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Kind and Goofy

I thank (and blame) @pixletta for this. This is based on a short story they gave me and I just- 


Au where your world is black and white until you kiss your soulmate

Jeremy had always thought of his life as simple. For years he only had to focus on three things: his music loving best friend, his obnoxious teenage bully and the love of his life - the main ingredients for a teenage boy. He had grown used to the black and white surroundings he had grown up in. However this all changed when he got the Squip. 

 The little computer in his head was adamant on him becoming more than his nerdy persona. He insulted him, manipulated him into getting what he wanted and soon Jeremy found himself rising above his ranks. He was talking to the popular kids, he was wearing more fashionable clothing and his once teenage bully was not practically his best friend. All he wanted now was her - his soulmate.

But apparently, that was too much to ask. 

 "What do you mean it might not be Christine?“ Jeremy questioned his Squip out loud in his bedroom where no one else could hear. His dad had gone out to get groceries (thankfully with pants) so the house was his for the time being. 

 "I’m saying,” the CPU stated, taking his physical form over to the end of the bed, “that soulmates are not the result of science, therefore I am unable to calculate who the particular human will be, given that there are roughly 7,500,000,000 people roaming the Earth at this given moment. It is very unlikely that your soulmate is Christine." 

 "But it has to be!” Jeremy interjected. “Soulmates have a bond, and I can feel that bond between us." 

 "You don’t even know her Jeremy.”

 "I don’t need to! When I close my eyes, I can picture us together, and we’re happy. Whenever I see her, I just want to kiss her and tell her how much I love her. I want her to tell me how much she needs me… I want to know that I’m her favourite person.“ Jeremy was soon lost in his own daydream and failed to notice that the Squip had suddenly taken interest. 

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here’s a long list of headcanons because i love my kids
-Lance is slightly taller than Keith. Like, an inch taller. Keith insists that 1 inch doesn’t make a difference but Lance will constantly poke fun at Keith for being ‘short’.
     -Pidge looks into the camera like they’re in the office.
-Lance and Allura are BEST FRIENDS. They absolutely have sleepovers together and complain about their dumb boyfriends.
     -Pidge is also a recurring guest in these sleepovers because they always have THE BEST gossip. 
          -Pidge knows everything about everyone. There’s no hiding from them.
     -Lance is very good at doing Allura’s hair.
     -Lance: *kicks down door* allura you are not going to BELIEVE what keith just did!!!!!
-Hunk and Keith bond over dumb things Lance has done because Hunk is more than happy to share all sorts of embarrassing stories.
     -Lance has never felt so betrayed.
-Everyone catches on to Lance feeling bad about himself sometimes and they all band together to make Lance the most appreciated person on the planet.
     -They made a banner that says ‘we love lance <3’ and honestly it looks like a group of kindergartners drew it.
     -Hunk makes a cake.
           -Keith ‘helped’ make it but that boy can’t cook to save his life ok he just did the icing and it looked terrible.
     -in conclusion they all love lance so much and Lance has never been more proud to call these losers his friends.
-Shiro is the ultimate dad friend. Cares very much but too emotionally distant
-keith is so gay for Lance and he’s open about it to everyone but lance.
     -anytime someone says something about lance Keith immediately shows up to be like “yea lance is amazing right?????”
-Shiro is the embodiment of the ‘i have crippling depression’ meme
     -he makes so many self-deprecating jokes no one knows if they should laugh or give him a hug
           -the answer is both.
-Lance is the kind of person who’s like “haha im such a bad person haha” but as soon as someone else does it he’s all “!!!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING AND I WOULD DIE FOR YOU”
-Lance has two moods:
     -”i am shit”
     -”i am The Shit”
-Keith has a 32 slide powerpoint on why mothman is real.
     -Pidge helped.
-”mothman is real he sucked my dick in a denny’s parking lot” -keith probably
-Hunk is everyone’s shoulder to cry on. 
     -you need to rant abt something??? Cool hunk will listen and make you some tea
     -relationship trouble??? Here comes Hunk back at it again with helpful advice
-Shiro on the other hand has the emotional empathy of a rock.
     -he has good intentions but he’s so awkward honestly so his advice is just the worst
-Lance has no concept of personal space
     -everyone is used to his constant need for physical contact
     -keith is the victim of this more often than not.
     -Lance claims it’s because keith is really warm but everyone knows that is a Blatant Lie
-There are often debates on cats vs dogs
     -keith, shiro, and pidge are team cats
     -hunk, lance and allura are team dogs
     -coran is the one who needs to break up the argument before there’s a fight
-everyone is basically an older sibling to pidge
     -every single one of them will throw hands at the ready for them
     -there’s no debate ok you mess with pidge and you will be catching The Hands of six very angry friends
-Allura is not to be fucked with ok like she’s nice and sweet and all but will not hesitate to kick ass
-Coran has dirt on everybody. He’s just too nice to use it
-pidge, however, will not hesitate to blackmail everyone with every piece of info they can get their petty little hands on
-Lance is an absolute baby when he’s sick
      -no one is safe from his desperate clinging and begging to be taken care of
      -n o  o n e
-Lance will latch onto anything in the vicinity when he’s asleep
     -pillows, stuffed animals, and keith are his main victims
-Keith will go actual days without sleep until someone (usually lance or shiro) legitimately force him to sleep
     -Lance actually sat on top of keith for hours once to force keith to stay in bed
     -lance ended up falling asleep too
     -pidge still has pictures of them cuddling
     -lance still denies that it happened despite the cold hard Facts
-Lance would rather die than admit his massive crush on Keith “Mullethead” Kogane
     -everyone already knows
-everyone is sick of the klance mutual pining
     -everyone is guilty of trying to play matchmaker at least once
          -pidge is more guilty than anyone
     -keith and lance are dumb and cant admit their feelings and it pisses everyone off

In conclusion i love my children

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TOP: My dream-like 10 years has passed, and today is the final day. I am so surprised how fast time flies. The words, this is the END, makes me very sad. Now, I wanna concentrate on telling my feeling to VIP.
At first, to all members of BIGBANG, Jiyong, Yongbae, Daesung and Seungri, thanks for always supporting me. I will never forget our memories.
And, to all VIP Japan, thank you for meeting me. I was very happy until now. “We never meet without a parting,” but this parting means we will meet again, and that will makes our bonds deeper. We can definitely meet again. By then, please be looking forward to the day. I love you. Thank you.
VIP: (Applaud)
Seungri: This is our last fanmeeting. Let’s give message to TOPsan.
ToDae: hahaha! Really?
Youngbae: but if we do that, TOP will cry, definitely.
Seungri: we cant do it on live, let’s do it
BB: Okay
Daesung: in Korean? Can he understand in Japanese?
Seungri: Of course, he can! He can understand all Japanese conversion if it is related to him!
VIP: (Laughing)

Daesung: I didnt prepare, so I will speak in earnest. I think his mental aspect is the weekest in our group, and I believe he is our mental leader. I learned many things from him, and I really respect him as the one of the same team members. This is not the end, we are one, im living in TOPsan’s heart. So please come back safely. Thank you so much.

Youngbae: Everyday, he is saying “Im happy, Im happy,” but I AM more happier than you because of you. He is older than us, but he makes our atmosphere better. TOP, you don’t need to worry, we always will be next to you so that you won’t get lonely. I cant express my feeling, but I am so appreciate you. I love you, Topsan, more than anyone else.

Jiyong: We were junior school students when we met. I was very happy to meeting you. It’s not our last, so let’s just stay 5members forever, be friends, do it. I love you.

