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bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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holy sh*t guys i really need some help!!!

Short story:
my mother is the queen of impulse purchases. Seriously. Its the worst thing. When we went to pick up my 40 gallon tank last month and I had to spend 45 minutes talking her out of buying a parakeet for my grandma. (yes, mom, grandma DOES like birds but shouldn’t you ask her first? no, mom, it needs a bigger cage. PLEASE MOM dont get her that bird)

In the past she has impulse purchased glofish, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, and ALMOST sugar gliders (until i told her they will pee on you).

Needless to say I’ve been working her over for YEARS. She is definitely getting better about it. It’s been a couple years since her last purchase (the glofish that i now “rescued” from my fam). She also has this horrible habit of listening to the petsmart/co/land employees and believing what they say is correct (how we ended up with hamsters and ferrets).


well today

she comes home with a familiar plastic cup filled with water. and as soon as i recognized it my heart sunk to depths deeper than i knew were possible.
“look honey!! i knew youve been wanting a betta fish and your coworker never got back to you, so i got you one!! its black because i know you like black and white… they didnt have black and white bettas but they had this black one. he does have a bit of red on himn is that ok? those stupid petsmart people tried to tell me they can live in the cup forever, but i knew better and i told them you had a 20 gallon and they said it was too big…” she went on and on… she is quite proud of herself.

meanwhile im thinking: i knew i shouldve gone with her to petsmart this morning. she cant be trusted by herself.

she means well but jesus my new tank isnt even cycled yet since i restarted it and i dont have food either and she just GOT ME THIS BEAUTIFUL BLACK AND RED BABY THAT I LOVE SO MUCH

i cant ask her to take it back. i love my mommy and it was really nice of her to think about me but i will feel guilty beyond measure if i ask her to take it back. and she will be sad. i knoowww she shouldn’t do this and ive talked to her about it again… for the second time this year… but thats all long term concerns… as for now…

WHAT THE HECK DO I DO?! many water changes daily while my tank is still cycling?! will that be okay? i know all the rest of the care stuff- food, temps, etc. but what do i do about the tank?!


also hes very pretty. ill post pictures when i have a moment.


not to be dramatic but here is a list of happy annamis things post s3

- they get married in secret 2 months after baby™ becomes king, constance is their witness and its v pure

- they hold hands under the table in council meetings when things get Stressful

- cutest political power couple in France tbh

- anne is like wow!!! im not used to sleeping with another person in this bed so u cant complain that I keep stealing all the covers!!!

- also sometimes aramis talks in his sleep and anne is like staring at the ceiling of her (their) room like “i am never going to be lonely again in my whole life” and quietly giggles to herself in the quiet hours of the morning

- highkey anne introduces aramis to the baby™ like “this is aramis and hes the first minister and his job is to tell u cool bedtime stories okay darling” and it all just works out

- sometimes they sit in big rooms and catch each others eyes & smile like they have an inside joke (they have twelve)

- they have lunch on sundays with like the whole garrison @ the palace and the babies all play together under the table and anne is like SO CONSTANCE THE WAR IS OVER WHAT ABOUT THAT BABY and d'artagnan chokes on his food (porthos and aramis can’t stop laughing and they are all so happy and also athos just sent them a letter earlier that day like “I can’t believe I’m a dad!!!” and things are Good)

here’s a little embarassing thing about me: i am! so! obsessed! with! my! gadgets!

remember how i keep on telling you i’ve been really busy with my preps for CETs and how my parents imposed strict curfews and schedules to maximize the little time i have to study? yep, that’s not exactly how it’s been working out with my life right now. i do study but i occasionally check on my phone, respond on messages on tumblr, tweet things, watch 2 or 3 unrelated youtube videos after finishing like 3 or 4 academic ones and many many more! this is why as most of you might have noticed, despite being “busy,” i still regularly respond to your messages, check on my tag, reblog your stuff, despite running a queue. it’s equally embarassing as it is horrifying. and i feel terrible about it. although i must admit that i’ve had a pretty legitimate and respectable outcomes, at the end of the day, i know i can do better. and guess who’s the culprit who keeps on distracting me? yep, that’s right: my one and only treasured possesion- my cellphone.

two, three, or four years ago, my mother began noticing this quite destructive addiction of mine. she will often times call me out, saying things like: “hey, you should spend more time with your family.” or “i will definitely confiscate your phone if you still act like this in a week.” and of course i was threatened as heck because i dont want to lose my cellphone. so, i will pretend i don’t use it in the morning but later that night, when im all alone in my room, you will see my hiding under my blankets laughing all by myself because of dank memes™ or googling cute dog pictures. being the ‘milennial’ and 'god they’re just being lame because they’re obviously not from my generation’ am, i did not know then the extent of my obsession. not until recently!

there is nothing wrong with using technology or gadgets. if anything, they help us become more productive and practically make our lives way, way easier! however, like what they all say, a little much of something is not a good thing! and the same goes with my so-called gadget addiction.

