifted much higher, but pleased to be able to focus on her champion since Angst had chosen one of hers. 

While they weren’t stingy about sharing, Steve, Loki, and Thor belonged to Smut, calling her their Queen, while Angst was their lady. The reverse being true for Dean, Bucky, and Logan. For them Angst would always be Queen, while Smut was their lady. 

It worked well for the two sisters, inclined to share, and happy with the arrangements. 

A servant girl appeared at Angst’s side with a bell sitting upon a silver platter. Giving it a swift ring, the aforementioned men appeared quickly before the thrones. 

“My Queen, my lady,” they said together, bowing to the respective throne each showing excited anticipation.

“Bucky, darling… avocado,” Angst said, a smile growing on her face. 

The man with the long hair and metal arm smiled victoriously as the others groaned in disappointment, leaving with dragging feet, Loki and Thor casting jealous looks Steve’s direction. 

Catching the glares, Smut only smiled, knowing well the competition she could instigate between the two brothers at a later time before returning her focus to the wandering fingers of Steve at her knee. 

Bowing deeply, Bucky made his way to the center of the room where the long narrow pole awaited. He undid the button on his black coat, the only button he was permitted to undo before his performance began. The music for I’m Sexy and I Know It began to play when he wrapped his metal fingers around the pole.

Angst settled back into her seat, eyes bright, twirling a length of red hair around her finger.

His hips thrust and gyrated, he rode the pole with skill, swung and climbed with his strong arms and thighs.

It was highly… stimulating.

The jacket was discarded with a flick, his overly thin white shirt tore open with the straining of his muscles, giving Angst a pleasing view of his sculpted chest. Holding himself up with his thighs alone, Bucky looked directly at her, his body sliding slowly down the pole as he stripped the shirt teasingly from his body.

She licked her lips, cast a glance at her sister, smirking to find Smut just as affected, her Steve temporarily forgotten though he worked to regain her attention when his mouth pressed to her sister’s thigh. 

Bucky’s feet hit the floor, and when he turned to slide his back down the pole, spreading his knees and cupping himself with his metal hand, Angst licked her lips, the sheen of glitter over his chest and abs showing he’d been prepared for this, anticipating her summons, as they always were. He bit his lip, gripped the thin fabric of his trousers and jerked, tearing the fabric from his thighs swiftly and easily, the seams opening as they’d been designed to.

“Oh,” she sighed, dragging her nails down her décolletage when the song rose to its culmination. 

The large package of the dancing man was encased in a barely there pink thong, the bulge straining, protesting it’s confinement. He turned into the pole, rode it with vigor, his face showing his bliss, his heavy lids barely allowing the glimmer of his steel grey eyes to show through when he kept them on hers. 

At the song’s finish, he pulled himself up the length of shining metal, swung hard and leapt from it to land at the base of her throne. When only silence remained, he crawled up the steps, breath panting, eyes begging, to bow at her knee. “Did that please you, my Queen?”

“Yes,” she replied breathless and burning for the delicious specimen of male prowess on his knees before her. “So much, Bucky.”

His hands lifted, hovered above her knees, lowered to settle on her gown with barely there pressure. “Might I please you… more… my Queen?”

Leaning forward, she caressed his cheek. “You may,” she said with a smile, rising to her feet as he did, accepting his hand when he offered it to her. “Sister,” she smirked at Smut, looking well and truly dishevelled while Steve looked exceptionally pleased with himself. 

“Sister,” Smut grinned, giving a little wave. “Steve and I will be… engaged for quite some time.”

“As will Bucky and I. Dinner?” Angst, sighed when Bucky brushed her hair from her neck so he could place his lips there instead.

Smiling wickedly, Smut murmured, “Dessert!” as she made her way down the stairs. 

Laughing, Angst nodded to Dean, who sighed with his dismissal. “Dessert it is,” she said to Bucky, vowing to wipe the sad puppy look from Dean’s face at a later time, along with the scowl from Logan’s. Her scruffy wild man looking a little put out, but she had no time to think of that now, not when Bucky swept her up over his shoulder, making her laugh, and slap his bare ass jiggling nicely in the pink thong as he made his way to her bedroom.

And this is why you and I should not have late night conversations! Lol

anonymous asked:

Lol, what if, just what if, Janna herself "accidentally" stumbled upon this website? What would you guys do? And more importantly, what would she do? How would she react to all of this? Of course, she'd either: "wow, i cant believe that there are people that are supporting me and Marco" or won't even let her friends find out about this website. Lastly, if she asks for defining pictures for this ship, what are the three you're gonna show to her?

