i cant believe i get paid for this shit


Look at goddamn fucking Reed Morano framing things within a frame to add subtext and richness to her visual imagery. Savor the play on color. Take note of her use of light. 

Need more proof that this forty year old woman can wipe the floor with nearly every mediocre, overhyped, and untalented man getting paid millions to direct shit right now? Let’s revisit how she plays with negative space and shadows within the framing to gift us with some masterful composition. The near perfect use of light and depth of field makes me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy inside. 

Im well aware that im not at all innocent of this but like. Man. I think we all (me included) kinda…need to relearn that you can think someone’s work is shit without thinking the person themselves is shit. There’s tons of people out there who make dumb bland-ass generic shit, cant we just have a good laugh at ‘lol, I cant believe this person gets paid to make copypaste comics’ and move on without having to make it some sort of moral crusade? Critique is important but usually people are more open to it without having their name and work smeared across multiple platforms of social media first.