while scrolling through my feed one time, i stumbled upon this article written by emma on messyheads entitled “cant call, im in cuba” published two months ago. and i was frankly baffled. she opened her article with a scientific study concluding that an average person spends right about 300 times a day checking on their phone. yep, you got that right: 300 freaking times of checking on my emails, my twitter, tumblr, responding to messages, et. and while that figure might seem surprising to you. i’ve read another article stating that an average person spends right about 5 hours per day just doing their thing on their mobile! yep, that’s right five freaking hours of looking on that lil bright screen! and just like what emma said on her article, there’s way too many things that you could do on the span of just endlessly scrolling through your dash like finishing an entire course for my CETs preps/reviews, cooking 10 different dishes, working on my painting, working on my embroidery skills, finishing a harry potter book, etc! and you know what this literally made me realize? technology defeated the purpose of helping me become productive because instead, i end up being even more unproductive. and did achieve anything from all the things that i’ve been? absolutely nothing. the even funnier part is: i have absolutely no idea what i do with those five freaking hours! i mean, time flies so fast when you’re enjoying something, that’s true but i dont even know if im exactly enjoying what im doing because if anything, it only makes me feel even more guilty and terrible about it!

i already have no idea where this text post is going but i guess while writing this i was able to realize a couple of things: my patience significantly declines and i tend to appreciate little things less once get too caught up with my phone.

1. patience: the thing about me is i am an incredibly, commendably patient person. i wait for my turn and i believe in its power and value that is fundamental in becoming an ethical person. however although this is very embarrasing to admit, i have realized that using my phone massively declined my patience. how did i know? well, it took me an entire day to write this post because when im done with like a sentence or two, i tend to get distracted with my notifications and wander off of my notepad and start interacting with people. i know there is nothing wrong with that because the world practically revolves around the internet right now. but unfortunately, when i became addicted with my mobile, i am no longer just using it because i have something important to accomplish; rather it became an itch that needs to be scratched and i use it just because i want to instead.

2. appreciation: this is quite frankly probably the saddest part about my cellphone addiction. you know how much i love the little things about people and the world, right? yep. however, due to this addiction, i tend to focus more on my cellphone screen and not the beautiful things around me. i mean, sure you can google #goals stuff or see even more aesthetic things on tumblr, but i think there is still nothing more beautiful than having the chance to see something magical first hand! furthermore, when im out with my family for dinner, i have realized an even more heartbreaking thing: we no longer converse the way we used to! because instead of communicating or asking for menu first, we ask for for the wifi password and live our social media life instead. i mean, sure we still talk but im not that stupid to not realize that it’s not like it used to be when my brother and i were 11 or 10. it’s an ugly realization that i hope would eventually change.

i have nothing against the usage of social media as a platform to express yourself or to get friends from all over the world. i believe, as a matter of fact, that it is one of the most revolutionary things that this planet was able to create and i frankly believe that it will be for a long, long time. however, i think it is also still very important to shut out of it once in a while, give yourself a break, a breather, and just enjoy your life the way our ancestors or grandparents would even without the internet.

try turning off your gadgets once in a while and i promise you will see a significant difference and feel more comfortable with your own skin! because although it feels good to live a life that’s filled with so many notifications, attention, and validation from all over the world, it feels even better to just have a little space outside the boundary with fresh air, lots of trees, and flowers, where you could be yourself.

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Hey I'm like literally crushing on you so bad lmao but I've come to deliver a simple prompt. Nicky making vines of the foxes. So many brotp moments with him and matt. So many sassy comments at Allison. So many sickeningly cute vines with Erik. He has a collection called "me just videoing Neil because he's beautiful." And "Andrew before he tries to kill me." And "Inside the life of Kevin Day" end me Nicky I'll forever love you


au where tfc takes place during 2016? yes pls

  • nicky hemmick vines
  • in fact, nicky is a POPULAR viner
  • he has so many vines
  • nicky vines almost everything the foxes do because he wants to document it ALL
  • neil josten showing up? He takes a vine and saves it to his drafts for when neil is announced and he can actually post it
    • the vine is just nicky whispering “oh no he’s hot” and zooming in on neil’s face
    • there’s also the infamous neil zoom again where nicky’s whispering “i’m gonna fu
    • ck him” and aaron says “ur not gonna fuck him.” and nicky whispers “gonna do it”

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10 Tips n Tricks for getting that fic READ

I get asked a lot for tips on how to write ‘popular’ fics, and although im far from a ledge, I do consider my fics to get at least fairly decent stats so I will share with you some things I’ve used/noticed about fic popularity!  I hope this helps tell you something you may not have noticed before, and I hope your fics get ALL the reads and you become a STAR ;) Happy writing folks~

1 - Platform

There are many places you can post your fanfic and you choose whichever you want but in my experience different platform have different types of fics eg. wattpad = member x oc, tumblr = member x reader, ao3 = member x member. Also they have different reputations for the kind of fic you’re gonna find (wattpad is typically amateur). Your best bet is AO3 for the most respected fics

2 - Narrative

Personally, i click off a fic immediately if it’s in first person. The ‘trend’ is definitely third person narrator (that doesn’t disallow you to focus on a POV though bear in mind)

3 - Quality of Writing

I mean I know this isn’t exactly something you can control based on talent, but really, please please put actual thought into what you’re writing, or at least find a beta. I’ve seen many fics that are just unstructured, grammatically incorrect messes and that’s just not a good way to attract reads. I don’t want this to discourage anyone from writing though, not at all, just put in the effort and thought and practice and all will be well

4 - Length

This may seem irrelevant but really if you’re fic is 200 words long then no one gon’ waste their time reading like 1 sentence, it’s kinda pointless.