What would we do? Probably nothing.

What would she do? Probably be amused, embarrassed, or some combination of both.

Defining pictures? Probably:

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He wants them to be together as much even more than she does.

THIS AINT DONE YET(i mean the gif set since i was suppose to include everything i discussed below) but its sitting way too long in my drafts already so watever im gonna post it now before the next ep even comes

I specifically love Naoki in this episode for so many reasons but what struck me most is his change was much more evident now.

  • he mentioned in ep12 that she must pass her exam at one take which indirectly means that he doesn’t want anymore delay for them to be together.
  • He had mentioned twice already that finally they’ll be able to work together so that just means thats how much he has been longing to be with her.. i even bet he requested to be transferred to Tokyo for he can no longer wait for her to come!!!! 
  • He is more vocal now, he says that line in front of the patients and Dr. Nishi like they dont exist like “excuse me guys i just need to say something sweet to my wifey”. Also that “I’ll be busy, but Kotoko and I will do our best” line which makes me think of pervy things because this was his response after mama irie said about having a baby thing, but nonetheless I’m so happy.. he used to be just always an alone man that will do everything by himself but now he considers Kotoko to be his special partner that he wants to be working hard together with be it pervy or not lol!!! Lastly, when Kotoko said that from now on they be together forever,he gladly nods… AND EVEN SEALED THAT WITH A KISS!!!! (oh gawwwddd what is air!)
  • He doesn’t mind them being PDA anymore. just lets her hug him and even tho he already said they at the hospital and Kotoko continues to cling to him, he just lets her and even teases her like saying “ah so we are going to be apart again.”  Even if its in front of his adviser, NAOKI YOU FLIRT!. And we all know they are gonna make out on that staff cafe lounge next ep *cough-cough*
  • He even shows his jealousy now. I loved the part wherein he blocks Dr. Nishi’s face from getting close to Kotoko and looking pissed off ryt after like saying  “no one’s getting near my girl’s face but me brothah!!oookkk i know i’m exaggerating again!
  • He doesnt want to let her go and he believes that she can do it. See that disappointing face when she said she’ll transfer to another department??.. and when He still asked her to assist him even tho she already said she cant and said that if she just can live without trying then she’s free to go to other dept but that pleading face after he said this says "Please just do it with me.” and threatens to call other nurse (thats a nice move btw) and when she said she’ll do it, look at that victory face when he said “yokata” thats how much he believes in her.

anonymous asked:

ohh could u maybe do another set of hcs based off that 'crush on artistic reader' ask with TFP Arcee, Wheeljack, Knockout, and Breakdown? (also aaa I love yalls writing so much omg)

anon i cant believe you just let me project MYSELF into this

Transformers: Prime

Arcee probably…wouldn’t act too different from usual, honestly. Whenever she feels personal attachment to someone, she often tries to quell that- just from past experiences. Nothing against you, she’s just…not mentally ready to risk losing someone else she loves. That being said, she won’t ever say no if you ask her to pose for you, or if something looks bad.

Wheeljack absolutely loves how creative you are, honestly. He understands that while humans interpretation of ‘art’ is severely different from Cybertronians, and he often doesn’t understand it, he just…thinks you’re too cute and excitable over it to NOT be happy with you. That isn’t to say he isn’t a jackass about it sometimes- like joking about it being upside down, the wrong color, etc.

Knockout is SO infatuated with anyone who is as into the Fine Arts™ as he is. He often tries to see what you’re doing, just to either annoy you or see if you’ve drawn him any (and you have, but you don’t need to boost his ego any more). He also offers to pose for you, multiple times. You have to turn him down more than once.

Breakdown is honestly just glad you’re passionate about something. He always finds it endearing, and even sometimes cute when you get all excited about your favorite inspiration updating, or when you just HAVE to test out some new supplies and use him as a test subject. Of course, while he’d normally say no to being drawn on, or drawn period, he can’t seem to say no to you.

