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so I live with my friends off campus and I kinda knew we were all into anime but I didn't know we all had a very intense haikyuu phase and we were talking about our fave fics over dinner and I brought up bfmtias - i didn't even mention the title i just said the best pacific rim AU ever and how every show should have one, and our flat basically exploded in screaming and hellfire thanks to our collective worship of your writing. have a lovely day.


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I thought v/kookers only harassed ji/kookers but holy shit i actually read with my own eyes their comments about tae's emotional and beautiful letter to jimin, they literally say stuff like how kookie is jealous and mad coz tae didn't write to him or how jimin didnt hug tae coz he knows kook will be mad coz apparently tae belongs to kookie or DID YALL SEE KOOK CRYING HE WANTED TO COMFORT TAE AND SAY F*** YOU TO JIMIN HE WROTE BEGIN FOR TAE and more petty stuff. I seriously cant believe this....

………………………………. people really like brushing off the friendship that v/min have. like ji/kook shippers do it to and i’m disgusted. i don’t see the point in bringing one ship down in order to benefit another. like, why do you need to say something like “kook was crying because he loves tae” like why do you need to do that. legit what is the point. why do shippers have to do this. just let the other ships live. because guess what. all of bts are close. and as far as we know, no ship is real. so stop forcing toxicity into the ships and their fandoms smh.


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MAN not the ask meme but shit sometimes I see your art cross my dash and I gotta hold my little chest and take a breath bc DAMN yall mind if I frame some? I cant remember my fave from yours rn but just know.. I eat part of my pc screen everytime they pop up, i love it and ur a sweetpea.

tsukkiwglasses replied to your post “That scene in the shack after they rescue Shiro, when Shiro asks Keith…”

Im trying to write a Keith based fic right now and this was so inspiring and I think I might take this into account now. Especially the fact that Shiro doesnt even consider how important all of this searching is to Keith

Shiro has no time for that haha

I think it’s significance tho really depends on why Keith was feeling lost, and why he got kicked out of the Garrison. Because if it was in any way because of Shiro, then you could easily tell how finding Shiro at the seeming end of his search means a whole lot to Keith. 

But we dunno what happened yet. (But ofcourse we all assume that it was because of Shiro cuz he’s Keith’s impulse control and every time he’s not around Keith does something stupid and gets in trouble haha)

And like, you feel there’s alot of feeling in what Keith says, but you can’t really explain why, and when you watch it the first time you won’t pick up on these things because you dunno yet what kind of influence Shiro has on Keith and how he changes him, you see it later in further episodes when we get to know Keith a bit more. 

And then when you watch it the second time, you might assume Keith is just trying to figure out what Shiro has to do with what the cave drawings were telling him, because you already know that he can sense the lions then.

But if you kinda step back a bit and think about it a bit more, and take into consideration what we’ve seen in season one and how important Shiro seems to be to Keith. It kinda maybe gets a different meaning.

Because we see Keith is opening up there a bit, we haven’t seen him really talk about himself or his feelings in this way other than in that scene. And Keith is a caring person and is very expressive of his emotions, but it’s never like this.. He just seems so open and sincere and his expression and voice are so soft and so different from how he usually is.

So to me at least it doesn’t seem like he’s just trying to explain Shiro what happened and how he knew to come for him, but that there’s a bit of a hidden layer to that, that Shiro just doesn’t pick up on. (or well, purposely ignores I dunno haha)

And there’s The Pause.

Keith talks about feeling lost and then he says “ It’s like something, some energy was telling me to search”. 

But he doesn’t continue explaining.

He just stop and looks at Shiro for a moment, like Shiro is somehow supposed to understand what Keith is talking about just from that. And only when Shiro is like “For what?” he continues.

It’s kinda funny to me. Specially Shiro’s face at that moment. 

And ok, we all know that Keith was sensing the blue lion. But at this point Keith doesn’t know it, and is probably just confused about why this wall led him to Shiro out of all things.

So I dunno, maybe MAYBE Keith is questioning what exactly that “something” he was feeling was or maybe he wants to know how he and Shiro might be connected, (for just a bit tho, because he learns it was the blue lion right after this and Shiro falling from the sky on the day he was so anticipating for was just a coincidence apparently..) 

and Shiro’s reaction to all this is so funny cause it just:

(yeah I was holding my head there too, Hunk)

I wonder if in those few moments before Hunk speaks and it all falls into place for him, Keith was a liiiittle bit upset haha.

Cuz why is Shiro thanking those guys??? They didn’t do shit! it was Keith who was preparing for this for months! Who got the explosives from somewhere! Who beat up the doctors! They just showed up and really didn’t do anything besides being in the way and putting Keith and Shiro in more danger than necessary. And now Shiro is thanking them without even really acknowledging Keith’s efforts and “feelings” there in any way whatsoever…

Like he doesn't even say thank you to Keith! And it was Keith who rescued him!!

(like ok, I don’t think Keith minds, he’s just happy to have him back.. besides It’s kinda something that is said without words between people who know eachother well.. But, no Shiro, its not YOU ALL! It’s Keith! Keith got you out! They had the intention but they didn't do shit! And I cant believe those assholes standing there like “Yeah we got you out, Shiro. Keith could have never carried your heavy ass out on his own and ride the bike with you, that’s why we needed Pidge to hold you! What non essential weight? ahahaha”)

And I get why Shiro might react like this, like his mind is still scrambled, he’s all "I’ve been abducted by aliens, my arm is missing, I can’t remember anyhting, aliens are on their way here, I really dun have time to try and figure out all this Keith bullshit right now and why he’s looking at me like this

since I got here.”