5 - Spoilers

Bare all. Spoil the hell out of that shit, we don’t care, just if there’s character death … tell us. There’s nothing worse than an insufficiently tagged fic wrecking you when you did not sign up to be wrecked. At the end of the day, with fanfics, people want to know exactly what they’re reading about their otp doing. Be blunt, satisfy those thirsty shippers.

6 - Tags

Generally, I’ll follow the simple BTS fandom, Yoongi/Jimin relationship, + extra members mentioned. This way it filters into the main tags people scour through for new fics. People will also sort through popular specific tags too, eg Fluff, Smut etc. A way to be included in these results is by using tags that the site provides in the drop box, this means they’ve already been used a fair amount of times so chances are people will look through them. And example would be as such: (simple, tell you exactly what you’re in for, includes popular trope tags) 

7 - Synopsis

The art of a synopsis is very important I think, I often end up writing and rewriting them a million times. They represent the entire fics nature and style and context. Often with sites, they give you a certain amount of lines until it disappears into a read more type deal, so you want to be succinct and avoid more than one paragraph (or even more than one sentence.) You want to give adequate context, so I’d personally advise against using excerpts. And also key is a cliffhanger, rope them in before the damn fic’s even begun! Here are some examples (side note: they don’t all have to have an ellipses, I just love using them lmao).

8 - Title

Keep it short and sweet, like around 4/5 words max roughly. One word titles are minimalist and intriguing, but often a handful of words tend to stick in the brain more. Make it flow of the tongue, seem poetic and sophisticated: Hint, using song lyrics is a good way to do this.

9 - Fic Rec Blogs

You can always make a post on your own blog, but if you feel like you don’t have enough followers for that then just go on right ahead to a ficrec blog (or even a shipper blog) and drop them a link to your fic, oftentimes they’ll then rec it to their followers. You can do this on anon if you’re too shy.

10 - Time of Posting

This is a weird one, but I always, always post my fics around the same time in the day, just before I go to sleep. Then when I check it the next morning, it’s almost always nearing 1k hits already, so I think that primetime for uploading a fic is between 7pm-11pm (UK time, remember to convert!)

wanna chat? pt. 15

on ao3
| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

wow has it been A Week

i have two tests in a few hours and i have so many notes left and calc problems and i’m dying so have this!

there are two links in the chapter and i know you’re probably like. why would i click those? i mean i wouldn’t trust me either, but i swear they’re fine. ignore the first if you’d like, but if you don’t click the second you’re probably going to be fairly confused? you’ll see what i mean

this is extra long because i’m feeling extra procrastinate-y

(sorting hat = nino, cochairman of adrien agreste fanclub = alya, dipshit = adrien, ahHHH = mari)

i’m off to fail. enjoy~


sorting hat: what the fuck was i thinking
were french
wed go to beauxbatons
oh also @alya akuma attack

cochairman of adrien agreste fanclub: but thats bORING
wait what

sorting hat: please dont leave the house
im too tired

cochairman of adrien agreste fanclub: ….
nino what the fuck is thsi akuma

sorting hat: why would i know???

cochairman of adrien agreste fanclub: bc i dont

sorting hat: love that 3 in the morning logic

cochairman of adrien agreste fanclub: all thats on the forums is pics of it stacking cars???????????
@hawkmoth wyd

sorting hat: being a dick probably

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marshmellower-deactivated201601  asked:

Why does wander pull out his hair, and it's never mentioned in the wiki, nor does anyone else mention it. Does he really have trichotillomania?

Let me first state that I in no way work for the show, so I in no way am qualified to give you an answer that is to be considered canon or official.

However, I would love to ramble my opinion on the matter based on what I see. And again, this comes from nothing more than watching the same show you watch, and perhaps sprinkled with a little of my own bias as someone who works with behavioral health patients.

No. As far as I know, it has never been officially stated that Wander has Trichotillomania. But what has been officially stated is that there are 420 “personality fragments” to Wander. And what we know is that at least one of them persistently pulls out his hair. Its first seen in the episode The Box when wander gets no sleep, obsessing over whats in the box.

Ok, so what? Big deal. Hes just stressing and pulling out his hair because its distracting him from opening the box, right?

Yeah, thats perfectly believable. And when I first saw the episode/scene, its what I thought too. Poor guy. You just want to hug the stress away. 
Up until The Wanders aired, “hair pulling out” Wander was nothing more than a distressed and duped mail courier. Immediately, this is one of the first Wanders we meet in The Wanders

This time when we meet “hair pulling out” Wander, he is a bit different. Here we see him smiling, and appears to be neatly lining up the hairs instead of tossing them aside as seen previously. Granted, this smile isnt your typical “happy” Wander smile, and the lines under his eyes that still appear might indicate he is perhaps stressed in some way. Furthermore, his posture and mannerisms stay the same as previous, with the legs curled up and rocking motion.

