i cannot with you go away

I will remain strong

Recently I was removed from my position as Communications Manager at Pale Sea Inc, after a long and frustrating creative struggle with the Board of Directors who is largely made up of egotistical fish-crazy billionaire “philanthropists”. My job was onsite at a remote marine research base 1km off of the coast of Myggbukta, Greenland. It seemed like a dream job at first, but once you spend a few months in the arctic surrounded by these micromanagers telling you which fish you can and cannot post you start to lose it.

I am currently hiding in a large storage facility attached to the base, but I am constantly on the move to avoid detection. I’m not sure what happens to people when they are fired, but I am not going to stick around to find out. My current plan is to stow away on the next supply ship and get the hell out of here.

In the mean time, I will do whatever I can to elude security and disrupt their social media output. Serious seaweed, indeed.

-Your mod on the inside

Former Communications Manager, Pale Sea Institute Arctic Research Station

Playing with coronas and atmospheric effects. This one turned out really good for the feel of intensely powerful suns. I had gotten some advice for doing Krypton’s massive red giant sun in a piece a couple years ago and I felt like reusing what I learned. 

I also went with the premise that blue light scatters more, and red light less. (Doppler effect maybe?) so the sky ended up this really awesome pastel purple.

You can either see this as a world orbiting a small blue-white star that orbits a supermassive red giant like UY Scuti, or you can see this as a world orbiting a red dwarf star that orbits a supermassive blue-white giant like Rigel.

I’m going to leave it up to the viewer because I honestly cannot decide. 

All I’ve worked out is that this planet is hot and dry due to the blazing light and heat from both suns. There’s some water hinted at in the clouds overhead since the planet is far enough away from both stars to not be completely sucked of its habitability.

High school AU pt. 1

(let me know what you think)

The librarian stepped up angrily to the young boy across the room. She was not going to forgive his shenanigans a second time. Even though she felt pity for the boy, it could cause her to lose her job.

“Yakov Feltsman, you cannot sleep here. The only reason I did not catch you the last time is because you curled up underneath one of the tables, but I won’t make that mistake again. You have to go home, Yakov.”

Yakov looked at her sadly before grabbing his backpack and walking out of the library. The school was pretty much empty now, except for the few teachers and stragglers that had afterschool activities, and he was dreading having to go home again. Maybe he could get away with sleeping in the bathroom again, but the janitor had already caught him twice, and swore that he would involve the principal next time. That was something that definitely could not happen.  

He zipped up his coat and walked outside, the cold biting at his face. Well, that stopped him from sleeping outside…He didn’t really want to catch the flu again or die of hypothermia, but it was almost worth not going home again. He sighed, he knew what he really needed  was a friend, but that thought was almost laughable.

Yakov wasn’t an unfriendly person, however, he wasn’t very social. It didn’t help that puberty made his voice sound deep and rough either, so he hadn’t had much luck with friendship. Instead, he spent most of his time buried in his books, or nursing bruises that he kept well-hidden.  It was much easier to just stay quiet and remain under the radar, than failing at finding someone he could trust.

 He remained alone with his thoughts, as he steeled himself against the wind, and started his long trek home through the icy sludge. He lived in a house that no one in their right mind would ever consider a home. Maybe tonight would be different, but he wouldn’t hold his breath. He would never allow himself to hope again, because that was a dangerous thing to do.


INFP: Dresses like a fairy princess librarian headed to Comic-Con.
INFJ: Owns seven pairs of the same exact black pants, all perfectly-pressed.

INFJ: YOU’RE HAVING FEELS! Wait. I’m also having feels. Cannot compute. I shall help you with your feels and ignore my own until they hopefully go away.

INFP: I LOVE HUMANITY! (volunteers, donates to charity in appreciation)
INFJ: I HATE HUMANITY! (volunteers, donates to charity anyway)

INFP: Always ridiculously late or inconveniently early.
INFJ: Always right on time.

INFP: Drinks hot cocoa with heaps of whipped cream and sprinkles. 
INFJ: Drinks black coffee by the gallon.

