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honestly i dont even really know how to begin this like??? i feel like i have so much to say it was just the best day of my Entire Ugly Life. im so honored i really am it was just the most beautiful experience ever nd also so funny lkafsfsa i can’t wait to share with you !! 

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We went back to the starbucks, where we first met in person, this past sunday. I fell asleep on our way there but you woke me up and smiled so softly. You were wearing your sunglasses and i took them off of you. Your eyes wear teary and you never get teary so then i got teary. You told me that you were happy we were there again two years later and so in love. We had never been there since the day we met and in that moment i had flashes. Flashes of our time together, like a movie every emotion good and bad from the beginning to now. Like clips of us strung into one iconic scene. And then it stopped because it finally caught up to me, i was looking into your beautiful hazel eyes. The ones i always get so lost in. And i love you so much. Cant believe we’re getting married next year. You’re my soul mate. I know it. I know because when we met i found myself in you. You’ve been my comfort and my best friend. You’re giving me adventures and a life i could only dream of. I’ll spend forever loving you.

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same” -Emily Bronte

i still can’t believe we will actually get a rihanna x lupita heist film all about scamming men, i can imagine them hanging around casinos in posh fur coats and giant sunglasses laughing seductively and getting free drinks and stealing credit card information from sleazy wall street brokers on vacation and they never get caught the whole movie is about increasingly elaborate schemes and extreme purchases and fake passports and they just end up a gay jetsetting power couple that gets married on a luxury sailboat in cabo

Stars Pt. 1

For @cresswellvaneck

Prompt: 682; “Why choose me?”

Ship: Cresswell because duh it’s for cresswellvaneck

Summary: I’m aiming for fluff, but since this is just part one of two or three idk where it’ll go exactly. I have an idea, though. It involves insecurity and a planetarium.


It’d been a few months on the world tour, or as Carswell calls it, Carswell Thorne’s Victory Lap [yes, that is a leo valdez reference there] and Cress was having the time of her life. After the desert, she’d been a little wary of other people, but Thorne had them all charmed and smiling and winking and welcoming. She understood that it was supposed to make things easier for her, for them, but it did just the opposite. She had already known how wanted he was (and not in the criminal way) but it was all striking her now. 

Why choose me? She kept wondering as he took her hand and led her through the dark entrance of the planetarium. This morning, she’d seen Carswell’s eyes light up like nothing else she’d ever seen, excitement so intense it diffused into her. He rambled- rambled- on and on about how he’d always wanted to visit the only old-era planetarium they could preserve (with a few new-era additions) in the world ever since he was a child.

“I never got to go then. All the other planetariums had been built only for one purpose- education. They felt cold to me. But before the war, they built them not only for education but also for wonder. I tried sneaking off once, you know? To come here. I got caught about two kilometers from home. I never thought I’d get the chance again.” He blinked in amazement. “Now I’ve got a royal, pardon, I’m a hero, I’ve got my own ship! Most of all, I’m happy I can share space, my first love, with you, my true love.”

Cress blushed and smiled. “I cant wait!”

“You’ll like it, I’m sure. I have impeccable taste.” She believed him.

Cress also believed in true love, and she also believed that Thorne wouldn’t ever want to hurt her and that he wanted to be with her but she wasn’t sure he’d continue feeling the same way- and she couldn’t blame him. After all, she was just some Lunar kid he had to babysit in the desert and somehow, some way she loved him enough that he began loving her back. And if he realizes he can do much better and he leaves her, Cress’s heart will be hurt even if Thorne doesn’t mean it to happen.

She blinked away those thoughts and followed the faint glow of portscreens embedded into the invisible walls, so it seemed like they were floating in nothingness while you walked through it. Cress felt an unfamiliar sort of thrill at the feeling of strolling through comforting darkness stretching to infinity with her hand secured in Carswell’s, like they were the only two people there.

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hey i saw how you ship klaus and caroline and i wanted to ask you as a klaroline shipper myself, how do you respond to the antis who say that klaroline is unhealthy and toxic? Thanks

I’ve been thinking about the reason why kc could be toxic/unhealthy in someone’s mind and the only scenes that come to my mind is stabbing scene and klaus killing tyler’s mom. Nothing else comes to my mind so I guess I will focus on that, if you have something else they’re accusing kc of just hit me up.

I will focus more on why I don’t see this relationship as toxic & not how I respond to them. Because one: t100 fandom tought me to not fight anymore because it’s tiring, if i see some dumb people on twitter I’d usually make a joke about their anti kc tweets. two: after 4 years i legit don’t give af what they think since I know we’re getting our endgame.

