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I agree that some people take things too far. But i also dont see a problem with people distancing themselves from Kara a little bit. I have been doing that since season 2 tbh because i really disliked her character in most of it. Its obviously the writers fault. But after the SDCC thing i really cant stand seeing Melissa's face. It makes me sad and angry because i remember everything. So i might reblog some Supercorp but not just Kara stuff. Maybe that will change. But im allowed to be angry.

Disliking Kara for the most of season 2?

Other than her choosing to stay with Mon-El (which, while a bad decision, is entirely in character with her want for everyone to be good on the inside) and the poorly written “Alex” episode (for her), Kara has been consistently an incredibly likable character.

The issue might be that no one can see past Mon-El. Hell, half of the supercorp fandom skips the scenes he’s in, scenes which are important for Kara (a.k.a. half their ship).

People are simultaneously like “He’s ruining her character!” while not actually caring about her character. 

This recent trailer is an example. People are pissed off because Kara is sad, when she barely seems to be thinking about Mon-El the person and is focusing on how she loses everything.

This is a major character storyline for Kara. It’s the storyline. (I’m gonna write a whole thing on this later.)

And there’s also a tendency in this fandom to inflate every writing choice in it’s terribleness, for instance- Kara not wanting James to be Guardian. 

Like, sure, it would have been nice for Kara to have surprised us with a show of support. But it’s also completely in character for Kara, who has massive abandonment issues, to be afraid that her friend is gonna die. 

(Honestly like, imagine that your friend started being a vigilante. Even if you’d seen vigilantes before, you’d think they were crazy and gonna die. Now imagine that you’ve also lost an entire planet’s worth of people and your culture before that. You might be kinda scared for him.)

Now, the writers did not dive into Kara’s character the way they should have in the least, but she didn’t really change. She’s still the same person.

So you disliking Kara in season 2 isn’t really the writers fault. 

If anything, I’d blame the fandom’s perception of her, but you might just not like this kind of character. Which, while is utterly unfathomable to me, is your right.

But I know that she wasn’t your favorite character in season one (suffering through season one to get to Lena and liking Kara as the default doesn’t count), because you’d be where I am right now.

Angry and upset. 

Kara is the lead of the show, is Supergirl, and is very very close to the heart of some people on here, and people are making jokes about this character being homophobic and writing angry fic about her because of something she didn’t actually do.

People are making posts about how the favorite character of many women who love women is homophobic. Let the cruelty of that act sink in for a bit.

And frankly, like I’ve said before, Melissa did not do anything that warrants not being able to stand her face. She did nothing to indicate that she even goes as far as disliking Supercorp.

Of course, people are using her face to have her say homophobic things now as a joke, so I think maybe you should analyze if that’s why you suddenly can’t look at her.

(People! Wanna clean your “Melissa’s face = evil” palate? watch this. :) )

Of course, just avoiding Kara for now isn’t as big of a deal as actively defaming her, but it still indicates an inability to separate actor from character that is a problem in ways that surpass this individual issue. 

Even if Melissa were homophobic (she’s not), Kara Danvers is still a goddamn light.

Idk, I’m just saying… sure, you’re “allowed to be angry” at things…in life… I guess… 

But here, your anger is misdirected.


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