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band-aid solutions

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: smut, angst, humor

warning: slight voyeurism/exhibitionism, dirty talk, dom!jimin, oral

word count: 15k

summary: It’s said that time heals all wounds, but that isn’t exactly true and sometimes band-aids are all you have. You catch your boyfriend cheating on you and Jimin is more than willing to help you forget him.

✩ a/n: inspired by the drama suspicious partner, check it out if you haven’t already!

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Overdramatic Blood Siblings (Damian Wayne and Batsis)

Request: “Maybe Batsis and one of the batboys both getting sick and trying to take care of each other but not being able to because their sick so they get super frustrated but both of them are like i wanna help but they cant so they just resign themselves to being sick forever and be giant drama people? Love your blog so so much!” from anon.

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How long has it been since you’ve felt sick? The only time you remember being sick was when your mother, Talia, forced you to fight with mutated killer crocodiles thinking that if you were at the brink of death, you’d feel much better.

That wasn’t a pretty sight.

You were laying in bed all day not giving a damn about not going on patrol tonight. Your little brother would love to take your place for the night.

Or so you thought.

Damian knocked on your bedroom door before opening it, “Sister?” 

You coughed, “Yes, Damian?”

You heard him sniffle, “I made you soup to help you get your strength back.”

You turned your body to face him at the door. His nose was red and his eyes were watery, “Damian, are you sick, too?” You asked, concerned.

He nodded in response and walked up to your nightstand, placing the soup down.

You coughed as he placed the back of his hand on your forehead, “Just like I thought, you have a fever.”

You shook your head propping yourself up with your elbows, “You shouldn’t be taking care of me when you’re like this, little brother. Drink the soup, you need it more than I do.”

He sat on the side of your bed, folding his arms across his chest, “Tt, oh please. What kind of brother would I be if I cant even take care of my older sister?”

You rolled your eyes and laid back down, “I’m not hungry at the moment, Damian. Pennyworth already made me soup.”

He slumped down next to you and growled, “Damn it!”

This time you place your hand on his forehead. He was burning more than you, “Damian, drink the soup.”

He pulled your blankets up to his chin, “Don’t want to.” He muttered.

You knitted your eyebrows, “Drink. It.” You said darkly.

“I dont want to!”

You groaned, “If I weren’t sick right now I would’ve poured it down your throat by force if I had to.”

He smirked, “I would’ve done the same thing.”

“You have got to be kidding me!” Jason barged into your room, “You two are both sick?! What a dream come true!”

When you and Damian didn’t threaten his life he knew something was completely wrong, “Oh my fuck you two are really sick, what the fuck?”

You grabbed a tissue from your other nightstand and sneezed into it, “At least Damian and I will die together.”

Damian nodded, “Till death do us part, sister?”

“Till death do us part.” You agreed.

Jason raised an eyebrow, “Oh come on its just a cold you guys, stop being so dramatic.”

You ignored him, “Damian, after we die we should say hello to grandfather and tell him how much of an asshole he truly was.”

Damian tried to laugh but it came out as a cough, “Shall we tell him that we died because of a measly fever just to spite him?”

“Oh yes, great idea, little brother.”

“Overdramatic blood siblings…” Jason muttered, shaking his head as he left your room.


only for today.


In case you were wondering what happened to Alex’s backbone in season eleven, 
apparently he left it somewhere in season ten.

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(*) so this is a long rants, maybe dont publish it? Up to you, friend. I just need to talk to someone and I always like reading your response to anything so if you wouldn't mind.. I didn't hear the podcast, only from the transcript. And my readings probably not accurate. But, I have kinda similar experience with my job. Where sometime I couldn't help but wonder what the fuck am I doing here?? I get so frustrated, and Im not one to fume inside so I become very vocal with my bosses decision (**)

(**) concerning my job because they didn’t listen/read my report. And I’ll be embarrassed about my outburst but I couldnt stop and it brought me to tears sometime. And my peers cant understand the problem because they didn’t have to compromised professional integrity doing their job, they all have great relationship with our bosses. 1D come from TXF, a reality show in nature, so its gonna be full of fabricated dramatisation. As we know they were encouraged to act as certain character,

(***) although it could be derived from their true personality traits? Idk. Image is everything, even now 6 years later. I think Savan try to share his take on what happened, from a point of view of someone who already form an opinion and deemed they are not credible and consist of some talentless individual. At the end of the day, he come to do his job while the boys pursuing their dream. Louis got the opportunity to be in a vocal band, but got the least singing part. My point is, the boys

(****) My point is, the boys’ experience might be different from each other. They could empathise and I’m sure of it. They showed us they love and support and protect each other. Again, personality play a big roles on how yau handle hurts, disappointment and anger. So while all of the boys experience the exact same situation, it won’t affect them similarly. I feel like louis’s frustration translate into being ‘loud’ or probably argumentative. Savan’s fond memory of working with harry could also

Dear anon,

I might not have gotten last parts of this ask? If you have them, please send them.

First, thank you for understanding the complexity of the Golan/ Kotecha interview, for reading between the lines, and for articulating that in an empathetic way.

Now that we have all had time to digest it, I think it gives a lot of insight into the group dynamic.

Undoubtedly the powers-that-be have always seen One Direction as a manufactured product. Industry has never respected the band because of this background, despite the fact– the FACT not only voiced by fans but now, explicitly, by these two songwriters– that One Direction is not a typical boyband, that the talent is extraordinary, that their ambitions and their ability to learn the music business (from the creative to the business) was outsized.

And if Industry bothered to listen to pop podcasts, it would know that One Direction songs are actually, within the frame of their pop genre, quite good, considered by critics to be surprisingly good for a “manufactured product.”

I think Kotecha expressed his regret that 1. he underestimated them, 2. he let the psychological “mind fuck” –the antagonism he had with Louis– get in the way of helping them develop as artists, 3. he missed out on the biggest portion of their success, 4. he burned some bridges with them.

Kotecha is an incredible songwriter. I’m really glad he found his success with other big-name artists. He wrote my favorite AG song on Dangerous Woman, “Into You.”

The interview also revealed a lot about the band members’ state of mind through the first three albums. Kotecha states that none of the boys liked the music on Up All Night : it’s not music they are proud of, he says. If they disliked UAN, they would have recognized in the making of Take Me Home that Syco expected them to stay in this traditional boyband mode for all five albums– and perhaps they were already sensing the impetus to find a breakout solo act (Harry) so that the band wouldn’t finish their contract. They sensed it because that was the natural boyband trajectory, and had been for the last 30 years.

We talk about The Beatles being the first boyband, but of course, The Beatles were not put together on a reality talent show. No one expected the talent show band to last. No one expected them to have any creative or business talents. No one expected them to form any deep bonds with each other. No one expected them to do anything except bleat out tunes, look pretty, sell merch. No one expected these things because there was just no precedent. And now Kotecha’s interview basically confirmed all of this.