And another thing I find funny, is that we know Lance makes fun of Keith for all that “sensing the blue lion” thing at some point. And like why would he actually make fun of him for sensing it? Unless you kno, for awhile he just thought Keith was insane and that wall doesn’t mean anything.

So maybe Lance was making fun of him in the same way we kinda do. Like “ooohh a mysterious feeeling was telling me to search for you for a whole year Shiro, look at all these clues! what can this possibly mean??”  (just think how it all looked to them from the side at first)

(and now I’m just imagining Lance complaining the entire way to the cave like why do they need to be out here in the desert heat looking for caves because of Keith’s stupid wall of nonsense that means absolutely nothing besides “Shiro, I literally go crazy without you” and just being upset at Hunk for encouraging this madness. But then they find the blue lion and hes like “oh.”)

I also think it fits very well with the rest of the season and what we’ve seen with Keith and Shiro so far, cuz I think you can describe Keith’s feelings for Shiro in season one with something similar to “I’m lost without you” (not necessary in a shippy way. I dun really mean any of this in a shippy way actually, since it doesn’t have to be.)

Shiro is what directs Keith in the right path, and I think Keith is aware of this and is a bit scared of where he might end up (or already ended up) when Shiro is not around. (like that seems to be Keith’s issue, because he is a very independent person and doesn’t always listens to Shiro, so seems like he just needs him to calm him down and not really because he needs him to tell him what to do all the time because he thinks that Shiro knows better. Which I think is very interesting.. What is it about Shiro that calms Keith down like that? hmm)

And Shiro seems to be all “ You can do this Keith! You’re great on your own and you dun need me, because you’re great, buddy!” 

Maybe he doesn’t really get how much he means to Keith or doesn’t get why exactly Keith is so dependent on him. And because it’s something that’s kinda hard to miss, he’s either really really REALLY dense, or he knows, and just doesn’t think it’s something worth encouraging, so he ignores it.

I really wanna see what’s gonna happen with this in season 2.

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DrabbleBuckyxreader? She hasn't kissed anyone before n she loves Bucky n is very sassy as she know all (which she doesn't,shes very innocent),n after teasing Bucky for getting in trouble because of her they end playing n Bucky catches her between him n the floor or something n tries to kiss her but she freaks out because she doesn't know how to do it or if she'd be good enough. Before he think she rejected him she explains this to him very embarrased n he tells her he loves her and "teaches" her

y’all kill me i swear

gif not mine :)

“I cant believe you got me in trouble,” Bucky grumbled, ducking his head and wringing his hands together. 

didn't get you into trouble, You smirked, placing a hand on your chest, “I just merely suggested that Clint was finished eating the pizza.”

“Yeah well he wasn’t,” Bucky sassed, “And now he wont fucking stop ‘accidentally’ spilling shit all over me,”

You laughed, thinking about how Clint spilled chocolate syrup all over Bucky’s lap this morning, “You should have seen yourself,” You bubbled, “It looked like you shit your pants.” 

“’It looked like you shit your pants’,” Bucky mocked you, his voice a high pitch and a funky looking smirk on his face.

“Shut up, asshole,” You muttered, placing your hand on Bucky’s chest and shoving him. He tripped over his feet and fell backwards, but not before grabbing your hand. The both of you stumbled, and he yanked you towards his chest, holding you close. Steadying himself, he held your arms so you were trapped.

“Got you now.” he smirked.

“Really? Do you really?” You sarcastically asked, lifting your leg up and hitting his crotch. Bucky groaned and let go of you, his hands cupping his crotch. You loudly chuckled, backing away.

“Not..so..fast,” He breathed, inching towards you.

“Nah, I think I’ll go,” You smirked, turning around and heading towards the stairs. 

Bucky regained his composure and jogged towards you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and pushing you over. You tripped over your feet and clutched onto Bucky’s hands, pulling him down. You landed on the ground face first, and Bucky fell onto your back.

“Ugh,” You groaned, flipping over so you could face him, “Get off me you assface.”

Bucky smirked, his body hovering over yours and his face dangerously close to yours, “Never.” 

Fuck, you thought, he looks really fucking good right now.

Bucky studied your face for a moment before leaning in your heart felt like it stopped beating and it seemed as though everything as moving in slow motion. His warm breath fanned across your face, and you freaked out, struggling to get out from underneath him.

“Shit, I’m sorry,” He muttered, climbing off of you and rubbing his face. “i just thought, ya know, we had a little something going on.” He stood up and began to walk away. You gripped his hand and pulled him back down.

“I-uh,” You stammered, your face bright red, “I’ve never really…kissed anybody before,” You huffed out, ducking your head. “And like I really dig you and stuff, but I don’t want you thinking I’m a shitty kisser.”

The silence was early unbearable. Bucky sat there next to you, seemingly contemplating something. You were about to stand up and run for the hills, but Bucky placed his hand on your cheek, turning your face towards him.

“You like me?” He asked, a wide grin on his face.

“Shut up.” 

“Well for the record, I like you too,” He spoke, running his thumb across your cheek. “And I can teach you, if you’d like.”

You let out a breathy laugh, “This is painfully awkward, but alright.”

Bucky’s face inched closer to yours, his lips centimeters away, “Here’s my secret, you always have to catch the other person off guard.”

“Wha-?” You were cut off when Bucky crashed his lips into yours. A giggle escaped your lips when you realized you had fallen prey to his ‘secret’. He guided you throughout the kiss, and you knitted your fingers with strand of his hair.

Bucky pulled back, “Wasn’t so hard now was it?”

“Well now we have a problem,” you stated breathlessly, “I never want to stop kissing you.”

Bucky’s head tilted backwards and his laughter rang throughout the room, “The feelings mutual.”