Now I know it’s dumb to say but I always look at who are antis shipping instead. If it’s Stero.line or DE, it’s obv they don’t look at the whole story of characters/ship but only at one scene. SC or DE has lots of scenes which are done well, romantic light, music etc and if i haven’t seen the whole show, I’d say “yeah they make a cute couple”. But (sorry if you’re DE fan i’m just using them because it’s the easiest for me) if you watched the whole show and you see the whole story you see how fucked up the couple is. Example: SC might have kiss with some good music and good light and all that stuff but doesn’t change the fact that Caroline literally had to tell Stefan that she deserves the same respect he gave Elena;doesn’t change the fact that to Stefan Elena and Damon will always come first; doesn’t change the fact that whole Caroline’s story during all seasons was that she wanted… she deserved to be someone’s first. And Stefan (or any other character beside Klaus) couldn’t give it to her. (I did love Tyler though with my whole heart and I do think For.wood was amazing). To ship sth I always need a good story, not only chemistry. This is what KC has. This story is about Klaus who thought he wasn’t capable of love until he met her and Caroline who thought noone will ever put her first.
(I won’t bring up whole Caroline’s mother dying to prop up Stero.line, her dying to make Stefan realize he has some feelings for Car… I won’t talk about it but the point is that no matter how amazing music, light, dress etc they’re going to have in their scene - their story is still terrible).

Next thing is that tvd is supernatural show. You can’t compare KC to some ship from non-supernatural show and say “yeah they’re healthy and KC is toxic” because in tvd/to they’re all vampires, they have to kill people to live, and in other shows the worst thing they can do is well idn steal(?). Also people comparing KC to any other ship in TVD and saying they’re “healthy” and “kc is toxic”, please love yourself. Julie fucked up every ship possible in tvd and on every couple I’d find sth to say they’re destroyed. (I’m both SE and KC fan and I do think SE was fucked up so many times and KC sex scene made no sense and it was only a “goodbye” to our fandom). I was talking with people from HTGAWM fandom about KC one time, they were all Wau.rel shippers (like me, tagging it only like this so it won’t end up in their tag) and they all hated KC. They asked me how can i ship this “toxic” ship and “pure, healthy” wau.rel ship at the same time. The thing is - show is different, the “world” in both shows is different and you could never compare this two ships together. Once again - TVD deals with vampires who live for 1000-100 years and during their whole life they had to do some terrible things to survive & they lost their humanity along the way etc etc etc.

Now defending KC. I’m gonna start with the fact that Klaus is like 1000 years old and for his whole life he has been fighting about what he wanted, always getting what he wanted, and everyone was supposed to fear him and be at his command. The only ones he cared about for his whole life (which is 1000 year!) was his family (in his twisted way because he did “kill them” -put them to sleep lmao but u know what I mean). He lived like that for his whole life. Then Salvatores/Tyler started challenging him and he was lashing out. That’s when he killed Tyler’s mother or when he stabbed Caroline. Now if someone doesn’t want to ship KC because of that then ok, I understand. But u gotta understand the story. Klaus for 1000 years cared only about his family. TVD gang killed Kol (his brother), locked up Klaus in a room and left dead body in front of him for hours to just.. watch but not being able to even touch him. THEY LITERALLY KILLED HIS BROTHER IN FRONT OF HIM AND HE COULDN’T HELP HIM. (I’m honestly still dissapointed and surprised and everything that he didn’t burn the whole Mystic Falls down after this.) So that’s on stabbing scene, I think he just lost it because of what they have done to his brother and for me it’s understable when you think about the fact that noone ever did something like this to him for 1000 years - kill a member of his family. (once again it’s a supernatural show and searching for pure ship who meets falls in love and gets married is just not a supernatural show) Similar situation was with Tyler’s mother - Tyler was responsible for taking Klaus’s whole army, his “new family”, so he lashed out to show who is in power. How Klaus paid for that? With Kol’s live. Plus: Klaus killing somebody is on Klaus not on Caroline.