And imagine being in the boys’ shoes. Obviously they were going to sing whatever they were given in UAN: they were unknowns. They relied on industry experience to get to world-wide success. They would do whatever they were asked to do.

It was only after TMH, when their success became ever more apparent, that they had the courage to demand more. Even then, they were risking a lot to raise their voices. They could easily have been shouted down. And you’re right, anon, I think at some point, Kotecha felt like he was being attacked for doing exactly what he was hired to do. He felt an ownership for the creation of the 1D sound, and there was bloody mutiny from the bleating pretty faces– and not even from the talented one, or the singer.

And if Louis hadn’t been in the band, who knows who would have stepped into his place? Louis took a big risk (never play poker with him– his bluffs are deadly)– he could have been the one asked to leave. He was the loudest voice, but Kotecha sort of made it clear that it wasn’t only Louis who felt this way. Louis was simply the one willing to stick his neck out, to take the brunt of bad feelings. He risked his own career to make sure One Direction was in it for the long haul.

I wrote about “Strong” as a romantic song, but it could also be a song about camaraderie. “Waves try to break it”: it’s as poignant as any other reading.

Not only that, but Harry’s refusing to leave the band to be The Breakout Star also strengthened the band’s argument against management. They needed to be a united front, to argue for their creative independence. Perhaps Zayn’s willingness to give up on this united front is why bitter feelings ran so deeply during OTRA promo.

To Kotecha’s point about Harry’s songwriting chops, I think he is sincere. I think the songwriting community in pop music is a small one, and they don’t blow hot air around just for promo– the public doesn’t care if pop stars write their own songs, tbh. Indeed, it’s not the first time, second time, or even the tenth time we’ve heard from other songwriters that Harry is a pretty fucking good songwriter. I also think he and Harry are no longer in contact, at least not in any meaningful way, by the way Kotecha says “Harry probably would” [contact him]– at least, as of February 2016.

It’s weird, for me, to have this detailed, intimate snapshot of the band members circa 2011-2012. It adds to the complexity of the 1D boys as human beings, and I must say I love them more for this, for recognizing their mutual talents, for refusing to be ground down by the inevitable boyband gristmill, for having the vision to see their unknown futures and for wanting to be taken seriously as artists– risking their fame and celebrity in the process. They are a very special band.

Seriously (2/?)

Summary: After a bad hunt with The Winchesters, you find yourself parting ways after 3 years of hunting alongside the two  . The minute you’re on your own you make a new life, a life without the Winchesters . But what happeneds hen you’re forced back into each other’s lives ?

Warning: Swears, Dean being an ass ,making out(barely).

Pairing: Dean x reader ( slightly ) , Sam x Reader

You clear your throat awkwardly,

“ Alright Agents, follow me.” you say, your tone slightly wavering.

 What the fucking fuck. Why .  WHY WHY WHY.

 You unlock the door to the file room, holding it open while the boys shuffle through.

“ Y/n-” Sam starts, but you lift your hand stopping him .

“ Ill be at my desk if you need anything. "  you turn on your heel , quickly leaving the room .

 You flop down into your chair, dropping your head into your hands. You nearly fall out of your seat when you hear Detective Reagans voice again ,

” You doing anything tonight y/n?“ he asks . At first, you tried to not to get personal with anyone at work,  but Detective Jamie Reagan didn’t let that last long. You two have hung out numerous times, alone and with other officers from work .You’d be lying if you said you aren’t attracted to him , he was tall with light blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. You’re attracted to his personality just as much , he was caring, friendly , dedicated and funny.  You love flirting with him, you never know if hell play back or get extremely flustered from the attention.

” I cant say that I am Detective .“ you purr  . You stand, running your hand up his chest and straightening his tie .

 He smiles, as he goes to reply he is interrupted by someone clearing their throat. 

” Agent Barton, how can I help you?“ Jaime says , You remove your hand from his tie and turn to face Dean. Seriously?

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 ” Could I borrow you for a second, Miss Y/n?“ he says, annoyance dripping from his voice. You have to hold yourself back from rolling your eyes,

” Of course, I’ll be right back  .“ you call over your shoulder to Jaime.

 You follow Dean back to the file room, shutting the door behind you after you step in .

” What. “ you snap .

” Well its good to see you too sweetheart.“ Dean sarcastically replies. 

You cross your arms,  ” I have work to do , so spit it out Dean.“

” Yeah , you looked like you were working real hard with detective goodytwoshoes.“

” Fuck off Dean -“

” Can you guys stop already? Y/n, did you read into the details of these murders?“ Sam asks, clearly irritated with the both of you .

” I was going to call Bobby after work to get someone out here to look closer into them.“

” Why wouldn’t you just do it? Arent you still hunt-“

” It doesn’t concern you , just solve the damn case and get the hell out of my town. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m 99% sure its a witch . “

You storm out of the room, calming down as you approach Jamie , who was now sitting in your chair.

” Everything okay ?“ he asks,  as he’ s spinning around  in your chair. You giggle at him,

” Mhm, you’re going to make yourself dizzy .“ you warn as he continues.

” I think I can handle it . Bar tonight?“

” Just don’t barf on my desk . & sure, I’m off at 8 .“ you answer with a wink  . You watch as a blush spreads over his cheeks, he stands from your chair , wobbling a little.  You laugh as he tries to carefully walk back to his office, you can still see him wobbling a little.   What a dork. 

     Jamie’s lips nip at your neck as you fumble with your keys trying to unlock your front door . He finds your sensitive spot,right under your ear , causing your to melt back against his chest.

” You’re going to have to stop that if we actually want to get into my house Jamie. “ you whine, his hands grip your hip as he chuckles. He listens though , controlling himself until you finally get the door open . As soon as its shut again, Jaime is pressing you up against it , capturing your lips in a heated kiss. You wind your arms around his neck, making the kiss heat up even more. You only part when your lungs start burning from lack of air,

” bedroom?“ he asks with a smile .

 You cant seem to form words, so you just nod . He lifts you up ,you giggle as you lock your legs around his waist.  Before he makes it to the stairs, his phone starts ringing , you both groan as he sets your feet back on the floor.

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You impatiently watch as he answers, frustration crossing his features as he hangs up  .

" I have to go , someone torched a house and we need to secure the area before people start crowding ." 

 You nod, giving him one last passionate kiss before he leaves .  When you shut your door, you sink down against it trying to calm yourself down.  You’re startled by knocking on the door that sends vibrations through your body.

” Y/n, its us.“  Of course it is. 

You open the door , two very battered Winchesters barely managing to stand are in your doorway .

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” Oh my God! “ you all but throw them inside . Sam’s hunched over, hand resting on his ribs, with cuts all over his face. While Dean has a busted nose, and two black eyes starting to form along with cuts littering his face too .