Seungri: When i met Topsan for the first time, I thought he is living in different worlds, and I felt sort of I cant along well with him. But, we lived together, and i was scold by him a lot, then now I really like him. He always makes me strong. If I hadn’t met you, I wouldnt be who i am now. When we did fanmeeting in Japan, Topsan was not able to come(he always had other schedule, filming), and we talked that if Top san was here, we could spend time more happily. This time, our last fanmeeting, all of us finally gathered, so I think this is a very good thing! I am sure that we will miss you, but as one Korean male who were born in Korea, you have a responsibility. Please take care of yourself, and I will support you. Lastly, thank you very much for loving me the way I am, an immature maknae. Topsan, I love you.

Translation credit: ツ Vvip in Youtube comments

Lance AU

Part 1
AHGGGGG ITS BEEN SO LONG!! I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THIS AND HAD TO REWRITE IT CUZ IM AN IDIOT WHO DIDNT SAVE!! 😿Uhggg but yeah there are some notes at the bottom and hope you enjoy!!

  • When they got on Blue, Lance realized that the communicators were still not working properly. They kept blinking in and out and Lance couldn’t tell any locations. (He could only see a location for a few seconds before it turned off)
  • So Lance and Kairi wandered from planet to planet for a few days. (They obviously needed food and supplies) And while there, they helped with whatever they could. Lance also took time to try to fix the communicators.
  • Then, one day, they hear about some space lions fighting the Galra on a nearby planet.(Lance ofc knows who it is) So they quickly pack up, get on Blue, and make their way to the battle.
  • However on their way, Lance panics. “What if they don’t need me?” “Kai, what if they’ve forgotten me?” “Kai, I’m scared.” “Kai.” And he just breaks down. Kairi tries their hardest to calm Lance down, reminding him of how brave and smart he is. How he helped them realize that they were something else besides a “killing machine.” How he helped all those people in the planet. How many lives he saved. How important he is. That he IS the blue paladin and HE CANT be replaced. (Kairi is just doing what Lance did all those times when Kairi themselves had their moments.)
  • Kai calms Lance down and eventually they come upon the battle. The battle was ugly. Thats the only way Lance could describe it. The Lions were getting beaten up pretty badly and the Galra just kept coming. (Lance to the rescue cuz hes BOMB AF)
  • They make their way towards the others, fighting the Galra from behind, and almost get shot down a few times. Upon arrival, the others don’t seem to notice the Blue Lion. They fight side by side and it wasn’t until Lance heard someone say “Cover me from behind!” and had replied “I got you.” that they noticed his presence. (communicators were now working for some reason??? Maybe cuz they were close to each other?? Idk)
  • Lance could feel their surprise and joy as the slowly began to realize who had replied. They were ecstatic… Pidge and Hunk were crying. Keith was laughing and Shiro was telling Lance so many good things. “They always loved you,” Kai whispered to him. “Yeah.” Lance replied.
  • However after the battle, they were getting off of their ships when Lance realized that times had changed. Lance had made the mistake of believing everything would be the same.


Reason For Blue Not Working: Okay so for the technology thing… at first I was also like ??? But then I thought about it and so you know how Voltron is really old and the lions have their own self-repair features well Blue was in such bad shape that she couldn’t repair herself and like Lance, hes smart, but his fortitude isnt in repairing technology so it takes him a while to actually start fixing Blue. And theres the thing that he has to find really old pieces that Blue needs. Which are really hard to find and expensive af. But by that time he gets some he kinda lost hope that the others were coming to find him so Blue tells him she’ll keep trying to fix herself and he should just live in the planet for awhile.
How They Met: For the attack in which they met… I was kinda thinking it was like a inner-planet battle. Like similar to two countries fighting each other. And Lance is obviously on the good side. BUT @nickbuymeaburger came up with the awesome idea that Kairi came from a Galra attack. The Galra had them as a prisoner and trained them to be a killer… but they’re actually not Galra.
Name: SO THE NAME!! I really had no idea what to name them but I came up with some ideas and shared them with @nickbuymeaburger, who also had ideas. So thats when “Kairi" came out… and I had wanted “Kai” soooo I just decided to use both because why not? We also said that when Lance took them in, he asked for their name and they told him some numbers/codes and Lance is like “NUH UH NO SIRRY!! NOT IF I CAN HELP IT!” So he tells him that his new name is “Kairi” which stands for sea in Hawaiian. (hunk told him btw) And its his favorite place in the universe so that makes “Kairi” his favorite person too.

BUT YEAH… if any of you all are confused or just want to talk about any ideas that you all have, feel free to message or ask me!! I LOVE READING YOUR THOUGHTS!!
So its come to my attention that my AU is similar to an AU from @nuro-does-art, which you can find here. Of course it was never my intention to copy them and im really sorry for any troubles. We also both have different ideas and i hope to see how both of them develop. Sooooo go check out their blog!! They are really nice and their AU is really good too! Anyways, Sorry once again!!
Kyungsoo touched Jongin’s face during Growl performance theory.

A video posted by @kkaisoo on Jan 10, 2016 at 2:58am PST

This is the video that I’m going to talk about.

Before you continue, I’ll remind you that shit is about to get delusional and there’ll be shit ton of cussing and me being a sarcastic bitch, while I’m at it everything that I’ll say here is not a fact although I think it is facts and everything that I’ll say here is my opinions. Thank you!

…After watching this video for 4896374 times I am left with hundreds of questions. When I saw this of course I fucking shit my asshole and I had a meantal breakdown. Some of my questions are, what was Jongin’s face during that time? Other members, how did they react? What happened next? Was Jongin annoyed? What happened after the performance? 

This video is only 13 fucking seconds and it’s not enough to satisfy my delusional brain and it doesn’t help that I’m skeptical, I always fucking question things and here I am writing my theory. As I said, this video is too short for my liking so I went to YouTube and searched for different angles of this performance as much as I can. Downloaded them all, made them into gifs, and boom, a theory was born.

Let’s start with Kyungsoo and Minseok mischievously smiling at each other right before Kyungsoo’s verse started.

Alright, this is an angle where we could see Kyungsoo smile no sHit.  You see that smile? This bitch is hiding something. I can fucking smell it Do Kyungsoo. Now, let’s look at and angle where we could see Minseok smiling back at him.

It’s a little blurry but you can survive. In the first set of gifs you could clearly see Minseok smile but people will shit on my head and they’ll be doubtful. So here I am, showing you a different angle. Their smiles were the one that lead me to question this whole thing. Those smiles are usually the kind of smiles that friends exchange with each other when they planned stupid shit. I don’t know about you but that is how I smile at my friend when we indeed planned something.

You could just tell me that they’re just casually smiling at each other but since I’m a fucking trash this is not normal and you can’t tell me what to do. And so I investigated and investigated, and investigated…

And it lead me to another point.

Plenty of people just simply watched this video and screamed their head off not even curious what Jongin did/looked like when Kyungsoo was touching him. If you’re curious (which I thought you would be because you’re reading this post) then here is what he looked like during those times:





I’m not even going to forget to mention that he glanced at Kyungsoo two times during this gifs period. Go back and see for yourself. And I’m not even going to forget that he was breathing hard and did you see the way he tenses up? HELLO? Someone help this horny child out of his blazer please.

He can’t even look at Kyungsoo when he was touching him. I wonder how many rounds did they fuck that night? 1? 2? 9? 3598750?

Jongin was probably eye fucking Kyungsoo at that time after he touched him. He always eye fucks him anyways.

God, I’m such a trash.

ANYWAYS, it looks like Jongin pushed Kyungsoo arm or smth but it all depends on the angle, and this angle is all we have so you’ll have to judge for your own good:

Personally, I think Jongin did push Kyungsoo’s arm slightly, because if I were in Jongin’s position I would’ve too even though I love like Kyungsoo’s palm on my cheek. Why would I do that if I were in Jongin’s shoes? Well, I think I would want it to be less obvious. I’m gonna start a new paragraph to explain this thoroughly.

