i cannot with you darling

Gabe asks, ‘Puck, who is it?’
I open the door wide to reveal the answer. They all look at Sean standing there with his hand in his pocket and the other hand around a loaf of bread and it occurs to me all in a rush as they stare at him that Sean looks a little, just a little, like he’s courting.
—  The Scorpio Races, Maggie Stiefvater
i really do mean
that it’s not you,
it’s me.
because darling,
some days i cannot
tell the difference
between a bite and
a kiss, and
too often i am
all take, with
no give.
i’m sorry,
but my bones tend to
shake and
my mind is too often
wandering and
i have never been very good
at standing
oh, darling,
it isn’t your fault, but
the fact remains-
this just
isn’t going
to last.
—  untouchable.
The Pharaoh’s Bride




The group made their way into the Egyptian wing, thankful to have finally made it. As they stepped over the threshold, a woman appeared from the shadows.

“Mother,” Ahkmenrah whispered, stepping forward into the woman’s embrace.

A man stepped forward now, his stony face revealing a warm smile. He, too, welcomed his son back with open arms.

“Mother, Father, these are my friends,” Ahkmenrah said, indicating the group behind him. “This is Larry, guardian of Brooklyn. He’s the one who got us here, brought us to restore the tablet.”

“The tablet?” Ahkmenrah’s father said.

Larry handed the tablet over and began explaining what had happened to it. Ahkmenrah paid attention for a moment, but then his eyes were drawn back into the shadows once again.



Everyone watched as a young woman appeared, around Ahkmenrah’s age. The two ran towards each other, wrapping their arms around the other.

“Dad?” Nick asked. “Who’s that?”

“I… I don’t know… his sister?”

“Don’t be absurd, my boy,” Teddy said. “Look at how they’re embracing. That’s more than a familial hug. I would think that’s his wife.”

“Wife?” Larry asked. “Ahkmenrah’s married?”

The rest of the New York posse shrugged—they’d never heard Ahkmenrah mention a wife during all their years in the museum.

Finally, Ahkmenrah and the woman let go. Larry noticed Ahkmenrah’s hand slip down into the woman’s.

“Everyone,” Ahkmenrah said. “This… is Y/N. My wife.”

“Bully!” Teddy said. “Congratulations, my boy.”

“Wife?” Larry asked again. “I… she… that’s… that’s great, Ahkmenrah.”

“She’s been here the whole time,” Ahkmenrah’s mother said. “She was buried with us… buried with you, Ahkmen. But when you were transferred to the other museum…”

“She was left behind,” Larry finished.

Ahkmenrah gazed down at you. “I never thought I would see you again, my darling.”

“I never thought I would see you, either,” you replied.

“I have so much to tell you,” Ahkmenrah said. “I’ve had so many great adventures… adventures I wish you could have been a part of.”

“Go,” Ahkmenrah’s father said, small smile still on his face. “You two explore the museum. We’ll figure out what to do with this tablet.”

Ahkmenrah gave a slight bow to his father before leading you out of the exhibit.


The two of you wandered around, watching the other attractions come to life. You smiled at them in wonder; Ahkmenrah had to keep reminding himself that this was the first time you’d gone through this.

“It’s wonderful,” you said as if reading his mind. “Though I’m sure it’s almost boring for you.”

“I remember what it was like, the first time my eyes opened because of the tablet,” Ahkmenrah said. “It… is truly magnificent.”

“What’s New York like?”

“Beautiful. Though not nearly as beautiful as Egypt.” A trio of bronze statues clambered past, their footsteps echoing throughout the hall. “And not nearly as beautiful as you.”

“Ahkmen,” you said, a slight blush on your cheek.

“I cannot believe… after all these years… your beauty has not tarnished.”

“We can thank our preservers for that.” You gazed up at him. “You don’t look a day over twenty-five.”

“So much time has passed,” Ahkmenrah said, taking both your hands in his. “And yet… I feel as though we’ve picked up right where we left off.”

“I feel the same.” Your eyes grew sad. “But… what will happen when you have to return to New York?”

“You could come with me.”

“But what about your parents?”

“There is room in my display for all of you.” Ahkmenrah squeezed your hands. “Please, Y/N. I cannot think of spending another hour apart from you.”

“Ahkmen, won’t they think it strange to find no mummies here and three new ones in New York?”

“Exhibits change places all the time.”

“And we are one of the most popular ones here. If we left…”

Ahkmenrah realized that what you were saying was true. “Then I will stay here.”


“Please, darling. I cannot be separated from you again.”

You nodded. You didn’t think you could be apart from him again, either. And now that there was this tablet that had brought you to life… well, the world was full of wonder and possibility.


The tablet’s power was restored. Ahkmenrah approached Larry, prepared to tell him the bad news.

But Teddy intervened.

“Ahkmenrah,” he said with that little grin, his eyes shining. “We’ve come to a decision.”

“As have I, my good friend.”

“We want you and the tablet to stay here.”

“I… what?”

“You belong here, my boy. With your family. With your wife.”

“But… the tablet…”

“It’s yours. Always has been. We can’t ask to keep it.”

“But if you leave it here….”

“We understand. And we’ve agreed that… we’ve had our time in the moonlight.”

Ahkmenrah was quiet for a moment. “I cannot thank you enough.”

“Use your time wisely. Never take a moment for granted. And above all, love your wife with everything you have.”


Three years later, Ahkmenrah carefully helped you from your wooden crate. He plucked a stray piece of straw from your hair with a smile. “How was your journey?”

“Claustrophobic.” You looked around. “This is… New York?”

Ahkmenrah nodded. “Come. I have some friends I want you to meet.”

Don’t You Dare Say “I’m Sorry”

Request: Could you write a one shot in which Sherlock and the reader (already in a relationship) are fighting? I’d find that really interesting!

Sherlock Holmes had sparred with many an intimidating nemesis. He’d faced off against the most fierce, twisted, cold, hard, calculating, fearful opponents known to man, however none of adversaries that had come before had invoked such terror and panic as the one he was currently staring down.

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His Queen [M]

BTS Yoongi / Words: 3186 / Warnings: smut 
Anonymous requested: 
can you write a smutty mafia boss! yoongi au where he is known to be the most heartless person alive who will kill anyone in an instant but when he comes home to his wife he treats her like a queen and is the fluffiest person alive and would do anything for her? sorry this request is long
A/N: this has been sitting around for weeks and i needed to finish it oh man sorry this is poor quality 

Min Yoongi.

A name synonymous with deadly. A name that sparked fear into the hearts of grown men when it was murmured under hitched breath as an icy presence floated through an opening door. One that made law enforcement question their authority, as it was so elusive that nobody was sure that there was a face to go along with the three cursed syllables. There were many stories, and nobody knew which were true and which were rumors, no matter how outlandish the tales seemed because that man was said to be capable of anything. The name carried so much power that it was used as sparingly as possible, so not to potentially crush those that dared to utter it.

And Min Yoongi found that almost comical.

Any time he stepped foot into a room of associates, they’d fall silent and drop their gazes to the floor. Nobody defied him unless they didn’t value their existence, which Min Yoongi was was particularly good at erasing. He was the most influential, most cutthroat, most terrifying man in the industry. He was a young, self-aware genius that always got his way, and nothing could even begin to chisel at his ruthless reputation.