Ok. Blah Blah Blah. What about the Trichotillomania? Thats all I wanna know.

Fair enough. But what you need to understand is that Trichotillomania is defined as the uncontrollable urge to pull ones hair out. No where in the Trichotillomania-specific definition does it say the sufferer must also exhibit some of the things this fragment of Wander seems to be displaying. Perhaps we only fixate on that part of it since it is pretty prominent. However, we could possibly be so bold as to say that Wander is suffering from a more broad disorder: OCD. Im hesistant to use that term, as I know how loosely it gets thrown around, so I might say that Wander suffers from ICD (Impulse Control Disorder) instead. When people think of OCD, they think, “I cant leave my house unless I check my stove 12 times” or “I cant put away my groceries unless all the labels are facing south”. And honestly, who knows? Maybe he has both. But in this specific discussion, Trichotillomania is more so an impulse than an obsessive-compulsion to me. With ICD, the intrusive thought/urge (ie: Wander pulling his hair out) is met with relief or satisfaction once it is performed, versus OCD in which it is not so much satisfaction based, but rather they feel they cannot move on with their day until the urge/thought is taken care of.

Given that, I would argue with someone that yes, Wander has Trichotillomania. But I would mostly argue that he has ICD and that Trichotillomania is a part of it. Feel free to stop reading here if you havent given up prior to this, as I feel like rambling a little more.

I want someone to come at me with, “BUT SYLVIA SAYS ‘OBSESSY’ WHEN SHE CATCHES THAT WANDER SO HE MUST HAVE OCD BC OBSESSY=OBSESSIVE=OCD!”. And hey. You might be right and Ill defend your right to have that opinion. But my argument would be that Im obsessive about a couple things in my life (as are many other people), but in no way would I say I have OCD. 

But “hair pulling out” Wander is obviously OCD when he freaks out and starts cleaning the “messy” Wander. OCD people are known to wash their hands repeatedly like this.

Sure. Again, you can feel however you want about Wander. But I would say that, to me, it seems more ICD. “Hair pulling out” Wander was also sitting and rocking back and forth on the ‘messy’ ground with no issue prior to this. For him to unsolicitedly start scrubbing the “messy” Wander, appears more like a “Im getting relief from performing this task that Sylvia brought to my attention and is incredibly intrusive to me” (ICD) rather than, “I dont feel like I can function or do anything else today until I perform this task” (OCD). I also want to add that when I say “relief” or “satisfaction”, I dont mean that it physically feels good. The satisfaction comes from eliminating that invasive impulse.

The strongest argument in OCD vs ICD in favor of OCD could be that “hair pulling out” Wander knew exactly how many “personality fragments” there were to begin with, and how many were left after a certain point. One could argue that he has Arithmomania, and that falls under the spectrum of OCD. And ya know what? That would be an excellent point that I would have little to counter with. But honestly, ICD and OCD are so closely related, that I feel a bit silly discussing it this much in the first place. As far as I know, someone who actually works on the show could say tomorrow that “WANDER HAS OCD” and Im going to fumble through my tears to delete this post in shame while you all blow up my inbox with “LOL GG PAL”. 

I really should have just said from the beginning “I dunno, ask someone who works on the show.”. I know there are a few here on tumblr that are amazing enough to answer questions like this, and honestly, it might be neat to hear something canon, even if it blows my HC out of the water. Then again, I am spending my morning drinking coffee and discussing a cartoon space spoon like its a real life person. I mean come on. This is a “personality fragment” the same as “blonde wig” Wander. Its not even “feminine” Wander, or “sassy” Wander. It is literally “blonde wig” Wander. The fragment of Wander that likes to wear a blonde wig and sashay around (and yea, I guess do lady things with Sylvia).

I will end my rambles there. Maybe next week we will discuss how I feel about there being an equal number of “dancing” Wanders to “sad” Wanders.

Okay, so. Don’t be mad at me but like.

I had this idea for this AU and decided to write down cause, why not, right? But it ended up with 7k words and I can’t really turn into an actual narration and stuff? so Like… I’ll post this rlly embarrassing thing instead…

In this AU Mondo and Ishimaru are like…. 19-22 years old and Hope’s peak doesn’t exist. 


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anonymous asked:

hey ive seen u mention that u were coming up with how a deacon romance would work and i was wondering if u would share?? :-)


but bare with me its nearly 4 in the morning so this will be Disorganized lmao (ALSO SPOILER WARNING FOR DEACON’S CHARACTER ARC AND ALSO THE MAIN STORYLINE SOMEWHAT) 

(also this got very long im sry lmao i have a lot to say about Deacon)

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anonymous asked:

I can ask you about Patrochilles headcanons, yes?? Who rambles about the other's beauty more often? Who initiates sex? Who is louder during sex? Who cries after sex because they're too emotional? Who steals the other's clothes? Who apologizes first after a fight? Who is clumsier?


let it be known that i usually thoroughly discuss these very important matters with margaux @mightyachillis before publishing these asks so a good amount of these headcanons is a mixture of hers and mine okay!!!!!!

