i cant angry faces

Some teaser image face analysis (keeping in mind that I really struggle to tell emotion from faces sometimes and im half hoping people will correct me if im wrong so pls be nice to me OTL)

  • Yongguk looks kinda sad but also kinda ready to fight you like he’ll straight up deck you but he isnt happy about it
  • Himchan is somewhere between ‘neutral, chilling’ and ‘deep thought’ pls help
  • Daehyun looks forlorn which still doesnt sound like a word but yeah he looks forlorn but also like he might punch you too idk
  • Youngjae looks ????? i dont know what that emotion is pls tell me
  • Jongup looks like hes been waiting outside in the rain for a really long time so that u can go on your date and u kept telling him five more minutes so he kept waiting and now hes kinda angry at you but also a little bit sad bc u were mean to him
  • Junhong looks like hes gonna punch someone?

you’ve always been like a dream to me