Maybe Jongin wanted to make it a little less obvious. But that is not fucking working because he took off his blazer looking horny as hell and I think that is a dumbest move he ever made in his whole life if he were trying to make it less obvious. If he was trying to make it less obvious he already failed from the fucking start because as I said, he took off that blazer looking hot as hell and there’s no way he can make it less obvious when their friends literally did the same action Kyungsoo did to him seconds ago. IMHO, I think Kyungsoo is tired of being subtle touches and hiding all the time. He did this because he knows people will think it’s all for fans to see, all for fans to like/love, all for fan service. But there’s something inside of me that thinks that is not true. I think he did it on purpose to rile Jongin up. 

Wow, that’s a nice prompt for anyone to write a Kaisoo smut on. ;)

Moving along, when Kaisoo was happening the rest of the members were turned to the back and some of them were staring at the screen, right? So I decided to take a closer looks at the members when Kaisoo was happening.

The member’s positions if you are curious.

This is Chanyeol, the member who doesn’t give a fuck and just wants to get off the stage. Personally, I think he’s used to it. Like he didn’t even move a single face muscle when Kyungsoo touched Jongin. If he is used to it, I wonder if he’s used to hearing moans as well from Kaisoo’s room?

Minseok and Suho: The assholes that were involved in this shit. They looked pretty chill but they’re watching for a very, very good reason later on. ;)

The other members are pretty much zoning out, Baekhyun and Jongdae staring at the floor, Lay looking at the fans, Sehun fixing his hair for 496824759130 times that day, Jongin’s dick hard as hell and Kyungsoo looking proud as fuck. :)

Let’s get a little bit more exciting, shall we?

After this moment, Minseok, Yixing, and Suho’s verse came. You know what Minseok and Suho did?


That’s the part where I shit my pants and started crying blood. My tear ducts hurt as hell and I swear to god I wanted to kill someone because oh my fucking god I never saw it coming.




I’m going to calm down and explain shit because that is what I’m here for. i don’t really know what to fucking explain because this is pretty much self-explanatory but I’ll fucking do it anyways—

Minseok touched Kyungsoo’s cheek using his knuckles, literally the same way Kyungsoo touched Jongin but only by the knuckles. Suho touched Jongdae by the neck and that’s exactly the way Kyungsoo seduced Jongin, only missing the sliding my hand across your chest part.

Let’s break it into two parts. 

Let’s talk about Minseok and Kyungsoo’s moment first. Here’s a closeup so you could see better:


Look at Kyungsoo smiling though. Look at Minseok’s fucking smile like—


They’re basically teasing Kyungsoo right now. Like holy shit wouldn’t friends tease you when you did something in front of your crush? That smile Kyungsoo made and he looks so shy and embarrassed. He’s like, are they really teasing me right now and he looks so cute I want you to see his smile in another angle:


Kill me but don’t you deny that he looked so fucking shy. That grin is so cute I’m gonna jump off a cliff and that fucking smile is going to be death of my dead body. He really looked so shy though. I guess he didn’t saw this coming as well. I bet he thought that they’re just going to let this go and just do their thing and not tease him right in front of the fans. But thank god Minseok and Suho did this shit because this moment is my gospel now. They made it more obvious which I like, Kyungsoo and Jongin are so obvious it’s amusing how they always try to hide it while showing it. Two sides contradicts but you fucking get it, alright.

Let’s move our focus to Suho and Jongdae moment.

This is LQ as hell because I’m a piece of lazy shit but you can still clearly see Suho’s smile and Jongdae’s most gayest reaction. Jongdae doesn’t seem to know that Suho will do that to him. His reaction says it all. It’s quite funny because he’s so shocked he just had to put his palm over his mouth.

Let’s take a step further just to see more around the field.

Jongdae was probably thinking, did he just fucking do that or is this the feeling that jongin felt when kyungsoo touched him because that fucking reaction screams those thoughts for me.

Did you guys see Sehun? I was protesting with myself whether he knows something or he’s just simply laughing at Jongdae’s reaction. Since I’m a trash, I don’t believe the latter.

I’m keeping a close eye on you, Oh Sehun. 

I was asking myself what was Jongin’s reaction when Minseok touched Kyungsoo and Suho touched Jongdae and thank god there were blessed fancams and his reaction is priceless.

There’s a lot going on in this gif and did i even mention that six of them are fucking smiling/laughing just because of this whole thing. You can’t see shit from this angle but you can clearly see Jongin laugh. I’ll show a better angle.


The last second of this gif Jongin actually looked at Kyungsoo after he glanced at Minseok. Goddamn he looks so happy after he saw what their friends did to Kyungsoo. They’re teasing them and this is going to be so fucking delusional but if there was nothing going on with Kyungsoo and Jongin, they would’ve not copied Kyungsoo, Jongin would’ve not fucking smiled like this, Kyungsoo would’ve not laughed when Minseok touched him, Jongin would’ve not looked so hot and bothered after Kyungsoo touched him, Minseok and Kyungsoo would’ve not smiled evilly right from the start, Six of them would’ve not fucking smiled and laughed at the same time at the same shit, none of this would’ve happened if it’s all fanservice. It’s just Kyungsoo touching Jongin’s face, done. Nothing more.

But the opposite happened.

Minseok and Kyungsoo did look at each other and smiled evilly, Jongin did look horny as hell, Minseok and Suho did imitate Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo and Jongin did laugh at what their friends did. Am I even going to say more because I’ve proven what I think. Basically, what I am saying is that they’re in a relationship. That’s not really new but according to my experiences, my life and my friends, friends do tease each other when their friend did something to someone they like/love. Because I’m that friend who is like Minseok/Suho, copying what they did in front of their crush to my other friend. I’m not gonna copy if I think it’s too intimate tho lmAo. But yeah, you get my point.

As I stated earlier that Jongin looked at Kyungsoo, here’s a closer look:

I forgot to mention that Kyungsoo is smiling like an idiot too like Jongin. Wow, couples are really alike.

Crop it up and slow it down:

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Originally posted by sherrykinss

“I honestly do not remember the last time I had a weekend off, how do you even spend a weekend off?” you set the fresh cup of coffee in front of JJ “What are you doing this weekend?”

“Hanging out with my boys, I think we’re going to the zoo” she said taking a sip. You guys were guaranteed a weekend off, which was rare. Unless people started dying left and right, in the same city, around the same time, with some more than suspicious similarities you were off.

“That sounds awesome, what about you Spence, any big plans?” Spencer had been reading through most of the flight back home. “I had this high school reunion thing” he said not looking away from the page.

“Had? Had as in you’re not going any more?” you questioned, “Yeah, I don’t think I want to go” he said still concentrated.

“Why don’t you want to go” probably a question you shouldn’t ask. You and Spencer weren’t completely close, mostly because he wouldn’t warm up to you. After months of being of the team, seven months to be exact, he still would not look at you in your eyes. He wouldn’t laugh at your jokes, no matter how much you tried to bond with him, it wasn’t happening.

“I don’t want to see a bunch of people who bullied me for years” he said coldly.

“You’re an FBI agent how is any one going to bully you now?” you asked .

“Everyone is probably married, with kids, a family, I wont fit in, once again” he said refusing to look at you.

“So you won’t go because you don’t have a date?” JJ said.

“I’ll be your date” you said before he could answer her question “What?” Spencer said looking up at you confused.

“If you seriously want to shut these people up, I’ll be your date, Ill go”

Spencer was shocked that you would ever suggest that. “You don’t have to do that.”