But, then again, everyone has their weakness.

Even Min Yoongi.

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Colorless Rainbow

Pairing: Emily Prentiss x Reader

Word Count: 1,974

Request:  Anon asked:  how about an Emily Prentiss x reader where they’re married and then when on a case the sheriff is really homophobic and upsets the reader so there’s lots of protective and fluffy Emily?? Lots of kisses and pda?xxx

A/N:  If you are sensitive to same-sex hate crimes, please do not read.  

I decided to have a bit of cute and protective Garcia in this one, too.  Thought it added a little something extra, because who doesn’t love Garcia?

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She felt nervous to deliver the case, you could tell.  The minute Garcia laid her eyes on you and Emily that morning, she was forcing a smile on her face, trying to hide the fact that she was upset about something.  And when you’d asked when the briefing for the new case was, she looked at you with a certain kind of sadness set upon her features, something you didn’t like.  She was the embodiment of a human rainbow, and she seemed to be drained of color.

“What’s up with her?” Emily asked, walking up to you.  Garcia had answered your question and fled to the conference room, avoiding eye contact and keeping her head down.

“I guess it’s whatever this case is.  Seems like it might be getting to her?” you answered, wrapping your fingers around your wife’s wrist to pull her close to you.

“Hey, as much as I would love to jump you right now, we are in the workplace and you know my rules,” she told you with a smile.  You matched her expression, but rolled your eyes.

Emily liked to keep a professional front when you were at work.  Despite her urges to grab you and kiss you in the middle of the bullpen, she resisted, keeping her hands to herself long enough, that is, until you both were out of the prying eyes of your coworkers.

“Fine.  Make me suffer,” you said, pretending to be hurt.

“Every day,” she laughed.

“Let’s go, lovebirds,” Morgan said to you two, walking towards the conference room.

You followed him in and saw Garcia whispering something to JJ with a worried look on her face.  As soon as she saw you and your wife walk in, she shut her mouth.  JJ leaned in and whispered something back before standing up and passing out the tablets and Reid’s folder herself.

“Not feeling well today?” you asked Garcia, wanting to know what was wrong with her.

“I uh,” she started, but her voice seemed to fail her.

“Six couples in Oxford, Ohio were found dead, all in the same general area.  They were all found with similar stab wounds and the department is sure every couple were victims of the same killer because it seems to be a hate-crime focused on same-sex couples,”  JJ said.

You could feel Garcia’s eyes on you as you scrolled through the pictures.  Sure enough, there were pictures of men together and women together.  The crime scene photos were extremely brutal and graphic, but nothing you hadn’t seen before.

So that’s why Garcia was acting so weird.  She was afraid this case would offend you.  You looked up from the tablet to lock eyes with her.  She looked too apologetic, as if she had anything to do with it, but you shot her a reassuring smile, letting her know that you were okay.  But her eyes stayed wary, unable to hide the shame she felt.  

After questions were shot back and forth, and Hotch let everyone know when the jet would be taking off, Garcia took no time to get out of the conference room and head to her lair.  You looked at your wife, motioning her to follow you.

“She thinks we’ll be offended by it,” you told her, walking towards the door to Penelope’s room.

“Seems like she’s taking this harder than we are.”

Without knocking, you opened the door to see Garcia’s back to you, typing away at the computer in front of her.

“Garcia?” you said softly, easing your way into the room.

“I just don’t understand why some people are still like that, and I love you both so much,” she blurted, turning in her chair.  “For once in my life, I see before me two people who were made for each other.  I see in you two soulmates, something everyone wants to have and there are people out there who think it’s wrong that two people of the same gender can’t be together and I just don’t get it.  When it’s love, it’s love and that’s it, why can’t people just understand that?”

Placing your hands on either of her shoulders, you attempted to calm her down.

“Garcia, we are okay.  Why would you think we wouldn’t be?” you asked calmly.

“I remember what it was like on your wedding day.  You’re family didn’t even show up and I thought that-”

“My family did show up, though.  You were there, weren’t you?” you said with a smile.  The BAU was all the family you needed, and you were always sure to remind them of that.

“I’m just worried about you going I guess,” she replied with a sigh.

“I’m a big girl.  I can take care of myself,” you reassured her.  “Besides, have you met my wife?  She’s pretty bad ass.”

Finally, Garcia smiled and the rainbow had all its color again.  “That, my darling I cannot argue with.”

“Thank you Penelope.  I love you, you know?” you told her, pulling her in for a hug.  She hugged you back tightly.  Emily watched from the door with a smile on her face, admiring you like she always did.

“And I love you, too, blossom butt,” she said into your hair.  You could hear your wife chuckle from the doorway, the sound sending shivers down your spine as it always did.

“Stay golden, Garcia,” you said, releasing her.  “You’re such a beautiful beacon of light.”

“As are you, my lovely.”

“I’m agent Prentiss-Y/L/N.  This is Dr. Spencer Reid.  We’re with the FBI,” you told the Oxford sheriff, shaking his hand.

“Robert Marshall.  Thank god you guys are here.  Twelve victims in three weeks.”

“We heard.  Do you have any leads at all?” you asked him.  He shook his head, looking around the police department.

“Unfortunately, no.  We found samples of DNA on the latest victims but we’ve only just send those to get tested yesterday.  There’s no telling how long that will take to get done, plus there’s no telling when this guy will strike again.”

“Do you have a map of the locations each victim was found?” Reid asked Marshall.

“They were all found in the same alleyway.  We have cones in the places each body was found.  They were all relatively close.”

“Did you not have the alley blocked off after you found the dead bodies?” you asked, not understanding how the unsub managed to dump the bodies in the same place over and over again.

“We did, but I guess that didn’t stop him from leaving more there.”

“So after the second pair of victims were found in the same place, you didn’t think to have any of your men or women keep watch to see if the suspect showed up with another set of victims?” you asked.  You crossed your arms, not believing how unprofessional this guy seemed to be.

“Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush about this.  I’m not exactly too worried about that,” he said.  “None of us are.”

“What do you mean?” you questioned, not quite following him.

“Are we really going to worry about catching this guy?”  

You furrowed your brows together in confusion.  “Well, I think you should considering there’s someone out there killing innocent people in the matter of days.”  Reid’s arms were crossed, too.  He seemed just as offended as you were.

“Are any of them really that innocent?” the sheriff asked, leaning in close so only the two of you could hear him.

“I’m sorry, how aren’t they innocent?” you said.  You could feel your temper boil inside of you.  The question was rhetorical because you were sure you knew the answer.

“A man should be with a woman.  That’s how it’s just supposed to be,” Marshall blurted.  He didn’t know that just behind him, Emily had walked up and heard his comment.

“Babe,” she said, looking you in the eyes.  “You good?”

“Yes, honey, I’m fine.”  You knew what she was about to start doing.

“Robert Marshall?” she said to the detective.  “Emily Prentiss-Y/L/N.  Did you say you had a lead?”  She came to stand next to you, sliding her arm around your waist.  On your other side, Reid was smirking just like you were, entertained by the sight before him.

Detective Marshall looked between you and Emily a few times before clearing his throat, clearly uncomfortable.