The core of toxic/abusive relationships is when the person1 just accepts what the person2 is doing to them. They fear them or they even defend their actions (like “he has been drinking, it normally wouldn’t have happened”). It’s when the abuse is justified/excused by them or some other people (which obv is wrong). Once again sorry if you’re DE but for me it’s just perfect example. When D killed Aaron, Elena’s friend (because “Elena” broke up with him, legit that’s his whole reason) - IN THE SAME EP - Elena defends him and says it wasn’t his fault. D screams “look at us we’re in toxic relationship i just killed your friend and you found someone else to blame” - Elena was blaming herself (Katherine in her body) for this. That NEVER happened with Klaroline.

Caroline never defended Klaus’s actions. Klaus knew, feared that Caroline would never ever accept him for who he is, that she would never forgive him or forget things he has done (not only to her friends but for his whole life - the monster he was for 1000 years). Legit IN EVERY FUCKIN SCENE Caroline calls him out on all things he has done. She not even once justified his behaviour. Lemme show you examples I remember because I haven’t seen s3/s4 in like 4 years.

Klaus: I saved your life. Twice.
Caroline: Because you put it in danger. Twice.

Klaus: Don’t turn your back on me.
Caroline: I should turn my back on you ages ago.

There’re a lot of scenes like that, Klaus tries to have the “power” over the situation, screams, Caroline doesn’t give a fuck and calls him out on what he has done.

Caroline: Don’t you have a dying girl who you want to punish for all of her sings.
Klaus: I do but I won’t for you.

Klaus for almost whole Katherine’s live was trying to catch her, kill her, use her etc. Even when Elijah begged him to stop because he was in love with her, he didn’t agree. Caroline didn’t even have to ask and Klaus changed his mind thanks to her, for her. It’s all for her.

Caroline was trying for so long to not admitt her feelings, her attraction for Klaus. In 4x13 he asks her is she could forget everything what he has done but he knows she can’t but she believes he can be saved.

Klaus: Don’t understimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest hearts are driven to it. (…)
Klaus: So you never felt the attraction that comes from someone who is capable of terrible things cares only about you
Car: I did once when I thought it was worth it.

Caroline: There’s a part of you that is human.
Klaus: How could you think that?
Caroline: Because I’ve seen it. Because I caught myself wishing I could forget all the terrible things you have done.
Klaus: But you cant can you?
Caroline: I know that you’re in love with me. And anyone who is capable of love is capable of being saved.

This was 4x13. In 5x11 everything has changed. She admitted what she felt to him what she wanted.

Klaus: I’m going to walk away and I’m never coming back. You’ll never again have to look me in the eye and cover our connection with hostility or revulsion. And you’ll never have to loathe the darkest parts of yourself that care for me, in spite of all I’ve done. i will be gone and you will be free. I just want you to be honest with me.
Caroline: Yes, I do cover our connection with hostility.. because yes, I hate myself for the truth. So if you promise to walk away… like you said, and never come back. Then yes.. I will be honest with you. I will be honest with you about what I want.

Okay where am I going with this. Caroline never justified Klaus’s action. She saw the good part of him but was never okay with what he was doing to other people. She challenges him, she calls him out, she doesn’t take his shit. In “toxic relationship” she would be the one who would defend him, his actions and would forgive him everything he has done. But it’s not her. The story of her admitting that she feels something to him goes through 3 seasons. She admitts that she saw the good in Klaus in 5x12(I think?) but she still doesn’t defend his actions and everyone is making her feel bad about her sleeping with Klaus. Stefan is the only one who says that they all have done terrible things and Klaus isn’t the only person like that. Only after that she accepts her “connection” with Klaus (her sleeping with Klaus) but she still don’t give him a free pass to all things he has done and she doesn’t want to be with him. And Klaus gives her the time she needs, he says however long it takes and leaves her and waits until she is ready and she will show up at his door. (in toxic/abusive relationship he would just take what he wanted)

god this is so long I should end this but I feel like I still didn’t say everything I wanted… eh, I will just end it like this ok? Like I said hit me up if you have some doubts about anything.

Neymar Requested Imagine -; [My name is Ellie! Could I have a Neymar smut where I’m David’s little sister and me and Ney are in the pool getting a little hot ;) when somebody ( that can be your choice) comes out and Neymar attempts to hide]

