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someday i hope to understand why julie plec makes every single character on tvd throw the most glorious drags at delena saying everything that’s truly wrong with their relationship, everyone and their mother hates them together, but she worships them so much and they’re supposed to be a great love story

so here’s my theory which made me think as a result of the Danny photo the ed insta posted combined with the fact that Lucy said that chas has a peaceful and nice exit PLUS the fact that Maxine said that robron go into the mill in spring/March. I think Aaron’s gonna get imprisoned BUT solely for about a month or even less and then Chas leaves after his return from prison for some reason which is still unbeknownst to us. Robert can’t move into the mill until Aaron’s back because he wants them to do it together as husbands and with Liv <333 SO then they move into the mill after Aaron is released from prison after he’s hopefully been provided with the professional help he needs. So that’s my theory THE END™

“stefan and elena were boring”

“damon and elena are meant for each other”

“tvd is still a good show”



everyone thinks my story begins with a mask… and they’re right. but it isn’t the mask they think. a brave face… that was my first mask.

dad and i both tried to make family life as normal as it was before mom died… and we had some fun years. some good memories, things i still hold on to. but that burden wasn’t easy for a little kid to carry. i may have pretended to be strong and happy… but i was angry underneath it all. angry at the whole damn world. i knew i was letting dad down every time i got in trouble… promises aren’t easy to keep when you’re a kid… in my heart, i know dad knew that. he was always so understanding. but it still hurts when i remember the last thing he said to me… i still remember sitting there on my bed, waiting… thinking over what i’d say… what new promises i’d make… what chores i’d agree to do… just so he’d never be disappointed in me again. but dad never came home from maneuvers that day. the days moved fast after that… almost a blur… as they put dad in the ground… and then explained some deal where my kid sister would get sent off to boarding school… but i would stay on the base, with dad’s old pals looking out for me.

i used that mask dad taught me to wear even more, then… to hide how scared and alone i really felt… and i wore it for a long time after that.

bucky barnes in captain america and bucky #620 - 624 (2011)