” Sit, ill get the first aid kit. “  You sprint up your stairs, grabbing the kit and flying back down the stairs. 

” Shirt off now Sammy. “ you order, you watch as he struggles to slide off his flannel , it was even worse trying to watch him get his under shirt off. You sigh, grabbing the scissors from the kit you get closer to sam and swat away his hands. You cut the shirt off his body , revealing his already bruising abdomen.

” This is going to hurt , but I have to see if they are broken .“ you warn as you start feeling around his body . You feel him tense from the pain , but thankfully nothing seems broken , just bruised.  You move on and clean up his face, none of the cuts deep enough to need stitches.You wrap his middle, settling him on the couch with a bag on ice resting over the bandages. Dean was a different story,  you could tell by just looking a the cut above his eyebrow that it was too deep .

"Are your ribs busted too? Or just your face?”

“ Just my face sweetheart."  Your heart hurts as the petname slips from his lips. You remember everytime he’d call you that before, before he forced you away . You push away the memories, starting on repairing his face. You placed the proper strips on his nose to align it , and stitched up his cut .

” How did you guys find me?“ you ask as you wash your hands and clean up .

"  I hacked into the stations employee files .” Sam says casually . You cant help but laugh .

“ I’m assuming you took  care of the witch , and that’s the house that’s up in flames?” you question. They both nod .

“Y/n, thank you for this. You didn’t have to do this after-”

“ It’s fine Sam .The bathrooms upstairs, 2nd door on the left if either of you want a shower. Guest rooms are on either sides of it . Help yourself to anything here .” you say as you head up the stairs . Its about 10 pm, but you know you wont be able to fall asleep tonight, not with the Boys just down the hall .  There was no way you could turn them away, no matter how much anger you’re still holding. They were your family at a point in time, and that wont change no matter what idiotic things they do . It doesn’t mean you’re going to let Dean off the hook  . While you & Sam were close like siblings, you and Dean were something different. You never spoke of your mutual feelings,  but it was silently known between the two of you . Your relationship with Dean contained more flirting than with Sam .It was never anything more than words though , both of you not sure how to act on them. Hiding his feelings was one of Deans best talents apparently.

You throw on your baggy ACDC tee, deciding against pants for the night. Right as you collapse into bed, your text alert goes off.

“ Does your doorbell not work?” - Jamie  CRAP.

 You bolt out of your room and down the stairs, Dean is still awake watching TV on the couch but you fly right past him to the door . You open it enough that it doesn’t look like your trying to hide the fake FBI agent on your couch.

“ Jamie, what are you doing here ? ” you ask , trying to catch your breath.

“ It didn’t take as long as we assumed, I thought we could pick up where we left off.” he says, fisting his hand into your shirt and tugging you forward to crash his lips to yours . His hand slides down, grabbing at your ass. You moan at the feeling, but come falling back into reality when you hear the TV behind you .  Son of a bitch .

You gently push away from Jaime with a shy smile,

“ I don’t think its a good idea tonight, we both have to get up early . ”

He sighs, he doesn’t try to push the idea on you. His lips land on yours for a sweet , quick kiss.

“ Ill see you in the morning?” he asks

You nod, “ goodnight Reagan .”

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He smiles ,then walks back to this car. You watch as he leaves, trying to silently close the door  behind you .

“ So , you and your boss. Real classy Y/n."   Dean judgmental tone finally throws you over the edge.

” Who the hell are you to judge me Dean?  You force me away from you and your brother,then show up on my doorstep years later looking for me to play Doctor. If it wasn’t for Sammy, I would of slammed the damn door in your face!“ you shout

He scoffs, ” You didn’t give me a choice! You had no regard for your own -“

” Tell me something Dean , howd you get the broken nose? Throwing yourself infront of Sam to save him, pushing him out of the way ? “

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He stays silent, giving you the answer you already knew.

” You’re a fucking hypocrite . You risk yourself to save everyone else, why cant you deal with someone doing it for-“

” I wouldn’t be able to handle seeing you die because of me!“

” So you want us to have to watch you do it for us! Because its any easier on us !“ you yell . Dean is standing right infront of you now, both of your chests heaving.

"  I couldn’t lose you Y/n . I don’t know what i’d do.” he says quietly.

“You did though Dean , and it was no ones fault but your own." 

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It was silent for what seems like forever, your phone ringing breaks the tense silence. You pick it up , and before you can speak Bobbys voice is booming through the line .

” Ive got a lead on an oversized wolf pack Y/n , I need all hands on deck. “

You look up , locking eyes with Dean.   I know I’m going to regret this.

” I’m in. “

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Murderous; P.2

 Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst, Murderer!AU SERIES 

Summary: People can be deceiving; majority of people are deceiving if you really think about it. People lie every day. Whether it’s about watching the new season of game of thrones or ignoring someone’s text and saying you fell asleep. But when murder is the new talk of the town and everyone seems like a suspect; the truth seems to slip further and further away every second. Everyones on edge, as they should be. Wrong things happen when you trust the wrong people.

Word Count: 3,253

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P1 P2 P3

Your dad flipped through files as you both sat at the dinner table.

“Dad, did you get a suspect?” You asked as he sighed deeply.

“We thought it could be the best friend, or maybe some on the student council that was jealous of her, we even checked that creepy kid from fathom. Everyone’s allies check out…everyone except that new boy, Taehyung” he answered.

You stopped eating as you nodded for him to continue.

“He said he was at home preparing for the next day at school, which seems perfectly logical to me. You’re the new kid, it’s a new school, you just had your first day and want to be ready for the next.” Dad shrugged.

“Then whats the problem?” You asked as he shuffled through his files again.

“He lives alone, there’s no one to confirm his statement” dad sighed sadly.

There was a moment of silence between the two of you before you spoke.

“Do you think he did it?” You asked curiously as you played with your food.

He stared at his files before slowly shaking his head.

“It wouldn’t make sense” he commented as he crossed his arms in deep thought.

“That's what i said!” You stated excitedly as you jumped up a little.

Dad narrowed his eyes at me causing me too shrink back into my seat.

“Remember, don’t get involved” he said in a singish tune.

“Dad i know…its just, the boy is new and he’s already being shunned” you said causing his dad stance to soften.

“This is why i tell everyone that we should keep it under wraps, so shit like this doesn’t happen” he sighed as he shook his head.

I nodded in agreement as i continued eating my food.

“Why does he live alone?” You asked yourself more than you asked your dad.

“Not sure, the boys a complete mystery…and thats not going to sit well with the town” you dad said as he cleaned up his files.

“But just because someone lives alone and likes to keep private doesn’t mean they’re a murderer” you stated as you took your dish and his too the sink.

“Not in this town” you dad sighed as he kissed you forehead “goodnight, remember that i won’t be home till late tomorrow so lock up” he said as he walked away.

“Ok!” You shouted out as you washed the dishes.