INFP: All-feeling.
INFJ: All-knowing.



hi hello CATS!!!! CANNOT!!!! BE VEGAN!!!!!

i cannot believe i have to fucking say this.

dogs are omnivore and IF YOUR VET APPROVES your pooch MAY be able to go on an APPROVED(!!!!!) commercial vegan dog food like the brand “v-dog” which has all the essential vitamins, protein, etc. (the oldest record winning dogs have been vegan)

cats are CARNIVORE and cannot fucking live on a vegan diet. a vet would laugh in your face and probably find some way to have your pet taken away from you because you’re obviously not fit to have an animal if you think you can feed a cat a diet based on your own ethics

i’m vegan but this is so fucking harmful.

it’s about minimizing your harm, not putting your animals on risky diets in an attempt to be perfect.


"Long Distance Relationships"

I don’t think people understand how difficult being in a long distance relationship can be. You have great moments where you FaceTime and laugh and makes jokes and talk all night until you fall asleep. You text cute Goodmorning text, you text cute goodluck text and all the I love yous and I’m in love with yous but then there are the not so great moments where you cry on the phone, you argue, you feel like just giving it all up, you start second guessing. But I don’t think anyone understand not even yourself how throughout all of that your love for that person just continues to carve even deeper and everyday the thought of even letting them go scares you. It feels utterly impossible to fall so in love with someone so far away but there you are falling in love all over again every single day. Losing them is like losing yourself. They’ve become so important to you that you feel as if though you cannot function without them. Everyone says to “Never depend on someone else to make you happy” but how could you not ? They are all you have, your rock. No matter how hard it gets always remember one thing.. it’s hard to give up but it’s even harder to give up when it’s everything you’ve always wanted. Distance is temporary but love is not!

  • Blue going grocery shopping with Ronan 
  •  “Exsuse me I lost my daughter, Blue can I make an announcement?” “yeah sure” “goodbye you little shit, this is what you get for not letting me buy my Mac & cheese”
  • “Gansey slow down you’re going to get us killed” “I died twice and came back both times don’t tell me what to do Adam”
  • “Gansey you’re late” 
  • “A Gansey is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to” 
  • Adam:???????????????????
  • “I slept through my alarm“
  • Ronan blasting 22 by Taylor swift when he turns 22 and everybody just looks at him like????? Ronan Lynch knows other songs than Irish and metal songs????
  • Ronan: “Gansey Can you please pass the salt?”  “Can you pass your classes?” 
  • “My goal in life is not be the best but inspire people to try their hardest and make better choices in life” “Adam you say that everytime I beat you in UNO” “Oh look at me I’m Blue and I’m the best in UNO and i don’t give my friends any chances to get the sense of acomplishment at least once in their life ” “Adam shut up”
  • Gansey wishing for Noah back every birthday before blowing out his candles
  • The gangsey and everybody in 300 Fox way gathering in Persephone’s death anniversary, knitting and baking her favourite pies and cakes.
👑Royalty AU Starters👑
  • ▸ "The coronation is tomorrow. You can't stay like this forever."
  • ▸ "By tomorrow morning, the kingdom will be yours."
  • ▸ "Captain _______ of the royal guard, your majesty! The castle's under attack!"
  • ▸ "You've been locked in your room for five days, you need to act like a prince/ss!"
  • ▸ "You gambled away... the crown jewels."
  • ▸ "I can't tell them we're in love. A royal just can't associate with someone like you."
  • ▸ "My GOD, your highness, what happened out in battle?!"
  • ▸ "Did the foreign prince/ss catch your eye?"
  • ▸ "You need to leave through the cellars. If they heard a royal ever slept with someone like you...!"
  • ▸ "Our troops cannot fight them off. Our kingdom is dead."
  • ▸ "We're going to kill the king."

so apparently people (trump’s) are telling voters to text or call in with their votes? i just watched this on rachel maddow’s show? (11/3/16)


this is a trick to get people into thinking they’ve already voted, and then they don’t need to show up on november 8th! cause they already voted! duh! and then hillary will get less votes and trump will win.

do not let your vote be taken away from you. only going to the polls and filling out a ballot counts. you cannot text, call, skype, whatthefuckever they are trying to get you to do for your vote.

go vote. fill out a ballot at your polling station. that is the only way that your vote counts other than mailing in an absentee ballot. don’t let assholes trick you. be smart. fuck that noise.