JJ was equally as shocked, “Worse case scenario you guys have a fun weekend in Vegas, you should go” she said trying to be supportive.

“I cant think of a better way to spend my first weekend off! Vegas it is!”

After spending the flight sleeping you and Spencer headed to the hotel where the reunion was being held. “Hello, I am here to check in my name is Spencer Reid” the young girl started to typing. “Im sorry but I don’t have anything under that name” she looked up at Spencer waiting for his response. “That’s impossible because I reserved a room weeks ago under Spencer Reid” he said confused. “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t have anything under that name”

“Look up Y/FLN” You said over Spencer shoulder “Oh yes, I have a reservation for that, unfortunately since it was made so late I only one room, queen size bed available”

“That’s fine, well take it” you said calmly.

“Perfect, these are your room keys, and some pamphlets with some information, you guys are all set”

You took all the information, and grabbed your bags and started walking away.

“You cancelled my room reservation?” Spencer said in an angry tone as you both got into the elevator. “Spencer couples don’t request separate bedrooms, if you want to fool every one of your old classmates, whom are by the way staying at this very same hotel, I suggest you be okay with it.” You said dragging your suitcase into the elevator. “Of course, definitely okay with it”

“So I was thinking about it and I am just going to attend the dinner tonight, after wards you’re free I’ll be flying back home” Spencer said watching you as you unpacked part of your suitcase.

“What? Why would you do that?” you said concentrated on your unpacking. “Because this is ridiculous and although I appreciate you doing this it isn’t necessary” he sounded annoyed.

Spencer was reading a book as he waited for you to be ready he was in his usual attire, you decided to spice things up, you walked out of the bathroom, having finally finished your make up. Spencer closed his book and his mouth dropped when he saw you, wearing a tight back dress, with black heels, simple, elegant, a small diamond necklace around your neck. “Alright let’s get this show on the road” you said grabbing your clutch and cell phone. You both walked into the elevator Spencer pressed the ground button “You know in order for this to work, you’re going to have to pretend to be in love with me” you said laughing. “Pretend, right, got it” Spencer said in a serious tone.

The evening actually went better than you could have imagined. You spent the night chatting with everyone, telling crazy stories about the BAU, embezzling them just enough to make Spencer sound like a hero, which he had been plenty of times. Spencer continued to make sure your glass was never empty. Everyone’s eyes were on you both, and surprisingly Spencer had been dealing well with the situation. He held your hand when you walked, brushed the hair out of your face, threw his arm around your shoulder, and even kissed your cheek. You loved every minute of it, it felt so natural, so right, nothing felt forced, or rehearsed.

 It had come to the end of the night, Spencer could tell you had way too much to drink. He held your hard as you walked to the elevator, once you were inside he pressed the number four. You rested your head on his shoulder, until the elevator doors opened and he led you to your hotel room door. You took off your shoes as soon as Spencer opened the door, and stumbled over to the bathroom.

When you walked out you found Spencer preparing the couch. “Just sleep with me” you blurted out. “What?” he said confused by what he had just heard. “Sleep with me, in the bed, don’t sleep on the couch” you said clarifying your statement.

“Right” he said stiffly. “Good job out there tonight, pretending you loved me, everyone couldn’t stop looking as us, payback is a bitch”

“Pretending, yeah, good job”

You had enough of his cry cut responses for one night, “Spencer why don’t you like me, I mean for god sake I try really hard, and you’re not even nice to me” you blurted out.

“I do like you” his voice was low, almost a whisper. “What!?” you almost shouted.

“I do like you Y/N” he repeated “Just not like this”

“What does that even mean?” you were confused.

“I like you, I like you, like you, not just as friend, or co worker” he said unable to look at you. As soon as you processed what you had just heard you walked right over to Spencer pressing your lips against his. His tongue making his way into your mouth, yours reciprocating its movements. You couldn’t believe this was happening. “You could’ve just said that months ago” you said pulling away from him.

“Well I am sorry I am late, but I’m pretty crazy about you”

Jerome Valeska x Reader- Don’t be Greedy (Rated M smut)

You’re in Arkham with Jerome, he gets jealous of hearing you using your powers of seduction to get what you want from other inmates, he reminds you that you’re his sweet girl

Warning- Sexual content, Daddy kink, Fingering, masturbation, oral, rough acts, no romance here, M/F, smut

Originally posted by kristieltrips

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last night i had a thought that consisted of little more than “lesbian blue sargent” which is of course not only canon contradictory but bluesey contradictory which is more than maybe my poor heart can take but also like.. imagine this

imagine blue sargent who’s been told her entire life that when she has her first kiss he’s going to die and well, when your future’s already been written in the stars next to that telltale “he”, you don’t really think about sexuality too hard 

the curse still means everything it did before, that she needs to stay away from boys, and especially away from kissing them and somehow that’s just never been that big of a deal but she knows it should be, that she should want it the way other girls do and in a way she does, because she sees that comfort and familiarity and love and wants those feelings for herself but never seems to want the boys that are supposed to come with it

when adam asks her out she says yes, because he’s good looking and polite and maybe this can be something even if they can’t kiss and eventually this warm fondness she feels will turn to something else and she’ll realize that this is how all the other girls felt before they fell in love, that her anomaly was misunderstanding and nothing deeper than that

gansey finds out about her curse. “don’t tell adam,” she says. “it’s like that, is it?” he asks, a little surprised and little playful. god I hope not, she thinks before catching herself. If she doesn’t want that, then what does she want?

she still kisses noah and hopes that maybe she’s found her loophole, that her first kiss was with a boy already dead. but she knows deep down that kissing the incorporeal doesn’t really count as her first. it’s sort of nice in an empty way that leaves her wanting to do it again and again until she can pinpoint exactly how it made her feel and also makes her wish she had never done it at all

it’s because im not in love, she tells herself, it’d probably be different if it was with adam (but she knows, somewhere deep and painful, that it wouldn’t be)

maybe that’s part of why she breaks up with adam, but it’s also because he’s been so angry and lost lately and she just can’t deal with it. she feels bad because she knows he’s hurting and needs someone who can be with him as he goes through whatever this is and part of her wishes that could be her but it’s just not

gansey picks her up not long after because she called him and asked him to and he’s not totally sure if this means he’s taking sides in whatever transpired but blue asked him to be there for her and he knows adam would never. she doesn’t want to talk about adam but that’s ok because he doesn’t want to either so they drive for a while before he finally tells her everything that happened in dc and asks what happened with their breakup

everything comes out in a way she didn’t expect it to, a way she’s been too afraid to even admit to herself. how she wants it to be about the curse but knows that it isn’t, how she knows how deserving adam is of love, and how resentful she’s been of herself for knowing she was never going to be able to give it in the ways he wanted

“well you can’t expect to have chemistry with everyone who likes you,” gansey says. “yeah,” she admits, “but I don’t think that’s it. I just don’t think I like boys.” something drops in gansey’s heart for a moment because despite everything, despite adam, he’s started to notice blue’s soft skin, the way the bridge of her forehead crinkles when she laughs, but he gets over it because this is blue, his friend, opening up in ways he can tell she hasn’t before

“that’s cool” he says, and then after a careful moment, because he knows his words have a way of being unwitting weapons and this is a sensitive topic, “girls then? or nobody?” “girls,” she says with a fair amount of confidence. “okay then I have to ask… that waitress at nino’s? with the dark curly hair? she’s attractive, right?” blue laughs, “yeah.. yeah she is”. gansey nods, satisfied. “ronan wouldn’t give me his opinion.” “well I think there’s other reasons for that.”