You finished washing up before skipping upstairs to your bedroom.

As you opened the door you realised how dark your room on. You swore you had left the light on but shrugged it off as you close the door.

You flicked the light on and turned towards your bed.

Taehyung stood in front of you wearing a black hoodie and black sweatpants.

Before you could scream, he placed his hand over your mouth as you were pushed up against the wall…again.

As you realised who it was you pushed him off of you.

“What the fuck are you doing here?! How did you even get in?!” You whisper yelled as you pushed him further into your room before subtly checking if your dad’s door was closed.

“We’re going to prove my innocence remember? And the back door was open” he stated innocently as he started pacing back and forth in your room.

“You can’t be sneaking into peoples houses, that doesn’t necessarily help your case” you stated as he sat on your bed.

“I know, i know, im just…im freaking out ok? I’ve never been to jail, what if the murder manages to pin it on me! no one knows me here, no one will defend me” he said quickly as his eyes were glued to the floor in a worried daze.

“hey! calm down, i have an idea” you said pulling your desk chair in front of him and sitting down.

“A plan?” He asked as hope sparked in his eyes.

“My dads the chief of police, so i have access to the progression of the case. But im one-hundred percent positive that in the next couple of weeks you’ll be painted as the killer and the police will have you as their top suspect” you stated.

He sighed deeply before you continued.

“So firstly, you need to change your school image” you say sternly as he placed his hand in his hoodie pockets.

“My school image? What do you mean?” He asked.

“Look the first thing the police will do is ask the school about your behavior. Your teachers, your peers, random kids. Anyone.” You started.

“Right now, you’re acting like a murderer. You’re shut off, your cold and most importantly, your new” you said as he nodded his head paying full attention.

“But…i really don't like people” he sighed in frustration.

“No one does, you have to fake it. Start paying attention in class, put your hand up, talk to students” you said as he laid back resting on your bed.

“What if it doesn’t work?” He asked worriedly.

“Your decent looking and people are already interested in you, trust me, it will work” you said as you stood from your chair.

“ you cant wear those ripped up hoodies anymore either ok” you said as you walked over to your desk.

“I only have ripped up hoodies and i have no money so what am i gonna do?” He asked as he returned to his sitting upwards position.

“Its ok, you can borrow my brother’s old clothes” you stated as you checked the time.

“You have a brother?” He asked curiously as he stood up.

“Yes, now take the clothes and go, there in the room next to mine, also meet me outside the school gate tomorrow, ill help you with your image changing” you said as you shoved him towards the door.

“Hey…..” he said as he turned to face you, stopping you from opening the door.

“Thank you” he whispered before letting you open the door and leaving your room.

You sighed and shook your head before deciding to go to bed. You had a long week ahead of you.

When you spotted taehyung at the gates of your school the next morning, you had too do a double take.

Firstly, he looked completely different. Secondly…he looked insanely good, people were definitely going to pay attention to him now.

“How do i look?” He asked tugging on the sleeves of his button up shirt.

“Like the neighborhood good boy who should be on the school council” you said as you looked him up and down.

“Is that good?” He asked as the two of you started walking into school grounds.

“Very, now for practice. What do you say when someone calls you a murderer?” You asked.

“Fuck off, i didn’t do shit”


“Im sorry that you feel that way, but i didn’t do anything”


“I hate this already” he groaned angrily as he shoved his hands in his pants pockets and kicked rocks away.

“Its gonna be a long day, get ready” you sighed as you watched the number of students entering the hell hole increase.


To say Taehyung was doing good would be an understatement. At first your friends were confused as to why you were hanging out with him, but once he started talking and joking around, they were in love.

The teachers appreciated his class input even though half the time he was wrong, they liked that he tried.

He was actually a chick magnet. You already knew how to up his reputation, rumours. You may have told a friend of yours that taehyung was the love child of a prince and his dad sent him here to keep him undercover…and you may have said this in front of the school’s most notorious rumour spreading hoe, Bethany.


Taehyungs reputation had done a full 180 and it wasn’t even third period yet.

“Taehyung! Do you think you could stay behind after school and help me with my math?” Lisa asked as she approached the two of you with a nervous jisoo.

“Im sorry, i might have plans, but if i don’t ill text you. Write your number here and ill put it in my phone later” he said before winking at her.

As you grabbed books from your locker you refrained from rolling your eyes as a pink blush covered her face.

“okay, bye taehyung” she said before giggling and skipping off with jisoo.

“Bye Taehyung” you mimicked as you closed your locker angrily. He laughed before poking your arm playfully.

“You jealous?” He asked as a smirk graced his face.

“I said nice neighborhood boy, not fuck boy” you said rolling your eyes at his new found confidence.

“You think I enjoy this? You and I both know id rather be sitting at the back, alone” he said as he fixed his hair.

“Whatever, just meet me at my house after school okay” you said. He nodded before the two of you parted ways to get to your next class.

As you sat in your last class of the day, your eyes kept flicking towards the clock.


You faced forward to see Hana turned around towards you.

“Where the fuck have you been” she asked.

“I know, I’m so sorry but i promise its important” you stated.

As Lucifer, your desk buddy examined your answers.

“Y/N your punctuation is appalling. Your sentences are filled with comma splices! You can fix that with a semi-colon, a full stop or even a freaking conjunction” lucifer ranted causing you and Hana too both roll your eyes.

“Lucifer why do you even care, don’t you want to stay the top of the year level?” Hana asked causing Lucifer to roll his eyes.

“Of course I do, but that doesn’t mean I want my friends to be the bottom of the year level” he said flicking your forehead.

“Anyway, that new kid seems pretty cool, I always knew he didn’t seem like the murdering type” Lucifer stated as he passed you your book back.

“I didn’t think so either, I’m glad that people are finally seeing him for who he really is” Hana chirped as you nodded your head happily.

hahaha yer sure thing.

you were about to say something but the sight of jimin hastily packing up his books caught your eye.

“hey jimin, you alright?” you asked with concern as he almost tripped over his own feet.

“Yep, fine, thanks” he said quickly before running out of the classroom.

“whats up with him?” you asked as you turned back to Hana and lucifer.

“didn’t you hear?”

of fucking course, Angel would know. you watched Lucifer roll his eyes before all three of you turned toward her. of course, she was listening to your conversation. you hate when she sits behind you.

“he’s apparently gay” she whispered as if it was taboo.

“And?” Lucifer asked as we all stared at her in confusion “what does that have to do with him rushing out in a panic?” he asked.

“I’m just saying, he’s parents are pastors, don’t you think it’s…kinda of disgraceful?” she asked with a duh-tone.

“what the fuck? what do you mean disgraceful?” you asked as you and Lucifer turned your bodies around to fully face her. this bitch was starting to get on everyone’s nerves.