Mom, we have walls
brick and mortar 
layered between our generations
mom, I love you
but sometimes we don’t understand
palms pressed to the barriers
keeping us apart
I try to tell you that maybe
it’s not our fault
that I was born with the audacity
to exist
and you were born under the impression
that another son couldn’t hurt
sometimes I feel like I cannot go to you
because I will never be the daughter
you taught yourself to be
sometimes I feel like I am rotten
with America
and I only say that because
I don’t even know how to speak my way home
mom, I know we have our differences
and it’s not always easy to remember
that heritage is an honor
but it is, it is
and I promise to make a lasting legacy
I won’t let your life fade away
just because we are on the other side
of the sea
sacrifice is in our lineage
and remembering the taste of 
soil and rice fields and mosquito territory
is the least I can do to say
I am grateful for all the goodbyes 
you have ever stomached and all the
faces you never got to see again
just so you could give me my best chance
in this new homeland and I am sorry
I am sorry that the transition hasn’t been easy
and I am sorry if I had ever been a part
of making you feel like you were unwanted–
mom, we have walls
but I won’t let them keep you out.
—  Confessions of a Chinese-Vietnamese American Daughter
Me watching any show

Start of episode 1: oh this show is pretty cute I like- WHO ARE THESE PRETTY PEOPLE



hamilton characters as texts from our group chats
  • Aaron Burr: "yup, im full of bad decisions and shitty judgment"
  • John Laurens: "i guess nothing about me is straight *does finger guns, trips, falls down stairs*"
  • Lafayette: "thanks also kindly fuck off"
  • Alexander Hamilton: "i cannot be quiet for the life of me"
  • Eliza Schuyler: "but wait till its like mad late and cuddle your way out of it"
  • Angelica Schuyler: "imma fucking grab you and throw you in the trash where you belong"
  • Peggy Schuyler: "my parents are sleeping im not going to fucking lunch they can't see if i did or not ahahahahah HAHAHAHAHAH"
  • George Washington: "stillllll i worry i'm the mum friend i can't help it"
  • Samuel Seabury: "*does jazz hands, dances away*"
  • Charles Lee: "ALL I DO IS COMPLAIN"
  • King George III: "i actually have an evil smile on my face right now sbahfjskf its so fun being in command"
  • Thomas Jefferson: "im not going to consider your opinion cause it makes mine wrong"
  • Philip Hamilton: "at least im going to die with style"
  • Maria Reynolds: "i just stood in front of the mirror in my underwear for a good three minutes looking at myself like,,,, bitch"
  • John Adams: "i can't understand whats happening"
Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader-What do you mean?

Thank you @juanchachi for requesting!! I changed a few things and I hope you like it! 

“What do you mean, ‘I can’t go to the party’?  I have attended many of your galas before and I do not understand why I cannot join you to another?” asked Damian.

His father sighed and said, “This is very important for Wayne Enterprises and your brothers are not able to come.  They usually are the ones who watch over you during these events, but since thy are not here, you are staying here with Alfred.”

“Why do you keep treating me like a child?!?” Damian shouted.

He grit his teeth and walked away, hoping not to break anything fragile during their fight.  He clenched and unclenched his hands while traveling up the stairs.  Titus was by his side in an instant and nudged his hand.  Damian looked at his companion and smiled.  Titus could always calm him down whenever he was in a mood and he was thankful for that.  Alfred watched the youngest of the family stomp up the stairs with Titus in tow.  He looked over to Bruce and shook his head.