“Um, no. Nothing,” he answered, looking anywhere but at the two of you.

“Well, we’re ready to deliver the profile,” Emily told him in the sweetest voice she could muster.  “When you’re ready, of course.”

“Sure, yeah.”

“Alright, see you in a few?” she said to you, leaning in to press her lips to yours for a lingering moment, smiling against your mouth.  Reid coughed next to you, trying to cover up his escaping laugh.  When Emily pulled away and walked off, you laughed internally at the shocked expression of the sheriff.  You smiled sweetly and walked towards the rest of the agents, an amused Reid in tow.

Despite the satisfaction you had knowing you were making a homophobic asshole feel uncomfortable, that nagging feeling of pity you had for yourself, your wife, and for all the victims of this crime.  Love is love, just like your human rainbow had told you.  Why don’t people just accept that. 

You, Emily, and Morgan were outside the alleyway two nights later, as you had been every night since you arrived, staking out to see if the unsub would return to dump more bodies.  You hadn’t gotten permission from the sheriff to do this, but there was no way were going to catch them if you didn’t.

Watching the blocked off crime scene, you sighed, wondering what you might do if you saw the unsub carrying out two women who might have been in love before their unfortunate murders.  Surely, you would lose your cool.  It was just something you always did.

“Y/N,” Emily said, resting her hand on your arm.  Her voice was soft and her touch was soothing.  You looked over to meet her eyes, your heart fluttering at the sight of her.  She was always just so beautiful and you were just so in love.  And the thought of anyone not accepting that, just like your parents, made you even more upset.

“I love you,” you said in a shaky voice.  Tears stung in your eyes, threatening to fall.

“I love you, too, babe.  Always,” she answered, her thumb brushing away the tears that fell down your cheek.

“There’s the son of a bitch,” Morgan said, pretending the touching moment wasn’t affecting him, too.  But the way he was out the door, tackling the unsub, who had another new victim in tow, told you he was not happy with the thought of anyone not accepting you either.  

In the next moment, you and Emily were out of the SUV, signalling Hotch and JJ through your comms units to let them know you got the guy, and running up just feel your heart fall to your stomach at the sight of the new victim, stabbed to death.

“Where’s the other one?” Morgan asked the man, getting in his face as he cuffed him.

Sirens from the other two vans were loud as the rest of the team arrived on the scene to help with the arrest.

“I won’t tell you, asshole,” the man replied, struggling against the pavement. 

Sensing your vulnerability, Emily grabbed you and held you close to her, consoling you without words.

“It’s okay, honey.  It’s fine.  We’ll find her,” she whispered into your hair as you lost it.  You were sobbing into her shoulder, unable to shelter your feelings any longer.  “We will find her.”

Although you knew she probably wasn’t alive, you knew your wife was right, you would find her and give her the justice she deserves.

Make A Stark ~Part 4 - Robb Stark x Reader

Okay, so this part is… pretty crap. Not gonna lie. I am sorry guys and I’m sorry it took so long. 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Originally posted by richard-madden

“Where’s Robb?” You blinked wearily looking around your room only to find your handmaiden and no Robb,

“He had to attend to some business, my lady.” By the way she took a moment to reply you knew there was something wrong,

“He is in trouble with his father, isn’t he?” Your handmaiden looked down at her hands before nodding slightly,

“Not his father, my lady.” You sat up slightly, your head full of confusion,

“What do you mean?” the young girl hesitated again,

“There is to be a visitor to Winterfell, my lady, your father is to be here soon.” You sat bolt upright,

“Get me prepared to go out, now.”

“My lady, I do not think…”

“It would not be a good idea, (y/n).” Robb appeared at your door but you didn’t great him so lovingly,

“Why did you not tell me my father was riding here?”

“Leave us,” Robb spoke to the maid and she scurried out quickly as his relaxed mood changed bitterly, “you are not to see him when he arrives.”


“I believe he intends to take you home, I cannot have that my darling.” You looked at him sadly,

“I cannot defy my father Robb…”
“Yes you can,” he strode over to you as you stood and went to gaze out of the window again, resting his hands on your waist with a sigh, “he is a manipulative abusive man and l don’t want to live without you. I

can’t.“ He spun you around in his arms and pulled you closer to him, embracing you carefully and resting his head on yours but you were preoccupied, you didn’t wrap your arms around his this time. You couldn’t hold anyone, you were too busy holding a grudge against your father.

It was hours before your father and his men rode into Winterfell and you had since changed for the first time in days. You watched as he paraded himself around the Starks as they stood proud in the courtyard, Robb had demanded that you stay in your room but he said nothing about watching. You could see your second eldest brother with him, he was the best of your brothers but hid it well, he used to show you a little kindness when you were back at home and you hoped that it would remain that way. You watched as your father dismounted, closely followed by your brother, and greeted Ned harshly completely ignoring Lady Stark and walking away sternly with Lord Stark - Robb following quickly. You were startled away from your door by a knock, you already knew who it was, “Alix, it’s been a while.”

“(y/n).” Even now he kept his distance from you, it seemed like too much time without you around had made him more alike to your brothers.

“What do you and father want here?” you demanded,

“Lovely to see you too dear sister” he laughed,

“I am not messing around, what do you want?”

“Well, father was planning on taking you home and marrying you off to some lord but now you have disgraced yourself no one will have you.” he mocked and seemed to snigger, he wasn’t the brother you knew,

“What has happened to you?”
“To me? I am not the one giving themselves to every lord you see,”
“I haven’t given anything to anyone, I was sick, Alix! I was ill and Robb helped me. That is all that happened.”  Alix looked at you for a moment before his smirk fell from his face,

“You’re being serious? Nothing happened?”

“No! Nothing happened and now my reputation is ruined and like you said no one will have me. I’ll be some spinster disowned by father.” You raked your hands through your hair, “What is father saying to Robb, to Lord Stark?”

“I don’t know…” you both looked at each other in a slight panic before you heard shouting coming from the courtyard outside.

You bolted to the window looking out to see Robb a fingertip away from your father as he screamed bloody murder. You looked back at your brother dangerously before grabbing your furs and running from the room.

“Father!” you stormed towards him, not caring who was looking, “What in the whole of Westeros do you think you are doing?” You stood between Robb and your father almost protectively as if you were shielding him from your fathers sharp tongue and fast sword.

“I send you here as a respectable girl and yet you whore yourself out to northern boys.” He spat.  His words and you could almost feel Robb tense behind you, “All you women are the same. Whores”  Robb moved to stand before you instead seeming to stand taller as the young wolf protected you,

“How dare you speak to her like that, this ‘woman’ is more respectable than you will ever be.”

“I was right to get rid of your mother after she had you, wish I had done the same with you” your father’s snarl was one you were used to but his words never failed to hurt you.

“You need to learn to keep your mouth shut” Robb’s fists clenched firmly at his sides and you reached forward resting your hand on his arm to attempt to calm him, ignoring the way your father glared at the action,

“And you are any better? Using whores to keep you company - just like your father I wouldn’t be surprised if she carried a bastard just like your brother.” Robb snapped and landed a firm punch to his face, probably sapping your father’s nose and sending him to the floor. All you could do was watch.