“Now can I trust you to look after my sister whilst I’m gone” David said raising his eyebrows.
“Yes yes me and Eleanor will be fine” Neymar stated slowly making the short sentence sound so hot. He winked at me whilst we sat in the pool and I rolled my eyes.
I hated being called Eleanor and he was fully aware of that so why was he being such an idiot.
“David stop worrying we’ll be fine and you won’t be gone long anyway”
“Okay call me if you need anything and mum will be home soon so behave yourselves okay?” He explained
“and remember there are cameras out here” he added making me blush uncontrollably and Neymar chuckle.
He sure knew how to embarrass his little sister alright. 
“Shut up David we’ll be fine now go away” I spat my cheeks still heated.
As soon as he was out of sight Ney moved to my side of the pool and put his arm around me. I gasped at the contact and how courageous he was to do this despite what David had just said.
“So what does your brother think we’re going to get up to exactly” he whispered whilst lightly biting the top of my ear. 
“Ney what .. are you .. doing” I breathed out 
“There’s cameras here you can’t do this” I blushed trying to keep my erratic breathing under control. 
He was making me all hot and bothered by just one sentence.
“Oh I can’t do this?” He questioned.
“Are you sure baby” He quietly asked as he put his hand on my thigh moving it higher by the second.
“Ney stop it you’re my brothers best friend” I explained even though stopping was the one thing I didn’t want him to do.
 There are cameras ! Didn’t he hear what David said!?
“You know David was lying about the cameras right” he smiled reading my exact thoughts.
“And I’m sure you don’t want me to stop really .. Do you?” 
“I mean your breathing has quickened, your heart is beating extremely fast .. I would say you want this just as much as I do Ellie” He whispered kissing my neck.
I moaned as he continued to suck and lick at the same spot on my neck. I could feel myself convulsing under his touch as he continued to suck. A definite hickey would be forming. I grabbed his head and started kissing him whilst he moaned deep from within his throat into the kiss. He wrapped my legs around his waist which was pretty easy as we were still in the pool. I opened my mouth to moan and he quickly slipped his tongue in and we both quickly fought for dominance. 
We both heard the door in the hallway shut loudly interrupting our erotic endeavors,
Shit my mum was early.
Me and Ney pulled away immediately and stared at each other as the blood drained from my face. My mother would kill me if she saw me out here with a boy. 
“Quick hide” I yelped, fear lacing my words.

“Hide? Where? We’re in a pool for gods sake* He released a frustrated groan running his hand through his hair.

"Ney I swear to fucking God if you don’t hide now my mother will kill and bury both of us alive so fucking get behind the shed” I hissed coldly pointing at the shed. I never knew I could be so harsh and I felt a little guilty. It wasn’t his fault but I was just so afraid of my mother,

His eyes widened a little from my sharp words and he quickly stepped over the side of the pool and ran behind the shed just as my mother slid open the glass door.

“Hello Ellie. Who were you talking to?” She questioned getting straight to the point.

“No-one .. myself” I concluded giving my mother a heart felt smile.

She squinted her eyes at me suspiciously. I knew she didn’t believe a word I had just said but I guess she was tired so she just sighed and muttered something about making dinner.

As soon as she was out of sight I breathed out a sigh of relief! That was too close!

Neymar slowly walked out from behind the shed and sat on the edge of the pool.

“That was a close one” he commented and I nodded in agreement.

“I cant believe we were almost caught. I’ve never even kissed a boy before. What have you done to me Ney? This isn’t me at all.” I exclaimed frantically.

“Calm down we’ll work this out. And I haven’t done anything just worked my Brazilian magic” he bragged smirking at me,

God he was so frustrating. Handsome but frustrating.

I decided to splash him which was a huge mistake.

“I just got my hair done!” He gasped.

You will regret that" He said calmly through gritted teeth. Too calmly.

That was the last thing I remembered before being dragged under water.

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is this really dave responding or its this some kind of joke??!?!

fly oh no….  anon… you caught us…. its not dave responding!!!…

DAVE WAS NEVER HERE. I HAVE TRICKED YOU AND MY 2200 FOLLOWERS INTO THIS BLOG ! MYSELF AND MS PAINT (not shown) ARE CONTROLLING THE WHOLE SHOW. WE ARE GREA- waitw waht. no stop . w ho the h el  l is me es ss i ng around with the a r r ows . WHOOOOOOOOO

==> Go To Dave Strider

This young man sitting at outdated computer is named DAVE STRIDER. DAVE is currently typing up a RAD story for a ask on his SICK BLOG ‘dailydavestrider’. This was one of many of his IRONICALLY HUMOROUS BLOGS that he had run. He didnt think that so many awesome people would be FOLLOWING him on this blog, but it probably with his FLY PHOTOS. DAVE had wanted to do something on this cold NEW YEARS. but alas was too preoccupied with some GODLY SCIENCE and hadnt had time to finish his dope surprise. Dave promises himself that he will do something INCREDIBLY COOL AND IRONIC to surprise his follower another time. Now is the time that he start posting some of his latest PHOTOGRAPHY and sneakily screenshot all of the comments in the lame TAGS. 