“He needs a companion other than Titus, Master Bruce.  Do you think we can contact him and ask to drop her off?  They are around the same age and will have to get to know each other eventually.”

“I know.  I’m just worried that he will scare her off,” Bruce said.

“If I know Miss (Y/N) correctly, she will be the one who scares him away,” Alfred said with a slight smirk crawling onto his face.

Bruce laughed and shook his head, “I think she has spent too much time with him if she’ll scare Damian.  I’ll call him and ask if he can drop her off before patrol before I leave for the party.”

“I’ll go fetch the camera.”


“What do you mean, ‘I have to go spend time with the Demon’?  Are you trying to sentence me to death?” you asked your dad.

“I know that he’s a pain in the ass, but you’re gonna have to deal with him until Bruce finishes playing ass-kisser at the party,” your dad said with a gruff voice.

“And what will you be doing while I’m going to the first annual Wayne Hunger Games?” you questioned while folding your arms.


“I could be out there with you and make life so much easier.”

He rolled his eyes and threw you over his shoulders, “You’re going and that’s final.  If you even think about escaping the manor Alfred will contact me, and I will drag your sorry ass back there.  Do you really want to have a bad first impression?”

You laughed and said, “I’ll give him hell.”

“That’s my girl!!”


Your dad had driven you to the manor on his motorcycle.  You had your bag packed with all of the necessities: clothing, weapons, back-up weapons, a taser, two cellphones, random supplies and some books.  Isn’t that what everyone needs when seeing a Damian Wayne in the wild??  

“Welcome, Miss (Y/N).  It’s wonderful to see you again,” Alfred said with his heartwarming smile.

You smiled and ran up to hug him, “It’s nice to see you again too, Alfie.”

He chuckled and waved to your father, who just nodded and drove back to the city.  You watched him travel down the road until you could no longer see him.  Alfred then guided you through the entrance and into the kitchen where a wonderful aroma was coming from.

“Did you make cookies?” you squealed.

Alfred chuckled and nodded.  He grabbed the plate and offered.  You grabbed the one on the top and bit into the sugary goodness they call a cookie.  

“You gotta give me this recipe.  Dad can cook, but he can never replicate your cookies,” you said while grabbing another cookie.

“As long as you don’t give it to Master Grayson I will,” he responded.
“Awesome!!” you shouted.

“Who is this Pennyworth?” a voice asked behind you.

You turned around and saw Damian Wayne standing at the entrance of the kitchen with a scowl on his face.  You heard a bark and felt something bump into your hip.  You looked down and saw a dog nudging you.  You smiled and scratched behind his ears.  He licked your face and walked to Damian’s side.  You laughed and wiped the slobber off of your face with your jacket.  

“I’m (Y/N).  It’s nice to meet ya,” you said while holding your hand out.

He looked at your hand and walked passed you.  You dropped your hand to the side and frowned.  You knew that he was a ‘Demon’ from your dad, but you finally get why they call him that.

“Jerk face,” you muttered under your breath while grabbing another cookie.

“I will leave you two alone then,” Alfred said and walked off, abandoning you in the kitchen with an asshole and his adorable dog.

“I hope that father didn’t adopt another sob story,” Damian said.

You whipped your head toward his direction and said, “Excuse me?  Listen here you shit stain, your father did not adopt me or pick me off from the streets.  I happen to live happily with my badass dad and have respect for those I have around me.  Before you say anything from that shitty mouth of yours, how about you stop your judging and actually get to know the person you spoiled ass.”

You grabbed the plate of cookies and walked out of the kitchen.  Damian just stood there with a horrified expression painted on his face.   He never expected that colorful of a vocabulary from someone his age.  Titus nudged his side and walked out of the kitchen.  He scowled once again at the thought of you stealing his companion.

Saying you were pissed was an understatement.  He did not have the right to assume you were just another sob story that was taken off of the streets by his father.  You weren’t trying to overreact, but your anger got the best of you.  You sat on the very comfortable and expensive couch in the living room and ate Alfred’s cookies while watching your favorite movie and scratching Titus’ ears and head.  He was nuzzled to your side and rested his head on your lap.  You wondered how a nice dog could belong to the bag of dicks that was in the other room.
“Titus!  What are you doing?  I hope you are not feeding him those diabetic disks that you call food,” Damian said while walking up to you and Titus.