She is your daughter and she is just as innocent as when you sent her here. I know you don’t know what it feels or looks like to care for and look after a woman but I do,” Robb placed another swift punch to your fathers face and you watched on silently, you had never had this kind of protection from anyone in your life and you had never felt your heart swell so much. With one final punch Robb spoke again, “And that was for my brother.” He spat before walking to you again, wrapping his arm around you once again,

“My darling, are you okay?” You simply looked up at him remaining silent. It was rare for anyone to see Robb in that way and although you admired his strength and adored the way he cared for you, it scared you.

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Our Place

Dear Y/N,

I have just arrived in America. It is wonderful here, I wish you could be by my side to see it.

I have met a few nice men, two of whom can speak french. I am learning the English language quickly, and I promise to teach you when I get home.

I have met General Washington, he is everything that we have heard. Stern, kind, and commanding. I know that you would like him. And his wife Martha as well. I can see the two of you being great friends.

I must return to my new duties love, but I promise that I will write to you soon. Please reply, I cannot wait until I hear from you.

Yours forever,



My dearest Lafayette,

I am very glad to hear that you have made it to America in one piece. I was getting worried when I didn’t hear from you.

I am happy to know that you have made some friends who can speak french. I would hate to think of you wandering around a new city unable to speak the language. It was one of my biggest fears.

I hope that everything is going as well as it can in the middle of this bloody conflict.

Please respond as soon as you are able my love.

Yours always,



My love Y/N,

I hope that you are doing well. You didn’t tell me a lot about yourself in your last letter. I want to know as much as I can about you while I am away. Do not keep things from me, and I promise not to keep things from you.

The war is going as good as it can right now all things considering. We hope to have the upper hand at our next battle.

I wish you were here in my arms. As much as my new friends run around I wish for a quiet moment alone with you.

I can’t wait to come home so that we can go down to the lake together once again. That was always your favorite place.

The place of our first romantic outing, and the place that I proposed to you and the place that we were married. I like to call it our place.

I can’t wait until we can take our children down there. Although I guess it won’t just be ‘our place.’ We’ll have a family place there. Just thinking about it makes me excited for the future. It gives me hope.

Stay safe my darling. I know that things are still hard in france.

Write as soon as you can, and I will respond in kind.





I am very well, do not worry. I travel down to what you affectionately call ‘our place’ every once and awhile to keep you as near to me as I can.

The ducks are back on the pond, and they all have little ducklings now. It’s adorable. I wish you could see it.

I try to avoid going into the city as much as possible. There is so much unrest right now, it just gets in the way. I hear talk of a revolution. I don’t know much else than that.

Please stay safe my love. I cannot bare to think of anything happening to you. I fear that I may never see you again.

Please write soon.

I love you,



My dear,

Do not fret any longer about my well being. The war will soon be over, I can feel it.

But I do admit that I long to hold you in my arms, so I have sent a ticket for you to come meet me in America!

General Washington and his wife have graciously allowed for you to stay at their estate.

I have also sent instructions to the staff so that they can ensure your safety during your travels. They will begin packing at once, and you will be leaving shortly. I cannot bare to be apart from you much longer.

Come soon darling, I am dying to see you.

Your husband,




I will come at once. I love you.


Kneel Before Me (Part 4-final) (Loki/Thor x reader)

Part 3

“You’re crazy.”

“That may be true, but it’s all I’ve got, Nick.  Let me have it.”

Fury studied your face for a few minutes, gauging your emotions and if you were compromised by the situation growing more tenuous by the minute.  Loki was on his way, and would arrive any moment according to Thor, so decisions had to be made.  “What makes you think that you can control it?  What are you going to do?”

“I am of Jotunheim, so I suppose I’ll make it up as I go,” you said with a smirk, turning to look at Thor who gave you nothing but a look of disapproval.  He was completely against allowing Loki anywhere near you, much less allowing you to run to meet him.  You had worked out somewhat of a plan, but with limited time to solidify it, all you could do now was to forge ahead and hope for the best.

“Thor,” Nick sighed, turning to the god, “are you taking responsibility for this?  You’ll be there?”

“I don’t need a babysitter!” you exclaimed, slamming your hand down on the table in front of you. The floor shook beneath it and the walls rattled, much to Fury’s surprise, but not to yours or Thor’s.  Seeing the shocked look in his eye, you calmed yourself and maintained your composure for your director.  “Sorry, sir.  We’ve been working on that.”

“We’ve unlocked potential within (Y/N),” Thor announced.  “Heimdall has given us much insight on her abilities and how she can use them to her advantage, though I still do not agree.”

You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, trying to center yourself rather than allowing your frustration to get the best of you.  With a slow exhale, you opened them again, looking at Nick cautiously, though your voice was deep and ominous now.  “Nick, we’re running out of time.  Give it to me.”

Nick looked at you and then to Thor, shaking his head when he realized that he had no argument that would stop you from getting what you wanted from him.  You didn’t want to leave with Loki, and he didn’t want you to go either, but seeing no other way, he left the room for several minutes only to return with the only thing you could think of to stop Loki’s plan.  He extended the scepter to you with hesitation, but when Thor moved to stand behind you, he released it into your grasp. As your fingers wrapped around the ornate handle, the blue stone began to glow.

“Whoa,” you shuddered with a whisper, your eyes widening at the sensation that flowed through you.  “I get it now.”

“Get what?” Nick asked with a slight tremble in his voice, taking a step closer to you with his hand resting over his weapon.  He was suddenly fearful of you.

“I’ve never felt so powerful.  I can’t let him get his hands on this again.”


You sat in your room, waiting as patiently as possible.  Loki would find you easily enough; you didn’t need to be in an open area or announce where you were.  Thor had left you alone, though he was within feet of you in an adjoining room on the other side of the wall.  Loki would know he was there as well, but there was nothing you could do to stop that. After only minutes of waiting, he appeared.

“Hello, my darling.”


“You were alerted to my arrival,” he said.  It wasn’t a question, and you knew that he was aware of his brother’s proximity.  “That’s of no concern.  However, I’ve come to you with a remarkable opportunity.  Just as I said, you were meant to rule at my side, and I am here now so that our future together can be realized.”  He took a seat next to you and took your hand in his, bringing it to his lips.  The sensation sent a chill down your spine.

“I didn’t think I’d see you again.  It was quite a shock when Thor told me that you were coming back.”  You pulled your hand away but he quickly took it again, this time clasping both hands around it to hold it securely on his lap.  “A small part of me missed you.”

“Only a small part?”

“The small part that likes sarcastic and egomaniacal gods, yes.”

A smile grew across his lips, but it wasn’t warm or welcoming at all, but more of an obligatory motion to cater to the moment.  “That’s a very specific part.  But was there nothing more?  There’s a connection between us, (Y/N).  Surely you know that.”

“I know what I’ve been told, yes.”  You pulled your hand from his and stood over him, doing your best to maintain your presence and not give into your own nerves.  “You don’t care about me, Loki.  You certainly don’t love me.  You’re here only to fulfill the prophecy, and I know that, so please let’s dispense with this whole act, okay?”  Taking a few steps back, you positioned yourself between him and the closet that held the scepter, being careful to not lose your ability to grab it at a moment’s notice.  “There’s no throne.  There’s no version of this where you come out on top.”