The Dark One's Daughter (Peter Pan) Part II

Part 1:http://anagabisina.tumblr.com/post/125231786893/the-dark-ones-daughter-peter-pan-part-i

It’s been a year since I’ve got here in Neverland and a couple of days since I found out that I’m pregnant, that according to the fairies I got 2 months already and they also said it’s a girl, which makes me almost happy, the only thing I’m missing is telling Peter about it, because these last few days he’s been too busy with the new Lost Boys, so we haven’t talked to much or seen each other, the only thing he gets time to is stolen kisses or hugs from behind-which if I may add I really like them though- but I’ve never get the chance to tell him.
“Peter, I’m going to the beach” I announce him and he nods, when I head to the beach, I sat down in the sand and place a hand in my recently grown belly, and look at it, letting out a frustrated sigh “How are we gonna tell daddy about you?” I ask my belly and as a response I feel her kicking, which makes me smile, but my happiness is abruptly interrupted by the person I least expected. Rumplestiltskin.
“Hello dearie” He greets with a smirk, but I know he’s up to something
“What are you doing here?” I ask as I stand up
“It’s great to see you too, dearie” He jokes “But I came here to congratulate you for your pregnancy” He adds
“How did you knew?”
“Please dearie, I’m The Dark One, of course I would know eventually”
“Still, we both know you just don’t bother to scape from the savior just to congratulate your daughter, what are you really doing here?” I ask standing a little bit closer to him, and he chuckles
“You always knew me so well…” He makes a pause study my expression and then he looks back at my eyes ones more “I came here for my daga” he finally says
“I don’t have it” I say, and I’m not lying, I really don’t have it, but still my confession doesn’t remove the arrogant smirk of his face
“But Peter does” He replies and unfortunately, that’s true “That’s why you’re coming with me” and before I could scream or do anything to stop him, he brings us back to StoryBrooke

It’s been hours since Y/N is missing, we searched all day and we didn’t find anything, I’m so worried about her, What if we don’t find her?
“Don’t worry Pan, we’ll find her” Felix tries to cheer me up
“But what if we don’t?” I ask him and he stay silent
“We look everywhere, she’s not here” Felix mumbles, I look up to the sky and then I got an idea
“She’s in StoryBrooke” I say out loud “Of course!” I stand up “She’s in StoryBrooke!” I exclaim and look at Felix “Felix, you’re in charge until I come back” I announce him and I left Neverland to go to StoryBrooke

We got into a house that was hidden in the woods and inside her there were Maleficent, Cruella and Ursula
“Finally your here!” Cruella exclaims
“Lock her until Pan comes to StoryBrooke, he has to be alone, look around the woods for any signal of Pan” He orders and goes, they lock me and left the house
When their gone I get out of my cell with magic and look for clues of my father’s plan, I look around, it takes me a couple of minutes to find a little notebook on the floor with something write in it, but I don’t like what I read
“Oh no” I mumbled horrified and afraid, but then I see that the followers of my dad are coming back so I go back to my cell
“Let’s go darling, your boyfriend’s here” Maleficent says, getting me out of my cell and taking my arm harshly

I asked for the savior’s help and they all agree to help me to look for her, when we got to the woods we take different paths
“Y/N! Y/N!” I screamed her name
“Hello darling, I see your looking for someone” Maleficent says “Maybe we can help you, Ursula dear? Can you come please?” Cruella asked and Y/N’s whole body was pinned up under Ursula’s tentacles, even her mouth was converted in her tentacles, she was trying talking to me with tears in her eyes
“LET HER GO!” I yelled at them red of rage
“There’s no need to treat us, we just need you to give us the daga, but don’t worry darling, we’ll never hurt The Dark One’s granddaughter” Maleficent says and I looked at her confused
“Oh, you didn’t know? your going to be father again Pan!” Ursula adds looking at Y/N smirking, my eyes widen by the surprise and I look at Y/N, her eyes were full of guilty and regret. It was true. Y/N was pregnant and I didn’t knew.
“We’ll love to keep talking, but we have to go now, bye bye Peter Pan” and with that they left with Y/N, we all went to the Cafe and think about what we’ll do to save her
“I’m gonna give him the daga” I announce and walk away, but before I leave Emma stops me
“You can’t do that!” She tells me and I turn around to face her
“I’m NOT going to loose her and MY child because of him!” I yelled
“You don’t know what he’s going to do when he has the daga”
“But I know what happens if he hasn’t”
“But Maleficent said that she wouldn’t hurt the baby” Mary Margaret interferes
“Villains always break their promises”
“As much as I hate to say this, Pan’s right, villains never keep their promises” Regina agrees
“I’m sorry, but I have too much to loose” I say, leaving the place to go back to the woods “RUMPLESTILTSKIN!” I yelled and he appears in front of me
“I have the daga” I say and show it to him, but before he takes it, I spoke “I wanna see her first” I reply, he looks at me and then he snaps his fingers, she appears next to Rumple, she’s happy to see me but still she’s afraid, Rumple stares to both of us before speaking
“So you see I’m not so bad, I’ll give you two a minute” He disappears leaving us both alone
“Y/N, I’m so happy I found you” I tell her when I hug her, but she cuts me off
“Peter, you can’t give him the daga, he’ll…”
“Don’t worry”
“No, please, listen to me!” She raise her voice, but Rumple comes back
“My daga Pan” He says, but I take Y/N and go back to Neverland
“Are you okay?” I ask her
“Peter, where’s the daga?” She asks, something’s wrong
“Here” I say and hand it to her
“Bring the box where you lock Rumple”
“Just trust me, please” I bring the box in my hand, she’s a couple steps away from me, holding the daga in front of her chest with both hands “I’m sorry” She apologizes softly, as she lets the darkness consume her body, she screams in pain and I scream her name. What is she doing?
“PETER, LOCK ME IN” She yells at me, and I can’t believe what she’s saying
“I CANT LOOSE YOU!” I feel the tears going down my face but I don’t care
“PETER! DO IT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!” I open the box, which drags Y/N in “I love you, Peter Pan” A tear goes down her face when she smiles and the box lock her in.