so maybe blue doesn’t really date in high school, even as she grows more comfortable and open with who she is. there’s a lot going on in her life between high school and welsh kings and still knowing that gansey is going to die and she might kill him because… well she still saw him on st mark’s eve and true love is pretty much off the table. also, the dating pool for girls who like girls in henrietta is pretty limited but that’s ok because she has a whole future ahead of her and she has friends who she loves and that’s what feels important right now

it’s adam who figures it out once she tells him what happened in that graveyard that night, how a mirror soul like hers and one made a mirror by the ley line like gansey’s cant connect, how this is how the curse and gansey’s not yet dead ghost must intersect. “I mean that makes sense,” blue says when he tells them. “but I don’t see how the kissing part is going to happen. gansey isn’t exactly my type”. they all laugh, but soberly, because they’ve learned not to believe in coincidences

“jane I hope you don’t mind kissing me” he asks her months later with a good nature that doesn’t seem to fit the direness of the situation. and she does, of course she minds, how can she not mind knowingly being used as an instrument of death? but it was too much written in the stars to ignore, that her first kiss would be his last, too sickeningly convenient that she can get her ill fated first kiss out of the way with her best friend who thinks he needs to die

she kisses him, and still holds him like a shouted word, like love, love, love just of a different kind and he falls from her arms

but this is not the end either and gansey wakes up, newly made by cabeswater, and the road trip goes ahead like they had planned before, never really believing they would all be alive to take it. sometimes someone will ask blue which of the boys, gansey or henry, she’s dating. “I’m gay,” she replies matter-of-factly. “me too,” says henry. gansey raises his arms in mock surrender. “I’m surrounded,” he says good naturedly and whoever asked will laugh, sometimes uncomfortably, and apologize

sometimes blue will leave her number for a cute waitress at one of the diners they stop by on the road. it never hurts to try and sometimes it works

logistically nothing has changed. she still can’t kiss gansey. but that’s not really a problem


honestly i dont even really know how to begin this like??? i feel like i have so much to say it was just the best day of my Entire Ugly Life. im so honored i really am it was just the most beautiful experience ever nd also so funny lkafsfsa i can’t wait to share with you !! 

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greenkneehighs  asked:

Trappist-1 makes me laugh because Trappist monks brew beer so now I'm just imagining a Star Trek universe where people visit the Trappist-1 to get wasted on beer brewed by space monks.

this is amazing and i love you

the Trappist system have found a way to get along, and a great many centuries have passed since the last war ended in a sulky peace. each planet returned to their homes and got piss drunk. decades passed in nearly no communication between the planets as they quietly got over their resentment and made various alcohols. Each planet got very good at their preferred drink. 

The second planet, where it is unbearably hot, live underground because even though all the planets are tidally locked (i checked, that seems the most likely option, which is a shame, but hey, Remans exist) theirs is the hottest soil. So they live underground and grow their edible roots and make their vodka with ice and they love it. It is an awful colour for vodka, but they’re mostly blind so they don’t give a fuck.

The third planet, comfortably in the habitable zone, has a ring of rainforest-esque flora and they make some damn good rum. They live in their trees and have still got their large climbing claws, but they have developed modern methods of movement, they have escalators and moving platforms, and so on. They like their rum.

The third planet have sooo many rivers and the habitable ring resembles venice or just straight up pirate ships depending on the area. These guys have the best. fucking. grape. vines. wine up the ying yang. These guys are wine mums personified with gills.

The fourth planet, the last one with life, is fucking cold. Any day over freezing temperature is a day for a party. These guys go for beer, and they go hard. How tf are you gonna sleep if you don’t have alcohol thinning your blood so that you don’t freeze cos it’s so fucking cold. They got beer, blubber, and hard, leathery skin. Rockin.

They finally meet up again, 50 years having passed and the treaty demanding contact. Each planet brings a gift to the banquet, and each one brings their drink. There is some confusion and awkwardness at first, but then they realise that they’ve all brought alcohol, and maybe they have a bit more in common than they’d thought. 

#10 Auston Matthews

Hi could you please do an imagine where you’re Auston’s best friend and he helps you through a sleepless night and maybe you realize you like each other? Thank you!

warnings: swearies bc I have a potty mouth

Idk what this is but at least the last bit is cute

song suggestion of the day: Laid by james (cover by catfish and the bottlemen bc i cant stop listening to them atm)

Originally posted by hockeyfanatique

It hadn’t been a great week if you were being honest. This wasn’t your first restless night but at least tonight you could find a little comfort in snapchatting Auston. He’d had the opposite problem and had pretty much just slept for three days straight so it was nice to talk to him again.

‘You look tired.’

‘wow thanks.’ you replied.

‘maybe you should sleep its already 11.40′

you laughed at that. It was cute how he’d say little things like that. He was always looking out for you and you appreciated it.

‘Maybe you should. Weren’t you trying to get back to a normal sleep pattern?’

‘don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon’ he replied. ‘but seriously, you look exhausted.’

‘fine I’ll go to bed if it’ll make you shut up about it.’ you replied, knowing that he was not going to let it go anytime soon if you didn’t.

After tossing and turning for what felt like hours, you were scrolling through instagram looking for something to do when Auston messaged you.

‘thought you went to sleep’

‘you stalker.’ you replied with a small smile. ‘can’t sleep’

he sent you a sad face. ‘why not?’

‘idk. Just can’t’

‘im coming over.’

You rolled your eyes at that. ‘no you aren’t. Go to sleep Auston.’

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Bambam (missing you)

scenario: Bambam isn’t aloud to have contact with you due to your wedding being the next day, he sneaks in a phone call to tell you how much he’s missing you


“I can’t believe Kunpimook is really getting married”, Bambam’s mom and your soon to be mother-in-law spoke as she held your hand with a small smile. You considered Bambam’s family as your own because that’s what they were for you.

They were always supportive and welcoming, caring and always had the best interest for you and Bambam, even from the start. Not only did you have an amazing fiancé, but you also had an amazing second family.

“Now remember, you aren’t aloud to talk or see Kunpimook until tomorrow during the reception” Your mother warned as Bambam’s mom nodded as well. The rest of your bridesmaids watched as both of the moms stood with their things before leaving.

For the big day tomorrow, Bambam wanted you to stay in a hotel with all of your bridesmaids instead of at home, while he was in one as well with all of got7 and his brothers.

It was hard being apart from him, even if it was just a night. Despite their hectic schedules, Bambam has always made sure to take you on every tour. He says its because he doesn’t want you to get lonely but really, he misses you just as much.

“So do you think he will cry?” One of your friends asked as you hid your face in your hands. “I think he will a little” His sister, Baby, laughed as you blushed madly, thinking about Bambam getting emotional over you.

“But I agree with mom” Baby spoke up. “Bambam is so….” she paused, looking for the right words. “Wild and goofy, I never thought he would find someone to put up with him. Especially not someone as gorgeous as you” She confessed as your friends agreed, laughing.

“Aishhhh, don’t laugh at him!” You scolded teasingly with a pointed finger as your phone began to ring and a picture of Bambam kissing your cheek popped up on the screen, his signature ringtone playing.

In that moment, you felt your eyes fill with tears as you looked up to the group. “Guys, I miss him” You admitted, waiting for a yes or no to answer the phone call.

Your friends argued on whether you should answer or not until Baby answered it for you, handing it back quickly.

“y/n…” he spoke calmly, almost hypnotizingly as a smile sprung on your face. His voice stirred butterflies in your stomach as you held in a squeal. “The boys wouldn’t let me call you so I snuck off to the bathroom” He chuckled, causing you to giggle as well.

“Aish, that giggle, will I ever get over how perfect you are?”. Before you could answer he sniffled. “y/n, I know we weren’t supposed to be talking but I just had to hear your voice again, I miss it”.