“If you know of your true heritage,” he paused, standing and taking long strides towards you, “then you know that you are born to follow me.  You are born to follow as my queen, and nothing can stop that.”

“That’s not a choice that I’ll make, Loki.  Fate be damned.”  With each word you inched closer and closer to the door that would produce the scepter, waiting for the right moment.  “You can’t force me to go with you, but I can certainly keep you here with me.”

“Darling, even you cannot stop me.”

You turned and grabbed the scepter, quickly looking back and holding it towards the Asgardian defensively. Over Loki’s shoulder, you spotted Thor standing in the doorway, ready to assist you if necessary.  The look on Loki’s face was a mix of surprise, fear and desire; it was a desire to hold the scepter again, and to feel that power wash over him as it had done before.

“Kneel before me,” you said, trying to sound confident.

“What?” he whispered.

“I said, kneel!” you pressed, pushing the end of scepter into his chest and watching the stone begin to emanate its blue glow.  As it touched him you could see the glow spread through his chest, up his neck, across his face and into his eyes as they turned a bright blue that matched the stone.  His expression almost immediately calmed and he looked at complete peace with following your command.

“Yes, my lady.”

Thor moved in behind him and waited, watching you wield an almost uncontrollable power over his brother, waiting for you to finish the plan.  “(Y/N)?”

“I’m not going with you, Loki,” you said in an unsure voice, losing the authority in it that you had only a moment ago.  “I will not lead at your side, now or ever.”

“Yes, my lady.”

You were taken aback by the power you had so easily stripped from him, noticing the softness in his features as he looked at you, hanging on your every word to direct him.  It was almost childlike in his eagerness to do your bidding and to make you pleased with his efforts.  “Do not return for me.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, my lady.”

“Thor,” you whispered, “take it from me.  Before I refuse to release it.”


“So let me get this straight,” Tony said with his arms crossed and an inquisitive expression, “you’re supposed to be one of the greatest rulers of all the realms?  And you turned that down?  Wow,” he sighed, “anything you do on Earth is just gonna pale in comparison to that, don’t you think?”

“Helpful, Tony.  You really know how to make a girl feel better, you know that?”

Steve walked towards you and handed you a beer from the bar at the new Avengers tower, taking a seat next to you.  He watched and waited for you to remove the cap, but he grabbed it from your hands only seconds later to do it for you.  “Don’t listen to Tony, (Y/N).  I think we might have something for you here, if you’re up for it.  I mean, it’s no Asgard or Jotunheim, but it’s not too shabby,” he chuckled, waving his hand around the room.

“Not too shabby?  Not too shabby?” Tony gasped, clutching his chest.  “This tower is state-of-the-art, I’ll have you know.  Top of the line.”

“Anyway,” the Captain continued, “I thought you might want in on our next mission.  It would seem that somewhere between your hands and a transfer to a secure SHIELD lab, the scepter has gone missing.  We thought maybe you had some skill in helping us find it.”

“I can give it a try, sure.” You grabbed the tablet from Steve’s hand and looked over the plans, opening the map to see where your first travels with the Avengers would take you, but you didn’t recognize the area.  “Where the hell is Sokovia?”

Are You Trying to Make Me Hate You?

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Title: Valentine’s Day

Pairings: Jimmy darling x (f) reader

Warnings: Swearing, implied smut, FLUFF!!

A/N: Requests are currently closed as are ships. Gifs aren’t mine.

Can you do a one shot where it’s Valentine’s Day and Jimmy surprises you with loads of cute things x

Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching and Y/N was extremely nervous. It was the first Valentine’s Day that Y/N and Jimmy had been officially dating for. And Y/N was stuck in a rut as to what to get Jimmy. He was hard enough to buy for at Christmas and on his birthday, but Valentine’s Day was significantly harder - the gift had to be heartfelt and unique. Y/N was struggling, but Jimmy - on the other hand - had everything planned.

Y/N started to seek assistance from the others in camp, trying to get some ideas as to what to get Jimmy. She decided to start at Elsa’s tent first and ask her for ideas.

She cautiously stepped inside, peering around for any sign of Elsa. She frowned when she couldn’t find her. Elsa was usually in her tent at this time of day. Y/N sighed exasperatedly. Y/N felt as if she wasn’t a good girlfriend, because she couldn’t think of what to get Jimmy and Jimmy was flourishing when it came to getting her gifts, he knew what to get her.

Y/N sulkily wandered back to her caravan, deciding she would be able to think of something to get him there, where they had made a hundred memories. She tugged open the door, the hinges creaking slightly, and she clambered inside. The darkness engulfed her and she stumbled towards her bed, bumping into the drawer beside it. She collapsed on the bed, face first into the soft duvet. Her eyes fluttered shut unwillingly and sleep consumed her.


She woke up to the sound of ruffling and hushed voices. She frowned deeply, not opening her eyes, her forehead creased and she heard a boyish chuckle from beside her. Peaking an eye open, a sleepy smile crept into her face at the sight of her boyfriend - Jimmy - standing over her, smiling brightly, his eyes shining with complete and utter love for her.

“Morning, baby.” Jimmy whispered, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

Y/N’s eye shut and she savoured the feeling of his slightly calloused, conjoined fingers brushing against her forehead.

“Morning.” She croaked, before registering what he had said. “Wait, morning?”

Jimmy hummed a response, sitting at the foot of the bed. He ran his hand up and down her exposed lower leg, grinning when she growled and squeezed her eyes shut.

“I’m so sorry, Jimbo. I must’ve fallen asleep when I was planning what to get you for Valentine’s Day. God, I’m such a shit girlfriend. I’m so sorry.” Y/N rambled, wiping her eyes and sitting up, inwardly cursing at herself. She dangled her legs over the side of the bed, leaning her head on her hands.

“It’s alright, baby, don’t be upset at yourself. You most definitely are not a shit girlfriend,” Jimmy drawled, crawling up beside her and planting sloppy and loving kisses up her shoulder and back of her neck, “you’re a fantastic girlfriend, whom I love very dearly.”

Y/N hummed slightly, eyes fluttering shut and head lulling back onto his shoulder, exposing more of her neck. Jimmy took the opportunity to pepper steamy kisses on her neck, occasionally sucking on the soft, warm skin.

“I should get going.” Jimmy smirked, getting off the bed, leaving Y/N desperate for attention. “Come on, go have a bath and get dressed.”

Y/N hastily clambered off the bed, placing a kiss on Jimmy’s lips before watching him leave the caravan. How did she deserve such a lovely boyfriend? She smiled to herself before heading to the bathroom.


After spending a good hour in the bath, which was highly unusual for Y/N, she got out and wrapped herself in a fluffy towel. Y/N curled her hair tightly and brushed the curls out into subtle waves. She stumbled out of the bathroom and frowned when she saw a light blue dress draped across her bed. It was possibly the prettiest thing Y/N had ever clamped eyes on. She staggered forward, clutching her towel close to her chest and peered down at it, finding a small note.

“Put this on, Love. You’ll look absolutely ravishing, I cannot wait to see you in it. - Jimmy Darling x”

Y/N grinned, cautiously picking up the dress and admiring every inch of it. It must’ve costed Jimmy a fortune. She laid It back down in its original spot, just staring at it. She sighed, contently, and smiled.