“Yes.  I’m feeding your dog Alfred’s most delicious cookies in the world that I only get to have every few months,” you said sarcastically while returning your attention to the movie.

“Your sarcasm is not appreciated, brat,” he hissed.

“Are we starting the name calling game? I have a lot of great ideas for your names and I don’t think you’ll want to hear most of them,” you said while smirking, “assbutt.”

Damian’s face went from angry to confused.  You tried to hold it in, but you bursted out laughing, stood up, and walked to the kitchen to return the plate.  Even if Damian is not friendly, he’ll be fun to mess around with until your dad comes to get you.

“Who is this?” Damian asked while holding your locket.

Your eyes widened and raced to take it out of his hands.  He held his hand high, but you knew how to win this game.  You turned around and walked away, but turned back around and tackled him to the ground.  You pried his hand open, took the locket and put it back on your neck.

“You had no right to take this,” you said while leaning up against the counter and shoving another one of Alfred’s cookies in your mouth.

“Who is in the locket?” he asked once again.

“My dead family. You happy now?”

You took another cookie from the second plate and ate it.  You didn’t like to talk about your old family because it brought up too many memories.

“What happened?” he asked.

“My parents and siblings were murdered five years ago and my grandfather died due to natural causes a year later.”

“Did they get the murderer?”

“Why were you talking about your father earlier?  I thought you said that he was-”

“My adoptive dad you idjit.”

“I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry that I said those things to you.  It was irrational and unfair to you.”

“Apology some-what accepted,” you said while smirking.

“I guess that will suffice.  Where did you learn to fight like that?” he asked.

“My grandfather was a boxer and he taught me everything he knew before he passed.  I also took many self defense classes because of my parents, but I perfected most of it while I lived on the streets and when I was adopted by my dad,” you said while pulling yourself up on the counter.

“Did you look up to him?”

“Yup.  He was my role model and basically took care of me when my parents couldn’t, which was all of the time,” you said while faintly smiling.

“How did you meet your adoptive father?” he asked.

“I busted into his apartment and tried to steal some food.  He tried to stop me from leaving and received a fist to the face.  If his friend wasn’t there he would’ve been knocked out on the floor with a nasty headache.  He gave me some more food while he asked me how long I’ve been on the streets and offered for me to stay awhile.  That was about three years ago.”

“Maybe we do have some things in common,” he said.

“Care to explain?”

“I was raised by my mother and grandfather and I looked up to him like you did to your grandfather.  Now I live with my father and Alfred.  They saved me from a very dark future.”

You nodded, “I guess if I never ran into my dad I would become a criminal and get my ass kicked by you and your father.”
Damian’s eyes widened, “You know about that?”

You rolled your eyes, “Of course I do.  Do you even know who my dad is?”


You smirked and said, “Better not ruin the surprise then.”


“Miss (Y/N), your father has arrived,” Alfred said.

You smiled while jumping out of the couch and running to the entrance.  He was talking with Alfred while you jumped on him and gave him a hug.

“You didn’t miss me too much did ya?” he asked.



You looked behind you and saw Damian with a shocked expression on his face.  You and your dad laughed.  

“Did he do anything?” Jason asked while glancing at Damian.

“Yup but I used by colorful vocabulary and everything turned out well.”

He held out a fist and you bumped it.  You let go of him and dropped yourself on the ground.

“Go get your stuff.  Roy is at home with a bunch of junk food and over fifty movies, so get your stuff and let’s get out of here.”

You squealed and ran off to the kitchen to grab your bag and pack all of Alfred’s cookies.  Jason watched you run out of the room before glaring at Damian.

