i cant at liv


Robert Sugden I pink knots 

I’ve realized I don’t exist outside of Aaron. So I’ve been feeling a bit lost, Liv. I’m trying to find myself again. You’d take the mick if you were here, but I’ve taken up knitting. Lisa’s helping me, crochet a blanket for our sofa. Our, um your Mill will be like Wishing Well before you know it. Living with Diane has made me miss my Mum even more. I’ve been reading to Vic everyday, because I want her to know Mum’s favourites. So when you get back maybe Aaron would let me tutor you. I don’t have to lose a sister as well as a husband do I. I’m just trying to repair my heart, one knot at a time.

for @stulot for your beautiful vlogs and your endless softness.

I cant explain how much this mattered to me! I had an IG with 15k and IG disabled it. Ive been so crushed over it. But I never stopped supporting her from my other acct. Today I hated how some said Dove needed to be this Disney persona they made her, like she cant be her own person! 

 When I get passionate about something, I cant be quiet. Im so thankful she read this and that it mattered to her, bc she has inspired so much in me and helped me to be strong. She is a new voice for our generation xx


A Roblivion Christmas I red, green and blue

I really hope Paddy pulls through and buys them awful red, green and blue Christmas hats which they all hate. 

Is it Christmas yet?