Y/N was ripped from her thoughts when there was a brief knock on the door.

“Come in.”

The door swung open, revealing Jimmy holding a bunch of flowers, specifically the ones Y/N had previously said we’re beautiful when they were walking around camp.

“Oh, Jimmy.” Y/N giggled, placing down her make up and standing up, brushing out her dress.

“You look even better than I imagined.” Jimmy murmured, more to himself than her, entranced by her beauty.

“Thank you.” Y/N blushed, taking confident steps towards him.

“What’s all this for?”

“Am I not allowed to spoil the love of my life on Valentine’s Day?” Jimmy suggested.

“I feel bad for not getting you anything. You’re totally the better partner in this relationship.” Y/N pouted, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Yeah, totally.” Jimmy agreed playfully.

“So why must I wear a dress? What are we doing?” Y/N mumbled, placing kisses on his neck and bumping her nose against his pulse occasionally.

Jimmy’s tense shoulders relaxed as he wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his forehead on her shoulder.

“Somewhere.” Jimmy drawled, eyes fluttering shut at the sensation of her warm lips working on his neck.

Y/N pulled away, taking a few steps back until she was over arms-length away from him.

“Best get going then, shouldn’t we?” She teased causing Jimmy to playfully bare his teeth.

Y/N walked past him, swaying her hips slightly, opening the door. She looked over her shoulder and winked at Jimmy before descending down the steps. Jimmy smirked before rushing to follow.

He guided Y/N towards the long grass, causing her to evidently frown. Once they were about midway into the field, the sight of a clearly came to view, a picnic blanket and some candles. Y/N’s heart swelled at the sight, her eyes glistening with tears as she looked at Jimmy.

“I thought we could have a picnic like we did on our first date…” Jimmy blushed, casting his eyes downwards as his cheeks flared with colour.

Y/N let out a small sob, covering her mouth with her hand. Jimmy had really out-done himself. The thought that had gone into the day was heartwarming, sincere and out of complete love.

Jimmy tugged on her hand and took a seat, smiling fondly at her when she took a seat opposite him, still in awe.

“Thank you for the best day ever, Jimmy. It means the world to me.”

“The others helped me out with picking the dress and collecting the flowers and setting this all up.”

Y/N smiled, a stray tear leaking from her eye and cascading down her cheeks.

“Hey, hey, don’t cry.” Jimmy hushed, wiping her tears with his thumb.

“What did I do to deserve you, Jimmy Darling?”

“More like what did I do to deserve you, baby.”

Y/N crawled over to him, placing her hands on his cheeks and tugging her face towards hers, smashing their lips together in a bruising kiss. Jimmy smirked against her lips, pushing her back down against the blanket and continuing the fierce kiss.

“The food can wait.” Y/N rasped, leaning her head back as a moan escaped her, Jimmy placing kisses down the column of her throat before nipping at the flesh.

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Skells!! theeternalsun/aureasadrisit


@theeternalsun | @aureasadrisit

Okay, so, first, I’m incredibly sorry that I haven’t gotten around to write with Skells in a bit, because really, that’s a damn shame & entirely just my fault. Because for once, Skells is an absolutely amazing writer & her OCs are so interesting & life-like & well put together that it’s absolutely stunning to read her things, so easy to picture the scene at hand, being involved or not, and secondly, she’s one of my favorite people on here. Sweet when you deserve it, not afraid to call bullshit, creative, shortly wonderful. 

Honestly? I’m so sorry we haven’t talked in a bit? Because really, I do love you a lot & adore you & your writing & your ideas & your OCs & I miss the dynamics we had/have on my other gunslinger idiot. 


New Prince of Tennis vs Genius 10: Sanada Genichirou, Professional Echizen’s Minder (also things that sound funny when taken out of context)

Ⓢⓒⓔⓝⓐⓡⓘⓞ: The Thing about Bachellorette Parties

Summary: It was one of those inevitable things that Jumin had to face. He was not angry or upset at the situation at hand since the invitation had not been extended unto him. Whoever decided to start having parties only for women to celebrate their last night of being single was just a recipe for trouble.

  •  “What time are you coming home?”
  •  “I think I will be back past midnight, Jumin.”
  •  “Take a bodyguard…or five, MC”
  • “We’re going to be in private hotel room, love. It’s very safe.”
  • “Are you sure I cannot come along?”
  •  “As much as I love to bring you along, darling. I cannot because it’s exclusively for women.”
  •  “…I can wait outside until you are done.”
  • “I don’t think having Driver Kim wait along side you is a good idea.”
  • “…I can drive…”
  •  “That is out of the question, Jumin.”
  • Never had MC ever met someone persistent as fuck as Han Jumin

Keep reading

… That, was one of the best episodes of the season. Getting to see Barry so Happy and Precious and sweet, and all the small details we learned about his past, (FREAKING ANIME CLUB AND ALEXANDER HAMBELL) We got to see Grant do some amazing Acting. The opening scene with Savitar was FANTASTIC on every front, and honestly Grant got to show his great ability to play a Fantastic Shattered Villain, a precious ball of sunshine, and the hero with the world on his shoulders. 


The effects were also amazing, The Savitar vs. Barry Fight at the beginning, Barry re-discovering his powers, Wally coming back in full force and them saving the Day

GOD THE WESTALLEN WAS AMAZING IN THIS EPISODE I CANNOT. Candice my darling, you protrayed it so well, Iris


i was going to kiss you,
believe me i was;
but i’m a disfigured asteroid and you are the sun.
if i get too close you’ll burn me up one piece by one.
and i was going to kiss you,
believe me i was;
but you are beautiful and radiant and strong…
…and i am not.
so if i did hypothetically kiss you,
it would be such a shame.
because darling while i love you,
i cannot bear the thought of a wild, open flame.

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OMG you are so reading my mind ..... when Jaebum freezes every time somebody is even breathing next to Youngjae (and I'm not talking about how he is purposely trying to ignore Mark touching/hugging/caressing his Youngjae). My god every time they perform Hooked and Magnetic my heart goes to JB he is so jelous of Jackson (in Hooked) and Mark (in Magnetic). I'm such a 2jae trash I need help xD. Love you lots !!!!

My darling anon,

Ahh! I am so glad we’re on the same page about this! If nothing nothing else, we are at least 2jae trash together! Although this reply comes incredibly delayed! Jaebum’s jealousy where Mark is concerned in general is certainly obvious and telling! ( x x x x ) But you’re right, my darling anon, that he has far more instances of somewhat more subtle or not jealousy!

As much as Jaebum tends to sneak frequent glances at Youngjae during live performances, this habit gets even more pronounced when it comes to choreography that puts Youngjae into direct interaction with one of the other members, and you can tell that he’s suffering having to watch someone else be close with his baby him. Hooked and Magnetic are excellent examples, and definitely moments deserving of Jaebum sympathy! I mean, in this recording of Hooked, just look at how Jaebum instantly starts paying attention as soon as Jackson goes over towards Youngjae, and his eyes track both of them until there’s space between them! And even then, it’s only when he’s close to Youngjae again that his smile comes back. And I feel such sympathy when I see how stiff and frozen he gets in Magnetic!