“If you ever hurt her, physically or mentally, I will kill you slowly and make sure they will never find your body.  Not even Bruce will be able to find you.  She will be visiting more often due to me being out on missions and you better not do anything again.  You got it?”
Damian gulped and nodded.  

“I got everything!! Let’s go!!” you shouted.

“Bye (Y/N)!” Damian shouted.

“Bye Damian!” you shouted.

Alfred put a hand on Damian’s shoulder and said: “Be thankful she did not overreact when you said all of those things to her.  Master Tim was not as lucky as you when he first met her.”

Success is my revenge, and kindness is my weapon

I work as a free sampler, so I make food and serve it and explain the product details to potential buyers. The items to which I’m assigned I tend to sell out. This will be important for the revenge. At my work we have a few important rules: your name tag has to be visible, you get 1 half hour break (unpaid), and if you are going to bring food home you have to put it away in the office.

I have a coworker that even the boss cannot stand. She is never friendly toward the customers, constantly grimacing at people. She wears her name tag flipped backwards so that people do not report her by name (she told me this months ago.) She takes an extended break every day, always an hour, and at least 4 bathroom breaks per day of close to ten minutes. Let’s call her Grimace.

Yesterday, she got personal. I got my boyfriend’s mom a job where I work because the money is good. While she isn’t my MIL yet, she will be known as MIL here. Remember that “you have to put it away in the office” rule? She tricked MIL into packing things away outside the office in front of the cameras, trying to get her in trouble it would seem. “Oh don’t let Shift Lead see you take things home. She hates that and she tells the manager everything.” This leads takes food home more than anyone, and doesn’t care if people do. Grimace knows this. MIL, being new, doesn’t.

Grimace has serious disdain for me because I’m really proud of my work. I’m good at the job and am never ashamed to show actual happiness, because it’s good work. She seems to think I’m annoying and an overachiever for this. Understandable. However, she didn’t know until yesterday that MIL and I were even connected how we are. After she found that out is when the food thing happened.

So now every time Grimace is stationed near me, I give the best happy performance of my job ever. I get a lot of compliments on how nice I am and how my energy never seems to fade. It doesn’t, because I love my work. I now just put on a show, glancing at her every time I make a sale while she sits at her cart glaring at everything that walks by. I’m selling the store out of items left and right. My goal is to make her look as awful as I can. A couple customers have asked me for her name because they want to report her for being genuinely mean. Can’t read her name tag, so I give them her name and directions on where to find my boss. Customer service is fun.

TL;DR: Don’t sabotage the people I love, or my passion for my job will make you look like dirt.

Bangtan & Omelas

I keep getting questions asking how the Omelas story ties in with the Spring Day music video. This is how I’ll interpret it.

We all should know about the short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.” If you don’t, let me quickly summarize.
There’s a town by the sea called Omelas. This town is seen as perfect with their perfect and happy people, but it’s really not. There’s a young child who had been sacrificed in order for these people to be happy. The young child cannot be fed nor spoken to. The townspeople of Omelas can go see the young child, but most who do end up walking away in disgust after finding out what evil lies in their beautiful town. Keep in mind those who walk away never free the child either, so they’re just as evil for knowing and not doing anything.

In Spring Day, it focuses around Bangtan reminiscing about the past and wanting to see each other. The scenes that stood out to me were these:

Jimin finds washed up shoes on the shoreline. From my knowledge of Hollywood movies and books, shoes by themselves means someone left them there. This person is more than likely gone and not coming back (possibly death).
Right away I viewed this as a metaphor for the young child of Omelas, youth, that was left behind and forgotten.

Then near the end when the boys finally arrive to their destination, they walk towards a tree. For those who don’t know, a tree is symbolism of life. You have the roots that dig deep, the trunk that establishes a foundation, the branches that reach out for sustenance, leaves that are floating through the wind for healing, and so on. The tree of life.
When they arrive to this tree, Jimin hangs the shoes he found on the shorelines on a branch.
Shoe tossing holds meaning of those who have died, we’re left behind. “The reason they are hanging, legend has it, is that when the dead person’s spirit returns, it will walk that high above the ground, that much closer to heaven.”