Original Imagine: Imagine Katherine being in love with you and admitting it to you, leading to a make out session.

Author: Hannah

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  778

Content Warning: Lesbian kissing 

  I was finally home after a long day of drama and school work. I was just coming home from the Salvatore’s house dealing with a problem that included Elena and Katherine.

 My head was pounding. I undress as I reached my room and changed clothes. I was too tired to turn my room light on so i walked straight to my bathroom and did my normal hygiene. As I finished washing my hands i heard a noise coming from my bedroom. ‘Shit the lights were off’ i spoke. I wont be able to see anything. I didn’t move one bit …but couldn’t hear anything it was probably the wind.

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Ok, what is the "do chicks?" Thing??


you’re on anon so idk if you just havent caught the latest ep of wynonna earp or if you’ve never even heard of wynonna earp. im gonna assume the latter bc i want to explain to you - In Full Detail

so there’s this show. its based on a comic book that i’ve never read but i can say with full certainty that the show is better. thank u for acknowledging this very true fact with me. anyways so this show, its about killing demons and its basically a gayer feminist supernatural. so there’s these two sisters (technically three but willa earp is on my shitlist til she shapes up) and they’re wynonna and waverly. waverly is God’s Gift To Humanity. wynonna’s the big sis and she loves waverly a lot but bless her soul she’s very oblivious

anyways. so the season starts out with waverly (thats this girl) dating champ who isnt pretty enough to get a gif. 

and wynonna doesnt like him because nobody likes him. so in ep 2 waverly meets Officer Hotstuff. she’s confident and hot as heck and a smooth lesbean

so three episodes later for Unrelated Reasons (pfffff) waverly dumps boy-man champ and four eps after that, this happens

SO WAVERLY EARP HAS A GIRLFRIEND. its lit fam. literally everyone in the ghost river county can see the heart eyes from a mile away and they are So. Bad. at being subtle even tho waverly is technically still in the closet.

like so bad.

the only person who hasn’t noticed? wynonna


so waverly gets shot (just a little bit, its fine) and we’re 10 eps into the waverly/nicole dynamic being a thing and wynonna still thinks her baby sister and that really hot cop she spends all her time with are Heteros™. til she’s tending to waverly’s gunshot wound and waverly’s like “do you think it’ll scar??” and THIS HAPPENS

anyways it changed my life watch wynonna earp on syfy fridays 10/9c


i will believe in Bonkai eternally
I’m really so angry with Satan aka JP.
✖ JP always had favoritism bt… to Bonnie leaves aside
✖ There’re characters who have done worse things than Kai.. and they have not been caught in a prison.
✖ jo’s father has been bad with all his sons, he’s interested only in the family tradition (fusion) but he’s handing on her wedding (?

☛ & I never understand why cant Kai find happiness with Bonnie.??
I wouldnt want that this was his end
He was really sorry!!!

i love tvd but JP & Writers everyday mess up!!
I know my English is soooooooooooo bad (i’m learning the language)
but I hope and understand part of my disgust guys!   ☹ ☹ 

photos: community vk.com


{Requested by anon :3}

You were walking out of your last class, it was just a typical, boring day of school.
The only good part of your day was hanging out with your best friend Andy. You and Andy go way back, ever since elementary school to be exact. Ever since the two of you met in the third grade you were inseperable.
Being the goofy guy you have always known him to be, he approached you by booty bumping you. “Ow Andy!” You yelled giggling and playfully punching his arm. “Sorry, I didnt know my ass was that strong. Those work outs really do make my booty buff.”
You laughed hard and gave him a strange look, “And what type of work outs would those be?” You questioned. “Why do you wanna know? So your ass could be bigger than mine, I dont think so!” He replied.
You laughed even harder this time and shook your head. “I love you Andy.”
“I love you too.” He said smiling and pulling you into a hug.

