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Do you also sometimes realize that you are really in love with a character?

I mean, you get really really really attached, you admire every single shit about them, see them grow and develop and suddenly you notice they aren’t real and you suffer a little bit cuz you can’t go and hug them and cuddle or anything

Is it just me?

Aria was in Radley

edit - new proof

I’ve been thinking that Aria was in Radley for a while, and the A.D message in the last episode - ‘Jessica DiLaurentis kept excellent records. If Ezra knew what was in your file, he would definitely choose Nicole’ - basically confirmed this for me for a number of reasons.

1. Ezra knows basically everything about Aria - the Jenna Thing, how she killed Shana and Rollins.. I actually can’t think of one thing she has kept from him (except that she kissed his brother) that would cause him to choose Nicole over her. Except, if she was in Radley. I have always thought perhaps Aria was in Radley, not Iceland, that first year of Alison’s disappearance. Remember how it was actually mentioned that she ‘didn’t know who she was’? I think the conversation went something like this (1x01) :

      Emily : Last time I saw you, I think you had a pink stripe in your hair.

      Aria : Well, when your parents are telling you to be yourself but you have no                 idea who that is…

This, of course, could, most likely, be nothing, but it could be a possible hint to a personality disorder, perhaps schizophrenia. Maybe this is what she was admitted to Radley for - paired with having to keep the secret of her father’s affair, she probably had a full-on breakdown.

EDIT : Thanks to @xhuckleberryy, I went back and watched that scene again and guess what? After Aria says her ‘I didn’t know who I was’ line, Emily literally comes out and says ‘You weren’t well.’ To which Aria hesitantly laughs and agrees. Maybe she didn’t remember that well as she seemed a little embarrassed. I’m literally freaking out! What else could this mean other than Aria wasn’t well and was in Radley to figure out who the hell she was?!

2. You might be wondering, how would Jessica DiLaurentis know that Aria was in Radley? Surely she wouldn’t spend so much time going through patient records and searching for someone on a list who may not even be there when she could be searching for her ‘dead’ daughter instead? Well, do you remember the ‘A is giving Toby answers about his mother’s death’ storyline? Toby was about to sign an agreement with the sanitarium to say that his mother’s death was an accident as opposed to a suicide, but then Spencer called him, begging him not to sign. Why? Because Jessica DiLaurentis was on the board at Radley Sanitarium. She would know if Aria was admitted all those years ago without any investigating, and it would be something worth keeping in her file. Perhaps Jessica was suspicious that Aria had had another breakdown and hit Bethany Young with the shovel that night, thinking she was Alison.

Aria has always been so sweet (she reminds me of a cupcake hahaha) and I’ve been waiting for her to go dark for so long! It’s starting to happen, and if it was revealed Aria was in Radley (not necessarily AD) that would be the cherry on top of the sugary Montgomery cupcake! I also believe that Aria will find out who AD, or most likely a helper, is in the next episode but she will be forced to keep it a secret - possibly she will be blackmailed to keep it to herself or her time at Radley will be outed.

i thought about keith doing a split once and now i literally cant think about anything else


[Scanlation] The Same Time As Always, The Same Place As Always Vol.1 EXTRAS by: Hashimoto Aoi

Ch.1  |  Ch.2  |  Ch.3  |  Ch.4  |  Ch.5  |  Ch.6  |  Ch.6.5  |  Ch.7  |

(。「´-ω・)ン  It’s been a while for this series, but it’s a’coming! Here’s just a compilation of all the extras that were released with the Volume. Extras include the volume bonus, comicomi studio, toranoana, horin love books, and animate. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ From this point, we’re just gonna wait until Ch.7 comes out.

All these extras are amazing and hilarious and just sdhfkjdgf. Adorable.

(☞゚∀゚)☞ All the extras are about 15 pages or so. It doesn’t fit in a tumblr post. Gotta link you else where. YOU CAN READ IT IN FULL HERE. OR, if you can’t access imgur: ALT LINK.

I did the cleaning, but thanks to Deea and Tsuki-chan for proofreading.

I hope you enjoy!


these are kind of old and kind of blurred but. 

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All I see is broody Fenris. Where is my happy Fenris? Laughing, smirking, giggling Fenris? Where is fenris that laughs until tears are streaming down his face. he probably laughs at his own jokes too and can giggle out of nowhere bc he thought of something funny. he’s such a dork. WHERE IS HE


Aren’t they cute?

I expected an introductory episode for Tsukai and the negotiation to showcase her and Shindou’s different strengths, but it’s all just information! I love it!! Seikaisuru Kado really has a very typical “hard sci-fi” feel to its narrative. It’s just my type!!

First off, we got the information on Kado. It seems to be some sort of supercomputer able to “unfold” higher-dimensional structures into lower dimensions. I am surprised it only resulted in a cube that large in the 3D world, zaShunina & Kado must have been minuscule in Novo. Unfolded structures have the potential to be…immense.

Secondly, now that we know what Novo is, it can be concluded that zaShunina is an individual and does not seem to belong to a species.

Thirdly, zaShunina genuinely means well. He immediately seeks to reduce information asymmetry, which makes the fact that he chose Japan even more sensible. Frankly, I can’t imagine such an efficient arrangement anywhere else. I trust that Seikaisuru Kado will provide us with solutions to smooth out global frictions resulting from the possibility of infinite energy and media attention (Isaac Asimov’s Seldon crises in the Foundation series comes to mind).

Finally, I echo Tsukai’s concern. Shindou is too friendly - protective, even - towards zaShunina. The people on the plane were shown to be really calm in the previous episode too. Did something happen inside Kado that we audience are also obscured of? What did Shindou get from zaShunina from their first contact? Or does Shindou happen to agree with whatever goal zaShunina is pursuing, regardless of whether or not it can be deemed beneficial (and to whom)? 

It would seem that recently the Rhett hos are slowly becoming Link hos, and the Link hos are slowly becoming Rhett hos. Lets just hope we all stay together as Rhink hos!

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