“As Christians…it’s in the bible” she stated as she shook her head “im basically sinning by breathing the same air as him” she said shaking her head “and don’t get me started on his lesbian best friend, she’s so proud it sickens me” she stated.

you were in shock. you knew Angel was a certified good girl but you actually thought she was kind of alright.

before the three of you could go off on her homophobic ass the bell rang, saving her from humiliation.

as she skipped away you packed your books up in anger.

“and she wonders why people hate Christians, God, I’m a Christian and I hate Christians” Hana said as she joined the angry shoving books in bag club.

“homophobic bitch” lucifer said before getting up and walking out.

You shook it off before walking out the classroom to head towards home when you were stopped.

“Y/N, could you come in here for a second”

Fuck. Mr Kim.

He was a great math teacher, but he had a tendency to be involved in other students lives.

“Okay” you smiled as you pulled out your phone to text taehyung.

‘I’ll be late, Mr Kim wants to talk to me’

“Y/N are you okay, I’ve been worried about you lately” he stated as you both sat down.

Here we go

“Sir I swear I’m fine” you stated as you eyed the clock.


“It’s just that, usually your very vocal in my classes but lately you’ve been…quiet. I know your not the smartest kid in the class but you usually try extremely hard and I was just wondering if everything was okay at home? Considering it’s just you and you father I figured it must be hard for you” he asked as he looked down at you with concern.

“Thank you for your concern sir, but I swear there’s nothing going on. My home life is fine and my dad is more than capable of raising me on his own” you stated through gritted teeth.

Your mum was a little bit of a touchy subject and yes he was your teacher but he had no right to pry.


“No, i didn't mea-”

“I know you didn’t, but sir if you don’t mind i would like to go home now” you said as you stood up with your bag.

“…ill see you tomorrow” he said before gesturing towards the door.

As soon as you stepped out of the classroom and checked my phone you saw 7 missed calls from Taehyung.

You’re dropped as your eyebrows knitted together in worry. What happened? Why did he call you seven times?

As you were about to call him, the caller screen popped up with his name on it.

You answered the phone quickly as you moved away from the classroom you were previously in.

“Taehyung whats wrong?” You asked at almost lightening speed.

All you heard on the other end was extremely heavy breathing.

“I-i-i-its on my hands, i c-cant l-leave” he breathed heavily.

You picked up your speed as you ran through the school.

“What? What do you mean? Where are you?!” You asked worriedly as your heart beat picked up.

“Music room, in the music room” he blurted out.

You made a sharp turn as you sprinted towards the music room.

As you approach the sliding door, you slid it open harshly.

On the floor was a boy from a lower grade his throat was slit and a pool of blood lay around him.

Taehyung was kneeling near the boys head, red blood was dripping from his hands as his eyes were fixated on the cut.

You gasped as you quickly closed the door of the music room.

“What happened?!” You shouted as you gagged repeatedly, the boys eyes were wide as they stared at the ceiling.

“Taehyung what the fuck!” You shouted at him as he moved away from the boy shaking his head.

“I didn’t do anything i swear! I know how this looks but you texted me saying you were still here so i thought id just wait for you! I was wondering around when i heard noise in the music room, i came in and the boy was bleeding from his neck! I-i-i tried to stop it with that cloth b-but it didn’t work!!” He exclaimed back as you paced back and forth in shock.

The skin colour was such a contrast to the red oozing out of it, your forehead was breaking out in sweat and your heart was pumping too loud for your head to think clearly.

“Okay! Okay!you can’t be here, you need to go to my house and stay there, we need an alibi….okay okay i got it. Our story is you were at my house and I was going to meet you there to study, Mr Kim wanted to talk to me so you went ahead, I was walking out when I heard something from the music room and that’s when I found the body” you explained as you pacing sped up.

“But will they believe that?! Y/N im a possible prime suspect and now we have another murder” he said as he tried to wipe the blood off of his hands with his hoodie.

“….your right…we need another person…” you said before wiping out your phone.

“Y/N who are you calling?” He asked worriedly.


“Hana, do you trust me?” You asked as your heart sped up, you knew she was a great best friend and would do anything for you but this might be pushing it.

“Of course I trust you” she answered instantly.

“Great, I need you to go to my house, Taehyung will be there and will explain the whole thing, just….please go along with the story and ill explain later” you said before hanging up the phone.

You took a deep breath as adrenaline was rushing through your body.


“Now go quickly!” You said as taehyung grabbed his stuff.

He ran out the door quickly as you dialled 911.

“MR KIM! MR KIM HELP!” you yelled as you ran towards his classroom, still on the phone.

“911, whats your emergency”

“THERE’S BEEN A MURDER AT ST MARYBOUGHS HIGH” you shouted both at the 911 reception and at your teacher.


“Could you just repeat the story one more time?”

“I was going home to meet up with some friends when mr kim called me into his classroom, after i finished talking to him i remember i forgot my book in my English room, when i had got it i noticed the music room door was open and went to check it out” you repeated as you were sat on a bench outside the school.

“And who were you going home to meet?” He asked

“Kim Taehyung and Jung Hana” you answered as you wiped your tears with the tissues they had given you.

The image of the deceased boy still fresh in your mind.

“Kim taehyung?” He asked curiously as you nodded.

“You can go home Y/N im sure your friends are curious to where you've been” he said sending you on your way.


As you opened the door to your house, you could hear a hushed conversation in the lounge.

As you turned the corner you saw taehyung sitting on the couch with his head in his hands (cleaned of the blood) and Hana standing near the T.v

As soon as she saw you her arms crossed against her chest.

“So the reason why you haven’t been around is that you and him are on a secret mission to prove his innocence and find the real killer” she stated.

You and taehyung looked at each before nodding your head hesitantly.

There was a moment of silence as she looked between the two of you.

“Alright…im in” she shrugged nonchalantly.

You looked at her in shock as taehyung nodded happily.

“It might get dangerous” you warned as you sat next to taehyung.

“If you’re doing it, im doing it and plus, you already have me lying to the authorities” she smirked.

You smiled and shook your head at your best friend. Well, you know what they say, The more the merrier.


A/N: Heyo! this book is also on my wattpad account ( Cupcakemaina12, you should follow me if you wanna…please) so if you see this on there and you’re like the fuck? its me dw :)

Prepare, ladies, gentlemen and gardiennes!

Here we go!

Well, I actually expected Alajéa to die first… But not the Oracle to be like that

Chrome says goodbye to pepperoni with tears in his eyes and runs away for his life. Gardienne shouts. Gardienne is now as wild as the jungle.

Sorry, Valkyon, Jamon used Pan Attack. It’s super effective!

OMG this CAN’T be good

Feng Zifu, you have changed :/ …

The rest has runned away from the Cornucopia!

Days 1-2


He hates her so much that he wants her lo live and SUFFER


b-but you’re a phoenix…fire…anyway…



Nevra: *points Mery* NOW HE IS MY CHILD

CHROME:NOOO *is drowned*

RIP Kero but you have telekinesis you moron!