Who rambles about the other’s beauty more often? 

margaux and i agree it’s achilles - this is what she said: “ACHILLES!!!!! Hes constantly complimenting his bf, its becoming embarassing, like every morning when they wake up the first thing achilles says is “youre really beautiful, you know that?” And hes saying it so often that pat shouldnt believe him anymore but he does cause you can see in his eyes that hes sincere and he honestly think that pat is the more beautiful thing in the world motheRFUICKAnd it makes pat really happy but also really blushing like sometimes theyre in public and achilles just grab him by the waist and tells people around them “no but honestly look at him!!!! Dont you think hes beautiful??? Cause he really is” and pat is like “achilles…….baby…….stop………pls……..” And achilles doesnt cause he loves his boyfriend so much”

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malec fic recs

i said i’d have this up by saturday but u should know by now to never listen to a thing i sa y anyway here u go nerds

Rush by heartsdesire456 words: 9453, chapters: 1/1

Summary: After Camille opens a door Magnus never wanted to open to Alec, Magnus and Alec, who are still working out exactly what is going on, are forced to talk about some very heavy subjects.

this is literally the fluffiest thing ever oh my god it’s very domestic at the end and i love that. Also, since it was originally supposed to be simon/raphael, there’s a bit of that if you squint.

Defying Gravity by ketz words: 4800, chapters: 1/?

Summary: When Izzy and Aline suggested that Alec should join the coming Wicked cast, the idea sounded not only ridiculous, but completely absurd. All the law student wanted was a peaceful and anonymous life, free of over exposure.

But maybe, just maybe, it was time to let go of his self-set restrains. Specially if it means getting to know the intriguing Art Director of the play, right?

The first chapter sets everything up, and i’m really curious to see where the author goes with this because alec is v well written. Also there’s side aline/helen yay.

The Angel in Blue by hobbit69 words: 32949, chapters: 9/?, explicit

Summary: Homicide detective, Alec Lightwood has seen and heard it all in his eight years with the NYPD. but he never expected billionaire playboy, Magnus Bane. Magnus is a suspect in a string of prostitute homicides and Alec must walk a fine line between procedure and the overwhelming desire he feels for his prime suspect.

There are so many plot twists i’m yelling i love detective au. Also, alec and magnus have sex like every chapter in the later ones, so if you don’t like that, none of it’s plot relevant so you can just skip it. It gets v fluffy at the end, and there’s a p tiny bit of angst in the middle.

Internet Famous by kuro1neko2kun words: 9378, chapters: 12/?

Summary: Alec and Magnus are both Youtubers. They meet for the first time at Vidcon, doing a video together. The viewers (and Izzy) think they’d be a cute couple, and they awkwardly fulfill everyone’s dreams. Sort of.

I’m a p bad judge of content when it comes to youtuber au bc it’s honestly my fave, but anyway this is v cute. Alec and Magnus have mutual crushes on each other and stuff wow.

amor verus by budapestagain words: 1681, chapters: 1/?

Summary: To Alec Lightwood, family is the most important thing, above everything, including personal happiness. So when he proposed to Lydia, he wasn’t thinking of himself but the family name. Magnus Bane is a popular and successful wedding planner and when he’s hired to plan Alec’s wedding, he thinks this will just be another job.

They have to find out that sometimes the right thing to do is to follow your heart.

An au of the malec episode, with alec marrying lydia to preserve the lightwood family name or some other asinine reason. It has the usual canon side pairings

better angels by redvelvetrose1742 words: 8241, chapters: 5/?

Summary: When there’s only one active Shadowhunter in the whole crazy mess that is New York City, it’s bad.

When that one Shadowhunter is living with three adults who are cursed to never leave the Institute’s grounds, two of which hate each other, it’s very bad.

When that Shadowhunter’s happiness and even mental stability is sacrificed in the pursuit of perfection, it’s monstrous.

When that one, fourteen year old Shadowhunter is found crying in an alley by the High Warlock of Brooklyn, it’s a matter of life and death.

this is an au where maryse and robert lightwood were sentenced to never leave the institute. also, alec is their only son which means no isabelle and max but it also means that alec meets magnus earlier in his life. pls look through the tags there are a bunch of possible triggers in this.

all precious things by crownedcarl words: 12556, chapters: 2/?, explicit

Summary: Magnus has expensive taste; Alec is the prettiest face on the block.

this is basically a hooker au except magnus is still a warlock, the world of shadowhunters still exists, but our main characters are mundanes. The dub con tag is because of the whole memory alteration thing that magnus does. v well written !

Attraction by ThePenguinOfDeath words: 1650, chapters: 1/1

Summary: “I’m looking for a book.” The man smiled, his eyes turning up at the edges. Everything about him was confident – Alec was almost envious.