Two days later Peter was on the camp, sitting on the woods looking at the box, thinking about Y/N’s last moments, he just couldn’t believe what happened, everything was so fast…
He’s thoughts were interrupted by the box, it was glowing, he covered his eyes until it stopped glowing, and in the floor completely unconscious was Y/N, he quickly kneeled down next to her, and make sure she was breathing, then he took her to his tent.
Y/N was waking up, her vision was blurry and she could only see a silhouette in front of her, when her sight was clear enough she saw Peter
“Peter?” She asked, his eyes were full of tears and he smiled, and he hugged her “I told you I had a plan” She joked
“Please don’t leave me alone again” He begged her
“Never” She promised him as they sat down
“Is she…?” Peter asked referred to the baby
“Yeah” She made a pause “Do you wanna feel her?” She asked him, his eyes glowed
“C-Can I?” She giggled and nodded, he gently placed his hand on her stomach, but didn’t felt anything
“Talk to her” She advised him
“Hey baby” He nervously greet “I’m Peter, Peter Pan” He added and he felt her kicking, he smiled and looked at Y/N and she smiled her back
6 months later a beautiful girl was born. You and Peter decided to call her Taylor, she was just like her dad, but in appearance was completely you, except for her green eyes.
Although raising a child wasn’t all sunshine, you and Peter always tried your best, even Felix liked her, therefore Felix also helped you with Taylor.
The last news you knew about Rumplestiltskin, was that he ended up in a world without magic, you and Peter sometimes went with Taylor to StoryBrooke and let her play with Mary Margaret’s son.
You couldn’t ask for more, you had a beautiful baby girl and the perfect boyfriend, he’s name was Peter, Peter Pan.



So today my dad asked me, “what happened to my little girl that loved going to school?”
And after thinking about it I have an answer. Any parent that has school aged children should read this because it is going to be brutally honest.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love learning. I can spend hours teaching myself new things, and if you ask me a question about something I learned about, I can go on for quite some time about the topic.
So I should love school right? Wrong.

You see, school isnt about learning anymore. Its about memorizing. I can recite the first 10 digits of pi, and tell you the difference between and acid and a base. I can recite the quadratic formula in my sleep and I can tell you why you get pushed into your seat when a car takes off. But can I tell you how to fill out a tax form, or how to defend myself if I was ever attacked? How to buy a house or get insurance? No.

I hate going to school because if you do one wrong thing, or something different you will get criticized and ridiculed and called names and picked on until you spend every single night of your sophomore year crying yourself to sleep like I did!

I hate going to school because you don’t realize who your real friends are until it is the second to last quarter of your senior year, and you’re going to be graduating in a few months and leaving them behind to deal with the same struggle you faced the first three and a half years of high school. “Friends” stabbing you in the back and calling you names and telling you what a horrible person you are.
And as my dad always says “those people won’t matter in a few years after you graduate and you all go your separate ways”
But let me tell you. They will. Oh yes, they will.
I still remember coming home crying every day in eighth grade because I was bullied so badly. I still remember how badly it hurt and how sick to my stomach I got hearing those people call me “freak” and “fatty” and oink at me. I still remember freshman year being called annoying and a scumbag and getting my head pounded into the concrete by someone that just before that summer break sat on the floor of my room laughing and playing SceneIt! with me until my dad drove her home. I still remember sophomore year sitting in front of my locker during lunch waiting for my cousin to come and hang out with me because I felt so unwelcomed by everyone in the cafeteria. And junior year sitting in the back of the health teacher’s room during lunch because my “friend” told me she cant be friends with me anymore because it would “ruin her reputation” And let me tell you, it still hurts. They might say “sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me” But believe me, Id rather be stoned to death than be called fat one more time.