Rip Cameria

Aparently, a kid and a cat are better than a grown woman and a powerful master

Days 3-4

oops well Yvoni deserved it and I still think Leiftan is evil sooo

Omg the blue bitch

‘‘Im sorry, Ewelein…’‘

‘‘Do it for your mom, Mery’‘



Bye, Elf

Everything is over now, Mery… *cries*

She couldn’t kill Coalïa and she was frustrated… *sips tea*


I can’t believe my eye…

Originally posted by uhmmmyeahsurewhynot

And from this we have learnt that it doesn’t matter if you are an extremely powerful magic criature: a cat is always more powerful #catpower #purralthesly

Can we aprecciate that the one who has killed more people is Mery? 

But for what, Mery, for what?!

Altar-nate Ending

Words: 1374
Steve Rogers X Reader
Request: “Hi! Can you make an imagine where Steve and the reader are getting married but first he is not into wedding preparation and she feels like he doesn’t want to get married but then he starts helping but on the wedding day he stoods her up bc a mission at the end fluff and happiness pls! I would really love to read this! btw i love your imagines!” -Anon

“Steven Grant Rogers!” You barged into his office without waiting for an invitation. Natasha and Sam were with him. The three of them were bent over a splay of tactical plans, until they looked up at you who had stormed in unapologetically.

“Someone’s in trouble.” Sam chuckled. Nat and Steve glared at him simultaneously. “What? We were all thinking it, but suddenly I’m on trial for actually saying it? Whatever she’s mad about, I’m on her side now.” Sam pointed at you before shrugging his shoulders and walking out of the room.

“I’m going to take a coffee break.” Nat excused herself gracefully, leaving only you and Steve in the room.

“Please explain to me how you can spend weeks planning for a mission, but you cant carve out five minutes of your time to help me pick out flowers, or a dinner menu or literally anything for this wedding.” You sighed in frustration. “Do I need to remind you that a wedding is supposed to be a celebration of our union? Meaning both of us becoming one team? I know you know what being part of a team is, so why can’t you just, be there for me?” Steve left a long pause hang in the air. He wanted to make sure you were finished lecturing him before he spoke.

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anonymous asked:

I'm genuinely sad today. It's been building up and basically hit the boiling point with WINGS/YNWA. I love BTS, and Jin is the reason I got into them and has been my bias member since. But I am so frustrated with BigHit. Jin looked so disappointed during the vlive. Do you remember how hype and excited he'd get when talking about attending his Graduation with his family&the members? He only truly smiled at the cake, and then Gaon was pointless. They didn't need to go. Grad was SO important to him

to be honest i cant completely objectively blame bighit for the graduatuin situation even tho i hate bighit most days ? bc

1) even when just one member is missing the entire choreography, lights, sound, line distribution, etc have to be rearranged and i know it takes way more work than it looks like bc i remember one of t-aras staff one time talking about it when hwayoung was injured . if jin had skipped out it would have caused a mess

2) they couldnt just skip the awards ceremony altogether, even tho the fans wouldnt have minded or anything, bc bts was already guaranteed to win the 4th quarter award which is a big deal and u cant just not show up for its just industry politics u kno u kno

of course im sad he couldnt attend his own graduation esp how hard hes worked for it, but there wasnt really anything that could be done its just unfortunate 

anonymous asked:

customers who come in during a rush & are several people/parties behind in the queue of people needing to be helped: i understand your frustration & need for assistance BUT if Im the only one in the store i dont see how you expect me to cater to you & only you & answer your every question when its not even your turn. also i cant read your mind & give you the info you need so you can leave faster. youre just going to have to wait like everyone else. or was taking turns not ever explained to you?


to quote my tweets of these pieces:

“l i s t e n even i cant explain why i ship this”
“[frustrated sigh] keith having nightmares and only relaxes from them with physical contact so pidge helps out”

my hcs are that pidge is genderfluid+pansex and keith is ftmtrans+demisex

and regarding the comic, hc that keith gets nightmares often but he’s also a heavy sleeper so waking him up from them are hard. the team doesn’t know what to do to help if they see him having one during his After Free-Time Training Session Nap. that is, until pidge just wings it and hold his hand. despite being a heavy sleeper, physical contact seems to come through to him and he relaxes and calms down. after pidge figures this out, the rest of the team feel better about ever seeing him have a nightmare bc now they know what to do.

edit: this art was created and posted before ages were confirmed, and at the time i posted this i hc’d pidge 16/17 and keith 17. since the age reveal, ive thrown the romantic dynamic out the window.

okay so this is gonna sound like. pretentious, hah. but i cant stand it when popular lets players don’t pick up cues in video games? like, there’s a point when you’ve been playing games for a long time where you start to know when something is significant, and I know there’s a learning curve for everything but there is definitely a Point where you can only go so long not paying attention to visual cues that continually pop up before it’s just like… dude what are you doing.

and like again I’m one to talk bc I get stumped plenty, but it’s so frustrating when LPers get stuck on things and then they don’t like… understand where the game is directing them. Or like there’s clearly an answer to something and the answer is so OBVIOUS but they backtrack instead and don’t go the way the game is clearly DESIGNED TO LEAD THEM. 

experiences and learning curves are different for everyone I know, but it’s just especially frustrating when it’s guys who’s entire Deal is that they play games constantly, like you guys… should know this!! and it’s so consistent too like i’ve seen more than one lets player do shit like this where they just don’t get obvious cues and it drives me nuts haha

anonymous asked:

I agree. I don't think the tongue thing is about unhealthy jealousy. People are probably worried that jeonlous means Jungkook doesn't trust the other members around Jimin, which would be alarming. But I doubt it. I'm not sure if people have talked about this possibility before but maybe it's about PDA? Hypothetically speaking, if they are in a relationship, someone (staff, other members, Jimin, himself too maybe) has told them to tone it down and there'd be a ton of valid reasons for that. (1)

So, even if he’s not banned from touching Jimin, he’d be conscious about his every move and maybe the “jeonlous” thing is just an unconscious nervous/irritated tick that comes from the constant awareness of what he can and cannot do. It could be frustration and/or bitterness because he’s the only one who has to be careful around Jimin while everyone else is allowed to act natural. Seeing others touch Jimin like they’d normally do is something he’d always notice because he’d be painfully (2)

I think there was more but once again tumblr is evil. but this is actually really interesting. Maybe he’s not jealous that they are with Jimin but more jealous that he cant be. Now that’s cute lol

adhd symptom list

so about 6 months ago, i figured out i have – and have had (since i was a young kid) – adhd. i found out because one of my mutuals happened to reblog a post of symptoms that mentioned that adhd is way underdiagnosed in women. i’ve reblogged posts from the @adhd-community that might help others to diagnose themselves, but since i am a pretty textbook case, i wanted to put together my own list to try and help people.