“Well this is the library, so you’ve come to the right place.”

i cant believe im reading librarian au,,, what has my life come to. or in which magnus is looking for a book and alec is more than happy to help.

for you are my fate by grandeur words: 1898, chapters: 1/1

Summary: Alec pretends not to notice him. Maybe this is one of those times where Magnus will take a hint and won’t grab him to go do something absolutely ridiculous. Like that time Magnus woke him up at two in the morning because he had the urge to redecorate, and oh, Alexander, darling, how do you feel about custard yellow curtains? Which. Alec didn’t even know custard yellow was a color, nonetheless that it came on curtains.

very very incredibly fluffy aaaa magnus paints alec’s nails

fake date me, alexander by mininoot words: 6119, chapters: 2/?

Summary: “Aleeec, please be my fake boyfriend?”


“So you’ll do it?”

“I never said that.”

“But you were thinking it!”

Malec fake relationship AU. Pre-established friendship.

i love this so much. its hilarious. also the best line to sum this fic up is: “You took Grinding-101 at the age of six?”. + side simon/raphael

avarice by spun words: 36214, chapters: 4/4

Summary: “Magnus had said warlocks were avaricious, possessive beings. Well, Alec wasn’t a warlock, but he’d be damned if he let anyone touch the best thing that had ever happened to him.” The one where warlocks are being murdered, Magnus is a target, and Alec really isn’t supposed to be getting involved (but does anyway).

this may actually be my favorite malec fic ever. the writing is beautiful and the plot is amazing. also pls read everything by this author all the malec they write is absolute gold but i can’t put everything on this list.

i might make a part two later


I took ten dollars out of your wallet last time is saw you. I took it as payment. Five dollars for bus fare from the park bench you left me sitting at. The other five for the pain when you told me not to call your parents house again because you’d just hang up. I’m not an automated message you can press one to take you off the list or a telemarketer you can tell to stop calling.

I’m done with being your best kept secret, like in inside coat pocket or a faded picture in a sealed, silver locket. I took that ten dollar bill, because I want to be the girl whose getting over you, slowly, like Im climbing a snow-slick hill. To do that, I have to put away the lies, individually, like pick-up sticks. You stole my firsts from me, but I still have my youth. Still, I’d feel better if I left the ones we touched with poison with the antidotal truth.

I will start by telling your Chemistry class we weren’t holding hands on a dare and that you gave me the bruise, bridging across my neck, that I hid with red scarves. Maybe, on the bus, I’ll tell the driver about our late drives in your moms Buick. Remember, when you told me about your parents divorce and it even made you cry, and you had to pull over to wipe your eyes–remember?

Ill write addresses down, to our secret spots, and I will give them to your teachers. The lake house the Lander’s lived in before they moved and the shed in my parent’s backyard where you took me and took me – meaningless as those minutes to the clock.

I’ll tell the freshman girls you go after during swim try-outs how it feels to be warmed by you, all over, five minutes after foreplay. I’ll tell them you cant unclasp bras without help or the fetishes you have about leather belts. I’ll give away all your lines, so by the time you start slipping out sexual syllables they are halfway through slapping you.

I might have trouble deciding who to tell next, so maybe ill let my dad see the bottom of my trash that we cluttered with square, colored wrappers (lubricated for his pleasure). Dad might not be so happy to see that, Paul and i’m not really sure what he will do. But, he is still on parole so I am sure he will think it through and maybe he will go easy on you.

Your mom might faint when I tell her how many girls you’ve taken to Dr. Dillinger (I’ll show her my file if she doesn’t believe me). She might be disappointed that I cant count that number on two hands.

Whose next? Oh, now this will be fun–my very last one to tell. Now, I know your girlfriend has practice in the gym at three sharp on Thursdays. Why don’t I meet her in the locker room and tell her about the freckle on your inner thigh and how your mouth tastes in the mornings?

See Paul, I want my shirts back and my CDs that you blare. I want everything you took from me, because I don’t think it’s fair, that I am left with all these lies and all these secrets to keep. I am what’s left in the space of a bank vault that no one is allowed to see. But whatever is locked in a safe–Paul, it’s always worth more then you think.

You might want to start begging for mercy because that side girl you tried to keep away but still strung along might not be as sad as you thought she was. Secrets are bad, Paul. But, I know a few–and I am not afraid to unleash them all over you. I’m not afraid of the way you fight with you eyes open and boiling, or how every moment we shared alone, you spent spoiling with lies and promises and leaving.

I don’t want you back, Paul. I’ve been left for the last time by you. I just want to slip this letter into something more comfortable. I’ll write your address in a coat of black ink, and i’ll even spend 48 cents stamping it. When its ready to be delivered, ill leave it on a kitchen counter instead. ill forget to send it. I won’t leave it in my mothers mailbox, or to drop it by the post office. Ill forget that i wrote this at all. And, tomorrow, in the hall, you’ll wave and when I say your name all of your blame with slip out from under you like a rug and will think things between us are all right.