I hate going to school because teachers exaggerate bad grades and rarely every praise good grades. I remember freshman year I failed two classes because I was dealing with some bad stuff. Every teacher I had ridiculed me for it, and told me I could do better. Every other quarter, every year I’ve been on high honor roll. Did I ever hear a single teacher congratulate me for working my hardest, while dealing with other stuff, and get good grades? Not. A. Single. One.

I hate going to school because if you don’t understand a concept you are given dirty looks and attitudes. Then you get accused of not paying attention in class. The answer to that is to go get extra help, right? Wrong again! If you go ask your teacher for extra help, chances are they are too busy to help you, or they complain the whole time about you not knowing the stuff in the first place, which makes you feel guilty and not want to ask for more help. If you get help from another student, they will make you feel bad for taking away THEIR time. The only way to get good quality help is to have a tutor, which you have to pay for yourself.

I hate going to school because your self worth is determined by a grade.
I hate going to school because it is monotonous. Students go to the same classes and do the same things five days a week for ten months a year.

I dont hate learning, I hate school.

Well then…

My fricking mom and dad were going to a dave matthews tribute​ concert last night (of which I scored the tickets for them) and they were walking past the louisville palace theater and people were exiting and she goes up and she sees markiplier. MY MOM SAW MARKIPLIER ON HER WAY TO A FRICKING CONCERT!!!! I was so salty when I heard and she told me that she had thought, ‘wow, I am a horrible parent for not letting my daughter go to this’ after she finished telling the story. Now, I am crying internally. I AM SO DEAD!!!! Also, happy one year anniversary yuri! On ice

A Wish for Light

Pairing: Nozomi/Eli

Summary: “I’ll tell you a story for free,” the woman said when Eli met her in the woods. “What would you like it to be about?” 

Word count: 6500

Notes: The word nozomi means wish. Lyrics are from the Love Live Wiki.

“What do you know of the dark?” Eli asked, hoping that somewhere within the woman’s veils and charms was the answer she desired.

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anonymous asked:

Can you pray for me? I've been abused by my bipolar sister and I'm having a hard time letting go because she won't stop and it feels like she's winning. I really brought pain to my parents while I was living with her bc she made me believe they were the abusive ones. My family still lives with her and my parents are slow in finding a place to live. Everyday, I want to die and it feels like God isn't going to deliver me, though I wouldn't blame Him. Please pray, i cant do this anymore.

I can most certainly pray for you!! I’m very sorry to hear that you’re going through all of this, but I promise you that God can meet you where you are and take care of you and deliver you from whatever situation you ever find yourself in.

He has promised to be with you forever. He is going before you and making a way for you. He knows what’s going to happen, and He knows better than anyone how to take care of you. Lean on Him, dive into His word, ask Him to reveal more of Himself to you. Know that you are His child and nothing can ever change that. Nothing can ever take Him and His love away from you. God’s love can always overcome anything that we go through. So much so that it’s already overcome death for us.

I will be praying that you find peace in God and that He helps you through to the end of this situation. 

Much love and many blessings,

~Haley <3

dillard’s tips!

so i paid a visit to dillards and while i was there i got some great tips to use from the SA who was very talkative and running the spanx/lingerie counter.

  • they have the cameras running one after another on one screen EXCEPT they have the spanx, calvin klein,  michael kors, and main jewelry cameras on screen all of the time.
  • departments without an active SA will have locked fitting rooms but ones with a SA in them will be unlocked. best to go in when they are busy helping someone else or are distracted. the SAs also aren’t supposed to let the merchandise selected from that section out of the specific section without you purchasing it first. 
  • they automatically watch any group of 2 or more teenager-looking people together.
  • they definatly profile and watch your activity based on appearance, best to dress like you have money to spend.
  • they notice a lot of sloppy behavior but let it slide, they hang photos and will try and notice when you come back in and what you take. they will keep building your bill higher and higher until they have you up to a felony charge. depending on your state can be anywhere from $500-$1000.  
  • they do have store security. 

moral of the story babes it to always be safe and gather as much info as you can about any store you’re going into. i’ve always assumed dillard’s to be pretty easy but got pretty freaked out after having this SA tell me all of this stuff.

if you’re interested, i posted on how i got the info/what i took that day/methods/more about the SA if you click the “keep reading” button :) 

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Back to Basics Pt. 4 | Rucas fanfic (AU)

Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone so long.