The girls listened attentively to anything they could pick up. “I love you Kunpimook” You finally answered as he sucked in a hard breath. Ever since the first time you called him by his first name, he’s loved it.

“You saying it makes it feel so special…I love you too sunshine” He smiled as you heard a bang on the door followed by him laughing. “Bambammmm, hurry up hyung!” You heard Yugyeom yelling on the other side of the door.

“I’ve got to go now. I cant wait to see you tomorrow Princess. I love you” He said as your friends let out ‘aw’. “One more thing” He said as you smiled. “Hm?”. “Dab for me when you wake up”.


a/n: my dad and stepmom got married today and then I was in a wedding mood and I thought about Bambam sneaking a phone call to you because he missed you so much and now I’m soft :’)

guys okay so i watched ordinal scale and im literally dying. like i stepped out of the theatre and my hands were SHAKING!! that’s just how good the movie was!!! but i can’t express all my feelings towards the movie in such a small text post like this, so im gonna go full-on sao trash under the read more. feel free to click on it if you want my opinion on the movie!~ (will contain spoilers ofc lmao)

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“Not Like This” - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 5590 (oops) 

Warnings: Slight swearing, fluff, awkwardness (hehe)

Plot: Peter has had a crush on Liz Allen for months now, but hasn’t made a move. Being Peter’s best friend, you decide to help him and invite Liz over to the apartment to a small “party”. Liz unexpectedly agrees and now the task at hand was creating a memorable night. What could possibly go wrong at a party and a friendly game of “Seven Minutes in Heaven”?

Author’s Note: I’m sorry this isn’t a request and it’s sooo freakin long. But, hey! Dis is ma first fic of 2017! Wooo! Hope yall enjoy it :)

*The beginning dialogue in italics is from the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer*

Based off of New Girl, Season 2 Episode 15: “Cooler”

Cooler: Someone who is considered to be a “cool force” when another person is trying to pick up on a somebody (basically, a person who somehow finds a way to make someone else look less cool without realizing it)

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Rough ~D.L, S.M.~

Summary: you and stew get into a fight and you meet Derek

Requested: yes

Note: yay my first imagine from my little break. Sorry it took so long. So some of the requests I’ve received I’m just gonna make them texts or Instagrams or twitters because I haven’t done that in a while and I think it’ll be cute.

“I swear to god it’s not that serious.” I roll my eyes at my boyfriend.

“What do you mean not that serious? Y/n basically said you didn’t trust me in front of everyone. How is that not serious?” Stew says looking exhausted.

“Because you know how I am. I have serious trust issues and every guy has broken my he-”

“So you really don’t trust me?” He says interrupting me.

“I think I love you stew but I’ve never been 100% sure on that. I’m all kinds of fucked up. Trust doesn’t come easy” i look in stews eyes.

“Well if you’re not even going to try then what the point y/n?” He says sighing and closing his eyes.

“Stew, don’t say that. I’m try-”


I look at stew and feel my heart shatter. He really can’t handle me. I audibly gulp and nod my head slowly. I grab my purse and walkout to my car. I pull out of stews driveway and head home. Was that a break up? Did I just lose stew?

Fuck it. I haven’t cried over a guy in 7 years. I’m not starting now.

I arrive at my house and began getting ready to go out. I hadn’t been out to a club in a long time.

As I finish the last piece of my hair. My uber arrives. I hop in and head to the club.

I’ve been here for 15 minutes and this hot guy is already buying me drinks.

“You look beautiful. What’s your name?”

“I’m y/n, you?”

“I’m Derek” he says smiling. I could see his tattoos peeking out from his tshirt.

“Well Derek it’s nice to meet you.”

We entered Derek’s house and he pushed me against the door he just closed. Our lips together in a feverish kiss.

He moves down to my neck biting and sucking hard.

“Fuck Derek. Please I need you.”

He picks me up and carries me to his bedroom.

“Call me daddy princess.” At his words I let out a moan and buck my hips.

He begins taking off my shirt and kissing down my stomach. As he began kissing my hips he makes eye contact with me.

I grab his sheets tightly and bite my lip. He chuckles and pulls my shorts and underwear down and kisses back up my legs.

He winks at me and dives in. He sucks my clit while his fingers tease my entrance.

My moaning is out of control and I can feel myself getting closer.

“SHIT DADDY DONT STOP. IM SO CLOSE” my back arched off the bed but Derek stopped. I opened my eyes to see he was right above me with a smirk on his face.

“Pretty sure I said don’t stop” I say grabbing his neck.

“Pretty sure I’m your daddy and I’m about to fuck you senseless so I suggest you shut up babe” he says positioning himself in front of me before slowly sliding in.

He groans and I let out a moan at how big he is.

He moves slow but hard and I can barely breathe. It feels so good.

He then starts pounding into me at impossible speeds and I’m thrashing and convulsing. My eyes are rolling to the back of my head.

“Fuck baby girl. Your pussy is so tight and warm, do you like when I fuck you like this. I bet you love it when my big thick cock rams into your tight little pussy Huh?.” He lightly grabs my neck and I’m basically screaming at this point. He moves his hand down to my boob while he dips down and sucks and bites my neck.



“Good girl. Now let it all go. Cum all over my cock.” I scream and stop moving. I cum and clench around Derek and hear him groan. He keeps pounding at the same pace and I feel it again. He pulls out and hits his tip on my clit. I cry out and squirt. It goes everywhere as he rubs my clit furiously. He pumps himself and cums on my stomach.

He cleans us up and tells me to go sleep and that he’ll cook us breakfast in the morning. He puts his t-shirt and boxers on me as I’m falling asleep.

I wake up and smell my favorites. Weed and Food.

I throw my hair up and stumble downstairs. I see Derek without a shirt but basketball shorts and socks and slides. He’s cooking breakfast with a blunt in his mouth. He turns around a smiles at me.

“Hey princess. How’s your legs?”

“They’re hell” I say laughing. He walks over and hands me a plate. He kisses my head and sits in front of me.

“You smoke?”

“Hell yeah.” I say grinning. This food was good as shit, he was cute and he handed me a blunt

“Good. Oh my friends are on their way over just letting you know” as he said that there was a knock on the front door.

I moved into the living room after putting my plate in the dishwasher. I rolled another blunt because the one Derek gave me was barely anything.

“Wassup Derek, how you been?” I hear someone say. I shoot my head up cause I know that voice too well.

“I’ve been good, is this your little brother?”

“Yep. I brought him cause he doesn’t believe your lean is the best. Y/N?”

I look ovjer and see Nate and Stew staring me. I quickly look down at the blunt I’m making. I set it down and try to avoid their stares.

Derek sits next to me and pulls me into his lap. I hold his cup as he makes his lean. He hands the cup to stew and tells him to try some.

He doesn’t seem to notice the awkwardness.

Stew takes a sip while staring at me. I look down while Derek rubs up and down my thigh.

“So nate, how do you know y/n?”

“She’s my ex” stew says rudely.

“That’s your fault Stewart.” I say rolling my eyes.

“Still didn’t expect you to fuck some random guy the same night.” He says laughing dryly.

“Oh fuck off, there’s a hickey on your neck so don’t act like you’re all innocent.” I say standing up from Derek’s lap.

“I have one hickey. I made out with your friend to make jealous. You fucked my brothers friend and now you’re acting like a groupie. There’s a huge difference between us.” He says standing in front of me.

“You know what maloley. Everyone’s right. You’re a fucking idiot and you’ll be stuck in your big brothers shadow for the rest of your life. Making out with my friend to make me jealous is just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard come out of your mouth. Which is saying a lot. Me and Derek fucked, but I didn’t know you or Nate knew him. It doesn’t matter anyway cause his dick game is stronger faster and better than yours will ever be.” I spit out before walking up stairs to get dressed.

