i cant believe im actually going to

i cant wait for dnp to get married and make a golden future for themselves just… lying in bed wrapped in soft blankets and love warmer than anything listening to quiet music and watching the clouds move by their window bc they have to be floating at this point..



my submission for Emanata, a student comic anthology at VCUarts. this years theme was mirage, and i’m pretty proud of this! 

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Do you have any Voltron group chat fics??? I need them for science ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€ bonus if there's langst, there doesn't have to be any I just want some good group chat AUs and gay Klance

little numbers by maradyer (22/? | 18,441 | Not Rated)

brolance: keith is officially CANCELLED


thats some gay shit by solllys (10/10 | 16,605 | Teen And Up)

pidge: lance is a harlot
pidge: but he’s our harlot and we love him
lance: i cant believe youre calling me a slut
keithkogay: when the shoe fits
lance: go away emo hermit
keithkogay: no im taking you to walmart get down here you fucking twink

(shiro/matt, minor hunk/shay, minor allura/nyma)

Reply All by makasouls (5/? | 14,334 | Teen And Up)

Hangout: Lance, Katie, Hunk
Lance McClain: hOLY
Lance McClain: it’s been real, guys. it was an honor being your friend
Katie Holt: what are you going on about now
Lance McClain: KEITH
Katie Holt: yes, of course it’s about keith, why wouldn’t it be, so silly of me to ask

Between all the gossip, drama, and memes, how does work at Voltron actually get done?


(background shallura, background hunk/shay)

me: *has been fully expecting tarjei to get nominated for gullruten, like how could he not after his performance last season, was 186% sure he was going to get nominated*

me: *actually learns that tarjei got nominated*


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First kiss with Dino? Like you've been together for a few months and you accidentally get knocked into him by another member and you kiss by mistake?

disclaimer: i’m so sorry but i did not remember that you had requested something so specific and i, filled with excitement, wrote the whole scenario without any of the things you really requested…except for the first kiss part :( i hope you still like this!! we can do a scenario like you requested later.

Chan smiled at the waiter who came to pick up your plates and empty cups after a nice lunch you had at a nearby cafe. He turned to look at you after, his eyes soft. You felt your stomach do a flip when he looked at you but little did you know that his did the same. You were having the best time and it probably had to do with the fact that you had been so close with him all day - physically. The cafe wasn’t too busy but you two had decided to sit on a sofa by the windows, more towards the corner of the cafe which meant that there was a lot of legs brushing against each other as well as hands.

“Should we start heading out?” You asked and nudged Chan, then shuffled around the table in the middle to the other side of the sofa and turned to look outside of the window behind you. Great, it was raining.

Chan had been watching your expression change from cute and happy to slightly disappointed, his heart racing.  “It’s raining, should we wait inside?” you asked, turning back to face Chan who hadn’t moved yet, eyes still on you. He snapped out of his thoughts when you went silent, waiting for his answer. He shook his head and batted his eyes multiple times before looking out of the window himself, facing the rain pouring down.

“I mean we could,” he said with a smile. He was happy if you two could spend more time together, he had had so much fun with you.

You had been all over each other all day, making jokes, drinking coffee that was way too sweet so you both ended up with a slight sugar rush. But it was like Chan hadn’t looked at you properly the whole day, at least he felt like that and so did you. Every time you faced him, he shied his eyes away from you and stared at his empty cup of coffee, fiddling with the handle of the cup. You thought it was cute and it didn’t really bother you, but you did think about it now that you had caught him staring at you.

So, you shuffled back to sit next to Chan, maybe a little closer than you had been before. Your cheeks flushed with a little red but you didn’t dare to move away either, and besides, he was really warm. “Well didn’t you come close,” Chan teased with a laugh, but in a soft voice. He didn’t mind, it felt nice to have you so close.

You stayed seated close, continuing to talk about random things. It was like you forgot about the rain, completely immersed in the conversation again.

Chan’s hand made its way around you during your discussion and you pretended like you didn’t notice. While in reality, your heart was beating like crazy in your chest and honestly, you were scared that he could hear it.

He had his arm around your shoulders so lightly but as he figured that you were okay with that, he relaxed and could feel an overwhelming feeling growing in his stomach. Yes, you had been physically close before as well, hugging each other when meeting and such but that was done in a more friendly way but this, this was something different.


“Y-yes Y/N,” Chan answered quietly, nervous about what you were going to say. You could feel him shifting his arm away from your shoulder, so you wanted to speak fast.

“Thank you for asking me out.”

Chan smiled widely at your comment, happy that it had nothing to do with his quite sudden act of skinship. “Of course. I really wanted to see you after a long time,” Chan said truthfully, a smile tugging your lips as well.

This was the first time you had hung out with him in a few months time, nearly forgetting how much fun you had together. You wanted to do it all the time now. You just wished you could see him every day.