Chapter 1 [X]
Chapter 2 [X]
Chapter 3 [X]

Chapter 4 - “Stay away from him”

Riley expected a lot of things to happen when she walked through her front door. She expected her mom to be upset that she didn’t call or come home right away and she expected her dad to be completely oblivious to what was going on. What she didn’t expect was to see Josh sitting there on the sofa waiting for her to come home. It wasn’t the first time she caught her brother doing something with a girl but it was the first time she caught him doing something with her best friend. She threw her keys on the table by the door and walked directly in the direction of her bedroom. 

“Riley, wait… can we walk?” He had a serious look on his face. 

“Talk about what?” She asked trying to ignore the situation. 

“Come on, be serious.” Josh walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out two water bottles, tossing one to Riley.

“Okay. Let’s be serious…Were you seriously making out with my friend?” The anger she left out on the field with Lucas was back now. 

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I took ten dollars out of your wallet last time is saw you. I took it as payment. Five dollars for bus fare from the park bench you left me sitting at. The other five for the pain when you told me not to call your parents house again because you’d just hang up. I’m not an automated message you can press one to take you off the list or a telemarketer you can tell to stop calling.

I’m done with being your best kept secret, like in inside coat pocket or a faded picture in a sealed, silver locket. I took that ten dollar bill, because I want to be the girl whose getting over you, slowly, like Im climbing a snow-slick hill. To do that, I have to put away the lies, individually, like pick-up sticks. You stole my firsts from me, but I still have my youth. Still, I’d feel better if I left the ones we touched with poison with the antidotal truth.

I will start by telling your Chemistry class we weren’t holding hands on a dare and that you gave me the bruise, bridging across my neck, that I hid with red scarves. Maybe, on the bus, I’ll tell the driver about our late drives in your moms Buick. Remember, when you told me about your parents divorce and it even made you cry, and you had to pull over to wipe your eyes–remember?

Ill write addresses down, to our secret spots, and I will give them to your teachers. The lake house the Lander’s lived in before they moved and the shed in my parent’s backyard where you took me and took me – meaningless as those minutes to the clock.

I’ll tell the freshman girls you go after during swim try-outs how it feels to be warmed by you, all over, five minutes after foreplay. I’ll tell them you cant unclasp bras without help or the fetishes you have about leather belts. I’ll give away all your lines, so by the time you start slipping out sexual syllables they are halfway through slapping you.

I might have trouble deciding who to tell next, so maybe ill let my dad see the bottom of my trash that we cluttered with square, colored wrappers (lubricated for his pleasure). Dad might not be so happy to see that, Paul and i’m not really sure what he will do. But, he is still on parole so I am sure he will think it through and maybe he will go easy on you.

Your mom might faint when I tell her how many girls you’ve taken to Dr. Dillinger (I’ll show her my file if she doesn’t believe me). She might be disappointed that I cant count that number on two hands.

Whose next? Oh, now this will be fun–my very last one to tell. Now, I know your girlfriend has practice in the gym at three sharp on Thursdays. Why don’t I meet her in the locker room and tell her about the freckle on your inner thigh and how your mouth tastes in the mornings?

See Paul, I want my shirts back and my CDs that you blare. I want everything you took from me, because I don’t think it’s fair, that I am left with all these lies and all these secrets to keep. I am what’s left in the space of a bank vault that no one is allowed to see. But whatever is locked in a safe–Paul, it’s always worth more then you think.

You might want to start begging for mercy because that side girl you tried to keep away but still strung along might not be as sad as you thought she was. Secrets are bad, Paul. But, I know a few–and I am not afraid to unleash them all over you. I’m not afraid of the way you fight with you eyes open and boiling, or how every moment we shared alone, you spent spoiling with lies and promises and leaving.

I don’t want you back, Paul. I’ve been left for the last time by you. I just want to slip this letter into something more comfortable. I’ll write your address in a coat of black ink, and i’ll even spend 48 cents stamping it. When its ready to be delivered, ill leave it on a kitchen counter instead. ill forget to send it. I won’t leave it in my mothers mailbox, or to drop it by the post office. Ill forget that i wrote this at all. And, tomorrow, in the hall, you’ll wave and when I say your name all of your blame with slip out from under you like a rug and will think things between us are all right.