As I’m grabbing my phone to leave, Derek grabs my arm and pulls me into him.

“I didn’t mean to cause drama princess. Here’s my number. Text me as soon as you get home and we’ll hangout another time.” He says kissing me and letting me go. I walk out to the uber that I called.

Sex in the Sex Store

Summary: Phil works in a sex store and Dan in a frequent customer. For once, he actually agrees to let Phil show him how to use his new toy.

TW: uh i can’t think of anything maybe cuss words and creepy old men flirting with phil

Words: 1.5k

Something Impressive: i wrote all of this right now right before school in less than an hour love me

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Confession (Ut Sans x reader)

WARNING: swearing, Drinking ahead

I just wanted to get this done before Friday since I’m gonna be out of town and I don’t think I’ll have time.

You were working at grillbys on the surface. You were taking orders and bringing out food while you occasionally cleaned up a spill or some trash. You looked at the clock you you sighed again.

Sans was of course not coming by grillbys. For the past couple weeks Sans has been avoiding you and you were having a hard time trying not to worry about it. You always like him maybe even more than a friend but that’s doesn’t help that he keeps avoiding you.

Every time you went over to the Skeleton brothers house to cook with papyrus Sans says he’s either going to grillbys or he has something to do. He’s even goes to grillbys when your not working or around. Speaking of cooking you just remember you had a cooking lesson with papyrus.

You smiled at the memories you had with the Skeletons. You remember trying to throw out all the uneatable ingredients that papyrus threw in. You remember when you burned Unydne’s house down from simply turning up the heat. You chuckled to yourself. Man those where the good old times.

“Y/N order up!” You turned and walked over to pick up the meal and walk over to the table and set it down. They thanked you and you nodded.

Sooner or later it was time to start cleaning up. You started to wipe tables and stacked chairs. Grillby came out with his coat on and he waved to you as he walked out. You kept cleaning up. You went to the back and hung up your apron and you changed out of your works clothes. You grabbed your bag and started to lock up. You stepped outside and locked the door and started to walk home to wait for papyrus to text you saying he was ready.

The walk home wasn’t bad but again it wasn’t good. You had to walk through the bad side of town in order to reach your apartment. Your footsteps echoed throughout the street and you pulled your bag closer to you. You could hear laughter behind you and you speed up your paste.

You looked behind you to see if anyone was behind you but no one was there. You turned and bumped into a tall man. He looked like he was a part of a gang. You stepped back and apologize and tried to walk around him. He grabbed your shoulder and flipped you around and pressed you against the wall.

“What’s a fine doll like you doing out here~?” He said

You gripped you bag close to you and tried to press further against the wall. He looked buff and he had tattoos up both of his arms. His body hugged his shirt which you could see his abs. He looked attractive if you weren’t crushing on someone else.

“I-i um…home?” You said

He smiled and rested his arm on the wall still blocking you. He looked into your eyes and grabbed your waist.

“Why don’t I escort you home it’s dangerous to walk through here alone especially if you’re a cute doll like yourself.” He said and his hot breath was on you neck.

You started to shake and you pushed against his chest.

“I c-can take care of myself.” You said softly

The man looked at you and you saw his smiled flattens for a sec and then come up to a grin.

“Oh you sure are but just in case I couldn’t forgive myself if you got hurt.” He said and snaked his arms around you and gave your ass a squeeze.

This made you squeak and you used you bag to hit him and run. However you didn’t get far. He grabbed your arm and threw you against the wall. You fell down and tried get up and run but he stepped on your back.

“I tried to do it the easy way.” He said and pressed harder on your back.

You let out a yell in pain. He only laughed and flipped you over with his foot to kick you in the stomach.

“Hahaha you look so pathetic!” He said

He reached down and gripped you neck and held you up so you weren’t touching the floor. You started to choke and claw his arm your lungs begging for air. His made him laugh harder and tighten his grip. You used all your strength to kick his stomach.

He yelled out and dropped you and you grabbed your bag and started to run. Your blood pumped you with adrenaline and you made in home and quickly shut the door and locked it. Your kept shaking and you slid down the door and sat down and you pulled your knees to your chest and started to cry.

You never felt this scared in your life. You’ve could’ve been raped or killed! You felt something wet drop on you arm and you looked to see red. You rushed into the bathroom only to see a bruise forming on your neck and cheek. Your nose was bleeding and your makeup was all messed up. You pulled up your shirt and saw some cuts that where bleeding and a giant bruise starting to form. You sighed and tried to clean up as best you can only to have Papyrus text you.


You looked at the text again. Since when did they have 'Bro night’? You kept thinking Papyrus wasn’t the type of person to bail out last minute and if he did have bro night he would’ve told me before hand.

This doesn’t make sense. You didn’t believe that text was Papyrus. You grabbed you bag and started to head out. You took the long way to avoid that mess up again. You were going to have Papyrus tell you the truth.

You finally reached the Skeletons house and you knocked and hissed in pain. You saw your knuckles bleeding. Must’ve been from that man.

You heard Papyrus voice from the other side and he opened the door.


You looked at Papyrus and smiled so there was no such thing as bro night. So someone want you to stay away from Papyrus.

You saw sans laying on the couch you felt like he was the one who texted you to not come. This started to make you angry first he doesn’t talk to you then he refuses to to to grillbys when you worked. Now he want you to stay away from Papyrus!?! You felt you hand turn into fist and you tried to Calm yourself down.


You smiled but it was fake. So sans doesn’t want you anywhere near him or his brother. You felt your heart shattered.

'We where best friends dammit!’ You thought

Sans looked at you and he had sweat on his skull and he stood up.

“But Papyrus what about Bro Night?” Sans asked and you looked at Papyrus

Papyrus looked confused “I NEVER HEARD SUCH A THING BUT IS SOUNDS FUN!” Papyrus said

You looked at sans and glared at him. So if Papyrus didn’t text him then..

“Oh really then why did you text me that you where having a bro night I just wanted to come over to make sure but..”


You felt everything shatter you looked at sans and he gulped.

“So that’s it huh?” You said, tears started to run down your face and you walked closer to sans.

“So for the past month you’ve been avoiding me and then you try and pull your brother into this saying a COMPLETE LIE SO I CAN’T SEE HIM OR YOU!!”

You looked at sans and his white dots where gone.


You looked at sans and he didn’t answer back you walked closer to his and raised you hand.


You slapped him and he still didn’t say anything. You walked past Papyrus.

“I’m sorry Papyrus but I rather not get hurt like this you’re a great friend but I’m sure I’d be better out of your life.” You said

“HUMAN WAIT-!” you didn’t stop you slammed the door in front of his face.

The walk home was painful you didn’t want to go home. You felt betrayed and hopeless. You started to walk to grillbys and you used you keys and open the door and you locked it behind you. The bar was quite and clean just like how you left it.

You went behind the bar and started to pull out the whiskey and opened the cap. You took a huge gulp and you felt the warmth in your chest from the alcohol. You sat down behind the bar so no one could see you and you continued to drink.

So this was it huh? You just been lied to and basically been told to never come near them. You started to cry.

“I fucking loved you dammit and you choose to stab me in the back with a lie!” You yelled

The alcohol started to kick in more as you kept drinking. You hated yourself for loving a monster.

“They are horrible creatures…I should’ve kill them when I had the chance to but no I had to help set them free.” You said

You heard and knocked on the door and you stopped.

You didn’t move and you heard it again. You stood up and you saw sans in the window of the door. He looked at you and you saw his eye sockets widen.