But tonight, I’ll pretend I had revenge. I’ll pretend the girls that flock to you, seek south for winter. I’ll pretend your mother does a blood panel for herpes, hepatitis, and the clap, and your widely requested girlfriend will lend her love to a tight-end on the football field. Not because I want to take away your world like a torturing tornado takes away rusted debris in a storm, because you may just be a growing boy from Dover. But Paul, I need you to know there’s a difference between rocking someone’s world and just tipping it over.



my friend sent me a message this morning like


and i just got up like



i lied

i cant look this flawless

and zayn if u ever come across this

you’re hot


anyway lets do this

1. dear mr. grey

2. “Eddie attacked my legs by hugging them tightly”

3. “Oh my god do you guys have matching shoes?”


4. “you get Starbucks for breakfast and wear sunglasses even if it’s dark and now you keep saying ‘duh’ to basically everything I say.”

white girl game strong asf

5. “Do you want to get dinner tomorrow?”

I saw him turn his head to me, before he did a double take.

“Oh you’re talking to me?”

same niall, same.

6. “I’m not serious, you know you’re perfect to me.”

ok where did this one come from? I thought they were talking about SAUCE

7. “jesus, i can take you”

THAT WASNT HIS POINT REY, jesus ur innocent 16 y/o self is looong gone

8. ok since when does niall b l u s h ?



10. the josh and jake prank got me like

11. “and make sure you shave your hoo-haa”

(ok that was totally unnecessary but i didnt know where else to use this reaction pic)

12. “are you sniffling my hair?”

are u sniffling her hair?

13. “i’m pregnant”

niall be like

14. aaww protective niall he’s so oblivious that day was 1st of April

15. “First name is going to be April and the second is going to be Fools.”


ok he’s pissed.

16. “apologize then give him a bit of space”

“seduce him into forgiving u slut”

two types of people


niall is ready

18. “I’m going to call Justin. He can get me off really good.”

19. REY’S TURN ! Jake gives the best advice

20. “we can compare food babies”

thats so punk, niall

soooo punk.

21. the part where they talked about rey’s eating disorder got me like

22. the part where they talked about niall’s scars got me like

23. the paragraph where rey talked about niall’s little things got me like

24. “please be mine”

“Technically it’s her, but physically and mentally it’s you, Rey. It’s always been you.”


but it was absolutely amazing i loved it

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i cant believe im doing this

who’s the cuddler: Baek is. He likes to rest his head on Bama’s shoulder and listen to his heart, and when he hugs him, he likes to feel Obama’s hard abs under his pajamas. He hugs him hoping he will stay in the morning. He never does. 

who makes the bed: They both leave on a rush every morning after those rough nights of passion. They don’t have time to make the bed. The maids of the hotel make the bed and erase the memories of the love they don’t know the room just witnessed. 

who wakes up first: Obama does, and he leaves Baek sleeping without saying goodbye. Baek wakes up to an empty and cold bed. 

who has the weird taste in music: Bama is wild! he would show Baek his ipod and Baek would laugh at him, hitting him playfully “Bama this music is so weird!!” Sadly, they don’t have time to listen to music. Sometimes Obama posts a link to a video on his fb, and Baek knows it’s for him. But he cant comment on the post /how sad/

who is more protective: Obama gets jealous when Baek gets too touchy with the EXO members. Baek gets jealous of Michele… not of them can do anything about it, but let their frustration out in rough sex. 

who sings in the shower: Baek sings to Obama. It’s the last thing he hears before leaving in the morning. 

who cries during movies: They cry at their forbidden relationship.

who spends the most while out shopping: Obama goes wild spending all the money of the hard working american people buying gifts for Baek. 

who kisses more roughly: they both do, because everytime could be the last one

who is more dominate: They can’t really be dominate with eachother… but if they could… Obama would totally be. 

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 90! This ship sails itself!

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Post a meditation tutorial maybe ?

Here is a guide to how to meditate that I wrote a while back, hopefully it is something that you could try out.

Why you should meditate:

There are a number of waves that are brains give (delta, alpha, theta, and beta) and these waves are measured in Hertz. Below is a little description of each wave

Delta- Altertness and focus; however prolonged state of the brain remaining in this state leads to stress and depression

Beta- Similar to Delta

Alpha- State of relaxation, a state often derived from meditation.

Theta- Deep relaxation and a state where we are in our subconscience, often derived in our state of sleeep, but can be achieved through highly skilled meditation.

When you meditate, you try to switch the brain from giving off a stressed wave, to a more relaxed state. Our stresses and our habbits deform the shape of our brain, however we can mold our brain to function at a heightened state and actually change the shape of the brain through meditation (scientifically proven, the term is called neruroplasticity).

How to Meditate:

There are numerous ways to meditate, but Im going to give a quick run-down of how to meditate by focusing on the breath

1. Sit straight up (I believe in English they refer to this as the Indian style)

2. Have a posture to expand the lungs.

3. Clear the mind and focus on the breathe.

and thats it. Its an easy thing to learn, but takes a lifetime to master. When beginning off, try 15-20 minute sessions in the morning. The mornings are best, just when you have woken up, but make sure you are awake! Splash water in your face, take a shower, whatever; but make sure you are awake! If you see yourself falling asleep during meditation, take a nap! It does you no good!