In my opinion, Bangtan hanging the unknown shoes is like them going back to Omelas and setting the young child free. In a metaphorical way, Bangtan is doing what they always do: speaking and protecting youth. Since they debuted, the message they always wanted to get across with their music is to protect our generation of people. Majority of older people will say our voices don’t matter, but they’ve always been against that. We are all human and we should all let our voices be heard.

ahri726  asked:

Also the chapter where Natsu thought that Lucy died and he flipped out and goes on a rampage. I swear that if I heard Natsu gave a whimper and a raspy growl and breathing will gonna made me run...

When that episode comes out I will die and go to otp heaven. I cannot wait to hear Natsu’s saiyu do that scene! The tone he uses in the trailer reminds me of when he tells Lucy to get away from future rogue, and when he says “you took away someone precious to me, right before my eyes, so I don’t trust the way you do things”  This scene makes me squeal with happiness every time…I rewatch it way too many times *cough* knew the quote from memory *cough* 

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Things high school didn’t tell you about college

You will never have any money. Ever.

“I have five dollars…Do I put it towards tuition or do I eat today?”

Meal swipes will actually save your life.

You can have an emotional support animal in your dorm room legally. They cannot refuse you or the animal if you have them registered as an emotional support animal.

W2′s exist. 

Wtf are taxes and how do I do them?

There is a never ending weed smell

“If I go to bed at 3 and get up at 8:30 and the class is 15 minutes away, and I speed walk, I could maybe make it across campus in ten minutes.”

Don’t lie to yourself.

“Pizza again?”

“Pizza again.”

Frat parties can either be fucking great or someone actually died. There is nowhere in-between.

Working your ass off to get scholarships is great and all until suddenly it only pays half and now you work 30+ hours a week to attempt to pay for the other half. (You won’t be able to).

LOANS. Get them. I know they sound sucky and they are but they will help you now.

There will be that asshole down the hall who blasts their music so loud it shakes the building. 

BTW, you need to play music that makes you happy or you will be even more depressed than the sudden realization that you now have to pay for an education on your own.

The realization you’re now legally an adult who has to pay for an education yourself.

Not once have we discussed mitochondria being the powerhouse of the cell. 

Though you hate it, that 9AM class is really important. You need to go.

The university may actually offer free counseling and you need to take advantage of that.

There is an LGBTQ+ center full of people just like you and they are 100% welcoming. Don’t be scared.

Colt 45 by Afroman is played by every male student on campus.

The RA’s are all dank meme shit posts who will care about your problems. Talk to them. 

They, too, hate their fuck boy residents. 

You will acclimate to the insane amount of bogus fire alarms there will be. (I’ve had 24 so far this year) 

Careless Whispers will become your song of choice un-ironically.

You are more likely to buy stickers than food.

You actually forget how to eat because you just don’t. This is phase 2.

Phase one is, in fact, the Freshman 15.

Your GPA is still important. Don’t give up.

You will feel alone and depressed. It’s normal and everyone is feeling it too. Especially if you are moving far away. Call your family or friends from back home. It will help.

There are hundreds of organizations on campus waiting for new members such as yourself. It may be scary, but join them. It will boost your confidence and socialization skills.

There is a local restaurant that turns into a club where you can safely go dancing. 

When out dancing, always go to the bar tender and ask for a drink. 

If you are in danger at a bar, ask for an Angel Shot. This is code for you are in danger and the bar tender will help you out of the situation. Angel Shot Neat will have the bartender escort you out. Angel Shot with ice will order you an Uber or Lyft. Angel Shot with Lime, they will call the police. 

That’s all I can think of right now. Feel free to add to the list. 

I’m rooting for Luke and Lorelai to stay together,” said Patterson. “As you saw during the original run of the show, they go through a lot together and they still do. She really needs somebody to ground her and let her know that he isn’t going to go away, and Luke has become that somebody. He loves this woman, and he believes she is his soul mate, and she realizes that.