But tonight, I’ll pretend I had revenge. I’ll pretend the girls that flock to you, seek south for winter. I’ll pretend your mother does a blood panel for herpes, hepatitis, and the clap, and your widely requested girlfriend will lend her love to a tight-end on the football field. Not because I want to take away your world like a torturing tornado takes away rusted debris in a storm, because you may just be a growing boy from Dover. But Paul, I need you to know there’s a difference between rocking someone’s world and just tipping it over.


anonymous asked:

I am trying to convince my best friend that Larry is real by sending her all kinds of videos, posts and pictures and she still doesn`t believe me. It`s so frustrating.

hhmmm lets change that!! im gonna do some deep digging. i suggest u sit ur friend down cuz its gonna be a lot of stuff. also, credit to the makers of each post. (SORRY IN ADVANCE for the messy look, im on mobile so i cant make it less cluttered). here u go:


omg why did this take me 2 hours LOL. but it definitely cheered me up!! thanks anon!
btw, this is only scratching the surface, theres much more proof. im just going by what i had tagged. i hope ur friend believes u after this!!

This is for you

Your name: submit What is this?

Bellamy Blake and you knew each other since you become his neighbor when you were 7. You didnt like him when you were little, because he never talked to anyone and if he does he was very mysterious and didnt talk about his family. But when you were older and Bellamy’s mother should watch over you, he told you his secret, because you wasnt like the other 10 year old girls who hate boys or something like that. Bellamy and you became friends, you helped him so good as you can to keep Octavia in safety.
As you all came down on earth, Bellamy and you get closer to each other.. Bellamy felt in love with you first and told you about his feelings on a full moon night, it was very romantically and you still thought that it was Octavia’s Idea because Bellamy isnt the romantically guy but he always said it was his own Idea.

Anyway since that a lot happened. You were taken by Mountain Mens and escaped with Clarke, your best friend Finn, died because of Clarke the one who your best friend loved the most and then the Grounders and Skypeople made peace.. It was too much for you and if Bellamy had not been there, you wouldnt have survived all this. You loved him everyday more, nothing and no one could brought you two apart, until now.


In the Grounder camp:

“We need to tell him Clarke!” Octavia yelled at her, with tears in her eyes.

“We can’t! I’ve he finds out that Y/N is dead.. He’ll drop the mission and the 48 will die and Bellamy probably too.” Clarke argued and looked to Lexa.

“You both dont have a heart! She was like a sister to me and you two killed Y/N, you could have saved her, Clarke!” Octavia yelled so loud that nearly everyone could hear her. 

“Octavia of the Skypeople, calm your voice!” Lexa said very serious.

“I dont take orders from you! And either from Clarke. You killed my sister and after this war, I’ll never see you both again.” Octavia said while the tears rolled down at her face. “Clarke? You hoped for that right? Because if Y/N is daed.. You think Bellamy would love you.. Or are you now with Lexa?” Octavia said and went out of the tent.

“Watch her.” Lexa said annoyed to a Guard. “She didnt mean that.”

“Oh yes she did, Octavia Blake means everything she said.. And I know I didnt want to kill Y/N but I-I could have saved her.. I couldnt save Finn but I could have saved Bellamy’s one true love after what he is doing for us right now.” Clarke said and Lexa understood it and hugged her. “I dont feel anything for Bellamy, he’s just a friend and I want you to know that Lexa.”

“I know you dont want to hear that but you’ve to focus, we need to get to Mount Weather.” Lexa said and Clarke nodded. 


“Octavia!” Lincoln shouted after she went out of the tent and into the woods.

After he find her, sitting down on the ground while she was crying, he went over to her and tried to calm her down.

“Lin-Lincoln I cant do this here with out Y/N or Bellamy, I cant be Indra’s second and fight a war. I mean Y/N is dead and Bellamy could be soon too.” She cried in his arms.

“No he wont, Bellamy is a strong one just like you. I know Y/N was too but she’ll watch over you.” Lincoln said and kissed her forehead while Murphy came into the woods two.

“Hey, are you okay?” Murphy asked carefully.

Murphy was a good friend of you, you were one of his first friends after everything he did, you still saw the good in him. Murphy would’ve done everything for you and he still wish that he could change places with you.. to keep you save.

“I’ll be, if you do me a favor.” Octavia said and stopped crying.

“Yeah sure, anything.” Murphy answered.

“You need you to distracted the Guards, I have to get to the dropship and tell Bell about Y/N. He need to know.” She said with a sad voice.

“I agree, he need to know.” Murphy nodded and Lincoln helped Octavia to stood up. “Go, I’ll take care of the Guards.

