i cant believe i didn't know about this!


Eyyyyyyyyyyy here’s something that I’m never ever going to finish because I’m a lazy fuck and forgot to write down the plot and i forgot it… soo unless i remember this is all that I got for this comic.

i still cant believe percy and vex completely rearranged my standards for m/f ships and shipping in general like they went Above and Beyond and they’re literally the dnd characters of two voice actors and the evolution of their relationship from a close friendship to a supportive romance was 100% improv done live like

they’ve raised the bar for me in a lot of ways and i just. can’t believe it.


“Let’s fly with our beautiful wings in 2017 as well.”
[PART 2!]

새해 복 많이 받으세요! // HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I hope 2017 treats you well~ 💕

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so I live with my friends off campus and I kinda knew we were all into anime but I didn't know we all had a very intense haikyuu phase and we were talking about our fave fics over dinner and I brought up bfmtias - i didn't even mention the title i just said the best pacific rim AU ever and how every show should have one, and our flat basically exploded in screaming and hellfire thanks to our collective worship of your writing. have a lovely day.


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saw a few posts from someone calling you creepy, gross AND nasty for your mikasas boobs post? (and i guess also to whoever reblogged it) i cant believe this fandom, they cant even take a joke? it was all dramatic like "omg shes a 15 year old girl how dare you lust after her boobs!" do they really think people is saying that seriously? and did they forget that... SHES NOT REAL? also rude af to post that when like everyone is going to know who theyre talking about, but thats another story lmao


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Omg so!! In the vid where they reacted to the mama performance, I totally got weird vibes from namjoon when he asked yoongi if he knew what what gonna happen next! Like he says "do you know? Jimin opens his legs" like he didn't have to add the last part cause it's obvs abt him ripping his shirt but his tone was like jimin opens his legs 😏 and the members laugh really giddily as if yoongi knows what jimin does when he opens his legs....

YOONGI GOT SO STRESSED LMAO i literally cant believe how bait bangtan are about yoonmin being whipped for each other ?? its so important that they keep it a secret yet here they are outing them like theres no tomorrow i tell ya

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so i never noticed that in warp tour it was definitely just pearl and garnet who made those cookies for steven, like amethyst shouts cookies?? i'll take 'em! which would mean she didn't know about them before. so garnet and pearl just decided to make cookies together to surprise steven and i didn't figure out until just now and i'm S C R E A M I N G

oh my lord i didnt realize that


Overheard: “The only thing I found weird, puzzling, or disconcerting on this fantastic episode of Scandal was Liv telling Abby that she needs a loan. I wasn't sure how to read into this, but I didn't like it. It took Olivia down a notch for me by making her appear as if she is not savvy with money. Could it be because of the scandal she couldn't get a bank loan? Were the writers poking fun a Olivia? I just didn't get it ! I know that OPA has been losing clients & doing little or no new business so cash flow would be impacted, but Olivia asking Abby for a loan seem to suggest that she OPA cant take a short term disruption of business. Are we to believe that Olivia has been in the business for years and don't even have personal funds that could infuse into the business if necessary? What would make us belive that Abby woud have these personal funds?”

Seriously? This person thought that Olivia asking Abby for a loan, was talking about money? These are the types of viewers that Scandal now attracts…. 

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Okay so i see like we are doing the confession thing about Alex now. Lemme tell you mine. So i know it May sound surreal but i lived near him in high green and once i was in a coffee shop and i didn't have enough money to pay for my friend's latte and there was a boy that offered to pay the rest and we thought it was cute and stuff and we talked a little, and he seemed really nice. 3 years later we saw the i bet you look good on the dancefloor and we fainted. I really cant believe it was him!

im gonna be at every coffee shop at every hour with just barely enough change and wait for a budding rockstar to pay for my drink now