i cant believe he replied to me

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Hi! Can you guys help me this jikook fic where JK enlist & in the night before he go in the army they had sex & then JM became pregnant but cant tell since JK is in battleship/sea already. He wrote to him but JK can't read it until he comes back. It's still unfinished last time I read it and it's chaptered. Thank you in advance!!

Hello anon!

I believe you’re looking for this fic:

In which Jimin and Jeongguk’s last night together before Jeongguk has to leave for the military results in nine months worth of stress and the consumption of a frankly ridiculous amount of chocolate covered strawberries.

Let me know if it’s not the one. Happy Reading! ~ Admin P

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I cnat believe,,,,ur a Rolo stan. My fave is problematic now. All seriousness though, Rolo (and like all the side characters) are underrated. What do you think of the theory that he's Lotor?

my friend, i’ve always been problematic. my favourite character (besides lance) is ghirahim from the legend of zelda skyward sword. he is the definition of Problematic™. so i mean. 

anyway i’ve never actually seen that theory???? but i really hope it isn’t true lmao i love rolo and want him to just be rolo. i mean, it’d be cool, but i’m mostly just hoping we’ll see rolo again because i really liked his and nyma’s characters.

also, on a lotor-related note, i’m really excited to see what the show is gonna do with lotor (all shipping and bullshit aside). i LOVE villain characters a lot of the time and i’m reaaallllyyy hoping they’ll make him interesting. zarkon is boring af. universal domination??? that’s so passé, dude, get a hobby


Me: I’m totally gonna call Louis ‘Tomlinson’ ironically now also me: Tomlin…..son, my son my sweet precious angel darling son who is the sun and whom I adore God did he really think that wouldn’t be just such a glaring thing lmao

lmaooooo i know it legit makes you pause in the middle of reading it and go … huh? flopsy is that you?

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"ah! of course it wasn't for me. I texted back to sate my wonders as to whom you were sending it to, and why it went to me!" yoongi choked, wiping his mouth at the corners. jungkook could no longer look him in the eyes "aha.. it was for.. um.." he was too afraid to say it was for his coworker, Jimin. "my wife! It was for my wife!" yoongi was satisfied- "well.. you should invite her to dinner with me! sometime.." he replied jungkook was fucked 3/3


IM CRYING YOU ACTUALL MADE THAT I CANT BELIEVE im in love, jungkook is so fucked i cant…. your writing style is so cute and humorous im in love 
yo but jungkook would be sweating so much, the panic

chaosflight replied to your post: i cant believe drawing is “fun” for some ppl

why you draw if you don’t enjoy it? or is it the end product you enjoy rather than he act of drawing? sorry if you answered this before

i mean it can be enjoyable, but i dont think it’s “fun”

like its. something im good at. and is basically my main profitable skill, but drawing frustrates the hell out of me most of the time and im almost always ashamed of my work when its done, even if other ppl like it

sometimes it can be soothing or stimulating but it doesnt compare to infodumping about a special interest, trying new foods, listening to comedy, things like that. 

i think a main issue i have is very few things give me the high i get when i immerse in a special interest and drawing doesnt really align with that very often now that im working on non-fandom projects and have to limit certain fandom work bc of laws, alters interests, and triggers.

theres really nothing like a special interest high, as disordered as it may be, so nothing really compares to that for me.

Person who just started watching JSE: *jack likes tweet, retweets tweet* wow he’s so active with his followers! Hard to believe he can still reply to us all!

Me (dedicated fan of about 1 and a half years): *has never been noticed by JSE* BITCH COME OVER HERE DONT BRING IT UP IM TRIGGERED I CANT DO THIS

*tags jse in post even though it looks weird in the conversation because I’m desperate*


Place icons under the quotes with what describes your muse's mood upon hearing these things said to them

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“Wow, you really are strong!”

“I’m not pleased with your constant mumbling.”

“I wish somebody cared for me…”

“I look up to you!”

“I cant believe I finally met you!”

“You’re nothing but an insignificant little insect.”

“…I love you.”

“…S/he’s dead.”

“Get the hell away from me!”

“Mmm, aren’t you a sexy one?”

“Scream, and I’ll kill you.”

“Don’t make me regret this…*Sigh*”

“Its me, your mother.”

“I will always be with you.”

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There’s a reason why I LOVE Misha Collins.

So I asked Misha on his facebook page if we, according to him, are called Minions or Mishamigos. about 2 minutes later I got a BIG surprise. He answered me!! O.o O.o

His reply:  None of the above. There’s been a rebranding effort recently. You are now to refer to yourselves as my best friends. 

Yeah… just when I thought I could not have more respect for him….