When you leaned away you went ahead and put your text books back into your locker, your eyes widend as soon as you caught sight of what was put inside, which was a note and sparkly black rose.
“Whaaa?” You muttered in shock and took the two items in your hands. “Oh my gosh…” you gasped blushing really hard.
“Who the hell gave you that?” Andy asked, he didnt have a pleasant look on his face.
“I dont know but, wow, I never knew anybody had a crush on me.” You said smiling huge. “Whatever, what does the note say?” He asked in an irritated tone. Andy was clearly jealous but of course you didnt pay attention from all the excitment you were feeling. You untied the ribbon and unrolled the note, the writing was very beautiful and bold.
“Dear (Y/N), I have had a very huge crush on you ever since freshmen year, I couldnt hold myself back anymore, I had to tell you somehow, I really hope you loved the rose, when I saw it I immediately thought of you and how beautiful you are. I would love to take you out sometime, I hope Saturday night is okay for you. Please meet me at the cafe next to the park down the street from the school at seven p.m. I cant wait to see you, love, your secret admirer.”

You bit your bottom lip and jumped up a down a little with happiness. This was truly the greatest moment of your life. Since you were unconfident about yourself, this was the biggest boost you ever gotten. And you were surprised someone actually liked you, you were not popular at all so you wouldve never even guessed somebody noticing you.
“Guess, I have to go home and pick up my outfit for tomorrow night.” You happily sang. Andy rolled his eyes, “Give me that note.” He said snatching it away from you. “Hmmm…”
“What do you mean hmmm?” You asked raising your eyebrow.
“This seems a little suspicious to me.” He mumbled. “What? Suspicious how?”
“Well whoever wrote this wouldve at least put his name at the end.”
“Oh come on he’s just trying to make it all mysterious, I love that.” You tell him. He shook his head very unsure. “I dont know (Y/N), I dont think you should go. Something tells me youre gonna be very dissapointed.”

You smiled and rolled your eyes, “Well something tells me that youre wrong, now if you excuse me…” you say snatching the note back, “Ive got a date to prepare for!” You sang once more and skipped out of the school.
“(Y/N)!” Andy yelled after you. But you just ignored him and kept skipping.
Andy sighed, “That girl…” he muttered.
It was the next day and you were getting ready for your blind date. You looked absolutely gorgeous with your hair curled, dark eye makeup, a short red dress, black ripped fish net stockings, black combat boots, and a black leather jacket with fingerless gloves. Everything was perfect on you for tonight, and you couldnt wait to see who had the hots for you.
Andy kept texting you the night before about this date, it was nothing bit negetive things so you decided to ignore it. You were starting to get thr feeling that Andy was feeling a bit jealous, but you didnt want to jump to conclusions.

Moments later, you made your way and finally arrived at the cafe. You took a deep breath before stepping inside.
You looked around for your date but didnt see anybody. “Hm..where is he?”
You asked yourself. You saw a guy sitting by himself, he was cute, you smiled and started to make your way over to him. Only to see a girl going and sitting in the table with him, he clearly wasnt your date.
You spotted a table with another sparkly black rose with a rolled up note on it.
You smiled and rushed over to sit, you grabbed the note and your smile quickly faded away when you saw that note said in huge words, “Ha! Ha! Ha! Got cha dumb bitch!…” Tears started to build up in your eyes and they immediately went down your face. You couldnt believe that your heart was so crushed, and this date was just all prank. You crushed the note in your hand and ran out of the cafe, you kept running and running as fast as you can until you got home. You locked yourself up in your room and cried worse than a five-year-old into your pillow.
Andy was right the entire time, you were going to be dissapointed, heartbroken was more like it.

After crying for a good while you hugged your pillow tightly and held it close to you. You just laid in your bed with your shattered heart. You decided to grab your phone and call up Andy, after all he was the only person you could let your feelings out with.
“Hello?” He answered with his oh so deep voice on the other line.
“Andy…” you weakly said with your voice cracking again. “(Y/N)? Whats wrong?”
He asked very worried. “You were right Andy…”
“Oh no…dont tell me…”
“Yes, it was all just a big joke, there was nobody crushing on me…it was all just a fucking prank!!” You cried.
“(Y/N), I am so sorry this happend to you, come on, meet me up at that old park we used to hang out in.” He tells you. You said up and wiped your tears, “The one near your house?”
“Yeah, meet me up there okay?”

You lived close by Andy, so walking to the park only took about eight minutes.
You saw Andy sitting in one of the swings, as you approached him, he quickly stood up and held you tightly in his arms. One of his hands rubbing your back softly.
“You okay beautiful?”
You shook your head in his chest, “No..”
You whispered. His arms held you even closer, “Whoever did this to you I’ll hunt his ass down…”
“Cant believe someone would stab me like this…”
“Shhh, its okay, it will be okay (Y/N)…” he assures you. You felt so safe and loved in his arms, it was like this horrible night never even happened.
“I really dont wanna go home…” you mumbled after a long silence. Andy leaned away and smiled wiping the tears away with his thumbs as he held your face.
“Well you dont have to, you can sleepover my house tonight, sound good?” You smiled weakly and nodded agreeing to the great idea. It was getting late anyway and you couldnt go walking home by yourself.

