Look at what I found today

I was at the comic book store w/ rianne to buy her sister Seconds and I was going through the indie comic isle and I found this

But what’s so special about this, you might ask? Perhaps you might recognize this character

Look familiar yet?

How ‘bout now?

I now own the comic where this original meme came from and I got it for 5 bucks I own a legend

im laughing so hard and imagining zayn getting the call that he needs to pick niall up and 5 in the morning and cursing before dragging himself out of bed with his glasses, making his way down the strip to the fucking nightclub, before dragging niall’s drunk ass back outside, then taking care of niall in the car and up to the hotel room while niall screams “BEST FRIENDS IN T WORLD! BEST BAND IN T WORLD!”