You probably looked like a mess. You knew your cheek was noticeable and your arms too. Sans knocked again and you heard his voice.

“Y/N come out!” He said

“Fuck you!” You yelled the alcohol was really setting in

“Y/N please I-I’m sorry I-”


“Go ruin some else life.” You said softy

Sans must’ve heard you say that last part because his eyes disappeared. He looked hurt.

“I fucked up I know but Y/N I only did because I didn’t want our friendship to end I-”

“So you lied and tried to avoid me like I have the pledge aren’t you smart.” You said harshly

You didn’t hear anything you must’ve have shut him up.

You sat down against the door and held your whiskey to your mouth and took another gulp.

“I thought we were friends sans…..and I thought we could be more than that but I guess I was wrong.” You said

“Y/N I only did what I did was because I loved you but what I did was the most selfish thing ever. I’m sorry I’m so sorry I never want to….hurt you.” You heard his voice crack

You looked at the door and you flipped the lock and opened the door. Only to be hugged by sans.

“I’m sorry Y/N I’m so so sorry.” Sans said

You pulled him up by his shirt to make him took at you “Just shut up and kiss me you bonehead.” You said and you kissed sans teeth.


tens one of my ult biases oh my god im going to set myself on fire 

  • it all started when you were simply just walking around the mall 
  • you were lookin at your phone busy changing the song playing through your headphones when u didnt notice the boy walking towards u, who also didn’t notice u being there
  • u crash into each other real hard and ur phone flies out of your hand and onto the floor n u can hear the crack of the screen as well as your soul leaving ur body
  • he’d finally look at you and go “oh my god, i’m so sorry i didn’t see you there” and he’s the type to continue babbling when you don’t respond to him
  • but the moment u look up at him he Literally freezes and goes “woah”
  • and ur like “oh it’s no biggie don’t worry its an old phone” even tho inside you’ve already dropped down on ur knees and yelled out a prolonged no to the entire world
  • and he’d just keep staring at you like Woah… is she real but you’d pretend to not notice and you’d pick your phone up and walk away
  • and while ur walking away he’d still continue to stare at you like he’s literally so awestruck 
  • it took a person shoving past him to help him snap out and when he does he kinda looks at the floor like “what the heck just happened”
  • so fast forward a few days later, ur gonna go visit your long time friend Johnny (who…coincidentally…..is a mutual friend between u and ten) at a coffee shop to catch up 
  • and you’re sitting there at one of the tables waiting for him to arrive
  • you’d hear the door bell jingling when someone walks in and you look up, seeing Johnny
  • but u also see another boy peer over his shoulder
  • and ur like “…he looks familiar”
  • “(Y/N) !! it’s been so long !! i’m so glad we could hang out today.” johnny would say
  • you wouldn’t be listening to him though lmao you’d just be wondering why he brought this other dude who looked eerily familiar
  • and just as Johnny’s introducing him, you finally remember him
  • “This is Ten, one of the other trainees.. sorry I took him with me he sa-” “YOU’RE THE GUY WHO MADE ME DROP MY PHONE !!” you’d cut Johnny off
  • and Ten’s like “!!!!!!!!!!!!!panic oh god she remembers”
  • and then he’d nervously smile and giggle and scratch the back of his neck and he’d go “oh gosh…i’m sorry about that” 
  • and you’d just smile and go “lowkey i’m still a bit peeved but you know what… it’s no biggie, like i said. I’m (Y/N) by the way”
  • “Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul :)”
  • “wh-”
  • “just call me Ten :)”
  • At the end of the catch up, you’d still wonder why Ten was there but it didn’t really matter bc u end up exchanging phone numbers anyway
  • was it really a meet up with you and Johnny tho ??? #investigate
  • So you guys would talk non stop for months and months and sometimes Johnny would text you like “i cant believe you replaced me with Ten-_- smh” 
  • and you’d be like “nah, no one can replace you Johnny” even tho lowkey you’re already planning your friendaversary with Ten lol sike Johnny !
  • you and Ten would have so many inside jokes 
  • Like the type of inside jokes where he could hold something up to you with a knowing smile and you would both start laughing really hard
  • you’d also get super duper close with each other, knowing each others secrets, etc, within a week
  • at this point you only see Ten as a really good friend whereas he really likes you
  • one day after several months of being friends he’d see you getting frustrated with the cracks on the screen of your phone and he’d frown and take your hand and take you outside
  • “What are you doing?” “going outside” “Why with me?” “cuz I wanna go somewhere with you” “go where??” “To get you a new phone”
  • the moment u step in the cab ur like NO NOOOO GET ME OUT OF HERE I DONT HAVE MONEY but he’d be like “i’ll pay for it dont worry lol” which makes u even more eager to get out but it’s too late ur already parked at the mall
  • and he’d just be holding your hand through the entire process without even noticing it and u’d be like “whats he doing??? i kinda like it..”
  • then when he takes out his card to pay for your phone u’d frown and go “i owe you now.”
  • and he’d smile and look at you and go “you don’t owe me anything. just being here’s enough” 
  • NORMALLY YOU’D CRINGE AT STUFF LIKE THAT but for some reason when he said it at that moment you felt your heart pitter patter real hard
  • you’d walk out the mall and his hands still in yours and he’d finally notice and go
  • “oh gosh, sorry, i didn’t notice” 
  • and you’d go “it’s alright :)”
  • after this there would be so much tension between the both of you
  • and its so obvious too because the boys always stare at the both of you knowingly whenever you and Ten do something together
  • and you would be in denial of your feelings (but u lowkey already accepted the fact that you like Ten) 
  • in fact you’ve already told Johnny about ur possible feelings for Ten
  • and Ten won’t even bring up his feelings because he’s afraid of getting hurt
  • so he admires you from afar
  • the boys are getting sick of it though
  • so one day, Johnny tells you he needed to talk to you in private and brings you to his dorm
  • Ten’s there too
  • and ur like ??? whats going on
  • and Johnny would close the door and go “ok. (y/n) you like Ten. Ten you like (y/n). it’s pretty obvious. so please, stop eyeing each other already and just date, it’s so exhausting like.. oh my god”
  • and you’d be wide-eyed and Ten would be wide-eyed and he’d look at Johnny like “im gonna kill u tonight lmao :)” 
  • and you’d turn to Ten and you’re like “is that true?” 
  • and Ten would look at the ground and blush and scratch the back of his neck and he’d go “yeah..”
  • and you’d smile and go “when did you start liking me?”
  • and he’d go “when i first bumped into you.” 
  • Johnny would leave the room and the rest of the boys are crowded around the door listening and you’d roll your eyes and Ten would laugh
  • then when the two of you are finally alone you’d go “so what now?”
  • he’d go “I guess we’re together?”
  • then you’d go “oh… should we ki-”
  • but he’s one step ahead of you because he’s already cupping your face and kissing you 
  • his dates would be normal and chill but also really romantic without him even trying, hes that charming
  • he’d take you out sight seeing on your first date, and it would end with him buying the both of you ice cream, sitting at a park underneath the stars, just talking about life and philosophical things :”)
  • dating Ten is basically just a best friend relationship, except with kisses
  • he probably teases you a lot too and when you fireback he’ll just chuckle and ruffle your hair ;-;
  • he wanted to get matching couple shirts but since he’s about to debut, he decides otherwise and gets you a promise ring instead !!!!!!
  • he loves to hold your hand
  • he also loves to make you food
  • even when you’re full
  • “(y/n) do you want some more?” 
  • “ten no im full”
  • “Already???”
  • he’d honestly just be the best boyfriend ever :((
  • “hey ten?”
  • “yeah?”
  • “i still owe you.. you know… for buyin me that phone a few years ago”
  • “then marry me”