And, of course, it’s not only during dances and performances that you find instances of a tense, jealous Jaebum when Youngjae’s near someone else! To point out just a few recent ones that have been on my mind lately not that I think about Jealous Jaebum regularly… daily… hourly... I present four moments of awkward freezing and tension on the part of Youngjae’s biggest fanboy~

1) Do you see Jaebum’s completely unjustified jealous tension in this moment? ( x ) I mean, let’s be real. Only a moment before he was doing fanservice with Mark, but the moment he notices Jinyoung put an arm around a jealous looking Youngjae, his expression changes completely. Surely I’m not the only one who thinks that reeks of jealousy?

2) Honestly, I also love this moment ( x ) so much because it’s so ridiculous for Jaebum to get jealous at Jackson and Youngjae just playing together, but he goes from laughing at Jackson’s antics to trying to ignore them as soon as Youngjae gets involved, and look how quick he is to step between them after Jackson hugs his Youngjae. Plus, let’s not ignore Jackson’s quick glance over as soon as he does so.

3) And then there’s the interview at The Show where the members are asked who they think is the most attractive, and Jaebum subtly glances towards Youngjae, but Jackson grabs him first, and Jaebum’s hand just drops back down and he gets all awkward. Perhaps I’m reading too much into this… but I don’t think I’m making up the jealousy here!

4) Last, but not least… Ah, my darling anon, I know this has mostly been referring to instances of Jaebum’s subtle jealousy, but… do let me mention this moment despite the lack of ANY SUBTLETY because not only does Jaebum freeze, but look at how awkward he gets with the way he starts wandering around like he has no idea what to do with himself! He’s clearly distracted and worked up about the way Jackson is messing with and touching Youngjae, and it honestly looks like he’s considering taking action when Jinyoung wisely decides to intervene! In a discussion of body language, I cannot possibly ignore this situation!

Thank you for this ask, my darling anon, and the excuse to ramble about Jealous Jaebum! I just really love watching the way he acts when others (especially Mark and Jackson) get close to Youngjae! Even though 2jae seem to try to keep things between them to themselves, Jaebum’s jealousy is so visible if you pay attention to his body language. Whether it be as a boyfriend or simply as a protective hyung however much I think his behavior feels excessive for just hyung duty… Jaebum certainly has a tendency of getting tense and jealous when others are stealing Youngjae’s attention. Though, he tends to work hard for that attention to be turned on him, so I do suppose I can understand where he’s coming from!

Warren Worthington x Reader - Feathers

Your Mutation: Levitation
Requested by:
Word Count:
sex mentions, language

“Warren, baby. You have to be more careful with your feathers.” You sighed, gathering up three more of his white feathers off your floor.

“Who cares, angel?” Warren chuckled, pulling up his pants. You rolled your eyes at the cheesy nickname Warren had started calling you. Warren began to look around the room for his t-shirt and leather jacket. You found them both and tossed them to him.

“Thanks, angel.” He smirked. You still stood in your bra and underwear; you had thrown them on quickly after the two of you had finished having ‘fun.’

“Babe, Jean says she tries not to read my mind, but even a telepath wouldn’t need to do that if they see your 80 feathers around the room.” You sighed, walking over to your bed and taking a seat. Warren pulled his shirt over his head, pushing his wings through. He smirked when he saw you still were not dressed.

“Don’t eye me like that, Warren. You already got some once today, no way it’s going to happen twice.” You laughed, giving him a playful shove. Warren laughed, giving you a small peck on the cheek. He grabbed his shoes and sat down next to you on the bed, trying not to hit you with his wings.

“Back to what I was talking about before you distracted me-” You said, but Warren interrupted.

“Woah, I distracted you? You distracted me! You’re out in the middle of the room, walking around in lacy underwear and a lacy bra. That is way more distracting than me.” Warren chuckled again. You rolled your eyes at him.

“Shut up, you know what I mean. Anyways, back to what I was saying. Your dorm is on the opposite side of the school. If we want to keep this whole relationship thing a secret still, you need to watch your feathers.” You said to Warren. The boy groaned, moving to the middle of the room.

“What’s the big deal? So I leave behind a couple feathers. No one will notice.” Warren complained.

“Maybe other people won’t notice, but I think Jean will notice when they’re leading directly to our dorm room.” You said, standing up.

“Angel, darling, baby cakes. I cannot take you seriously while you are standing in that sexy ass underwear. It makes me want to take my clothes off and fuc-”

“Warren!” You squealed, giving him a shove. He smirked when he noticed how red your face had gone.

“What, angel? You don’t like dirty talk? But you liked before when I was fu-”

“Warren Worthington III, I swear to god!” You yelled at him again, giving him another light shove. The smirk on Warren’s face had been growing by the second. You pretended to be angry at him, stomping over to your bed with your arms crossed.

“Aw, doll, it was just a joke. You know I love you.” Warren chuckled before realizing what he had said. Your eyes widened when you processed the words that had come out of his mouth.

“Did you just..?” You asked. Warren stood still, like a goddamn statue. He was terrified to speak, to even move.

“Warren, I-” You were cut off by the door opening. Shit, Jean.

“Hey, (Y/N), did you want to come get- oh my god.” Jean said, looking between you and Warren. You quickly grabbed a blanket, covering up your body.

“When were you going to tell me this was going on?!” Jean asked. She had been pushing you to ask Warren out for months. You had ended up taking her advice, you just didn’t tell her.

“Um, I’m going to leave. I’ll see you around, doll.” Warren said.

“If you think I’m letting you leave after what you just said Warren, you’re wrong!” You yelled, making him stop.

“I’m sorry, was I interrupting something?” Jean asked, nervously.

“Well, I mean, yeah.” Warren said. Jean nodded and gave you a small wave as she exited your room.

“You said I love you, Warren.” You mumbled. He nodded, not sure how to respond. Were you happy he had said it? You were probably furious at him; the two of you hadn’t even told anyone about your relationship yet and Warren had to go and fuck up another relationship.

“I-I love you too, Warren.” You stuttered out.

“You do?” Warren asked in disbelief. You gave a small nod. Warren’s face lit up with one of the biggest smiles you had ever seen on his face. He ran over to you and grabbed you, kissing you hard. You quickly melted into the kiss, hands gripping his shirt.

“Ready for round two?”

I had so much fun writing this one! Shoutout to Rebekah, Deanna and Squidney for chilling with me on join.me while I wrote this! Hope y’all enjoyed! Requests are closed.

Protective Kol

Who: Kol Mikaelson

Imagine: A Kol Mikaelson oneshot where Kol is very protective of the reader and there’s lots of cute fluffy stuff.