adhd is classified by three major symptoms: hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattention. here’s how that manifests in me:


  • spacing out
  • day-dreaming constantly
  • spacing out even when something really important is going on
  • spacing out in the middle of things i am very invested in, like conversations about things that are important to me with people i really love
  • constant distraction. drifting off. circling back. “oh shit what just happened in this situation, i completely spaced”
  • forgetting to do very important things even though i keep reminding myself over and over. i have to pay rent. i have to pay rent. …shit forgot to pay my rent.
  • forgetting whole conversations / events / etc. 
  • introduce myself to someone. i’m so focused on telling them who i am and shaking their hand that i don’t even hear them tell me their name.
  • being right in the middle of something. getting distracted by something else. forgetting i was ever in the middle of doing anything else. (this happens when i’m texting all the time. i’ll put my phone down and just. forget about it.)
  • feeling lazy, stupid, or just in generally like a messy, sloppy person because i can never get my shit together. it seems like other people have a really easy time doing things that i really, really struggle with like remembering hw and completing projects they start and keeping stuff organized.
  • people are talking to me but the words coming out of their mouth sound like gibberish even though i consciously know they’re saying things that should make perfect sense
  • even if i’m watching something im very invested in i can’t resist the urge to repeatedly check my phone. even happens when im reading or writing
  • i have between 7-20 tabs open in my web browser at any given time
  • instead of focusing on doing one task, i often cycle between many tasks, not so much multi-tasking as rapid-tasking, going in circles until i finally get something done
  • struggle to finish anything i start because its incredibly difficult to muster the energy to focus on any one thing for long enough
  • i am frequently distracted / irritated by stimulus other people find innocuous (strong smells, repetitive sounds, physical sensations like when i breathe on myself when im sleeping)
  • laser focus / tunnel vision: i become so focused on one thing that i do not hear or see anything else (a tv show, a video game, etc.) if people talk to me i do not see or hear them. 
  • VERY disorganized. i lose things constantly, forget due dates and times, etc. my room is ALWAYS a mess. planners don’t help because i lose them, can never remember to write in them or check them.
  • tendency to make careless mistakes because i don’t notice details or because i forget instructions - i misread emails, fail to complete tests correctly, fail to fill in forms correctly
  • i forget even shit i do every day. i forget to eat. or go to the bathroom. or take my vitamins or brush my teeth. i forget that shit all the time
  • late to everything because i got lost and distracted while im getting ready so everything takes 5 times as long as usual
  • inability to prioritize. inability to manage my time. spending hours on shit that doesn’t matter instead of stuff that matters a lot


  • fidget constantly. jiggle my leg when im seated. constantly shift around even when im lounging around
  • even when im lounging i need to get up and pace at least once or twice every few hours or i feel like im losing my mind
  • if i get really excited while im watching a tv show i need to get up and pace and dance and be really active to offload all the adrenaline.
  • constantly restless 
  • my brain just goes and goes and goes and often feels like its moving too fast and i can’t really keep up. a lot of the time this keeps me awake at night because i literally can’t stop thinking. 
  • accidentally talking way too loud
  • shouting when i don’t need to shout, laughing too loud, getting really amped about really mundane shit. 
  • motor mouth
  • always have energy even when im exhausted - even when im really tired it feels like there’s a metronome inside me that never stops, like this perpetual motion device i can’t shut off
  • late to everything because sometimes time doesn’t even feel real? like what is a minute… sometimes i can do like 80 shittrillion things in 5 minutes sometimes i blink and its been 2 hours. how.
  • picking at acne, biting my nails, playing with my hair, playing with my jewelry, playing with my phone.
  • this feeling like i need to be doing something all the time if i am not actively doing something i am wasting time i cannot afford to waste any time. i need to be doing something at all times (which is why sleeping is so hard)
  • a feeling like my skin is too tight, like i’m about to spontaneously combust. “my brain is a house fire.”
  • boredom isn’t a passive feeling - it’s active for me, and it makes me feel weirdly desperate and angry.
  • feeling “jazzed” (as i usually put it): i have so much energy it feels like i’m going to explode. i feel simultaneously desperate and paralyzed. i need to do something, many things, and i need to do all of them RIGHT NOW but i can’t do any of them because i don’t know where to start and i can’t focus on any one of them because i’m busy thinking about all the others
  • the thought of spending hours doing one activity makes me uneasy especially if i will not have control over how to schedule the time
  • experience HUGE BURSTS OF LOVE / INSPIRATION when i find something new that often tapers off into disinterest as soon as it is not new. i get bored of things i like very, very quickly
  • struggle to finish anything because as soon as the inspiration has worn off i want to do 12 other things instead.


  • “oh my god why did i say that / why did i do that.”
  • getting so focused on the fact that i’m waiting to talk that you don’t even notice what the other person is saying
  • interrupting or talking over people people because i need to get my thought/reaction out.
  • doing things that i know i’m going to regret because i just need to for some reason
  • angry outbursts that are a BURST then a sizzle - you lash out and then you’re done. you don’t even feel that angry anymore
  • accidentally intruding on people because i just opened the door without thinking
  • honestly just constantly doing thing without thinking. people will tell me i’m brave or daring for doing some of the shit i do and i’m just like no i just never think about fucking anything before i do it, ever
  • like honestly if it looks like i don’t give a fuck it’s because i just failed to give a fuck when i probably should have.
  • part of my motor mouth is that when i’m in an active conversation with very little waiting in it is that sometimes i don’t even know what i’m gonna say before i say it. 
  • starting conversations at inappropriate times. like. say. in movie theaters
  • i hate to be interrupted when im talking about things even if its with another person’s thought or by a waitress or what have you. i hate it. i will always just try to keep going afterwards and if people don’t cooperate i get really quietly upset
  • waiting in lines is fucking torture. waiting to do anything is just the fucking worst
  • walking into things or knocking shit over or even getting really hurt because i don’t think before i act
  • the occasional nasty passive aggressive email at work because i just cant resist temptation.
  • getting frustrated and self-loathing and deleting shit or throwing shit out because i just need to take action.
  • breaking up awkward silences because someone has to say something. not even awkward silences just…sustained one. feeling like i need to talk all the time and keep conversations going

these aren’t the only possible symptoms of adhd, but it’s a lot of them. i know this post is long but i hope it helps some of you - maybe somebody like me, who doesn’t realize they’re adhd. maybe somebody who just needs to hear that somebody else is experiencing life the way they do. take care of yourselves, babes

SNK 93 - we deserve better

Am I the only one just fucking angry & disappointed about ch 93?

I do not care about any Marley soldiers, I do not care about smug Gabi or Colt or what are their names, I care about Mikasa, Eren, Armin, Levi, Jean, and so on. Since 3 godforsaken month I suffer through that boring Marley bullshit – alright, Reiner is there, at least there is that and that may be the only reason I even read it.