Octavia hugged Murphy and kissed his cheek. After that Lincoln and she ran, they ran like they would die if they wouldnt run.


At the dropship:

1 Hour past but then Octavia and Lincoln made it. First they saw Abby who was shocked to see them because they wanted to kepp Clarke save but when Octavia told her what Clarke had done, she couldnt say a word and let Octavia went to Raven, the only person who could talk to her big brother.

"Raven I need to talk to him, believe me it’s really important.” Octavia said so calm as she could after Raven told her she cant talk to her brother right now.

“He tried to save your friends in there okay? Our friends, he doesnt have time right now.” Raven said pissed.

“I didnt want to do that but you let me no other choice.” Octavia said and slapped Raven so hard that she felt to the ground and Octavia could get to the radio set.

“Bellamy, bellamy please came in.” Octavia said and pressed a button on the side.

“O? Is that you?” Bellamy said happy.

“Yes it’s me, Bellamy I need to tell you something okay?” Octavia said and tried not to cry while Raven stood up slowly.

“Hurry, I need to take some Mountain Mens down.” He laughed.

“Bellamy, I’m so sorry.” Octavia started to cry again.

“Octavia, whats going on?” Bellamy said confused.

“Bell, Y/N she is- she is dead. She died because of an explosion , I was with her but then, she- she ran to save a child and.. she couldnt save herself.”

It was quiet.

“Bellamy?” She asked and Raven started to cry next to her. “Bellamy can you hear me?”

“I need to go now.” Bellamy said shocked. 

“The last thing she said was, that she loves you and that she wanted to be the one who saved you from the mountain mens, when you could made the prisoners free.”

“O, we’ll we meet again.” He said and throw his radio set away.

“No Bellamy, BELLAMY!” Octavia yelled and Lincoln hugged her again.


In Mount weather:

Bellamy needed a few minutes, he leaned on a banister and tried not to cry.. to think clear but he couldnt. You were his only thoughts and so he made a decision, to take Mount Weather down at any costs.
Bellamy went downstairs and wanted to take the passivation down like Raven told him.

“Y/N I’ll give you revenge, I hope you can hear me. I love you.” Bellamy said and took the passivation down.


This One Shot was for my Grandpa, may we meet again. 

* 26.04.1949 ✝ 26.2.2015 

prettybone  asked:

hi! so, i looove mm:fr & all the wives but i can't really get a handle on Toast? I see the others' growth & overall story arc but I'm missing Toast's. Idk I LOVE her just as much as the others so I want to understand her & her role better! so this is basically a vague message to the tune of: tell me all about Toast please?

ooooooh yes my friend, do sit back and let me talk to you about Toast.

Toast, who maybe doesn’t develop as clearly as the other girls because I believe she was born into herself the moment they drove out into the wasteland. Toast who literally throws her tiny body over Nux and tries to strangle him, Toast who knows her way around a gun, who wants to know, despite Angharad’s attempts at keeping peace and avoiding killing. Toast who takes the gun away from Angharad when Angharad cant reload it and spits her a look that tells us all we need to know about their relationship. Because Toast knows sometimes you need to fight, you can’t avoid killing forever, Angharad.

Toast “he’s not gonna hurt us he needs us” Toast “don’t damage the goods” Toast hollow angry stares because she isn’t taking your shit, Max. Toast who knows she’s just an object, understands how to use it to her advantage, but also knows she can come back from it be stronger than that. Toast who is throwing jibes at Max mere hours after Angharad has died because Toast internalizes Angharad’s death, doesn’t chase after Cheedo but hangs back instead, letting her more softly spoken sisters talk Cheedo down.

Toast who doesn’t mesh with the other girls quite as well, doesn’t have her clear place among them or a clear companion, Toast who probably takes after Furiosa more than the others, whom Furiosa hands her gun over to without hesitation, because she knows Toast will handle it, won’t shy away or back down from that type of decision. Toast who is the first one out of the rig by far when they reach the Vuvalini while the other girls hang back, more hesitant, clutched together.

Toast who the War Boys are almost lucky they grabbed out of the rig near the end because while the other wives are strong, they aren’t fighters the way Toast is a fighter and with her around Furiosa wouldn’t have ever been stabbed. Toast who spits on the torn apart bloody remains of Immorten Joe as she shoves him aside and drives on. Toast who, upon their return to the Citadel, is the one most likely to start training young girls and reigning in the new era of War Girls herself because she knows how important it is to be able to protect yourself against the wasteland. Toast mutherfuckin Toast you guys.