Hearing Chan say that made you smile and gaze at him next to you, slightly nodding out of happiness. Chan built the courage to look at you as well and you ended up staring at each other in silence,  not the awkward kind - the heart racing kind. Chan realised you hadn’t said anything in a while but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything either.

He moved his head closer to you and pulled you closer with his hand that was placed on your shoulder. He got closer and closer and you knew you would end up in a kiss soon. But you didn’t want it to happen like that.

“Oh the rain stopped,” you exclaimed, aware that you ruined the moment - for now. You laughed and quickly got up, Chan following you silently. He was disappointed and slightly embarrassed by your rejection but when you were both about to walk out of the door, you stopped him last minute.

You turned to block the entrance for him and smiled from ear to ear. “You know what…” you said as Chan looked at you with confused eyes, his stance defensive with arms crossed on his chest.

Then you quickly leaned forward, pressing a light kiss on his lips and running away squealing and laughing. You didn’t run far and stood on the street laughing, cheeks red from the rush you got from kissing him.

“Hey! Come back here,” Chan laughed and ran after you, catching up with you quick and traps you in a back hug. You were both laughing breathlessly, a few drops of rain still falling from the sky onto your heads. He turns you around in his embrace, his hands on your waist. You both chuckle, you had so much fun.

“Give me a proper one,” Chan said and you smiled, placing your arms behind his neck slowly. You played with the hair at the back of his head while looking into his eyes and closed the distance between your lips again. This time the kiss wasn’t rushed or out of the blue, you both leaned into it and it felt amazing. His soft lips were captivating and you didn’t the moment to end and neither did he.

Your whole body thrummed and you gripped Chan’s shirt, urging him to get closer. Feeling you grab his shirt he got the courage to get even closer, his kiss deepening slowly. You were glad you finally did it, as you felt like everything had been leaning up to this the whole day - actually, the whole time you had known each other.

Though, as a stranger walked past you two, telling you guys to get a room, you were quick to let go of each other. And after a moment of confusion and shock from the random comment, you both looked at each other with a smile, deciding to leave home hand in hand.

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  • google: how to explain to a neurotypical entitled middle aged white woman that you Just Cant Do That. when she tries to make you go way above and beyond what youre capable of doing. when she just. doesnt believe you. she thinks youre lying to be lazy. but in actuality youre trying to protect yourself from an inevitable personal disaster if you keep pushing yourself like that. and if you say that, she blames you, because "if youd just go see a doctor Like I Said," as if money grows on trees and itll solve all the worlds problems.
  • google: how to explain to a neurotypical cishet middle aged white woman that you dont have to be on T to be a man. that this isnt possibly any "harder on her" than it is on you. that just because youre not walking around with a baritone voice and beard doesnt mean youre not "Living Your Truth" to make it "easier for her" to see you as a man. how to tell her that you dont Have to take special care of her so she doesnt have to deal firsthand with your transness. and dear fuckin god how to tell her you dont Owe your identity to anyone, and you dont Owe anyone a talk about who you are. even if theyre family.

The Chronicles of Byakuya and Toshiro [Part 1]

today I hit 1.7k on here, so thank you so so much. Your continued support and love always pushes me to keep going. I know I’m a nobody but, to have you all along for the ride is super special to me. 

again, thank you very much, and keep creating

i cant find a good pic of ymir apparently dying in the manga but i don’t care what happens i don’t believe shes dead or gone for good. im not just upset and in denial, until the manga ends i won’t actually believe shes dead lol. imagine writing a relationship as pure as historias and ymirs, imagine writing two amazing female characters then taking a massive shit all over them. theres going to be some plot twist or ass pull and they will be reunited, i genuinely believe it you fucks.

What makes me laugh at all the jontron hate is that instead of getting all scared saying “omg i cant believe this, blocked” you dont take your time to actually have a conversation with jon Why he thinks and feels the way he does. He obviously isn’t on your plane of exsistence when it comes to politics. You’re just always going to use the same excuse * its not my responsibility to educate you * lol

Jon is not like every hotshot celebrity who is probably more disconnected from the world than him. Hes just a youtuber im sure he reads his own fanmail. Not only that but i think people dont know how to handle when someone disagrees with them. You know how many celebrities dead or alive probably disagree with you on a whole shit ton of things? You know how many shows youre probably going to have to stop watching? If you dictate your life that way then shit fuck your faulty ass cafeteria morals.

OH MY FUCKING GOD , ITS HAPPENING 🙏🏽 WHAT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR , THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL IM LITERALLY UNCONTROLLABLY SOBBING 😩❤️ as much as I hate Paige with a burning passion , I actually didn’t mind that she got Ali to talk about her feelings for EMILY, we know emison is going to be endgame and I’ve never felt so many emotions before in my life 😰💜👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