It was officially midnight now, and you were starting to fall asleep. Andy let you sleep in his bed, and he slept on the floor.
He kept tossing and turning, the floor was awfully uncomfortable to him. He stood up and caught sight of you, he smiled and how beautiful and peacefull you looked sleeping. He quietly went up to you and kneeled down beside you, carefully petting your head. You smiled a little as you felt his huge hand on your soft hair, which caused him to smile even bigger.
“You are so cute…I cant believe anybody would dare break your sweet heart. I would never do that to you…if you ever gave your heart to me I would treasure it and keep it in my hands always and never let it fall to the ground…I would love you and cherish you just like I have been doing up to this day…I love you (Y/N)…” he whispered and gently pressed his lips on your forehead.
Your ears could not believe what they have just heard. Your heart began to race too, slowly you opened your eyes like sleeping beauty, looking directly at your real secret admirer. Andy froze, he really hoped you didnt hear what he has just said but he was starting to get the feeling that you did. “Andy…do you really feel that way about me?…” you softly asked.
He sighed and slowly smiled nodding, “Yeah…I really do…”
A smile formed on your face as well as you grabbed his hand that was on top of your head and held it together with yours, “You are truly the sweetest…and I know my heart would be safe with yours…” you whispered.

Without another word, he made his way inside the bed with you and took you in his arms. Laying your head on his chest.
His heartbeat was pretty fast now that he had you close to him.
“So…are you giving me a chance?” He asks.
“Yes I am.” You responded.
“I promise you wont be dissapointed.”
You slid up a little and pecked his cheek, causing his soft face to become hot and red….
“I know…” (Such a brilliant request I loved it!!) -YessyLove♡

Beautiful Disaster (Part One - Michael Clifford)

Hi! This is my first one shot on here and i’m super excited to be up and writing for this blog so yeah this basically a one shot where Michael deals with a serious mental disorder and yeah. 

~ Jess

He was the most beautiful destruction Y/N had ever seen. His hair ruffled and slightly greasy as he rolled around in the cotton sheets early Sunday morning. His legs like vines, entangling the two, forbidding his early coffee cravings and the need to stretch her waking limbs. Y/N wished he could stay like this forever, with that stupid dreaming smile cracking Michael’s dry lips and that blissfully blank slate between them. Y/N knew though, that eventually she would have to confront the shattered vase downstairs; the pink pills sprinkled in between the jagged edges of glass. As well as the hole in the plaster shaped to Michael’s hand.

Michael, whose highs were bleeding red, sometimes happiness that poured out of his every pore and others an anger, an anxiety, a reckless energy completely out of control. Michael, whose lows were slashing tones of blue and black. A depression that swallowed every thought, movement and ounce of him. Michael, who lived in a constant custody battle between scolding mountaintops and plummeting crevasses. Michael, whose life was a never ending battle of extremes. Michael, who would give everything for a crumb of peace called Y/N.

But sometimes, he just couldn’t control himself and the anger that bubbled deep inside of him hurt the one he loved the most.

You know what Y/N, you just don’t understand me at all! You don’t love me because if you did you would understand that I cant help being like this!”

I know Michael! Believe me I know why you act like this and I know this is the disorder talking, but if you just took your fucking medicine then this would never happen!”

Fuck you Y/N! I don’t need too take that fucking medicine. Just fuck you, get out of my face!”

Y/N knew it would be hard living with someone suffering from Bipolar disorder, let alone being in a relationship with them, but she loved Michael and that’s all that mattered. Until last night, she had never been caught in the raging heat of one of his manic episodes. She had only cleaned up the mess as the clinging grasp of Michael’s carnage faded. People thought that a manic episode wasn’t bad, that it was good in fact, that’s exactly what Y/N thought too. But the night that Michael showed up at her doorstep high on any drug he could get his hand on and piss drunk asking for sex and a place to sleep, Y/N learned the truth of Michael’s disorder. She did as much research as she could take and took care of him as he came off his high and began to cry; the wave of shame crashing down on him. But Y/N took his porcelain hand in her own and held it tight, her thumb rubbing his bruised knuckles.

