i cant believe school is over already

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Prompt: Yuuri and Viktor as high school classmates (forget their age dif). Victor tries to confess through notes in class but the teacher caughs them and reads them aloud oops

A/N: [oops, this was originally planned to be a drabble but kind of got away from me. more under the cut. thanks for the prompt!]

Wordcount: 1,156

Victor had memorized Yuuri’s schedule down to the minutia. And he thought that was very impressive, given the rotating block schedule that their school functioned on.

Whenever he passed Yuuri in the hallway, which he tended to do because he had altered his routes to coincide with Yuuri’s, he would wait for Yuuri to pass him and then stand off to the side of the hallway and watch Yuuri get smaller and smaller until he disappeared.

Yuuri would always be laughing with Phichit about something, so he never noticed Victor’s being a creep every day. Fortunately.

“Ow!” Victor yelped, rubbing his arm.


He looked down to see Mila pulling back for another punch.

“You’re embarrassing us all,” she said with a frown even more severe than the last one. “You’re more embarrassing than Georgi. And that says a lot.”

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hey ive noticed people always draw like, younger mccree looking like ‘your average 17yo boy in high school, but buff’ thing

i always imagined he was like my brother, who, at the tender age of 13, was already six feet tall and getting very scruffy, and had to deal with the shit he was dealt over looking like he was an adult when in reality he was just as much a kid as the boys around him. the teachers treated him like he’d been held back a bunch and the administrators gave him shit like he was a much older kid - he was always held to rougher standards because he hit puberty early and Did Not Stop. (as tall and such as he was at 13 he’s even huger now but eh)

like, McCree in Blackwatch doesn’t look super different from current McCree because some dudes are cursed with intense facial hair from a very young age. bonus points for Reyes recruiting him because nobody in court would believe a dude looking like Jesse did at 17 was, in fact, a minor and not a seasoned adult. save the son. 


So I had a request awhile back to compile a list of some books someone might like if they enjoyed Harry Potter, and I had time, so why not? 

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the above books, but I highly recommend reading the Percy Jackson, or the Lockwood and Co. series to start if you haven’t already!