Below are somethings I would recommend to someone that is just beginning off and common mistakes one makes.

1. If you are just beginning, I am going to guarantee 100% that you are going to be going in and out of the state of meditation. What you are trying to do is to clear the mind of the thought, but at first you are going to be focused on the breathe and have the mind clear for one moment, and then the next your mind is going to drift off and think about some random things. DONT be angry or frustrated at the idea that you are unable to focus completely, that is a thought in itself! Watch and observe the thought as they come and go, and pull yourself back into the state of meditation. Awareness of the thoughts is very different than thinking a though.

2. If you live in a loud place, or cant seem to get the drift of meditating, try looking up Meditation music in youtube and go with one you like. The music basically is in tuned with a delta wave and can serve as an aid. I personally like to do this myself, but I know this isnt for everybody.

3.You might think meditating is for some peaceful buddhist monk wayyyy up in the mountains of Tibet or whatever, but no, its for everyone! It doesn’t matter if your Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Jewish; just as anyone can think a thought anywhere, anyone can meditate at anytime anywhere!

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world in one generation.” Dalai Lama

Forrest Curran

Don’t You Go -Part 3 (Mikey)

(PART 1) 

(PART 2)

“I’m confused about one thing,” she said as she reached across the small table to steal a bite of his pancakes.

“What’s that?” he asked smiling at her.

“So this security guard of yours.. he was there last night?”


“The whole time?”


“And I didn’t notice once that there was a middle aged man shadowing you?”

“Nope, we went over this .. you were wasted.. plus he keeps his distance.”

“And where is he now?” she asked.

“Go open the door.” he smirked at her. She was growing to like this cheeky facial expression of his.

She got up and walked over to the door of the hotel room, when she looked back at him he gave her a quick nod signaling for her to open the door. She peaked out and sure enough there was a large man wearing all black pacing around in the hall.  When the security guard turned to look at her she slammed the door shut and ran back to the table.

He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down onto his lap, “What the hell was that?” He asked laughing at her reaction.

“I don’t know! He’s kind of scary!” She laughed at herself, adjusting her body so she could look at him.

“He’s really not,” he replied chuckling “so what’s your game plan for getting out of here? And how the fuck am I supposed to blend in ..I mean, look at me.”

“Okay well first of all its Manhattan, everyone is in their own world here I think you should be fine we just have to avoid young girls,” she giggled, “and you’re going to have to cover this blue fucking hair with a hoodie or something.” She ran her fingers through his messy hair before resting her hand on the back of his neck.

He looked up at her and smiled, “Okay and then what? How are we getting out of here?”

“Well, I’m going to distract Shrek out there and your going to sneaky run to the stairwell at the end of the hallway.. Once you get out we’ll meet on the next floor down. Then we have to find a back exit.. Im sure theres a loading dock or a parking garage we can get out through… And then we’re free!” She said excitedly.

“You make it sound pretty easy.” He said while contemplating if her plan would actually work.

“Don’t be so skeptical,” she frowned, “I know a thing or two about sneaking out.. And whats the worse thing that could happen? We get caught and sent back to your room? Ooo big deal” she smirked tilting her head to the side, “theres literally zero risk.”

“Alright lets do it” he said and she hopped up off his lap to go get ready, he stood up as well and before she could get away he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back towards him.

He looked at her eyes then to her lips and back again. She knew what he wanted and she had been waiting all morning for him to make the move. Finally he leaned in and connected their lips. His kiss was incredible, it was as if their lips fit perfectly together. She pressed her arms against his chest getting as close to him as she could, she felt her heart flutter.

She felt his hands slip under her thighs as he lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck continuing to kiss him.

She felt him begin to walk towards the bed and finally pulled away, “You almost had me there for a second…” She giggled, “We’re still going.”

He flashed her that cheeky smile of his, “I don’t know what your talking about.” He played dumb.

She gave him one last peck on the lips before jumping down from him. “Get dressed” she instructed.

He put on a black snap back that did not disguise him at all whatsoever. She shook her head laughing when she looked at him but she wasn’t going to tell him to take it off, he looked really sexy wearing it.. She didn’t think he could get much more attractive but he found a way.

When they were finally ready they implemented the plan, which worked flawlessly. She was actually pretty impressed that it actually worked.

She met him in the stairwell, laughing he exclaimed “I can’t believe that worked!”

“I know!” She was excited as well “you might want to get a new security guard .. He’s really not that hard to get past!”

“He supposed to keep people from sneaking in not out, he probably never expected this.” He defended.

They continued down the stairs and out the exit of  a loading dock. He jumped down and then reached up to help her. Both of their adrenaline was pumping. Neither could really believe they made it.

“Okay,” he breathed, “now what?”


Okayy so this is part three … Im so tired so I cant do the ending in this part like I had originally intended so there will be a part four!! I’m going on vacation so i wont be able to write again until Tuesday so ill try to post it that night!!  THANKS FOR READING =]

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