“Michael, there is nothing you could ever do to make me stop loving you okay? We are gonna get you help, your gonna get help okay.” Y/N’s shirt soaked up Michael’s tears and a chill ran through her spine because for once in her life, Y/N had no idea if she was lying or not.

Michael looked at her like she held stars in her eyes and he touched her like her skin was made of glass. Everything Michael did for Y/N was for the sole purpose of making sure that she knew just how much he loved her.


“Yes Michael?”

“You know that I love you with everything I have right? And if there was more of me, then that part would love you too.” A crooked smile would crack across his face like old cement and Y/N could feel his lazy fingers trace lyrics on her skin. She would just laugh.

“Are you saying your planing on getting fat Michael?”

“Only if you stick around to get fat with me.” Y/N wished she would have cherished the memories that were wrapped up in his duvet a little more. Only if she had knew what the future would bring.

Michael had been doing so well since the new medicine, the miracle drug. It kept him at such a constant mood that Y/N thought that he could be himself again, the real Michael. But people like him, like her sunshine, were so unpredictable.

Y/N didn’t take time to notice the downward spiral Michael was on, if she had maybe, jut maybe she could have stopped it.

((I’m planning on doing a part 2 so thats why it has such a sudden ending.))

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it might be fake but im pretty sure i saw a few frames somewhere online where keith and lance feed each other in the scene where they're eating together

ohmyogriwe So I went back and watched the scene and for a split second we get this

When I saw this cap at first it looked like Keith was feeding Lance but when I finally managed to pause it, it’s just them goin for the same piece of food. And it was literally like a split second of a scene before they cut to Allura so I wouldn’t have caught it if you hadn’t said anything.

So who knows how either reacted, they probably fought each other for it, but this is the most we get to see.

Cam dallas imagine For anon!

A/n: if you guys haven’t noticed I don’t plan the storyline it’s completely random so if it doesn’t make sense that is why. Anyway enjoy!

You screamed, your eyes starting to become glossy, you had caught him at the mall with another girl and watched them kiss. “WELL WHY DO YOU CARE!?! YOU NEVER PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IM DOING TILL NOW!!” He screamed, coming close to you face. What he said was just enough to push you over the edge. “No cameron, it’s you who doesn’t pay attention to me” you whisper. “Of course I do!” He yells, not as loud as before but still loud enough to make you flinch. “You know what?” You yell starting to become furious by his stupidity. “Just go back to you SLUT!” You emphasise the word slut. Your face begins to burn, and your head had been slapped to the side. You slowly look him in the eyes and the tears that had fallen were nothing compared to now. He was so furious you could tell he had no regret at that moment. “YEAH WELL MAYBE I SHOULD! Aye? Be-” you cut him off ” you know w-what?” You were breathing very unevenly “ever since you started that stupid vine, I-I was push so far out of your life, no matter how hard I tried It still wasn’t hard enough” you were venting out everything to him, everything you had held in just so he could be happy. ” I never said a thing because I wanted your happiness, but did mine matter no!” He had become quite. He stepped back and back, until he hit the wall. He slowly slid down it and tugged on his hair.

You had given up on everything and walked to the room, you slowly started packing you bag. You glanced one last time at the room and walked, you held your cheek and walked towards the door. “Wait! No don’t leave” he said softly. You
Turn around and say “give me one good reason to stay, because right now I can’t cameron, i just can’t keep doing this”. His eyes filled fast, and the tears left quicker. “Because without you I’m lost, how am I supposed to live without you, you are my everything and I wouldn’t be able to carry on without you.” He pauses for a second and carries on “you are my anchor without you I wouldn’t be here, remember the hate I had gotten?” He asks, you had walked over to him and sat down, his head in your lap. “Yeah I do” you reply. “I would have killed myself if it wasn’t for you, you came over and stopped me” you were confused, he looked up at you “you were the only thing that kept me from doing so, just seeing you smile was enough for me to think ‘wow I can’t leave her’” you had shed a tear. “Please Cameron don’t leave me, don’t ever think of that.” “No don’t you leave me I’m so sorry” he said reaching out to your already bruising cheek. You leant into his hand. He sat up and kissed you. It was full I passion, but he was able to still keep it sweet. “Please ‘anon’ stay with me” how could you say no to the broken boy sitting in front of you. “Of course I will stay” you say embracing him in a hug…

Sorry it was bad.