Warnings: Mild Language

Notes: This is my first official imagine on this account :)

Songs that may be good while reading this:
•Without You - Usher
•Stop and Stare - One Republic

___________________________________________________“Kol, really you don’t need to be by my side every second of the day. I am very capable of taking care of myself.” You mentioned to Kol, who rolled his eyes at the remark. You rolled your eyes back and started to walk away from him, with your duffel bag slung over your shoulder. He chased after you and softly grabbed your arm, pulling you back. “I know. I trust you, entirely. It’s everyone else I don’t trust, darling.” He grabbed both your hands. “I love you so much and I can not lose you. If anyone were to lay a hand on you-” He stopped and closed his eyes for a quick second, in an attempt to control his thoughts. “Kol. I love you too and that’s completely understandable. However, I am only going over to Caroline’s for a couple of drinks and to hang out for awhile. It’ll just be Caroline, Bonnie, Elena, and I.” You smiled and pecked his lips. He smirked at you and softly held your shoulders. “Alright, but you better call me. Or text me. Or communicate with me in some sort of way.” He said giggling. “I’ll send a dove with my love every hour on the dot.” You said, causing you both to laugh. “Words cannot describe the amount of love I have for you, darling.” He said embracing you. “I love you very much. I have to go though. Bonnie will kill me if I’m late again.” He tilted his head and squinted at you, as you walked toward your car. “That was not to be taken literally.” You yelled behind you as you walked to your car, throwing your duffel bag, holding some games and drinks, in the trunk. You had thought Kol had gone back inside, so you stepped back to close the trunk and were startled when Kol popped up beside you, closing it for you. “Now what if I were someone else who was trying to kill your sexy ass? You wouldn’t have even seen it coming and I would’ve had to figure out where I was going to hide another dead body.” He laughed, holding your hips. “You’re so lucky that I love your protective ass.” You laughed, smiling up at him. “Okay, well you better get going before I change my mind and make you stay home with me so we can do… Other things…” He says, towering over you smirking. “Oh, Kol Mikaelson. I love you so much.” You say, standing on your tip toes, planting a kiss on his lips, with your arms around his neck. He released you from his grip and you got in the car, driving to Caroline’s.
___________________________________________________ You arrived, seeing loads of cars spread all over the grass, street, and driveway. “No way, Caroline.” You said to yourself. You thought about heading back home, but you figured it wouldn’t be so bad to just let loose for one night. Besides Kol wouldn’t even know. Well, Kol couldn’t know, at least. If Kol knew you went to a party without him, he would be the one killing you. Not because of the booze, but because he would not allow you to be alone around so many unknown people. Maybe after tonight was all over, you could explain the situation to Kol and he’d realize you could handle yourself. The vampire problem around Mystic Falls was currently huge. Going to a party was out of the question to humans, but you were not going to let that ruin your fun. “Let’s do this.” You said aloud, getting out of the car and heading to the party, leaving your duffel bag in the car. You walked into the house, the song “Without You” blasting throughout the house. Lights were flickering and moving across the room. Bodies were jumping and moving all over the place. The house was incredibly packed, causing you to shimmy through the crowd of people. ‘This party is so crowded, no one would even notice a vampire feeding on someone.’ You thought. Your mind kept telling you to be aware of your surroundings so you wouldn’t become someone’s meal. You searched for anyone you knew, but not a familiar face was in sight. ‘Drinks.’ You thought to yourself. ‘Everyone had to get a drink at some point.’ You figured eventually someone you knew would have to come by the drinks to take a break from the party. You waited, leaning against the kitchen counter, for a good 15 minutes, awaiting someone you knew to approach you. 'Maybe this was a bad idea.’ You thought to yourself. You looked down at your phone and a text from Kol appeared on your screen.

Kol💕 - Haven’t received a message from that little dove. Is everything okay, love?

You smiled down at your phone, hitting the reply button and glanced up for a second. A pair of eyes met yours. You had to admit, he was a pretty handsome guy, but no one compared to Kol. You quickly typed, “Everything is-” but you were interrupted by the handsome guy. “And what is a gorgeous lady like you doing on her phone at a party?“You laughed a little and looked down at your feet and back up at him, getting ready to answer, but you were interrupted. "Uh-uh-uh, let me guess. Either- A. You have severe social anxiety. B. Your friends left you here alone and now your trying to look busy. Or C. You have a very controlling boyfriend wanting to know what’s going on. My hope is either A or B is the correct answer. Although with an ass like that, C is also a VERY likely answer.” He said, smirking, looking at you head to toe. You squinted your eyes up at him, angrily, “I’m sorry, but it seems you’ve left out D. Trying to avoid assholes like you who like to sexually harass girls, who could easily kick your ass, at parties.” His smirk fell and was replaced with an evil glare. “Oh, ding ding ding, looks like we have a winner. D it is.” You say rolling your eyes and trying to walk away. He roughly grabbed your arm, and looked into your eyes. Veins appeared under his eyes and he looked down at you. 'Vampire.’ You thought. You could tell he was pissed and it seemed as though he was about to compel you. “We aren’t done yet, sweetheart. Now listen close.” His eyes started dilating, as he attempted to compel you. “You have taken an interest in me and you want to go upstairs to the nearest empty bedroom with me and we are going to have se-” He said, attempting to compel you, but his neck was snapped in an instant you stood there in shock, shaking. “And now the 'controlling boyfriend’ kicks your ass.” Kol says looking down at him. He looks over at you and pushes his lips together, looking relieved that you were okay. “You’re little dove told me you might need some assistance.” He says, giving a soft smirk, embracing you in a hug. “Are you alright, darling?” He asks, with a concerned look on his face. “I’m fine. Thank you. I’m so so so sorry, Kol. I love you so much and I should’ve told you about the party once I knew.” You said crying into his chest. He pulled you back, wiping your tears. “It’s okay. I’m here, now. You’re safe. Head out to the car. I’ll handle this guy. I’ll meet you out there.” He said, pecking your lips. You did as he told you and walked out to the car. You knew Kol had most likely put a stake through the guys heart or ripped it out completely.
___________________________________________________You walked into the house, Kols arm wrapped around your shoulder and your arm wrapped around his waist. You sat on the couch together, holding onto each other, enjoying each other’s presence, cuddling. “Next time you go to Caroline’s, I’m coming with you.” He says, playing with your hair. You giggled slightly and looked at him, smiling. “Agreed.” He smiled at you and you turned your head, laying with your back to his chest. You dozed off, still able to faintly hear. “Oh, darling. I have so much love for you. I simply don’t understand how you could be so perfect.” He whispers, kissing the top of your head. You smiled and with your eyes closed, you whispered back, “I love you too, baby.” You felt his smirk against the top of your head and you both dozed off.

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Victuuri Meets Spideypool (Part 1)
  • <p> <b></b> (After a long conversation about Yuri and Peter)<p/><b><b></b> Wade:</b> Wow. I cannot believe that our darlings have so much in common.<p/><b><b></b> Victor:</b> You think so?<p/><b><b></b> Wade:</b> C'mon, Vic! Look at them - they're adorable in glasses atst sexy and fierce without wearing 'em.<p/><b><b></b> Victor: </b> Oh yeaaaah. I love that~<p/><b><b></b> Yuri and Peter:</b> Why is this conversation all about us?<p/><b></b> - - - - -<p/><b></b> Nuff said xD<p/><b></b> I'd like to see Peter in Yuri's skating costume for Wade someday ;)<p/><b><b></b> Wade:</b> That Eros piece is a perfect material to get naughty with Petey <3<p/><b>
  • <b> </b> Peter:</b> Ugh. As if, Wade.*<i>face-palms</i>*<p/></p>