i cant at liv

someday i hope to understand why julie plec makes every single character on tvd throw the most glorious drags at delena saying everything that’s truly wrong with their relationship, everyone and their mother hates them together, but she worships them so much and they’re supposed to be a great love story

“stefan and elena were boring”

“damon and elena are meant for each other”

“tvd is still a good show”


anonymous asked:

Can Maxine just write this robron spinoff pls I mean it's just needs to be done - robron on location outside the village think of the storyline potential it's ENDLESS interacting with new characters seeing their day to day routine and throw in the cameos of Vadam Chas Liv etc it's tv gold - I CANT REST UNTIL ITS A REALITY

robron can only have a spin off if liv gets to come!!!! 

…..but yes i would watch this i would sell everything i own and rededicate my life to this one show 

i love liv so much and i cant wait for the day when i get to hold their big ass hands in my tiny ass hands and kiss their whole face and hug them forever and sing can i have this dance from hsm3 together liv makes me so happy and i love them