Now Ymir is dead. Just died off screen. Don’t get me wrong, I am not angry about her dying (well, maybe a little) - death and gore and horror are the reasons why I even started reading the manga. Im angry about the bad & uninspired writing surrounding that.

Isayama used that Marley arc to fill in info like an amateur. Oh, whats that? You hit your head? Let me fill you in in the most blatant way so the reader knows it’s for him. Oh, the guy is talking in a foreign language? Let’s not make up a language, just put some dots in the speech bubble… here ya go~

The chapters don’t suck me in anymore. They are like school documents with info I have to read to not fall behind. Every single chapter to me seems uninspired now. I think I really lost trust in Isayama to bring this story home.I cant be the only one, can I?

Furthermore, my dash lacks the latest snk talk. So if you blog about the latest snk chapters and tag it as #spoiler or something like that, then please reblog so I can come and follow you. Geez, I’m so frustrated… 

Lost Engagement Ring - Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N-  Hey!! Can you do an imagine where y/n and joe are engaged, and for a video Idea Joe gets all the buttercream boys to prank y/n by pretending to lose her engagement ring and she gets really upset? Thanks!

“Welcome back to my channel.. and you’re all in for a treat this week, this weeks video is big and also got me in trouble” Joe started laughing remembering the events. 

“You all know that me and Y/N are engaged? Well I thought i’d play a prank on her. Obviously by the title of this video you can guess what I did. That’s correct! We pretended to lose her engagement ring. This was very risky but i’m all about the risks. I got the boys involved as well and this is how it went down. Hope you all enjoy!” 

*Throwback to when the prank happened* 

“Right, i want to prank Y/N. She’s been busy lately and I want to have some fun. I’ve got this idea but i dont know if it will work. I need all your boys help” Joe started. He hadn’t played a prank in ages and wanted his next target to be Y/N deciding to give Caspar a break. 

“What’s the idea?” Oli asked, they all knew it was going to something big as it’s known that Joe is the prank king. 

“I want to pretend to lose Y/N’s engagement ring” 

“Oh god yes! This will be an epic prank!” Jack said jumping right on board. 

“A bit risky mate isnt it?” Josh commented, Joe knew it was but he knew it would make a good video.

“Every prank is risky, come on it will be laugh. She wont take it seriously” With Joe’s persuasion the prank was about to be put in place. 

With the camera’s in place and everyone taking their position, they were all waiting for Y/N to come home. Joe knew she had a busy day so when she came home he knew she would want to relax. 

“She’s home get ready!” Joe whispered getting prepared. The rest of the boys were gathered on the sofa playing fifa trying to act casual. 

“I didn’t know you were all going to be here” Y/N spoke walking into the front room sighing. Taking her coat and shoes off. 

“Sorry babe, I needed a new video for sunday and I thought a group one would be ideal” Joe started to take the lead. 

“It’s not a problem” A small smile appeared on her delicate face. The boys started to exchange looks knowing Y/N was stressed and this prank was about to kick off. 

“Why don’t you run a bath? Go and relax” Caspar suggested. With some of the boys agreeing. 

“Go and distress. We can order food in” Conor added. 

“I have things to do though I have emails to read” 

“Babe you can do that tomorrow, listen to the boys, go and relax” Y/N finally gave in walking to the bathroom with Joe. Joe watched as she undressed herself, throwing her hair into a ponytail and soaking down into the bath. Joe then focused on the movement of her hands sliding the ring off and placing it on the side. 

“Can i show the boys the ring? They haven’t seen it properly yet and i want to show it off” Joe smiled hopefully she would give in, with no reply Y/N just smiled and nodded closing her eyes taking in the warmth. With that Joe took the ring, lightly kissed her on the forehead and removed himself from the room. 

“Guys i got it” Joe said proudly but quiet enough so Y/N didn’t hear. 

“That was easy” Oli laughed. 

“I thought she never took it off?” Mikey questioned.

“She doesnt but i said i wanted to show it off to you lot” 

“And she believed that?” Josh laughed. 

“Course she did” 

“Still cant believe you’re the first to get engaged” Conor laughed earning some ‘yeah i know’ from the boys.

“I mean your girlfriend well fiancee is mega hot, I can’t believe you pulled her” Jack claimed. Pretty sure if Joe didn’t get in there first, Jack would have gone for her. 

“Well i did now get over it” Joe chuckled throwing a pillow in their direction and placing the ring in his pocket. The boys were now having a laugh and joke while they waited for Y/N to come out the bath. They discussed what her reaction was going to be some believed she would know its a prank but the others thought she believe it. They just had to wait and see. 

“You look refreshed” Jack smirked noticing Y/N first wearing only underwear and a silk nightgown. 

“Babe you could have worn more clothing” Groaning knowing the boys would be enjoying this. 

“Well this is our apartment, i’ll wear what i want” She let out a little giggle ignoring the stares. “Can i have my ring back?” As soon as the words were spoken all the boys started looking at each other.

“I don’t have it” Caspar started with the rest of them saying “same”. 

“Joe?” She questioned again. 

“Who had it last?” Joe asked turning to the boys. 

“I didn’t” Conor mentioned looking at the rest of them. 

“Neither did i” 

“Guys this isnt funny” Y/N mumbled crossing her arms. Not looking happy at all. 

“Joe seriously we don’t have it” The boys started to stand up shaking to see if anything fell off. Nothing. 

“You better not of lost it guys, that ring was my everything” Y/N mumbled again, weakness filling her voice. The boys started to lift the pillows off the sofa while Y/N started to pace back and forward scanning the floor to see any sign of it. 

“Seriously, you lot better not of lost it”

“Y/N we cant find it” Oli said lifting up the last of the pillows. 

“I swear we gave it back to Joe” Mikey confusedly added with Josh agreeing. With the boys glancing back to Y/N every now and again, they could see she was getting upset and frustrated. 

“I cant trust you boys with anything!! One simple thing and you lose it” The female voice started to raise. “You only needed to have a quick look and then pass it back. Its not hard!!” They saw the tears forming into her delicate blue eyes. “That ring had sentimental value, it had memories.  It had love. It had laughter. It wasn’t just some old ring brought from the shop. Joe had it specially made. It was engraved. Now its go-” Y/N kept looking at all the boys and when her eyes landed on Joe he was standing there with a smirk and a ring between his fingers. Her eyes then found the boys as they started laughing pointing to the cameras.

“I got you!!” Joe cheerfully shouted. 

“We got you so good” Caspar breathed through his laughs. 

“I seriously hate you all, why do that to me” Y/N wiped away the tears that fell from her face grabbing the ring off Joe and placing it back on her finger where it belonged. 

“Say hi to the cameras” Josh and Conor grabbed the visible cameras laughing. 

“Do you really hate us?” Jack asked.

“I have my days”