i cant believe i found this in my room

So my mom’s been reading the raven cycle and she’s on trk and she just got to the part where Adam and Ronan kiss for the first time and all I heard from her room was, “woah” and “what” like 7 times

And when me and my sister went in there she started to read the part where Ronan kissed Adam out loud and then she pointed at the paragraphs that led to the kiss and said, “I’ve read these like 5 times already i cant believe-”

And we started freaking out bc she /finally/ got to that part and we wanted to know what she thought and stuff

And all she said was “at least Ronan found someone he could love, ya know? Especially with all the stuff that they’ve been through it’s good that they can have someone to love and be with.”

I have the best mom ever guys